My Lawn Sprinklers Are Leaking and the Water Is Turned Off. I Replaced a Controller and now I Have a

apparently the shutoff valve for water supply to sprinkler system is not working properly. you can shut off water at meter at street with a cresant wrench or channel locks if you dont have a water key. i think when your saying controller you mean to say valve for that zone which are typicaly green or gray. first look on top of valve, cheaper valve will have one screw which is usually plastic which will let the water pass through when loosened . make sure the screw is tight , be very careful cause they are usually plastic and will snap if overtightened. it is usually located at the side of valve towards sprinkler heads on top. if you have a longer stem in middle of valve that is for adjusting volume of water going through valve, dont worry about this . the only way the diaphram inside the valve will not stop water from passing through valve to yard is if it has gotten debris like rocks stuck under it and keeping it stuck open.this happens when pipes break , come unglued and water pressure blows debris in to valves or people change valves and get junk in them. you must turn off water, remove approx. 10 screws on top of valve and remove top AND BE CAREFUL , THERE IS A SPRING AND DIAPHRAM UNDER TOP THAT MUST GO BACK IN THE SAME WAY, remove debris and reinstall top. the round black solenoid with wires is activated by timer box when turned on. you may have to go this process a few times to get all debris removed. while water is off replace sprinkler shut off valve. well i hope after all this bad typing you dont have a old hydrolic controled system but its still almost the same principle. I,m sure you will succeed

1. Can you feel the valves of the engine opening up while driving?

NO, it happens so fast & all the time the engine is running you cant " feel " it happening

2. How much would it cost to replace the timing belt and valves on this 1992 BMW 325i?

Man, I guess times are really tough when someone would consider buying a $1000 20 year old Beemer

3. Valves Used For Flushing Toilets?

I hope we have a plumber here on Yahoo that makes service calls in 3 continents

4. Oil fired tankless hot water coil replace?

I am afraid that you have to drain the whole thing. Sorry. Without valves you are not changing the "coil" (BTW, this is called a heat exchanger and sometimes a "worm") without draining the system. One other thing, do not sweat it, braze it. Have fun!.

5. heart valves and fluid on lungs?

Hi Vinnyhon, At age 65, your grandmother seems to have progressive heart failure. Whether valvular abnormalities or worsening contraction of the heart, fluid buildup in the lungs and other parts of the body is a classic presentation. Lung cancer destroys the lymphatics, a network of vessels that removes fluid from various compartments in the body. Couple a depleted lymphatic system with normal aging, fluid build up would be expected. However, your grandmother should be on a fluid pill (called a diuretic) to drain the fluid from her lungs thus allowing easier breathing. Furthermore, medicines to help the heart contract more efficiently should also have been prescribed. I recommend you visit a cardiologist (heart specialist) who will conduct various heart exams to check the efficiency of blood flow and heart pumping. The cardiologist may suggest surgery or offer other treatment options. In the interim, if your grandmother has difficulty breathing especially while sleeping, you might prop extra pillows under her head to keep the fluid below the level of the heart and lungs. Please feel free to write if you have inquiries. Thanks. Respectfully, Dr. Roshin

6. In a four cylinder gasoline engine with firing order 1-2-4-3 and piston 1 being at power stroke. What happens to the valves in cylinder 2.?

Both valves are closed it is on the compression stroke now

7. Does anybody have an idea for a homemade musical instument?

Well, I do not know how musically profecient you are, but here's something I learned. Its a homeade french horn. Take a length of water hose, and cut to 6ft in length. The side that has the threaded part will be the mouthpiece. Coil it aroud, and place funnel on the other end. Buzz your lips into one end, like any brass instrument, and you are set. You do not need, keys, valves or anything, just your lips. The Atlanta Symphony has a childrens section, on building your own horn to toot, let me see if I can find a link! Best of luck

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What Are the Protection Methods for the Corrosion of Explosion-proof Electric Valves
Corrosion of explosion-proof electric valve is generally understood as the damage of metal materials of explosion-proof electric valve in chemical or electrochemical environment. "Corrosion" occurs in the spontaneous interaction between metal and surrounding environment. Therefore, separating metal from surrounding environment or using more non-metallic synthetic materials is the key to prevent corrosion. Explosion proof electric valves (including valves) account for most of the weight of explosion-proof electric valves and are often in contact with the media, so explosion-proof electric valves are often selected.There are no more than two forms of valve corrosion: chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion. The corrosion rate is determined by the temperature, pressure, chemical characteristics and corrosion resistance of the valve material. The corrosion rate can be divided into six categories.1. Complete corrosion resistance 3360, corrosion rate less than 0.001mm/year;2. Limit corrosion prevention: the corrosion rate is 0.001 0.01mm/year;3. Corrosion resistance: corrosion development rate: 0.01 0.1mm/year;4. Corrosion resistance: corrosion rate: 0.1 1.0mm/year5. Corrosion resistance decreases: corrosion rate is 1.0 10mm / year;6. Corrosion resistance: the corrosion rate is greater than 10mm per year.The anti-corrosion of valve body is mainly the correct selection of materials. This is because, although there are abundant data on anti-corrosion, sulfuric acid has strong corrosivity to steel and can form passive film at low concentration to resist corrosion. The corrosion problem is very complex. Hydrogen is highly corrosive to steel only at high temperature and high pressure. Goats do not corrode much when they are dry, but many materials cannot be used when there is a certain humidity. The difficulty in selecting valve materials is that we should not only consider corrosion, but also consider pressure resistance, temperature resistance, economy and purchase convenience. So you have to devote yourself wholeheartedly.The following are the lining measures of lead lining, aluminum lining, engineering plastic lining, natural rubber lining and various synthetic rubber. If the media conditions allow, it is the save method. Thirdly, when the pressure and temperature requirements are not high, using non-metal as the main structural material of the valve market will often carry out anti-corrosion very actively and effectively. In addition, the external surface of the valve is also subject to atmospheric corrosion. Generally, steel materials are protected with seals.fqj
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