Related Questions of Central Air Conditioner

Do you want to know about central air conditioner? Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. How much r 22 does my central air conditioner hold?

If you look on the specification plate located on the side of you condenser, it will be listed there in ounces

2. does a central air conditioner need to have two vents?

Call an AC tech

3. can you use car refrigerant in a central air conditioner unit?

Like what was said, no, you can not . The two have different operating temperatures, pressures, oils. It Will ruin your compressor. You have to call for service if you do not have cool air or there could be an electrical/mechanical problem that is causing it.

4. The circuit of my Central Air Conditioner breaker keeps on popping?

if it is a trane unit you will void your waranty if you dont use a trane certified tech,otherwise you should use a pro it is very exspencive to replace!

5. Central Air Conditioner or A Heat Pump? Which is best for Me?

I have a heat pump and love it. I think the stimulus bill just being signedt will give you a 30% rebate back--check with your accountant when you do 2009 taxes

6. my central air conditioner started leaking water from a plastic hose outside the house. whats up with that?

My central air unit leaks when the temperature outside the house is close to the temperature inside the house. Typically at around 72 degrees, which is what we keep the house temperature at. I am not sure if the unit leaks outside, it probably does, but it definitely leaks inside the house from the 2 hoses which go into the basement floor (to a sump I guess). This is an old house, but I've only lived here for a few months, so I do not know all the Idiosyncrasies of the AC unit. It did freeze over once and stopped generating cool air. I would really appreciate your insight on this as it differs slightly than the original question.

7. what does it mean when your central air conditioner is leaking water?

I just noticed that my HVAC unit (on the roof of my house) is dripping water down the side of the roof (it's a pitched roof) it seems to be working ok and I do not see any leaks inside the house - as I say, I just noticed some water dripping down from the unit off the roof. Is this ok or do I have to find a 1/2 a million dollars somewhere to have a tech come and look at it...?

8. what size of central air conditioner do i need for 3 story house about 2000 sq ft ? our payne ac good units?

With out doing a load calculation 3 tons maybe 3.5 if you existing duct work can handle it. There are many factors that go into this. Its best to call 3 contractors out and have them give you price quotes. Dont tell them anything what the other said and just soak up what ever they say. If 2 of the 3 are on the same page your safe to use the 2 that were similar in sizing. If they all 3 are all different call the most expensive well know company in your area which should be able to size this system correctly. The other issue is the drive package on your existing furnace if one is present. If you only have a 2 ton blower package, and need a 3 ton drive, the you would need a new furnanace to accomidate the load as well as increasing the supply and return on the exiting system. This is NOT something you want to guess as as it can go horribly wrong. Remember bigger is NOT always better ! Size the system accordingly based on load calculations not a guess !

9. Why does the fan on my central air conditioner get very hot and go on and off, could it be the capacitor?

It could be, although a faulty run capacitor usually keeps the motor from running at all, but it can make the body of the motor really hot.It is also entirely possible that your fan motor windings are failing, which can also make the motor body hot.It can also be your components that power up the motor, such as thermostat, fan delay relay, etc. Since the motor gets hot, I don't think that's the case.Why does the fan on my central air conditioner get very hot and go on and off, could it be the capacitor?

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Best Home Air Conditioners: Window or Central Units?
Best Home Air Conditioners: Window or Central Units?
With the summer heat just around the corner, you may be starting to look for ideas to cool your home this coming season. Having air conditioning during those long summer heat waves not only offers us a safe haven from the heat, but also promotes better sleep and just an overall.There are two main ways that people generally choose when it comes to installing air conditioning in their homes central air or a window air conditioner. There are benefits and drawbacks to both of these cooling methods, but one things for sure: they both beat a fan central air is certainly going to cost more to install than a window air conditioner.There are going to be construction workers and electricians around for a couple of weeks but once theyre finished, youre going to have perfectly comfortable air set to whatever temperature you choose in every room of the house.If you install a window air conditioner instead, youll just get cold air in whatever room its in while the rest of the house remains hot. You also need a certain kind of window for the window air conditioner to sit in and work properly.Another thing to take into consideration when choosing a cooling method for your home is the aesthetics. If youre really concerned about looks, youll probably want to go with central air since youll only have to look at small, covered vents. The window air conditioning units can not only be incredibly unsightly, but may also block out a lot of natural light. If you already live in a small house with few windows, you want all the natural light you can get.If you live in an apartment building, central air probably isnt an option for you. But if youve been looking for a way to upgrade your home and really benefit from it, youre definitely going to want to install central air.Read the entire article here
Is There a Way to Clean Molds, Spores, and Pollen From the Air in Your Home That Is Truly Effective?
You can buy electronic air cleaners that attach to your furnace or central air conditioner. They take everything out of the air with washable electrostatic air filters. They also have conventional and or HEPA filters. But such a system will run you a couple of grand. There are also such stand alone systems.1. what's wrong with my (central) air conditioner?The bushings interior the motor are drying out.close the ability off,take the panel off and spray wd-40 on the decrease component to the shaft and manually spin it.placed the panel back on and initiate it up and you are able to nicely be waiting to purchase some extra time till finally you replace the motor. good success. incredibly saturate it with wd-40 and it will in all threat paintings2. How should I best keep-up my heart-rate and for how long to exercise EFFECTIVELY?look; i am just some wet dream with bankable assets, who prances around at nite letting social dysfunctionals stuff their paycheck into my i will give you the choice: either more pop science BS, or empirical knowledge that's older than you will be getting. It's like this: pop science tells us the half truth that the heart is a muscle, therefore exercise will make it stronger... the other half of that truth has to do with wear and tear, over time and from excessive usage. If you have enough sense to realize the human body is a finite organism, with a limited span of growth, maturity and declination, then you know that with age, the heart can only get...older. Pop science tells us exercise that elevates the heart rate is good for us; the other half of that truth is: most any exercise, even lifting a fork, elevates the heart rate, and insofar as optimum level, there is none. There are also no known conclusive tests to suggest your life will be longer cuz you ran yourself silly...the people they were going to showcase as the poster children for that claim have died: Flo Jo, Atkins, Skinner...need i go on? effective exercise is anything you do that shows improvement in overall health. Walking is known as the most effective. Smarter people like swimming, which gives a total body workout, without overheating and feel more fatigued after a good swim workout, cuz you were able to do more, without being sidetracked by sweating..the water dissipates the body heat, and allows the heart to do more important things for your body , besides playing central air conditioner. Empirical knowledge suggests, meditative, slow, deliberate exercise is the key to longevity,...3 billion asians and 3000 years of proof are hard to ignore, unless you are from the west. but enough of my jibber....the time has come for you to devise a plan that you can use for life...the rest of it. why set yourself up for injury by running? Walk. A brisk paced walk of five miles a day, at 15 minutes a mile, will do more for your heart than running, without causing shin splints, pulled hamstrings, cramps and milk acid seizing. if you are the horse, or at least the jackass you claim to be, forgo any macho buff gym weight need to bench press 400kg, and curl 120kg dumbells to show you stand up to urinals: your focus is on tone and sculpt, not bulk and 55, whatever you build in bulking up now, will start to fade; at 60, your just another has been wannabe with tittays. 20lb dumbells are your friend, ..your best friend ever.. 20 reps, three sets : for curls, reverse curls for triceps, overhead press, flies, , and you can look like any pic in any ad on the net, that pushes men to use supplements for ripped bodies.... body weight exercise is the core of a program for your age group...that means: pushups, situps and pullups, all in good form. Very few men at fifty can boast doing 10 pullups from a dead hang to the chin...oh, and that means dead hang, not arms half ******, halfway done and back up again, cuz your shorts are signalling failure. get up to 200 situps daily, 60 pushups in 3 sets of twenty, and 3 sets of 5 full pullups..that workout is about a half hour to 45 minutes with dramatic results. father , grandfather and great grandfather were able to do this stuff past 80....known advice.
Related Questions of Central Air Conditioner
Considering that central air conditioner may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about central air conditioner for you to get started.1. Central air conditioner surging all the lights in my house?Sounds like you got hood winked. AKA ripped off. You probably have more than one issue here. Compressor- Start capacitor and or it needs a hard start kit installed based on dim lights. Weak air could mean 1 the blower is not working, failed blower capacitor or blower motor. possible plugged up evaporator coil (if your really bad about changing your furnace filter and have been using the blue or green mesh style you can count on it being plugged) Low on charge2. Central air conditioner was broken by no filter changing.?The breaker is an electrical problem. Basically that would not be caused by a bad filter. The only way I can see a dirty filter causing the problem, and the filter would have to have been very plugged so air was not getting through, would be if there was so little air movement the coil froze so much that it dripped water on the blower motor and caused a short. In that case it might work again once it dries out. Cost depends on what failed so I can not help with that. Good Luck.3. My Central Air conditioner fan turns on but no air is coming out of vents inside the house what's problem?then u have a problem with the blower motor in your house to check this go to your t/stat a turn the fan switch from auto to on if it dont come on then u may need a new motor but if it does come on then u have another problem do not leave your central air on if no air is coming out of the vents leave off till fix4. If the outside Temperature is 95 degrees and a heat index of 110 will your Central air conditioner run all t?Absolutely! It was 104 here this past Wednesday, 102 on Thursday and 99 on Friday. Our three ton central air system worked perfect. It would be best to have an air conditioning person who installed it check it out.5. Cement Garage floor puddle - not water though!?Presumably you mean concrete-right? That is, the poured cement floor has completely cured into concrete. Is it always in the same place? Perhaps it is * condensate from central air conditioner * discharge from a hot water tank over pressure and over temperature valve * clothes washer leak * clothes dryer condensation * condensation from an auto's air conditioner which was parked there * a leaking water pipe6. How much does it cost each month for Central Air Conditioner?Are you going to rent it? If you have it and do not use it, it is free. If you have it in Alaska in the winter, it is free. I used to pay over $300 per month, probably, for that part of my electric bill in Florida in the summer. But you do not know anything about where/how I lived. Believe it or not, it depends upon where you live, how big the house is, how efficient the a/c is, what temperature you keep the house at, who is doing what in the house, the insulation of the house, the orientation of the house, and other things7. Central air conditioner is leaking water?Are you sure that the collection pan/drain pan is level? Is the water clear and not full of dust etc? A little bleach will keep it clear. I had a bad experience with an unlevel pan. Ceiling fell in.8. My central Air Conditioner Unit is making a WEIRD sound!?Is there no access at all to the indoor unit? It needs to be opened up and looked at, of course. There is not much information to go on here. I would guess that the blower wheel is quite dirty and the motor has never been oiled. The blower motor bearings have got to be seizing up after all these years. Just take a light saber to the cement and cut a hole in it. Then, the apartment manager can come back and install a permanent access panel.
Central Air Conditioners - so, How Do Central Ac Units Works?
I'll be explaining how central air conditioner works from a split-central air units perspective.Central air conditions work basic on the second law of thermodynamics. Which state, "heat always flows from a material at a high temperature to a material at a low temperature." By S. DonThere are two heat exchanges in central air units: the condenser and evaporator. The evaporator coil is located indoors and the condenser coil is located outdoor.This is how these two components works:The evaporator coils add heat to the air conditioning system. You could look at in another way. AC evaporator absorbs heats from area that needs to be cool and add the heat into the air conditioning units. For our decision the area that needs to be cool is indoor air.As you remember, energy can't be created or destroyed. AC units don't create heat or cool it uses air conditioning condenser to rejecting heat. Yes, that right! If you look outside your home, you'll see a square metal box outside. That is the condenser units! This is where it rejects the heat.These two components don't require electricity. However, the condenser fan and the evaporator blowers need electricity to works.The bottoms line is: Air conditioner units absorb energy in one area and reject it in different areaThere are five basic components to make air conditioner unit works.Central air conditioning is process that removes heat from indoor evaporator to outdoor condenser units.All air conditioner units will always have the basic components: air conditioner compressors, air conditioner condenser, evaporator coils the expansion device, and the refrigerant copper tubing.If you know how central air conditioning works, you understand how any air condition works. Since, the operating principle of air conditioner unit will always be the same.
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