My 1999 Grand Am Has the Light That Says "service Vehicle soon" on, and My Left Head Light Is Out, D

Hi so if you ignore this light one time soon it will either refuse to start. or when driving it will go into LIMP HOME MODE. in other words it will not go over 40 MPH.

1. I want to buy a low beam head light bulb for my car?

Thats great, now whats your question?

2. Toyato Camry 2000 xle Head light problem?

Try changing the bulbs first

3. i got a 2002 dodge grandcaravan and the right head light wont work on dim the left will all other lights work?

you need to replace your light the bulbs inside the casing are seperate. all you have to do is turn the connector and pull it out from the back side of the case. you have to get under the hood to locate it. if you go to the auto parts store they can help you get the right bulb

4. How to get rid of the water in my car's head light?

I had the same trouble with my 2003 chevy tahoe I priced a new assembly and it was 450$ it had some moisture all the time and when it rained it puddled up in there. easy fix take a 1/16 or a 1/32 drill bit and drill a hole in the bottom of the lense it will drain all the water and vent it to dry up any more that gets in there... worked for me , good luck

5. Dodge Grand Caravan 2001 Head light problem?

check the connector where the bulb goes in at,they was bad to get loose and cause that too happen, also check to see if there's a fuse for the low beam lights,that may just be a bad connection causing that too happen to it,take a 12 volt test light and probe the wire for the low beam side at different points and see if there's any power on the wire at all when the low beams are on,that's one way of narrowing it down,good luck

6. 97 grand prix heating problems and head light problems?

ok seems such as you have a foul a/c head unit. Which it particularly is the peace that has each and every of the a/c heater controls on it. I surely have a 2001 grand prix and that i melted on in it. in spite of the reality that it in no way did effect my headlights. i am specific if there's a quick in it even with the undeniable fact that it o.k. probable ought to. Now for as your opposite lighting fixtures no longer working examine your bulbs first they do burn out. no longer probable annoying to ensure them actual person-friendly to get right of entry to from the trunk under the carpet. in the event that they or good it must be your impartial change is undesirable. wish this helps you alongside your way

7. What are the advantages of a head light tennis racket over a head heavy one, and what changes should I expect?

Head Light Tennis Racquets

8. Is there an unauthorized head light modification enforcement?

There are California laws which prohibit modifications. However, the problem is usually badly adjusted lights, not modifications. Moreover, many (perhaps most) of those blinding lights are halogens which are actually factory provided and within the law. I know there have been many complaints about the glare of these lights (they bother me too), but as yet there has been no action against them. There is a counter-argument that they do brighten the roadway better for the driver, so there is a trade off. (I would be on the anti-halogen side, but there are two sides. ).

9. What does it mean if your baby bearded dragon's head is light colored?

Feeding-you may feed a toddler distinctive crickets considering the fact that they eat like a fat guy eats cake. Gvie them 25% vegies and something stay prey. Beardies will improve up with you and love you as they improve. They shed 6-8 weeks in the initiating then shed further and further while it hits its strengthen spurt. gentle-You nee gentle talked approximately as uvb and warmth lamp ask the puppy ppl on the shop

10. 2001 Ford Focus low beam on one head light does not work, but high beam does. What??? ?

check your fuses...see if any blew out

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How to Hook Up Head Lights to a Boat Battery?
How to Hook Up Head Lights to a Boat Battery?
in case you seem on the back of the stereo, there is wires for power-probable a pink and a black. The pink is effective() and the black is negative(-). The pink probable has an inline fuse connected to it. Run the pink to the () terminal on the battery and the black to the (-) terminal. it may actually have a eco-friendly cord. connect that to a metallic section on the boat it really is grounded. The speaker wires pass to the audio device. you've a good and left channel on your audio device. The guidelines probable tells you procedures those are connected.1. How can I hook up with companies to hire my dump truck?you can advertise in your local paper, post office or do some leg worg with some construction sites and be an outside contractor. but of course yor regulations amy differ from those in England I presume your in the USA2. how to hook up a 12-3 wire to switch?Call a qualified professional electrician if this is beyond your skill level. Connect all of the ground wires together and connect it to the back box. Connect all of the neutral/whites together and insulate them. Connect the line from the supply to both switches with a jumper between them. Connect the 2 colored wires to the remaining terminals on the switches. Keep the conductors paired to each switch. I repeat, if this is beyond your skill level, call a qualified professional electrician to do the work.3. Electricians with knowledge of hot tub hook up! Help!!!!!?700.00 is a little high i think. i would shop around, and go for a decent offer. but not the cheapest. make sure he or she is reputable and rated with the BBB4. How do I hook up my laptop to my tv?you need a hdmi cable an your tv has to be a 1080p for it to work5. where do you hook solar pipe to pool pump?Solar discharges into pool, pump pushes the whole thing. or you can put a ball valve and a tee into the discharge to keep the water in the solar heater longer6. How to hook up 12 speakers on 1 4 channel amp?get more amps or for example when you wire the 6x9 you will wire all the positives together and all the negatives and that will go to one of the channels. then you will wire the rest the same way except since they aare smaller you will hook the up to the crossover so not much bass will go in them7. I need a really good anime to watch that will Hook me to it?Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This anime is the best I have ever seen, and has an extremely gripping plot that left me pretty emotional at times8. Sega Genesis, CD, 32x hook up?you will need 3 adapters an rf or av cable plugged in to the megadrive it self an av cable to connect the megadrive with the 32 x ( this cable is important with out it you will see nothing on your 32 X ) and a controller thats all the line out ports on the sega cd are to hook it up to a stereo set9. How on earth do I hook this stuff to the TV?hook cable to vcr antenna in,then hook vcr out to connection on tv(should say vcr or cable in),,,,,,,i assume audio out plugs on vcr hook up to stereo input plugs on av receiver,,,,,,,a few term definitions,,,audio plugs= rca plugs,,,,like plugs that attatch turntable to amplifier,,,,,,,,cable connections often are co-axial cables,,,,,skinny wire at core,fine threaded screw-on connections which turn and lock onto antenna post,,,,,(tiny hole at ctr,exterior post with fine threaded posts,,,,occasionally,cable connectors look like rca plugs10. How do i hook up 4 subs with three amps?Holy hell, if you dont know how to hook up those amps, you do not need that many subs. I have 6 subs in my car, two 8-inchers in the doors, two 8-inchers in the rear, two 15's in the trunk, and 4 tweeters total. Get a set-up like that11. can i hook up a home surround sound system in my car?best answer... no... your 5.1 house channel uses a regular plug and it also requires a receiver to power it... also your radio deck is not set up for 5.1 so it is going to blast music to every speaker and probably blow some of them. in car audio you pretty much need high, med. and low... high is tweeters or smaller speakers. tweeters have a setting so they will not accept bass only vocals. the medium is just what it says. it is not all bass but not all vocals its somewhere in between. and lows are your subwoffers. all bass pretty much. if you put that in a car nevermind how it wont work but how bad will you look pulling up somewhere and opening your trunk ... yeah people would def. laugh at that. spend your money and buy car audio components and leave the other system in your house.
Light Refraction and Causality
Your question extends well beyond electromagnetic phenomena to waves in general. For example, when sound (a pressure wave, which is arguably a lot simpler than an EM wave) moves from air to water, it too undergoes a change in wavelength while retaining the same frequency.So why in general are wavelengths mutable but frequencies invariant when waves of any type travel between media that change their propagation speed?It's actually pretty straightforward: It's the only way to keep one wave from "getting ahead" of itself and ending up in the future.Think of wave cycles as clocks that just happen to be moving, as in those sinusoidal diagrams where you get a sinusoidal wave by projecting a point rotating around a circle onto a moving line. An observer at a distance will see this clock keeping a certain time, say 60 cycles per second, at it travels.If some segment of that clock then inexplicably started moving at 120 cycles per second, it would literally pull ahead of the other segments in time, counting out new seconds twice as fast as before.So, while it's unusual to express such issues in terms of causality, there certainly is an aspect of the need for time measurements to stay constant, and that aspect of the situation for any wave does require simple changes in medium not to result in changes of frequency.With all that said, here are two important qualifiers:(1) You can always create a new clock frequency based on the old one. If you happen to own a green laser pointer, it internally contains a frequency doubler that takes every half wavelength of an infrared laser and converts it to a full wavelength of green light. This does no violate causality for the same reason that adding a second hand to an old-fashioned analog clock does not violate causality: You are simply adding a finer level of measurement to time by breaking up the earlier cycles into smaller ones that still fit within (and do not get ahead of) the larger, earlier cycles.(2) The trickier point, and one that leads to some interesting issues, is that wave frequencies do change when frames are in motion relative to each other. Such changes are called Doppler shifts: Waves originating in a source that is moving towards the observer, such as the sounds of an approaching ambulance, are perceived as having a higher frequencies than expected, while than waves originated by a source moving away from the observer, such as the ambulance after it has passed by, are perceived as having lower frequencies than expected. That's why I said "an observer at a distance" earlier, so as to avoid immediate consideration of these relative motion effects.This brings up an interesting point relative to your question: Why don't Doppler shifts undermine causality? Wouldn't the approaching ambulance in effect have a faster "sound clock" than the the one that is moving away from the observer, and so be moving more quickly into the future than an ambulance that has already passed?The simple and not-very-satisfying answer is that the causality rule I mentioned earlier only applies locally, that is, because sound in the air is in direct contact with sound in the water, the sound in one or the other cannot begin vibrating faster without creating a contradiction at the interface between the two.That's correct, but again, it's not a terribly satisfying answer. The problem is that once you get into your head a vision of the physical ambulance speaker diaphragms vibrating faster enough to give that higher-pitched sound, it become hard not to wonder whether the entire entire ambulance, including the clocks within it, might not also be "vibrating faster" than you are as long as the ambulance is approaching. We of course know from direct experience when driving and riding in vehicles that this is not the case, since we don't wind up at Grandma's house sooner just because of the Doppler effect makes the vibrations of our voices during the trip sound higher pitched from Grandma's perspective -- assuming Grandma has very, very good hearing! However, some sort of conceptual reconciliation does seem to be needed.So, let's look at that vibrating speaker diaphragm issue in particular: Does the diagram vibrate faster? Grandma, being a former astrophysicist and have in here possession a particularly find long-range telescope capable of detecting even minute vibrations, watches you travel from her high mountaintop abode. (By all accounts, you have an interesting Grandma.) She observes voice and other vibrations in your vehicle and detects no discernible difference from the rates she expects. Yet when she looks at the reading from her equally sophisticated super-sized very-long-distance parabolic microphone (don't say anything bad about Granny while traveling), she hears a higher frequency that does not match what she sees in the telescope!So what in the world is going on here? How can both observations be correct?The trick is that I haven't told you about all of Grandma's data yet. Very shortly after you begin your trip (there is a very small but detectable speed-of-light delay), Grandma sees you begin to move in her direction. With light, that motion seems to be very close to the time she sees, undetectably close with ordinary instruments in fact.However, she does not hear you yet! In fact, a good portion of you journey is over before her microphone picks up any sound at all -- and when it does, it is the sound of the start of your journey, much delayed. From that point on the sound plays out as if on fast forward. Remarkably, this accelerated rate works out to be just fast enough to compensate for the lost gap in time, so that by the time you get to Grandma's house, the reality portrayed by light and the reality portrayed by sound are once again in synch, at least as far as human eyes and ears are concerned. Causality is saved, because everything that appeared to be happening faster than normal time was in fact just a sort of delayed recording of events that had already happened.(You can witness this same effect yourself by having someone at the far end of a football field clap very loudly -- cymbals work better! -- and noticing that you see them clap before you hear them clap. This is exactly the kind of delay Grandma sees with her instruments, only larger and with Doppler effects added.)What is happening in cases like this, then, is that the "message" conveyed by sound waves is being "bunched up" (technical term) into a shorter sequence that does not arrive until a bit later, leaving a gap of silence.A useful analysis technique is to analyze the extreme cases of such phenomena, since these often give you a better feel for where the interesting parts are. In this case, imagine driving (or more realistically, flying) towards Grandma's house at just under the speed of sound. What happens then? Well, think about it: It's a horse race, with sound just barely winning and just barely arriving before you do. So, for almost the entire journey, Grandma hears only silence while watching (with some trepidation one would imagine) you fly towards her house at several hundred kilometers per seconds. Only at the very end does she get a burst of sound that represents your entire trip towards her house, hugely Doppler shifted so that for example your voices would be in the extreme ranges of ultrasound.Now with that I'll end, but leave a bit of a tickler for an issue that is beyond the scope of your question.I mentioned that Grandma, with her very good optical telescope, actually did see a bit of delay in getting images, since of course light is very fast, but not infinitely fast. Does that mean that there is a still faster "instantaneous" reality lurking behind the speed of light, one in which all events are exactly synchronized and the light is only giving the appearance of some delay? After all, Doppler effects apply to light too. They are for example the cause the red shift seen in the spectral lines of galaxies that are moving away from us at very high speeds.So, is the time delay caused by the finite speed of light also an illusion?Here's the surprising answer: no. A fellow named Einstein notices that in the case of light, there is some kind of absolute cosmic limit going on, and from some early experiments he postulated a very weird idea: Light always to travel at the velocity c, or about 300,000 km/s, no matter how you are moving. From this simple postulate and one other (physics doesn't change when you are moving), he constructed the entire fabric of the special theory of relativity, for which he later received a certain amount of notoriety... :) Now, here's what interesting about that in the context of your question: For the special case of light, motion does have a real impact on clock speeds! That is, you really can construct cases where, with the proper combination of speed and acceleration, you can make one system slower in reality than another. This is not abstraction, since for example if you have ever used a GPS navigation system, the proper location of your vehicles requires that the slowing of time due to relativity effects (speed and some others from gravity) be taken into account.Very roughly, here's why: Since nothing travels faster than the speed of light c, all of the parts of you and the machinery around you must also interact with each other no faster than the speed of light. That means there can be no greater or "absolute" time standard by which to measure their motions; whatever light does, that becomes the final and only meaningful result. Play that idea out against the postulates I just mentioned, and you find that fast motion sort of "sucks out" or makes unavailable a large chunk of the available light velocity needed for your internal systems to move quickly. If you travel at almost exactly c, almost nothing is left of the internal fraction of c needed for atoms to vibrate and clocks to update. As observed by someone else outside of your domain, your time seems to slow to a crawl.Yet another mystery lurks there, however, since that "just a crawl" analysis applies in both directions -- that's why they call it relativity!But again, that's another story, and I think it's time to draw this answer to a closeOne way how to look at refraction by a dielectric medium like water or glass is that (phase) velocity of light decreases because it is the wavelength rather than the frequency of the light which changes.I have read somewhere (but can't recall where) that the frequency must remain the same because otherwise principle of causality would be broken. Is that true?·OTHER ANSWER:One way how to look at refraction by a dielectric medium like water or glass is that (phase) velocity of light decreases because it is the wavelength rather than the frequency of the light which changes.I have read somewhere (but can't recall where) that the frequency must remain the same because otherwise principle of causality would be broken. Is that true?
Detailed Functions of Car Equipment Inspected Eg Reflector, Signal Light, Head Light, Beam Indicator
seat belts blinkers reverse lights brake lights head lights high beam dashboard lights tires1. The moon is specially designed sun light reflector because even 1000 sun light reflector planes do not give light to earth.?On the highly-unlikely chance you are actually serious (because I do not think you are really that ignorant), sunlight travels approximately 98 million miles and then bounces off of the dirt surrounding you and reaches your eye just fine. I am not sure why you think traveling an extra 240,000 miles would make any difference after bouncing off the dirt on the Moon. . .2. Orion Spaceprobe 3 Altazimuth Reflector Telescope?> I did like the Orion Skyscanner, but it lacks a tripod. That's _exactly_ why I recommend it! The weakest point of most inexpensive telescopes is their mounts, especially their tripods. These are made out of stamped aluminum and shake like Jello when you touch the focuser. The mini-Dobsonian mount of the SkyScanner is solid as a rock. You do need to put it on something solid like a table or a good camera tripod, though some people have done well with a large empty paint can or a milk crate. The SkyScanner also has a 100mm parabolic mirror as opposed to the 76mm spherical mirror in the SpaceProbe 3, better on both counts. I've used both these scopes, and the SkyScanner is _mles_ ahead of the SpaceProbe! My first telescope was a 4.25-inch reflector back in the days before light pollution became a serious problem. I used it to log half the objects in Messier's catalog, as well as most of the planets and great views of the Moon and Sun (with proper filter. The SkyScanner is a better scope than my first one in several ways, especially its excellent mount.3. What are the disadvantages of a reflector having a focal ratio of only f4?High focal ratios give high magnification and a narrow field of view. Low ratios give the opposite... Focal Ratio - This is the ratio between an optical system's focal length and aperture. For example, a 100mm aperture telescope with a focal length of 1000mm would have a focal ratio of 10. This is usually written f/10. Focal ratio determines photographic speed, so an f/5 telescope or lens requires shorter exposure times than an f/10 optic. Therefore higher focal ratios are called slower, and lower focal ratios are called faster. Also, all things otherwise being equal, slower focal ratios produce less aberrations, but in many designs, a faster focal ratio produces a more compact telescope, meaning there is always some sort of compromise. Field of View - The angular width of the image. The larger the field of view, the more sky you can see. Field of view is a function of magnification and eyepiece type (or camera). Field of view is normally measured in degrees. Focal Length - This is the optical length of a telescope, binocular, or camera lens. Eyepieces also have focal lengths. A telescope's focal length determines magnification (in combination with an eyepiece) or image scale (with a camera). Long-focal-length telescopes provide higher magnification with a given eyepiece or camera than a short-focal-length scope. Magnification is determined by dividing the focal length of the telescope by the focal length of the eyepiece. Focal length is almost always quoted in millimeters.4. MTG Help with Minion Reflector, Heartlash Cinder, and Wall of Deceit?Minion Reflector5. What is a reflector?It can be either a big white panel or the thing like an umbrella that's all silvery or white inside. Both types are placed behind the photographer's lights and help throw more light onto the subject and soften shadows since the light is coming from many different directions instead of in a straight line from the bulb6. Is it legal to reflector some .NET code and use it in a commercial application?Probably not. The EULA for redistributing the .NET Framework says this:In essence, the framework is licensed under the same terms and conditions as the Windows operating system it is installed on.I am pretty sure that there is a "no reverse engineering or disassembly" clause in every Microsoft OS since the beginning of time, so no, it's not legal. I doubt they would really sue you over a small bit of code lifted from a later version of a framework that they essentially "give" to everyone free of charge, but it does give them a ready excuse to do so if they wanted to. Here's the problem: Microsoft can not support your modification. Because you've "broken the seal" on the Framework as it were, you've essentially "voided the warranty." There's no way that Microsoft can predict or guarantee what the behaviour of your lifted code will be outside of its hermetically-sealed environment.
Whats Are the Best Head Light Bulbs for My Bike?
The filament inside a motorcycle light bulb is made stronger and heavy duty so it can withstand the shock and vibration of a motorcycle. everybody makes the same mistake of going to Wal Mart and buying CAR light bulbs for their motorcycle and wondering why they burn out and fail quickly. another thing! motorcycle light bulbs are rated at 14.7 volts, they can withstand the higher and extreme variable voltages the charging system of a motorcycle charging system produces. remember,, the charging system in a car and a motorcycle are different. most motorcycle mechanics do not know that1. What is the brightest bike head light with the longest lasting battery?well i can tell you magicshine lights are a good compromise at about $125 all lights are a compromise wle2. where can i find a head light switch for a 98 mustang?Um depends but you can always look in ebay3. How do I clean car head light by myself?Haha you are getting ripped off!!!!! What I did i used mothers mag&aluminum polish, for rims of course, and used it on my headlights, It cleaned it real well, for 5 bucks, not bad at all. There is also a special headlight cleaner you can buy at the local auto parts store for like 5 dollars and do it yourself. The kits are self explanatory, just rub on and wipe of, or spray on and wipe off...4. Hi if any one can help me....? i need to know what number head light bulb'dose a 2007 tata safari takes?take the old one out and look at the number on it5. I have a lexus 2001 is300 & my head light goes out after a few seconds everytime?Most likely it is the ballast- Look for a color difference when you turn the headlights on. The different colors are different temperatures.6. how to replace head light bulb in a 2001 Pontaic Grand Prix?Pontiac Grand Am Headlight Bulb7. head light legal for cycling?Legality of a head-mounted bicycle light will vary by jurisdiction. It also depends if you mean 'as well as' or 'instead of'' a bike-mounted light. As previously mentioned, a head-mounted light will illuminate only where you turn your head; a bike-mounted light is under much more control, either on handle-bar or frame. A head-mounted light will be much higher than a bike-mounted one, and tends to confuse other road / trail users.8. head light fuseThere's two spots in the car, first is regular under the hood in the right up corner, those are for the big electronics, and all the interior fuses are under the steering wheel on the left hand sight, usually below the hood-open-button9. Head light covers are frosting, how can I clean them?Charles, They are getting close to the right answer, But what you need is, baking soda and toothpaste. The toothpaste has the perfect grit to clean, but it takes the baking soda to break up and react with the liquid in the toothpaste to lift and dissolve the gunk out of the lens. I take a cotton rag like a piece of a old t-shirt or wash cloth (damp) and squirt the toothpaste on and pour the baking soda( Not powder) on top of the paste and start rubbing, doing the whole lens in one time. Rinsing each time. It will take anywhere from 3 to 4 times to get one done to the point of (leave it alone). The first time you do the lens go around in circles, the rest try to go straight across or side to side. It will get most out, but not all - you have to remember it's aged plastic that has gone through alot--- cold, heat, sun, the heat of the lamp and time. - takes about 20 minutes per lens. After finishing rinse and give it a good coat of wax and that's about all you can do, but i will tell you, IT WILL LOOK A HECK ALOT BETTER! Now about sanding which was one of the answers above, if you have pits in the plastic it would be the only way to get those out. But let me say i worked at a body shop for years and it's not for the average guy to do without knowing precisely what to do and then it's a job even with a buffer and when you start cutting into plastic with sandpaper you got a mess. And on top of all that it will go back to the way it was real quick, and look worse than you have now if wax is not applied about every 3 weeks. They do this alot at car lots for a quick fix not caring what it has done to the lens and what it's going to look like later on. I Hope this helps ya out, just help me out PLEASE VOTE! Good luck!
97 Grand Prix Heating Problems and Head Light Problems?
We will start with the heater. Your problem is not the switch but the blower resistor which is located near the blower motor on the passenger side of the interior. If you can get yourself under the dash you will see a few wires leading to a slim connector very close to the firewall. It is held in by two screws. It's a very easy fix and very, very common in GM cars. The headlight problem is either a relay or the switch itself. Call the dealer and ask if there is a separate relay for the Day/Night sensor, if so swap it our with one you know is good from within the fuse box. Since it only happens on auto it has to be related to that system, so if it is not a relay then it's either the switch or the Day/Night sensor. Good luck.1. Audi B8 head light & eyelid?if you mean the 2007 audi getting a headlamp from the 2009 audi (the lamps with the led lights), then probably not. The casing is different on the lights, and they would not fit into the mounts2. Does the head light restoration on the infomercial really work?Yes they work just go to walmart and look for Meguiar's One-Step Restoration Kit its a great product3. Why is one head light of the sports bike always on?You responded your guy or woman question - unfavourable eating regimen and being dehydrated. those are extremely common issues to alter. eat extra valuable and drink adequate water. fairly drink water, until eventually now, throughout and after activities4. 03 sportster when i press back brake head light go's dim or burns fuse out what up help pleas...????Replace the wiring for the rear brake, I know this is not what you want to hear, but you solved the problem with unplugging it. Wait till the handle bars wiring starts to screw up, then the fun really begins!5. How is the light next to the head light of a turbo volkswagen beetle called?I think you answered you own question here it is the turn signal/parking light unit!6. What are those bright blue Leds people put on their car, i see them everywhere an i wanna put them on my audi a4 06 fog lights an head light?Douchebag lights. That's what the majority of people call them. They got that name because they make the douchebags easy to identify7. my toyota corolla 2003 model, even the motor is off and the key is out, the head light is not off. what is it?Pull the headlight relay, it's in the fuse box in the engine compartment. They should go off. The headlight relay is energized by the Daytime Running Light relay box. It can be nothing else that I see in the wiring diagrams8. ON A bmw FRONT head light lens are all misted up, ON OUT SIDE?RainX has a headlight cleaner that we have used on 3 different cars and it has worked great! 5 stars! And it was easy to put on9. One head light wont work?When changing head-light bulbs, never touch the glass part with your fingers! Always fold a Kleenex between your fingers and bulb. Natural oil from human skin will cause the glass to overheat and blow the *elements. It's good idea to wipe silicone ignition grease on the metal part of the bulb to keep the connecter socket clean. There are two elements in headlight bulbs these days. This is why the *high beam element is blown but the bulb shows perfect electrical continuity.10. Whts the best site to visit if I am looking aftermaket for my lxi, stuff like head light trunk lip spoiler ,as i know shit like headers are out of the question for this car which is a shame."EBAY" you can search "auto parts and accessories", lots of selections! You can easily browse the websites that put up adds for endless aftermarket parts, thats my best bet!!!!p.s headers may not be out of the question yet, there are always alternatives jus need to search hard, trust me i've been there!!11. I'm looking for a LED head light bulb, how can I get them?Your local auto parts store have them. If they do not , check e-bay out, but most auto parts stores order stuff for their customers if they do not have them
Technology: Overhead Lights Ensure the Price Is Right ...
By LEIGHT DAYTON in SYDNEY To keep the prices of the 10 000 different items in an average supermarketcorrectly marked, an Australian company has developed a system that sendsdata to electronic price labels on the shelves through the supermarket'soverhead lights. A light detector on the label instantly picks up the signal. The indoor light interactive display system (ILID), conceived by TrevorGray of the company TCG-ILID in Melbourne, is one of three approaches forcoordinating prices on the shelves with those at the checkout. The Frenchfirm Epsilanne wires each shelf label and cash register directly to thesupermarket's computer, while Telepanel and Pricelink in the US put tinyradio receivers on the shelf labels to pick up information. In the ILID system, price information is sent to a modulator hookedinto the lighting's power supply. The modulator slightly changes the waveformof the current to insert the information, according to Terry Polkinghorn,general manager of TCG-ILID. Some of the peaks of the waveform have a 'blip'superimposed upon them and some do not. The blips and non-blips form a digitalcode that contains the addresses and other information on particular products. The current passes through existing wiring to the overhead lights, eitherfluorescent, incandescent or halogen, which then beam out the data. Labelswill pick up the information if the address corresponds to that product.Polkinghorn claims shoppers do not notice a change in the lighting. By touching the cover of the label's light sensor for a few seconds,shoppers can see a second display with more details about the product, suchas the unit price of the item or special offers. Staff can use a light-emittingwand to change displays or read information not available to customers,such as instructions for stacking shelves. Managers can create up to 20different displays. According to Polkinghorn, the system will be tested in a supermarketin Melbourne within two months. TCG-ILID is talking with the British supermarketchain Tesco as well as European, American and Japanese companies aboutfurther trials.
Best ADJ QRC-FS3Z Case for Moving Head Lights
Best ADJ QRC-FS3Z Case for Moving Head LightsBuy Link: CLICK HEREADJ QRC-FS3Z Case for Moving Head Lights Product Description:ADJ QRC-FS3Z Case for Moving Head Lights. The ADJ QRC-FS3Z was engineered specifically for the ADJ Focus Spot Three Z, Focus Spot Three Z or the Vizi Beam RXONE. This case accommodates four fixtures and also incorporates a divider section to holds clamps, cables and other essentials. DJ ADJ. DJ, DJ Lighting, DJ Lighting Cases. Price: 799.95 USD. Sale Price: 549.99 USD.The ADJ QRC-FS3Z Case for Moving Head Lights is certainly that and will be a great buy. For this price, the ADJ QRC-FS3Z Case for Moving Head Lights is highly recommended and is a popular choice with lots of people.Buy it NowBuy ADJ QRC-FS3Z Case for Moving Head Lights is a post from: Musical Instruments.·RELATED QUESTIONDo you know the electrical characteristics and circuit design of a moving head lights?Moving headlights are usually used on stage and squares. Professional head-moving headlights are high-tech products integrating electronics, machinery and optics.Qualified professional moving head scanners must be stable and reliable, with excellent light efficiency, accurate positioning, and good heat dissipation. The lamp body and material structure should conform to ergonomic requirements. Wolang led lighting manufacturersintroduce you the optical system about the moving head lights.Optical systemThe primary consideration of optical system design is the light source flux utilization. Specific performance indicators include light intensity, uniformity, saturation, and spot size. There are two aspects that affect the above indicators, one is the light source, and the second is the optical system structure, material selection. Domestic and foreign manufacturers, users basically recommend OSRAM or PHILIPS1200W short-arc double-ended metal gas discharge lamp. Its characteristics are compactness, high brightness, high color temperature, good color rendering, and a relatively stable color temperature during lamp dimming.The disadvantage is that the delamination of the filler in the lamp tube, that is, the filler appears in the arc imaging or condenses in the arc tube to form a shadow effect, needs to be controlled in the minimum range during the design of the optical structure. In the optical structure, in order to obtain a uniform mixed beam, parabolic mirrors may be used. To collect divergent or narrow beams, scaled mirrors or surface texture mirrors should be selected. Reflector systems made of specular reflective materials are better than refractive systems.
Is the Traditional Energy-saving Lamp Regulator Used for LED Circuit? Detailed Analysis of 11 Defect
Is the Traditional Energy-saving Lamp Regulator Used for LED Circuit? Detailed Analysis of 11 Defect
Can the controller of traditional energy-saving lamp act on LED circuit?There are many options for buying LED bulbs, but compatible led dimmers are difficult to choose. Many users will confidently say that it is OK to use the dimmer of traditional incandescent lamps. Now the most commonly seen on the market is thyristor dimmer, which is divided into DC and ac. it is very easy to use in incandescent lamps.After selecting the LED lamp with appropriate color temperature, lumen grade and beam angle, the dimming requirements are met. Different from the random dimming method of ordinary incandescent lamps, dimming LED bulbs with thyristors may be successful, but many problems will occur in most cases.Four conditions:The most common problem is that there is a buzzing beep or a strong stroboscopic. Ordinary incandescent lamps only need to adjust the voltage to adjust the light and shade, but it may not work for LED lamps. We have done experiments and the following four situations have occurred:1. It can't be opened at all. It doesn't light up at all!2. It can only be on at 100% illumination.3. It can work normally, but the buzzing sound is very loud.4. Stroboscopic occurs when it is adjusted to a certain brightness.Dimming principle:During the test, sometimes the LED can be used normally after it is dimmed to a certain limit. We judge that the reason why it doesn't light up is that the applied voltage of the dimmer is too small to reach the required voltage.The internal circuit of LED is much more complex than that of incandescent lamp. The real led dimmer is not only regulating voltage, but also has three principles:1. Wave width control dimming: digitize the square wave of the power supply and control the duty cycle of the square wave, so as to control the current.2. Constant current power supply regulation: the current can be easily adjusted by analog linear technology.3. Grouping control: group multiple LEDs and control them with a simple grouping device.Note the strobe:The reasons for the most stroboscopic cases are as follows: the adjustable resistor itself is not a very reliable component. Often, due to the entry of dust or the lax manufacturing process, there will be an instant jump fault when operating the adjustable resistor, and the light source will flash. Therefore, we need high-quality adjustable resistance, or use linear technology to regulate current rather than voltage.In fact, the internal driving function of LED itself can easily adjust the brightness and darkness, but most LED manufacturers remove this function to save costs. Whether the LED lamp can be dimmed is usually marked on the box. If there is no mark on the box, please use the dimming function with caution or use a special LED dimmer.Dimming will reduce life:A reminder is that dimming can easily reduce the life of the bulb. Why? Simply take a dimming method: we divide one second into 1000 parts, each part is 1 millisecond, and then make the LED light work for 7 milliseconds and turn off for 3 milliseconds through the control chip. In this way, it only works for 0.7 seconds in one second. However, due to the fast flashing interval, we can't feel its brightness flickering with our naked eyes, and we will only feel that its brightness has darkened, which is 0.7 times the original, This achieves the effect of dimming. Similarly, we can achieve 50% brightness, 32% brightness and any brightness. Blink in this way, it's strange not to break early!In order to avoid various problems, try not to use the physical dimming method for the smart bulb. Take out the mobile phone and open the app to adjust the light and shade.In fact, I still like to use the way of grouping device to control the brightness, which is simple, safe and easy to use. It can be easily done by touching the key switch or independent grouping switch. It is not necessary to fine tune the brightness from 0 to 100% perfectly in the home. It is OK to realize several levels of brightness adjustment, which can fully meet the needs.Analysis and retrieval of 11 disadvantages of LED wick:Compared with traditional incandescent lamps, led filament lamps have higher requirements for packaging. It is reported that at present, led filament lamps have very strict requirements for filament working voltage design, filament working current design, LED chip area and power, LED chip luminous angle, pin design, glass bulb sealing technology, etc. it can be seen that the manufacturing process of LED filament lamps is very complex, and there are certain requirements for the financial strength, supporting facilities and technology of manufacturers.In the production process, due to different processes, the requirements for materials are also different. In addition, in production, many equipment need to be transformed according to the performance characteristics of LED filament lamps, which also makes the manufacturers of relevant materials of LED filament lamps miserable. The defects in the bulb material also make the LED filament lamp easy to be damaged during transportation. The complex process and low yield make the LED filament lamp unable to obtain high praise from manufacturers and consumers.1. Difficult process, poor heat dissipation and easy damageAlthough led filament lamps have attracted much attention in the domestic market in the past two years, at present, the problems existing in the production of LED filament lamps can not be ignored: the manufacturing process is difficult, several different processes need to be integrated, and the yield is low; More than 8W led filament lamps are prone to heat dissipation problems; It is easy to be broken and damaged in the process of production and use.2. Structure, performance and price to be improvedDue to the relatively late entry of LED filament lamps into the market, the market-related sharp bubbles, tail bubbles and spherical bulbs are mainly "patch type". In addition, the filament lamps that entered the market in the early stage are far from consumers' expectations in terms of structure, performance and price, which makes consumers have some misunderstandings about led filament lamps. With the breakthrough of key technologies, the maturity of packaging technology and the improvement of bubble sealing technology, the luminous efficiency, finger display, service life and cost of LED filament lamps will be improved to a certain extent.At present, the LED filament lamp needs to be improved in too many places. It is like a newborn "premature baby". It is not very mature in all aspects, with high cost, complex production process and low production capacity. Therefore, we should improve the raw materials, led beads and manufacturing process in the future, so as to improve the production capacity of LED filament lamps, reduce losses and improve delivery efficiency.3. Low power and poor heat dissipation are obstaclesAffected by the production process, there are many problems in LED filament lamps, such as high cost and high damage rate during transportation due to the defects of bulb material. In addition, the heat dissipation of high wattage led filament lamps has also become an obstacle for LED filament lamps to enter ordinary people's homes.Problem 2: high priceAccording to the market survey, the average retail price of a 3W led filament lamp is about 28-30 yuan, which is much higher than that of LED bulb lamps and other lighting products with the same power, and several times higher than that of LED incandescent lamps with the same power. Therefore, many consumers are scared away by the price of LED filament lamps.At this stage, the market share of LED filament lamps is less than 10%. Nowadays, as a characteristic product, led filament lamp restores the luminous feeling of traditional tungsten filament lamp and is loved by many consumers. However, the high cost, low light efficiency and small application range of LED filament lamps are also the problems that lighting manufacturers must face and look directly at in the next stage.1. Supporting materials increase product costThe market prospect of LED filament lamp is very bright, but there are difficulties in the promotion of LED filament lamp at this stage, mainly due to its high cost and the lack of large wattage, which makes the application of LED filament lamp limited to the flower lamp market. In addition, the matching of raw materials also increases the cost, because there is no standard in the specification and shape of filament lamp, and its market volume is small, As a result, the supporting materials are basically customized, and the manufacturing cost remains high.2. The cost of LED filament is too highAmong all parts of LED filament lamp, the highest cost is led filament, mainly because of its complex production process and high cutting cost; The production efficiency is not high and the degree of automation is low, resulting in the cost. At present, the cost of 3-6w filament bulb can be controlled below 15 yuan, of which the cost of LED filament accounts for more than half.3. The packaging of LED filament lamp is exquisiteThe packaging of LED filament lamps is more exquisite. The light effects encapsulated by each enterprise are different. Led filament lamps still have certain limitations in power and heat dissipation, resulting in higher prices than ordinary LED light sources.Problem 3: small marketAt this stage, the power of the best-selling led filament lamp in the market is basically less than 10W, which shows that at this stage, the LED filament lamp is technically trapped in the problem of heat dissipation and can not achieve high power. It also shows that it can only cover a small section of the whole lighting product line and can not be widely promoted. Even if it plays the "nostalgic" brand, the LED filament lamp market is only a small market, It can't become the mainstream for the time being.1. Low consumer acceptanceWith the shrinking incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamp market, LED lighting products are slowly recognized by end consumers. However, at present, the market of LED filament lamps is still very limited. Due to the limited application and power of LED filament lamps, the acceptance of LED filament lamps by end consumers is not very high.In addition, consumers do not know enough about led filament lamps. Many people think it is just an improvement of ordinary incandescent lamps.2. The main demand comes from the projectAs LED filament lamps are mainly used in flower lamps, and their main demand comes from engineering lighting, general dealers will not mainly promote LED filament lamps. Even if a few businesses sell LED filament lamps, they won't have too much inventory.Problem 4: difficult to promoteEntering the terminal market, we can find that the LED filament lamp is not as hot as expected for two reasons:1、 Many stores do not promote filament lamps as key products, and consumers' awareness and acceptance of filament lamps are not high;2、 Compared with LED light source products such as bulb and sharp bulb, led filament lamp products have no qualitative change. On the contrary, the price is relatively high and it is difficult to go. Let alone replace the market position of LED bulb, energy-saving lamp and other products.Therefore, at present, the market advantage of LED filament lamp is not very obvious, and the market is basically waiting and trying.At present, the difficulty of pushing led filament lamps in the terminal market lies in:1、 Poor integration between traditional bubble sealing industry and LED packaging industry (concept and process integration);2、 It is not easy to reverse the concept of end consumers;3、 The acceptance of LED filament lamp products by society and government is not clear. In addition, the price of LED filament lamp is high, and consumers have not really distinguished the difference between LED filament lamp and incandescent lamp, which leads to the difficulty of LED filament lamp market promotion.1. Merchants are not active in promotionAt present, if led filament lamps want to achieve good performance in the market, they also need to strengthen publicity and innovation. The development of LED industry is increasingly fierce, and industry standards have been issued one after another, which has exacerbated the market development resistance of LED filament lamps. Especially at this stage, many consumers do not understand led filament lamps, and merchants are not active enough in promoting led filament lamps. Even most merchants are not very optimistic about their development prospects. In actual sales, customers usually see or ask, Businesses will push this product.2. High price makes promotion difficultAt present, it is difficult to promote LED filament lamps in the market. Because consumers do not know much about led filament lamps, the probability of purchase is very small. In addition, due to the impact of e-commerce, the transaction rate of LED in physical stores is lower. Some consumers pay more attention to the price when purchasing products. Therefore, there is still a long way to go for LED filament lamps to enter the families of ordinary consumers.3. Lack of new selling points of LED filament lampsAt present, led filament lamp is in the primary stage of promotion, and very few people know its advantages because of the appearance and original quality of the product
Lipstick to Cosmetics Factory Processing Plant, Let Your Mouthbleast Is More Healthy
Lipstick to Cosmetics Factory Processing Plant, Let Your Mouthbleast Is More Healthy
IT'S an ongoing debate amongstwomen far and wide: is it really worth splurging on luxury make-up?With the news this week thatone in three women are putting make-up ahead of household bills, we have brought in make-up artist Sophie Fleur Thorp to partake in a blind testso that we canreach some kind of a conclusion...Cheap ThrillsMiss Sporty Mission Correction Multi-Action Foundation in Medium, £2.99MUA Blusher in Cupcake, £1Collection Velvet Kiss Moisturising Lip Cream in Mulberry, £2.99MUA Intense Glitter Eyeliner in Starry Night, £1Collection Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara in Black, £2.99Total: £10.97The Verdict“The three-in-one foundation concealer is quite disappointing. The texture is too thick, yet it doesn’t conceal imperfections and, instead of highlighting the skin, it leaves it looking matte. I struggled to build this up to hide problem areas without it looking caked on, so I’d recommend using a separate product to blur or hide any blemishes. The mascara is OK, although it doesn’t offer anything special and needs to be layered up to really get the volume and length I desire. The real winners are the liquid lipstick – it doesn’t budge and the pigments are vibrant – and the blusher, which delivers intense colour with a subtle shimmer. The eyeliner is also great. For a kohl pencil, it went on smoothly, with little pressure or pulling, and I was able to build it up and blend it out to create a glittery, smoky eye.”Mid-range MagicMax Factor Miracle Match Foundation Blur & Nourish in Caramel, £12.99Gosh Natural Blush in Electric Pink, £7.99Sleek Makeup Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette, £9.99Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in 005, £4.99Soap & Glory Supercat Easy Precision Black Ink Eyeliner, £6Bourjois Volume Reveal Mascara in Radiant Black, £9.99Total: £51.95The Verdict“I love that I can build up the foundation to disguise imperfections without needing a separate concealer. And the highlighting palette is going straight into my kit! The cream and powder combo is great, as you can mix them together to intensify the glow, plus it also doubles up as a shimmery eyeshadow. The mascara gave my lashes amazing volume and comes with a handy mirror – great for on the go. The lipstick is also impressive as it has the perfect balance of strong pigments and moisture, making it last all day. I wasn’t keen on the eyeliner, though. It took ages to dry, and left smudges and an imprint every time I blinked.”Super SplurgeYSL Touche Éclat Le Teint in BD60, £32.50Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer in Medium Neutral, £17.50Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Blush in Plush Petal, £29Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop Lip Colour Stick in Headliner, £24Nars Unrestricted Matte Eyeliner Stylo in Black, £21Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara in Black Vinyl, £25Total: £149The Verdict“Although this foundation didn’t make the same promises of concealing and highlighting as the other two did, it offered both and then some.My skin felt smooth, hydrated and illuminated – and there was little need for concealer. The blush palette offers a gradient of colour, meaning that you can both highlight and blush in one sweep. However, the shade was too light and blurred into the highlighter, so didn’t give the result I wanted. I wasn’t keen on the bullet shape of the lipstick – I prefer a hard edge, so you can get a clean line along your pout. The eyeliner went on well and dried immediately, and I was blown away by the mascara! After two swipes, I had full lashes without any hard work or layering.”Sophie’s best of the bunch YSL Touche Éclat Le Teint in BD60, £32.50Sleek Makeup Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette, £9.99Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in 005, £4.99MUA Intense Glitter Eyeliner in Starry Night, £1Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara in Black Vinyl, £25 The Overall Verdict“This test goes to show that you can mix and match high-end and high-street brands to create the perfect make-up bag – for your pocket and your face!”Now that you've got your dream kit sorted, try these tips to help you get your face ready in just fives minutes.Stockists: Bourjois (, Charlotte Tilbury (, Collection (, Estée Lauder (, Gosh (, Marc Jacobs (, Max Factor (, Miss Sporty (, MUA (, Mars (, Rimmel London (, Sleek Makeup (, Soap & Glory (, Urban Decay (, YSL (
Is the Used Car Dealer I Bought My Car From Liable at All Since My Airbags Did Not Deploy?
Is the Used Car Dealer I Bought My Car From Liable at All Since My Airbags Did Not Deploy?
Is the used car dealer I bought my car from liable at all since my airbags did not deploy?Air bags know when to deploy. They are pretty smart— — — — — —WHAT SPEED SHOULD CAR AIR BAGS GO OFF AT?They do not explode on the basis of speed. They do go off on the basis of vibration, via a shock sensing system. You could be stopped, and if someone hits you on the back at a high speed, sufficiently strong, then the bags will go off on your face.They are primary targets for decapitation).— — — — — —can i be sued for not letting my car buyer know that the air bags didnt work?Used cars are usually sold "as is". However, there is laws in most states that you have to give money back within a few days, if they want it. This is state law, so it's different everywhere.— — — — — —does a 1978 pontiac firebird have air bags? if not is there a way that i could install some?I had a 1976 and I am 6'3" there is plenty of leg room. No they did not have air bags. There are no retrofit kits to add them. A custom installation would cost more than the car is worth. Get it and have fun— — — — — —I was hit front and back of my car and my airbags didn't deploy?Air bags are designed to deploy when you vehicle is going over a certain speed. I certainly doubt you will be able to sue— — — — — —What's the best car for someone to get as a "first car"?smothing with a full compliment of air bags all around— — — — — —Air Bag to Glove Compartment?Bad idea. replace the air bag. If it's wreck again and the passenger is hurt, it's on you— — — — — —Should i keep a vehicle that been in an accident several times n air bags deployed?I agree with the redneck lol. but if it was me... i wouldnt keep it— — — — — —" How long are air bags supposed to last?"?There's no way anyone here can tell you for sure what the problem is with the information provided, but all of the new body style Volkswagens, including the Touaregs, have recently had many faults relating to the side airbags in the front seats. Most of these faults are fixed by simply bypassing the side airbag connector located under the seat with wire overlays. However, it could be any number of other things, crash sensors, seat belt latches, the passenger occupant detection system, the list goes on. I would get it checked out though as soon as you can, because in the event of an accident, the airbag system may not work as designed— — — — — —how do air bags in cars help to reduce the force of impact on passengers in car accidents?The airbags absorb the blow of impact, slowing you down much more gently than the windshield. The airbags inflates, then deflates as your face and head are pushed against it, dissipating much of the momentum and lowering the over all force exerted on your head— — — — — —1994 Mer. GM Air bag light blinks on and off. Can air bags deploy without collision? Why does it blink?Have it checked by the dealer. Do not screw around with safety items .— — — — — —had a car accident the air bags didnt come off, should i sue the car company?YEs dude call them rtell them what happen get your inshurence involved with this ad Bam ur gonna get allot of money out of this— — — — — —I was in a car accident and my air bags didn't deploy. I'm was driving a 96 Sunfire? Do I have law suit ?Sure. Anyone can sue anyone. Have fun paying the legal fees— — — — — —Do air bags really protect you all that much?If you are in US. then you should have an airbag in your car. Its a rule— — — — — —can we sue for the air bags not deploying by hiting a tree head on?My opinion is that since the tree was uprooted , the vehicle did not experience a severe nough stop for the air bag to deploy.— — — — — —If a car gets hit by lightning, will the air bags be activated?Yes it can and this has happened many times, that airbag can pop right out if the car gets hit by lightning
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