Let $a,b,c$ Be the Length of the Side $BC,CA,AB$ Respectively for $triangle ABC$. Show That $(2b2c-2

It's wrong. Try $b=c=3$ and $a=5$

1. President Trump has announced his intention to challenge the broadcast licenses of ABC, NBC, and CBS, and "if appropriate" revoke them. What do those who voted for him think of this?

What the left will never understand about Trump, is that Trump plays 4D chess in their minds. While they are chasing after the latest bombshell, driving off of the nearest cliff, he is LOL, and so are we

2. In right-angled u2206 ABC, u221fB=90u2070. u2206 ABC is in the first and second quadrant on the graph paper. The coordinates of the points A and C are (2,5) and (-2,3). How do you find the possible pairs of coordinates of B?

By completing the rectangle which has AC as it's diagonal. Thus, the coordinates of B are:(2,3) and (-2,5)

3. Abc is a three digit numbers where ab=c^2 and bc=a^3, what solution does it have?

abc is a three digit number. The possible values of a is , , b is , and c is ,We have ab = c^2 and bc = a^3From the simplification of the above two equations we get c cdot (c1) = a cdot (a^21)The only possible values for which the above equation holds are a=c=1 and a= 3, c=5Case 1 : When a=c=1 we get b to be zero which is possible as b lies in ,Case 2 : When a= 3, c=5 we get b to be 22 which is not possible as the value of b does not lie between , in this caseTherefore our only solution is the number 101

4. What are your thoughts about the article that claims Trump made at least 22 false or misleading claims at ABC town hall?

Tough to say. I have been trying to find a count for Biden to compare but no one bothered counting. Bias? Did not want to bother because Joe wo not remember saying it anyway? My own bad search skills? Anyway, both are politicians, both lie, mislead, tell half-truths. The liberal media considers something true that the conservative side does not and vice versa. The information we have is one sided and does not give us a good basis for comparison

5. Why are most news channel names only 3 letters long, for example, ABC, NBC, Fox, etc.?

There's no restriction a) the 3rd network way before ABC was the Dumont Network. b) They are technically the National Broadcasting Company, the Columbia Broadcasting System, etc, etc ... but it's much catchier and easier to remember and say three letters but again, no specific rule ... yes, I am sure FOX went with that as the standard (but unlike the others, it's not shorten and it was a natural fit and a known name for entertainment as opposed to naming it MBC for Murdoch Broadcasting) - we've had other networks like the WB but just look at cable companies, they are all over the board from USA to Discovery to ESPN to Comedy Central

6. Ideas on what board game to get?

while i grew to become into little I used to play hi-Ho Cherrio and you spin this wheel and it delivers a #a million-20 i think of and you are able to p.c.. that many plastic cherries from the tree (that's the board interest board). For Abc's i might google that and you will possibly locate some sturdy ones. additionally the 1st interest i discussed works great as quickly as I toddler-sit down i take advantage of it alot

7. Number Theory HELP!! 1) If N=abc1, prove that (N,a)=(N,b)=(N,c)=1....?

1) Let d = (N, a), e = (N, b), and f = (N, c). Since d = (N, a), we see that d | N and d | a. Since d | a, we see that d | abc. Then d | (N - abc). Thus, d | 1. Then d = 1. Since e = (N, b), we see that e | N and e | b. Since e | b, we see that e | abc. Then e | (N - abc). Thus, e | 1. Then e = 1. Since f = (N, c), we see that f | N and f | c. Since f | c, we see that f | abc. Then f | (N - abc). Thus, f | 1. Then f = 1. Thus, (N, a) = (N, b) = (N, c) = 1. 2) First, assume that (k, n k) = 1 and let d = (k, n). Then d | k and d | n. Then d | (n k). Since d | k and d | (n k), we see that d | (k, nk). Then d | 1. Thus, d = 1. Thus, (k, n) = 1. Now assume that (k, n) = 1 and let d = (k, nk). Then d | k and d | (nk). Then d | ((nk) - k). Thus, d | n. Since d | n and d | k we see that d | (k, n). Then d | 1. Thus, d = 1. Thus, (k, n k) = 1.

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