Solar Led Street Light Advantage and Maintenance Methods

These units are led by highly dedicated and skilled professionals, who work in a united manner to increases the firms production capacity and boost the products standard of quality. Further, our working in accordance with the set industry norms and guidelines, helps us in the attainment of several highly reputed clients. • china dc24v 7m 60w led china js10w/20w solar led street lamp solar dc lamps, find details about china solar light, solar led street lights from dc24v 7m 60w led certificated solar street light lithium batterys - yangzhou dingxin photoelectric technology co., ltd. • this all in one 70w high power led solar street lighting, 70w high is available with a choice of 5 watt (550 lumen), a 15 watt (1950 lumen), 20 watt (2600 lumen), 30 watt (3900 lumens) or a 40 watt (5200 lumen) led power. sold as a complete system. this compact, unique, easy to install led area light can be pole, post or wall • 90w 180 led wall street light solar panel remote control outdoor garden lamp. $57.66 shipping. seller 98.9% positive. 90w 180 led wall street light solar panel outdoor garden lampremote control. $27.99 shipping. seller 99.2% positive. 180led 90w china 12w life battery all in one solar led street light motion sensor outdoor garden lamp remot control. $49.99 shipping. seller 100% positive. led solar power wall street light


LED Street Light Research Project Part II: New Findings - Metro21: Smart Cities Institute - Carnegie Mellon University

The City of Pittsburgh and the Remaking Cities Institute (RCI) conducted a project in 2011 to test the effects of LED light quality and develop model specifications for new LED street lighting. Beginning in 2012, the City installed more than 4,500 LED lights around Pittsburgh in a phased installation. LED Part II, completed in 2016, updated the original report with additional research and developed model specifications for lighting controls and recommendations for system management and procurement to replace the city's cobra head street lights. The report provided an understanding of recent industry and technology changes, addressed common concerns raised when using LED light sources, recommend model specifications for LED luminaries and lighting controls in the public right of way, made suggestions for improving industry norms and code changes, commented on add-on features that showed promise, and discusses what to expect as technology advances and the LED lighting industry matures.

LED street light power?

Well a 150 watt HPSV has an efficacy of 60 lumens / Watt, so thats 60 x 150 =9000 lumens.

The goal of LED lighting is 200 lumens / watt so to give the same light output, the led would consume 9000/200 = 45 Watts. Not a bad saving if, and only if, 200 lumens / Watt can be achieved.

How To Evaluate LED Street Light Good or Not

How To Evaluate LED Street Light Good or Not In addition to the issues of costs and engineering, good led street lighting requires careful attention to at least six important aspects of lighting design installation and operation. Getting any or all of these aspects wrong can leave a streets residents living with the consequences for decades. We will take a look at each issue. The color over emit light is defined by its color temperature, measured in degrees Kelvin. In broad terms, this boils down to the extent to which the light produced looks cold and bluish or warm and slightly yellowish. Cold and bluish street lighting usually operates at a color temperature of 4000 Kelvin or more and is often classified as being rich in blue wavelength light. The American Medical Association has expressed concerns for human health from blue rich street lighting. People often describe 4000 Kelvin light as harsh cold and somewhat unpleasant. It is this harsh light that caused residents in many overseas cities to complain when 4000 Kelvin lights were installed near their homes. An extensive research in the United States and Europe has shown that installing 4,000 degree or higher Kelvin lighting in residential streets is unnecessary for pedestrian and driver safety, and can actually contribute division impairment and safety issues for older drivers. So if 4,000 Kelvin lighting is not essential for residential streets, generates complaints by residents and impacts safety for older drivers. Brisbane City Council and Energex should not rush straight to deploying 4000 Kelvin LED lights across Brisbane. Unfortunately 90% of the LED lights currently being trialed by Brisbane City Council and energy 4000 Kelvin or higher temperature. Careful consideration should be given to expanding the trial to include more 3000 Kelvin and even some 2700 Kelvin lights, and evaluating these less harsh LED lights will roll out across Brisbane residential streets. Different categories of residential street and traffic thoroughfare required different levels of lighting appropriate to the needs of location. There are Australian standards for designing street lighting that guide engineers on how to design for the minimum appropriate level of lighting required. Casting more light than necessary into a street is not necessarily safer for road users and certainly not more comfortable for pedestrians or residents. Unfortunately, all of Brisbane 17 LED trial streets appear to be significantly more brightly illuminated than their neighboring streets. If this is intentional and exceeds the minimum Australian standard, it raises concerns that a subsequent Brisbane wide rollout of overly bright LED streetlights may have a very significant impact on residents quality of life. More light is not necessarily better. The way a street light is installed can also cause problems for residents. LED lights are designed to be installed horizontally, so that they do not throw light wastefully into the sky and cause light pollution or throw light annoyingly across the street into people's homes. Many Street light brackets in Brisbane and tilted upwards. So when it comes time to replace old lights with new LEDs, the installation will probably just use the old up tilted brackets, and new lights may not be installed horizontally. Of the 100 LED lights deployed in the Brisbane City Council and Energex trial, an estimated 90% have been installed incorrectly with an up tilt angle that exacerbates light trespass into nearby homes. This is just lazy design and lazy installation and should not happen. The extent to which led street lights properly direct and contain light onto the target area. Being the public roadway and footpath is the next issue to consider. LED lights can be better than older lighting technology as they can be designed to project a well-directed pattern of light onto just the target area. LED lights are manufactured in a range of light distribution patterns. As a result, a better range of LED lights needs to be trialed that best suit the range of street widths and house setback distances we have across Brisbane. Unfortunately, this approach is not evident in the current Brisbane City Council and Energex trial. The LED lights chosen for the current trial commonly cause light trespass from the light fitting across the street and into homes. Even more common is backward light trespass where the light beam spreads too far behind the fitting and illuminates homes and windows behind it. Glare is another major problem for LED lights. As the light source is intensely bright and desires usually do not incorporate any shielding over the LED array below the horizontal. Glare can extend for a great distance beyond a light and can impact driver safety and can also be very disturbing for residents when it enters bedroom windows. Pedestrians may also find a need to squint and avert their vision to the ground to protect their eyes from the glare. LED lights need to be trialed that incorporates shielding down to at least the 80 degree level to help reduce this intense glare. LED street lights can be easily remotely controlled to adjust the timing of when lights are operated at maximum illumination. So when residents are asleep and pedestrian and vehicle traffic in residential streets is negligible. LED street lights can be dimmed and then quickly brought back to full power by timer or motion sensor when required. However, this adaptive control capability is not being trialed in Brisbane. Adaptive control systems can make residential street lighting more comfortable for residents and cheaper to operate for ratepayers. These are six aspects of residential led street lighting you should keep in mind when evaluating if the LED lights in your Street are well designed for the benefit of you, the resident and ratepayer living in your Street.

LED Street Light Installation Guide and Maintenance Procedure

Although led street lamp has a long lifespan, it is consumable.If you want to prolong its service life, it should be regularly maintained and kept in good repair. Below are some LED street light installation guides and maintenance procedures for your guidance. Installation kit includes complete sets of wrenches, 30cm live wrench, screwdriver, stripping pliers, multi-meter, several conductors, 50m tape measure, electrician tape, working trucks with life table, warning signs, flash lamps with lift stations. Some of these tools will be provided by led street light manufacturers. To begin with the construction personnel must have the related specialized knowledge. Then, to protect with soft cloth or other protective material when road lamp is facing down. Furthermore, you must never operate in an electric environment. Finally, determine whether the weather is in line with outdoor high-power working range. You can not perform lamp pole installation work when the wind is over 4 class. About how to install street light pole, please click: Street Light Pole Installation Procedure. Preparatory Work: Open the outer packing, remove the packing material above the lamp, and take out the led street lamp. Then check whether the parts or accessories and the manual are complete according to the list of goods and accessories in the packing box. At last, check if the fasteners are solid, whether the lamp assembly is correct,make a Power debugging on street lights to confirm the lamp is working normally. 1) Connect the street lamp power wire onto the cable of the Lamp lever control box (or connector) while connecting yellow or yellow-green wire to ground line. 2) Then connect the black and white (or brown and blue) wires, make sure wire connection point must be fitted with protective cover or waterproof treatment. 3) Lock the grounding wire to the screw of the driver if there is no yellow or yellow-green wire, and ensure the screws connect with the lamp metal casing. 4) Combination of the lamp cap hole and the cantilever. Adjust the direction of street lamps, so that the lights and the led street light module can be fully illuminated to the effective area of the road. 5) Tighten the screws and fix the led street lamp and test if the light works normally. 1) Distribution Box switch set separately and must insist on one-machine one-brake power with two-level leakage protection device. Power Distribution box, switch box must be installed firmly and pay attention to moisture. 2) On-site lighting: The lighting wire is well insulated and the guide line shall not be dragged or tied to the angle of the enclosure. 3) Distribution box and switch box: Use standard distribution box, the switch-gear in the distribution box must be intact and undamaged and set leakage protector in the box. Metal Case Electric box must be made ground protection. c. Installation process example with HEPETECH modular led street light type T19A The following picture for connectors operation guide first. Spin the male terminal clockwise. When the male indicator points between indicator female #2 and #3, and the gap between male and female terminals is extremely small, the connectors are well connected; otherwise, there will be risks in its waterproof performance. When the gap between male and female terminals is extremely small, if any looseness can be sensed, please spin the male terminal clockwise until tight. Lights installation guides are as below: 1, Loosen the buckle locker, open the upper cover of electrical compartment. 2, Make the wire pass into the electrical compartment carefully. 3, Connect wires (live to blue, neutral to brown, ground to yellow-green) directly into the terminal block. 4. Insert the lamp into the pole, fasten the 3pcs M10X30 screws. Street Light Maitenance Procedure of driver and electrical parts is showed as follows: Street Lamp Maintenance Procedure of LED street light module engine is showed as follows: Above street light installation guide and maintenance procedure is based on the normal installed environment. "Hi guys, I am Cann, thanks for reading my words and welcome to give your valuable advices via my LinkedIn ID: Wish to be your friends!"

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What are advantages of solar led street light lamp?
What are advantages of solar led street light lamp?
Because of the beautiful design, solar led street light lamp not only have the function of lighting, but also have the effect of beautifying the environment. The solar led street light lamp is mainly charged by solar panels during the daytime, and the electric energy is stored in the battery through the solar controller for use at night, without manual control. The controller adopts light control time control, waterproof and cold-proof integrated design, greatly reducing the failure rate. The light source adopts high lumen LED light source, and the luminous efficiency is high. The lamp body is usually made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and the wind resistance is greater than 9 grades.The advantages of solar led street light lamp are obvious, specifically the following:High safety factor, less required voltage and current, less heat generation, no safety hazards, and can be used in dangerous places such as mines. The light is healthy. The light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared rays, and does not produce radiation (normal light contains ultraviolet and infrared rays).integrate solar led street lamp have high lighting efficiency, 90% of the electric energy is converted into visible light (80% of ordinary incandescent lamps are converted into heat, and only 20% of electric energy is converted into light energy)Green and environmental protection does not contain harmful elements such as mercury, which is good for recycling and utilization, and does not cause electromagnetic interference (the ordinary lamp contains elements such as mercury and lead, and the electronic rectifier in the energy-saving lamp will generate electromagnetic interference)Protect the visual DC drive, no stroboscopic (normal lights are AC drive, it will inevitably produce stroboscopic).Long-life semiconductor chip emits light, no filament, no glass bubble, no fear of vibration, not easy to break, the service life can reach 50,000 hours, (the ordinary incandescent lamp has a service life of only 1,000 hours, and the ordinary energy-saving lamp has a service life of only 8,000 hours)Integrate solar led street lamp achieve a perfect combination of functionality and decoration, not only beautiful, but also enhance the safety of lighting. RELATED QUESTION What is proffesional led stage lighting? When you're putting on an occasion, whether it is an unassuming school play or a party, stage lighting rental is an unquestionable requirement. Lighting is a main thrust of your production, giving brightening, center, detail and modifying the view of the group of audience. There is nothing that so vitally passes on an inclination superior to a decent lighting system, and with boundless inventive potential, will serve as an immense advantage for your creation. Focus, position and hanging: Conventional stage lighting must be set up because of these three contemplations. Focus refers to where the light will point; position alludes to where the light will start from; hanging refers to the real demonstration of hanging the light. Shading, force and example (assuming any) should be considered next. Types of stage lighting : Ellipsoidal - these lights are the conventional stage lights and thought to be the most critical. They are centering lights, the appearance in front of an audience of which can be adjusted by screens and channels. Fresnel - these lights are utilized for shading washes on the stage. Standard Jars - these lights are the sort you will see in even the dingiest of bars. Continuously a strong choice, standard jars can get hammered, are sturdy and simple to transport. Follow spots - these are spotlights used to pursue somebody around a phase. Obviously, there are increasingly choices accessible for stage lighting with the consistent progress of innovation. Presently you have the fundamentals; here are a couple of more alternatives: LEDs - these Professional LED Stage Lighting are useful for centered pillars and have been gradually supplanting conventional globules in stage lighting. Dizzies - these lights are round circles with a few Drove lights (more often than not of varying hues) covering the surface. The circle pivots in an assortment of bearings and examples, making a whirling, confounding example, consequently the name. Gels - this term alludes to the hues given to lights. They function as shading channels, and should work in congruity with the shade of the light itself to accomplish the craved impact. Once you have got your types of lighting down, you'll have to consider where to place them. Here's an essential summary of lighting positions: Front - This is utilized for the most part for perceivability and shading impacts. Side - can be utilized to awesome impact to complement activity. Back - Additionally utilized for impact. This kind of lighting can make the dream of profundity on a phase, or notwithstanding to silhouette a man totally.
Solar Street Light - Best Price for Solar Led Street Light
street lights use. Recent incorporation of LED light bulbs has improved energy efficiency and many cities have switched to LED street bulbs to save on operational costs. 2.2 Solar Street Lighting Solar street lighting, unlike traditional street lighting, has not been around for many years. cast aluminium in combination with tempered add to cart. quick view. love. powerful 50 led china 40w solar led street lamps with decoration wall mount yard lamp is a high-quality durable and weather-resistant product suitable for residential and commercial application. outdoor 16 led solar powered lamp with radar motion sensor is a high-quality waterproof• RELATED QUESTIONThe 7 Best LED Street Light Outdoor in 2020This lamp is suitable for small areas that do not require high brightness, especially for ranch, parkway lighting, Walkway lighting, backyard and driveway gate lighting. GREEN LED: Dusk to dawn (normal floodlight). PIR sensor does not work when this mode is selected. RED LED: Light is off when no motion (complete darkness). Light is on when PIR motion sensor is activated. In all above working modes, the light will only come on at night (or when the day turns dark). The light does not turn on during day time Adjustable tilt mounting bracket with locking screw to fix solar panel position for optimum sunlight exposure during seasonal changes. Fitted with Lithium battery for enhanced safety, strong thermal stability, tolerance to abuse, high current rating and 1500 cycle life (at ambient temperature 25C).solar led street lightAsia Pacific: Unlike traditional street lights, solar LED lights are extremely cost-effective because they do not need to be connected to the national grid. They are very suitable for sunny countries and are ideal for off-grid use. Solar street lights can work normally in remote areas even at night, which will improve the living standards of residents in remote areas. The Asia-Pacific region has the world's largest market share of solar LED street lights, and the Chinese and Indian governments have taken measures to stimulate demand growth. The Indian government is committed to the development of smart cities. The goal is to create at least 100 smart cities by 2030. This factor will encourage 1,000 villages to install solar LED street lights. Europe, Middle East and Africa: Europe is the second largest revenue contributor to the global solar street light market in 2018. The market is mainly driven by energy efficiency and renewable energy targets set by the government, which promotes the installation of solar street lights in Europe. Solar street lights account for 40% of the UK's energy consumption. Therefore, the government will combine solar energy and LED lights to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save energy costs. There is plenty of sunshine in southern Europe and the Middle East, and off-grid systems can be used. The potential market for solar street lights in Africa has grown tremendously, but many regions in Africa still rely on traditional lighting. The Egyptian government is promoting the installation of solar street lights to reduce the load on the grid. Some cities in the region have installed solar street light systems, which greatly improved the social and economic conditions of citizens. Americas: The United States and Brazil have the largest demand for solar street lights. The US government has vigorously promoted the energy-saving industry. The cost of LED and solar panels has been reduced, and the performance has been improved, which has promoted the use of solar street lights in the United States. EnGoPlanet, located in New York, cooperated with Las Vegas to install solar street lights to change traditional energy sources and develop sustainable and renewable energy sources. The United States occupies a dominant position in the solar street lighting market in North America, and Brazil is a dominant position in the solar street lighting market in South America. Brazil has invested heavily in LED street lights since 2013. Brazil's R20Hub is a leading large-scale LED street light project. Its goal is to cover 1.5 million solar street lights in 13 cities in Brazil to relieve the pressure on the national grid. For more information about solar LED street lights, please pay attention to Lebekan solar LED street lights will give you more market guidance and lighting project solutions.Solar Street Light - best price for solar led street light in IndiaWhat should be the distance between the two poles? The standard distance between the two poles should be 12 meter to 15 meter (2.5 to 3 times to the length of the pole). Short height poles should be install near and longer the poles should install after a gap. What if it is cloudy outside for several days? Solar panel will work even in cloudy weather. However, there will be solar battery which will provide you 18 to 24 hours backup. But the power generated by solar panel will be lower than its original capacity in cloudy days. What should be the optimum height of solar street lights? The height of pole in street light depends upon its use. For sidewalks and bike riding it should be 4.5 to 5 meter, for residential, parks and gardens it should be 8 to 10 meter and for commercial and industrial purpose it should be 10 to 12 meter long. Where can I use solar street lights? A solar PV street light can be used at many places. You can use it for schools, residence, parks, grounds, commercial purpose. These solar lights can also be used at road sides and national highways as well. Do I need to switch on or switch off it every day? No, you do not have to switch it on or off again and again. These solar lights turn on and off automatically. How will the light know when to turn on and when off? There are Dusk to Dawn inbuilt sensor in solar street lights. This sensor will automatically turn the lights on at evening and it will automatically turn the lights off at morning. How much far can a solar street light illuminate? The illumination area of a street light depends upon its standard height. Is it necessary to fix solar panel just above the solar street pole? It is not necessary to fix solar panel just above the street light's pole. You can fix it at any shadow free space. In such case, long wires will be needed to connect solar panel with light. What is average battery backup in solar PV lights? In solar street light, batteries will provide you up to 24 hour long backup. If there is cloudy outside for some days than this backup will be used to provide power in street light. Know more about: Solar Battery Can I use solar lights even in my home? Yes, solar street lights can be used anywhere at roadsides as well as home purpose also. There is no such restriction to use it. What is the price of various capacity solar street lights in India? Capacity, brand, quality etc. are some factors which affects the prices of any solar product. The prices of solar street light in various capacity is mentioned below. What is the size of battery in 24 watt solar light? In 24 watt solar street light, you will get 75 Ah solar battery. How to clean solar panels in street lights? It is quite easy and simple to clean a solar panel. There are solar panel cleaning kit which is available in various sizes such as 6 meter cleaning kit, 9 meter cleaning kit and 10 meter cleaning kit. You can clean solar panels by using a cleaning kit of sufficient length. Can I relocate it after installation? Yes, you can easily relocate it after its installation. But it may cause several damages to your solar light while relocate it. How can we buy solar street lights in India? For buying solar street light and other solar products, you can contact us or you can also buy it directly from our online many ampere led street light produce?Here is the telephone NO.:8675584660522 ,call me Johnson ,I am the professor of produce Led lighting,This is my website:, welcome to my page ,you will like itwhich china led street light manufacturer is better?maximum of them are truly chinese language businesses in China, alongside with Shenzhen Bang-Bell Electronics Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Baode lights kit Co. Ltd., and 1000's of others you have in no way heard ofwhich china led street light manufacturer is better?I recommend Shenzhen infinite brightness technology CO,.LTD company. They are focus on high power led outdoor lighting,all the products are self-design,very good heat dissipation,also module design. You can visit the website: www.ibtsled.comHot sale LoRa 868 intelligent led street light controller with best price-Shanghai Shuncom Smart Technology Co.,Ltd__Lightstrade● With current, voltage, Power, electricity, frequency, temperature detection and other functions ● One way switch and 010V dimming signal output function. ● Switch and the dimming suitable for lamps, such as LED lamp, high voltage sodium lamp and metal halide lamp etc. ● Easy and simple installation, can respond to the instructions sent by the center in seconds.LED street light power?Well a 150 watt HPSV has an efficacy of 60 lumens / Watt, so thats 60 x 150 =9000 lumens. The goal of LED lighting is 200 lumens / watt so to give the same light output, the led would consume 9000/200 = 45 Watts. Not a bad saving if, and only if, 200 lumens / Watt can be achieved.Why should you consider the LED street light?The LED proposition makes intelligent approach due to following::1. No Warm Up time:: Basic purpose of Street lighting is to provide safety. Yet, conventional lighting needs long to warm up before even turning on. LED lighting thrives in cold weather, as heat is the enemy of LED bulbs. By installing LED street lights, there is no more waiting around for the bulbs to warm up. They are instant on and that matters for safety. 2. Long Lifespan:: Burned out street lights are a nuisance when driving or walking at night. Bright lighting helps us stay awake and stay aware of our surroundings. Due to LED street lighting's long lifespan, you won't have to worry about changing out bad bulbs. The cost of LED street lights might be more expensive, but they reduce energy usage and the need for additional maintenance and frequent changeovers.3.Economic sense:: Street lighting is expensive. With talks of using more green energy and reducing carbon footprints, changing over to LED lighting as a way to both save money and help the environment, is makes economic sense. While LED lighting is still more expensive upfront when compared to traditional street lighting, over time, the energy the city saves will pay for the lights! Plus, as LED lighting becomes more popular year over year, the prices are dropping to fit the demand.4. Lower Crime Rates::The installation of bright, white LED street lighting impacts crime rates causing them to comedown. With less dark, un-illuminated pockets, people would feel, safer walking home late at night in comparison to when walking under traditional street lighting. Why should you consider the LED street light?Where can we buy all-in-one solar LED street light in India?hi there, all in one solar LED street light in India is subham enterprise.. i bought some solar plates last year and their service is up to the mark as wellBest 400W LED Street Light Fixture, Commercial LED Parking Lot LightBelow is the HID LED replacement for the 400w LED street light parking lot fixtures for your reference: With slipfit mount, you can pole top mount for 40ft round pole as commercial area outdoor lighting. You Might Need Mounting Brackets If your street light pole is larger than 2-3/8″ in diameter, you need a tenon adapter If looking for mounting bracket to install single, double, triple or quad street light fixtures on one light pole, here are the accessories Should you need 1000W-1500W MH LED equivalent street light as listed below, we also have some in stock for sale in our US warehouse. Pls feel free to leave us message in the contact form below, Chiuer can customize the best LED street light parking lot fixtures from factory. Below is the general production time for the special outdoor LED street light for your reference: What services we can assist you with How urgent is this project
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