Mold Craft Micro Injection Molding

Micro Injection Mold and Micro Injection Molding ManufacturersWhen your parts need to have tolerances down to .0001, problems can arise if you dont have a deep understanding of the technical aspect to micro injection molding and the process of fabricating and producing a micro injection mold. Mold Craft thrives on the intricacies of the complex design, bringing your parts from conceptualization to a physical product to take to market.

Micro Parts Need Specialized ExperienceThe issues arise as the parts get smaller and smaller. Thought and engineering have to go into designing the gate location and choosing the right style choice. A mistake here could mean delays and wasted resources.

Mold Craft has the experience and tooling capabilities to bring your project to fruition.At the Mold Craft facility, a highly trained and specialized in-house micro mold design team possesses a direct line of communication with the mold shop. This allows us to create micro mold designs that work exceptionally well both in the real world as much as on paper.

Mold Craft Micro Injection MoldsMold Craft creates molds that often fit in the palm of your hand, yet create parts that can achieve tolerances of .0001 and fit on the tip of a ball point pen. Mold Craft has capabilities to product micro parts down to .

020 x . 100, and micro detail features reaching under 0.010.

Mold Craft has the specialized experience and skills to hold molded part tolerances to .001 and have produced micro molds for clients in a wide array of industries that include medical device innovation and microelectronics. The Mold Craft design team is ready to work with you from day one to conceptualize the mold your project requires.

They also can work with you at a later point in the build phase to put a fully realized micro mold into production.Work With Mold Craft, Micro Injection Molding SpecialistsMold Craft has the deep skill and experience needed for your micro injection mold project, as well as the attention to micro details needed for a successful run. Contact Mold Craft to conceptualize or problem solve your micro injected mold project today RELATED QUESTION I didn't get Google Glass Explorer Edition.

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