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1. Coors Light vs Bud Light?

I will drink most beers except Rolling Rock

2. Could you be an alcoholic if the only booze you were allowed was Coors Light?

Yes. What do you mean by the only booze you are allowed? Who is setting this limitation on you? Are you drinking 3.2 beer? Because that might be the reason you are not getting a buzz from it

3. coors light nfl commercials?

i like mora DONT TALK ABOUT PLAYOFFS!!!!!!

4. Bud Light or Coors LIght?

Funny how that rhymes with "both are sh1te"

5. how long will it take a case of coors light beer to expire?

well yea dude its fine. i mean the experation date is probably past, so legaly i cant say "CHUG CHUG CHUG" but y'know....yooouuuuu know

6. is there any difference in coors light and keystone light?

Keystone is the bottom of the barrell Coors. So Keystone is a bit more watered down

7. how much does a 12 pack of coors light cost in New York ?

Too much for the macrobrewed dreck that it is

8. mil.'s best vs. coors light?

They all suck. Try one of your husband's beers

9. Why don't doctors distinguish between Bacardi 151 and Coors light?

Just a hunch but i am guessing you've been sucking back on a little bit of both of those

10. Bud Light or Coors Light?

Neither, please. Both taste like carbonated, watered-down urine, which is only slightly better than un-watered down urine

11. Miller Lite, Coors light, or Bud light?

I only drink high test(Bud), but in a pinch I will go with the low cal Bud Lite. Ca not even drink Miller lite. And Coors light tastes like water

12. Is Coors Light a girly beer?

No. Its definantly not a beer i would pick over Sam Adams, Heineken, Corona, ect. But its not a girly beer either

13. Can i drink 1 year old Coors Light?

They should be safe, but they wo not taste very good. If they taste really, really bad do not drink them

14. Which is better Budweiser, Pabst blue ribbon or Coors Light?

Budweiser by a mile. then Coors/Coors Light & PBR

15. Where can I find a Coors Light layout for myspace?

Find a picture that you like on the internet. It's not hard. To get the picture url for your background...right click on the picture then click on properties. You will find the url there.

16. Is Coors Light beer good or nasty?

Carbonated piss. The blue can tells you your piss is chilled enough to drink. Pass on tapping the Rockies and go with a Sam Adams

17. Survey : Would it be worse publicity for Michael Phelps to be holding a bong or to be holding a Coors Light?

i think getting caught smoking weed with the bong was worse for Phelps, but this country really should lighten up about it. people are going to smoke weed, no matter the consequences

18. Will they use T.O.'s crying press conference in a Coors Light commerical?

Perfect, heres the script. T.O. did you see that the Coors Light is gone? It's not fair! Its not fair. TO, theres one coor light left, do you want it? Yeah man. Psych! I just drank it. Its not fair, man. Its not fair.

19. Am I the only one who thinks those Coors light commercials are stupid?

I agree. They've exhausted that whole thing. It was ok the first time, but now they are just stupid

20. Bud Light, Busch Light, or Coors Light: Which is your favorite?

I am guessing since you are such a "Proud Mommy!" you drink in front of the kids? i wonder if my mom asks people which is the best cigarettes, Marlbro,Tahoe, of Some other cheap cigarette... hmmm, i bet she's very proud of herself!

21. How many beers do you think before i would get drunk (Coors Light)?

hi how are you i would say you could get drunk off 5 beers but you should not not be drinking at your age drinking is bad for your health its bad for anyone i would stick with mock tails they are the same thing as cocktails they do not have alcohol in them and they taste just as good if not better you do not have to have alcohol in a cocktail to enjoy it also under age drinking is against the law i hope i have helped you take care

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Question About Coors Light Cold Activated Can?
Everyone here is panzies. Warm beer puts hair on your chest. I personally drink my brew cold BUT, when I was poor *** broke and my fridge broke down on me, warm beer was it. The best warm beer I can think of would be Sam Adams Lager; just for YOUR general knowledge. As far as Coors, it isn't the BEST warm but if your having a party, looks to me all you guys are gonna be so drunk that it won't even matter in an hour if it's cold, warm, or hot! Cheers!.• Suggested ReadingWhat kind of beer will you be drinking during todays game?Beer and wine are sturdy hangover givers so stay remote from them. whilst i'm ingesting blended drinks I ask for "awesome shelf" of despite alcohol is interior the drink i'm ingesting. It expenditures greater yet you're much less possibly to get a hangover than in case you have drinks made with inexpensive alcohol. final analysis is that in case you drink too lots of something you will get a hangover. a number of the failings that help are to consume till now you drink and don't blend drinks like a margarita then an prolonged island, then a screwdriver, and so on. additionally, in case you do have a hangover interior the morning drink the two tomato juice or V-8 and consume a splash some thing. That works wonders. each so often I also have a blood mary interior the morning for a hangover. sturdy success------Which is the LEAST fattening, drinking light beers (coors light) or mixed drinks?OK...this is really a tough one to answer. Light beers are safest...because you always know exactly how many calories and carbs you are getting. Liquor (not mixed drinks) are officially the safest, averaging around 75 calories and zero carbs an ounce. The problem with this is that unless you are doing shots (1.5oz and 97 calories) you never know exactly how much you are getting. The bartender could be giving you double shots since he/she likes you and the calories are now up in the 150 range. Add into that a sugary mixer and your calories and carbs are in the 300 range and sometimes WELL over 500.Stick with light beer if you are that concerned. In order to be a light it has to have 124 Calories or less...Guinness missed it by one calorie...and they always have the states on the label.Personally, I like taste. I stick with regular beer, walk to the bar, take the stairs and skip the 3am chili cheese burgers and burritos. Those are what kill the average drinker...literally. Have you seen the cholesterol count on them? this: ------Quiz: What type of beer are you? Your sign?What the...I got Coors Light too! lolYou are a person who values routine and stability. It's likely that your order the same thing every time you go to the bar. You aren't necessarily on a diet, but you do appreciate a beer that you can drink every day. If anything, you are consistent.You don't like to change, but you're not adverse to taking risks... especially when you have a few beers in you. The bottom line is that you're out to have a good time. You're all about friends, fun, and letting loose------does canned beer (ie coors light) last longer if i leave in out of the fridge?Why interior the heck is all people so worried that coors mild is now the sturdy sponsor of NASCAR. Do you think of they wont provide help to hold Bud into the track or something. I mean all people is freaking out approximately this. What the hell is the vast deal. Its a sponsor substitute, it occurs perpetually. Winston/Nextel/sprint. It doesnt mean Bud is going to dissapear from the sport and that wearing Bud memorbilia is going to get you thrown out of races. people recover from it, Bud isnt the beer of nascar...the worldwide will nonetheless turn, Jeff Gordon will nonetheless win and Jr will nonetheless be an additionally ran------Please rate the following beer.?Heineken would be the best of the three you listed, but is still a piece of crap. It is a poor example of an import.Budweiser is a good example of an American lager... That is to say a mostly corn based no actual hops and I think they don't even malt the corn... no sure if they even use real malted barley.Coors is a poor example of an American lager... 'nough said.If you would actually like to try real beer I recommend starting with something like a Sam Adams... Not the best but at least they follow the 1516 purity law. After that depending on where you live take a trip to your most local micro brewers pub. They all have them now. Even go to a Rockbottem if there is one near you. Sit down at the bar and start a conversation with the server. After that cruise on over to you will need to create a profile to browse the beer rating but it is well worth it. Punch in a couple beers, read the reviews and become enlightened.------Does anyone know the answer to kupl 98.7 coors light dukes bar & grill cruiser code? Thanks in advance?CHAMPIONS - b) 5Country Music Trivia - A) CampbellEmployment - Registered nurseGames - 20Hello Mr. President - C) 25,000Video - 26This Day in History - B) half dimeWhere in the World - A) EgyptNHL trivia...................russiaAllstar insider 5/13............votenowGood boss / bad boss trivia...........Steven Van ZandtLas Vegas Convention trivia (AM)...........PalmsCort furniture trivia answer.............15Barnet Dulaney trivia answer..........dr. barnet, dr. perkins, dr. riveraText CARDS to 74574 .09nfcchampsBloom Live - Car Seat Safety Day 5/9..........safeMidfirst Bank 5/9................freeG&A at Fry's 5/14...............pepsiCa$h4 bonus 5/$h4Ca$h4 bonus 5/20.......circlekCa$h4 bonus 5/21.......sandersonCa$h4 bonus 5/22.......tomcarCa$h4 bonus 5/26.......frys------Has the Coors Light train ever killed anyone?Killed?Nope.Not outright, anyway.But once upon a time that actually predates the brand by a decade and a half (but understand, no one I ever worked with ever did a "lite" anything, even after it became a choice) yes, sort of, in a way, via a slow kill off of brain cells, but only amongst those who willingly gave of themselves completely and without reservation, in much reveling and general debauchery, and all the while waiting for a call.Of course, that was only the pool crews and only 95% of 'em.We Roseville hostlers were genuine animals, and known for it...------Why can't you buy Coors beer in Canada?I don't know why you cannot get Coors Beer in Canada. It probably has to do with licenses and distributing. Liquor laws are notoriously screwy everywhere. Like in Alabama, you cannot buy beer at the liquor store -- only at the gas station!Thirty years ago, you couldn't buy Coors Beer east of the Mississippi River. My husband & I made a trip to Texas and brought back 2 six packs -- one for us and one for our neighbors -- (That's all we could afford!) We boxed them up and checked them with the airline. When we arrived in Indianapolis, we had 12 empty cans in the box! It was a good night for the baggage handlers!Cheers!------Are Coors Light beers really frost brewed?Ignore the other answers, theyre not that great. The frost lined cans that Coors has been distributing is a marketing gimmick. They are trying to bring awareness to there primary location in the Golden, Colorado and play off the conception that the Rocky Mountains are cold. In order for frost to form, the temperature has to be below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius. When beer gets this cold the water freezes, a higher concentration of ethanol is in your final product. Products labeled as ICE: such as Bud ICE, are cold conditioned in this manner. Coors Original and Coors Light are not frozen after fermentation. The frost brewed terminology they are using is just trying to emphasize that they prefer for their lager to be drank at a cold temperature, or as close to freezing as possible------I love cold refreshing Coors Light?all and sundry right here is panzies. heat beer places hair on your chest. i in my view drink my brew chilly yet, while i grew to become into destructive *** broke and my refrigerator broke down on me, heat beer grew to become into it. the main suitable heat beer i will think of of could be Sam Adams Lager; in elementary terms to your conventional know-how. so some distance as Coors, that's not the main suitable heat yet while your having a party, seems to me all you adult males are gonna be so decrease than the effect of alcohol that it will no longer additionally count number in an hour if that's chilly, heat, or warm! Cheers!.------Why are the tabs on the Coors Light cans not blue anymore?If the blue tabs on Coors Light are anything like the "Blue Tabs" on our Pepsi products we get up here in Eastern Montana....(as I was told) If you get case lots from a distributor they have a normal aluminum tab on them... but if you buy a case from let's say COSTCO they have blue tabs to indicate that they weren't bought from your distributor.. Thus if the rep comes into your restaurant like he did ours and sees the blue tab he can cut all ties to your product for not buying from him... I called his bluff and told him if we would see him more than twice a month maybe he'd know we run out of "HIS" product and go elsewhere to buy it at four dollars less a case because we stock it and rotate it ourselves. Can you tell I'm a little pi--ed about the blue tab thing????.------What brand of beer, besides Coors Light, is least likely to cause a hangover?All alcohol will give you a "Hangover". Hangovers are temporary diabetic shock because you liver is over worked because of all the alcohol. The number one way to prevent hangovers is to not drink so much. Eat high carb, low salt food while drinking. Drink a full 8 oz of water either with or between drinks. Take regular aspirin before you go to bed, unless you have a heart condition or an aspirin allergy, then take Tylenol with 16 oz of water. Drink a low sodium sports drink or Pedialite, first thing in the morning. And remember, IT TAKES 1-2 HOURS TO METABOLIZE ALCOHOL PER SERVING. 12 shots takes 12-24 hours to get out of your system.------Coors Lightthe official beer of NASCAR?They need to call it the Water Pole as thats what Coors Lite taste like...I'll go back to my Corona Lite.. I was never a big bud drinker, but all my Jr fans only allowed Bud to be consumed during a race...I'm sad Nascar is making the change, but its about $$$ thats all Nascar cares about now.. I'm happy I don't have to drink Bud any longer...for my other Jr fans they all are going to be in a Budweiser Withdrawal Syndrome.. I know they won;t drink coors lite and definitely not Miller Lite... They will probably stick with Bud, since they will still be sponsoring a car even if its not Jr, Dale Jr says he'll keep drinking it, as they never had to pay him to drink their beer...But my Jr fans will never be Kasey Kahne fans...Yep let the beer wars begin------Im going out drinking this weekend and im trying to lose weight?If you are a light drinker then light beer is fine. If you are someone who likes to get a serious buzz, you'll end up drinking lots of those light beers because they are low in alcohol. You'd be better off doing mixed drinks, but no juice or sugary mixers. Rum and diet coke could work. Martinis also work (vodka or gin, no cosmos or other sweet flavors).Alternate hard drinks with sparkling water with lime. It will keep you from getting too drunk, help prevent hangover (hydration), and reduce your total calories for the evening.
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