LED Light Set, Complete (contains Rock Light Kit, LED Light Bar (Rigid), LED Headlight/tail Light Ki

Hit the Trail Day or Night with Rock-Solid Reliability Genuine Traxxas LED Light Kits for the TRX-4 are engineered with the same outstanding quality and attention to detail as the truck itself. Precise Traxxas fit and finish makes installation easy and fun for any skill level, and the waterproof design allows for all-weather adventure after the sun goes down.TRX-4 LED Lights are available as a complete kit or as individual components, allowing TRX-4 owners to select the exact setup that meets their needs. LED Light Bar with High/Low Brightness Switch Designed to the rigorous standards of both Traxxas and leading lighting manufacturer RIGID, the LED light bar utilizes surface mount LED technology and a custom clear lens for unsurpassed realism. The integrated switch controls the brightness of both the light bar and the headlights. The light bar bolts directly to the Land Rover Defender ExoCage, but the universal mounting tabs also allow easy custom installation on a variety of surfaces. Also available in #8029 and #8025. LED Headlight and Tail Light Harness Designed specifically for the Land Rover Defender body, the LED headlight and tail light harness is a direct replacement for the factory lens components. Fourteen total bright white LEDs bring the headlights to life, while secondary lights illuminate the amber parking lights and red tail lights for a true scale look. Also available in #8027. LED Rock Lights Traxxas LED Rock Lights install directly into the inner fenders of the TRX-4 and are positioned to help illuminate obstacles for trouble-free nighttime crawling. The kit includes two LED modules per wheel, ensuring a flood of light throughout the underside of the truck. Down lighting in the wheel wells combined with the headlight/taillight kit make it easy to see the orientation of the vehicle in the dark. Also available in #8026 LED Lighting Module Adding LED lighting components to your TRX-4 is simple with the waterproof Traxxas power supply. This unit provides stable, regulated output with batteries ranging from NiMH to 3S LiPo. The power supply connects to the receiver and electronic speed control to provide single-point control of your lighting components, and the included 3-in-1 wire harness allows the full lighting setup to be connected with a single plug. Also available in #8029 and #8028. Land Rover and the Land Rover Logo are trademarks owned and licensed by Jaguar Land Rover Limited.

Which metals when heated emit light?

Basically all of them as long as by "light" you mean electromagnetic radiation. Some however, such as iron, emit light in the visible spectrum so you can see they are hot. The colour of this light changes as their temperature increases from red to white and possibly even blue. In contrast, aluminium does not glow in the visible spectrum when heated. This is dangerous because there is visible warning that it is hot

Do atoms absorb the same amount of light?

Do atoms that are exposed to the same amount of light absorb the same amount as well?The question is a little fuzzy, so let's try an be more concise.Take sodium ($textNa$), famous for its strong, yellow doublet emission line.In identical conditions all sodium atoms emit the same intensity of that yellow doublet (and its other weaker lines)A constant gas flame of a given sodium concentration would thus emit yellow light, the intensity depending only on the sodium concentration. Similarly, such a flame would also absorb the same amount of light made up of those frequencies (the principle of Atomic Absorption Spectrometry), depending only on sodium concentration.

Secret Tips to Improve Your Photo Booth Lighting Setup

Want to improve the lighting on your photo booth? Have you ever had dark images, ugly shadows, shiny skin tones, blurry photos or poor picture quality? More than likely it was a lighting issue. Photo booth lighting is probably the greatest determining factor in whether or not your picture quality will be great or terrible. It does not take much to significantly improve the quality of your photos. We've been perfecting our lighting setup for years and would love to share with you some simple tips to get a better lighting setup. As a photographer myself, lighting has always been an obsession. However, when it comes to running a photo booth business there are several other factors to consider. Even though I would love to get the biggest and best lighting setup its not always practical. Nor is it wise to slap on a cheap direct facing strobe. There has to be a healthy middle ground. Enjoy this tutorial video that goes over our photo booth lighting setup. Then we will break down everything for you step by step. We chose this setup based on a number of factors: First, we tested it for several years at a wide range of events to ensure it could withstand all different types of events and locations. Second, we needed the image quality to be really nice and consistent at all our events. Third, we needed our system to be reliable and provide us with a number of backups should something go wrong. Finally, we needed our lighting setup to be portable and function with ease for our attendants. Here is a breakdown of all the lighting gear we use for our sale photo booths: We really love the B400 AlienBees for a number of reasons. The size is perfect for placement on top of our booths. Most strobes are very long and make it difficult to feed chords through or attach a modifier. The AlienBees have a more condensed body which fits really well. They also provide a wide range of colors to choose from to match your booth. These provide plenty of power for almost any lighting scenario you find yourself in. It also has a modeling lamp should the location be dark. The functionality of the buttons make it very easy to adjust. Overall it's a work horse that is consistent and holds up for a long time. Plus the customer service over at Paul C. Buff is awesome. They are extremely helpful! Another great light to consider is their DigiBee which is even smaller, more powerful and offers the ability for continuous lighting. Which if you find yourself in a unique situation that requires continuous lighting it can be very helpful. With every light source you will want to pick up a backup flashtube, modeling lamp and reflector. These come standard with each strobe but it does not hurt to get backups should something be needed at your event. The 20 Impact white shoot through umbrella is by far the best modifier in terms of consistency and softness. We love this modifier because it's inexpensive, portable, quick to setup and fills each image with soft even lighting. We use this as our first option at each event. However, it does have some limitations. If your event has wind (like an outdoor event) then we revert to a 16" beauty dish. This brand fits perfectly on all AlienBee strobes and has a diffuser to soften the light even further. The interior of the beauty dish is white so there wo not be any cool tones. Since it's a direct facing light you can also get more power from the light. The light does not wrap as well as the umbrella but it's close enough in terms of softness and quality. Your clients should not be able to tell the difference between the two. It's also a great backup should the umbrella break. The beauty dish is a direct light source so it wo not pick up any strange color casting like the umbrella can do at times. This happens when walls or ceilings are not neutral in color. Between these two modifiers you should be able to conquer pretty much any lighting condition. Most booths come with a flash pole on top and a cut out hole to run your wires through. The height of your flash pole is very important because you want the bottom of your light source to be just above eye level. If the height of your light is too low it can change where the shadows fall - affecting how your subjects look. Direct lighting or uplighting in the slightest bit is very unflattering. If your booth does not come with a flash pole you should be able to modify it without much difficulty. A flash pole is simply a pole that can support the flash head. In our case we attach the base of our AlienBees B400 to the top of our flash pole so it's set to the proper height. The angle of your light source is also very important. Always do your best to angle the light source so that the light hits your subject at a 45 degree angle. If you are using the white shoot through umbrella this will actually be facing the opposite direction of your subject at a 45 degree angle upward so that the light comes back at a downward 45 degree angle. This actually goes against what most photographers use shoot through umbrellas for but since this is a small umbrella it's acting using it more like a bounce. So the light is going to fill the umbrella and bounce back onto your subject. Some of the light will also shoot through the umbrella hit what ever wall or ceiling and bounce back. Bouncing light is a concept that photographers use to make a small light source appear very big which in turn gives you soft even lighting. If you need to use the beauty dish for outdoor or windy locations the light will then need to be turn to face your subjects directly. This again will be pointing at a downward 45 degree angle since it's intended to be a direct light source. We like to position the base of our photo booth 5-6ft from the backdrop. We find the lighting to be pretty consistent within that range. Meaning the exposure does not shift much whether your subject is standing against the backdrop or directly in front of the camera. We find that other distances create more dramatic shifts in flash exposure. A modeling lamp is basically a continuous light source that remains on the entire time. The AlienBee has a modeling lamp that you can leave on or off depending on your needs. We usually kick it on when the booth opens up or off when special moments are happening. On the T12 LED we utilize the continuous light that is built into the ring light. You can dial it up or down depending on how much light is needed. This is helpful because it allows your camera to focus easier if you are in auto focus mode. It also allows the live view display from your computer to show up better. Since a lot of venues are dark the live view mode that the surface pro displays is difficult to see until the final photo is displayed. Modeling lamps or continuous light sources come in handy more for guest experience rather than the final outcome of your image quality. We are using a Canon Rebel T5i which is used to connect directly to our AlienBee B400. We use a Nikon AS-15 Sync Terminal Adapter that mounts to the hot shoe of our Canon. This adapter allows us to connect a PC Sync Cable directly from our Canon to the AlienBee. That way anytime the camera's shutter goes of it fires the strobe. It's a simple hard wired connection that is very reliable. We also power our AlienBee with the power chord that comes with the flash unit. This power chord connects into a power strip that is zip tied to the inside of our T12 LED Photo Booth enclosure. We also keep an extra 6ft right angle power chord which serves as a backup for the flash and DNP 620A printer. What happens if your photo booth light breaks at an event? We carry backup parts for our AlienBees which include a backup flashtube, modeling lamp, reflector, power chord, sync cable and hot shoe adapter. We would get an additional AlienBee with each photo booth setup but it's very unlikely that the unit itself will malfunction. Most strobes show early signs of malfunction before they fail completely. And since we are using the T12 LED by RBA it has a built in ring light that we could switch to in case a backup is needed. If you are ever considering getting anything from RBA Photo Booths make sure to use this 10% off coupon code before checking out - photoboothtraining Should the light source be off to the side? If you are a portrait photographer doing headshots professionally I would say yes. But 99.9% of your customers wanting a photo booth will not be able to tell the difference. I have yet to find a solution with a light off to the side that does not make the functionality and portability of the booth worth it. Also, with a photo booth you are shooting lots of people in a booth doing a wide range of movements. Having the light high, centered and angled down gives you the most consistent lighting for ALL subjects in the frame. It's not always practical for attendants to bring a large light modifier to every event. We've used lots of oversized modifiers to achieve a slightly better quality of light and customers cannot tell the difference. Your overall costs will increase and the challenges to transport and activate at events might not be worth it. Unless you want to have this as an add on service I think most events you can get away with using smaller modifiers. What if my light does not have enough power? We only have experience with AlienBees and Einsteins which put out plenty of power for us. If for some reason your light does not produce enough power you still have a few options to consider. First, you can revert to using the beauty dish which should give you can extra 2-3 stops of light. You can lower the Aperture or raise the ISO which will increase your flash exposure. From my experience as a wedding photographer. The most reliable and cheapest off camera lighting triggers I've tested have been the Phottix Strato II system for Canon. They do require 2 AAA batteries to power. We do not use wireless triggers for our photo booth lights but if you had a reason for this that was important, I would definitely give these a try. The only downside would be to remember to change your batteries which is another thing for attendants to troubleshoot. But if your light is higher or off to the side than going wireless may be helpful. What kind of camera settings should I be using? We typically have our Canon set in manual mode to: Sometimes we shift the ISO or Aperture but do our best to leave the shutter at 1/200. What should my flash power settings be at? For the umbrella we are usually at 1/2-1/1 power. That translates to half or full power. When we use the beauty dish we are usually at 1/4 (quarter power). If you are ever considering getting anything from RBA Photo Booths make sure to use this 10% off coupon code before checking out - photoboothtraining Comment below if you have any questions and we will add it to the article.

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Could You Answer These Questions for Me?
Could you answer these questions for me?Finally and question I can help someone with =P. Ok, The sky is blue because the molecule water tends to only reflect blue light back into space, since our planet is about 75% water, you can imagine how much blue light is being relected back into space during the daytime. It makes our sky blue. All the other color lights, water absorbs more.(red green yellow orange ect.) Apples are red because the skin of an apple reflects more red light back into space, and it absorbs more af the other colors (blue, yellow orange, green ect.) Im guessing if the apple is placed behind a red filter it would become white. When you turn the volume up the sound wave increases in intensity, which makes the sound wave higher in decibals and I am not sure on this but I think it speeds of the wave's frequency you will have to look that up.— — — — — —Difference between Green and Blue light?Green has More Wavelength than Blue; The Fringe Width in Young Double slit Expt is Directly proportional to wavelength of the color As Green has more wavelength than Blue the fringe width increases— — — — — —I am looking for an emergency blue light?need a permit from your dmv or police dept if your with a volunteer fire dept they can help with that— — — — — —What is the tool called that emits blue light?Light is an electromagnetic wave. You are right in saying that all EM radiation travels at the same speed. Light is just a range in the spectrum of EM radiation. Microwaves, radio waves, cosmic rays are all different frequencies of the same things. But light also behaves as a particle. This was demonstrated in experiments. This caused a lot of confusion among physicists for a long time. In the end, it's now recognized that light (as well as most particles) behave both as waves and as particles. The phenomenon is called Wave-particle duality and it is an important part of quantum physics. Light's speed however CAN be changed. It does so everytime it changes medium. The speed of light (297792458 m/s) is its speed in a vacuum. It slows down when it is in a denser medium (air, water, etc). This is what causes refraction. You can observe refraction when you put a pencil in a glass of water. The pencil looks bent. This is due to the change in speed of light. Light does NOT have mass. This is why it can travel so fast. For complicated reasons (see Einstein's theory of relativity) it would require infinite energy for it to travel at that speed if it had mass. But it IS affected by gravity. Einstein explained this in the same theory. Great mass bends space-time. This is the cause of gravity. Think of a sheet of rubber, streched tightly. If you put a heavy metal ball in the center, it will bend the sheet. If you then put another smaller ball, it will be "drawn" to the big one. As well, if you tried to draw a line, it would be difficult to draw it straight, the tendency would be to have it curve, evn though the line has no mass. That is basically what happens to light. This has been confirmed in observations. Astronomers have seen light being bent around stars. But keep in mind that not all of this is yet resolved. There are some inherent contradictions between the theory of relativity (which explains gravity well) and the quantum theory (which explains the particle-wave behavior of light well) that have not been resolved yet. Wikipedia is a good place to look for more information.— — — — — —What is that blue light that they shine in your mouth when getting fillings at the dentist's office?The blue light is used to cure certain materials. For example the composite materials we use for doing fillings is made up of a lot of really small parts (monomers) and what we really want is for these to link up into chains (polymers). To get this reaction going we "activate" the material by shining blue light (wave length around 480nm if I recall correctly) on it. The materials contain a certain particles, when hit by this wavelength, releases a free radical which in turn starts the formation of the polymer chains
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