Some Questions About Air Conditioning Answered

Do you want to know about Air Conditioning? Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. Help required with air-conditioning!?

It's like torque&horsepower in that it has a time factor. The complete term is Day Ton, meaning the amount of heat absorbed by one ton of ice within 24 hours. And, do not forget to consider moisture removal from the air when sizing a system. Removing moisture is the most important job of an air conditioner. Do not just "let the thermostat do it's job"

2. Window air conditioning unit question?

unless things have changed, the screen is approx. 3 to 4 inches from window sash ( the glass) the unit is about 14-16 inches deep. they r designed to sit flush to the sash with the upper arm( brace) touching the bottom of the sash u raised to put the unit in.and the slides on the side of the unit slide over to cover the gaps. i think u would be wise to read the instructions and follow them.

3. How do you fix poor home air conditioning circulation?

I would change your HVAC filter in your unit if you have not in a while. Next I would install ceiling fans in the upstairs if you have not already. Check all windows and exterior doors for drafts, a cheap way to fix that is weatherstripping. Finally, its not the cheapest route upfront, but will save you money in the long run would be to access your attic space and apply insulation on the ceiling of your third floor. .

4. How common is air conditioning in Ireland?

That is odd, I suppose it's mainly for enclosed malls or places such as museums that would need climate control maybe?

5. is air conditioning suppose to blow out really cold air?

Brand new units should drop the temperature of air it pulls through the coil by 20'F or close to that low. Meaning the 77'F room air should be somewhere between 60' and 55' supply air off of the AC. You would see a substantial drop in the air temp on a functioning AC. However make sure you installed it properly allowing for sufficient clearances for the outdoor section to vent and reject heat. It should have the proper clearances listed in the owners manual, the general clearance would likely be about 1 foot clearance from the ground so that it is not short cycling rejected heat back into the condenser section. The only other thing I can think of that I would hope you would not do is possibly turn and install the AC sideways so that the face of the AC runs vertically rather than horizontally. That would be a no go and would cause issues as well. I am assuming you do know better but in today's world people never cease to amaze me sometimes and maybe you did install it this way. All in all make sure you have proper clearances and then if you are not getting close to if not more than a 20' drop in temp I would take it back and exchange it.

6. best cheapest air conditioning filters?

I have used filtrete for many years. Very satisfied, but now Home Depot has changed to Honeywell and no longer carry filtrete. How does Honeywell rate compared to filtrate?

7. Does running a vehicle with air conditioning on use more gas?

ac runs off the engine force belt no longer the battery/besides the fact that its been interior the 90s and humid so the residing house windows might desire to be down and that will boost the drag that has effects on gasoline mileage additionally/the fee in negligible to the convenience degree/interior the outdated days the air pickups the place interior the headlight area / the airpickups now are below the hood and at windshield/those are warm spots/so which you are going to be able to desire to keep gasoline /run with the residing house windows close and the air off------in case you are able to

8. What is a reasonable temperature for air conditioning?

I would say it is fair to keep it between 72 and 78. Get a programmable thermostat and let it take care of the rest

9. Heat pumps air conditioning?

Replacing the lines may not be "required" but why leave a weak link in the chain? A clean sweep of all the old components including the lines is always a better idea.

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We Like to Take a Cruise Vacation but We Have a Problem with the Air-conditioning?
The air conditioning on the more modern ships is controlled by the occupants in each cabin. If yours does not seem to be adjustable, call the front desk, tell them you will quite literally get sick if it keeps blowing so high, and ask them to have it repaired. They do NOT want people getting sick! Beyond that, have your cabin steward grab a couple of extra blankets for you. I was once on a ship where the air conditioning in our cabin did not work and it was over 90 degrees, and the guys who came to repair it shrugged and said too bad and left. Not good enough! I went screeching down to the purser's desk, complained, and told them that I happened to know that there were engineers on that ship who could repair anything, and that it was not like they went home at night or went on vacation. I also told the clerk that I was absolutely certain that if the air in the cabin of the Captain or any other senior officer were not working that it would be repaired properly and promptly. And the chief engineer came almost immediately to the cabin with two other folks, and they fixed it.1. My central air conditioning unit has stopped working. The thermostat works but the air blows out luke warm.?The problem could be one of many. The first thing I would look for is a bad capacitor in the outside unit. It is silver and usually oval shaped. If the top is swollen then it is bad. The third thing could be a bad fan motor. Make sure that you turn your power off to the unit before opening the outside unit up2. Why does my car overheat when I turn on the air conditioning?Make sure if it has two fans that both fans come on with the AC3. My girlfriend's 1989 BMW's air conditioning stopped blowing cold air--fan still works---if it's not...I do not know but the same thing just happened with my 92 Mazda 929. Try getting on the highway and getting your RPM's up and turn it on. If it does not work after that, then you might have the same problem I do.4. Why does my car's air conditioning vents blow out the smell of gas fumes sometimes?ANY time you smell gas your right you have a gas leak. Get it fixed. The small sparks the blower motor for your climate system could set some flames off right in your face. I like the picture you chose for your ID. you might see ghuys with that hat on all around your truck soon5. Is Australia really hot, as in unbearably hot? Or is it dry, windy, still bearable all year round without air-conditioning and not humid or sticky like other Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia?Here is Victoria today:Snow falls in Melbourne, Victoria and Tasmania as icy weather blows in6. Air conditioning problem in a Dodge Ram 1500, 2003 model.?yep have a 2002 Dodge ram replaced the ac condenser fan and it works great. the trick was when i removed the battery and the battery mount that left plenty of room to remove old fan after i moved the fuse box to where battery sits and to remove battery mount you have to remove dirt guard around front left tire. Also the new fan and old fan you have to cut off a little piece of plastic where the top condenser pipe goes thru the shroud. But wow after you replace it 80. 00 later and a little sweat it works awesome7. Is it possible to live comfortably (year round) in a house or apartment in Beverly Hills, CA that does not have air conditioning?First, there must be very few apartments in Beverly Hills without A/C. It is a high rent area and those residents would demand (and get) quality air conditioning.Of the homes and apartments in BH that I've been a guest and the home my wife and I shared Beverly Hills PO, not one of those abodes was without A/C. My novel, INSIDE MOVES talks about some of this (not A/C) in early Hollywood (it's only on the other side of Sunset Boulevard) and homes built in Beverly Hills and surrounds.I hope that answer was helpful. My suggestion, rent next door in West Hollywood. Better deals, nice folks and A/C will be included. Good luck!.
Should My Roommates and I Turn on Central Air Conditioning Or Get 3 Window AC Units?
3 5,000 btu air conditioners would be a lot cheaper and can be left on energy saver so the ac does not keep jumping on all day.just make sure they are 110volts1. How can I cool down my apartment without turning on the air conditioning?I would suggest finding reflective material to cover windows that receive the most sunlight. And turn off unnecessary appliances that put off heat such as game systems, computers etc. Have alot of candles lit? I tried this fix and as little heat as these things put out it seems petty but every little bit helps.2. Do FHA loans require air conditioning and/or heating units to get the loan.?You will have trouble getting any loan for this house, FHA or no FHA. The house has to be livable to get approved. This one is not. It has to have a heater, hot water heater, stove and oven. This house is only available to cash buyers or investors. You need to move on. FHA does not cover construction loans, and that is the only loan you can have w/o a certificate of occupancy.3. Did you ever wonder how people back before air conditioning could function? Were they better...?...even though I grew up in hot, humid summers without A/C. We used fans--window fans, floor fans, heck even silk fans... and city folk made ample use of fire hydrants. When people look at how average US longevity has increased over this past 1-2 generations, most will credit advances in modern medicine--in particular prescription drugs. However, I think A/C is an unsung hero. I think there were a lot more heart attacks and strokes because of the heat. People died at a much younger age. I think you are right, though, in that people learned to live with the heat and humidity. It does not mean they preferred it. It just means they did not fall apart if their shirts soaked through. Remember, the dress code back then was more conservative. Try wearing a 3-piece suit with a tie and heavy shoes on an un-air conditioned NYC subway ride Downtown. Hey, I used to do that. The temperature in the cars sometimes rose well above 100 degrees. With passengers packed in like sardines, it was rough. By the time you arrived at work in the morning, you looked like it was 7pm... So, here's a toast to air conditioning. May its inventor continue to be rewarded in heaven...4. please HELP!!! I need ideas on how to keep my house cool with NO AIR CONDITIONING!?Take a cold wet towel (after you wring it out) and place it over the grill of a floor or table top fan. Turn on fan and it will give cool air5. who makes more a year a Air-Conditioning and heating tech or a Motorcyle Mechanic?I have my own shop and I dont just turn wrenches,I build at least 4 or 5 custom choppers a year.I can make about 60 to 75 K a year without selling the bikes I build and a little over 100K with them. And as usual Bart is telling a complete B. S. story. Yesterday he E mails me asking about a bike thats gettting no spark and could it be the starter motor! As if the starter motor has anything to do with the ignition curcuit!6. What is the best way to prevent high cost air conditioning repairs?Have it cleaned once a year, change filter every month or two & do not buy those cheap filters you know the blue ones with the brown cardboard frame7. If i use the air conditioning in my car will it use some of the gas or will it use the battery power?The ac unit is driven by belts and compressors. There is some toll taking on fuel economy because your engine works a little harder to turn the compressor. Its really boils down to what comfort level you can live with. Since your altenator recharges the electrical system there is really no draw on the battery.... d8. Is it cruel and inhumane punishment to house prisoners in Texas prisons without air conditioning when its 110?Our soldiers walk around in 110 degree heat, wearing body armor, 60lbs of gear, getting shot at in Iraq and Afghanistan. They do it voluntarily. There is no air conditioning on a desert berm that they are using for cover. Why should prisoners have it any better? I say we get rid of the prison buildings. Make them just stay in cages. Give them MREs and water, and a sleeping bag. That's all the soldiers get
Do American Battle Tanks Have Air-conditioning...?
no they dont have ac it burns up in there1. Poll: Would you rather permanently give up heating or air conditioning?UK does not need a/c anyway2. my car's air conditioning stopped working, but comes back on occasionally?That could possibly be a short in the wiring3. Is it dangerous to drive my car in summer, with no air conditioning and the windows unable to open?Do this; it actually works, and it cools the car faster than opening windows does: 1. From before dawn until you are ready to start driving, keep the windshield and rear window covered, to keep out the sun (or park in the shade). 2. Some time before you are going to start driving (an hour should be enough to help, all day is better) , open all the doors, and let the wind blow through the car for awhile. This will cool it down to only slightly above the outdoor temperature. If it gets hot again while you are driving, then park somewhere safe, open the doors again, and cover the windshield and rear window again, and wait for it to cool. You have to plan where you park. It is not safe to have doors open when parked on the side of a street that has fast traffic. You need to park in your own driveway, in a parking lot, or at the end of a dead-end street or the end of a cul-de-sac. Ideally, you park in a garage, in a carport, or under a tree, to minimize sun.4. Is it bad to turn on or off the car with the air conditioning on? I have remote start...?I dont know why its bad, but my dad allways remind me to turn off the A/C before shut down the car,5. Why does my dog like to sleep under the air conditioning vent?dogs cant sweat as such they got 3 ways too cool themself, through panting/leting out hot air, through drinking water, or too seek a cool place6. Do I need to turn off my air conditioning before shutting off my car? I have a manual climate control system.?i've always heard its a good idea to turn your ac off. It puts less strain on your car when its starting up. Because its not having to engage the compressor along with everything else. I've also heard it can prolong the life of your compressor ect ect7. No air conditioning for a two day car ride. How can my family stay cool?Roll the windows down and get neked , and you might want to drive only at night8. Can someone give me an estimate to fix a leak in my Auto Air conditioning?figure on 13 or 1400 dollars9. Is there a product that I can add to my car's air-conditioning system that will seal a leak in the compressor?No there is not . Get two or three other estimates and do not waste money on the gas10. 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4-Air Conditioning Not Working.?first off, stop leak wo not fix anything. there is a low pressure cut off switch that shuts compressor down whe freon is low, located in the line with a 2 wire conector, unplug it and jump across it, then fill system, as for the leak look for oiley spots, on your truck, look at condenser, on the Dodge a lotta leaks are there, the 2nd place, the evaporator coil, 90% of the time they leak, with a leak detector look at the drain hose,if you put tracer dye in system, it should show up, if it needs an evaporator coil, have someone do it, if your not experienced, there not bad to do if you have done them before. also you may need to check the oil in the compressor when the system is discharged, hope this helps a little.11. iam stalling a heating & air conditioning system and i have three brands options carrier , trane or bryan?If these are your only brand options trane is a good solid system, only be aware there are several different models to chose from. Assuming you are replacing an existing system ask about the deluxe models 14.0 seer and above., also consider the new freon R-410A.
I Have Changed the 35 Amp Fuses at the Box near My Central Air Conditioning System, still the Fan?
there is an access panel on the side of the outside airconditioner. pull it off. with a volt meter, see if it is getting power on the two big wires coming in to it. there should be 220 volts. if it is getting power, your unit needs work. if it is not getting power, you have an electric problem somewhere between the unit and the breaker box. after you check that, holler at me on yahoo messanger and i will give you more things to check. we should be able to pin point this problem.1. Air conditioning kicks off and on and it is very hot HELP 10 pointsDo not rush into things. That's the worst thing you can do, because as soon as you rush into something, headfirst, without thinking things through, that is when you will run into issues and regrets. And you do not want that. The best thing you can do in this situation is to think things through. Think about both girls, and how they make you feel. Having your best friend as a girlfriend can be fantastic, because she already knows you, and you can share so much with her. But if something were to ever happen, then you risk throwing your friendship out the window. This does not always happen, but if we are being honest, it's hard to stay friends after a breakup. But then again, it could be a perfect relationship, as well. I was skeptical when I started dating my best friend. Two years later, we are engaged. I am not trying to be negative and say that it wo not work- I am just saying that you have to think of what could happen down the road. Think about the girl who signed your cast- how does she make you feel compared to how your best friend makes you feel? Does she make you smile as much, laugh as much, get butterflies? Does she brighten your day when she sends you a text or simply smiles at you in the hall? Take into careful consideration how each girl makes you feel. Then go from there. The best thing you can do is be true to your heart. Listen to what your heart is telling you, and that is the direction you need to go in. Sure, it sounds corny saying that, but there's never been more truth in a statement. I know you will make the right choice for you, and I wish you and whichever lucky girl you choose all the happiness in the world. Enjoy and treasure her. :) Cheers2. How does a "potential relay" work in a window type air-conditioning unit?When the compressor stops, the condition inside the circuit is that there is a difference of pressure of approx. 70 psi between the high and low side pressure of the cycle, once the systems is equalized (in few minutes) the pressure will be the same in both sides, making easy to the compressor to start compressing the refrigerant and continue the cycle. I never heard of a potential relay. A relay itself is a switch, I can not really see how a switch can help to solve a lack of power. What the AC man may refer is to a Starting Capacitor, this gadget accumulates charge and it will released to the electrical circuit to boost the motor and overcome the torque that the compressor needs to start the cycle when the difference of pressure exists. As engineer (if you are) or engineer inclined person, doubt what the technicians tells you if that does not make sense and ask to collegiate engineers for a proper answer.3. My "House" Air Conditioning went out when my wife turned the air on?i know a lot about a lot, and i say call an HVAC tech, you can only make it worse by messing with it4. How much does it cost to get air conditioning recharged?The freon in your A/C system does not get "used up" so you have a leak somewhere. The repair shop is going to want to find and fix the leak first. To do the repair they will have to evacuate the system (remove the freon) with a special machine. Then they can replace the defective part. It might be as simple as a bad hose, or something worse like the compressor. Once the system is pressure-tight they will put freon back in the system. Be sure to use a shop you trust since the repairs can be expensive. If you are unsure, ask your family and friends for their recommendations. BTW, do not attempt to use one of those do-it-yourself cans you can buy at a parts store. You might just cause yourself more problems, overpressurized the system, or cause more damage.
Find Answers to the Hottest Questions About Air Conditioning
Do you want to know about Air Conditioning? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. What % of Americans don't have air conditioning?Air Conditioning ( Morality ) Your air conditioner is broke, a company charged you $85.00 to diagnose it so now you know the compressor is grounded and needs to be replaced. The fair price for coming out to diagnose "anything" should never be over $50.00, just so you know. So you call around to get pricing for changing out the bad compressor to get your AC running again only to find out the average company is charging $2500.00. You do some homework because you are a smart shopper and find out a whole new system is around $3000.00 (Goodman) so you wonder why this half of the AC is so expensive. * The truth is the compressor is the heart of an AC system. It pumps the blood of an AC system, the coolant (R22 or R410). So you find a company with the word "Integrity" in there name and think you got it made. You call to get a price on changing out the compressor and the sales person tells you it's also $69.00 to get it diagnosed again because they do not know that the other company that did it (that's also certified) knows what they are doing. ( I am an engineer for 25 years and have never seen anything simpler than an AC unit ) So by now you are truly upset because in this economy created by bush spending top dollar as if we were still under any other president makes no sense. This causes you to go do more homework. You quickly find out the compressor only costs $553.50, and it's exactly the right part number for your system. Being that you are not stupid, you do the math, total cost - price of compressor / hours it takes to change = hourly rate. ( $2569.00 - $553.50 ) / 5 = ( $403.10 ) per hour And most of the time is spent waiting for system to evacuate (drain). Does anyone else feel it's immoral to charge this much? just because "You Need It", so we can ream you good for it! A lawyer does not make $400 per hour! I have a bachelors degree in Computer Science and I have never made half of that an hour! The exam for AC systems is pathetic because it does not teach them morals! This is a crime in progress and we are all letting it happen! Some people just do not understand capitalism, they think it means screw anyone you can! Do not let big companies screw you! Find a good local contractor, after all small businesses care more about you and your business and are better for our economy as a whole. Good Luck NOTES: * The truth is, AC's are so unsophisticated of devices that paying $10,000.00 for a Rheem or Trane not only makes you wasteful in this economy but stupid as well.2. Is my landlord obligated to install Air Conditioning in NY?Your roommate is very wrong. NY law does not require a landlord to provide any type of cooling. Be grateful for what you have since many landlords in NY do not even allow their tenants any type of AC units. Those that do, require that the tenant pay for the unit themselves and charge extra for electric.3. Is air conditioning safe for newborn babies?Well, they had them on when my son was born4. Air flow on air conditioning filter?This Site Might Help You. RE: Air flow on air conditioning filter? I'm not going to ask a lot of stupid questions here, so overlook my lack of knowledge... I am changing the air filter upstairs, and I don't remember which direction it was pointing. The new filter has an arrow that says "Air flow". Well air naturally comes DOWN from the...5. 1996 Ford Probe Air Conditioning Question?The entire dash air flow system is vacuum controlled. If you have no vacuum to it at all, it will default to the defrost position. I would look under the hood and see if the main vacuum supply line is not broken or unplugged. It is normally a very small black plastic tube
Air Conditioning Is Having a Hard Time Cooling in the Hottest Parts of the Day? (long)?
If things are as you say then you are screwed. There is no practical thing you can do. If it were your building and you were willing to absorb the expense then the problem could be fixed. The AC units are undersized and the buildings are under insulated. Typical for apartment buildings that are thrown together as cheaply as possible. If you were able to move to a downstairs apartment you would be a little better off since you would not have a super heated attic space above you with only minimum or less insulation1. what are the leak detecting devices used in the automobile air-conditioning system?There are 2 common ways to test for A/C leaks. One is to use a device called a sniffer. It is an expensive and sensitive electronic device used for sensing the refridgerant. The most common way, however is with UV dye. The system gets a little dye added to it and then is checked over with a UV style light. If there is a leak, the dye glows2. Electrical/air conditioning problem? My electric bill last month was triple what it should be.?there may be internal components running still if the unit is receiving power, its not good to be turning it off at the main power all the time because there is an internal heater running which keeps the compressor from getting oil mixed in it, i would have someone come and inspect the unit for problems3. I have a small leak in the ceiling of the closet that houses my heating and air conditioning unit-?If you know where the leak is then just stop it, that's it. Leaks are impossible to find without looking so not able to help find because there are way to many ways water can leak around an air conditioner and outside tell us it rained heavy can only lead me to look around any roof penatrations such as the vent pipe if it is a gas fired unit. I would just keep an eye open because no matter what water if not controlled can cause lots of hidden problems so call a contractor to come luck if you can not find it or put the water sprinkler up on the roof and make it rain again and see if you can spot it. Good luck.4. does turning the fan on on your home air conditioning have any effect?When the fan is on, the AC is circulating the air, but not cooling it. And, this may be effective at circulating fresh air from the AC intake to the other rooms in the house. But, you might as well just open up a window, unless it's raining outside, there's a source of cool air right next to the intake vent (it's near an open door, for example), etc. Personally, I keep the fan on when I am home, including at night, because the the AC intake in my home is next to the entry foyer and I get a cool breeze coming in from the french doors in my entryway. So, it's usually the coolest part of the house when the afternoon breezes pick up. I also prefer to sleep with the windows shut, in case a dog barks or my cat is at the window whining to get in the house (happens a lot). Otherwise, it would be too warm and stuffy to sleep.5. Why is my Split Air Conditioning Unit's outdoor fan blows air towards the coils?Most condensers I've seen draw air from side and discharge it from the top. There are some that are the opposite depending on the manufacturer. Yours may be one of those brands, do not know, but that's what I would guess. Have to know the model number to say. Either way air is going over the coil to reject heat. Do not know if you have had any service on it lately, but the condenser may be dirty and need to be cleaned out with a garden hose, inside out, power off, top unscrewed and turned to one side carefully. If there are a lot of condensers all in one place there is less ambient air available to get to them because it's crowded.
How Does a Condenser in an Air Conditioning System Make the Coolant Cold? How Does It Work?
Actually, the cold comes from the expansion of the condensed liquid through a valve or orifice. The hot gas, under pressure from the compressor, is turned into a liquid in the condenser at approximately ambient temperature. Then the liquid expands through the orifice into a lower pressure zone in the cooling coil, that is when the temperature drops. It takes energy to do the expansion and it absorbs it from the interior of your vehicle. Then the now hot gas goes back to the suction of the com presser and the process repeats1. We need a new central air conditioning unit. Which are best?trane?the have a good waranty i thought2. When air conditioning your house, what do you do with the ceiling fans?I always have a fans going counter clockwise in the winter and clockwise in the summer.You might need another unit for this much space3. I haven't changed the filter on my air conditioning for 2 years?Probably they wo not charge her because she is probably not the only one who does not change filters regularly. FYI, she may not want to volunteer the information as to how long it has been unchanged for. It is important to change the filters so that you air stays cleaner.4. how can i cut down on my air conditioning unit electricity consumption?Set the temp at seventy six and use followers to flow the cool air interior the abode.remember westerly abode windows permit in too lots solar.A cave is often cooler than the coastline. So submit some sturdy curtains and save them closed.Use fluorescent bulbs in abode and save them of for the period of day to maintain cool.purely attempt holding the air shifting in abode.5. Is it possible to live comfortably (year round) in a house or apartment in Beverly Hills, CA that does not have air conditioning?You will want air conditioning. Although, some really well insulated houses you can get by without it. But, most places have air installed. Expensive houses6. How many greeners go without air conditioning, heating and hot water to stop Global Warming?Geo thermal heating and cooling . Wells & under ground lines below the frost line of the earth give us FREE 50 degree air conditioning . Heating 50 degree air is cheaper to maintain then heating colder airs . Geo cost about $15,000 more than a standard heat pump unit . .but pays for itself inside 10 yrs in savings on energy consumption . Hot water can easily be achieved thru solar paneling rising temperatures up to higher levels again making it cheaper to bring and maintain a higher temperature using less energy. Think about it , you here alot of bullshit tossed at these ideas . .. but it mainly set forth by energy companies. Its not made easy for the average joe guy to afford to " go green " , changing the world to be less reliant on major energy company would change the economic structure of things would not it. If we came up with free energy for everyone . ..somebody would want to control it. So do we have the best interest of our planet & people in mind ...or a greedy bank accounts ? Going green is pretty cool & pretty salty7. How do you keep an older house cool without air conditioning?window units and fans. my house was built 1906, and we had to put window units in , because there was no central air, which is better than central air i think.8. Can I still drive my car even though the air conditioning hose is broken?all and sundry already gave large solutions, particularly the single that sited the vet's information. i've got not had to handle it till some days in the past. We began our morning walk somewhat later than established. warm/humid days are unavoidable in my area, so i attempt to get out as quickly as i can interior the morning. The lab replaced into doing merely nice in direction of the top of the walk, so i presumed the blend replaced into ok besides, particularly thinking he has very short hair while in comparison with the lab. He would even taken a water injury a million/2 way by way of the walk. yet while we reached our highway, i spotted him beginning to stumble, and that i knew he replaced into overheating. adverse canines made it to the homestead the place I hosed him down, placed him interior, and had to pour water into my hand the place he could desire to drink. i replaced into heavily frightened, yet he replaced into nice returned in a short quantity of time.
Can You Sleep Comfortably in Negril Without Air Conditioning in May?
We went in july to Negril, the air con made no differnce to our sleeping as we were thrown out of bed by millions of ants1. will i conserve my gas if i leave the air conditioning off?NO, open windows create drag, and it does not use more gas to run the ac, check out the report that was run today on yahoo, it tells you the myths that people believe will save them money when it comes to gas consumption2. Air conditioning help: air not blowing out of two floor vents....?" Freon refilled about a month ago." There's your problem. happy frozen up lack of air flow system you have. Hope you loved the recharge as much as that company who never leak checked.3. My air conditioning unit is not cooling our home completely.?I dont know, but my moms room is really big, like the size of a living room, and her room would never cool off. We tried turning both the plug in and ceiling fan but it was still pretty hott. Finally she just went and bought an air conditioner that sits in your window, and that works miracles! It was like $100-idk if you could buy that but Im so glad we got it! Your air conditioner isnt old though. ..if its a cheap brand that explains. .. Hope I helped and best answer for the girl with the flu? LOL AKA- Thats me! :D 4. Does the F-35 and F-22 have air conditioning inside the cockpit?Yes. Otherwise, the pilots and avionics would cook between the chocks and takeoff5. Evaporative Air-conditioning: in layman's terms how does it work?We had a cooler when we lived in a hot dry climate. The squirrel cage fan turns around over a tray of water that is pumped into the tray. The straw on all 4 sides of the cooler gets wet. If this is the one you are talking about it is best to close everything and keep the cool air inside. .6. how did people live before the days of air conditioning?now we have 3 wimps when i was In the desert after WW2 there was no such thing as air conditioning Looks like from the 3 Thumbs down My Generation were Brought up tougher and My best mate said there was No air conditioning in Changi either i see 2 wimps do not like a real man saying air conditioning is for them Air conditioning is for Hospital Patients and Wimps I live in Australia where my home is subject to 44 degrees and I do not have air conditioning because I do not need it7. How do you change air conditioning filters in your home?A suggestion...combine filter changing, watering plants, take the trash out, clean the aquarium, walk the know...things we hate to do!8. Why does my air conditioning feel weak during the day, but strong in the evening?Get it recharged as a first step. In my 2009 Vibe, I had a similar problem. The hot day air was just too much for the air conditioner to cool down much. The cooler air in the night was cool enough and the air conditioner seemed like it was working. In reality it was not , and the refrigerant in the air conditioner was running low. A recharged fixed it right up9. how do you clean out the air conditioning system on a 2001 Ford F-150.?And once this is completed, the mold will return unless you take steps to keep the evaporator dry. After using the a/c, when you park, turn the a/c to vent and fan on high for about a minute. This turns off the a/c clutch and lets the blower dry the evaporator core, because moisture is what causes the mold growth.10. What is the reason for a slow or stopped central air conditioning outside cooling fan with a loss of cold air?If this problem has been occurring long enough the fan motor probably has toasted windings and is close to burn out from either water getting into the motor or a bad capacitor. Always replace the capacitor whenever you replace the fan motor. They are cheap and not the worth the cost of burning up the new motor. Besides, a new motor will likely have a different (MicroFarad) MFD rating on it. It is also possible this problem could lead to problems with the compressor. When the motor fails to run the head pressures in the unit go way up which can cause issues with the compressor. Shut the system off and call a tech is the best advice
What Would Cause '03 Jeep Grand Cherokee Air Conditioning to Change From Cold to Warm?
Maybe a bad connection at the pressure switch are a loose wire somewhere on the ac electrical system1. please HELP!!! I need ideas on how to keep my house cool with NO AIR CONDITIONING!?Old trick we used to use before cars had AC...dry ice in front of a fan2. Should my roommates and I turn on Central Air conditioning or get 3 window AC units?Keep the return air filter changed, keep the thermostat at a sane but comfortable level and the the central unit is your best option. The best thing you can do is to have a tech out there to clean the evap & condenser coils, and make sure the refrigerant level (charge) is correct. Doing that will ensure your central unit is working as efficiently as possible. Keep direct sunlight out of the windows, and do not go in & out of the front door continually, try to keep from using the oven or boiling water cooking, run the exhaust fan and keep the door closed when showering with hot water, perhaps even turn down the water heater a little. These measures will lessen the internal heat load..... it all adds up3. Which is worse for the environment, heat during the winter or air conditioning during the summer?All I know about that is that in the winter my electric bill is much higher than in the summer when I run the central air so I will assume that using the heat uses more electricity and therefor more fossil fuels4. Air Conditioning Unit is making a loud Squealing/Squeaking Sound. What Should I Do?This Site Might Help You. RE: Air Conditioning Unit is making a loud Squealing/Squeaking Sound. What Should I Do? About a week ago, my air conditioning unit has been making this loud squealing/squeaking sound. Whenever I bump the unit with my hand the sound stops momentarily but then starts back again. Any idea what the problem may be? And if a minor one, can it be fixed without the need of a professional? I...5. Air conditioning kicks off and on and it is very hot HELP 10 pointsnot to sound like a perv take off your clothes and drink some cool water6. My duct work makes a clicking/tapping noise after the heat or air conditioning stops.?Most likely the sound your hearing is coming from inside the unit and is echoeing thru the ductwork. I am not sure what your problem is but its safe to say its nothing to do with your ductwork expanding and contracting7. why would fordf350 truck air conditioning blow warm/hot air intermittently?does this happen when you are driving under load ie uphill if it does then it is because the motor is kicking the ac out so that the motor dosent have to work as hard running the ac and such8. Is it best to run the fan on my central air conditioning all thee time or let it cycle with the unit?Is it best to run the fan on your central AC all the time or let it cycle with the unit? Running the fan continuously circulates air, and may even clean it as air is drawn through your AC's filter, and it can make the space seem a little cooler. The problem is, the duct work, while insulated, is usually routed through the attic where temperatures get pretty high, and the air, even in the insulated duct work, will be warmed some.For simple air circulation benefits, install a ceiling fan in occupied spaces, and you will still get the cooling effect of moving air without operating the air conditioning system.9. Can an electric bill increase 8 times just from increased air conditioning?Well your problem could stem from the a.c. unit itself. It may need to be checked out. A faulty condenser will likely lead to more Kilowatt usage. Your meter can be inaccurate. Check with the utility company and request a test of the meter itself. This usually consists of a separate metering device connected in series with your meter that is now in place. It is left in place for one billing cycle and then compared. If this is not possible, I would demand a new meter. That could be an item you end up paying for. $ 200-300. One last idea. Is it possible some other tenant could have access to wires in an attic? Good luck with your future battle
I Love Irony. Would I Like Those Commercials Saying Cap and Trade Will Make Air Conditioning More Ex
I recently remodeled my home and had to put in low-E class to conserve energy. But what was strange is that I also had to get rid of my original 50 amp fuse box and replace it with a two hundred amp box. WTF?1. Would humanity be better off without air conditioning, television and the internet?dunno you tell me thosethings are great2. How hard is it to change your own air conditioning motor on a 2000 malibu?Depends on what you are talking about when you say air conditioner motor. If you are talking about the air conditioner compressor, it's located on the front of the engine. It's best to let the professionals do that one because they have the specialized tools to recharged the freon, which will have to be done after changing the compressor. If you are talking about the blower fan that blows air into the passenger compartment. It is located on the firewall passenger side. It's a round electrical motor that sticks out there, easy to find. Disconnect the wiring plug, take out the small screw holding it in. Look carefully, a couple of thm are down under the motor and hard to get to without swivels and extensions. Pull the motor out. If your fan cage is not damaged, you can reuse it on the new motor instead of buying a new one. Stick the new one in. Replace the screws and plug it back in.3. What are some good ways to stay cool without air conditioning or other energy hogs?Stay in the shade, when you are resting in the living room keep the lights oof and only tv on so you have entertainment but if napping turn tv off, did you see all those other stupid peoples answers4. It is 99 degrees ferenheit in my room(air conditioning is out) PLEASE HELP?You should move yourself out before you die in that heat5. When Jesus said to help the poor, was he talking about people with cars and air conditioning?It depends. I used to hate the notion of air conditioning in cars too but on a hot stinky day when you are in heavy traffic on the approach to a bridge it's a good thing. When we are driving around the 'burbs and the traffic flow is good then stays off and we roll down the windows.6. Can I cover a wall heater to keep air conditioning from escaping?You cannot cover it if there is a pilot light going. You will burn your house down. But if you are absolutely certain that there is no pilot light and you have turned the gas off to it and if it is electronic ignition be sure to turn off the electricity to it. If you have taken those steps I would think it could be covered. Just make sure there is no chance of a fire7. Why is my air conditioning unit making a very loud buzzing sound?Clean the filter, and make sure the vibration is not causing the buzzing sound. If so? Tape the parts with duct tape so it quits buzzing. If its not working- replace it, if its a window model. 300 for a new one is going to be better and cheaper than an old one with a 200 dollar repair tag8. Seniors: Did I hear this correct? Are air conditioning units actually melting in the Texas heat?Would not surprise me. They are probably having to work so hard they are overheating, would be my guess9. My parents won't allow me to turn on the air conditioning in the summer?Get a job and help pay the electric bill. That's why your parents are not letting you turn the AC on; it's super expensive, and drives up the energy costs like crazy. Chances are, where you work will be air conditioned. You will get relief, up to 35 hours a week if you are under 18.10. Where is Evaporator located in window air conditioning?? is the room to be cooled act as an evaporator?The evaporator is the coil assembly which the Freon evaporates, this is coil that cools the room. The condenser coil causes the Freon to condense back to a liquid, this coil dumps the room heat into the outdoors. The evaporator is located in the front of the air conditioner usually below the controls.
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