Light Quality Is Critical to Strengthen Adoption of LED

To provide a more balanced portfolio of ENERGY STAR lamp products on the market and mitigate color quality as a barrier to wider adoption of energy efficient lighting products, Soraa proposed to the EPA a second high CRI tier with differential efficacy requirements taking into account the inherent lumen per watt trade-off as a function of CRI for phosphor converted white LEDs. Soraa proposed to keep the existing minimum efficacy requirements, but raise the color quality to a minimum CRI 90. For lamps with CRI between 80 and 90, Soraa proposes to increase the luminous efficacy requirements.

Poll: Last time you cried ?

I am crying as I type this

Have you ever cried because of a song?

weirdly yes haha Hurt- Christina Aguilara the music video made me cry hysterically >

What movies have you cried during?

I am a guy and straight so yah my tears do not fall as easily. A League of Their own when the younger sister Kit wins and is being cheered by the crowd while dottie and to coach look on. This movie just got to me. Maybe it was the "theres no crying in baseball" line that got me going :P

POLL: Have you ever cried?

LOL yeah. I cried so much I had this huge headache and then was like *cries* Why the hell am I even crying?! *cries*

I cried on my first date ever!?

Show your bad side (I would not say cry at the first date bad) if he still wanna be with you. Then he really wants to. Me and my met a month after i broke up with my ex. I told him everything happened between me and my ex and i was crying like a piece of **** but the best things is he still wanna be with me and promise me he wont dont the same as my ex did to me.

POLL: Last time you cried?

Earlier BQ: Frustrating life

I cried while praying, is that normal?

Dat's da holy spirit babby!

why is there a difference if a guy cries and a girl cries?

A bloke supposed to be tougher, not girlish cries, I think. I am totally agree with you over girls cries while guys do not know what to do but girls do. They offered me to hugs over their shoulder. Guess my knowledge is not help you, sorry!

Who is Better Cris Angel or David Blaine?

I'am watching that crap now!!!!!!

Have you ever cried over the death of a pet?

When I was young over a goldfish - ok, but it was about 14 years old

4 month old cries all day long?

If she has been on two strong acid-reducing medications and did not show improvement, then it is not likely a reflux issue. Start with the basics: is she getting enough sleep? At four months she should be sleeping about 16 hours total, between night sleep and probably three nap periods. She may not have a consistent schedule yet and that is fine, but sleep is critical for development and for temperament to even out. Babies who are not getting adequate sleep are cranky and moody, easily frustrated, and will often cry like they are in pain. Being tired is associated with headaches and stomach upsets, just like in adults. Being on four different formulas in three months can be difficult too. Her body needs to adjust every time you switch. It is possible she is sensitive to the milk-base of the formula, but the Alimentum should have resolved it if that were the case, or the Prosobee. She can also be sensitive to soy as allergies to soy are quite common, and it is possible that she is so sensitive to milk that the hydrolyzed protein was still intolerable. You can always get another opinion from another doctor if you do not feel like the situation is being addressed.

Baby fusses/cries to get to sleep?

Try babies magic tea when your baby is fussing and it will soothe baby from any abnormality in her tummy

*cries* i need your help.. :?

Shut the hell up, loser. No one gives a damn about your fake problems. I hope you have a lonely, miserable life.

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Is It a Crime to Play Basketball Inside Old School Gym?
Is it a crime to play basketball inside old school gym?somebody owns it. maximum in all probability city it extremely is in. so which you are trespassing. you do not have the the main suitable option to do what you elect whilst the valuables is not yours. as nicely, it could be risky because of the fact the development is not maintained. it could fall down or some thing from the ceiling falls off, rats and different rabid animals residing there, asbestos, etc. exterior empty courts are owned by ability of the community government and are there for public use. abandoned homes are no longer for public use.— — — — — —Is there any hope for me with playing basketball in college?You have to do great this year also tape your self playing games to show to scouts— — — — — —Should I quit playing basketball?good should you stop now their is not any coming again(except you move and train everday.). however then im no longer on a staff but if ever i play a staff sport its continuously unhealthy so simply play a million on a million and should you dont like then its your alternative.Never stop!!— — — — — —How Do I Play BasketBall Longer?Run a couple of miles everyday ( I go 3 miles: 9 minutes for the first one, 8 minutes for the second, and 6 minutes for the third) Also try and control breathing, so in stead of panting try to make it steady and even. Hope this helps!!— — — — — —Good idea to play basketball?i think of this is positive to play even whilst this is sore. I even have basketball prepare known and my legs experience like jelly each night. i think of its a solid thank you to push your self and after each week or 2 it wo not harm anymore.— — — — — —Where can I play basketball??I say if you can afford a HOUSE in a diffrent area than do it or that your cheap butt luck— — — — — —Body shuts down while playing basketball?Nah, your just not going hard enough in the paint— — — — — —I am 31 years old and I love playing basketball, can I continue playing at this age?The nice age variety to begin a recreation is among 12-sixteen as you are constructing and the physical games conduct you get now will stick to you as you conclude constructing. 12 years is the important thing age that the majority individuals begin getting alot higher on the recreation they've selected to play in and 14 is reasonably historic however there may be not anything mistaken with gambling now. As lengthy as you awareness on getting your basics downpat ASAPp and commit your self to the game you will not be a long way in the back of the opposite women.— — — — — —Any ideas for me to make a FUNNY commercial?mini kobe and lebron fighting on the dbz battlefield or maybe vise versa goku and vegeta playing basketball on the lakers home court— — — — — —Do you have to have played basketball to be an Athletic Trainer In the NBA?i cant help u in this one. yet i do bear in suggestions jauney. dajaun grew to become right into a sturdy guy, i enjoyed him whilst he performed for the cavs, i desire he coulda been around longer, possibly right into a sturdy factor gaurd or shooting gaurd who couldve incredibly helped the cavs— — — — — —Is 8th grade good year to start playing basketball?That's not entirely true. There are a few NBA players who started in High School, just having a natural talent. Eighth grade is a tid bit late to start basketball if you intend on going to college, but you still have 4 years to perfect your game. The best time to have started would be in 6th-7th grade. That way you can spend those 2 years learning all the rules really well, shooting dribbling passing, etc, and spend 8th grade season getting used to the physical fitness level required and the competitive attitude. High school, again, will be all about gaining alot of skill and gaining strength— — — — — —Is it possible to get elbow tendonitis from playing basketball? If so, what should I do?It might help to wear an elbow elastic brace for awhile. Yes, you could have strained a tendon very easily. good luck to ya
Why Are Liberals so Afraid to Talk About Gun Crime and Race?
Is It Possible That Prescribed Diabetes Medications Could Cause Tinnitus?
14,642 Cops Were Asked If Banning Private Non-dealer Gun Sale Would Reduce Violent Crime. 11,663 Sai
How Do You Make a Small Doll Crib About 10 Inches Long?
Can Someone Describe the Sun's Operation?
200809 Women's National Cricket League Season
Detailed Description of Dual Card Functions for IPhone XS and IPhone XS Max
Can Plz Someone Describe What Happens in the Rectification/enriching Part of a Distillation Column??
The Crisis in Streaming Music Adoption
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