Oil Under Basement Floor Covered by Metal Covers?

Oil under basement floor covered by metal covers?

Oil Under Basement Floor Covered by Metal Covers? 1

Since it is in the basement of the house, it probably is not a sewer septic tank. However it does sound like a septic tank, possibly used as a water cistern. No way to know for sure. When you find out, let us know, Wow, the plot thickens. This certainly is one of the strangest things I've ever heard of on Y/A.Very weird, but really interesting as well.

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What can I do about my deteriorating basement floor with a large hole that seems to go right through to clay?

Well, lacking a picture for now (try it again, please, and do not delete the link text it puts in on the bottom - that wo not show up in your post, but it will let us see the picture) If you have a concrete floor now, you can break out bad concrete until you get to good concrete, put in some crushed rock for a sub-base and pour new concrete. Depending what is going on, you may want to break out some more floor and install drain pipes and a sump pit before you backfill and concrete over it. Avoid getting too close to walls, chimneys or columns/posts when breaking things out, or call in an engineer if it seems like you need to. OK - the lower bit of concrete with the tidy corner is presumably a footing - so do not mess with that. The floor, you can basically do as described above - cut back to a sound edge and fill in with fresh concrete, or fiddle with drainage as seems appropriate. Many older homes were built with dirt -floored basements, and a concrete floor was an afterthought, often poorly done on the cheap by some later homeowner. If you just want to plug the hole, see above. If you have higher aspirations for your basement, describe them and we will give it a thought

Oil Under Basement Floor Covered by Metal Covers? 2

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What can I do about the smell coming from the drain in our basement floor?

The drain is not getting enough water to keep the sewer gas out of the house, especially in winter

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lots of dead Millipedes Worms on the unfinished basement floor

They just sneak in when you are not looking. You probably have spiders and silverfish too. Just try not to scream the first time you see a silverfish, they are very creepy.

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Repair a Crack in concrete basement floor?

Urethane is a great product to seal cracks in concrete. It is used on brick and cement exterior surfaces such as walls and sidewalks. It sticks to practically anything and stays in place through movement expansion and contraction. I am not familiar with the product that you've asked about but it very well could be made of urethane or a similar material

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can anyone offer advice on products used to paint a basement floor, the floor is concrete and not insulated.?

Epoxy, the stuff used on garage floors

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i was wondering best way to connect wall made with 2x4's to concrete basement floor?

You need to glue it and use a small lead or plastic drive in anchor.Get a masonry bit and an anchor to match at home Depot or wherever it only has to go into the concrete little over an inch,it wont crack and will be a much nicer job. Good Luck

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What is this pipe coming out of the basement floor?

The way I can see it that looks like a 2: gal pipe with a 2: cap I think it was for a oil drum at one time for a oil furnace. Back in the day they did not use black pipe for a oil burner. Or it could be a waste line of some kind cut the pipe and check and also you can smell what it is.

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Price quote on concrete basement floor?

Ask at a local builders supply place. They are the ones selling the concrete and they can give you figures

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Who should I hire to remove linoleum tiles on a concrete basement floor? Who does this kind of work?

A flooring specialist. They usually do linoleum, tile, carpet, etc

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How do I install base cabinets on an un-level basement floor?

they have that flooring board that they put under the tile. i think it is called sub floor. that is about 1/2 in thickness and may do the trick for leveling out the 1 inch problem. if it is a gradual decline of 1 inch across the floor then i recall some handy man floating my floor. he just put some stuff like plaster or putty and made sure the floor was level across the surface. it did not take long and the floor was level. it also was not able to be detected

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