Most Luxurious Prisons in the World That Let You Wish You Were Incarcerated

We all know what Prisons are and the type of people that they were meant to host. Over the past years we have seen prison riots, where prisoner protest for better treatment and better dwelling facilities.there has been internal rivalry, where death and mayhem spurs. We all know of the stringent rules that are enforced on inmates. Prison is a place that no one wishes to be a dweller. We are locked up like caged animals and all freedom is lost. We all enjoy our freedom, our freedom of movement, foods, entertainment and such, but did you know that there are some very luxurious Prison Facilities that makes you wish your were Incarcerated? Lets take a look at a few.

The Aranjuez Prison is located in Madrid Spain. This prison allow incarcerated parents to live with their children in prison up until the age of three. Of course these cases are mostly single parent cases. Once the child has reached the cut off age of three years old, they are taken into state care.

The spacious units come replete with cribs and Disney characters on the walls. Outside there's even a prison playground for the kids. The kids days are just like any other children's day, the child goes to nursery school, plays and do all other stuff normal toddlers do. The Only difference is that that child actually lives in prison with either mom, dad or both.

Indonesia lock me up please. Television has painted nasty images of prisons in that country, from rat infestation to disease riddled. Prisons in Indonesia are host for deadly drug smugglers and murderers. But this luxurious prison in Indonesia is like a condo by the beach side. Once you have the right amount of money and you are convicted of a crime in Indonesia, you are guaranteed to spend your years serving your time in this condo type facility. The security at this facility is beefed up, but the time served is splendid. The rooms are decked out with designer furniture, karaoke machines, fridges, bathrooms, and personal climate controlled air condition. So the next time you think of breaking the law in Indonesia, ensure that your bank balance is looking good.

Once we thought that being an American citizen was the golden grail of citizenship. I am thinking about swearing to Norway right about now. Not every developed nation embraces America's get tough on crime prison philosophy. There are over one hundred inmates at this luxurious prison colony. It is a minimum security facility located on Bastoy Island. Being an inmate in this facility is like a lifetime camping and enjoying nature. In fact, the word prison should not be used to describe this facility, These "prisoners" are under island arrest. The prisoners live in small cottages. They pass their time by working on the prison farm, playing sports such as tennis, enjoying thrills such as horseback riding and fishing. When they get bored they just lie around and take a tan. Lock me up please!

Your shot!, that is not me committing suicide, but probably what the inmates say to each other over the pool tables at this correctional institute. Inmates are committed to 40 hours of purposeful mental and physical activities. HMP is designed as a learning prison, where prisoners addresses the circumstances of them being locked up. The center works on transitioning inmates so they can be accepted back in society, get jobs and live law abiding lives. Learning & Skills, Jobs and Programmed Interventions. Additionally the Link Center allows prisoners to meet with outside agencies when making the transition from prison life to the community.

I can honestly say that Scotland has embraced crime fighting strategy by engaging in prisoner transitioning. Good move. Maybe other countries need Sherlock Holmes to give them a clue as to what rehabilitation really is.

Get out of my dorm! sorry my prison cell. The rooms in this prison unit are 4 star hotel comfortable, the units are designed with luxury in mind. I would trade my room for a vacation in these units. Rooms are equipped with book shelves, reading corner, a television that broadcast educational and reform programs. The above picture says a million words. Otago rehabilitates prisoners by teaching them job skills in light engineering, dairy farming and cooking. This prison is a dream come true for criminals.

This prison was built for crime separation, if you committed a non-violent crime such as burglary or pick-pocketing. This fancy correctional center is like a home away from home, in fact i know many persons who legitimately would prefer to be incarcerated than to be living in the rat nest that they call home. At this Luxurious resort, i mean at this luxurious prison, each prisoner has his own room. The rooms come equipped with a television, bathroom and even a kitchenette! Can you imagine these inmates cooking up a storm?, can some one say Italian please.

Champ-Dollon Prison, Switzerland You would think that cheese and banks are all the swiss think about, you are dead wrong, they do think about their poor prison inmates and those thoughts bring luxury.

Champ-Dollon Prison had its problems with overcrowding, disease and riots. In fact, Champ-Dollon Prison was denounced as the most overcrowded and disease-ridden detention center in all of Europe. Responding to negative reviews from the anti-torture committee of the Council of Europe in 2008, Switzerland called for a change. Thus come forth the 4 star Champ-Dollon.

JVA Fuhlbuettel is Hamburg's luxury prison for long serving inmates. Renovated and reopened in 2011, the spacious cells include a bed, couch and the unique fascinating combination shower and toilet. Prisoners have machines to do their laundry and a small conference room. Can you imagine, a conference room, i wonder what these guys meet about. They may have formed a union for better wages and Saturday nights out.

These guys have better furniture than i do. The top-of-the-line prison in Sollentuna includes cells with comfortable mattresses and private bathrooms. After prisoners hit the weight room, they can cook up a meal in the state of the art kitchen before kicking back and watching TV on the couch. Sweden's prison authorities are quick to point out that every square inch of the prison can be seen on a security camera.

Luxurious Prison Life Approved?

Many persons may find the idea of providing luxury services to prisoners as outrageous, bias and a waste of taxpayers money, and that all crime is crime and should be punished indiscriminately.While some will welcome a luxury reform to the prison system worldwide. It may not have to be five star ranking, but an upliftment from the rat holes that many countries call prison. No matter the crime committed, rape, burglary, abuse, fraud or murder, it was committed by a person to another person. no amount of bad treatment can undo a crime that was done, we can punish a person and no more. What should be the core of all prison systems is rehabilitation and reduce recidivism, if not putting an end to it.

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Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner - Understanding DifferencesWho does not want to live or work in a cool and comfortable environment? Advanced and innovative products in cooling technology offer a variety to make your environment conducive surrounding. The choice is between an air cooler vs. an air conditioner. Here is a buyer's guide that shows the difference between an air cooler and an air conditioner. We considered the working principle, initial cost, energy consumption, installation, and maintenance aspects of each appliance. An air cooler applies the evaporative principle to remove heat from surrounding air with water-absorbent pads. The motor in air coolers blows hot water near the absorbent pads for the cooling effect. A fan in the appliance then blows the cool air out into the circulation. For cooler air, you can use the appliance with ice cubes. Since air coolers add moisture to the air when cooling, they are suitable for dry climates. On the other hand, air conditioners use a refrigerant and chemical coolant to cool the hot air. The compressor in the evaporative unit absorbs the hot air, and the evaporator coil draws the heat from the air with the refrigerant. The refrigerant with the heat moves into the condenser unit for cooling. The fan in the condenser then disperses the cool air. Due to the dehumidifying effect of air conditioners, the appliance is effective in humid climates. Nonetheless, air conditioners are also efficient for use in normal and dry climatic conditions. Of the two air cooling appliances, the air conditioner has a more complex working principle than the air cooler. The initial average cost of acquiring an air cooler or air conditioner depends on the model size and brand. Like many products, you will find a variety of air cooling appliances in the market. Take time to identify the device that best meets your needs for comfort and budget. However, both cooling types of equipment vary in price. If you are shopping on a tight budget, you might want to explore the available air cooler units. Air conditioners come with a bigger price tag. Hence, they are ideal for buyers on a more accommodative budget. Air coolers are an economical alternative as they provide the most value for your money. Read Also: How Much Does It Cost to Run a Fan When considering a suitable air cooling appliance for your residential or commercial space, you have to determine how energy efficient your choice is. Always go for the low energy consumers as they translate to less electricity use and low utility bills. An air conditioner has a complex operating system with compressors that rely on electricity. Such a device consumes considerable power, elevating your utility bill. However, an air cooler will significantly cut down your electricity cost as they operate with a simple motor. On average, an air cooler uses 75-80% less energy than the counterpart. Read Also: When Should I Turn My Air Conditioner On Portable air coolers come with zero installation requirements. All you have to do is set the appliance up in your space, and the cooling begins. Most models have castors for convenient portability from one place to the next. So, you can readily plug in and out the air cooler as per your needs. There are ultra-portable air coolers that have a small capacity and compact framework for easier handling. In contrast, you have to arrange your room and ensure proper insulation before setting up an air conditioner. What is more, whether you go for a split or window air conditioner, mounting and dismounting are necessary. Unlike air coolers that utilize the outside air, air conditioners work effectively in insulated spaces. For a properly functioning air cooler, you need electric power and cold water for the cooling effect. You, therefore, have to refill the water tank every day for use. On the other hand, air conditioners require a clean air filter and electricity. The frequency at which you change the air filter depends on the volume of air the conditioner cools. However, most air conditioner brands recommend that you replace the filter every month. Despite the variation in maintenance, an air conditioner will use up three times more operating cost than an air cooler. Related: Why Is My Portable AC Unit Not Cooling Room It is your social responsibility to maintain environmental sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint. Air conditioners use a refrigerant that often features Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and others like HCFs and HCFCs. These greenhouse gases are detrimental to the environment due to the global warming and climate change effect. As the air passes the refrigerant for cooling, it circulates into the surrounding, affecting air quality. As such, the US Government has banned the use of greenhouse gas refrigerants as a safety regulation. Since air coolers only need water and motor for operation, they are safer for your health and the environment. Hence, they are more eco-friendly than the air conditioners. Air Cooler or Air Conditioner: Which is Best? So, which air cooling appliance is preferable, the air cooler or the air conditioner? The choice depends on the user's preferences. Although the size and cost of the appliance matter, your lifestyle will have an impact on your decision more. If you have a small family unit, an air cooler works just fine. However, an air conditioner is more suited for larger homes or office spaces. In addition, air coolers will cool the air only to a certain extent. However, you can customize the temperature and humidity of your environment with an air conditioner. Air coolers come in handy for cost minimization, energy-saving, use flexibility, and environmental integrity. However, air conditioners are the ideal choice for effective cooling in the long run. Look out for additional features such as quiet operation, speed, and remote control. Be sure to check the digital features that enhance usability and efficiency. You also have an array of aesthetic aspects to consider for the curb appeal you want. There are sleek, tower-like air cooling appliances in unique shapes and shades out there. Now that you understand the difference between an air cooler and an air conditioner, it is time to embark on that shopping spree.
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