Linear Momentum Density of Light in General Case

The equation is not fully correct or at least I cannot reproduce it without further approximation. If you use beginalign E& = iomega A = iomega u e^-ikz vecx B& =

abla times A = partial_z u e^-ikz vecy - partial_y u e^-ikzvecz endalignThe $E^*times B$ term in the momentum is given by beginalign E^*times B = iomega; u^* (partial_yvecypartial_zvecz)uomega k |u|^2vecz endalign If you insert that into the equation for $p$ you will find the result from the paper except, that the x component of the gradient in $u

abla u^*$ is missing. The momentum must have a vanishing x-component because E is parallel to A and A points only in the x direction.

1. Density of gold based with temperature?

This is a long problem... For the first part you have the mass of the gold bar and need to find the volume. Use the cylinder volume formula to do this V= (pi)(h)r^2 Then divide m/v. For the second part you must find the mass of the liquid. Subtract the mass of the graduated cylinder with the liquid by the mass of the graduated cylinder. Now you must find volume. Subtract the volume of the gold bar from 8.5. Divide the m/v. Now convert 86 degrees F to celcius. Convert 40 degrees to celcius. Subtract to Figure out how many degrees you must decrease by to get to the new temperature. Divide this by 10 to get the % loss of density. Now find one percent of the density you calculated earlier and subtract it from the density. Repeat this process until you have done it the number of times equal to the percent you calculated earlier. That is the answer. Sorry if you could not follow. I do not have time...

2. Density of Stomata? 10 POINTS!!!!?

Anacharis Leaves

3. What are 2 examples of density in sentences?

They all look correct the last answer is 11.3g/cm^3

4. Integral and Density/Cumulative Distribution Function

What you have written is sensible, but since you have the cumulative distribution function you can find the median directly by solving (numerically or looking at your graph) $P(r)=frac12.$

5. molarity and density? Chemistry question?

Chemistry homework due tomorrow I see. I could have answered this a year ago, but even after taking regular and AP chemistry in high school then followed by a year of college chemistry, I forgot a great deal with just one year away. I can not answer this question but will advise that if you want to learn something for life you have to constantly review what you have learned

6. Looking for a Neutral Density Filter???? Help?

I was confused by this too! ND2 - 1 stop - reduces light to half ND4 - 2 stops - reduces light to quarter ND8 - 3 stops - reduces light to one eighth ND16 - 4 stops - reduces light to 1 sixteenth ND32 - 5 stops - to 1/32nd ND64 - 6 stops - to 1/64th You can use them in combination so and ND2 and ND4 is same as ND8; 2 ND4's are same as ND16

7. How do you know if a metal has a high or a low density?

density is weight of the material per amount. the size does not matter, and the density of any material will be the same in any amount of it, since as the amount increases, so does the weight. to give you an idea of how much 8.96 is, think about this: water has a density of 1.

8. Density with infinite cardinals [closed]

For question 1, you can do better: $D(kappa,mu)>mu$. To prove it, suppose you are given $mu$ (or fewer) subsets of $mu$, each of size $kappa$; you need to produce a subset $X$ of $mu$, of size $kappa$, that is not a superset of any of the given sets. Group the given sets into $kappa$ families $F_alpha$ (where $alphatextcf(mu)$, then every $kappa$-sized subset of $mu$ has $kappa$ elements below some ordinal$alphatextcf(mu)$, we get that $X$ has $

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