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1. Is ABC News, MS NBC, CNN, and the other alphabet news networks FAIR AND BALANCED?

No, but to be fair, neither is Fox news

2. ABC Reported on ‘Phony Heroes' Two Days Before Rush Limbaugh Did?

ABC has immunity, because they are a Liberal RAG!!

3. Who Thinks ESPN and ABC Basketball Should?

Me. I thought Basketball on TNT, TBS & NBC was fine. I guess I am just biased because I liked the commentators and reporters better

4. anyone good at numbers ? 3 digit ABC....?

There are probably lots of ways to solve this, but here's how I did it. First, let's say A = 2. Then there's one possible combo: 210. Let's say A = 3. Then there are three possibilities: 321, 320, 310. Let's say A = 4. Then there are six possibilities: 432, 431, 430, 421, 420, 410 A little thought will reveal that as A increases, the increase in possible combos follows the triangular numbers: 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36. The highest A can be is 9. This corresponds with 36 possible combinations. Thus, ABC has 1361015212836 = 120 possible combinations. Hope that helps!

5. Y do we say abc and not qrs first?

Our alphabet is ultimately derived from the Ancient Hebrew (paleo-Hebrew) alphabet, which began aleph, beth, gimel. And that is why we say ABC first, and not QRS.

6. Why do they call it abc's? its wierd?

ABC's is a Slang term for Alphabet

7. Can you please put these songs in ABC order? (based on the song name... not band)?

sorry to copy you English Major. Could not you have done it yourself in the time it took you to type all that out?

8. What happened to sunday afternoon NBA basketball on ABC?

Na man ABC starts their regular season schedule on December 25th with a double-header

9. Am I the only one who thinks Scrubs on ABC sucks?

I agree with theboatfloats, what a stark difference from NBC. Who directed this, Alan Alda? Even having the outtakes at the end degrades actors and the episode. No excuses. Even the Fonz could not pull the suck out of this one. Caulk another up to Mickey and the holier than thou at ABC. Stinks like feet rapped in bad bacon

10. What is Your Favorite ABC Family Show?

Secret life [of the american teenager]

11. Does the abc diet work?

Yes it does. Simple as that. Only if you really stick to it, no junk food, if you are hungry just drink water, exercise otherwise you will lose weight but stay flabby. In just the 50 days. You will lose up to 4- 5 pant sizes. You will be able to be a weight of 200 if you try enough. In just 50 days. I did it. I am doing the diet once more & DO NOT go overboard with food after those days are over. Eat healthy.

12. Does anyone watch DayBreak on ABC?

It was cancelled before the 12/27 episode was supposed to air. ABC then told fans that they would make the last 7 episodes available for online viewing, which was also temporarily postponed because of a "music licensing issue." Then the day break website was completely taken off ABC's website, along with all past episodes without notice. We are all still waiting to see what will happen next in terms of it either being shown online or made available on DVD!

13. T or F? Each leg of a right triangle ABC is an altitude of triangle ABC.?

Sometimes-- the altitude is the perpendicular height of the triangle so if the side of the triangle is horizontal then the vertical leg is vertical and therefore the altitude. However, you can also flip the triangle so that the hypotenuse is horizontal and now the altitude is a perpendicular line from the right angle to the mid-point of the hypotenuse. Wish I draw you a picture!

14. In triangle ABC, the hypotenuse is 13 cm. What is the largest possible area of ABC, 13 cm2, 30 cm2, 42.25 cm2, or 84.5 cm2?

in any right-angle triangle, the hypo fits the diameter of a half circle, while the right angle fits on the perimeter. Since the area is one half the base times the hight, the area is the largest when the hight is the longest, which happens in an iso triangle, hence the area is 13x(13/2)/2 or 42.25

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How Old Were You When You First Learned Your ABC Alphabet?
Probably around 2, I was reading at three. My kids learned their ABC's at 2ish1. "ABC" song = "Twinkle, Twinkle" ?song: Twinkle Twinkle Little famous guy or woman, i am too retarded to undergo in techniques the lyrics of the finest song interior the international. poll: no longer too warm, yet no longer freezing. I desire a mild 60-70 levels2. Need Help with ABC song... please?ay, bee, see, dee, ee, ef, jee, aich, eye. jay, kay , el, em, en, o, pee, kew, ar, es, tee, yu, vee, double u, eks, why, zee3. Your Abc girl name list?A- Ava B- Blair C-Claire D-Danielle E-Elizabeth F-Felicity G-Georgia H-Holly I-Isobel J-Jenny K-Kiera L-Lucy, M-Marissa N-Nora O-Olivia P-Portia Q-Quinn R-Riley S-summer, sophia T- Tina U-Unna V-Violet Victoria W-Winifred X-xanthe disgusting but okay Y-Yancy Z_Zoey4. Why does ABC no longer broadcast NFL games?ABC is owned by Disney which also owns ESPN. In 2006, ABC Sports was rebranded as ABC on ESPN and Monday Night Football was transferred from ABC to ESPN.The reasons given for this is that Disney made the decision not to maintain a sports division at ABC and have an entire network of sports channels(ESPN) besides. They simply rebranded ABC Sports as ESPN, use ESPN personnel for broadcasts and they also use ESPN-style graphics for their presentations5. NBA on ABC online stream for free?Not on ABC, but if you have NBA LEAGUE PASS you can see it nba.com6. When does scrubs come back for season 8 on ABC ?The season concluded on May 8, 2008, ending the series' run on NBC. The series is slated to return during the 2008-2009 television season as a mid-season replacement on ABC. That usually means Jan. / 097. What is the best show on ABC this summer?Unfortunately "Dr Who" has gone significantly downhill, so I'd probably have to go with an old standby: "Rage".Their own news programs are generally high quality, and "Al-Jazeera News Hour" is also pretty good.The kids love "Horrible Histories" and "Little Lunch". PS, if you're confused, I'll point out you are on a website that is available internationally8. Who is with me for not watching cleveland tomorrow on ABC.?y not. ABC has a contract with the NBA not the Wizards like many NFL teams have with CBS or FOX. anyway it is a featured game and i find it boring to watch cavs but i love basketball9. Can I watch ABC TV on my computer?I initially thought this was an odd question to ask. Then I noticed your profile says you live in Australia. This should be included in your question. ABC (American Broadcast Company) TV is available in the US and I think North America. If one does not have a television, I can be available here by going to their website (ABC_dot_com) on a computer but I do not think it is easily available outside of this territory.You might be able to find their programming in a package of streaming channels or you can try accessing their website via a VPN, to spoof your location. Otherwise you may only be able to access individual programs by rental or purchase.Perhaps someone in your country may be able to give you a better answer10. Is a modern ABC book good for the NEET?Many stupid people says that modern abc is bad but i think thry dont read it, it is purely based on ncert even the sequence of the concepts are also same but modern gives you alot of practical example and questions to understand concept clearly so if tou study modern that means you study whole ncert in advance11. How can I simplify this Boolean algebra expression: (A'BC AB'C ABC' ABC)?ABC A'BC = BCABC AB'C = ACABC ABC' = ABA'BC AB'C ABC' ABC = AB BC ACEdit: clarification requested... ok so to explain what ive done here involves the complementary property of boolean algebra. Explaining the first line of my answer, if i told you that both B and C must be true, but A could be true or false, then this becomes optional and can be simplified by removing the erroneous mention of A which actually has no effect on the statement.ABC A'BC = (AA')(BC) = (1)(BC) = BCThis method of simplification can reduce your original statement down by the three comparisons made in my answer. If any two of three values are true in ABC, then your original statement is true regardless of the third value. This can be stated with less terms as i have done in this answer.The statements are equivalent and there is no arrangement which is true for one and false for the other. Because your expression includes ABC, your A'BC can be reduced to just BC. This is because when you include any value OR its inverse, that value is irrelevant
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Civil War Abc Book Help Plz! :)?
This Site Might Help You. RE: civil war abc book help plz! :)? okayy so i have to do this civil war abc book and i hav to hav something that has t do with the civil war fo r each letter.... i really need help on R..X..Z...V..and Q THANX!1. ABC is a 3-digit number. ABC * CBA is a perfect square number. What is ABC =?If A, B and C are three distinct numbers, then A= 9, B = 6 and C = 1 are the largest possible values.961 x 169 = 162409162409 is a perfect square as its square root is 403.Square roots of 961 and 169 are 31 and 13 respectively. Hence:31 x 13 = 403Likewise, if A, B and C are three distinct numbers, then A = 1, B = 6 and C = 9 are the smallest values possible2. What are some fun games to help my preschools with thier ABC's, ?Memory is fun for that age - you can make your own with the alphabet, just get some index cards and cut them in half so they are the right size. 2 of each letter, turn them over and mix them up - if they can pair them up when they are out of order it will help them remember them3. GOOD AT GEOMETRY...Given, triangle ABC is congruent?these are congruent angles since they are corresponding to the congruency statement ABC is congruent to PQR so since B and Q are the middle letters to the statement..they are congruent. so set the angle expressions equal to each other to solve for v. 3v4 = 8v-6 -3v -3v to both sides of equal sign 4 = 5v -6 6 6 to both sides of equal sign 10 = 5v divide the 5 from both sides and v = 2 if you plug 2 into either angle expressions you will find that the both angles equal 104. ABC Book . . .?A- apple B- banana C- cat D- dog E- elephant F- frog G- giraffe H- hippo I- iguana J- jaguar K- kangaroo L- lion M- mouse N- nectarine O- orange P- peas Q- quail R- raspberry S- snake T- Tarantula U- ugli fruit V- no clue W- watermelon X- no clue Y- yak Z- zebra I would suggest using objects too, it would make this a lot easier. Colors would also work well. Types of weather is another good one (rainy, windy, etc) good luck!5. Picture This on ABC family also on ABC?i doubt if it will be on plain might go to dvd after it plays on abc family for a while6. Why would ABC do this?I guess ABC learned the hard way, do not ask questions that you do not want the answers to7. Might go on the ABC diet?You my dear are ANOREXIC...IF all you ate today was a cup of tea, and 1 cup of coffee and a small dinner and at basically 108 pounds and 5'3' you are under weight, and you want to loose more weight. NO WAY....tell your parents and get some serious medical help before this gets worse and becomes fatal......NOT TRYING TO JUDGE BUT YOU NEED SERIOUS HELP.8. ABC's book of Southern California?It was canceled because Ryan Jenkins, one of the contestants and one of Megan's fav. Was accused of murdering his wife Jasmine Fiore. He was later found dead (suicide) in British Columbia,Canada. So VH1 decided to cancel it since he was on it, word is that he was in the top 3. And they also canceled I Love Money 3 because he was on it as well. (he lost megan wants a millionaire,the vodka guy one. and he won I Love Money 3) so due to the respect of the victim's family. no airing for either show9. what happend to nba on abc?No, NBA on ABC is still there. Here's the schedule: Date Teams Time (ET) Thu,A. Lakers 5:00 pm Sun,A. Lakers 3:30 pm Sun,A.A.A. Lakers 3:30 pm Sun.10. Why do everyone just want to get into IIM ABC?Let me define your "Everyone" - It is that set of MBA aspirants who are seeking admission into MBA/PGDM colleges in India.Your everyone does not includeEngineering students pursuing MS or or PhDArts students pursuing Masters in the fields of their choiceCAs / Law students pursuing their own practiceMany Professionals who are technically eligible for an MBA but do not pursue for various reasonsEntrepreneurs who never bothered to do an MBARest of the peopleSo, your everyone includes about 2 lakh people who appear for CAT (major entrance criterion except for a few who are eligible to enter using GMAT). And as you can understand, ABC are the top ranked (brand perception wise, quality of education and opportunity wise) among the available options for your "everyone" and hence it makes logical sense for them to get into them.General human tendency is to associate himself/herself with the best to be able to make best use of the association. And the brand association and the network that most students get by joining these colleges is too good to ignore. In general, some of the students who join these colleges are not sure why they are doing an MBA but they are sure (or at least believe they are sure) why they joined ABC: For the brand value, the placements, the learning, the faculty and the peer group
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Most Commonly Asked Questions About Abc
Do you want to know about abc? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. Area of a triangle ABCLet $AC=x$ then $AB=x2$ and $BC=x3$.To find $x$ we can useFinally we can evaluate the area with the formula you have already mentioned2. ABC company just got sued for 5 million in damages. What liability can a bank receive if it agreed to a loan to ABC where both the CFO and a board of director from that bank is also involved in ABC affairs?Just because they got sued for $5m does not mean they owe $5m.I cannot tell from your question whether ABC is actually incorporated or whether you are using the generic company.It makes a huge difference.Incorporating a company protects, the owners, directors, shareholders and employees from personal liability in all cases unless there are actions so egregious that a court allows the plaintiff to pierce the corporate veil. A Bank would not become liable for merely lending money unless it was specifically named in the lawsuit. Because a bank must be incorporated under federal law, the partners, owners, shareholders, employees etc are safe from liabilityy.The bank would not be a party to the lawsuit simply because it loaned money. That said because the bank is merely a creditor, they may lose their ability to recover the monies they lent depending on the financial structure of ABC and the legal steps it takes. Of course, if the loan was not properly collateralized, those members who work with ABC and contributed to the decision to make the loan may find themselves in hot water with the bank but not as the result of a lawsuit against ABC.If ABC is not incorporated all bets are off and the question cannot be answered without more info.3. How can I write to ABC Family?OHH MYYY GODDD! i LOVE boy meets world...i always wondered what happened to it and why it's never on tv anymore. i completely support you in your writing a letter! :) it should deff. be back on abc family4. ABC's for Girls and Boys?Girls Ava Brielle Callie Danielle Elise Fiona Grace Hannah Isla Janelle Kendra Leah Maria Natalie Olivia Penelope Quinn Rose Sienna Taylor Uma Vivienne Willow Xena Yelena Zoe Boys Aaron Brandon Collin Devin Eric Frank George Henry Ian Joshua Kendall Lucas Matthew Nicholas Oliver Peter Quinn Robert Samuel Tyler Uriah Val William Xavier Yale Zachary5. ABC is a right triangle in A such that AB = 7.2 cm and AC = 4.3 cm. What is the measure of angle ABC, rounded to degree?"A right triangle in A"... so A is the right angle?So you are supposed to figure out the angle at B, whose tangent is 43/72? Which equals 43/42 times 7/12?7/12 is 0.58333... and the tangent of 30 degrees is 0.577, so the tangent of 30.3 degrees must be just about 7/12. And 43/42 times 30.3 has to be 31 degrees to the nearest degree.6. Which institute is better for Java training ABC or Qspiders?As far as i know this is the best institute in Karnataka which is offering numerous placement opportunities. ABC is getting ACCENTURE for its students , which till date has never recruited engineering students from a technology training institute.The training here is just outstanding and one can easily understand all the core java concepts taught over here. For each batch of students ABC is offering 200 drives7. What are my chances of getting into IIM ABC?Academic records will make it subject to doing well in interview and scoring above 99.6 in CAT8. Getting static on my TV?"Static" occurs on analog cable signals, such as you get with basic (no box) cable services. If the static looks like "snow," then you have a weak incoming signal, at least on that channel. You may see less static on lower numbered channels. If that's your experience, call the cable company and ask for help with a weak signal level from their line. If the static is more like random lines rather than snow, that is interference from some nearby noise source. It could be many things: an electric motor, a fluorescent light, a radio transmitter, etc. Such problems would pretty much disappear if you were to upgrade to digital service with a cable box. ================ Followup per another answer, and for the benefit of that uninformed "thumbs down" thrower: all cable feeds are *not* digital. Most if not all cable companies, in the U.S. at least, are still delivering local broadcast stations on analog. Some of them, like Comcast, are in the process of moving all of their pay-TV channels (CNN, MTV, History, ESPN, etc.) to digital-only packages for which a set top box is needed, but the local network stations (ABC, CBS, etc.) remain available on analog. That will change in time but not yet.
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Here are top 10 questions about abc asked by people online.1. For class 11 chemistry, is Modern ABC better or more comprehensive?NCERT is enough for boards exams and up to some extent in your competitive exams too.Arihant provides good books for competitive exams.Even Pradeep is good for competitive exams.2. The difference between Fox News and ABC News?Did you see the same O'Reilly interview of Obama that I did? O'Reilly also interrupted Obama quite a bit. I actually thought the Gibson interview was fairly even-natured, considering how much we have to learn about Palin and how little time we have to learn about it. I loved that he did not ask personal questions about her family situation or anything followed by a "-gate." O'Reilly did get into the personal Rev. Wright stuff, the Michelle stuff. So I would not say FOX is on the side of angels in your comparison. But really, other than the non-profit NPR, what media company IS on the side of angels?3. What is ABC multiplied by 3?Depends totally on what ABC is. So what is ABC?4. Survey: What was the last good show to be on ABC?desperate housewives is pretty good5. what is the area of triangle ABC?draw a line down the midsection providing you with 2 appropriate triangles with 15 tiers the dimensions of the backside is two x 20 x sin(15) the dimensions of the line contained in the direction of the midsection is 20 x cos(15) the section is a million/2 base x height so A = 20 x sin(15) x 20 x cos(15) = one hundred ya what he pronounced6. ABC of list 10 points?I worked on this last night for about five hours off the top of my head and my satellite internet lost reception when I got done because of the rain so I could not post it, hopefully this one will be as good. A: Any Boy Can (A great Archie Moore book) B: Brian Cooper (Owner of the best boxing collection on the net) C: Chacon (A man who truly gave his all to the sport) D: Denny Moyer (The link between middleweight greatness, fought Robinson and Monzon) E: Ex-Pug (a nickname for any ex boxer) F: Foreman (Great champion and a conman of sorts, not that I would ever hold that against him) G: Gaby Canizales (He was one of those guys who was very inconsistent but when he put it all together he was downright scary, at those times he makes me think of Sonny Liston if was Mexican and weighed 118 pounds) H: Hell on Wheels (An expression we use where I am from for a real demon of a fighter, this is the most fitting way I have heard Manny Pacquiao described) I: Ike Williams (I rate him the second best lightweight behind Duran) J: JMC617 (A youtube boxing legend, when I first started my channel he offered to send me all sorts of editing software to help with it, guys like him are what keep classic boxing alive, what a great guy) K: Kansas City (A week after climbing off of the canvas twice to win a decision over Clay Hodges, Jerry Quarry KO would five straight opponents to win the National Jr. GG Championship) L: Lewis (Hedgemon Lewis was Sugar Ray Leonard before Sugar Ray Leonard, he did not have Sugar's power, strength or chin but Leonard had nothing on him when it came to pure boxing ability) M: Marco Antonio Barerra vs Kennedy McKinney (This should of been fight of the year in 96', there is no way Tyson-Holyfield was a better fight then this, this was Kennedy's last stand and he went out like the warrior he is) N: No Mas (This is the best example of the duality of Duran) O: Ortiz (I am pretty sure Carlos and Manuel are not to happy that they share the same last name with Victor) P: Pintor (IMO the best bantamweight of the 80's) Q: Quartey (He did the Accra Tribe proud and he was my favorite out of the mid to late 90's welterweights, and I think he beat De La Hoya) R: Rodolfo "El Gato" Gonzalez (One of the best lightweight destroyers of the seventies, his two shining moments were his destruction of Chango Carmona when he was a 3-1 underdog and Carmona was 40 (38)-3 and was coming off his destruction of Mando Ramos, El Gato shut him out and destroyed Carmona over 13 one sided rounds in one of the most complete performances ever, his other is his loss to Antonio Cervantes, by all accounts he was handling Cervantes, a prime Cervantes at that until he was stopped on a cut) S: "Superfly" Sandoval (His losing performance against Alfonso Zamora is reminiscent of Billy Conn-Joe Louis I, he had Zamora out on his feet with a sledgehammer jab and when he went in for the kill in the next round instead of boxing he paid the price) T: Tepito (The toughest barrio is Mexico City which has producd some of the toughest Mexican boxers of all time including guys like Carlos Zarate, Kid Azteca and Jose Medel just to name a few) U: Unifacation (A lot of people would like to see the belts unified, personally I would just like to see one champion, but I will take what I can get) V: Victor Ortiz (Shortly after his loss to Maidana doctors discovered Ortiz's chin is connected directly to his heart) W: Paul Williams (He has a lot of Ike Williams in him, I really hope he can fill those big shoes) X: Xavier Anderson (0-1 with the loss coming by stoppage, best I could do) Y: Young (I honestly think that Ali got a gift against Jimmy Young) Z: The Z Boys (It is kind of sad that one of them had to lose their fight) This was really fun, this was your best question yet.
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Do you want to know about abc? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. ABC Book Of Ancient Civilizations Help!?Arabic language Colussus of Rhodes Lighthouse of Alexandria Parthenon Mauseleum Irrigation The wheel number zero Gardens of babylon Pyramids Statue of Zeus at Olympia Temple of Artemis Sorry they are not in order, just some thoughts that came to mind, hope this helps with other peoples answers.2. why isnt monday night football on abc anymore?I am one. I do not have cable and I am surly missing football. I just have rabbit ears and only pick up ABC, CW and the university channels only. What a bummer :-3. How can my toddler memorize her ABC's?Work with her every day. Sing the abc's with her. Get a abc cd. The girl I watch learned her abc's befor age 2. Her brother was 3 when he learned. Just give it time. No need to rush. How old is she? Ok. Just keep working with her. Make flash cards. Make up songs , buy a abc work book for preschool age. Make it as fun as you can. I teach the kids I nanny. For learning we use a dry erase board, work books, flash cards, cartoon Word World, songs, they have a leap frog airplane that has letter you can put in it- says the sound and letter,we made a abc coloring book(computer print outs). They love coloring it and are learning while coloring.4. I need to find dog breeds for my abc boxer collie doberman english setter flat-coated retriever german shepherd havanese Irish setter japanese chin keeshond lhasa apso mastiff newfoundland old english sheepdog papillon Q-- Rottweiler Samoyed tibetan terrier Vizsla Weimeraner X-- Yorkshire Terrier Z--5. DO YOU KNOW YOU ABC'S..............? ITS A GOOD ONE!?well i could but i will not cause im lazy right now sry but good thinking and why dont u do it jk jk jk6. can you put these words in abc order for me?In the time you took to type that question you could've done the work yourself. next time do not waste time on the computer!7. my son is in kindergarten and is expected to already know his ABC's?That's crazy. i am tutor kindergarten and most of the kids i teach do not know there ABC's I would talk to his teacher about this. kids really start learning the ABC's in first grade8. Code golf ABC's: The ASCII Box ChallengeWhere represents the literal newline character. Creates a repeated digit string, then decides what to concatenate based on which row we are on; top row is just the initial slice of the repeated digit string, bottom row (if any) is a reversed slice from the middle of the string, while intervening rows are built up using characters taken from other parts of the string.9. Are we going to Let Disney & ABC defame and lie about 9/11?Are the Democrats trying to destroy our freedoms? As Americans we have a right to question and hear different points of view. There will be plenty of opportunity to check out each point with open discussion. I thought this was a "freedom of the press" issue. Do we want the Democratic party destroying our freedoms as Americans? Where were the Democrats when Michael Moore defamed the President with "Fahrenheit 9/11". They were claiming "freedom of the press". Is Disney/ABC saying that the material in this is facts? (Michael Moore said all his material was fact when we know it was not .) It the end it is important for Americans to hear different points of view and then collect the facts.10. What are the ABC's of fine dining service?Serve from the right and take from the left. Knife blades should always face the plate. Server should, when possible, stand torwards the left to be ready to remove plates. .. but be agile to re-fill the wine glass from the right. Never serve wine with your left hand... even if you are a lefty. When you pour you hand should always be on the top and on under neath the bottle. Take plates only when the knife and fork is on the plate.
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Do you want to know about abc? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. Your Abc name list (Boy Version)?Abe Benjamin Christan (my favourite name!) Dechlan Emanuelle Felix Gabe Harry Ivan Jess Kai Liam Milo Nicholai Orlando Patrick Quince Romeo Sloan Tristan Uriah Victor Wynton Xander Yorick Zachariah2. ABC News; republican or democratic?foremost authority, you are a joke! Just like a dem to say something like that3. Is this the correct Boycott List for ABC Sponsors?all the so-called "media" should be boycotted4. Are you watching Lindsey Grahm on ABC news right now?Hmmmmm, I guess you would be considered a democrat? lol Sorry about that5. ABC baby name game -- please take a look!?Well we are back to A :) Arabella6. I need a very simple (ABC) recipe for spanish rice, anyone?Easy Spanish Rice 1 cup uncooked rice 1 medium onion, chopped (I like onions so I used a large one) 2 tablespoons vegetable oil (I used olive oil) 2 1/2 cups water 1 (8 ounce) can tomato sauce 1 small green bell pepper, chopped 1 1/2 teaspoons salt 3/4 teaspoon chili powder 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder In a large skillet, heat the oil over medium heat. Add rice and onion and cook (about 5-10 minutes) stirring occasionally, until rice is golden brown and onion is tender. Stir in remaining ingredients and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally, until rice is tender.7. how is an emergency stop different between cars with ABC brakes and those with conventional brakes?I think and hope you mean ABS brakes. ABS stands for anti-lock brake system. They are normal brakes just like always with an electronic feature added to try and keep the car under control. ABS brakes are designed to put the car in a "controlled slide" as opposed to a spin out in a panic situation. They do this by applying and unaplying the brakes rapidly in a panic situation.8. Find locus of $Delta ABC$ centroid with orthocentre at origin and side slopes 2, 3 and 5Hint: Fix a triangle $ABC$ with the required property. Show that any other triangle $A'B'C'$ with the required property is obtained from $triangle ABC$ by a dilation about the origin. This proves that the locus of the centroid is a line passing through the origin (and the centroid $G$ of the fixed triangle $ABC$). For example, let $D$ be the base of the altitude from $A$ of $triangle ABC$. If $D$ has coordinates $(x_D,y_D)$, then you know that $3y_Dx_D=0$. So you may assume wlog that $x_D=3cdot 168=504$ and $y_D=-168$ (the number $168$ is chosen so that $A$, $B$, $C$, $D$, and $G$ have integer coordinates). Therefore the equation for $BC$ is $y-y_D=3(x-x_D)$ or $y=3x-10$. Thus, the points $B$ and $C$ are the intersections of $y=3x-10$ with $5yx=0$ and with $2yx=0$, respectively. Now you know where $B$ and $C$ are, it should be easy to find $A$, and then $G$.9. In $triangle ABC$, $D$ is the mid point of $AB$..We observe that $$ triangle BQP = colorbluetriangle BDP colorredtriangle DPQ,quad triangle ABC = colorbluetriangle ABPcolorredtriangle APC $$ so it's enough to show $$ colorbluetriangle BDP=frac12colorbluetriangle ABPquadtextandquad colorredtriangle DPQ=frac12colorredtriangle APC. $$ The first equality above follows because $D$ is the midpoint of $AB$. The second uses the parallel condition and then again the fact that $D$ is the midpoint of $AB$: $$ triangle DPQ=triangle DPC=frac12triangle APC. $$ Note that $triangle DPC$ and $triangle APC$ shares the same base $PC$ and the former triangle has altitude that is half of that of the latter.10. My step-daughter is 5 and going to school in the Fall, doesn't know all ABC's?To be very honest and plain simple u can try to teach her the ABCs. Make simple placards of the alphabets, do pronounciation exercises and get books which have alphabets printed next to a large picture. Get colouring books in which u have to colour the alphabet or even write the alphabet books. Help her write alphabets and when she gets one rite award her a chocolate11. was on abc diet, started eating again, what meal plan should i have?start with juices like v8 and move on to soups, keep a majority of your diet liquid for the next two days then try to eat soups that have more veg
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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Abc
Do you want to know about abc? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. Can I make a proper website by using ganache and truffle? Like maybe you can run your Dapps on website as well provided you need to make a connectivity to your local ethereum blockchain running in Ganache. You can have it set up to both dev testing using Ganache and prod release that will actually connect to main net or stage release that will connect to ropsten (test network). As suggested by Ismael, you can use a real geth client or you can use the network provided by Infura .2. Different ways of teaching the ABC's?Sing it to her before she goes to bed, while she's eating, while she's taking a bath, any random time. She will pick up eventually3. What should I get from ABC liquor?some good beer...they have a great selection of beers that you can not find anywhere else. =)4. how did you teach your toddlers their abc's?Mine is only 2 1/2 so i do not worry too much about order but we make a game of it. like a eye spy, "can you find the letter B?" it keeps him entertained and outta trouble while he secretly learns! l also like PBS if he is going to watch tv we try to make it pbs Word world is great for putting words together. I believe their website has games and such too! we also got ot the dollar store an put up posters and things in his room he has 1-10 poster and the abc's as a border in his room. we do not try to force it on him just always have them around. good luck!5. Did ABC not press charges against Chris Brown for throwing a chair at a window because of celebrity privilege?you are maximum astonishing. He actual has a "privilege" IF he's between the celebs that made a p.c..(secret contract) with the hidden secret society(the secret wealthiest who administration the government, banks/financial institutions, media, the entertainment industry, grownup industry). They administration him and another celebrities telling their managers and manufacturers/administrators what and what to not do interior the typical public eye. All substantial broadcasting businesses like ABC are controlled by using the secret societies(freemasons, Illuminati), alongside with different mass media television stations(MTV). So, intense ranked human beings at ABC have been maximum probable recommended by using the secret Illuminati to not press rates against him. IF Chris Brown is secretly below the rule of the Illuminati, then that explains WHY he's getting away with it.6. Is FOX News Guilty Of The Very Thing They Are Whining About Regarding ABC And The White House?Fox decided to report a story abc refusing to play adds for a certain political party. Basically exposing abc's political bias. If you read fox news or watch fox news on tv, they are completely unbiased and enjoy exposing biased news organizations.7. Given the incentre of $Delta ABC$ and the equations of the angle bisectors what is the locus of the centroid of the triangle $ABC$?hint: $cot left( frac A2 ight) = 2 implies k_ab=2,k_ac=-2,$ if you set $A(1,a)$, then you can find $B,C$ with $a$,rest is simple8. Why are the ABC's in that order? Could the police be wrong?You are reciting the alphabet but not in the right order. They do that test only to see if you can manage to say them in that order, otherwise it is useless. Hope this helps :)9. What to do for Shakespeare ABC Book.?O is for Othello or Ophelia or Osric (from Hamlet) V is for Volpone (a play by Ben Jonson) OR V is for Vitamin C which would've helped with the common problem of scurvy X is for XLV (45) which is how many years Elizabeth I reigned as Queen (there was no X in the 24 letter Elizabethan alphabet) Z is for zany - all those zany fools making people laugh in the playhouses10. ABC Name Game! (It's fun, I promise)?A- Adyn;Annalise B-Brady;Brooke C- Cameron;Claire D- Devon;Daria E- Evan;Evelyn F- Freddrick;Faith G- Gregory;Gabriella H- Harvey;Harriet I- Ian;Inez J- Jeremy;Jillian K- Kellan;Kiley L- Liam;Lacie M- Mitchel;Mina N- Neko;Nadine O- Oscar;Olivia P- Peter;Patricia Q-Qauy;Quindle R- Ryan;Rachelle S- Samuel;Sarabeth T- Thomas;Teri U- Umber;Una V- Vinnie;Vivian W- Wyatt;Wilhimina X- Xander;Xeria Y- Yarl;Yasmine Z- Zion;Zondra
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Explore the Latest Questions and Answers in Abc
Here are top 10 questions about abc asked by people online.1. Whats wrong with watching LOST on like that always give me all sort of problems so I tend to watch them on netflix or Hulu. I am sure that will fix it in a few days, if not you can always watch it in low res on youtube2. Why don't NBC,CBS, ABC have their own cable /satellite channels instead of local affiliates?Channel 173. Future engines full of compressed air › News in Science (ABC Science)In an effort to reduce the level of air pollution in busy crowded cities, a team of Taiwanese researchers have developed an air-powered motorcycle, which uses compressed air to drive the motor. The research, by Yu-Ta Shen and Yean-Ren Hwang of the National Central University in Taiwan, is published in the journal Applied Energy. "In Taiwan, air pollution is a very serious problem in the city," says Hwang. According to Hwang, more than 10% of all air pollution comes from motorcycles, especially carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons. Since the only thing coming out of the new motorcycle's exhaust pipe is air, large-scale adoption of the new technology could take a big bite out of air pollution in places such as Taiwan, which has an estimated 13 million motorcycles, making it the most popular form of transportation in the island nation. The motorcycle would still require energy to compress the air needed to power the engine. The amount of pollution associated with that energy will depend on what kind of a power plant provides electricity to the area in question. The current prototype can hold a little more than nine and a half litres of compressed air, which would carry the bike and driver a little more than a kilometre. In the future, the tank size will be increased three to four times, and the maximum pressure the tank can hold will be increased so that the motorcycle could go almost 30 kilometres without a refill, "which would be adequate for usage in the city," says Hwang. "We would need an air compressor to refuel, most likely at a fuelling station," he adds. Other air-powered vehicle experts are not convinced that a motorcycle is the best use of the technology. "We do not think it's a viable product because you are talking about a very, very limited amount of compressed air you can put on a bike," says Shiva Vencat, CEO of Zero Pollution Motors (ZPM) in the United States. "We have a vehicle that will address that market, but it's not a motorcycle," Vencat says. He can not release more information about that yet, but it will be a small vehicle that would fill a similar niche in countries like Taiwan where motorcycles are prevalent. ZPM plans to bring a six-seater air-powered car to the US market after competing in the Automotive X Prize race in September 2009. The X Prize offers a US$10 million prize to a marketable vehicle that exceeds a fuel economy of 2.3 litres per 100 kilometres. The ZPM car runs on compressed air only when travelling under 55 kilometres per hour. At higher speeds, the car burns fuel to warm up the air, expanding it and allowing the vehicle to travel on less air per kilometre. Some of the expanded air also goes back to the air tank, recharging the compressed air supply. This system can operate at close to 2 litres per 100 kilometres, Vencat says. With a 30- or 38-litre fuel tank, the cars should have a range of 1,300 to 1,600 kilometres. The motor can also be plugged in and operated as a compressor to refill the air tank. Vencat expects that fuelling stations will arise as the car gains popularity. "The good thing is you could put a compressed air station on campuses, in malls," he says. "You do not have the security situation that you do with gasoline." ZPM plans to start a plant to manufacture the cars by late 2010 or early 2011.4. In ABC order, would Lucas or Lucaas go first?Lucaas would preceed Lucas. May Gkod bless you.5. Fun and good way to teach ABC's & 123's?Four year olds love to play computer games and there are a lot of great games for little children. He will begin to memorize when he understands patterns and shapes well. Throw a bunch of flash card letters and numbers and have him pick the ones that look like a triangle or circle or square. Make sure he draws shapes first...get in shape for learning...other wise he could get frustrated and could start hating school at an early age and that would be a disaster.
2021 07 17
Most Commonly Asked Questions About Abc
Do you want to know about abc? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. Why is there so much fuss regarding the new ABC series, Quantico?Fuss is justifiedn1 Quantico is not supposed to be a classic like Homeland but not every movie can be Godfather. It can be just a fun TV show. This is what it is supposed to be. If it is just a fun tv show then it will be a great acheivement for Priyanka. She will be well knownn2 TV shows in USA are not small deal. Chuck Norris, Jessica Alba, Clint Eastwood, Jennifer Anitson, Lena Headey, Sean Bean etc have acted in TV shows. TV shows are giving actors like Stephen Amell, Jared Paldicki, Kit Harrington, Katie Cassidy, Jensen Acklesn3 Every starting is small. First things are mostly failure. It is just a step. Till now there have been no badass Indian character in USA(Kali in supernatural being the closest). Indians are generally potrayed as executives, spiritual people who give main protaganist guidance. But she appears to be a kickass agent. Perhaps, she can get some good roles. Honestly, if Supernatural tries to introduce some hindu goddess again, she will be perfect for it2. ABC 'NEWS'--Just how did ABC so-called news make a mistake like this?Since when did anyone ever trust ABC news?3. who else thinks that ABC Debate last nite was the worst of this year??Yes, it was so disappointing. Even if there's somebody in the world who thinks that questions like that are *important,* (I certainly do not ), surely everyone would agree that they've been asked and answered hundreds of times. ABC was the big loser in this debate4. What are your ABC Diet results?Sure it may work short term but you can not keep it up, choose a more sensible diet plan!5. Algebra Question: Isosceles Triangle ABC?b) segment AB should be congruent to line segment BC, this is what makes ABC an isosceles triang a) I would have to see the picture c and d = need to see what information you have, you are not providing any numbers6. Where can I stream the ABC network for free?ABC is the provider for their service. If you are close to a transmission tower and have a TV with a tuner card then plug in an antenna and scan for your local channels7. Why is daybreak w/taye diggs not on tonight and not scheduled to be on as per ABC website??It was cancelled. LOS ANGELES ( -- ABC is shuffling its deck chairs once again, pulling both Wednesday newcomers "Show Me the Money" and "Day Break" from its schedule effective immediately. In addition, production has been halted on "Money's" back-six order (read the story). In total, just five of the show's seven completed installments have aired. Both "Money" and "Break" hit series lows this past Wednesday among adults 18-49 (a 1.7 rating for the former and a 1.4 rating for the latter), making the news not much of a surprise. "Break" had previously been set to run through December 27 before going on hiatus. The network is expected to stream the seven remaining episodes of "Break" on The news marks the Alphabet's first official cancellations of the 2006-07 season. Still sitting on the shelf, but technically alive are "Extreme Makeover" (three episodes yet to air), "Help Me Help You" (four), "The Nine" (six) and "Six Degrees" (seven). As for their replacements, repeats of "America's Funniest Home Videos" (which currently air on Fridays at 8:00/7:00c) will shift to Tuesdays at 8:00/7:00c starting on January 2 while various repeats of "The George Lopez Show" and "According to Jim" will fill the network's Wednesday schedule on December 20 and December 27.8. What is Your Favorite ABC Family Show?GREEK! I LOVE that show, and im not the type of person who obsessivly watches TV shows. well I guess I am now. that show and family guy are all I need.9. Anybody knows the rent rates in ABC Ashrafieh and City Mall?ABC, among $ 500 and $ 700 m2, depends on the level10. Where can I download My First Animal ABC Coloring Book?PDF : My First Animal ABC Coloring BookBIGGER AND BETTER 2nd EDITION nColor cute animals and learn the letters from A to Z quickly and easily.Do you want your child to learn the English alphabet?Does your child like coloring?Then you will both love My 1st Animal ABC Coloring Book. It is the perfect start for any child to learn all the letters from A to Z effortlessly while having fun. Features:Cute and super fun original illustrations that will surely keep your child engaged and entertained.Animals for each letter Each letter is represented by different animals pictured in various amusing and curious scenes to keep your child excited about the coloring page and further ease memorization.Learn by association method Learning with picture association is way more fun and easy than pure repetition. Find all the objects In addition to the animals each coloring illustration includes other objects beginning with the same letter. Finding them can be a fun way to practice the child s new alphabet skills.Single sided printing Kids can use their favorite coloring tools (pencils, crayons, pens or felt tip) without worrying that an image on the back will be ruined. Coloring is a creative activity that provides relaxed, quiet time away from the TV and iPad, and a favorite pastime option for many children. My 1st Animal ABC Coloring Book offers hours of educational coloring fun and is the perfect gift for every little kid.A little note from the artist:I truly hope that your little one enjoys coloring all the illustrations inside this book!It doesn t matter if he or she goes outside the lines at times (or all the time) or if they choose some odd colors for the animals. What matters is that they learn the letters while having fun because joy, above all, should be part of every childhood.Thank you, and please, don t forget to leave a review. I would really appreciate it!Age specifications:This early learning activity book is geared to boys and girls aged from 2 to 8 years old (designed for toddlers, preschoolers, pre-k and kindergarten kids) but it is suitable for any child who loves coloring. Where can I download My First Animal ABC Coloring Book?
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If Trump Ends H1B Visas, What Will Happen to Existing Visa Holders?
Theres a false premise here. Trump does not have the authority to end the H1 program, thats under the purview of Congress. And considering that Congress is lobbied by the industry, its very unlikely that they would stop the H1 program. Its quite likely, however, that the program would be modified, with the bar for the qualifying criteria being raised, as well as measures to reduce fraud. Since H1B is essentially legislation, any changes would be forward looking, i.e effective from a time in the future and not affecting an existing visa. What could/would be impacted?H1B renewals could be impacted if they are to be reevaluated under the new normsnew applications would be considered under the new norms, increasing percentage of rejection.• Related QuestionsWhat is the greatest value of a×b×c if abc36?For any summation,sum_i0^na_i kthe greatest value value of the productprod_i0^na_iwill be when all the terms are equal. Therefore, to solve your question, you'll have to assume that abc for the maximum product. On doing so, you'll get that their value will be 12.Hence, the maximum value for the product atimes btimes c will be 12^3. I hope you'll solve the cube yourself :)Edit:Seeing Shubhang Dadhich's partially incorrect explanation, I'll tell you how the A.M. is greater than or equal to G.M. inequality is used here, to get the maximum product.By the A.M. ge G.M. inequality,fracabc3 ge sqrt3abcfrac363 ge sqrt3abcsqrt3abc le 12abc le 12^3------What is the difference between and site.domain/abc?This is the difference between Subdomains and Subdirectories.Subdirectories (site.domain/abc) are simply folders inside your root directory of your server.Subdomains ( require a bit more finesse in your hosting setup or a CNAME record in your DNS.Generally speaking, Google says it views ranking these pages the same. For SEO, Subdomains are considered separate but equal sites - Subdirectories are considered under the root domain. That means Subdirectories consolidate your ranking keywords onto your root domain, while Subdomains do not pull their resources for the root domain and could cause backlink dilution.For use cases: I recommend Subdirectories for startups who need all the link juice they can get. Subdomains for larger companies who are thinking different language sites for different countries, development servers, or internal-facing websites not meant for customers------Which is the least biased, CNN or Fox News?Wow, what a range of answers so far. No worries, though. We have a new way to guide consumers on media bias, named NewsGuard. Its an app you add to your browser: get it here.Calling itself The Internet Trust Tool, NewsGuard scores media and other websites on a wide range of signals, including bias, trust, truth etc. Ive been testing it and find it very accurate and compelling. To directly answer the question, NewsGuard scores CNN substantially higher than Foxnews, but both are substantially lower than many other media voices.One of the big selling features for NewsGuard is instant gratification. Once added to your browser, simply navigate to a media site, say OANN. Look at the score and the reasons for it, given by a highly experienced team dedicated to truth and accuracy:------Why do people believe what Trump says?I am delighted to see that there are many intelligent writers on Quora and that they have covered well the subject in question. America does have decent, honest people of high caliber and that will be what saves America in time to come. It is sad that we also do have very gullible people who are not well-read with a very limited mindset , a perfect target for conmen or a snake oil salesman . I enjoy reading all the intelligent answers and could not help laughing at some of the ridiculous answers of those who expose their ignorance and lack of brain matter ! Who do they think they are kidding? No one but themselves ! Quote, We lie loudest when we lie to ourselves! Trumping is the latest game of the moment led by no other than the NUT Case himself !------I have lost the USB receiver of my wireless mouse. Is there a way for me to ever use it again?The short answer is YES and NO.In the short and practical terms NO.In the if you really have a need and are so attached to that mouse, YES, you could write to the manufacturer and give them the Serial number, and see if they can make and send you a duplicate. They might just give you a new free one, because it would probably be much cheaper and less expensive for them, than to find an engineer to reprogram another one to the same frequency for you.And you can't just buy the USB receiver for that mouse, because they don't make nor sell just the USB receiver. Why??? for the same reason I just stated above. It's less costly to just go buy a new one and chuck that one in the trash dump------A 3 digit positive integer abc is such that at least two of the 3 digits abc are same. How many such numbers exist?A true 3-Digit Number is a number that doesn't begin with 0 and thus, there are 9*10*10 900 true 3-Digit Numbers.We are looking for Numbers such that at least 2 of the 3 digits are the same.What this means is that we need Numbers like aab, aba, abb and also aaa. What this means is that we are not looking for numbers having unique or distinct digits like abc.Now, it is easy to calculate numbers having distinct digits and if we subtract this from the total then we would get Numbers having at least 2 of the 3 digits same.Numbers with distinct digits 9*9*8 648.In all we have 900 Numbers and subtracting 648 from 900, we get 900 - 648 252.Thus, we have 252 Numbers such that at least 2 digits are the same. There are 9 numbers having all 3 digits same and thus there are 252-9 243 Numbers having exactly 2 digits same, this was not asked though!The required answer still is 252.------Now that The Defenders has been released, how do you want the Netflix Marvel shows to continue going forward?Marvel needs to focus on good stories.Jessica Jones was an awesome story. She was a complex character and her nemesis had a cool super power that was hard to beet. It made for a great story.Luke Cage had a cool vibe. I love the music and I love the look and feel of the show. The story was a bit thin, but I would love to see another Luke Cage (if it has a good story).Daredevil was a run of the mill superhero show. I'm not a huge superhero fan. But if people like it, keep it coming.Iron Fist. If Bruce Lee were the Iron Fist, the show would have rocked! Unfortunately they cast a joe blow American Millennial. It just didnt work. If they ever do a re-boot of the Iron Fist. It needs to be a Hong Kong action movie. Otherwise, forget about it.------What's your favorite show that was cancelled after one season?Question: Just one?Here are five:Hot'L Baltimore - A series that was created from the hit Broadway play. A little too "hot" for 1970s televisionChicago Story - An anthology series that in some respects was the precursor of Law & Order.The Invisible Man (1975) - An exceptional sci fi series which failed to catch on with viewers and was cancelled after a single half season.Shannon's Deal - Came after an excellent pilot and starred the always underused and underrated Jamey Sheridan. Unfortunately never found its audience and was cancelled after a half seasonCaribe (1975) - Stacy Keach and Car Franklin teemed up to make what was clearly the inspiration for Miami Vice, nine years later. Never got an audience and was gone at the end f the first and only season.------Why do British sitcom episodes often end in chaos that is unresolved, while US ones almost never do?My speculation is that the Brits still havent recovered from being the centre of a vast empire that the sun never sat on, so to speak. Losing it made them think the world is chaotic and things end in failure.And, sometimes, begins that way too. The wonderfully dark Britcom Red Dwarfs very first episode was named The End. And for good reason, even though it went on for seven seasons.We havent lost our empire yet, and its a less concrete one anyway. More an empire of alliances and influence. But the Republicans are doing their best at destroying it with their America Alone policy.So in fiture decades, after the Trumptastrophe, maybe our comedies will get blacker just as they are in the UK. And with Brexit maybe the Brit comedies will get blacker still.Its a race to the singularity!.------Why do companies set up subsidiaries instead of branches and vice-versa?U.S. perspectiveIn my experience as a lawyer, a companys expansion via a branch facility vs. via a subsidiary is likely to come down to the following:If the company is merely extending its existing business to a new geographic area in the same country, it is likely to set up a new branch facility because that is a quick, easy approach that suffices for its purpose.However, if the company is going into a new line of business, or if it is expanding to a new country, then it is likely to create a subsidiary (a new legal entity) so the legal and financial obligations of that subsidiary will stay with that subsidiary and will not become obligations of the parent. Put another way, the new legal entity establishes a legal firewall between the parent and the sub------Why do I never get anything I want in life?As simple as it is.You act based on what you expect NOT what you want.An expectation is a belief about whether or not you're going to get what you want. There's a reason why no matter how hard you try to create change, you often stay stuck.When you DON'T act on what our want, you take yourself out of the game. A lottery ticket doesn't guarantee winning, but not buying it definitely gaurantees losing.One of the reasons our expectations keeps us so stuck is we have the tendency to use the past to predict the future. That doesn't mean we're holding on to our past. It's because we don't believe our future can be better than our past. The larger the gap between what you expect and what you want, the more distress you feel.------How do you practice and improve concise writing?It's nothing more than continual rounds of rewrites to pare down the material. But conciseness doesn't necessarily mean "short" or "less." Concise means the most economical use of words for the meaning to be put across. Sometimes a concise piece of text is actually longer (usually slightly) than a short text that doesn't get the meaning across.Compare:ABC is the cornerstone of underwritten syndicated financings in the secondary mortgage market. (1)ABC is a market leader in insurance-backed syndicated loans for mortgages for the secondhand housing market. (2)Sentence (1) clearly fits into the conventionally accepted mould of concise writing, but so does the slightly longer (2). But (2) gets the point across really quickly with familiar words, so that is really the most economical use of words to get the idea across, and therefore the actual "concise" one------The ratio of the lengths of the sides of △ABC is 3:4:6. The perimeter of the triangle whose vertices are the midpoints of the sides of △ABC is 13 cm. What are the lengths of the sides of △ABC?The ratio of the lengths of the sides of triangle ABC is 3:4:6. The perimeter of the triangle whose vertices are the mid-points of the sides of triangle ABC is 13 cm. What are the lengths of the sides of triangle ABC?The vertices of the smaller triangle are the mid-points of the sides of triangle ABC.Rightarrowqquad The lengths of the sides of the smaller triangle are half the lengths of the sides of triangle ABC (by the Mid-point Theorem).Rightarrowqquad The perimeter of triangle ABC is twice that of the smaller triangle.The perimeter of the smaller triangle is 13 cm.Rightarrowqquad The perimeter of triangle ABC is 26 cm.The ratio of the lengths of the sides of triangle ABC is 3:4:6.Rightarrowqquad The lengths of the sides of triangle ABC are frac3times 26346,frac4times 26346 and frac6times 26346.Rightarrowqquad The lengths of the sides of triangle ABC are 6,8 and 12
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