Samsung Led Tv Picture Problem?

Thats common, same thing happend to are samsung tv, and a few other people. and now you. there is nothing you can do, at this rate it is probably cheaper to buy a new tv, then to pay to fix it

1. I have a samsung led tv 32 inches 120v .. will work in Peru such is 220v with a adaptor?

if you use it in usa or will not work in peru....... your tv digital system is ATSC but in peru (Japanese-Brazilian system) SBTVD . investigate yourself.....maybe i am wrong .


Samsug LED is a very good HDTV.Great picture quality with mega dynamic contrast ratio,deeper black,very thin and 40% less power consumption that other type of hdtv

3. Is it normal to have patches on sides of a Samsung LED TV screen?

off course its not. You have not mentioned what kind of patches do you see. In case of LED screens it is possible to have dead pixels on the screen and they can be anywhere and they can come any time. I do not think it can be repaired but not sure about it. If its in warranty you can check with the manufacturer. But you will see the dark spots only when white color is more on the screen which is very less in terms of TV content. My TV has several patches like that and it does not show up unless there is bright color for long duration on the screen. Hope this helps. Is it normal to have patches on sides of a Samsung LED TV screen?

4. The New Samsung LED TV's?

between those 2 Samsung is extra powerful. performs each and all of the formats by way of USB, sony misses some. yet you will get extra powerful deal from LG. performs each and all of the formats and expenses decrease than the different 2 manufacturers. very final selection is yours

5. New Samsung LED TV makes gaming difficult?

I know this is not much of an answer, as it is answering a question with another question, but does your TV have one of those true-motion designs, where it's supposed to negate motion blur? I always have trouble watching anything on those screens myself, let alone focusing on anything

6. witch one is better between samsung led tv and panasonic plasma tv?

Samsung is currently the highest rated TV manufacturer. I just bought the Samsung 6000 series LED TV and it is unbelievable. Less than 2" wide with less power consumption than a traditional tube TV. A plasma TV is wider, much heavier, runs hotter, uses more power, and is harder to fix than these new LED tvs, for an equally good picture. Just my opinion

7. I'm in rural Victoria, Australia, I have a Samsung LED TV during wet & windy weather Pixelation breaks up the picture on 3 of our 5 channels?

This has nothing to do with your TV, but the source of your TV signal - antenna, cable TV, satellite, etc. Bad weather can affect your antenna's reception - especially if the signal is not very powerful to begin with. You can try a larger or more powerful antenna, as well as a signal booster. Satellite reception is not as susceptible to clouds but high winds can knock the dish out of alignment. A stronger mounting that is not buffeted by the winds is about the only thing you can do for that.

8. How do i record my SAMSUNG LED TV when playing PS3?

You need a computer to install the capture card into. Most TVs have video outputs (usually the yellow RCA connector) that you can use to connect your TV to the capture card, while still being able to play games on your TV. Most people have high end computers with HDMI or component capture cards that are capable of capturing full 1080p video. You require a more powerful machine to accomplish this with no lag. And people usually just play their games on their computer monitors by putting their capture program to full screen while they are recording. As for the USB connector on the side of your TV, this is only for connecting flash drives and other USB storage devices to play music and view photos (sometimes even videos) and to upgrade the firmware of your TV.

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