Most Frequently Asked Questions on Led Tv

Do you want to know about led tv? Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. Which is better, edge lit LED TV(tv is thinner), or backlit LED with local dimming (better picture quality)?

I have not worked on any of the side lit LED TVs yet, but I have worked on side lit florescent tube LCD TVS, and they all have a problem getting a constant glow. The center areas are usually slightly darker. And the LED with the entire lighting can darken areas of the panel that is supposed to be dark to give a higher dynamic contrast. When I went to the schooling on last years model they said that even if 50 LEDs was to quite you would be hard pressed to see the difference, unless they are in the same area. So reliability is high

2. Which led TV I have to buy?

It is a very detailed question. but here I would like to answer it very quickly. By giving you top 32 inches tv which is worth buying any day.Ishant Arora's answer to Which is the best TV in India?Thanks for reading it, please upvote and share if you have got your answer !!.

3. LED TV or Plasma, which one is better?

A lcd is typically better plasma uses electricity when your not even watching it so it does not have to warm up as slow, thus it uses a lot of power, however the picture is a little more vivid but there is no main difference between the two except for the technology that they use

4. I'm looking for an led tv with good quality but not a lot of money ?

Get a smaller "LED" one of South Korean or Japanese brand. Most of the former prominent domestic brands (USA, UK, European) have been licensed or sold to importers, so are just 2nd or 3rd rate brands now.

5. which to buy lcd a led tv 's?

LED tvs are bit expensive when compared to LCD. A good quality Full HD LCD TV will be more than enough. So go for LCD TV 1080p. Samsung and Sony offer very good models in India. Samsung is little bit cheaper than Sony. Samsung 6 or 7 series TV is really good

6. Unlock LED TV buttons without remote?

On some modern smart TVs you can download an app for your phone that will pair with your tv over the wifi network and allow you to control it that way. This is true for my roku tv

7. What is the best led TV brand?

Better, Best Del LED TV is the best. HD clear picture & video. I like it. So us that then felling

8. Do I need DHMI cables on my new HD LED TV?

To get HD from Comcast you must have all of the following: A HDTV A HD cable box A HD-compatible cable/wiring A HD channel If you do not have all of these, you are not actually watching TV in HD. It sounds as though your cable box is not HD or you are not using a HD compatible wire. HDMI is the recommended wire for HD because it carries both the picture and sound on a single cable, but you can also use a component video cable. A component video cable is a set of 5 RCA plugs. 3 are for video (red, blue, green) and 2 are for audio (red, white). Yes there are 2 different red plugs. The old standard yellow, red, white RCA cables will NOT give you a HD signal. Throw them out. Finally, make sure you are actually watching a HD station. In the Guide it should be clearly marked with a "HD". Another way to tell is that HD channels usually end with a .1 or _1. For instance, if your local Fox station is channel 2, then channel 2.1 is Fox-HD. You can still watch non-HD channels with your HD setup, but they will look sort of grainy. Trust me, when you are actually watching a HD channel, you will know it!

9. question about t.v specs and this t.v i found?

do not not based too much from specifications ,as TV maker " play around " full information from specifications using difference measurement standard. just share with you some info. 1 ) 90s CRT ( tube ) TV with out Response time problems. CRT TV able to display rich colour. pure dark and black colour. that LCD TV unable to perform , even high prices new Hi End LCD TV. due to Response time, there must be so call " motion blur ". none od LCD TV able to display pure dark and black colour. Mose of the consumer who change CRT TV to LCD TV, usually very disappointed. or take sometimes to accept it. 2 ) Response time and refresh rate. there is few measurement standard for Response time , Mose maker / brand use g to g standard. but some TV maker use b to b or other standard. the best LCD display is 4 ms g to g . LED-LCD able to get 2 ms g to g . the lowe ms is better. but 2 ms b to b = 5ms g to g. * none of maker info which standard during measurement * CRT tube TV is 0 Response time. Plasma close to 0 as about 0.01 ms . Standard refresh rate for LCD TV is 60 HZ. our eye noticed some " blur " from any moving image, sport fast action movies . to cover the motion blur, need faster refresh rate. 120 HZ even 240 HZ is to " hide " away the blur , is not cut it off. just make our eye more comfortable. i should said no difference between 120 / 240 HZ. but 60 HZ is really " bad " . keep in mind . Plasma is 600 HZ. Ref to " motion blur ". small screen 19 - 26 inc our eye may not noticeable the blur. some consumer even do not noticed any " blur " from an low end big screen LCD TV who use 7 or 8 ms Response time / 60 HZ . some people with very sensitive eye, even cant accept that kind of " blur " from an hi end LCD models with 4 ms g to g / 120 HZ. . 3 ) Contrast ratio. too many standard for that. usually is DCR. dynamic contrast ratio, even that , so many back light systems for DCR . do not forget, our human eye " limited " for contrast ration . more than 800,000 " 1 DCR , our eye take as " nothings ".in general . 500,000 : 1 is good enough. LED-LCD with LED back-light . some smart consumer, think just the difference in back-light, no difference in quality, no worth to paid for it.. simply is new technologies. the LED back-light " change " the display technology. do not think those LED cost 10 cents from electronics shop. TV maker take 10 years R & D just to change the back-light ? LED TV is RE-FINE for LCD TV. those LCD unable to perform. LED TV just do it much better. more rich in Colour . more pure dark / black colour. 2ms g to g Response time panel * depend of brand * 120 HZ able to cover / hide away the motion blur very very well.40 % less power consumption. LED TV close to Plasma TV quality. should be around 94 % . i should said normal people eye will not get the difference between LED TV and Plasma TV. TV maker / Brand. Samsung / leading in LED TV. LG coming up very strong in LED TV.Sony / Sharp LED TV is great too. the 37 inc LG LED TV is good quality.not an hi end models but general good in all area. as LG manufactures own LCD/ LED display panel.LG TV is reliable and more reasonable in prices too. if you looking for GREAT. consider Sharp LED TV. the new " quattron " models. the only 4 primary colour RGB Y. really RICH in colour display . hope such little info helps you to get the right LED TV.

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Led Tv Repairing Course
Today I am going to tell you about a course which is at a cheaper price. And after doing this course, you will be able to earn money with little effort. ABC Institute offers courses that will make your future great. So, join it now and take advantage of this opportunity. Learn the best TV repairing course in Delhi. And you can also run their own business after doing this course. ABC Mobile Repairing Institute supports you 100% for making your career. The ABC Mobile Repairing Institute also provides lifetime backup support• You May Also Want to KnowHow are flashing LED circuits made?Basically you have a circuit called an oscillator which does the on-off-on part. The output of that controls a transistor which acts as a switch, turning on and off the current through the LED. Google 555 flasher circuits for examples. The 555 is a common IC (chip) which can act as an oscillator. Do not let anyone tell you you need college level maths and physics to understand basic electronics, you do not .do you have one of those cool LED flashlights ?i have a better light mine is a laser light and an led =)Is LED aquatic lighting worth buying, would it be fine for aquatic plants(look nice)otherlighting suggestion?i have a led light in my tank and its really god but i would keep it on 24/7 as it grows moss all over your tank but its great to have one for about 4/12 hours of the day so you can looks at your fishWhat kind of resistor should I use with a single LED?Voltage drop on a resistor will be 8.4 Volts. Current through resistor 20 mA. Power dissipated on the resistor P = U*I = 8.4*0.02 = 0.168 Watt Resistor value R = U/I = 8.4/0.02 = 420 Ohms Two leds mean twice more current through the resistor, thus twice more power will be dissipated. Resistor value will be needed twice lesser.My LED HD Smart 43" TV gets very hot from below?Your best bets if you ask me besides making sure that the set is properly ventilated is look in the users manual or go online with the make/model you should be able to find if regarding the normal operating temperature spec ranges for that set.Otherwise call up the manufacture or email usually contact and basic info email address's and phone numbers will be listed under Support or Contact on the manufactures web site. Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way many sets even the newest led smart flat screen TV's will run a bit hot once they reach their peek temperatures after being on for awhile.If you ask me and I thought a set or other electronic device was running too hot I might try and have the set in a better local or offer it better air circulation etc.Note once the what they call hot spots on any circuit board get so hot and cool down etc over and over again it does usually cause weak or bad soldering connections or parts to over heat etc so keep that in mind.Which LED 3D TV should I buy amongst these choices?Do not think about any other brand when you have samsung and lg in front of you. both these companies make the best displays. But if i were you i would go for the Samsung D8000, it has a very thin bezel and gives really really true blacks and the videos look real. But the apps are just upscaled versions of mobile apps, so be careful. It's a great buy though, the sound is just a LITTLE bit upsetting but the picture quality make up for thatCan you list 12 songs for an album of Led Zeppelin's darkest songs, and what would you name this collection?I can't think of too many songs that would be considered "dark' - but I'll have a go, chronologically."Babe I'm Gonna Leave You""Dazed And Confused""How Many More Years""Heartbreaker""Poor Tom" (although released on "Coda" - the song was originally recorded during sessions for "LZ III")"Friends""Immigrant Song""Gallows Pole""Battle Of Evermore""Four Sticks""No Quarter""Achilles Last Stand"I wanted to add a few more (NOT "Stairway.."; although in a minor key, during live performances Robert Plant has referred to it as "a song of hope"), but I've already reached 12. I'd name this collection "Not All That Glitters Is Gold" (unimaginative & passe maybe, but for some reason I'm reminded of a one-sided LZ tribute band I saw called "Gold Zeppelin"; they were only playing "Black Dog"-style songs - don't think any of them even knew what an acoustic guitar was).Can you list 12 songs for an album of Led Zeppelin's darkest songs, and what would you name this collection?The L LED Keeps Itself OnThis is a "feature" introduced in the revision 3 of the Uno board. Up to Rev 2, the "L" LED was connected to pin 13, through a 1 kΩ resistor. On Rev 3, the same LEDresistor combination is driven by pin 13 through an op-amp. Thus, when pin 13 is in high impedance mode (i.e. INPUT mode, the default mode when the program starts), the input of the op-amp is floating. The voltage at this input (and thus at the output) is not controlled and depends only on the parasitic conductances and on leakage currents.If you want to turn the LED off, you not only need to write LOW to it, you also (and most importantly) should set the pin to OUTPUT.How can a LED run at over 40v?I am having a little trouble understanding your question. But here is some circuit analysis: If you are measuring 41.3 V on one lead of the LED, and 39 V on the other side, there's only 2.3 Volts across the LED. Now, if your supply rails really are plus and minus 40 Volts, you've got 77.7 Volts across the 1K resistor. So, the LED circuit is drawing 77.7 mA of current. The LED will dissipate about 200 milliwatts of power, which is not crazy. But the 1K resistor will be called upon to dissipate a honkin' big 6 Watts of power - which is silly for a power lamp circuit. So, that's where I have a problem.I'm working on a project, I want to make custom LED tail lights for my car?most after market leds have everthing built in now talk to ur sales person normally u just havta remove the old and wire in the newWould a standard composite video cable work in a component input on a LED TV?In the standard def world - a 3-wire component cable is just 3 identical length composite cables bundled together with red, green and blue markings to identify each end. But standard def video tops out at about 4 mhz. HD video tops out at 35 mhz. You can use 3 composite cables for HD component cables. But chances are the coax is not designed for the HD frequencies and you will suffer a loss of fine-focus, non-solid colors, and perhaps even ghosting. So it will APPEAR to work, but may not. If you are going to go component - just make sure to get cables rated for HD. Try for a site that has been trusted for years to make high-quality cables.LG IPS LED vs SAMSUNG LED?The IPS is a significant bump up in picture "niceness". You do not have to be dead on to get great color reproduction and brightness. LG's track record is a little shaky, but I see Samsung starting to up their prices for lower quality (a move that Sony pulled 10 years ago which has left them reeling outside in the cold).Why do LED bulbs sometimes burn out faster than incandescents?Thermal issues contribute to the longevity of the current regulation circuitry. While LEDs are very efficient light generators, most of the heat is generated at the LED base. That's where the circuitry is located, as well. Depending on the available ventilation and the position of the bulb it can get very hot, this reducing the lifetime of the switching components.In the early days of LED bulbs, the warranty would only apply to the vertical (the bulb facing up) installation of LEDs bulbs.Generally speaking, specially designed LED lamps with proper heat sinks should have a much longer lifetime. I have not lost a single LED bulb in about 4 years. I have about 40 of them installedWhat are LED bulbs?Just before the wide appearance of CFL in market, people were asking what are the advantages of CFL?Now the time has turned and conversation moved to LED lights. Customer wants to learn comparison of CFL and LED lights in easiest way.We have made an Infographic for easy understanding. Comparing Life span:During comparison of LED and CFL light, the very first thing comes to mind is Life. A well built LED light can maintain (70%) of its brightness even after 50000 hours. It does not go off after that, but illumination decrease afterwards. CFL bulb also becomes little dim, but after its life (8000-10000 hrs), it goes dark.Efficiency comparison:LED bulbs or lights have higher efficiency for converting power in to brightness. High efficiency CFLs are also available, but they cost very high. You can replace CFL bulb with LED of half power. It will save 50% of your electricity bill over CFL.Following is the LED vs CFL light comparison Chart shown as Infographic:Now let's check lifetime calculation. led lightscosts more initially, but you are free from hassle of changing bulbs. Overall consideration of power, life and cost says CFL costs you more in long time basis.Also consider factors like vibration, on-off cycles, humidity and breakage that can make your CFL lights expired before 8000 hours.Is it legal to have an LED sign in your back car window?The best way to find out the answer to your question is to call your state highway patrol or equivalent in your state.I have called mine for many odd questions like yours and they are always happy to answer my questions.They would rather if you ask a question rather than have to pull you over and issue you a ticket because you do not know the law.I don't understand about voltage and current when wireing an LED?go to this link .it's very simple.http:/ using Energizer Lithium safe to use for Led Lendser P3?The brightness in the LED that you see is because of the voltage. Current is pulled out of a battery when it's needed from a circuit. So If you put the right amount of voltage in your controller it's fine.Hi I am planning to buy a Sony 40 inch 3D LED smart TV from UK and take it to India. Will it work?To be extra detailed 1. Yes. Samsung LED 46inch is fantastic. Go for it 2. Why 3D ?? Full HD is just right ample. Very quickly new 3D LED is coming in market on which you can watch 3D with utilizing goggles! Go for Samsung LED with out 3DPowering LED via AC SignalProbably the easiest way is to feed the filtered signal decoupled (i.e. through a capacitor) into the enable of a CC driver. The 1kHz pulsing wo not be visible to the human eye, but you might need to drive the LED very close to its maximum current rating.hi is anny one knows what is the meaning of LED ?Definitions of led on the Web: light-emitting diode: diode such that light emitted at a p-n junction is proportional to the bias current; color depends on the material used in NOT gate confusion: LED voltage drop vs transistor voltage dropThe transistor when saturated has a base-emitter voltage of 0.7V, but the collector-emitter voltage is about 0.2V. That why your led does not shine.If you add an emitter resistor, the current running through it causes a voltage drop, so the emitter (and collector as well) are on a higher voltage.Pink Floyd fans: why is Led Zeppelin better than Pink Floyd (plz read the details of the question)?wasnt led zeppelin accused of copyright infringement back in the day.... yeah i dont think pink floyd has ever been accused of that. zepplin is pretty damn cool, but it takes allot from blues, where as pink floyd invented music. i like both bands and each brings different things to the table
Is the Intex 3201 Smart LED TV Worth Buying?
Thanks for A2A.If you're really and desperately looking to buy a smart TV and have a very tight budget than you can surely go for it, cause at around 18k it's great value for money.ButIf you want a good product that will last long and you can go up a little in terms of spending money, then I would suggest you buy a TV from a better brand like LG, Philips or Samsung which will provide you a way better picture quality and sound quality.Cause in terms of sound & picture quality TV's from brands like intex or Micromax do not perform that well.A good option available today on Amazon at a price of around 22-23k isLG 80 cm (32 inches) 32LH576D HD Ready Smart LED IPS TV (Black) ElectronicsIt supports Netflix,wifi, YouTube and many other necessary functionalities and has a sleek metallic look that makes it aesthetically a great buy along with some seriously killing features.Plus LG's service in home appliances is way better than any other brand out there.• Suggested ReadingWhy doesn't the media cover atheism?Lack of organization. Many of the religious things you read about are press releases from religious organizations. If you disagree, look at the end of many of the articles for the source. You do read about negative things covered as news, but you also generally see them aimed at a particular organization, like the Boston Archdiocese when the pedophile issue finally broke. But there are no official atheists organizations doing press releases.The other thing is when do you usually see theists in the news? If not a positive press release, it's when they get into trouble. So when a Christian does something stupid, the fact they are a Christian may be newsworthy, especially if it is something considered sinful by many Christians. However when an atheist does something stupid, the fact they are an atheist rarely plays into it.Example, back to pedophilia. When a priest get caught, it wasn't just 'We caught a pedophile", it's 'We caught a priest pedophile'. If the pedophile was an atheist, saying 'We caught an atheist pedophile' doesn't really add to the newsworthiness of the item.------Were the Beatles to the 60s as what Led Zeppelin was to the 70s?In some ways, yes, in lots of other ways, no. They were both huge bands but The Beatles were without doubt the biggest group of the sixties. Were Led Zeppelin the biggest band of the seventies? They were certainly the biggest 'rock' band of the seventies and sold lots of records but there were other bands like ABBA, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac who were also selling millions of records. And Led Zeppelin never changed culture, fashion and lifestyle the way the fab four did. They epitomized, along with Black Sabbath, what a hard rock band was but they weren't as all round successful as The Beatles. They didn't release singles, at least not in their home country, which although added to their mystique, it stopped them from becoming a chart act to rival The Beatles. At the end of the day there was never and never will be another Beatles but Led Zeppelin are certainly a legendary act and may very well have been the biggest band of the seventies but they would and could never have had the overall impact that John, Paul, George and Ringo had------Why hasn't Alibaba bought a major US bank so that it can promote the Alipay platform in the US?Thanks for A2A. I am not aware of any restrictions preventing Alibaba from bidding on a major bank and using that purchase to push its product. The question is whether Alibaba can add value to the banking system or would it just use the USA as an ATM machine?Alipay was created as an escrow company. By definition, an escrow account is a truly neutral third party that holds money for buyer and seller until an approved exchange of goods or services occurs. Interestingly, Alibaba still earns income from Alipay which stretches the limits of its definition as a truly neutral third party in many transactions. The US Commercial Service recommends instead. Alipay is also used similarly to a credit card or mobile wallet in China where services like PayPal and Apple Pay lead in the USA.Consumer information and data security are core issues with money. Alibaba has already struggled with data security. While Alibaba may have the cash to invest in the USA, there are no guarantees that consumers would welcome them with open arms and open wallets.------Would the Confederate Army have continued its invasion of the North if they won at Gettysburg in 1863?Probably, if by invasion you the effort to destroy the union army. He was not trying to conquer and occupy territory. But depends on the nature of the victory. Given the blunder that Meade had committed by trapping his entire army along some hills of no strategic value, Lee could have simply dug in and waited for Meade to attack him or try to move away - which he could have easily countered and most likely resulting in the destruction of Meades entire army. Meade had no tactical options other than waiting for Lee to attack him. Lees supply problems were less than Meades. Meade had nearly 100,000 men and thousands of horses in an area in hot July weather with an inadequate water supply. Lees army was setting in the middle of one of the richest agricultural regions of the country, nearly untouched by the war and could gather up all the supplies they needed unopposed. So, he had a few days anyway to wait out Meade. If the AOP had been eliminated, Lee would have marched on DC, otherwise, he would have probably settled for what ever victory he had achieved and returned to VA------What (if anything) did Barack Obama do to Donald Trump to cause Trump to dislike Obama so much?If you remember Trump was behind the whole " Obama was not born in the US" movement. Obviously that was more Fake News being spread by Trump.At the WhiteHouse correspondent's dinner in 2011 OBama got his revenge. As you know the dinner is a big roast party where speakers roast the president and then he gets his chance to return the favor. Obama launched into a10 minute or so roast of Trump that brought out huge laughs from the crowd but you could literally see the smoke coming out of the ears of Donald Trump's ears!! There is no doubt that being the narcissist that he is Trump made Obama his number one target from that day forward! Look it up on YouTube ... it is quite amusing!!Trump being the narcissist he is ... I believe he has only attended the one of those dinners as president...his ego can't stand being being the but of a joke even if it is a long standing tradition that presidents have attended this function and it is a fun evening for everyone!------How many LED strips can you connect?Thanks for A2A, but How many LED strips can you connect to what?Most LED strips are groups of three 3V LEDs with a dropper resistor for 12V. The actual amount of current drawn by each group will vary from one manufacturer to another and, the longer the strip, the more line resistance there is meaning that while it is theoretically possible to have a single strip one mile long, the amount of voltage drop will mean that those LEDs on the far end wont even attempt to illuminate.If you are using equal (and sane) lengths of strips from one manufacturer, you need to measure how much current each strip draws, and then divide that into the total current available from your 12VDC source.Assuming that each strip is about three feet long and draws 100ma at 12VDC, then you can connect ten of them to a 12VDC 1A supply and all LEDs should glow equally. Depending on how much overload your power supply can handle, you could get away with two or three more strips before you notice that either the PSU shuts down, or all the LEDs begin to dim------Did dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima really end WW2?But now the war has lasted for nearly four years. Despite the best that has been done by everyone--the gallant fighting of our military and naval forces, the diligence and assiduity of out servants of the State and the devoted service of our 100,000,000 people--the war situation has developed not necessarily to Japan's advantage, while the general trends of the world have all turned against her interest.Moreover, the enemy has begun to employ a new and most cruel bomb, the power of which to do damage is, indeed, incalculable, taking the toll of many innocent lives. Should we continue to fight, it would not only result in an ultimate collapse and obliteration of the Japanese nation, but also it would lead to the total extinction of human civilization.Such being the case, how are we to save the millions of our subjects, nor to atone ourselves before the hallowed spirits of our imperial ancestors? This is the reason why we have ordered the acceptance of the provisions of the joint declaration of the powers.Speech by Emperor Hirohito accepting the Terms of Surrender, 14 August 1945Views are my own and not that of any client or company I work for.------What's the last thing you have or want to purchase which is definitely worth the money?Yesterday I dropped off my 1971 Rolex Datejust at Rolex USA in Beverly Hills, Ca for a full service and rebuild. Watches are like cars and they need to be cared for internally. They have a movement inside which should be serviced atleast every ten years.My watch was handed down to me by my great uncle and he gave it to me in perfect condition although it was nearly 50 years old. I have been wearing it for a couple years now and decided it's important for me to keep the watch in good condition so I can pass it down to my children.They take apart the entire watch and inspect the individual pieces for wear and in some cases replace worn out parts. They replace all the seals, ensuring it's waterproofing and they do extensive testing to make sure it is indeed waterproof and they provide a two year warranty saying so.All in it was over $1500. Although that is a lot of money I do believe it to be worth it as I will be able to keep this watch in great condition for my future family------Did Germany start World War I?Yes and No. The Black Hand conspirators who shot the Archduke started WWI. Serbia and Austria-Hungary started it by not settling on how to handle the assassination of the Archduke. The Kaiser didnt help the situation, and neither did the Czar.The former German ambassador to Great Britain, Karl Max, Prince Lichnowsky, pictured below, wrote a pamphlet about his unsuccessful efforts to maintain peace in 1914. My Mission to London 1912-1914 was published privately in 1916, and when it was published in the USA, Prince Lichnowsky, one of the wealthiest men in Germany, was kicked out of the Prussian House of Lords. Lichnowsky wrote that Germany encouraged Austria to attack Serbia and then refused to mediate or scale down the crisis after events started to unfold.Because they knew he had tried to keep the peace, the British gave Prince Lichnowsky a guard of honor when he returned to Germany after the declarations of war. He was never a fan of the German alliance with Austria-Hungary, nor did he share the belief, which he called a lie, that the Entente was bent on the annihilation of Germany
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America? (UK led a mission in 1788 to do just that- cut Americas)-cut USA infl?Russia is desperately trying to gain influence there. Would you rather them than the US? Reality being what it really iswhat are the natural remedies to detoxify mercury/led from the body?A great way to detox every day heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury, lead and cadmium is doing an Ionic Detox Footbath and using a Far Infrared Sauna. We have both of these at the clinic I work, and it's truly amazing how these work. Make sure you do your research though, because not all footbaths are the same.what are the best led zeppelin songs with slider guitar?My favorite slide guitarists are Ry Cooder, Roy Rodgers, Duane Allman, Elvin Bishop, Arlen Roth, Joe Walsh and Greg Douglass.. Greg was a Bay Area icon. Played with John Cippolina, Steve Miller, and many other's.. Look him up.. Great slide guitarist too.And.. Johnny Winter's version of "Highway 61" is a classic!.my blackberry pearl 8100 displays no service but network coverage led flushes green what could be the problem?The LED is used for checking Notifications and not for checking that if there is network coverage or not...! my suggestion is that u should visit the blackberry showroom or customer care of blackberry to negotiate your problems...!does the brightness in an led drain more energy?If you mean a super bright LED versus a regular one then yes there is more current drain however the amount is so small as to be ignored unless you are adding several of themAre the Jewish people being led into another holocaust?No because no there's an official state for Jews and they are not spread outEver tried BLW (baby led weaning)?Hi, we did BLW with our daughter (now 19mths old). I found it so easy and natural, and she is a really adventurous eater now, and has never had any issues with 'lumps' or anything else like that. We started with things like mango, banana, rice cakes, and broccoli/cauliflower florets. She loved holding them and sucking/munching away at them. We started at around 5 and half months, not with regular meals, but it the afternoon I would let her pick up and explore the food. She was my second child, which meant I was a little more relaxed about everything. By the time she was a year old she was eating the same as the rest of the family. It was much easier then going the puree route, and I always knew exactly what she was eating.How nice was it to see the Cowboys led by Tony(Choke) Romo get beat by the Giants today therefore sweeping->?I say both. Romo played terrible today and the Broncos defense just played that great. The Broncos are a 4-0 team and they had to do something right no matter how weak the schedule was perceived to be undefeated up to this point. The Broncos just got into the difficult part of the schedule and beat a team many people thought they were not supposed to beat. You are what your record says you are and the Broncos have played some great defense and not made mistakes on offense It proves Tony Romo is a choker as well because both the games his team has lost he's played poorly. They probably would'nt have had too much trouble winning the Giants game with 250 yards rushing had he not played poorly and threw 3 INTs. Today the Cowboys got off to a 10-0 lead but he simply could not get the job done and finish it off. Still has yet to win a big game and has made some terrible throws. He's shown he's truly overratedProposal that never led to anything.?He did not buy a big ring because he did not want to get marriedMen, have you been led on by any ladies to do their bidding then dropped like trash?No brother. There's no way I can ever be manipulated that way by any female (they are too weak). I am sorry if that has happened to you. I know, that as a man, you will easily learn from your experiences and not ever let it happen againWould you EVER vote for someone who's religious beliefs led him to say, "I am not in favor of g.ay marriage"?Yes, but then again I would vote for someone who wanted to get government completely out of the marriage business altogether. It is a religious institution. Give it back to the churches. If the state wants to sanction unions between people, gay or straight, let them do it through civil unionscan anybody explain to me how i could instal interior underglow(led lights) to my car w/o the cigarete lighter?Huh? You better take it to someone. Really!i gt pencil led stuck in my hand?They use graphite in pencils now, not lead, do not worry about it. If you really want, try to use a safety pin, but do not freak about it..You will be ok either wayArduino led strip mosfets irfz44n [closed]Regarding current.let through about 9 amps9 Amp is the maximum current the MOSFET can handle at that VGS without becoming to hot and break down and fail. If your LED consumes 5 Amp then you are below the maximum limit of 9 Amp = OK!Examples of when a "new way of thinking" led to a solution [closed]The probabilistic method has been successfully used for proving the existence of mathematical objects non constructively, by proving that the probability of choosing an object in that class is not zerodoes anyone think after the episode smallville requim lana should of got a led suit?and unless it comes w/ a lead condoms for clark they still can not shag, if she wants to come back as a guest i am sure the CW budget version of an Ironman/GI Joe Accellerator suit is possible, but unless and until they can contract her as a guest star, why paint yourself into the corner both prop/costume wise, and in story but as it stands, the Kryptonite power boost was written in after the actress opted out, to let her out, the writers did not say "lets make Lana radioactive, and fire Kristen." unless she we are an alpha satanic jack hole on set (hypothetical, i bet she's nice) they do not write out popular characters on a whimWas it misinformation that led us to believe sugar was not all that bad for us?Whether it's misinformation or not you are responsible for the information you take in and implement for yourself. The good source of information is human evolution and how the early humans nourished themselves. That was a long time ago when sugar was not around so that is sufficient for me to know that I do not need or require the stuff.I think that i led him on?I suggest not writing an e-mail. If you do though, tell Dale to **** off. Also, if you love this Scott like you say you do, then there should not be a question.I have a family member in the hospital who had an abdominal CT scan that led them to do an ultrasound of his right leg. What would make them do this?I had an abdominal CT scan for a separate reason and it showed post-op thrombosis of the right external iliac vein following lumbar fusion surgery. They were worried about blood clots in my legs so I ended up having an US of my right leg. Was normal. Was on anticoagulants for 6 months. Turned out it was not uncommon with lumbar fusion surgery. Be grateful they are taking things seriouslyIs "All of my Love" the main influence on this Tame Impala song titled, Led Zeppelin?You are right, the peppy rhythmic line is very reminiscent of "All of My Love", although the instrumentation is different from that song. As far as the instruments, it sounds like a very characteristic drum sound and guitar sound for Led Zeppelin as well. Compare this classic Led Zeppelin track Black Dog. The song itself is not that similar, but the way the drums are miked, and the distortion and effects on the lead guitar are very similar. As mentioned in the comments on the song, the bass also sounds very much like Zeppelin's bassist, John Paul Jones. I would guess that, rather than being inspired by any particular song, this is an affectionate pastiche of Zeppelin's style that brings together characteristic elements from many different source songs. With that said, here's an interview with Parker himself on the topic, where he does point to one song in particular: Kevin Parker of Tame Impala describes how hearing Led Zeppelin's "Good Times Bad Times" made him realize that he could meld his love of rock music with his love of dance musicWhat has led to self-destruction? (i.e. Selfishness)?temptation it comes from ignorance - being ignorant about consequences, effects of their actions. ignorance is the cause of short-sightedness. being short-sighted, they do not look far, farther than their goals and wishes, so they do not widen their scope of understanding things. carelessness - it does not make anyone wiser. my two centsWould you please read the Lord's Prayer [Annotated] and C/C if you feel led to do so?No, I do not think it makes you a hypocrite, because you are asking for forgiveness In The Measure that you yourself forgive, and scripture tell us not to expect to receive it if we are not willing to give it. ALSO, Jesus tell us in Scripture NOT to say the same prayer over and over. In fact, it was in the same part of the bible when Jesus said "When you pray, pray ALONG THESE LINES" and then gave us what we call the Lord's prayer. HE did not say "use these words" It was a Formula for prayer. Open with a greeting: Our Father who art in heaven. Then Praise and worship: Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven Then your request: Give us this day, our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, AS we forgive those who trespass against us, Lead us not into temptation , but deliver us from evil Then reaffirm your faith, and close with more praise: For Thine is the Kingdom,with the Power and Glory forever, AMEN. . SO, when you "Recite" the lord's prayer., it really more serves as a reminder to all of us what the terms of our relationship with GOD actually are. But Jesus already told us that his Father is not really interested in recited prayer. Hope this helps. But I really like the phrases you added, and I think The Father would also. And THAT is what Jesus was talking about! Sorry, I know my answer would have been far better suited for this question asked in R&S, but you had already closed it when I saw it.
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They are cheaper than trying to buy individual components and assembling yourselfWhy is my Toshiba LED 47L2400EE 47" showing nothing at all but a black screen?Shine a torch at the screen when the TV seems like it should be on, do you see anything like a picture behind there? The backlight could be blown.Otherwise the TV could be not turning on, it could be the power supply or a corruption of the main board.Why is my Toshiba LED 47L2400EE 47" showing nothing at all but a black screen?.LED Array and Resistor Question?4 x 3.3 is 13.2 volts. That is above any of your supplies, plus you need a few volts for the resistor. So I would use two strings of two LED's each. 2 x 3.3 is 6.6 volts. Plus a few volts for the resistor gets you 8 volts. So I would use a 9 volt supply. 9-6.6= 2.4 volts. R = 2.4/.025 = 96 ohms, so use a 100 ohm resistor. Power in the resistor is I²R = 0.06 watts, so you can use a 1/4 watt resistor. 100 ohms 1/4 watt (you can use 1/2 watt) resistors are available everywhere. Remember you have 2 strings so you need 2 resistors. You always need a resistor. An alternative is 4 strings on the 4.5 volt supply. R = 1.3/.025 = 52 ohms. But this only has 1.3 volts across the resistor. May work, may not. .Whirlpool Fridge-Freezer, " H20 " LED Flashing, does water filter need changed?The flashing LED is simply a reminder to change your water filter. It does not mean that your filter is dirty or clogged up. The light flashes based on the number of times that you open the refrigerator door. To turn off the light, I believe that you have to press the door light button 5 times rapidly. This resets the counter until the next time you have opened your door X number of times. I usually change the filter every third or fourth time I see the flashing light or about every six months. The filters are way too expensive to replace every time the flashing light comes onWhat are those cops that have regular cars but LED Lights?In my area every emergency vehicle now uses LED warning lights. They use less amperage than the old lights, they have more eye catching flash patterns, they are brighter and can be seen for longer distances. The vehicles you refer to are more than likely unmarked emergency vehicles. In my area members of a volunteer rescue squad or fire department can be equipped like that. In my area undercover police vehicles are also equipped like you describe. Also an off duty police officer may have their personal car equipped like that to respond to an emergency call out. You were observant to notice their was more than one vehicle. Any time you see one emergency vehicle be on the close lookout for a second or third.Replacing the standard LEDs in a £10 led torch with 4x 1w LEDs?, ceck with themWhy should you use two resistors in parallel on an LED?Additional to all the valid point given already, another reason could be a better heat dissipation. Since these resitors are limiting current on a LED they could probably get relatively hot, given their small size. In this case the power they absorb is around 20mW. Having two items instead of one allows for better heat dissipationLED strips: 46% resistive losses?First "560" on a resistor means 56 Ω, not literally 560 Ω. This is essentially a floating point format. The last digit is the exponent of 10 to apply to the integer value formed by the previous digits. "560" therefore means 56 x 100 = 56. Yes, this LED array is quite inefficient. If that's a primary concern, do not use it. It seems the design was optimized for cost. I expect it was cheap, so you got what you paid for.How to power an LED light on the ground side of a 5A DC brake line lock solenoid as visual indicator it locked?I understand what you are trying to do, but monitoring the solenoid with an LED is going to be difficult without adding some other circuitry to monitor current flow through the solenoid. You really sIs it illegal to have blue NON-BLINKING LED or NEON lights on the SIDE of my motorcycle in Illinois?I have blue LED lights on my bike and they have been personally inspected by two county sheriffs of two Texas counties. (one with a state trooper in attendance) They all 3 said as long as the light cannot be seen from the front or rear, and they do not wig-wag (thats copspeak for blink left and right), then everything is fine. That may not be the case in states that exclusively use blue for their emergency vehicle lights designation. (North Carolina would be a good example)Tow LEDs are to be connected in series to double the light output. Each LED requires 1.4 volts at 12 mA.HELP?Voltage = 5 V, Led = 1.4 V 12mA Total voltage drop allowed is 2.8 V 5 - 2.8 = 2.2 V, which must be dissipated by resistor V / I = ohms 2.2 / 0.012 = 183.33 Ohms. Power dissipated = V x I 5 x 0.012 = 0.060 or 60 mVCan We connect LED on AC lineIf an ideal diode is given 17 mV more voltage, it draws twice as much current. Only very non-ideal diodes would survive in the AC connection shown, because an AC line may (even if there's local protection) have occasional peaks, nearly 1V across each diode. Even a line-voltage allowed variance, of 10%, would make a normally biased (3V) LED see 3.3V, and that causes a current excursion of a factor of 2**18 (about 250 thousand times) the 'normal'.What one CAN do, is put a series inductor, similar to a fluorescent lamp ballast, into the circuit. Then, instead of 10% voltage deviation causing 25 000 000% current increase, it causes 20% current increase.Connecting 220V mains switches (with on-indicator lights) to 12V COB LED lights in seriesIt all depends on how you wire the switches. I would guess that the two silver terminals are the actual switch contacts, and the brass terminal is one end of the light. The other end of the light is probably connected to the center terminal (but that's only a guess. ..)If you just use the switch contacts (silver terminals) the LEDs should light at full brightness. The light included in the switch will not light with only 12 volts, if it is intended to work on 220 VWhy can't you use certain LED bulbs in enclosed fixtures?Because they need to be wired differently some fluorescent LEDs have the neutral on one end and live on the other and some have both on the same end, also some require taking the ballast out of the fixtureWhat resistor do I need when using LED's on a car (12volts)?First of all, wire them in parallel, not series. Then they should all be the same brightness. Also, when one goes out, they wo not all go out. Secondly, the resistance needed depends on what kind of LEDs you are using. Different colors have different power usages.White LED in front legal?First of all, that is really cool. I have a Mitsubishi too and might have to steal your idea. Anyways, no that is not illegal, unless you've pissed off a cop and he is looking for something to ticket you on. A lot of cars (Like new Audis) have what are called Daytime Running Lights (DRL's) which are an LED strip, usually white, right below the headlights. These are used just to make it easier for other motorists to see your car, and are perfectly legal. If a cop does have a problem with your lights, tell them they are daytime running lights. But simply, no, that is not illegalhow much does a incandescent and LED light cost?Typically, an incandescent bulb costs Php35.00 while an LED costs less than Php3.00 (Php is Philippine Peso)i HOOKED UP MY LED ON A TOGGLE WITH POWER RAN FROM MY BATTERY BUT THE SWITCH LIGHTS BUT NO LEDS?leds will not work if you have the neg lead on the pos. side and viseversa. red= black= neg. btw turn the caps off no need to yellDeciding On A Resistor For an LED200 mA will kill it in short order. That's the Absolute MAX.100 mA and 65 mA are the nominal recommended max currents.Formula for resistor is:(V Source - V LED Forward Voltage) / Target Forward Current (Vs - VF) / If( 5V - 3V ) / 0.1A = 20Ω22Ω gives slightly less than 100 mA (2V / 22Ω = 0.09A) will really not be noticeably dimmer, and will help ensure the stated life of the led is met. A target of 65mA might be better. 2V / 0.065A = 30Ω. As points out, enclosing the led in a tube, on thin wires, is not the typical application the manufacturer expects (on a pcb board with adequate landing pads/copper sizing, and certain free air/distance).Since you have 2 volts across the resistor at 90mA, that's 2 * 0.09 = 0.18 Watts. You will need a 1/4th Watt resistor. So smd resistors are right out unless you go with two 44 ohm 1206 (1/8th Watt) resistors in parallel. So stick to 1/4th or 1/2 Watt through hole resistors.Keep in mind, the original instructable used a 0805 20mA led. You want a 3535 led, thats normally 5 times bigger light area and 5x more current. It will be particularly bright and blinding in comparison. You will want to play around with one to find out a good brightness. Use a few resistors to test. Between 30Ω and 200Ω before finalizing which one. And the more current used, the faster your usb power pack will drain. At 50mA you will have twice the battery life of 100mA, generally speaking.Dim and “unblink” a pc power LED?It's quite simple: - No soldering, nor CE labels, no messing around. No DVM required for testing. Plus you got refills by the dozen so next time you have a too-bright LED it costs nothing but time remembering where you slid the pack of these little beauties.It costs about 4 quid from here and here's the originator's web site.Do not try it with high power lasers though (I mean... who would?).Parking light replacement - Halogen to LED?led lights are going to look strange also... you need 12v/5W component type LED setups. that simple. what the model/cat numbers are going to be.. you gotta look at the company or ask the distributor/seller.
Things You May Want to Know About Led Tv
An overview of led tvBeck (born 1970) is an American singer and record producer.Beck may also refer to:Which is better? LED or LCD? of led tvThe differences between LED and LCD TV to a consumer as well as from the tecnical point of view are as follows:-1. The viewing angle of LCD TV is less than that of LED TVs. LCD TVs are best viewed directly from infront and at the same plane as the screen i.e. a good view is not possible if viewed from the sides or from above or below the TV screen. LED TVs, on the other hand, has greater viewing angle.2. LCD TVs can not be viewed under bright environment whereas LED TVs can be viewed even under direct sunlight. This is so because, the screen of LCD TVs made up of liquid crystals which changes color on passing current though it. Unlike LCD TVs, LED TV screens are made up of Light Emitting Diodes. Therefore, each tiny dot of light (pixel) on LED TV screen is like a light bulb and its glow is visible even under direct sunlight. For example, LCD TVs have the same screens as mobile phones and is not clearly visible under bright sunlight. You must have noticed that some mobile phones have light (a mobile torch).This torch is made up of an LED and thousands of such 'torch' form the LED TV screen. 3. LED TV consumes more power than LCD TVs. When and LED TV is turned on, we are actually tuning on thousands of tiny lights (LEDs) which consumes more power than passing current on some liquid which is the case with LCD TVs. 4. LCD TV is more durable than LED TV under normal conditions. It is so because LED TV consumes more power than LCD TV and more power means generation of more heat which is the ultimately factor of wear and tear in electronic devices.5. LCD TV saves power.6. LED TV is costlier than LCD TV.7. On running the TVs on backup power sources like UPS and inverters or if the TV were to be installed on vehicles, LCD TV will give a longer backup than LED TV. If performance alone is considered, than LED TVs are preferred over LCD TVs. But where budget and durability is concerned, LCD TVs stands.What is difference between LED and LCD TV? of led tvMany definitions of LED and LCD TV!Their differences to a consumer as well as from the tecnical point of view are as follows:-1. The viewing angle of LCD TV is less than that of LED TVs. LCD TVs are best viewed directly from infront and at the same plane as the screen i.e. a good view is not possible if viewed from the sides or from above or below the TV screen. LED TVs, on the other hand, has greater viewing angle.2. LCD TVs can not be viewed under bright environment whereas LED TVs can be viewed even under direct sunlight. This is so because, the screen of LCD TVs made up of liquid crystals which changes color on passing current though it. Unlike LCD TVs, LED TV screens are made up of Light Emitting Diodes. Therefore, each tiny dot of light (pixel) on LED TV screen is like a light bulb and its glow is visible even under direct sunlight. For example, LCD TVs have the same screens as mobile phones and is not clearly visible under bright sunlight. You must have noticed that some mobile phones have light (a mobile torch).This torch is made up of an LED and thousands of such 'torch' form the LED TV screen. 3. LED TV consumes more power than LCD TVs. When and LED TV is turned on, we are actually tuning on thousands of tiny lights (LEDs) which consume more power than passing current on some liquid which is the case with LCD TVs. 4. LCD TV is more durable than LED TV under normal conditions. It is so because LED TV consumes more power than LCD TV and more power means generation of more heat which is the ultimately factor of wear and tear in electronic devices.5. LCD TV saves power.6. LED TV is costlier than LCD TV.7. On running the TVs on backup power sources like UPS and inverters or if the TV were to be installed on vehicles, LCD TV will give a longer backup than LED TV. If performance alone is considered, than LED TVs are preferred over LCD TVs. But where budget and durability is concerned, LCD TVs are the choice.
Zeytinburnu 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 Ikinci El Televizyon Alan Yerler,
Zeytinburnu 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Televizyon Alan Yerler,Zeytinburnu Beştelsiz 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Televizyon Alan Yerler,Zeytinburnu Çırpıcı 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Televizyon Alan Yerler,Zeytinburnu Gökalp 2. El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Televizyon Alan Yerler,Zeytinburnu Kazlıçeşme 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Televizyon Alan Yerler,Zeytinburnu Maltepe 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Televizyon Alan Yerler,Zeytinburnu Merkezefendi 2. El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Televizyon Alan Yerler,Zeytinburnu Nuripaşa 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Televizyon Alan Yerler,Zeytinburnu Seyitnizam 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Televizyon Alan Yerler,Zeytinburnu Sümer 2. El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Televizyon Alan Yerler,Zeytinburnu Telsiz 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Televizyon Alan Yerler,Zeytinburnu Veliefendi 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Televizyon Alan Yerler,Zeytinburnu Yenidoğan 2. El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Televizyon Alan Yerler,Zeytinburnu Yeşiltepe 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Televizyon Alan Yerler,• You May Also Want to Knowmy led and monitor of my pc is turned of even if all others are turned on?Work on your spelling and grammar then ask your question againThe British caused a famine in Iran in 1917 - 1919 which led to the deaths of at least 2 million and as much as 10 million (half of their population). Why is this ignored in historical evaluation?The Great Persian of 1917-1919 was not caused by the British, or by any other human beings. It was caused by nature or, if you believe that sort of thing, Allah. It was exacerbated by the actions of Persian grain traders, who prefered to horde their crops and sell them for export, rather than feed their own people. Kevin Oliver's answer to How much do people know about the great famine in Iran in 1917-1919The number of deaths is uncertain, and may have been distorted for propaganda purposesWhat tiny habit did you add that led to a significant positive change in your life?I sropped expecting outcomes and started accepting things as they actually areIf Theodore Roosevelt had never led the Rough Riders into Cuba would the Allies have still won World War One because the American military was very small in the early 1900u2019s?The Rough Riders fought in the Spanish American War, not World War I. Quentin Roosevelt, Theodore's youngest son, was a pilot in World War I and died in combat in July 1918. TR never recovered from the loss of Quentin and died in 1919. If, as seems plausible, the Rough Riders were all in their twenties or thirties, I would be very surprised if any of them fought in World War I, when they were twenty years older and in middle ageWill Tim Tebow led Jets team enter into Playoff and Super Bowl this year?If they start him. They wont go far without replacing Sanchez. As long as he's the starter they wont winWhat is the literary novel most misunderstood both by critical and general readers, what led to this misunderstanding, and what can be done to rectify the booku2019s reputation?I do not know of one. While, in some cases, it is possible to truly misunderstand a novel, in general, there are simply different ways of understanding one. Most literary novels that have been around long enough have had the benefit of critical ink. And, while quite a lot of critical ink is spilt merely in the interest of job security, I've yet to find a literary work that's been covered by critics that entirely lacks what I would see as a good reading. You would have better luck finding novels or other literary artifacts that have, as yet, been ignored by criticsWhat has been the most powerful empire on earth and who led it?Over time, empires have come and gone and each one has contributed something precious to world history.Egyptians have left us their pyramids. Greeks their philosophy. Romans their architecture. Mongols have left their DNA. Chinese gave us gun powder. Europeans have left their languages across the globe. Indian empires have left us their spiritual art and literature. Various people in this thread have made a case for empire(s) of their choice. I am going to share with you an excellent presentation that charts the history of the world in 16 min, highlighting all the kings, kingdoms and empires that have come and gone from 3000 BC till date. You can pick out your own fav empire from this :).Do you find it rather surprising that the French Empire, Nazi Germany, USSR and some other notable world powers throughout history were sometimes led by men who were from either small nations or minority backgrounds?Hitler was not from a small country or from minority background. He was born in Österreich-Ungarn and as an austrian is considered to be of german ethnicity.Austria only became small after ww1, but then he was already living in Bavaria and fought for the German Empire during the war. He was homeless once tho.t-mobile g1 led light help?write code **dkjMd/ in cmd may helpAmerica is proud to be led by Barack Obama?every time he comes on tv, i stand at middle finger does anywayWhat led to Amendments 16, 17, 18 and 19?the civil war i thinkWireless RGB led controller circuit with motion sensing - design feedbackJust a few quick comments (past sleep time). Fatten pads as much as possible. J1 (and many other) pads can be oval and thicker to avoid loss of pad during etching, drilling and soldering. Anything with mechanical attachment wants all the copper anchor you can reasonably give it. Track between pins on ?pot? at lower left is OK but you could run track from pin 1 out and up and track to pin 2 around the end and have fatter pads and tracks. Q1 2 3 stand vertical ? OK if on heat sink with mechanical support for FETs. If not heatsunk then 'lying down' gives MUCH longer life. R4 5 6 slightly staggered ? - only cosmetic but proper alignment improves looks. Gate drive R's help damp ringing. - a few Ohms usually. IF switch speed is high you may need gate drivers - OK if 12V - some clone nanos do not like over 12V. Lower reduces on-device regulator dissipation. More can be said .GRRR! Problems with my roomate have led me to write her a letter. Should I give it to her?I think you should take the written letter as an expression of your anger and a way of letting it out so that you are not holding it all inside. But then destroy it. Once you write something down, you can never take it back. It's always right there in black and white. I would wait until I calmed down and then have a discussion with the roommate, calmly and without screaming and yelling or blaming her for everything, and just try to get some living rules set up so that neither of you feel used by the otheri like two girls but i feel douchy because i basically led them on for the sake of sex?Some girls lead guys on for certain things they need done. Do not feel guilty for doing something that the majority of women do on an consistent basisOk! I don't want to be led down so please give me your honest opinion. Could this guy be hitting on me?Why second guess what someone else is thinking...if you like him, start a conversation and see where it goes... Other than that, you are dreaming...and, dreams are not realOk I stabbed myself with a pencil and led is still in my hand. Is it bad?You are fine. I actually stabbed myself in the leg with a nice sharp pencil when I was in elementary school -probably 20 years ago - and some of the “lead“ got left behind. I have a nice circular scar now, but otherwise am no worse for wear. As others have posted, its not lead at all, but graphite.How to change led color on blackberry 8520?I think you will have to purcahse the app to access those advanced options. Try BerryBuzz/BeBuzz, I had that and it was great and had lots of options and coloursHow to connect a 1mA IR receiver with a 20mA led in the same circuit?Typical IR receiver needs a supply voltage between 2.5V ... 5.5V. Therefore you cannot use the 9V battery directly.As for the circuit, you could try one of these circuits. You can use any small-signal PNP you have in a TO-92 package. And without any resistor, my IR receiver gives 15mA max of current through the LED at 5V supply. This is why I skip the resistor in the first circuit. But for safety maybe you should add one. EDIT I played with this circuit and I add a capacitor to make a diode to light longer. Because without this capacitor diode lights-up for a very short period of time50 inch 3d-plasma or 40 inch 3d-led?You would have to compare the specs side by side to see the differences. And best buys site lets you compare EnjoyChristians How many people have you personally led to the Lord?a year ago, Easter, i was invited to a service, and i really didnt want to go, but i felt a voice in me that “if my friend would come, i will go“, because i knew my friend was against that church, so it was just an excuse for me. By God's grace, now we are both members of the same church and growing strongly. Praise the Lord ;pDimmable AC LED controlled by ArduinoIf you select a "dimmable" LED bulb, it should work with your TRIAC circuit. Standard dimmer switches are generally TRIAC-based. In fact, it should work better as many dimmer switches Require a minimum wattage as they pull power from the circuit. Your's should work with even a minimum wattage bulbWhich worldview REALLY led to the holocaust, evolution or creationism?Nice try. Hitler was an atheist, a pagan worshipper of blood and soil, as proven by his actions (kill all religious people who put their trust in God, above the State, kill Jews, Kill Christians), and his private conversations. That philosophy said that all non-Aryan were animals. That is far different than calling animals animals. Darwin did not discover evolution, but only popularized it. Even his grandfather Erasmus wrote extensively of it in Zoonomia.Some believe that the organic molecules which led to life rained down on Earth from space.?some do but the transpermia hypothesis does not have any evidence, and it only displaces the origin to a different location, it does not explain how it formed.What do you think of Obama's ability to led this country?He has none! He is a BS,er who thinks he can fool the people with empty speechesCode for activating a led after 2 minutes and will blink after 30 seconds intervalI have a code edited by meDid Bush replace Iraq's Sunni led gov. with a Shia gov. in order to create long term problems?Check out what al-Maliki did the day after Barry's troops were gone. Most definitely, leaving Sadly Insane in place was the brilliant move to make. That 20-20 hindsight be the beeze kneeze, do not it. Azzfurr thet doop thang, hizturrie bee yurr fren. Trot - yew jist mott lock-itt!
Ataehir 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 Ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,
Ataşehir 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Aşık Veysel 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Atatürk 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Barbaros 2. El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir İçerenköy 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir İnönü 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Kayışdağı 2. Đèn led âm trần cao cấp Philips: tuổi thọ khoảng 50.000 giờ với chất liệu tạo nên tác phẩm đèn led hoàn hảo từ đồng đúc nguyên khối, trạm khắc tinh xảo với họa tiết hải triều cách điệu. Hệ thống tản nhiệt bên trong đèn được thiết kế thông minh, hài hòa với kiểu dáng của đèn led. If the controller is damaged, the indicator light will be working incorrectlyCompared with the traditional high-pressure led street lamp, led street light fixtures has the following advantages: (1) as a semiconductor element, theoretically, the effective life of LED lamps can reach 50,000 hours, more than 15,000 hours of high-pressure sodium lamp far higher. ( 3) When the street lamp opens, the high-pressure sodium lamp needs a preheating process, its light from dark to Ming need a certain time, not only caused the waste of electricity, but also affected the effective development of intelligent control. Figuring out playing habits — you could go on, mate.Ataşehir 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Aşık Veysel 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Atatürk 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Barbaros 2. El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Esatpaşa 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Ferhatpaşa 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Fetih 2. El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir İçerenköy 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir İnönü 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Kayışdağı 2. El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Küçükbakkalköy 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Mevlana 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Mimar Sinan 2. El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Mustafa Kemal 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Örnek 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Yeni Çamlıca 2. El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Yenisahra 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,Ataşehir Yenişehir 2.El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alanlar 0537 427 48 48 ikinci El Lcd Led Tv Oled Tv Alan Yerler,.Giới thiệu những mẫu đèn led âm trần philips hot nhất 2018Bóng Đèn led âm trần Philips chất lượng tốt là loại đèn LED có thiết kế khác biệt hẳn so với thị trường, sử dụng công nghệ ánh sáng khuếch tán cho ánh đều đặn và dịu mát, không gây nháy mắt và rất là tiết kiệm điện.với những mẫu sản phẩm đèn led âm trần cao cấp. Để có thể hoàn thành tốt nhiệm vụ vừa trang trí lại vừa chiếu sáng cho không gian tạo nên sự sang trọng thì mua đèn led là lựa chọn đúng đắn nhất. Đây là dòng sản phẩm rẻ nhưng vẫn đạt chất lượng cao, được đánh giá là phù hợp với mọi không gian văn phòng, nội thất, showroom…Thiết kế đặc biệt từ những chi tiết nhỏ nhất bên ngoài và cấu tạo bên trong từ những linh kiện chính hãng tạo sự khác biệt hoàn toàn so với các dòng đèn led âm trần bạn đã thấy trước đây.Đèn led âm trần cao cấp Philips: tuổi thọ khoảng 50.000 giờ với chất liệu tạo nên tác phẩm đèn led hoàn hảo từ đồng đúc nguyên khối, trạm khắc tinh xảo với họa tiết hải triều cách điệu. Gia công từ bàn tay của những thợ lành nghề lâu năm. Hệ thống tản nhiệt bên trong đèn được thiết kế thông minh, hài hòa với kiểu dáng của đèn led. Phần đế đèn giống như viên ngọc trai lớn với họa tiết 5 cánh hoa xuyên tạo nét độc đáo riêng biệt của bộ đèn led. Đó không chỉ là ánh sáng mà là cả tinh hoa trong nghệ thuật chiếu sáng nội thất.Đèn led âm trần cao cấp Rạng Đông: Đèn led sẽ cho độ sáng tương đương bóng đèn compact 70w. Hàng năm tiết kiệm 78% điện năng sử dụng. Đèn led chiếu sáng được lắp âm trần thạch cao với nhiều mẫu mã đẹp và sang trọng. Tuổi thọ của đèn led âm trần trên 30.000 giờ, trung bình dùng 6 giờ/ngày.Ngoài ra, còn rất nhiều loại đèn âm trần cao cấp khác với nhiều mẫu mã đẹp, chất lượng cực kì uy tín mà bạn hoàn toàn có thể tin dùng cho không gian của bạn: đèn âm trần cao cấp tản nhiệt viền bạc, viền vàng, siêu mỏng…Xem thêm. đèn led philipsNews from Russia — Two elite divisions led a crackdown that forced 700,000 Muslims to flee Myanmar. Here’s how they did it.News from Russia — A Reuters investigation provides the first comprehensive account of the precise role played by Myanmar's 33rd and 99th light infantry divisions in the savage offensive, and the close ties between the army's commander in chief and its elite troops.In early August last year, a young lieutenant named Kyi Nyan Lynn flew to Rakhine State, with hundreds of other Myanmar soldiers. They were about to launch a campaign that would drive hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims from their homes and leave the region in flames. First, however, Lieutenant Kyi Nyan Lynn of the 33rd Light Infantry Division did what any young man might do: He wrote a Facebook post. "In our plane, we got to eat cake," read the Aug. 10 post."Are you going to eat Bengali meat?" commented a friend. Many Burmese refer to Rohingya as "Bengali" or use the pejorative term "kalar.""Whatever, man," replied the lieutenant."Crush the kalar, buddy," urged another friend."Will do," he replied.Kyi Nyan Lynn was part of what some Western military analysts refer to as Myanmar's "tip of the spear:" hundreds of battle-hardened soldiers from two light infantry divisions — the 33rd and 99th — famed for their brutal counter-insurgency campaigns against this nation's many ethnic minorities. When Rohingya militants launched attacks across northern Rakhine State in August last year, the 33rd and 99th spearheaded the response. Their ensuing crackdown drove 700,000 Rohingya into neighboring Bangladesh. The United Nations has said the army may have committed genocide; the United States has called the action ethnic cleansing. Myanmar denies the allegations. It has been widely reported that Myanmar soldiers committed mass killings and burned down Rohingya villages. But a Reuters investigation is the first comprehensive account of the precise role played by Myanmar's 33rd and 99th light infantry divisions, how they executed the assault across northern Rakhine State, and the longstanding ties between Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, the commander in chief, and the army's elite troops. Reuters spoke to scores of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and Buddhists in Rakhine State, and conducted rare interviews with members of the Myanmar security forces, to reconstruct the actions of these two elite divisions. Interviews with Rohingya, Rakhine witnesses and policemen implicate troops from the two light infantry divisions in arson and killing.Originally published at on June 27, 2018How to judge the failure of solar street led lamp?During the day, the solar street led lamp controller will charge the battery under the sunlight, and the red light will be on. The way to turn on the light is stroboscopic. The stronger the sunlight, the higher the charging current and the faster the strobe speed. The middle lamp represents the battery capacity, the red color indicates that the battery has been over-discharged, the yellow color indicates that the battery is under-voltage, and the green color indicates that the battery is all normal. Another red light represents the working state of Led. The constant light indicates that the battery discharge is normal, and the strobe represents a fault. If the solar street led lamp is installed, the LED light source will not go out during the day, we need to check if the wiring is correct. Because the controller does not receive the voltage transmitted by the solar panel, the default Led will be in the working state until the set working time is over, which will cause it not work normally the next day. We need to detect whether the connection between the controller and the solar panel is reversed. Another possible reason is that the solar panel is directly short-circuited. Because high-power solar panels are diode-protected, the diodes can be cut to work properly.If the solar street led lamp is used for a period of time, it will not light up. When the battery indicator of the controller is red, it means that the battery has been over-discharged, it will automatically cut off the Led light source. By default, the LED light source can continue to work after the battery voltage is restored to the over-discharge protection voltage.If the night LED light is on for a while, it will not light up. This situation usually occurs after a long rainy day, and the next night lights up and stops working. In this case, you can remove the line of the Led light source, let the solar energy charge the battery for one or two days to work normally. In fact, do not need to worry, the controller will protect the battery. If the Led light source does not light up, we need to check the indicator light of the controller. If the controller is damaged, the indicator light will be working incorrectlyWhat are the advantages of 100w led street light? | Razorlux LightingCompared with the traditional high-pressure led street lamp, led street light fixtures has the following advantages: (1) as a semiconductor element, theoretically, the effective life of LED lamps can reach 50,000 hours, more than 15,000 hours of high-pressure sodium lamp far higher. (2) compared with high-pressure sodium lamp, LED light color index can reach more than 80, quite close to natural light, in such light, the recognition of human eyes can be effectively played to ensure road traffic safety. (3) When the street lamp opens, the high-pressure sodium lamp needs a preheating process, its light from dark to Ming need a certain time, not only caused the waste of electricity, but also affected the effective development of intelligent control. In contrast, led street lights in the open instant can achieve the best light, there is no so-called start-up time, so can achieve good intelligent energy-saving control. (4) from the luminous mechanism, the high-pressure sodium lamp is mercury vapor glow, after the light source is discarded, if it can not be effectively treated, will inevitably cause the corresponding environmental pollution. LED, such as the use of solid-state lighting, there is no harmful to the human body, is a green light source. (5) from the optical system, the light source of high-pressure sodium lamp belongs to the omni-directional light-emitting, more than 50% of the light needs to be reflected by the reflector to illuminate the ground, in the reflection process, will inevitably lose a part of the light, affecting its utilization. LED street lights are one-way light-emitting, light can direct directional irradiation, so the utilization rate is relatively high. (6) in the high-pressure sodium lamp, the light distribution curve needs to be decided by the reflector, therefore, there are a lot of limitations; in the LED lamp, the use of distributed light source, through the effective design of various electric light source, can make the lights of the lamp to present an ideal state, to achieve a reasonable adjustment of the distribution curve, control the distribution of light, In the effective range of illumination, illuminance is relatively uniform. (7) At the same time, LED street lights have a more complete automation control system, according to different periods and lighting conditions, the brightness of the lighting adjustment, can play a good energy-saving effect.SGA and Schroder led Thunder to their 4th straight victory, 118–112 against ClippersShai Gilgeous-Alexander matched his career-high with 32 points (12/25 FG, 2/3 3s, 3 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals), Dennis Schroder added 28 points coming off the bench (8/17 FG, 4/8 3s, 5 rebounds, 6 assists and one steal) and the Oklahoma City Thunder got their fourth straight win by beating the Los Angeles Clippers 118-112 on Sunday night.Steven Adams had a significant double-double with 20 points and 17 rebounds, shooting 10/15 from the field. The Thunder managed to win this game despite the absence of Danilo Gallinari who did not play (sore left ankle) last night. "That's a really good team over there," Thunder point guard Chris Paul said. "Obviously, they've been in all type of different situations. It's good. It's really good, especially the way we were down in the first half. ""You just go on chemistry, being more comfortable with the offense, defense, you could do all that sort of stuff," Thunder center Steven Adams said. "Figuring out playing habits — you could go on, mate."The Thunder have won nine of 12 to move above . 500 for the first time this season. "I think as mad as we are that we are letting games get away early, we are starting to figure out how to win them now," Paul said. "We've got to keep it going. Even if we are not making shots, knowing we can get stops. Really good teams in this league — that's when they buckle down — the fourth quarter. "Paul George, in his first return back to Oklahoma where he spent the last two seasons before asking for a trade so he can finally play with Kawhi Leonard (who by the way sat out with left knee soreness), was welcomed by the fans who cheered for him when he was introduced. George scored 18 points, shooting just 6 out of 17 from the field and 2 out of 5 from the perimeter."It was great," George said. "It made me feel appreciated, just being here. I enjoyed my time here. "Lou Williams, who started this game because Patrick Beverley is still out with injury, scored 22 points and had three rebounds and seven assists. Montrezl Harrell and Landry Shamet, who came off the bench had 18 and 14 points for the Clippers, respectively
Are There Any VIZIO LED TV Dealers in India?
Vizio tv may be in India as Leco or Le Tv, but be careful. Vizio tv has been reported and fined for collecting. And selling consumer data. Which means the tv has been collecting user data without infirming the user and the company has been selling it off. Is YOUR TV spying on you? Vizio cough up $2.2m for spying on usersThis may be one of the reasons why these big, imoressive tvs are so cheap · Related Questions Why did the US invade Iraq in 2003? The United States had suspicion that Iraq harboured weapons of mass destruction (nuclear weapons), and chemical and biological weapons. The US government was also irritated with Saddam Hussein the regent once they had helped in Iraq.The US wanted to depose Saddam and put a government of its choice in his place. The invasion took place on the pretext of ridding Iraq of tyranny and freeing its people, and taking control of weapons of mass destruction and mutilation ------ Do you think the LG in Delhi is purposely creating road blocks for Arvind Kejriwal? Yes ! LG is playing a puppet in the hands of central government. While constitutionally he is empowered to have an ultimate say in the affairs of the state of Delhi, He is holding up many files, holding up actions against many corrupt officials, initiating actions against many AAP MLAs and ministers on filmy grounds which do not stand in the court. On most issues, the elected government is answerable to court and people, not LG. He is thus a constitutional authority misusing his powers to stall the government ------ Why is the UK's latest aircraft carrier still smaller than the older US carriers? Its not a competition. Our new Queen Elizabeth class carriers (2 in class) are as big as they need to be. In fact any bigger and they would not have fitted into our premier naval base (Portsmouth) - USS Nimitz on a recent visit to the UK had to park in the English Channel.At nearly 3 times the displacement of the Invincible class predecessors, they are the largest warships we have ever had - we think they are quite big enough. ------ What does it feel like after a lobotomy? The experts who came up with it appear to be suffering from a serious mental conditions and should recieve their own treatment. Cutting out a tumor or cancer makes sense but they were using it to fix mental disorders .Fixing what they dont understand like: Oh you have pain in your finger ? Well just cut your Whole arm off. Susan had a problem talking too much but after we cut out a section of her brain she doesnt talk at all, just mumbles and grins a the wall ------ What does it feel like to be a parent of a child with disabilities? Same as for any other parent. You love them. You want the best for them. You value their progress. Finally able to walk when they are ten. That is a worthy accomplishment. Able to say the names of colors or count to five when they are eight. Those are accomplishments. Graduating High School as a Soecial student and being able to get a job in a sheltered workshop. Those are worthy goals. And you learn to object strongly to the R word. ------ Is Trump correct that violence will occur if the GOP loses the midterm elections? This is not a prediction. It is a threat that there will be a violent coup by his followers if Democrats win too many legislative seats in 2018. It is also urging his followers to stage a violent coup if necessary to maintain power.I think that there will be more political murders like the recent ones in florida and in Pennsylvania, more increasing as long as Trump has a big audience. Probably fewer if the Republicans retain power in the election ------ Why do people have the impression that Harry Potter was rich? Because Harry was rich due to his ancestors being clever businessman and inventors, now he might not have been as filthy rich as someone like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg which implies more so to the Lestranges I imagine, but he definitely seemed have a celebrity kind of fourten which Harry personally could live quite comfortably on without even having to work and that dosent even take into account of him ultimately inheriting the Black fourten as well ------ If America can pick any country with which to merge, is Australia the best option? Does Australia also want to merge with the US to defend its territory better? From a US perspective.Canada is culturally the closest to the US, partially due to the long open border we have, partially due to the fact that many Canadians are descended from former colonials from the US that supported the crown during the revolution.Australia and England are probably tied for 2nd place as closest in culture (approximately).But the bottom line is that it would probably be fairly difficult (politically-internal US politics) for the US to absorb another nation, thus I dont see it happening. ------ Is Donald Trump a good president? There's a name for that kind of question. But in any event it cannot be answered because it asks the answerer to accepts its flawed premise. Such a question is constructed by starting an absurd supposition, as here where you suggest Trump is a good president. Few historians agree on much except that he is the worst president in U. S. History. I don't think that's a partisan opinion. He is vulgar and pandering to the worst of our selves. All the rest is debatable ------ What is your prediction in the 2019 Lok Sabha election? Hung Parliament !Below are the reasons for my statement -BJP failed to provide alternate to corrupt governance of Congress.BJP failed to improve transparency by appointing Lokpal and freeing CBI from political clutches.MEGA Demonetization scam of INR 8 Lakh crore. Modi ji helping financial fraudsters fleeing the nation.So, BJP entirely failed to encash the lowest ever popularity of Congress and its weak cadre and upcoming elections are going to be clearly a divided mandate resulting in regional parties to be in King makers role ------ Why does everyone want to be an entrepreneur nowadays? Most people dont to begin withMany people THINK they do because of the freedom, the control, and of course the glorified notion of getting rich.Most of those people learn that it is more work (entrepreneurs spend 80 hours a week working to avoid working 40 hour week), more stressful, and less free (customers, investors, cofounders, team members, significant others)Some of those people end up not wanting to become entrepreneursThe rest of those people enjoy solving problems, can tolerate the highs and lows, and become lifelong entrepreneurs ------ What is the most dangerous gang in history? I would say it's up for debate because games are cultural based they're also different throughout time so to ask what's the most dangerous gang in history you can always say the government were the ones with the badge cuz they can kill you legally but in my opinion I would say the southern Hispanics instead of the prison system are one of the most dangerous ones to deal with you have numbers codes and bylaws that pretty much make it where we cannot and will not lose ------ This November I will be making my first vote in life, but I don't follow politics and I want to get into it. What is Joe Biden offering as president? What is Donald Trump doing for the next 4 years? Trump is offering more of the same. Chaos, damage to our institutions. No action to mitigate the Pandemic. Supreme Court nominees guaranteed to take away many of our rights and health care. Biden is offering a sane, working administration to repair the past 4 years of damage to our country. He is also promoting a better, more inclusive health care system, more equality for ALL people. Police reform-not defunding but actually more funds. Please vote and further educate yourself on the candidates ------ If elected, should Biden pardon Trump for all federal crimes so we can just move on? In my opinion the last POTUS in a similar situation recognized that he was causing more harm than good and resigned.Trump has no regard for the Rule of law democracy and would sacrifice everything in an effort to spare himself. He is a National Security Risk and all his enablers are as culpable as he is. We can never allow this to happen again, therefore he and his associates should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and held accountable ------ What are the best esoteric/occult books to read? Zen Flesh Zen Bones by Paul Reps, the book has a light blue cover.The Upanishads.Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko.but I guess it depends what you are seeking, what do you want to know I do have to warn you that there is some corrupted coded books out there and exert extreme caution. Work on connecting to your higher self, your inmortal soul and if you wish to know something is good to ask to know for the highest good of all who are involved, in perfect harmony and order. ------ Which song do you prefer, Sunshine of Your Love by Cream or Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin and why? No contest for me: Whole Lotta Love. In all honesty, and although I acknowledge the merits of Cream, their music never really clicked with me, a sentiment that I can extend to the music of Eric Clapton in general. Whole Lotta Love, on the other hand, is pure power for me. Although Led Zeppelin had already released a very sucessful debut album, II is where they really unleashed their powers and WLL was made to kick major asses. ------ Why couldnu2019t Hitler invade Britain? Because he didnt have air superiority. The whole point of the Battle of Britain was to gain control of the skies over Britain, allowing him to invade. If the British had lost the Battle of Britain, we would almost certainly have been invaded.An interesting point. I live by the Thames and occasionally go for days out on our boat. On nearly every bend of the river you will see small bunkers. Britain expected German troop vessels to travel up the Thames and was fortified against it ------ Has the reduction in children's play time outside led to an increase in mental health issues? This is just my opinion. Children need play because its how they develop their mental psyche. A moderate amount of time is needed. Remember in elementary school when you were excited about recess. You should take an interest in them playing. I played with my children when they were young. One of my nephews told me I was his favorite aunt because I played with him on the floor. I QUIT ANSWERING QUESTIONS FOR QUORA YESTERDAY. YALL STAY SAFE. Protect your children. ------ I was unable to perform exceptionally well in high school due to undiagnosed ADHD. Can I still prove myself worthy of an Ivy League acceptance? Anything is possible.However, if your ADHD were diagnosed and you received accommodations at your school (such as extra time on tests), then you could receive extra time on the SAT (and maybe the ACT?). Extra time might raise your grades and scores.Edit: your question doesn't make it clear, but if you're out of high school, then you should say so. Applying as something other than a high-school senior uses a different process.Did I mention that Iu2019m not a doctor? ------ Why didn't J. K. Rowling want Harry to end up with Hermione? This is a very hard question to answer and rife with speculation, because although the author herself has answered the question, several times over the years, she has given different and often conflicting answers as to why. So pretty much, plug in your favorite answer!I like to think she did it because she is a bitter, disturbed woman and wanted her readers to be every bit as angry at the world as she seems to be :D ------ How can Trump view his impeachment as proof that he is the best president ever? If you assume the government establishment is crooked (and most people do) there are two reasons why they would be so vehement against Trump. Either he is crooked in a way antagonistic to their crookedness or hes not crooked and so is showing them up for what they are.Trump would naturally like you to believe the latter is the case. Hes trying to present himself as Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith goes to Washington ------ Why is Nicolas Cage considered such a bad actor? Not everyone thinks he is a bad actor but I think almost everyone agrees that after the 90s, Cage have done mainly really bad movies. You can tell the movies he made are bad because they all stink of B movies, direct-to-videos, poorly written. they are just bad. Why did he accept to do them? Because he is in a financial crisis that force him to accept any role possible to pay his debts. He burned his fortune by living an eccentric lifestyle
Why Are Plasma TVs No Longer Common If They Have Better Picture Quality Than LCD Or LED TVs?
Well they are not better quality any more. Few plasma TV still exist. The other reason is weight. The plasma panels are mounted to aluminum and with a large set, are very heavy by comparison to a modern TV. At the time that they were popular, they had better sound, better blacks, and brighter images. Today no difference or LED sets have even better contrast ratios.The one thing I do not understand is why you really need to purchase a Sound Bar, and Sub Woofer, Why do they not Bundle a Subwoofer and surround sound system into a modern LED television? Not all but some. It would make sales that way · Related Questions Has a sociopath ruined your life? My mother. She sex trafficked me through her church. They all believe she was some how helping me. Im not the only one in this church who was done this way. I dont really know if its sex trafficking. But I dont know what else to call it. They trick you into marrying someone against your will. It seems they think because of the free will bullshit its your fault and has nothing to do with the manipulation they used to get you to do so. I dont think God would see it that way if he was real. But hes not. Its just a book people use to cause harm to each other.That is all ------ How hard is it to play darts? Playing darts is really easy.The games can be easy to learn (light math), the equipment can be quite inexpensive, and it has very limited physical requirements so most everyone with an arm has an equal chance to play well. Height, strength, age, sex, and other physical attributes are just not much of a factor.With only a moderate amount of practice, one can reach a fair level of competence allowing them to enjoy games with most people. Playing darts at a more competitive level, however, can be very challenging. Top level darts is a game of millimeters and requires high levels of consistency. These usually come only with years of dedicated practice and competition. ------ Is Manoj Tiwari (BJP) a better CM candidate than Arvind Kejriwal (AAP) in Delhi? Ha ha ha this is the last thing I wanted to hear.I don even want to waste too much time on this discussion. Manoj Tiwari, what kind of credentials he brings with him? He doesnt stand a chance in front of Kejriwal and I dont think BJP will ever portray him in front of Kejriwal. Tiwari won just because of migrant bihari population, Modi wave and his chhichora Bhojpuri filmi background. No educated and true Delhiite will ever give his vote to this jerk and bear humiliation of being citizen of such a state (that too capital of India) whose CM is him.BJP has much better candidates like Vijay Goel, Harshwardhan etc. ------ What differentiates between Bill Clintonu2019s and Donald Trumpu2019s economic policies? Considering both have led unprecedented economic growth. As far as I can see (being an outsider looking in), Clinton understood what he was doing, and oversaw policies that were good for America and the World. At a time when the US Economy still had a lot of influence over the rest of the World.Mouldy Orange has not led unprecedented economic growth: he inherited it, just as he inherited his wealth. And he is in the process of squandering it, just as he has done with his wealth. (If the rumours are correct that his debts exceed his assets by around $300 million - and I suspect that they are- then all he has done is to repeat upon the American People his record of financial mis-management that has been his life) ------ What are you most looking forward to in 2014? I suppose I have two answers.1) I've been on a weight loss kick since last March, with a goal of reaching 200 lbs. So I guess that's one of my top goals that are easily quantifiable.2) More generally, 2013 was the year I finalized my divorce and my daughter graduated high school and made the transition to college; as a result, I haven't really started figuring out what my new single life is going to be like -- 2013 was mostly about maintaining the status quo and keeping the ship afloat. I suppose one of the goals for 2014 will be to figure out what that new normal is and start living it -- not necessarily tying it to finding a new relationship, though that wouldn't suck ------ What are the reasons of enmity between Israel and Iran? The reasons today are very simple actually: 1.Israel is a prominently Jewish state; the Islamic clerics in Iran hate, with passion anything Jewish 2. Israel is a overtly strong supporter of some of its Sunni neighbors: Jordan, Egypt and covertly of others: Saudi Arabia, rebels in Syria, and an ally of Turkey. Iran is a Shia state trying to spread it power and influence around: see their involvement in Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan. 3. Historically, Israel was a close ally of the Shah of Iran, the clerics hated the Shah and fought against him, therefore, Israel was a force to eliminate. 4. Israel is a Western thorn on the side of a Middle Eastern thug, they want Israel gone. ------ Has President Trump performed better than President Obama thus far? Lol.Obama will eventually be judged to be one of our truly great presidents, for many reasons. He advanced our nation in every respect and we can only imagine what he would have accomplished if he had a democratic senate and house.or 8 more years.Trump? I'm not sure if the question is in jest but by no fault of his own (he wasn't seriously intent on being the POTUS), trump was put in this position . for which he was/is mentally, emotionally and experientially ill equipped. By virtue of ego alone we may end up in another global war, the environment is doomed already.civil rights are on course for a 20 year setback. That's just 85 days in. God help us all. ------ How can a whale be genetically closer to a cow than a horse is? This was discovered by examining the anatomy of whales and other organisms, and by comparing DNA from whales with other DNA sequences.This indicated that Whales are highly derived descendants of early artiodactyls, and the animal living today, most closely related to whales is the Hippo. All artiodactyls have in their hind legs a structure called a double pulley astragalus, a type of ankle bones thats found only in artiodactyls. Whales, of course dont have back legs, so existing whales dont have that feature.This led to the prediction that when fossils of early whales with legs were found, they would have the double pulley astragalus that is diagnostic of artiodactyls. Sure enough when an early whale fossil was found, it had the structure. ------ Why didn't Spain ally with Germany during WW2? Who says it did not? There was a Spanish division during the siege of Leningrad.The fact that Franco was given a clean sheet of health in Cold War times does not undo historical facts. That one superpower declared Franco a bulwark against world communism does not undo a long history of Falange-Nazi collusion. That they were wise enough not to be dragged into the war totally was strategically smart. After the civil war Spain was still smarting intensely. The losers Republicans kept a low profile. Conscripting them into the Nazi or fascist war too deeply could have made them as restless as the GIs and their families and likely conscriptees in the US Vietnam War ------ What is the real relationship between Jayalalitha and Sasikala? Why does she always accompany her? How did they become so close? Why does the media never talk about her nowadays? real relationship between between the sasikala and jayalalitha is just friendship. during 80s sasikala had video casette shop in poes garden . jayalalitha also used to visit the shop. they became friends. they have good mutual understanding with each other . this was the starting point of jayalalitha sasikala relation ship . sasikala became good friend with jayalalitha even before she had good position politics. intial stage of their friendship without any expectation. later jayalalitha emerging in the politics . sasikala moved next in their relationship . sasikala behave like adopted sister to jayalalitha. jayalalitha also admired by sasikala affection . other than brother jayalalitha deosnt have any relatives and background. but sasikala had huge relative and caste background later their friendship become mutual benefit and adjustment. ------ What is the most beautiful creation of God? Illusions; layer by layer for different levels of consciousness. If we say different kingdoms of live like the vegetable kingdom, animal kingdom and human kingdom have different levels of consciousness (inner intelligence), rack of them have different layers of consciousness. Higher kingdoms of life are characterised with higher or subtler levels of consciousness. Even within a kingdom of life there are sub-grades of consciousness.By creating these 'levels of consciousness' and associating each with a different (graded) layer of illusion, is perhaps the greatest creation of the Creator. In this way, the Creator is the greatest of illusions whose ultimate Truth can never be discovered - not even by the 'greatest seer in the highest heaven'!. ------ My husband is not allowing me to talk to my best friend. Is it right? Usually I would answer that this is wrong, but I need a little context here.I would have to ask you if this is a good reliable friend, or maybe your husband is concerned this person is truly not good for you, as: this person is a danger to self and others, does not share the same values (in a dangerous way). You should be able to talk to him abou this, and he will probably tell you why he does not like this person. If you are afraid to ask, or he doesnt give you a straight and reasonable answer, then you should be concerned with the relationship with your husband, not your friend ------ What have you done when a waitress said your tip was not big enough? Please allow me to answer this from the perspective of a restaurant manager which I was many moons ago at the founding location (In Pasadena, CA) of the first Acapulco Mexican Restaurant. It was very busy The waiters there usually received reasonable tips. and more than once they would say that even if they were stiffed meaning no tip they took it well and tried to recall if there had, in any way, given less than excellent service. They didnt get mad and to repeat, they asked themselves if they had, in some way, given less than excellent service. IMO, there are some people who just dont tip. and that was most likely the situation.Nat long time ago restaurant manager ------ Is Sanjay Dutt really guilty? off course he is guilty because in 1993, he had some weapons that are illegally kept by him. but its is also true that police had no evidence against him in 1993u2019s blast. but we can not underestimate the illegally kept weapons if that weapons are for self defence or protection then weapons should be a pistol but he had some dangerous weapons. in somewhere or may be not, sunjay duttu2019s is behind the 1993u2019s blast.and also actor nana patekar said i will never share the screen with sanjay dutt because my brother in law was died in that bomb blast. and that time sanjay dutt had illegally kept some weapons. ------ What's your favorite album by Rush, because of what songs, and why? I'd have to choose "Rush." Iu2019m going to go with 1976u2019su2026Why? Because u201cPassage to Bangkoku201d and u201cSomething for Nothingu201d are two of my favorite Rush songs (along with u201dCircumstancesu201c of u201cHemispheresu201d). I also love the first song( especially the Temples of Syrinx part). I think it is the best mix of Rushu2019s prog rock and hard rock sounds. Solid album all the way through. First album is probably my second pick. It was a good straight rocker, but lacked some polish. Rush had a hard time making a complete album. They tend to be spotty and sometimes tedious. I like the hard rock dimension better. Moving Pictures was a solid album as a whole, but I prefer the older sound
Which Would Be the Best Smart LED TV to Buy, a Panasonic Or an LG?
Hi, I would like to mention RIDAEX SMART TVu2019s are the best in the market ever.It easily attracts you with its special features and great looks.So, I recommend highly to go for RIDAEX NUKE SERIES which comes in 32u2033,43u2033,50u2033 and 55u2033 and a lot more to come. 1. Ridaex Nuke 32 Inch Full HD Android 7. 1 Smart TV - Version 2Product Technicals : nu2022 1080P Full HD nu2022 Android 7.1 nu2022 2GB RAM nu2022 16GB Internal Memory nu2022 500 Nits Brightness nu2022 2 x USB 2.0 , 2 x USB 3.0 nu2022 100% Stabilizer Free Technology nu2022 Android Hardware Upgradable2. Ridaex Nuke 43 Inch 4K Android 7. 1 Smart TV - Version 2Product Technicals : nu2022 3840p 4K Ultra High Definition LED Tv With nu2022 HDR 10 Bit nu2022 Android 7.1 nu2022 2GB RAM nu2022 16GB Internal Memory nu2022 800 Nits Brightness nu2022 2 x USB 2.0 , 2 x USB 3.0 nu2022 100% Stabilizer Free Technology nu2022 Android Hardware Upgradable3. Ridaex Nuke 50 Inch 4K Android 7. 1 Smart TV - Version 2Product Technicals : nu2022 3840p 4K Ultra High Definition LED Tv With nu2022 HDR 10 Bit nu2022 Android 7.1 nu2022 2GB RAM nu2022 16GB Internal Memory nu2022 1500 Nits Brightness nu2022 2 x USB 2.0 , 2 x USB 3.0 nu2022 100% Stabilizer Free Technology nu2022 Android Hardware Upgradable4. Ridaex Nuke 55 Inch 4K DCI Android 7. 1 Smart TV - Version 2Product Technicals : nu2022 4096u00d72160 4K DCI Ultra High Definition LED Tv With nu2022 HDR 10 Bit nu2022 Android 7.1 nu2022 2GB RAM nu2022 16GB Internal Memory nu2022 1800 Nits Brightness nu2022 2 x USB 2.0 , 1 x USB 3.0nu2022 3 x HDMI 2.0 nu2022 100% Stabilizer Free TechnologySo, hope this helps by finding out different features and go for the best one. Thanks. • Related Questions What is the literary novel most misunderstood both by critical and general readers, what led to this misunderstanding, and what can be done to rectify the booku2019s reputation? Miltons Paradise Lost.Just like what has been said about Lolita on here, theres a big issue with narrator reliability. Especially when that narrator is, you know, Satan himself.A modern reader will bring to much of their modern thinking to this book, and not realize that Satan is inherently evil and deceptive. Which, you know, when spelled out like this seems to be pretty obvious, but Satans narrative is powerful enough to convince anyone gullible enough(or anyone that actually isnt a believer at all, but those people are not the target audience for this book).There are two common attitudes to Paradise Lost:Satan is the good guy and God is an assholeParadise Lost is dangerous/bad for making people believe (1)The first tends to be the response from atheists, the second from Christians. Both equally ignorant. Instead:3. If SATAN tells you hes the good guy, if youve got a shred of true belief in you, you are going to reject this narrative, but also understand that portraying the deceiver as being, you know, deceptive, does not make Milton a heretic. The strength of Paradise Lost is that it can separate a true christian believer from someone that just practices Christianity. Well, its a lot more complicated than that, but I dont feel like writing that book just now.P.S. Im an agnostic, and tend to fall into category (1) above, while still appreciating that this is not how Milton meant it at all. ------ Which LED/LCD TV should I buy? Nowadays, there are many options available when it comes to TVu2019s.So much so that one can easily get confused.I recommend going for a LED TV instead of a LCD one. LEDu2019s are great value for money and offer good quality.While choosing a particular TV, you should compare the following specifications :-TV Size:- This is dependent on TV placement and viewing distance from there.nThe distance should be 2.5X of the TV size (measured diagonally)TV Refresh RatenWhen comparing choose the TV with higher refresh rate. Contrast rationWhen comparing choose the TV with higher Contrast ratioSpeaker OutputnAgain choose the model with higher speaker out put (measured in Watts (W) )TV Resolution:-nA common misconception among many is that they presume HD Ready (720p) TVu2019s as HD TVu2019s. This is a marketing stunt by brands. Choose a Full HD (1080p) TV if you wish to have a HD experience. 4K TVu2019s are even better than Full HD TVu2019s. However, 4K content isnu2019t easily available yet.Smart TV or non Smart TVnSmart TVu2019s have some extra connectivity features (generally wireless connectivity) and Internet connectivity.Based on all the above factors, I suggest the following two TVu2019s. nBoth of them have excellent Quality and are great value for money.Here are the TVu2019s:-TV 1) Amazon Link:-nBest LED TV to buyTV 2) Flipkart Link:-Best TV to BuyYou can choose any TV depending upon your budget.nLet me know if I can help via comments ------ What little things always make you smile? There is a girl in my contact list, she always makes me smile. I dont wanna disclose her name but yes want to share how she makes me smile every time.Normal People, will show excitement only when there something out of the box, something which they didnt expect, but when it comes about my friends she will be over-excited without a reason. whenever I talk with her I feel like I am not talking with her, I am sharing something very important and the way she answers, I feel like I am the Most Important one for her, but I know there is nothing more than her excitement.In this short ScreenShot You can see Her excitement. She was asking me about something and she was too much excited like I was going to Transfer thousands of dollars in her account. How can I express her excitement, I know I can not do that, once you get a chance to meet her you can know that in a second.this not only happens on chat over the call or meeting all the time she always has a smile in her face and highest excitement, and I really dont know where from she is getting this excitement.I asked her many times but she said it happens with me normally I can not control my excitement. So this is very small thing but it always makes me smile in seconds, Its so easy to understand that her message means a smile in my face ------ What is your view on Narendra Modi's statement that Vallabhbhai Patel and Subhash Chandra Bose could've led India better than Nehru? Prime Minister Modi is very innovative and has very strange logic, most of the time.His assessment that Subhash Chandra Bose could have been a better Prime Minister defies all logics. India got independence in 1947 from British and the government was formed there after. Interestingly, Subhash Chandra Bose died in an air crash in 1945. This would therefore have been a very strange imagination that Bose could have proved a better P.M than Nehru, even when he was not alive.If that be the logic, Bhagat Singh, Lala Lajpat Rai, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak, Madan Mohan Malaviya and many more could have been better PM than Nehru ( Posthumously). Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel died in 1950 at the age of 75 years, This is also a very interesting logic that India, who started from Zero in 1947 could have transformed to a a mighty nation within three years.Now let us come to logic, which Modi has for himself. Even five years are supposed to be a insufficient period for his government for any value addition, as most of his hollow promises are supposed to be completed by 2022 i. e. in eight years. That too, when India had already emerged as Global power in 2014.For him the period of five years is too small whereas India had nothing to show in 1947 and Patel could have transformed India in three years?His assumptions that Subhash Chandra Bose and Sardar Patel could have been better PM than Nehru and could transform India in just three years, is like any other funny (False) incidents, he is expert in narrating ------ How do you see Narendra Modi picking up garbage at the beach in Mahabalipuram during the morning jog? Narendra Modi picking up garbage at the beach will have following results:It will improve his own credibility as a leader, as a change agent and as someone who leads by example.It will decrease the credibility of India, Tamil Nadu and of Taj hospitality.As an Indian, we should be ashamed that a Chinese Premier has come to our country and we don't even have a decent city free from filth which we can showcase him. Tamil Nadu government should be ashamed that they don't have money to pay a few sanitation workers who could have cleaned a pathway where the PMu2019s visit was pre planned!The Taj group which maintains the private beach should be ashamed that it can't even take care of a few hundred feet area which it can keep free from filth.SPG and NSG who protect our PM 24 x 7 should be ashamed. They scan, comb and do all necessary mock drills 72 hours before a PM arrives anywhere. They clear the area from any kind of threats like bombs, mines and snipers. How come they have missed something so obvious?Summing up, the actions by the PM has improved his credibility and put the credibility of everyone else down.Now there will be people who will call this as a drama, pre planned etc. My advice to all readers: please do not listen to those anti nationals and nay sayers. Ignore them and continue to wade in the ocean of your orgasmic desh bhakti.Thanks Shubham Bhatt (u0936u0941u092du092e u092du091fu094du091f) for asking!. ------ What is going to happen if China becomes a democratic country? China is already a democracy: The representatives of the National Peoples Congress are elected by Chinese citizens.Or do you mean what would happen if China turned into a democracy in the eyes of Western leaders, particularly the United States?Then China would be a failed state, fractured internally, followed by the installment of a puppet regime and takeover of Chinese assets and natural resources by foreign corporations, see Russia in the 90s for reference. Having multiple parties and elections are not enough, only when your country serves the geopolitical interest of Western countries (aka the international community) and also be weak enough to not pose a threat will you get recognized as a democracy. See again Russia for reference. Or do you mean what would happen if China turned into a multi-party democracy?Freedom of speech would improve, corruption would increase, effective policy implementation would become impossible, gap between rich and poor would widen, nationalism and xenophobia would become rampant. See Taiwan and India for reference.Or do you mean what would happen if China turned into a Federal Republic?Ethnic strife would massively worsen, regional difference in economic development would widen (especially infrastructure), inter-regional commerce would decrease. The outcome would either be disintegration of China or a ultranationalistic leader coming to power. See Yugoslavia or post-2000 Russia for reference.Or do you mean what would happen if China turned into a direct democracy?Well, how direct? Referendum-on-tax-bracket-direct? Referendum-on-which-country-to-bomb-direct?God help us all.**This answer also applies to any of the other major powers becoming a direct democracy.
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