Need Some Info. Or Personal Experiences About Radiator Sealants You Can Buy to Bide You Time W/bad H

I would try Wynn's with stop leak. I've seen a demo where you would take a plastic gallon jug, fill with water then poke small holes in it with an ice pick. In no time the jug stops leaking. It has been the best non-perm fix I've seen that did not require you to drain the block

1. how do you replace a heater core in a 2004 chevy cavalier?

ive beena s.t mc. for 30 years i would not take on that job

2. 95 jeep cherokee 6cyl How do I get to the heater core?

May I inquire whats the problem ?? I see so many problems that are diagnosed as heater core problem. No heat, hot engine, etc. If your heater is leaking coolant you have a POSSIBLE core problem. If it is just a matter of no hot air, you may save a lot by diagnosing the problem. Put some more info. up, unless you are sure.

3. My 1999 Intrepid's heat stopped working. If it's the heater core, where is location? How much to fix @ dealer?

My 1999 Intrepid's heat stopped working. If it's the heater core, where is location?

4. how do i get to the heater core in a 1998 dodge dakata?

Dealer or Junkyard

5. how do you install a heater core in a 2002 lincoln navigator?

A Taurus heater center is a soreness.First you ought to get well the freon out the AC device and disconnect it. Then the sprint is a job and reinstallment is a nightmare, you in addition to could ought to disarm your airbag device and drop the steerage column. Take it to a keep this one would be properly worth finding out to purchase have confidence me. Im a mechanic and wont try this interest on a Taurus! Ive performed it one time too many now!

6. how do you change and where is the heater core on a 1994 cadillac sedan deville?

they are somewhat remarkable and has adequate capacity to pin your ears returned while youcontinual, yet i seem for them to re-layout it especially quickly; i could pass with a sparkling Chrysler 3 hundred Hemi C. they have a selection of of room front and returned. you will experience such as you are using a Bentley.

7. what hoses go to what on my heater core?


8. location of heater core 2002 dodge ram 4.7?

Pray. This job calls for undoing the whole dash in these newer trucks

9. Heater Core Fixes With Bar's Leaks Liquid Aluminum?

Bar Leaks

10. What else could it be? If my heater core is fine, what else could it be?

Yes it is the heater core. The drain to the passenger wheel well is designed to keep the AF (in case of a small HC leak) and condensation from the evaporator coil for the AC from draining into the passenger compartment. The strong AF smell, and most likely the "running water sound you get, is from a pool of AF/Condensate in the heater box. in the heater box, making me think that the drain hose is partially plugged.

11. Can easy off remove stop leak from heater core?

If you put stop leak to fix heater core it's no good, you will need to replace it!

12. how do you remove a heater core from a 95 crown vic?

from the top where your heater hoses connect to the heater core, it looks hard but its not

13. How can you tell if there's a leak in your heater core?

1, -- you will need to add water to reserve reservoir all the time,- the worse the leak,- the faster the water will disappear! #2 you should smell a "sweetish" smell inside car,- especially when car has gotten to "full operating temp." This is because more vapor will rise within the heater plenum. It may or may not leak into carpet, - it is supposed to run out drain lines put there to let condensation from a/c evaporator run out on ground! -- If it does, it also could mean these drains need cleaned out too! #3, When you turn on defroster to remove condensation (fog) on glass, - it gets worse instead of better (also with plugged drains)-- #4 Check "water" underneath car when it is parked, -- if it has a "sweetish but brackish taste",- usually greenish or yellowish,- it is antifreeze--- just pick up a very small amount on pinky,-and touch tip of tongue---- this is not enough to hurt you .. do not "eat' very much (like a tsp. full or so, - it will make you very sick, and possibly kill you! The "tasting" I have done over 55 years now and I am not dead yet! Guaranted,-- you wo not like taste either, -- I usually wipe my tongue on sleeve to get taste off as much as possible! Now about the noise, check your water level, and check your pressure cap, -- it could be slightly low in cooling system and bubbles pass through heater core-- making noises! Pressure cap is supposed to let expansion water out to reserve, then pull back enough to fill radiator all the way when it cools off, - if it is not sealing, - or holding pressure it is not doing this- allowing water level to drop progressively according to any minor water loss probelms you might have! It also does same thing if no water in reserve to pull back in when it cools off! You did not specify if it was with engine on or off, and wheter a/c was opearting! When shut off, a/c referigerant makes some noises as the pressures inside equalize-- when it stops running!

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