My Toddler Has These Kinda Expensive Sneakers with Velcro Straps on Them Can They Be Put in Washing

I would not as a lot of times, the paint will come off the outside and or the inside will begin to mildew from lack of air circulation and proper, prompt drying. Maybe just grab a mr. clean magic eraser and try that out. A toothbrush dipped into a small bowl of soapy water will get into the crevices really well. Dry off with a towel. I would not advise dipping them into cold water or any other water as that would be the same as washing them in the washer cause they wo not get any wetter than that. If they smell bad, pour some baking soda into them at the end of every day to help soak up excess moisture and odors. Using baking soda in the sock is an effective way to help reduce wetness as well. Most shoe powders have a talc base which will clog up the pores of the shoes and lessen the breathability actually increasing the amount of wetness and bacteria growth rather than helping to reduce it.

1. how many gallons of water fills a washing machine each full load?

All washers are different. Consult your owners manual

2. why would a washing machine cause a breaker to keep tripping?

The washer is drawing more ampreage than the breaker is for. probably 2 many appliances on the same circut

3. How do I regulate water pressure from garden hose to washing machine?

The standard default choice today for Washing Machine Water Supply Hose is a Metal Jacketed Hose. This is due to the reduced failure rate, by taking deteriorating / aging outer jackets out of the equation and their increased burst resistance vs. rubber hose. If the stock sizes / lengths available do not meet your needs, you can have special configurations made to order through your local Industrial Hose Distributor. Your household water pressure should not present a problem, as they are usually below 100 PSI, however Pressure Regulators are available at you local Plumbing Supply Store if needed.

4. How do I clean up my stinking washing machine?

1 cup white vinegar, 1/2 cup baking soda and very hot water on the longest cycle of your machine. Take pure bleach and wipe the rubber gasket around the door and door opening. Let it sit for a bit and then wipe off with clear water.

5. Why does my washing machine smell moldy? I dont leave clothes sitting in there?

I am guessing at this but I have 24 years as owner of a cleaning service so it is a pretty good guess-lol> l. check the lint filter on your washer most people do not even realize that there is a lint filter on the washer and it gets clogged and could mildew and smell bad. This is under the lip of your machine so run your hand up under there but watch out there are things that will cut your fingers. 2. It may be that a little water is remaining in the bottom of the machine and is never draining out so it smells. 3. It is possible that you have a small leakand the smell is coming not from the machine but underneath or behind it. That's all I can think of but you could run the machine and dump in vinegar about a quart or so and see if that will clear out the smell. Good luck -k-.

6. can you put shoes in the washing machine? do they get damaged?do they come out clean?

They come out clean but it also ruins them specially if u do it more than once ..if u really wanna put them in the washer make sure u take the laces of because if u do not they will be super ruined and alll over the place

7. Why isnt my washing machine filling up with water all the way?

there whould be a knob for the size load you are gonna wash...........small.............medium.........large.......try the settings

8. what to do when you drop your house phone in the washing maCHINE?

If you want to try and save it, try to take it apart as much as possible. Then lay the pieces out in the sun on a towel to try to dry them out. After as much as a week, you may get it to work again. If not, there's always eBay! So many people are ditching their house phones and using their cell phones exclusively. Good luck!

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