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Do you want to know about abc? Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. Area of a triangle ABC

Let $AC=x$ then $AB=x2$ and $BC=x3$.To find $x$ we can useFinally we can evaluate the area with the formula you have already mentioned

2. ABC company just got sued for 5 million in damages. What liability can a bank receive if it agreed to a loan to ABC where both the CFO and a board of director from that bank is also involved in ABC affairs?

Just because they got sued for $5m does not mean they owe $5m.I cannot tell from your question whether ABC is actually incorporated or whether you are using the generic company.It makes a huge difference.Incorporating a company protects, the owners, directors, shareholders and employees from personal liability in all cases unless there are actions so egregious that a court allows the plaintiff to pierce the corporate veil. A Bank would not become liable for merely lending money unless it was specifically named in the lawsuit. Because a bank must be incorporated under federal law, the partners, owners, shareholders, employees etc are safe from liabilityy.The bank would not be a party to the lawsuit simply because it loaned money. That said because the bank is merely a creditor, they may lose their ability to recover the monies they lent depending on the financial structure of ABC and the legal steps it takes. Of course, if the loan was not properly collateralized, those members who work with ABC and contributed to the decision to make the loan may find themselves in hot water with the bank but not as the result of a lawsuit against ABC.If ABC is not incorporated all bets are off and the question cannot be answered without more info.

3. How can I write to ABC Family?

OHH MYYY GODDD! i LOVE boy meets world...i always wondered what happened to it and why it's never on tv anymore. i completely support you in your writing a letter! :) it should deff. be back on abc family

4. ABC's for Girls and Boys?

Girls Ava Brielle Callie Danielle Elise Fiona Grace Hannah Isla Janelle Kendra Leah Maria Natalie Olivia Penelope Quinn Rose Sienna Taylor Uma Vivienne Willow Xena Yelena Zoe Boys Aaron Brandon Collin Devin Eric Frank George Henry Ian Joshua Kendall Lucas Matthew Nicholas Oliver Peter Quinn Robert Samuel Tyler Uriah Val William Xavier Yale Zachary

5. ABC is a right triangle in A such that AB = 7.2 cm and AC = 4.3 cm. What is the measure of angle ABC, rounded to degree?

"A right triangle in A"... so A is the right angle?So you are supposed to figure out the angle at B, whose tangent is 43/72? Which equals 43/42 times 7/12?7/12 is 0.58333... and the tangent of 30 degrees is 0.577, so the tangent of 30.3 degrees must be just about 7/12. And 43/42 times 30.3 has to be 31 degrees to the nearest degree.

6. Which institute is better for Java training ABC or Qspiders?

As far as i know this is the best institute in Karnataka which is offering numerous placement opportunities. ABC is getting ACCENTURE for its students , which till date has never recruited engineering students from a technology training institute.The training here is just outstanding and one can easily understand all the core java concepts taught over here. For each batch of students ABC is offering 200 drives

7. What are my chances of getting into IIM ABC?

Academic records will make it subject to doing well in interview and scoring above 99.6 in CAT

8. Getting static on my TV?

"Static" occurs on analog cable signals, such as you get with basic (no box) cable services. If the static looks like "snow," then you have a weak incoming signal, at least on that channel. You may see less static on lower numbered channels. If that's your experience, call the cable company and ask for help with a weak signal level from their line. If the static is more like random lines rather than snow, that is interference from some nearby noise source. It could be many things: an electric motor, a fluorescent light, a radio transmitter, etc. Such problems would pretty much disappear if you were to upgrade to digital service with a cable box. ================ Followup per another answer, and for the benefit of that uninformed "thumbs down" thrower: all cable feeds are *not* digital. Most if not all cable companies, in the U.S. at least, are still delivering local broadcast stations on analog. Some of them, like Comcast, are in the process of moving all of their pay-TV channels (CNN, MTV, History, ESPN, etc.) to digital-only packages for which a set top box is needed, but the local network stations (ABC, CBS, etc.) remain available on analog. That will change in time but not yet.

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When and What Time Does the Movie "Picture This!" Air on Abc Family?
its suppose to air on abc family july 13th at 81. What was Biden talking about on ABC when he promised that Obama would face a generated crisis?Sounds like Obama is setting himself up for his first of many broken promises2. Has anyone converted to IIM ABC with average academic scores? Do they even get a call in the first place?Hi Shifas,If you want to make it to anyone of the IIM's like A, B, C then one thing you surely need to have is the strong academic background, it plays a very important role at least in the above mentioned IIM's. At the same time, if you managed to get a good percentile then you can make it to other IIM's or XLRI or many other good B schools.Note: It is important to know that what is your average academic scores. Strategies well & Best of LuckLearning From AntHas any CA converted to IIM ABC with average academic scores? Do they even get a call in the first place?3. Have you ever benn to Honolulu, Hawaii? How many ABC stores do they really need?i went and tried to count them all, i counted 12 but i have the feeling there are more and the abc stores were close to each other too. That is just a example of how retarted and commericialized hawaii is becoming4. Can anyone tell me what happened in this weeks episode of greys anatomy on abc?George's father came through surgery ok, but still has cancer all over insides and will die eventually---Alex almost kissed McDreamy's ex-wife,(and she also!)-----Grey snores and found out McDreamy sleeps in the other room, then gets up early to get back in bed with her, Sandra O and her boyfriend are still not talking, so she keeps asking others how her boyfriend's hand after surgery is doing, "Nazi" wo not let blondie do surgery until she gets clearance from psych.---so she has to finally deposit the 8 million dollar check that Denny left her, to prove she is "reasonable"--she finally does, with many tears..........OH, and George finally makes up with the Orthopedic doctor lady!.5. Which one should I join, CourseCube, Jspider, or ABC?in my point of view from personal experience u should join jspider BTM6. When George Zimmerman finally gets nbc/cbs/cnn/abc in court for slander who will cheer for team Zimmerman?It is more likely that he will kill another person before that happens What is also very likely is that when he does GZ fans like you will start doing owl impersonations7. ABC soaps-Do you like the new "no previews" policy?no way! i loved the previews i would get mad at my hubby when he would say ok your soaps are done and he would change it and then i would get mad and then he would change back right on time so that i could watch the previews and that would keep me hanging on untill the next day8. Should I choose FMS or go for IIM ABC next year?Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi has its own advantages over IIMs. The brand value that IIM enjoys is quite high, but after deep analysis, FMS stands equally worthy. According to the Business Today and The Week ranking of colleges IIM is at Rank 1 and FMS at rank 5 and 7 respectively. IIM is an autonomous body, whereas courses at FMS are offered by University of Delhi.Annual Alumni Salary of candidates with 2-5-year experience for IIM students is 18 lacs and for FMS students is 15.5 lacs.Both the colleges have 2 years duration courses but the fees for 2 years at IIM is whopping 19 lacs, whereas in FMS, it is 20,960 only. So, if you are getting through FMS, you need to take a call if you are willing to risk that. Calls from IIMs may or may not come even next year. Looking at your career interest and personal commitments if you would let the FMS seat forego and wait for another year. To keep yourself informed about the candidates who are aspiring for IIMs, you must seek shelter of Online portals like EduThrill. Using their instant ranking reports, you can see how you stand w.r.t. your compatriots at all times and tune your preparation accordingly to stay ahead of the pack.
What Is Your ABC of Life?
Accept, Believe & we can Celebrate life.Accept our self for what we areBelieve our self so that we can be what we areCelebrate our self to accept and believing in lifenThanks for asking• Other QuestionsWhat are the fees of Java in ABC for technology training?Now the courses were updated .There are unified course and full stack course .In unified with testing 25000(unified course 1) with python 30000(unified course 2)3. Java with testing with python 35000(unified course 3)No other institute will provide this Technology at this price.Best institute for acquiring knowledge and getting placed at good company------Are IIM-K and IIM-L at par with ABC?You can check below link for L comparison with ABC. Some very realistic information is provided by the people on this topic.How do you rate IIML compared with the IIMs at ABC? Is IIM Lucknow as good as the top IIMs at ABC?.------When ABC262524, then what is the value of XYZ?Total number of letters is 26. Counting backward, A will come in 26th, B will come in 25th & C will come in 24th.So Z, Y & X will come in 1st, 2nd & 3rd place respectively. The value of XYZ will be 321------Where can I find PDFs of Shinichi Mochizuki's proof of the ABC conjecture?ABC conjecture - Polymath1Wikiis a good resource wiki that links directly to the 4 part proof and relevant papers you might be better off reading before you start with the actual proof.Various famous bloggers' posts have been linked as well, along with the media attention it has received.------Why does companies offer outrageous pay packages to IIM ABC graduates, how far is it justified?Eventually their performance will justify, otherwise they will be asked to leave. Packages are offered on past precedents. But it can be sustained by performance only. PLEASE REST ASSURED COMPANIES ARE NOT CHARITABLE TRUSTS.------Which reference book will be best for physics and chemistry - ABC or SL Arora?First of all both the subjects are based pn concept. So first clear your concept. Now comming to your reference book. Both the books are good. But for physics specially S L ARORA in better.Best wishes!------Why abc for Java and testing is the best?ABC for java and testing is different from all other institutes because it provides genuine placements results and students who are eligible for attending the drives can attend when the course is half finished.ABC has the best infrastructure which no other institute has------If ABC times DE is ABCE, what digit is E?E is 0.When you multiply any number with a number having 0 at its unit place, this zero stays.Because when this 0 is multiplied to the unit of the other number, it returns a 0.For example, if DE is the number 10. And ABC is any three digit number 987.When multiplied, the result is 9870------Can I get a call from IIM ABC? How much do I need to score to get that percentile?ABC is gonna be very tough for you, if you score 100 percentile,then you will get calls from all three. To get a call from IIM C you have to get 99.9 and for FMS you need to score 99.5------In right ∆ ABC, ∠ A 90˚ and AD is perpendicular to BC. How do you prove that AD² BD × CD?In ABC, AD is perpendicular on BC. Let angle BAD be a so angle CAD is (90-a)In ABD, BDADtan aIn ACD, CD AD tan(90-a)or AD cot aMultiplying both we get BDCDAD^2------Abc is a three digit numbers where abc^2 and bca^3, what solution does it have?Brute force:#include int main()int a, b, c;for(a 0; a------How do you learn the ABC of machine learning?A - AssignB - BayesianC - ClassifiersThis is the benchmark of the Machine Learning. Start with assigning a simple Bayesian Classifier with the data extracted from your sample set. If it works 70% of the time predicting correctly the results, it means your data is fair enough to ride the Machine Learning roller coaster.------In a right triangle ABC, right angled at B, BC 15 cm, and AB 8 cm. A circle is inscribed in triangle ABC. What is the radius of the circle?Hyp AC is 17Let perp bisectors meet the three sides resp at D, E,F and let cente be OThree sides of triangle form three triangles AOB, AOC and BOC. Length of height of these triangles is r in each caseWe find areas of three and add1/2 ( 8r 15r 17r ) A of main 1/2* 8*15 6020 r 60r 3------How do you simplify FAB'C'ABCABC' A'BC'?FAB'C'ABCABC'A'BC'C'(AB'A'B)AB(CC) C'(A xor B)(AB1)A xor B AB'A'B CC'1 C'(A xor B)ABAns: FC'(A xor B)AB------Which institute is better in Hyderabad, QSpiders or ABC?Q-spiders it is a great platform for freshers who want to get a job in top MNC companies.And the faculty was very interactive and very friendly and all are very inspirational persons.join Q-spiders, believe Q-spiders, defenetly you will get a job.Q-0spiders punjagutta.------Which book is best for the physics class 12 CBSE, Dinesh, ABC, or Pradeep?Dinesh if you are from cbse since firstly go through NCERT for getting a good idea regarding the topics then take this books as per for reference only or regarding brief idea of syllabuss topics------What is the minimum value of (a1) (b1) (c1), if abc 8?To find the minimum value of(a1)(b1)(c1)we can use verification method i.e Firstly ,a0,b0,c7 which is according to questionNow the minimum value of given relation is putting a0,b0,c0 i.e(01)(01)(01)1Therefore the minimum value of (a1)(b1)(c1) is 1.------In a triangle ABC, AD is perpendicular to BC, prove that AB^2CD^2AC^2BD^2?In a ABC ,AD is perpendicular to BC , there angle ADBangle ADC90.In right angled triangle ADB,AB^2AD^2BD^2.(1)In right angled triangle ADC,CD^2AC^2-AD^2..(2).Adding eqn. (1) and (2)AB^2CD^2 AC^2BD^2. Proved.------If D is the mid point of the hypotenuse AC of a right angle triangle ABC, prove that BD is equal to 1/2 AC?Draw circumcircle of triangle ABC. Triangle ABC is right angled triangle so centre of circle lie on midpoint of hypotenuse i.e. is point D. Now radius is 1/2 AC and circle passes through points A, B, C so BD is radius of circle which is 1/2 the AC------What are the things that make IITians sad?When shit like this happens (mostly in Varanasi)Random Person (Rp)- Beta kaha padhte hoMe- IIT (BHU) (in mind: take it buddy I am an IITIAN)Rp- Acha BHU m padhte hoMe-Haa IIT-BHU (in mind: but I cleared IIT-JEE)Rp-Acha IT meMe-:-|------If AD, BE and CF are the medians of a triangle ABC, how can one prove that ADBECF0?Assuming vector notation.AD D-A, BE B-E, CF F-CD (BC)/2 and so onAD BE CF DEF - (ABC) (BC)/2 (AC)/2 (AB)/2 - (ABC) 0------Why not teach the alphabet as QWERTY instead of ABC? As keyboards are so common nowadays.Why not change keyboards to be ABC ? The alphabet has been around a lot longer that the typewriter QWERTY keyboard. F urther, it would confuse the established order of things such as grid coordinates, Furniture instructions, house numbering, the list goes on------Which one should I join, CourseCube, Jspider, or ABC?it's an excellent place to gain knowledge with polite and kind trainers, we can learn the technologies in simple and smart way.Thank you Jspiders for guiding me towards the success.-Jspiders(punjagutta)------Which institute is better for Java training ABC or Qspiders?Qspider, BTMA good platform to learn, enhance the skill set and get jobs. Class room programs are enjoyable. You won't get bored unlike the typical class rooms. Just stay near by the institute and enjoy the classes. Thank you....------What does ABC stand for in Roblox Adopt Me?ABC does not stand for anything in Adopt me. Its a question to provoke a response. When someone says ABC back, you know they accept your offer. Its like saying 123 for gf except its ABC to adopt me as a child. That simple.------A man stands up on your bus, looks right at you and says, "Follow me if you want to live." What do you do?I wave back at him smiling and cheering as never before and yell back I recognize you Arnie the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger as and in Terminator 2). And as I move out of my seat, I tell my co-passenger : Ill be back !------How do I separate this String in Python eg: str'abcabcabc'? How do I add space between abc so that the output is: abc abc abc?Simply..... :-)stringraw_input() #say "abcabcabc"subraw_input() #say "abc"ah(string.find(sub))while(h1): aastringh:hlen(sub) string""string:hstringhlen(sub): h(string.find(sub))print a #result 'abc',abc','abc'------Who owns ABC, NBC and CBS?Added Note: As of March 2019: The Walt Disney Company officially closed its $71 billion acquisition deal of 21st Century Fox in the early morning hours today, reports the Guardian. That deal means Disney now owns the Fox film and TV studios, the National Geographic channel, FX, and more. This includes the entertainment broadcast network.------Which one is better, ABC or JSpiders, in Bangalore?Jspiders is the best training institutes ,it will help you in every aspect of dveloping best career and future without second thaughts join jspiders and you wont regret for life time.All the best!!!------Which book is better for Class 12 - Pradeep's Chemistry or Modern's ABC of Chemistry?Abc is better than Pradeep, There is lot of error in Pradeep which is less in abc. Also the presentation was of Pradeep is also irrelevantAbc is good in all aspect, theory and questions------As a Chinese (not ABC/CBC) student living in U.S./Canada, how do you feel about expectations of your Chinese peers (also not ABC/CBC) re: dating?I sincerely resent this question from the bottom of my heart. Relationships are based on emotions and emotions alone. Why would a Chinese female reject a Chinese male simply because they are both Chinese?.------Will people choose HR in IIM ABC? If they do, then what's the scope?Yes people definitely choose HR in IIM ABC and scope always vast as u are in the top notch college any feild will fecth you a good scope either it may be finance, consulting. So scope is there don't worry about that just do well in cat and place is for youAll the bestThank you------How much of the NCERT and Modern ABC is helpful for the NEET?I dunno about ABC, but I know about ncert and it is damn helpful....Ncert books specifically of biology is the only book you should worship like God for an year, for atleast 320 marks of biology------In triangle abc ad and bc are altitudes prove that ar (dec) /ar(abc) dc2/ac2?Let AD & BE be the altitudes to sides BC & AC respectively./_ADB/_BEA both being 90° and thus Quad ABDE is cyclic. Therefore, /_EDC/_A & /_DEC/_B. This makes triangles ABC and DEC similar whence we claim that Area (DEC)/Area(ABC) DC²/AC². QED.------How good is management consulting recruitment at FMS compared with IIM ABC?A couple of partners working in BCG are from FMS. BCG tend to go to FMS every year for campus recruitment. But they hire in bulk from IIM-A/B, which is unlikely in FMS.------How can I download ABC iView and ABC Australian videos?I highly recommend Allavsoft which can batch downoad videos from ABC iView, Tenplay, SBS on Demand, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify etc.Here is the easy guide------What would it be like if an American born Chinese (ABC) person became an American president?Well, if Obama's treatment is any indication, and assuming he/she ran as an Independent or Democrat, the GOP would spend a lot of time trying to dig up secret connections to China and accuse the person of being a sleeper plant from the Chinese government to complete their takeover of the United States------Do you like the new upvote button?NO NOT AT ALL!The new upvote button is creating mass confusion amongst people.The colour scheme chosen isnt correct. Many a times i accidentally un-upvote an answer thinking that i didnt upvote it.Dear developers, just make the button say upvoted, that's it!I hope quora fixes this issue soon.------How is RD Sharma's maths (11th and 12th) for the IIT-JEE mathematics preparation?You can solve it for jee mains it will help you a lot because jee mains questions level matches with it and not so much hard.But only this book for jee mains is not enough you have to solve few more books or course pakage of famous, established coaching institutes------Can I know why I had no calls from IIM ABCLI?I have a feeling that you forgot to apply to C, L, I during CAT registration, though it is highly unlikely, given the fact that youre a genius plus you have work ex------If 2048, 50313, 30511 and 90725, what is 705?One possible answer would be: 70519Because 7*25 14519Thats the pattern I've spotted. However there is an infinite amount of ways this could be possibly solved. That's why problems like this often don't make much sense.------What is the angle BOC if in ∆ABC, the angle bisectors of angle B and C meet at O, and if angle A 60°?Angle BOC 120PROOFAngle A Angle B Angle C 180So, Angle B Angle C 120 ( angle A 60)Now 1/2 (Angle B Angle C) 601/2 angle B 1/2 angle C 60. IIn triangle BOC1/2 angle B 1/2 angle C Angle BOC 180(BO and CO are angle bisectors)Or 60 Angle BOC 180 (Using I)OR ANGLE BOC 120------Which is better to join for Java placements, ABC or JSpiders in Bangalore?J spider is best and Shishir bhat Sir is the best trainer,there is nobody like shishir bhat sir in ABC. In ABC they teach basis stuff and for in depth knowledge join only j spiders in Short j spiders is best and Abc is a joke------How common is it for an American-born Chinese (ABC) of Taiwanese descent to study Cantonese just for fun?I honestly have no idea, although I suspect its very rare. Im of PRC origin and have never talked to any of my Taiwanese friends about comparative Sinitic linguistics in real life------In triangle ABC in which ABBC4cm and angle B 90 degrees, what is the area of the triangle?as it is a right angled triangle the area is of triangle is (1/2)*(lengths of triangle attached to the right angle). This is the simplest formula I learned to calculate the area of right angled triangle.(this works only for right angled triangle)there fore according to the given question area of the triangle is0.5*4*48.
When Did Your Child Learn Their ABC's Or to Count to 10?
every baby is different! my baby girl will be 2 in march and is very very very smart! she can point things out, say words and kno what they mean, she kno how old she is can say my name her grandmoms name my brothers name so on and so forth!BUT SHE CAN NOT COUNT UP ! that dosent mean that she cant be smarter then the babys you just seen on youtube, thats probley the only things the baby kno;s how to do is say there abc's your son will be fine good luck on finding the answer :D1. What is the value of B if A,B and C are in arithmetic progression where ABC=8?ABC=8=811=222=124those are three possibilities in which 8 may be product of three numbers .only in the case of ABC= 124 ie A=1 , B=2 , and C=4 , A, B, C are in AP . so value of B =22. Why isn't Monday Night Football on ABC anymore?because ESPN is owned by ABC who is owned by Disney, and Minnie Mouse is sick of Mickey watching football on Monday Night instead of giving the mouse lovin' so she canceled his cable3. ABC TV show Once Upon a Time - Why would Rumpelstiltskin want the curse broken?maybe henery is the child that rumple was supposed to get4. Not Passing ObamaCare Will Boost Deficit by $150 Billion, according to NBC and ABC. So the truth is?Obama and the other communists are incapable of helping our health care situation. Our government is filled with self-centered liars. The lesser of the evils are the Republicans.5. ABC News has banned wearing the US Flag as lapel pins. Does anyone have a link to this?I have not heard anything about this but it would not surprise me6. I need some advice on how to get my son to learn his abc's.?Most children begin recognizing some letters between the ages of 2 and 3 and can identify most letters between 4 and 5. This means that you can start teaching your child the alphabet when he's around 2 - but do not expect full mastery for some time. What is more, toddlers learn differently from older children, so do not pull out the flashcards and audiotapes just yet. Instead, rely on visual aids such as colorful alphabet picture books - your child will have a great time pointing out the letters he knows, as well as colors, shapes, animals, and other objects in the book. The first step in teaching the alphabet is getting your child interested in listening to stories. At around age 2 or 3, children who are frequently read to get the idea that books contain print which is made up of letters. There are lots of fun ways to introduce your child to individual letters. Sign his name to his artwork, then point out each letter one by one. Eventually he will get the idea that those letters, put together, stand for his name. You can reinforce this identification in many ways: Alphabet letters forming his name on the door of his room, perhaps, or a toy or puzzle personalized with his name. Or help him play with alphabet puzzles or refrigerator magnets that he can manipulate. Once he recognizes a letter, play word games - "What words start with 'B'? Ball, baby, boy ..." or use the first letter of his name as the starting point - "Your special letter is 'P,' for Peter; can you think of any other 'P' words?" (Your child wo not be able to write letters until he's about 4, so do not focus on teaching him to write until then.) If he seems interested, feel free to continue helping your child learn more letters. But if he's under 4 and shows no interest, it's best to let it go for a while. No evidence suggests that very early alphabet learning is related to more advanced reading skills later on. Of course - the singing game is always an excellent idea. That's how most children learn, but you have to expect that when you ask him to repeat - he wo not be able to without singing - that's why hands on - relating letters to things that he sees everyday is much better. (I will be you one thing - He knows the McDonald's or Burger King restaurants!) How do you think that happens? He recognizes and ASSOCIATES . Children have to have something to associate the concepts you are trying to teach them. Also, check with the Toys R Us stores. There are plenty of new video-tv oriented games that are great teachers. I would only use them AFTER I have personally worked with and taught these concepts to my child. You never want 'tv/movies/videos to be your child's only teacher - it should be used as re-inforcement, or to help "close" the gap. I teach 8th graders and you should hear them ask me to 'show them the video" of stories I want them to read. We are rearing kids who are 'learners by sight' - and they are unable to grasp these concepts and create imagery in their own minds FIRST. Good luck. I hope this helps.
Related Questions of Abc
Do you want to know about abc? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. Is ABC conservative or liberal?Like all useful sources of journalism, it tries its best to be neutral. In fact, these days, many useful sources are coming across as conservative because they try to give equal time to the batcrap crazy Trump talking heads who are the only ones who are memorable from news articles2. Do you mute the commercials when ESPN does split screen coverage, so you can concentrate on the tiny picture?Fox is probably the best, although Benny Parsons is better at commentary than DW is. NBC airs too many commercials. It will be interesting to see how ABC Sports/ESPN covers NASCAR. My guess is it will be excellent, given ABC Sports is excellent as far as quality coverage. They've had years and years of experience doing so. And I think TNT will still cover some of the races. I've seen ABC Sports cover IRL racing, and even an occasional Formula One event, and they are top-notch as far as commentators and getting the 'action', keeping it exciting.3. ABC Family live stream?You be seated and read a e book and the heroes unfold for the reason that vast surroundings which is your mind and imagination and the scope is hundreds, virtually hundreds of times higher than the miserable Tv set field4. When will Obama and ABC get a ROOM?There needs to be a huge letter campaign... let's all write a letter to ABC News President David Westin calling on him to publicly address and resolve what appears to be a clear violation of journalistic ethics!5. The ABC's for Boys names?Alexander Breadon Cameron David Evan Finley Gage Henry Isaac James Kasey Levi Macen Nicholas Oliver Peter Quinton Reese Scott Thomas Ulysses Vincent Wesley Xavier York Zachary6. Which should I recommend for chemistry, Pradeep or Moderns ABC?Hello there,Mostly the two books have similar explanation followed by question answers. However it depends on what you prefer, some students want a little color coded and highlighted stuff, then they should get modern ABC. While some students like more simple text, with no color distractions, then they should get pradeep. :).7. I was invited to a bridal shower and there is an ABC wishing well........?Each person is assigned a letter and they bring a gift that starts with that letter. A quilt would be an obvious answer. You could also get her a tiara so that she can be a "queen" for the day.8. What Is an ABC Booklet?You have to pick something that relates to the book that starts with each letter of the alphabet. for example A- Alien. (I never read the book). then write WHY it relates to the book. maybe even include some illustrations too9. Are you the type that still trusts ABC,NBC,CBS.?I do not trust anybody, you have to find your information in many different parts like newspaper, internet and TV, than you might be sure that you found the truth10. This Or That ABC Baby Names!?GIRLS: Aubrey Bailey Claire Darcy Elena Farrah Grace Hayden Isabella Jenna Katelyn Lauren Megan Natalie Olivia Paige Quinn Rachel Savannah Taylor Ulla Veronica Weverly Xena Yvette Zoey BOYS: Aiden Blake Caleb Dylan Easton Feirce (do not like either choice...) Gabriel Hudson Ian Jackson Karter Lucas ("Luke") Mason Nathan ("Nate") Oakley Peirce Quinton Rider Spencer Tyler Udell Vince Weston Xander:) Yale Zack11. What's that old abc family movie...?You've just described every ABC family ever12. Are you going to be watching the health care special tonight on ABC?No. I am not at all interested in one sided propaganda13. What dose ABC stands for?Well, it can mean a few things. It can mean just plain ABC, like in the alphabet, or it can mean AssBadCut, which is basically an insult. (Heard it before! Like in texting.) Or Already Been Chewed, as in gum. Hope this helped, I did not know which you were looking for. The AssBadCut one can be used in a couple ways: ur such an ABC! or like this: why r u ABCing me??? Or: God, ABC!! If its none of thise, you could be thinking of AGB, argument gone cold. Hope I answered ur question.
ABC's Debate (Good Or Bad)?
I tend to lean left and I think the debate was bad because the questions, until the last half hour, were pointless. Who cares about Wright and flag pin lapels; there should have been more tougher questions. Not to mention the ridiculous answers given by both candidates. It seemed like they were just tired and had given up on the life, the candidates and moderators1. Why are NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and MSNBS so against Trump?Same reason they ganged up on the the Great Blizzard of 1978. Same reason they ganged up on John Gotti and Al Capone and Bernie Madoff. Same reason they ganged up on Bill Clinton. See my point?.2. German things to fir the ABC's?Zeit means tme in German, and we are out of it, so Bye!3. Is an MiM at HEC Paris better than an MBA from IIM ABC?The MIM and the MBA programs are two different programs and should be chosen based on your goals, careers you want to transition into and last but not least, the eligibility criteria.An MBA program is more of a leadership-oriented program that looks at bringing out peer to peer learning and gives you more insights about the challenges faced in a business and how to solve them.Whereas an MIM degree will take you deep down into the subject knowledge and give you flexibility to choose your specialty. On a global level, the MBA from an IIM is equivalent to a Masters in Management keeping in mind there is no work experience criteria. A global MIM gives you the opportunity to sit in a class with students from diverse backgrounds and countries, impacting your learning curve in a very positive way. Having said that, IIMs are prestigious institutions, and with the cut-throat competition, you would be sitting with the brightest students across the country. The faculty is world class and when it comes to careers, the best of the best companies come to recruit from IIMs.For an MIM degree, HEC Paris is the best business school across the world followed by LBS and ESADE4. who is the mole on abc's hit show the mole?????The only way I will believe that it is not Mark is if he either gets eliminated or it is revealed in the finale that he is not lol5. What do the ABC ratings on fire extinguishers indicate?A fire extinguisher rated ABC is appropriate for class A, class B, and class C fires. A class A fire is standard combustibles such as wood, paper, garbage, etc. Class B are flammable liquids such as gasoline, and class C fires are made of charged electrical items such as live wires. If the electricity is shut off, then a class C fire is considered a class A fire6. meal plan for abc diet?Hi Ree. As you know, the ABC diet has low calories, so you need to make everything you put in your mouth count! Make sure you choose natural foods which are good for you. Do not go for breads or processed carbs as they are calorie and although good for energy - in these small amounts wo not give you enough to last the day. So, go for fresh fruit - high quality. Strawberries and all berries are excellent, as as are apples and pears. You are going to be hungry, but do not waste the precious calories on nuts and fats. Eat grilled chicken and salad at dinner and just salad at lunch. Really though Ree, this diet is not sensible or obtainable full on unless to you can cope with starvation - as your body WILL go into starvation mode and start using protein in the muscles for energy. It's not healthy and has long term affects. Only do the ABC diet for a week max. All the best! Hope this helps!7. Why the difference? (ABC America vs ABC Australia)?I partially agree with "Miloo". "Little ABC" (the American ABC) is a private company with less newsmen (TV cameraman and journalits) working outside of the US than they had in the past. The standard of US journalism, because of the US media laws, tends for poorer quality of news reporting. They rely upon Associated Press for their wire services plus they are not as critical of the US government and its information arm. The company is reliant on advertising and therefore cannot anger their clients. "Big ABC" (the Australian ABC) is a Federal Government-run instrumentality. It too has less newsmen overseas than in the past, but it also relies more heavily upon REUTERS news service (the wire service, the photo service that they have run since 1983 and the TV syndication service that they own since late 1990's) and upon the BBC for many of it stories and reports. They are not reliant upon the advertizing dollar and therefore can afford to be more open and critical of everyone. Australian journalists as with British journalists, are a strongly critical and well trained group.
What Is Pretty Little Liars About on ABC Family?
I would definitely not try to jump right into the show now - you will be so confused! Start watching at the beginning - I am sure you can find a friend who bought Season 1 for you to borrow. So this is probably the most difficult show to explain to somebody :P Honestly, I have not met a girl who's seen the show who did not like it. So the show starts off introducing that Allison is dead. The girls (Aria, Spencer, Hannah, and Emily) were only friends because Ali brought them together. There's a lot more to it, but we are told that Ali was murdered. Currently, we are like mid-season two and we still do not know who the killer is. Or who A is. Which brings me to explain A. A is someone who taunts the girls via texts and notes and such. A seems to know everything about these girls, all of their secrets. And boy, do these girls have a lot of interesting, crazy secrets. A threatens them with exposing these secrets, violence, etc. It's crazy. You really can not miss an episode, though. There's the one big plot where everyone is trying to figure out who killed Allison and the plot about how the girls try to survive with A and discover A's identity. Then there's tons of little subplots that are really interesting, too. It's an awesome shirt. It's a great show (: READ THIS ONLY IF YOU ARE GOING TO JUMP INTO THE SHOW NOW AND NOT WATCH OLD EPISODES! So right now lots of stuff has happened, but what you really need to know is this: Ian (Melissa - Spencer's older sister - 's boyfriend was Ian) is thought to have killed Allison. He was found dead a few episodes with a gun and a suicide note. The note was made up of old texts that A had sent the girls, so obviously it probably was not actually a suicide. But they can not tell anyone any of this. They had one of the police officers under their finger, but they can not trust him anymore because he's working with the blind girl (Jenna), which they think (idk if it is) is bad. Everyone thinks Ian killed Ali, but the girls are starting to think otherwise. They are starting to think maybe Ali's brother Jason has something to do with it. He conveniently can not remember anything that happened the night she died. Aria is starting to look a little flirty with Jason, but the other girls do not really know that. Aria is dating Ezra Fitz, who used to be her English teacher but he quit to be with her. Her friends know it, but no one else does yet. They are awkwardly trying to make it public. And Spencer's dad burned that hockey stick because (well at least this was what he said) the last bit of evidence the girls found was actually just planted by A and made the girls look like the bad ones. I hope that all clears a little bit up (: LOL, yeah, there's a lot you need to know to jump into this show :P Hope you like the show!1. Why is MNF on ESPN instead of ABC?Most likely, it's due to the fact that the vast majority of households in the US have either cable or dishes. They can run their "regular" shows on ABC, and sports such as MNF on ESPN, where it's likely to hit their demographic. Due to the popularity of MNF, they probably also figured that there was no point competing against themselves anyway. Hope this helps.2. the figure shows an isocles triangle ABC with Up to the point where P approaches (2a/3, 0) is correct. This coordinate for P can also be gotten using tan and taking the limit for tan(t) as t approaches zero using the half angle and tan^2 identities depending on how you set it up. However, the equation of the path of P is not a circle! It appears to be an ellipse! If we take the limit of AM as it grows to inifinty, CP would become nearly vertical and would form a 45, 45, 90 for triangle APC. With this being the case, the ellipse would have a vertical, major axis of a and a horizontal minor axis of a/3. Centered around point C (a, 0). This can be plugged into the general formula for an ellipse.3. Let equilateral triangles ABC', BCA', and CAB' be constructed outwardly on the sides of triangle ABC. Prove..?Consider triangles ACA' and B'CB: |AC| = |B'C| (ACB' - equilateral), |CA'| = |CB| (BCA' - equilateral), angle(ACA') = angle(B'CB) = angle(ACB) 60, hence both triangles are congruent and |AA'| = |BB'| as required. Further, triangles ACC' and AB'B are also congruent (2 sides and angle in-between), that implies the segment CC' has same length as AA' and BB'. Your question is related to one of the most famous geometric optimization problem - Fermat's Problem - follow the link in Sources below to read a Wiki Article on this interesting subject.
Why Does ABC Kids Consider the Original MMPR to Be New?
the show has been revamped and remastered, episodes are not new, but they are... kindof different1. I live in Aus and cant watch grey's anatomy off abc..?by ABC, you do not mean "our" ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) I take it? You probably can not watch Grey's using the American ABC because it can tell you are not in the U.S, and many of these sites are restricted to their own countries. You could try going to a proxy server website based in the U.S. and then navigate to the ABC from there - I've never done it myself, but theoretically it should think you are in America, and allow you to watch the show as a result.2. How can an ABC/BBC/CBC maintain a high level of Chinese language?Actually I think the best choice is the Chinese textbooks for Chinese students, these textbooks were written by experts, and the passages inside were mostly adopted from famous works from the top writers all over the world, as well as ancient Chinese. Since you've studied in China for three years I think that you might be familiar with these. These textbooks can be found easily on the Internet and you can get them through online shopping.Another advice is that you can read some world-class novels in Chinese version, it will improve your Chinese skills.Sorry for the bad English, and hope that these will help.3. In a triangle ABC, a = 12, b = 12, and c = 30^o, find c.?Well, I am not sure what c=30^o means, but using the Pythagorean theorem, we know that a squared plus b squared = c squared, so4. At 19 months old, could your child count or know ABC's?At 19 1/2 months he could recognize letters, understood the concept of the alphabet/words and knew their phonic sounds. (He started reading at 20 months). He got an alphabet chart at 16 1/2 months as a gift, and that's when it all started (we are not 'hothousers'). His understanding of numbers was not as good, he could count to 20, but did not seem to count objects out correctly, unless it was only between 1 and 3 objects. I've noticed that most kids can sing the ABC song by about 24 months of age. EDIT: Maybe I am getting thumbs down because people are finding it a bit hard to believe my answer? But there's no exaggeration in my answer. I stand by it, because a fact is just that. My son is now almost 3 years old, and can read almost anything, he's gone on to numbers to 1000 and is learning to play chords on his ukulele. It happens, think about it, if 1 in 10 000 or 1 in 100 000 children are like that and there hundreds of thousands of people on Yahoo Answers, at least a few of us on here are going to have such a child.5. my 4-year old is having trouble learning her ABC's and 123's?Try the starfall online sight it is realy good for abc.My son just turned 3 and koves is he knows all his letters. As for nombers |havent found a good sight yet but repitition worked for us.I also let my son push nomgers on the key bord. If you are woried you could have her looked at for ADHD or dyslexia. They also some times go to gether. I am both I was RXed when I was 56. ABC: Obama calls those who don't want higher taxes 'selfish'?People are selfish . .especially those with millions of dollars who just want to party and get huge tax breaks from average people. He's not talking about people on YA . .he's talking about those who are wealthy enough that paying more in taxes is barely going to be noticed. Those of us in the Middle Class who are heavily taxed and receive very little benefit . . we are the ones who will be helped the most by Obama. I do not feel sorry in the least for the billionaires on Wall Street who were bailed out using my tax dollars . . maybe they will just have to give up one of their seven homes.
What Are the Chances of a Good Student From a Non-elite Engineering College Getting into IIM ABC?
It depends on a whole lot of factors, and not just your engineering college. I came from a rather less known engineering college, but got into IIM-A. I owe that to what I did during my undergrad years and my own capabilities than the renown of my college. Eventually, while those from elite institutions have a slight edge, in that they have a halo of academic competitiveness above their heads, those from other institutes are not at any great disadvantage solely because of their "non-elite" nature.What are the chances of a good student from a non-elite engineering college getting into IIM ABC?What are the chances of a good student from a non-elite engineering college to get into IIM ABC?1. Which is the best book for chemistry, 11th Modern ABC or Pradeep?Go for modern ABC.There is no comparison between the 2 books, you can compare the text and know yourself2. What is that constant humming noise heard at the opening game of the World Cup (USA vs. England - ABC Network)?the soul of all the dead meerkats killed in burrow raids3. Why did democrat ding bat Rosie O'Donnell get canned by ABC????Rosie and ABC can lie all they want, when she got in front of those young ladies who won the scholarships the other night, used the F word and pointed to her crotch and yelled EAT ME, that was the last straw. The lady is nuts and they used this as a way to hide firing her4. If the perimeter of the triangle ABC is above 16, what is its area?The perimeter of a triangle can be whatever you like and it wo not tell you a thing about the area of the triangle until you know a bit more information. The perimeter could be a trillion and you still could have an area of almost zero5. Why is it that CNN, NBC, CBS & ABC will not tell America the truth about whats going on in Washington?Cause they kiss up to the people in politics, its always been that way. Fox news gives you a fair and balanced report, I may not agree w/them, but they do tell us and let us decide6. Which book should I go for , Pradeeps Fundamental physics or Modern abc or HC Verma Concepts of Physics?HC Verma is best among these7. Why doesn't CNN have affiliate stations like Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC?You sort of miss the point of CNN. CNN was the first 24 hour cable news channel ever. Founder Ted Turner was a visionary who used the resources of one broadcast television station to launch CNN at a time when none of the other broadcasters had a presence on cable. The others were originally broadcasters before deciding to invest in cable long after CNN had become successful as a cable television pioneer. CNN sister channel TBS was the first "superstation" in the country. CNN founder Ted Turner first started transmitting his television station WPCH-TV in Atlanta, Georgia nationally on cable in 1976 as TBS. Turner Broadcasting owned the station until 2017. CNN actually has around 900 broadcasting affiliates that use their news resources on their local stations through the services of CNN Newsource.Although you may now be watching CBS, NBC, and ABC on cable, they were in the broadcasting business long before that. Their roots go back to the earliest days of broadcasting, nearly 100 years ago at this point. Fox Broadcasting started about a decade before there was ever a Fox News Channel. I actually worked for them in their earliest days. Fox Broadcasting is not an "affiliate" of Fox News. Aside from some shared news resources, the two operate independent of each other8. Why do liberal news outlets (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NYT, etc) greatly outnumber conservative ones (FOX)?Because only MSNBC is a solid liberal network. The others, until Trump claimed they were picking on him, were just normal news. In Fact, many people turned to the network anchors on 9/11 because they were just regular news. In fact, the New York Times is not even close to being liberal. It is a 100-year-old newspaper and it would not have survived had it been a solely liberal mediumFox is now, in essence, a state-run news agency that appeals specifically to Individual 1
How Can I Teach a 3 Year Old How to Count and Say Their Abc's?
lots of great answers so far. anything where they are up and moving is going to be better than sitting down for a formal lesson1. Is there any way to watch the East Coast airing of an ABC show on the West Coast in real time? If so, what is it?Work for an ABC tv affiliate. I work for a CW affiliate and can watch both the east and west coast feeds, as we have them decoded.You may also find some satellite dish services provide the east and west coast network feeds, but I am not sure about that. On your own, you probably can not receive both feeds.2. im making an abc book for ww11 and i need a word, besides kamikaze?I think kamikaze means "divine wind" and dates back hundreds of years to a Chinese invasion of Japan that was thwarted by a storm. As you know, these were suicide pilots. The only word beginning with 'k' that might help is 'knave'.3. What happened to the show "What would you do?" on ABC?That was a show on Nickelodeon from 1991 to 1993,unless you are talking about some newer show I do not know about4. POLL:Have You Ever Wondered Why The Alphabet On Our KeyBoards Are Not In ABC Order?the order on the key Bord's is called the QWERTY key bord because that is the fist 6 letters on it. It is order in that particular way because the letters that are most commonly used are towards the middle and the the less used letters are right on the edge like z and q. Basically its set out this way so it easier to type, you may not realize this but you do really have to move your hands very much and can still type an awful lot easily.5. How does it feel to be an ABC that has lived in China for over 10 years?Sorry I am not a ABC...6. Why is the alphabet in that specific order? Why not call them the "JRV's" instead of the "ABC's"?A, B and C had better lobbyists7. Strange "form” of the set of vertices $C(x,y,z)$ such that $ABC$ is a right triangle with hypotenuse $AB$Let $d=sqrt30$ be the length $|AB|$. Imagine $d$ horizontal in the $xy$-plane (blue below), with its midpoint at the origin. Then, by Thales' theorem, the points $C$ that form a right angle with $d$ lie on a circle (red below) of diameter $d$, centered on the origin. If you re-factor your equation: $z^2-3zc=0$, $c=5x^2-4xy^25y$, you can see this more clearly before plotting, as this can be rearranged to:$(x-2)^2(yfrac52)^2(z-frac32)^2=frac152$It should be clear that this is the equation for a sphere centered at $(2,-frac52,frac32)$ with radius $sqrtfrac152$ (i.e., diameter $sqrt30$); note also that the center is exactly the midpoint of your two starting points.8. Will Fox pick up Roseanne now that ABC has cancelled it?The short answer is no. A network runs any particular show to produce revenue. That means selling advertising. Advertisers place ads to promote themselves and sell stuff. Rosanne is to toxic for advertisers to want to go near so it's dead.9. How long after they premier do episodes of Lost get uploaded to LOST episodes should be available about 18 to 24 hours after they are shown on TV in the U.S10. What was your favourite ABC kids show during the 90s?Lol Arthur, Caillou, and Clifford Classics11. How can I determine the radius of 4 identical circles inside an equilateral triangle $ABC$?Draw some extra lines to enclose each circle in a smaller equilateral triangle. Since the radii of all the circles are equal, the sidelengths of the small triangles are equal also, and as the diagram makes clear, the radius of one circle is the inradius of an equilateral triangle with half the sidelength: From there, it's easy to show that if $s = $ side of original triangle, $r =$ radius of one small circle, we get $r = s/4sqrt3$, as claimed.12. Which is the best book for chemistry, 11th Modern ABC or Pradeep?Modern's ABC, Dr. SP jauhar is definitely a better choice.If you are preparing for school, please refer to pradeep. It has unnecessary long answer questions which will give you practice on learning things like a parrot, so you can go and vomit all of it on board paper.Or.You can choose and go through the competition file at the end of every chapter, (sometimes every concept) and understand the level required for neet/jee. (Some people who like to waste their time will suggest you use pradeep. No doubt it is a good book but the standard is poor. Plus, it's a big book. Waste. No offence.)Again, if you are going for either of those competitive exams (neet/jee) I am sure you also go to coaching institute. Once you go through m. abc, solve your coaching material and you are good to go.Modern's abc will provide a good strong base for you to solve higher level questions. Clearing concept is required and should be a priority. It's your call to make, anyway.
Let ABC Be an Acute Triangle.?
If APAQ then APQAQPx (say) ACQABPx (s in same segment)But PQCB is cyclic so QPB180(Cx) (opp. of cyclic quad.)So PEB180(180Cx)xC EDCB is cyclic ( ext. of quad. int. opp.) EBDECD (s in same segment) ABCACB and so ABACThe converse is just the above in reverse. Starting from ABAC, when you have proved that ACQABP then it follows from angles in same seg. that APQAQP and so APAQ.Quite a good question.• Related QuestionsIf the bisectors of angles of triangle ABC meet opp. sides in abc?some important relations that can helpAC' /BC' AC /BCBC'./AB' BC/ABBA'/CA' AB/ACalso from that (by multiplication)(AC'/BC' ) * (BA'/CA') * (CB' /AB' ) 1---*********------area of the ABC triangle is0.5 AB BC sin B 0.5 AC CB sin C BA AC sin Aarea of A' B' C' trianglearea of ABC triangle - area of AB'C" - area of BA'C' - ara of CA'B'0.5 AB BC sin B - AC' AB' sin A -BC' BA' sin B - CA' CB' sin C sin (A/2) cos(A/2) 0.5 sin(A)sin (B/2) cos(B/2) 0.5 sin(B)sin (C/2) cos(C/2) 0.5 sin(C)sin (A B) sin(180-C) sin (C)cos(AB) cos(180-C) -cos(c)------How do i teach my child ABC's????Cut out (or buy) Big Letters an tape them all over yourhouse. 'D' OOR, 'C' abinet an so onthe house looks strange for awhile but they get it !Our favorite book is/wasABC's of youSongA your adorableB your so beautifulC your a cutiful charmD your a darlingE your excitingOk..I'll stop now to save everyone :-)The library has this.. And once you hear, it will play in your head and your childs over and over.We used to run around the house (hanging on the walls )as we got to a letter an then to the next. It turned into a giggle fest :-)------anyone good at numbers ? 3 digit ABC....?initiate with those digit. you have 10 opportunities: 0, a million, 2, 3, ..., 9. attempt 0: __0 The one hundred's digit is two times the single's digit: 0_0 that isn't artwork, if it starts off with a nil it somewhat is not a three-digit huge kind. attempt a million: __1 The one hundred's digit is two times the single's digit: 2_1 the ten's digits is one decrease than the one hundred's digit: 211. so because it somewhat is the 1st huge kind that meets the circumstances. Now basically shop attempting the different opportunities 2, 3, and so on. All you ought to understand in this subject is a thank you to multiply by applying 2 and the thank you to subtract a million.------In triangle ABC, AB8.1cm, AC7.5cm, angle ACB30 degrees.?The Sine Law says that its sides and angles are related in this way: a/sinAb/sinBc/sinCMain points to notice:the triangle needs to be labelled the way it is in the picture above: side a is opposite angle A, side b is opposite angle B, and side c is opposite angle C (note - c is NOT the hypotenuse)depending on the information you have about the triangle, you can use any 2 of the three parts of the Sine Law to solve for the unknownyou need to know at least one set of sides and angles (eg. a,A) and the side or angle of another set to find the missing side or angle from that set------Is Gilmore Girls of abc family for good?nicely, it ended with season 7 and Rory ended up without one. some episodes earlier the finale, Logan proposed to Rory and he or she later suggested no, and Dean broke up with Rory in season 5 and he under no circumstances grow to be on the instruct lower back. Jess left Rory (lower back) interior the tip of season 3 so of course they have been broken up and then he got here back in season 4 and suggested that he enjoyed her and he needed her to circulate away Yale and circulate with him and he or she suggested no. Then he comes back in season 6 yet in basic terms as acquaintances (inspite of the fact that they do kiss...) Rory and Jess have been my fashionable at the same time ). yet yea. She does not finally end up with anybody.------por que la igualdad abc(2a)(b)(c/2) es verdadera?Esta igualdad es verdadera, o sea, es una igualdad.Para demostrarlo solo tienes que multiplicar. Cuando tienes expresiones algebraicas (o sea, expresiones que mezclan nmeros y letras), solo puedes sumar y restar las letras iguales entre s. Para multiplicar o dividir letras distintas, escribes una al lado de la otra. Cuando hay nmeros, debes multiplicarlos o dividirlos entre (2a)(b)(c/2)Como las letras son distintas, escribes una al lado de la otra. Tienes un 2 que est multiplicando y otro 2 que est dividiendo, o sea:........... 2abcabc ----------.............. 2Divides los nmeros entre s y te queda un 1, porque cualquier nmero dividido entre s mismo da 12/2 16/6 110000 /10000 1etc.Entonces:abc (2/2)abcabc abc <--- igualdadComo tienes la misma cosa a los 2 lados del signo "", esta igualdad es verdadera.------I have a question about ABC and Digital TV.?You don't give any information as to what type of antenna you are using, where you are located and how far you are from the station TV transmitters. Receiving digital signals is more difficult now than it was with analog. Your antenna, preferably and outdoor type, has to be pointed in the direction of the TV station. Here in the L.A. area, ABC, channel 7 remained in the VHF band, but now in digital format. You will be out of luck if you are using a UHF antenna like me. I thought all stations would be on UHF and that's what I installed. WRONG!! I no longer get channels 7 thru 13. Be advised------Can someone give me the names of published poets who have written ABC poems?I accept as true with RobF, its kinda stable, style of. in case you will get a kick out of seeing your poem & call in print & can arise with the money for the 50 or additional funds they'll ask for the e book then bypass forward. this is in comparison to being printed & seeing your poem in bookstores or everywhere else, the only purpose is to sell the quantity to those whose poems are coated in it. yet in simple terms be conscious that they'll probably persist with up with extra "delivers" to you & family which will fee additional funds, avert those!------what happend to nba on abc?No, NBA on ABC is still there. Here's the schedule:Date Teams Time (ET)Thu, Dec 25San Antonio @ Phoenix 2:30 pm Boston @ L.A. Lakers 5:00 pmSun, Jan 25Dallas @ Boston 1:00 pm San Antonio @ L.A. Lakers 3:30 pmSun, Feb 1Cleveland @ Detroit 2:30 pmSun, Feb 8San Antonio @ Boston 1:00 pm L.A. Lakers @ Cleveland 3:30 pmSun, Feb 22Boston @ Phoenix 2:30 pmSun, Mar 1Detroit @ Boston 1:00 pm L.A. Lakers @ Phoenix 3:30 pmSun, Mar 8Phoenix @ San Antonio 3:30 pmSun, Mar 15Dallas @ L.A. Lakers 3:30 pmSun, Mar 22Houston @ San Antonio 1:00 pmSun, Mar 29Dallas @ Cleveland 1:00 pmSun, Apr 5San Antonio @ Cleveland 1:00 pm Phoenix @ Dallas 3:30 pmSun, Apr 12Dallas @ New Orleans 1:00 pm Boston @ Cleveland 3:30 pm------Do you like watching the NBA playoffs on TNT, ESPN, or ABC?Watching the games on TNT is really annoying. For whatever reason they throw up advertisements while the game is on. They interview movie stars, fans, or coaches while the game is on. they show coverage of part of the game from the ceiling like Bob Uecker seats. You can barely see what is going on. Look I want to see the game, Not all this other BS. That and get some commentaters in there that actually know what is going on, and not ones that just jump on a band wagon. And get rid of Van Gundy, Totally annoying. I would prefer watching ABC Or KCAL 9 with Stu Lantz. Nobody could beat the late great Chick Hearn.------What's the ABC Family 25 Days ofABC Family 25 Days of Christmas Movie : EX-MAS CAROL-MOVIE REVIEWEX-MAS CAROLA.K.A.: Ex-Mas ListNetwork: ABC FamilyOriginal Air Date: Christmas 2010CAST:Ashley Benson ... SloaneChad Michael Murray ... BrentChristina Milian ... CaitlinJacke Harry ... MomPatrick Johnson ... BradBurgess Jenkins ... AndrewSharon Morris ... Triage NurseCara Mantella ... EllaCynthia Evans ... Soccer MomAndrea Moore ... Jewelry SaleswomanChandler Darby ... DarinKenny Alfonso ... AaronHolly Firfer ... ReporterRose Bianco ... MaidPLOT:The "ABC Family" film follows Sloane, a beautiful, stylish and on the fast track to success at her public relations firm. After her client Caitlin winds up in a coma and becomes her own personal ghost of Christmas past, present and future; she finds out first hand that her unethical ways need to change and reuniting with a past jilted lover may be the answer.------Why did ABC news immediately try to link James Holmes to the Tea Party?Because ABC News hates the Tea Party and they want to do everything in their power to stop it.As an example, take the brutal attack by a man at Dean College last year. The attacker's name was later discovered to be Kirk Dudley.There are five people on named Kirk Dudley. Did ABC News try to link one of these Kirk Dudley's to the attack at Dean College? OF COURSE NOT BECAUSE IT WOULD BE ABSURD!!!And yet they connected the Colorado shooter to the Tea Party by the shooter's name WITH NO CHECKING WHATSOEVER!!!ABC News saw an oppprtunity to further their anti Tea Party agenda, and they took it. My guess is that they will do the same thing in the future if they get the chance.------Why is Slacker Cats on ABC Family?Back in the early 00s, the station wanted to drop their "family" oriented theme and become a channel for college students. It was going to be called XYZ, as a reverse reference to ABC. However, when they purchased the company from FOX, the contract stated that "Family" must remain in the title. To rename the channel XYZ, it would then be like starting a whole new TV station from scratch: needing to get new contracts, etc. They decided to not change the channel name when they discovered that, but I can assume that they still want to change to a channel for college kids.By the way, Slacker Cats is awesome. It's my favorite animated TV show, and my second all-time favorite TV show.------The coordinates of the vertices of a triangle ABC are...?First roughly locate the points starting with A(-4, y), which is 2nd quadrant.Next point in the order for anti-clockwise direction is C(-2,1)and then comes B(3,0)Thus naming the triangle in anti-clockwise direction it is ACB.Using the area of a triangle formula,Area (1/2)*x1(y2 - y3) x2(y3 - y1) x3(y1 - y2)> A (1/2)-4(1 - 0) - 2(0 - y) 3(y - 1) 11Rearranging and solving the above, we get y 29/5 5.8Thus A is (-4, 5.8)Note: If you were to take the order as ABC,then this may result y -5> A(-4,-5), which is in third quadrant and not in second as mentioned.------Is ghost whisperer moving to abc?Here is a part of what Wikipedia had to sayOn May 18, 2010, CBS announced that Ghost Whisperer will not be returning for another season on CBS, citing rising costs and a decline in viewing figures as the reasons. ABC has expressed interest in picking up Ghost Whisperer for Fall 2010 and will likely be placed on Fridays at 8pm leading straight into ABC's new drama Body Of Proof. It was revealed on May 19, that writers of the show were informed to not look for other jobs as of yet, and the producers were very optimistic as there is a good chance, and very high hopes of Ghost Whisperer being renewed by ABC
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