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The 201516 Biathlon World Cup World Cup 9 was held in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, from 17 March until 20 March 2016. Due to strong winds on the final day of competition, which caused a light pole to collapse onto the shooting range, the men's and women's mass start events were cancelled.

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Critical response of light pole

Aldous Huxley, in his essay "Vulgarity in Literature", calls "Ulalume" "a carapace of jewelled sound", implying it lacks substance. Huxley uses the poem as an example of Poe's poetry being "too poetical", equivalent to wearing a diamond ring on every finger. Poet Daniel Hoffman says the reader must "surrender his own will" to the "hypnotic spell" of the poem and its "meter of mechanical precision". "Reading 'Ulalume' is like making a meal of marzipan", he says. "There may be nourishment in it but the senses are deadened by the taste, and the aftertaste gives one a pain in the stomach".

The poem did, however, receive some praise. An early 20th century edition of Encyclopdia Britannica noted how the sound in "Ulalume" was successful. It said the "monotonous reiterations of 'Ulalume' properly intoned would produce something like the same effect upon a listener knowing no word of English that it produces on us." George Gilfillan remarked in the London Critic:

These, to many, will appear only words; but what wondrous words! What a spell they wield! What a weird unity is in them! The instant they are uttered, a misty picture, with a tarn, dark as a murderer's eye, below, and the thin yellow leaves of October fluttering above, exponents of a misery which scorns the name of sorrow, is hung up in the chambers of your soul forever.After Poe's death, Thomas Holley Chivers claimed "Ulalume" was plagiarized from one of his poems. Chivers made several similar unfounded accusations against Poe. Even so, he said the poem was "nector mixed with ambrosia". Another friend of Poe, Henry B. Hirst, suggested in the January 22, 1848, issue of the Saturday Courier that Poe had found the "leading idea" of the poem in a work by Thomas Buchanan Read.

Bret Harte composed a parody of the poem entitled "The Willows" featuring the narrator, in the company of a woman called Mary, running out of credit at a bar:

And I said 'What is written, sweet sister,

At the opposite side of the room?'

She sobbed, as she answered, 'All liquors

Must be paid for ere leaving the room.


Career of light pole

Dorsey began her literary career as a journalist and was for several years the "Vanity Fair" of the Washington Critic, leaving that paper to take a special correspondence on the Chicago Tribune. John Boyle O'Reilly and the Rev. D. E. Hudson, editor of the Ave Maria, urged her into magazine work. Her first three stories appeared almost simultaneously, "The Knickerbocker Ghost" and "The Tsar's Horses" in the Catholic World and "Back from the Frozen Pole", in Harper's Magazine. "The Tsar's Horses" traveled round the world, its last reproduction being in New Zealand. It was attributed at first, because of its accuracy of detail, to Archibald Forbes, the war correspondent. Dorsey's specialty was boys' stories. Midshipman Bob went through two editions in the United States and England in its first year, and was since translated into Italian. Scarcely second to it in popularity was Saxty's Angel and The Two Tramps, while two poems printed in the Cosmopolitan were received with marked favor. For many years, she served as special correspondent for Washington, Chicago, Boston, and Cincinnati papers. She worked as an indexer and Russian translator, Scientific Library, U.S. Department of the Interior., Washington, D. C.

Dorsey was the author of "Three Months with Small wood's Immortals", a sketch written for and read before the Washington branch of that society. Other sketches included, "Women in the Patent Office," "Women in the Pension Office," and "Women in the Land Office" which were prepared by her for the Chautauquan. They attracted much attention and secured wide recognition for the ladies who toiled at their department desks. In addition to a large number of contributions to the press and many periodicals, she was the author of the following books: Midshipman Bob, Jet, the War Mule, The Taming of Polly, The Children of Avalon, The Jose Maria, The Two Tramps, Saxty's Angel, Pickle and Pepper, The End of the White Man's Trail, and Pocahontas.


In other media of light pole

In F. Scott Fitzgerald's debut novel This Side of Paradise, the protagonist Amory Blaine recites "Ulalume" while wandering through the countryside. Another character, Eleanor Savage, calls Blaine "the auburn-haired boy who likes 'Ulalume.'" When the two are caught in a thunderstorm, Savage volunteers to play the role of Psyche while Blaine recites the poem.

In H. P. Lovecraft's novella At the Mountains of Madness, a character refers to the poem. While looking at a mountain, a character suggests "this mountain, discovered in 1840, had undoubtedly been the source of Poe's image when he wrote seven years later", followed by a few lines of "Ulalume". Lovecraft's famous early poem "Nemesis" (1917) was also influenced by a combination of "Ulalume" and Algernon Swinburne's "Hertha".

Roger Zelazny's 1993 novel, A Night in the Lonesome October and Richard Laymon's 2001 novel Night in the Lonesome October, each take their titles from this poem, though neither book seems to draw much else from Poe.

In the Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar Named Desire the character Blanche DuBois likens the residence of her sister Stella to the "ghoul-haunted woodland of Weir", a reference to "Ulalume".

In Stanley Kubrick's Lolita (1962), Humbert Humbert (James Mason) reads a fragment of the poem to Lolita (Sue Lyon).

In his history of the Union Army, This Hallowed Ground, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Bruce Catton places the American Civil War Battle of Chickamauga as occurring in a dark and frightening place evocative of Poe's "ghoul-haunted woodland of Weir".

The singer Jeff Buckley recorded a reading of this poem.

In Lynn Cullen's historical fiction novel Mrs. Poe (2014), the narrator and protagonist, Frances Sargent Osgood, uses the false name of Mrs. "Ulalume" when she and Edgar Allan Poe sneak off together to Boston. Later in the book, Cullen suggests that the "Psyche" referred to in the poem is actually Osgood, Poe's lover in the book, and that "Ulalume" refers to a daughter born to them, who died in October 1847.

Joseph Holbrooke's Symphonic Poem Ulalume, Op. 35 is based on the poem.


Dissenting opinion of light pole

Justice Kennedy faulted the Court for skewing a simple question of statutory interpretation by invoking the "specter of grave and doubtful constitutional interpretations". He believed that the Court's textual analysis was incorrect, and that the constitutional rule the Court formulated would "upset the proper federal balance" of power between the judiciary and the legislature. As far as the textual analysis was concerned, the fact that the opening paragraph was complete in itself, and that the first subsection added no new facts, led Kennedy to conclude that the other two were mere sentencing enhancements. "Serious bodily harm", like recidivism, was "as typical a sentencing factor as one might imagine"; indeed, Kennedy pointed to the laws of several states that made the magnitude of harm to the victim or victims the basis for increased criminal punishment. Significant differences between the structure of the federal carjacking statute and both the other federal robbery statutes and the state statutes on which the majority relied also suggested to Kennedy that the text of the federal carjacking statute made "serious bodily injury" a sentencing factor.

Because, for Kennedy, the text of the statute was not clearly susceptible to two different interpretations, there was no need to invoke the principle of constitutional avoidance as the majority did. In any event, the constitutional rule the Court articulated could too easily be circumvented, simply by rewriting the statute using slightly different words. The requirements imposed by the Sixth Amendment should not depend on the vagaries of Congress's choice of words when it drafts a statute. And if that should be so, the Court should more clearly spell out what words and phrases Congress should use in order to trigger certain constitutional protections. Furthermore, Kennedy saw no difference of constitutional significance between recidivism, which the Court had already held was excluded from the set of facts to which the jury-trial requirement applies, and "serious bodily injury"; the mere "tradition" of doing so might justify this difference, if it were more clear that the carjacking statute were consistent with that tradition.


Foreign minister of light pole

Beck had a weak hand. Historian David G. Williamson argues that Poland with 35 million people had a large population but a thin industrial base. Furthermore, its army of 283,000 men was ill-equipped, short of artillery and poorly trained. It relied heavily on cavalry because it lacked enough mechanisation. Finally it faced long borders with two powerful dictatorships, Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union. Historian Richard Overy wrote that of all the new states in Europe:

Poland was almost certainly the most disliked and her Foreign Minister the most distrusted. Poland's pursuit of an independent line left her bereft of any close friends by the end of 1938.... The Western powers saw Poland as a greedy revisionist power, illiberal, anti-Semitic, pro-German; Beck was a 'menace', arrogant and treacherous.In his international diplomacy, Beck sought to maintain a fine balance in Poland's relations with its two powerful neighbours. In July 1932, he concluded the SovietPolish Non-Aggression Pact and, in January 1934, the GermanPolish Non-Aggression Pact.

Beck complained that while Poland and Czechoslovakia were legally bound by treaty to respect the rights of their respective German minorities, the Polish minorities in Germany and the Soviet Union were not so protected. In addition, Beck resented that countries, such as Germany, used the Minorities Treaty to exert pressure and to become involved in the internal affairs of Poland. In September 1934, Beck renounced the Minorities Treaty after the Soviet Union was admitted to the League of Nations.

After Pisudski's death in May 1935, a power-sharing agreement was entered into by the various Pisudskiite factions, led by General (later Marshal) Edward Rydz-migy, President Ignacy Mocicki, and Beck himself. The three individuals effectively dominated the Sanacja (Sanation) and collectively ruled Poland until the outbreak of World War II. Beck had a more-or-less free hand in formulating Poland's foreign policy. The stability of the ruling group was weakened because of personal conflicts, and none of the three men managed to assert his dominance in the late 1930s completely. The oligarchy from 1935 to 1939 is often described by historians as a "dictatorship without a dictator".

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Smart Light Pole Becomes the Direct Beneficiary of 5g New Infrastructure Wave
Smart light pole has become the direct beneficiary of 5g new infrastructure wave.Since the "new infrastructure" was highlighted at the two sessions, smart light poles have sprung up like mushrooms. In particular, with the acceleration of 5g base station construction throughout the country, many regions are actively arranging smart lamp pole projects.According to the work plan for the construction and management of smart light poles in Guangzhou, by 2025, about 80000 smart light poles will be built in the city, including about 42000 in the downtown area, providing about 32000 5g micro station sites, and providing the station site resources required to ensure the deep coverage of 5g network in the central urban area.According to the outline of Hangzhou 5g industrial development plan, in 2020, 120000 road light poles in Hangzhou will be transformed into smart light poles with multiple functions. They will not only have basic lighting functions, but also realize 5g base station, WiFi coverage, environmental monitoring, video monitoring and other functions.Shenzhen clearly proposes to promote the construction of multi-functional poles on a large scale while carrying out 5g construction, so as to provide new site resources for 5g base stations. At present, 2450 multifunctional poles have been built in Shenzhen, striving to build 4500 multifunctional intelligent poles throughout the year to realize the integration of pipeline resources in the urban area.According to the special plan for Huizhou smart poles, Huizhou plans to build 8934 smart poles in the next three years, including 7568 smart poles with basic configuration and 1366 smart poles with multi-function configuration.According to the work objectives of the implementation plan for the planning and construction of 5g infrastructure in Qingdao in 2020, by the end of 2020, the city will ensure the completion of 13000 5g base stations and strive to build 15000. Six tasks have been formulated, including accelerating the preparation of planning, standardizing the station construction mode, improving administrative examination and approval, multi pole integration pilot points, promoting demonstration applications and strengthening popular science publicityHow big is the scale of smart lamp post? Relevant data show that from 2014 to 2018, the penetration rate of smart light poles in the annual new urban lighting street lamps increased from 0.0022% to 0.0475%. It is expected that the total number of smart light poles will reach 50700 and 150700 in 2020 and 2021. Based on the average price of 20000 smart light poles, the total potential market space will reach 547.6 billion yuan.With the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the new generation of information infrastructure represented by smart poles has played a significant role in the prevention and control of epidemic diseases, and has added a new light to the smart pole market. Insiders said, "in the face of the sudden epidemic, the smart light pole is playing its own light and heat."Song Hongwei, chairman of Fangda Zhikong, also pointed out, "The smart light pole can carry out epidemic prevention and control publicity, human body temperature measurement, face recognition, emergency broadcasting, video monitoring, one click alarm for help, environmental monitoring, etc. through the screen. These data are connected through the information management command center, which can realize 24-hour automatic monitoring of urban infrastructure and implement the responsibility to functional departments."With the strong promotion of the government and the demand for epidemic prevention and control, the application of smart light poles has been further "landed".It is worth noting that although the development of smart light pole industry is in full swing, it has not really realized the scale implementation, mainly due to the lack of innovative and complete system construction methods, relatively high cost, lack of professionals, unclear business model, unclear profitability, etc.Among them, standards, as an important part of the Internet of things of smart light poles, are also the top priority of doing a good job in the smart light pole industry. Therefore, it is urgent to build a smart light pole ecological industry development platform and encourage and promote industrial application and standardization.Recently, Zhongshan established the smart pole Industry Federation. President Du Jifang proposed that the Federation will build a professional communication platform to provide a professional service platform for the government, enterprises and industries in promoting the standards and planning of smart pole work, and promote the transformation and upgrading of Zhongshan's traditional industries.Shandong Province has established 5g industry alliance and smart light pole alliance in Jinan, which will focus on the deep integration of 5g and new smart city construction, build a cooperation promotion platform, gather the backbone of the industry, and promote the comprehensive sharing of new infrastructure represented by 5g, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and Internet of things.Hangzhou, Qingdao and other cities have also taken the lead in formulating standards and issued standards and specifications such as Hangzhou urban road rod and logo integration design guidelines (for Trial Implementation) and Qingdao urban road rod and box integration technical guidelines (for Trial Implementation).Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology has also started the formulation of standards and specifications related to the design and engineering construction of multifunctional pole intelligent system. After more than two years of investigation, preparation, solicitation of opinions, expert review, release and trial, and then modification, solicitation of opinions and expert review, it has basically taken shape.In addition to the relevant standards issued by the above regions, the recently publicized national standard general requirements for smart city intelligent multi-function pole system also mentioned that the following problems will be solved:(1) The city level intelligent multi-function pole system has the problems of inconsistent industry cognition and lack of standards;(2) Difficult loading of different information equipment and accessories and difficult interconnection between information equipment;(3) Low effective utilization of resources, repeated investment and high maintenance cost in the later stage.The formulation of this standard can effectively standardize the overall technical requirements of urban intelligent multi-functional pole system, and also provide a technical reference for local governments to carry out the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of intelligent multi-functional pole system.Promote the rapid implementation of smart light poles on a large scale. While formulating relevant standards, it is also necessary to form a healthy ecological structure and a good business model.According to the data, at present, there are mainly three modes in the world: EPC, BOT and boo. EPC is invested and operated by the government, BOT is invested and operated by social capital entrusted by the government, and Boo is invested and operated by enterprises. However, due to the differences in local economic development level and industrial policies, the business model can not be simply applied.At present, China is still in the pilot stage, and we still need to constantly practice and summarize to form a sustainable 5g smart light pole business model as soon as possible.
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Smart Light Pole Becomes the Direct Beneficiary of 5g New Infrastructure Wave
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Shocking Moment a Light Pole Falls During High Winds During a High School Soccer Game Knocking a Ref
Is the Traditional Energy-saving Lamp Regulator Used for LED Circuit? Detailed Analysis of 11 Defect
Lipstick to Cosmetics Factory Processing Plant, Let Your Mouthbleast Is More Healthy
Is the Used Car Dealer I Bought My Car From Liable at All Since My Airbags Did Not Deploy?
How Does Money Laundering Work?
The Benefits of Water Dispenser for Your Business
What Is the Best Brand of Air Pump for Aquariums and How Do You Determine What Size to Get?
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