Kim Kardashian Embraces Her Style Icon Status in Skintight Black Biker Shorts and Matching Jacket As

She's a doting mother and inspiring style icon.


Kim Kardashian

proved worthy of both titles as she was spotted in a chic ensemble taking daughter North West to a video shoot in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The 37-year-old reality star flaunted her famous frame in an all black ensemble as she helped her baby girl, five, shoot a music video with Dance Mom star JoJo Siwa, 15.

Daring to impress, the natural stunner showed off her pert derriere in the skintight biker shorts.

Her gorgeous gams were thrust on center stage as the sport apparel stopped just above her knee.

The business mogul wore her trademark raven tresses long and loose as they cascaded over her shoulders.

She topped off the sporty yet fashionable look with a set of box-fresh sneakers.

Allowing her natural flawless beauty to shine, Kim went virtually makeup free with only a slight smokey eye and dab of berry lip.

JoJo was dressed to impress in her own sparkling rainbow ensemble that included star graphic leggings and a huge purple bow in her hair.

North was helped into the back of JoJo's convertible which is featured heavily in the music video.

The customized BMW features her face on the hood with 'Nickelodeon's JoJo Siwa D.R.E.A.M. The Tour' emblazoned on the front - all done by West Coast Customs.

JoJo revealed on December 22 she received the new paint job as a surprise on Christmas; WCC reposted the image to their Instagram account and Justin Bieber wrote 'burn it' twice in the comments.

But Justin later apologized to the teen star, although he seemingly threw shade in the apology tweet.

The newly married pop star wrote: '@itsjojosiwa I have nothing against you it was the car and the colors I didn't like I really hope you didn't think it was malicious or mean spirited.'

She responded on Twitter to Justin with: 'It's all good bro! You can perform at my 16th birthday party and we'll call it good!'

Meanwhile, the exciting project was said to be set up by Kim herself.

JoJo told

Entertainment Tonight

: 'It actually -- Kim reached out to me and I just responded to it. So, me and Kim, we made some things happen together. We're actually filming on Wednesday. Super excited about it.'

It will be a dream come true for North and Kim has made no secret of how much her daughter loves the YouTube star.

In February, she tweeted that her daughter is 'obsessed' with JoJo, and revealed how excited she was earlier in this month when the pair spoke to each other on FaceTime.

Kim wrote: 'North just FaceTimed @itsjojosiwa and her life is made!!!!!! That was the cutest thing ever seeing North soooo excited! Especially when she saw her dog bowbow. (sic)'

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I Bought a 30'' 130 Watt Odyssea Light Fixture with Cooling Fans and Moonlights. How Good Are These
Not sure about that brand but that is a lot of light if you are using it in freshwater. T5 bulbs??? You can use that for corals.LOL1. Did I wire my light fixture correctly?It sounds wrong to me, but I could not be sure without actually being there. You should connect the new fixture, in exactly the same way the original fixture was connected. If there was not a grounding conductor in the original circuit, replacing the fixture did not make one magically appear. If a grounding conductor is required, you will have to install one in accordance with local codes2. What does it mean if my light fixture causes light bulbs to blow frequently?This happens frequently in my 50 year-old home. I've measured the voltage to be 126V, which is high. I also notice lights getting brighter for a moment when the AC kicks in, which of course means even higher voltage. Constant higher voltage means shorter life, especially with the spikes. This has caused some of my home theater equipment to fail, even with the use of a "surge protector." The 130V bulbs sound like a good plan. For electronics, one of the best solutions are the Uninteruptable Power Supplies (UPS). They accept all kinds of wacky voltage - high and low, spikes and complete blackouts, and put out a constant 120V. They have batteries to provide the short term power during a blackout so you can shut down the computer without data loss, etc. There are voltage regulators (basically a huge UPS) available for the entire house, but those cost a fortune.3. Installing wall mount light fixture - what to do with ground wireI do not think you need to anything with the ground since you are plugging it in. If it was required for the plug then they should have given you a plug with a ground prong. You could cut off the ground wire, or tape it inside the fixture in case you ever decide to hardware it.4. How do i by pass the ballest on a 4' t8 Fluorescent light fixture to install led tubes?If it is a direct replacement using 120 vac or 220 vac do this. 1. Make sure the light has no power. 2. Remove covers. 3. Coming in to the fixture will be three wires (probably) Green is GROUND, leave that one alone. Black is power, disconnect it. White is neutral, disconnect it. 4. Disconnect the ballast (The big heavy box inside the fixture.) and remove it. If there is a starter (asually a little cylinder like object that you twist and remove.) remove that also. 5. Take the Black wire and hook it to the one end socket. (if there are two wires coming out of it hook both wires to the black one.) 6. Take the White wire and hook it to the other end socket. (same procedure for two wires.) 7. Install your lamp or bulb. 8. Turn on your power and the light should light. 9. Turn off power and replace covers. Your light should be fully functional.5. How can I safely replace a light fixture above a stairwell?You can try this type of ladder. It allows for a configuration like this on a staircase:Here is another option that might work as well6. How to properly wire a ceiling light fixture?It can also be a bad switch. The same thing just happened to me. Using black and white the power was on all of the time. I wired it up correctly using the red, but then the light would not come on. All of a sudden it came on by itself. I played with the switch and found that it was intermittent! Replace it with a new 49 cent switch (15 amp) from the junk box in the garage and BINGO - fixed! Thank you, offending switch for your confession!.7. Full Spectrum Light Bulbs old light fixture?There should be an electrical rating sticker on the fixture8. Flourescent light fixture?check incoming voltage and compare with fixture, right ballast, right tubes, connections right? Maybe cheap tubes, defective ballast? Remote possibility: on and off too much?9. I have this weird light fixture I can't unscrew. Help!?Without seeing the light fixture its harder to say, but here are a few tips: Turn the glass to make sure its not locked in that way, some times it will have a notch in it. If that does not work, the hollow tube thats in the middle, I have seen those to wear they are not treaded on the "top end" instead of turning it try to gently push is up and over, it might slide or hook in. If that does not work try pulling down while turning, be careful not to let the globe come crashing down on your head. Check the top and make sure that there are not three screws holding it in there, they will not have a slot for a screw driver, so you will have to use fingers or pliers. Be careful and if your in doubt trip the breaker
What Are Some Good Places to Buy Hello Kitty Stuff?
Forever 21 has some Hello Kitty stuff! I got HK shorts from there once. :)1. Do American people pronounce Hello with the Schwa sound or with E?I though that Americans always saiod "Hi", not "Hello", however pronounced. In Britain I have heard "Hello" and "Hallo" and "Hullo"2. Hello I got an email the other day is this person real?It's a scam. He gave me Frank Crenshaw' s information as well as Mrs. Brown' s! I expressed my feelings about this and they kept reassuring me it's legitimate! I've been going through this process since 12/9/13. I have all e-mails, numbers, and addresses. I also talked to live people, I think! I also have a account number and pin number of "Pamela Brown's" They also have my address, bank informatio, and photo id."3. hello,is it possible to apply france visa in maroc embassy even im filipina ?Yes of course. You just apply for it like any Moroccan. I do not know though if there is something like an accelerate procedure or something like that.. But i do not think so. So apply for it as soon as you can because French bureaucracy is famous :) Hope you are enjoying Morocco ^^4. hello how many cal did i ate today?Approximately 470 calories. This is really not a healthy amount,even if you are trying to lose weight. Use the website underneath to find your ideal calorie intake to lose weight5. How does one write a "hello world" program in machine language , if at all it is possible?It depends on which Operating system you write it for.If you are without an OS, you would use the BIOS video interrupt INT 10h to select text mode, and then REP MOVSB the text into the video memory area.If you were in DOS, you would use INT 21h function 9If you are on Linux you could use INT 80h function 3 to write to stdoutOn the Windows GUI it is much more complicated, since you need to actually create a window and all that.6. What does Apple mean by "Hello Keith!" in their MacBook Design video? (Read Description)Some rumor from here said he is the person started unibody design7. hello, every body! I am about to sell my business.?Discuss it with him. I suspect that he will at least want to be able to say "formerly xxxx". If I were hime I would also want you to write a letter to your existing customers telling them about the change in ownership and assuring them that the good service low prices, etc would continue. You should also be prepared to sign a non-compete agreement barring you from competing in your trading area for the next five years. Hope this helps Jerry-the-bookkeeper8. Is there a reason why we use "Hello World" string while writing a code?It's not a reason and its not even compulsory yo use it its normal an example that is used to represent a string because this example is using from past years that's why we still use this example to work on strings ypu can use any thing to represent a string9. Why does (I==1; IWhy does (I==1; I10. Do you think hello kitty is a good tattoo to get?no thats so 16 year old emo girl nonono11. Please help i cant find a Manual for my Hello Kitty 318 PDA?Check on Ebay or craigslist12. What programming language has a cool "Hello World" program?You should check out Malbolge. It was designed to be impossible to program, and the first hello world program written for it had to be done by using a computer to test all possible code combinations.The following are both valid "Hello World!" Programs in Malbolge.('&%:!|z2Vxwv-,jcL(I&%$#" CB]V?Tx13. Hello, i am back with another weird dream, can you help interpret it?thats simple enough!! your a homo14. Hello Americans, I'm thinking about moving to America?Hmm if you come to American people will assume you run a 711 and your husband drives in a taxi. It truly does depend on where you move to in the USA. If you move to some hick place like alabama, you might be the first indians they've seen. Though they might kill you because they think your the devil or aliens.
When and What Time Does the Movie "Picture This!" Air on Abc Family?
its suppose to air on abc family july 13th at 81. What was Biden talking about on ABC when he promised that Obama would face a generated crisis?Sounds like Obama is setting himself up for his first of many broken promises2. Has anyone converted to IIM ABC with average academic scores? Do they even get a call in the first place?Hi Shifas,If you want to make it to anyone of the IIM's like A, B, C then one thing you surely need to have is the strong academic background, it plays a very important role at least in the above mentioned IIM's. At the same time, if you managed to get a good percentile then you can make it to other IIM's or XLRI or many other good B schools.Note: It is important to know that what is your average academic scores. Strategies well & Best of LuckLearning From AntHas any CA converted to IIM ABC with average academic scores? Do they even get a call in the first place?3. Have you ever benn to Honolulu, Hawaii? How many ABC stores do they really need?i went and tried to count them all, i counted 12 but i have the feeling there are more and the abc stores were close to each other too. That is just a example of how retarted and commericialized hawaii is becoming4. Can anyone tell me what happened in this weeks episode of greys anatomy on abc?George's father came through surgery ok, but still has cancer all over insides and will die eventually---Alex almost kissed McDreamy's ex-wife,(and she also!)-----Grey snores and found out McDreamy sleeps in the other room, then gets up early to get back in bed with her, Sandra O and her boyfriend are still not talking, so she keeps asking others how her boyfriend's hand after surgery is doing, "Nazi" wo not let blondie do surgery until she gets clearance from psych.---so she has to finally deposit the 8 million dollar check that Denny left her, to prove she is "reasonable"--she finally does, with many tears..........OH, and George finally makes up with the Orthopedic doctor lady!.5. Which one should I join, CourseCube, Jspider, or ABC?in my point of view from personal experience u should join jspider BTM6. When George Zimmerman finally gets nbc/cbs/cnn/abc in court for slander who will cheer for team Zimmerman?It is more likely that he will kill another person before that happens What is also very likely is that when he does GZ fans like you will start doing owl impersonations7. ABC soaps-Do you like the new "no previews" policy?no way! i loved the previews i would get mad at my hubby when he would say ok your soaps are done and he would change it and then i would get mad and then he would change back right on time so that i could watch the previews and that would keep me hanging on untill the next day8. Should I choose FMS or go for IIM ABC next year?Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi has its own advantages over IIMs. The brand value that IIM enjoys is quite high, but after deep analysis, FMS stands equally worthy. According to the Business Today and The Week ranking of colleges IIM is at Rank 1 and FMS at rank 5 and 7 respectively. IIM is an autonomous body, whereas courses at FMS are offered by University of Delhi.Annual Alumni Salary of candidates with 2-5-year experience for IIM students is 18 lacs and for FMS students is 15.5 lacs.Both the colleges have 2 years duration courses but the fees for 2 years at IIM is whopping 19 lacs, whereas in FMS, it is 20,960 only. So, if you are getting through FMS, you need to take a call if you are willing to risk that. Calls from IIMs may or may not come even next year. Looking at your career interest and personal commitments if you would let the FMS seat forego and wait for another year. To keep yourself informed about the candidates who are aspiring for IIMs, you must seek shelter of Online portals like EduThrill. Using their instant ranking reports, you can see how you stand w.r.t. your compatriots at all times and tune your preparation accordingly to stay ahead of the pack.
Most Commonly Asked Questions About Solar Light
Do you want to know about solar light? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. How long does it take for a new solar light to work?How To Charge Solar Lights2. How to repair a garden solar lightSolar lights use a small photovoltaic panel. When the sun shines on them, electricity is generated, storing power in a small battery bank. When a solar lights fails to light up, there are a couple of reasons for this. It only takes a few minutes to get your lights up and running again. Remove the glass. You may need to unscrew the glass to remove it. Remove the battery cover, if there is one. You may need to unscrew this. Clean the battery ends and terminals. You can remove any rust or corrosion with sandpaper. Remove any bugs and dirt. Test the batteries with a battery tester or a volt meter on a low DC setting. If the batteries are fine, it is probably a faulty photocell. The photocell is a light sensor that controls when the solar lights turn on or off.3. Learn How to Fix a Solar Light With These Simple StepsA good looking solar light can be a great add to your home's backyard or yard. They work for quite a while before they, like all electronic devices, break down. Here's a few tips to making them work again. The solution to any problem lies in its assessment. That is exactly what we need to do in this case too. To know what is wrong with your solar yard light, you need to know what makes a solar light. The casing on the outside protects the equipment on the inside. The glass on top is designed to let in all the sunlight for the photovoltaic cell to soak it in and for the LED to glow effectively in the dark. The photovoltaic cells may be inside the glass or on top of the case, depending on what model you choose. The LED is under the glass case, inside a cylindrical glass designed to refract the light as brightly in all directions. It is connected to the batteries and the light sensor. The batteries in a solar light are generally single AA NiCad batteries. They are rechargeable and pretty good for jobs like these. The sensor is nothing but a simple photoresistor that cuts a circuit as long as sunlight falls on it. When it gets dark, the sensor stops and the circuit between the battery and the LED is complete, lighting it up. Everything is mounted underneath the top cover as a single unit. Now that we know what is in a solar light, we can get to fixing it. There are some visual results that you can use to know exactly what is wrong with the light, things like: The light is placed in a spot where there is not enough sunlight. This will happen after changes in the seasons as the earth revolves. The light turning ON after a few hours of sunlight, during the day. This means that the sensor does not work properly and the light basically runs out of battery after, like an hour into the evening. This means your need to fix/replace the sensor, depending on how bad a state it's in. If the light is not ON during the day and still does not come on in the night, there can be a problem with the sensor, the battery or the LED itself. If the light flickers, there's a problem with the wires or the LED. Probably the simplest thing to do that might solve your problem. It can sometimes happen that dust and dirt will settle on top of the LED, dimming it, or on the sensor, making it malfunction. Another problem with the sensor is that if the transparent coating on it is not top grade, it will slowly turn opaque due to direct exposure to sunlight. Based on the model, there will be screws on the top or bottom of the case. Unscrew all that you find and leave them such that you know which one goes where. Inside the case will be the entire electronic arrangement. The batteries will probably have a casing for themselves that you will need to unscrew. Remove the glass casing on top and clean it with a cleaning fluid or a damp cloth. If there's a lot of dirt on the inside, you can rinse it under a sink. Take out the battery from the battery case and clean out the case and battery. The easiest problem to fix. If the problem was the dirt, the light should be working fine now. If not, check the wires connecting the things together. If it's loose somewhere, get it fixed back on from someone who can solder the wire back on. If there are small screws connecting the wires to the electronics, there may be a chance that the wire came out of the screw. Fit it back again and put the battery back in. If your light was old, chances are the battery is dead. If you have spare battery, use that to see if the light comes on in the dark. You can also use the battery off another solar light, or you can get new batteries. If none of this works, the problem then lies in either the sensor or the LED. The problem here is you wo not really know for sure which one is really to blame. You may replace the sensor only to realize the LEDs blown, or the other way round. There is one fix that you can do with the sensor that may help you decide. One reason for the sensor to not work is because there is dirt on it. Clean it up and see if it works. If there is no dirt, then check the coating on the sensor. Most solar lights come cheap and are made of cheap stuff. What happens is that the thin coating of plastic meant for protecting the sensor, actually shuts it down. This can happen because the coating turns opaque after months of exposure to sunlight. What you can do here is chip it off, replace it with clear plastic wrap or scotch tape. If the light is still not back on yet, this means the sensor is dead. Again you can not really know whether it's the sensor or the LED, so you either replace the sensor or the LED. I would go with the sensor first. If replacing the sensor does not work, the LED is dead and you will have to replace it. The thing with solar lights is, most of them are made cheap and sold cheap, even if it's in an attractive case. But the essence of buying a solar light is to reduce one's carbon footprint, so it would be good to fix the problem rather than buy a new light.
Tiger Woods Greatest Sports Icon EVER?
HE IS RIGHT UP THERE WITH: ALI JORDAN RUTH1. What causes home field advantage in sports?Some sports do not have standardised fields. Cricket and Australian Football allows various shaped grounds within limits. The Sydney Swans play on almost circular ground 152m long whilst West Australian AFL teams play on an oval more than 20m longer but one of the narrowest in the league. That converts to a direct tactical advantage to the home team.In many sports the ground surface can differ and together with a better understanding of the local weather both these factors can hand the home team an advantage.The home team does not usually travel so it can be more settled than a travelling team. A boisterous home home can provide an emotional spur to lift and skew refereeing perceptions in the home tams favour. As well, teams try harder to win at home games as home attendances matter more long-term than away attendances2. Martial Arts, Martial Sports or Self Defense?When you study martial arts you are learning Self Defense. Many have capitalized on the term "self defense" to make some fast money creating abbreviated courses touching on easy basic techniques. These are NOT self defense. Self Defense is what you can do from long term study of Martial Arts. Using Martial Arts as Sports is for me, a sacrilege. Even the two words being used together makes me cringe. To use martial arts as sports means you have to exclude the true martial content of the art. If you do this, all you have is punch/block/kick, and occasional sweep... whooptie - doo!3. Teens: Do you play any sports?basketball baseball track football cross country4. Will the sports card collection market ever recover?Absolutely! We may not be alive when it happens -- figure 30-40 years for the kids that got hooked at their peak to get enough cash and time to start chasing that item that got away. And for the vast majority of them to go to landfill to create scarcity5. What does BPN stand for in sports cards?I've heard BPN means back page number dunno if that helps6. Why are Sen's Fans Such Poor Sports?The fact of the matter is whoever threw the first punch Her or Him. You do not punch a girl! End of story. Every team has those "Drunk" Fans! I am a Sabres fan but no way do I think that "ALL" Sens fans are jerks! We all love the same sport just different teams! That could have happened anywhere!7. Does Wii Sports always come with the Wii?Yes unless you bought it from Japan!! Japan is the only country who must actually buy the game!!8. Help with what jobs are out there in sports industry ?Here are some jobs in the sports industry as followed: Journalism Sports journalists attend sporting events and report on what happens. They may provide written stories for newspapers, magazines or Internet sites, or broadcast the event for television or radio. Journalists interview coaches and athletes, and often travel to games. A four-year degree in journalism or a related field is usually required. Coaching Coaches instruct individual athletes and/or teams, and they develop and implement strategies with the goal of winning games or matches. Coaches are employed at the high school, college and professional levels. Coaches at schools are usually required to have a college degree, and many coaches have previously achieved a measure of success while playing their respective sport. Athletic Trainer Athletic trainers work with athletes to improve their conditioning and help in the treatment and prevention of injuries. They attend practices and games to quickly treat injuries. A four-year degree in a field such as sports medicine is typically required, and an advanced degree may be necessary for certain jobs. They may also need to be certified by the American Medical Association. Sports Facility Operations Sports facilities need workers for a variety of tasks. Maintenance workers keep the facility in order and ensure the playing surface is configured properly. Vendors sell food, drink and merchandise to fans, and management personnel oversee the facility operations. Education requirements will vary, depending on the type of position. Sporting Goods Sales Sporting goods salespeople work in retail stores that sell equipment for a variety of sports or that specialize in one area, such as a golf pro shop. They may also work for manufacturers and call on retail establishments that carry their products. Sales positions may not require a college degree, but a knowledge of sports is essential.
Should You Ever Pay a Collection Agency After the Statute of Limitations Is Up and They Threaten to
Never pay a collection agency. A. If you are like most honest hard working people, you pay your bills (even if occasionally late) unless and until some exigent circumstance befalls you such as death of a spouse, divorce, loss of a job, disability, or some other serious condition like a fire, earthquake, flood, etc. Suddenly, you find yourself behind, receiving late notices, and it all may seem overwhelming. Some will cut you some slack; some will negotiate your debt if you ask them to. And of course some will treat you to tough language about how you are getting sued, your credit is getting ruined, etc. Read below how to navigate this, and get back to normal. B. If on the other hand, you just spend way more than you earn, have a gambling, addiction, or other problem that prevents you from following the rules - or you just can not seem to sit down and pay your bills, then you are what the collection agencies were designed for. Ask for their address and tell you you will send them full documentation and proof the debt is settled. Then get on the phone as quickly as possible and discuss a settlement with the original creditor. Then pay them, documenting everything including when they cash your check. When a collection agency buys bad debts, they do not usually research every single one in advance: there's names, account numbers, balances, and a claim that there's a debt. But when you not only tell them it's paid but offer to send them proof, they have to pause and wonder if the debt was settled between the time they inquired about the debt and the time they got down to process your collection. This is an FU to the collection agency, because even if the collection agency takes you to court (and they most likely wo not ), when the judge sees you have paid the debt (even if negotiated to a lesser amount than original), they are going to dismiss. To the original creditor, a written off debt that suddenly pays is like found money. To the collection agency, it's a missed opportunity plus an insult. If more people did this, a lot of collection agencies would go out of business. And in my experience, collection agencies are law firms or owned by law firms; it's just extra income for them at the expense of people exercising bad judgement. Where they may try to get you is by trying to force you to binding arbitration - so do not do it. Have your day in court, with a jury full of people just like you - most of whom are not collection agents or creditors.So while I would not pay any collection agency, one that's beyond the statue of limitations is a definite do not pay. The key there is documentation; document the account, the balance, when it became late, and the statue of limitations in the state you live in.1. Non R&P: WHAT MOVIES SHOULD I ADD TO MY COLLECTION?Alpha dog A hard days night The boat that rocked Daredevil Iron man ord of the rings Hulk Spider man 1 (duh) A CLOCKWORK ORANGE Superbad The mist Pet semetary the are just some of my faves :)2. How do you have your CD collection organized?In the order that I play them most like my fave cd Avril Lavinge The best d**n thing is my fist cd and my last is Paramore Riot3. Is it too early to display my collection of pink flamingos in my yard?no i still have my Christmas lights up4. How much can collection agencies do for a relatively small debt?Doubt that you will be sued for that small debt but anything is possible. What they will do is add fees and collection cost to that $200. Make a deal will the collection company; offer them half and maybe they will go away. Why do not you just pay it so you do not have to worry about it. If the collection agency does make a deal, get it in writing before sending the check/money order. The collection agency will continue to call and send letters which will start to drive you crazy (at least it would me). If you open an account again and you overdraw, be proactive an talk to the bank right away. A lot of times the bank will reverse some of the fees.
MVD Cracks Down on Fancy Lights - the Hindu
Following public complaints of illegal use of fancy lights and high-beam LED fittings on vehicles, the enforcement squad of the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD), in a series of inspections recently, found 485 instances in Kozhikode city.Squad members said the additional light fittings and alterations were mostly found on new models of motorbikes during their inspections on the national and State highways."We launched the special drive on March 19 noticing confidential complaints on the increase in the number of vehicles fitted with the high-beam lights and their role in causing flash blindness on highways. In the inspection, it was found true," said Regional Transport Officer (Enforcement) P.M. Shabeer. He said the drive would be continued with the support of five squads.₹1.25 lakh collectedWithin the last three weeks alone, the MVD squad collected ₹1.25 lakh as compounding fee from the violators. Most of the cases were tracked during the inspections carried out on the Ramanattukara-Vengalam stretch of the Kozhikode bypass road. The squads also removed the spot lights, customised LED lights and other ornamental light fittings on the vehicles on the spot.In the wake of noticing increasing incidents, the enforcement squad is also planing to secure a Lux Metre to scientifically measure the intensity of the lights and track more cases. As of now, they are mainly tracking vehicles with visibly altered lights and additional LED fittings.Also, the department has plans to increase the frequency of checking against road rule violations with the joining of the newly recruited Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspectors. Thus, the existing number of five squads will be increased to 12 in Kozhikode regional transport office limit alone."The additional lights can directly fall on the eyes of drivers in the opposite direction and instantly cause flash blindness. Many are yet to be aware of the big risk involved in such amateur practices," said Mr. Shabeer.
Best LED High Bay Light
The introduction of LED High BayLEDs have been a popular choice for lighting since the 1990s. However, LEDs are heating up the market with their superior quality and cost-efficient benefits.The introduction of LED high bay lights is now a common sight in many factories, warehouses, and retail outlets. These high bay lights allow companies to save energy while still maintaining enough light to see clearly at work.LED High Bay LightsTips for LED High BayThe best lighting for an LED high bay is a combination of diffusion and edge-lighting.The most common way to light an LED high bay is with a single light source in the center of the ceiling. This approach is not ideal because it does not diffuse the light properly and also has the potential to create shadows on the walls.To solve this problem, you can use two lights - one at either end of the ceiling - that will create a more uniform light distribution.How to use LED High Bay?LEDs are becoming the most popular type of lighting technology in the market due to their unmatched efficiency. An LED high bay is ideal for use in offices, warehouses, retail stores, and other commercial spaces.LED lighting has become a popular option for many commercial applications. In today’s world, one of the biggest drivers of change has been LED lighting technology that can deliver up to 80% greater energy savings compared to conventional lighting.To learn more about how to use LED high bays effectively in your business space or office space, consult with an LED expert who can help you determine which type of fixture will work best for your needs and your budget.The specifications of LED High BayThe specification of LED High Bay is to produce light that has a color temperature between 3000K and 4000K. The color temperature is measured in kelvin which can be converted to degrees Kelvin.The specification of this light is 3000-4000 Kelvin and it uses an RGBW LED cluster with a CRI of 80. The average power consumption of this type of LED High Bay is 2,500W.This article will discuss the specifications for the type of LED High Bay used in some retail stores.Lighting experts consider LEDs as the best option for illumination because they are cheaper than conventional lamps, last longer, consume less energy, and have a lower carbon footprint.The product instructions of LED High BayThe LED high bay is a new source of light that has been gaining popularity in the market. It produces light beams without heat and is energy efficient.The products instructions of LED High Bay are as follows:1. Install the LED high bay at least 3 feet above the ground.2. Connect the power cord to an electrical outlet or extension cord with GFI circuit breaker on it, and then plug into one of the four outlets on the side.3. Unpack only one light per package, then install it by following manufacturer’s instructions and placing it next to an electrical outlet that can support up to 15 amps per circuit (15A).4. In order for both lights to work at once, make sure you connect both powerThe application of LED High BayLED High Bay is a type of lighting that is used in outdoor lighting, meaning it can be seen from a distance. It has some benefits compared to traditional high bays.LED High Bay can be more efficient than the former since it uses less energy than traditional outdoor high bays. It also has a lower cost and comes with other benefits such as hydrophobic coating and enhanced color rendering index.LED High Bay are more popular for outdoor uses because they provide a clear light source that does not have any shadows or glare that the former types of lights may produce
5 Reasons Why Opting for Injection Moulded Plastic Products Is a Good Idea
One of the most significant features of plastic as an element is its malleability - its ability to be easily moulded into the desired shape. It is for this reason that plastic is the most preferred material for manufacturing an array of products, for mundane use as well as in factories and industries. And one of the most popular means of moulding plastic into the desired shapes and dimensions is through plastic injection molding. This process essentially involves injecting molten plastic into moulds to attain the finished product in the required shape and size. So, how does plastic injection moulding aid in manufacturing plastic equipment, and why is it a good idea to opt for injection moulded products? Here are 5 reasons for the same:1. Efficient and Hassle-Free Manufacturing ProcessOne of the most important advantages of plastic injection moulding is that the process is extremely quick and efficient, requiring minimal manual intervention. With a bare minimal interval of 15-20 seconds between the different manufacture cycles, this technique significantly increases workplace productivity at factories and is also very cost-effective and user-friendly.2. More Quantity, Superior Quality & Lesser Time TakenAs a result of this ease of manufacturing, it is possible for workers to manufacture more quantity of plastic products of remarkably superior quality, but in much lesser manufacture time as compared to other processes. For this reason, plastic injection molding can substantially increase production rates and escalate sales turnover.3. Easy Manufacture of Complex Shapes and StructuresOwing to the ubiquity of plastic across different industries and for various purposes, industries are often required to design plastic products of complex natures, consisting of many nuances. Injection moulding is the go-to manufacturing process to design extremely complex patterns and shapes with astounding precision. The only prerequisite to manufacturing complex plastic products via injection moulding is that the designs of these products should be planned accurately and reflected in the moulds into which the molten plastic is to be injected. With a sound backing of good design and the right mould, injection molded pallets, crates and other plastic products can be manufactured with absolute precision, regardless of the complexity of their shapes and structures.4. Uniform Manufacture of Multiple Identical Plastic ProductsManufacturing is not only about creating products of different shapes and sizes. It is also about manufacturing identical products - such as plastic storage bins, crates, pallets etc. - in a bulk and with the same precision. This task is often not cakewalk for manufacturers, as it involves very exacting manual labour. However, with the advent of injection moulding, this obstacle may be easily overcome. The injection moulds ensure that multiple plastic products of identical shapes, sizes and structures may be easily manufactured without any errors.5. Automated Manufacturing ProcessLast but not least, the process of manufacturing plastic products by means of plastic injection molding is an automated one. A reduction in manual intervention while manufacturing these products ensures that workers and employees at factories can invest their time and efforts in more productive tasks, such as coming up with novel manufacturing solutions. This indirectly benefits customers who can avail of better quality services from plastic manufacturers.ConclusionInjection molded pallets, crates and other products are being manufactured and sold since quite some time now and are becoming increasingly popular among customers. Owing to the ease of manufacture and superior quality of such products, they are highly suitable to different industries and purposes. At Nilkamal, we strive to ensure that our injection molded plastic products are of extremely superior quality and affordable rates. Click here to know more!.·RELATED QUESTIONI didn't get Google Glass Explorer Edition. Is trying to learn Glass dev without the hardware a futile effort?No, you can still learn the fundamentals of Glass development without the hardware.There are three main approaches for accomplishing this:1) Visit the Mirror API documentation, get into the playground, and start hashing up some code. Download the PHP, Java, and Python library, whichever you're most comfortable with. Familiarize yourself with the jargon and converntions (timeline, bundles, menus, etc). Read the support documentation (second link below) to see how the Glass hardware actually functions. Build some apps to this specification. Soon enough, you will find a friend with hardware to t
Why Are Hitler and Stalin Widely Abhorred in the Countries They Ruled, While Mao Is Praised by the C
Because the interests of Germany and Russia, to a certain extent, are consistent with those of the West led by the United States after World War II.After World War II, Germany quickly realized that they had to re-enter the mainstream society of the west to survive and develop, which was right to some extent, so the pro american faction quickly occupied the political commanding height, and because the Jewish consortium had a huge influence in the world through the United States, the German anti Hitler performance once reached the extreme.Russia's leaders are easily influenced by the West because of the lack of an inherent culture that can really confront the West. The opposition between the Russians and the west is purely beneficial. There are few fundamental cultural conflicts. They worship Western gods in their bones.In China, the profound historical accumulation of Chinese culture determines that this nation will not be influenced by the superficial ideological preaching of the West. The Chinese people clearly know that they should follow their own path, they have their own mission, and there is no future for them to be assimilated by the west, so they can maintain their reflection on the mainstream culture. So in this sense, China is the only hope for human cultural diversity and even species diversity. The extinction of Chinese culture means the extinction of human culture, and ultimately the extinction of human beings• Related QuestionsWhy was Dumbledore sorted into Gryffindor but not Slytherin?Much emphasis is placed upon the sorting process at Hogwarts. The Sorting Hat is a legacy object, imbued with the methods the four founders of Hogwarts employed each academic year at the facility.The purpose of sorting is complex. It is about living space, classroom structure, and competition. Each founder had characteristics they prized, the individual mind contains many characteristics. The hat seems to seek the dominant characteristics, without overlooking the potential to develop recessive ones.The question is about Dumbledore. We learn toward the end of the series, Dumbledore had ambitions, goals, and high aspirations as a youth. These were interrupted by family issues, which his loyalty decided his path. He chose his family, above all. That did not just appear in his heart and mind, it was always there. Even the distraction of Grindewald was not enough to change the roots Dumbledore grew from.I think this is a hallmark of Gryffindor House. Regarding Slytherin House, there is a nod to goal-oriented success. Slytherin strikes me as a place for minds who set upon a destination, and stop at nothing to achieve goal. Slytherins often overlook consequences, and will press forward regardless of this.Dumbledore spent the entire story mindful of consequences. He understood blind ambition, free will, and the wisdom of letting the story unfold, rather than rushing to judgment. Most important: with leadership and power comes great responsibility. Dumbledore took responsibility for his endeavors, and often accepted responsibility for actions not his own. Dumbledore's Army?You better believe that man had style. He had the scars to prove it.------Why was Michael Jackson so weird?I dont think Michael Jackson was weird so much as misunderstood.Not to mention his upbringing.If you do research youll clearly see that he didnt have a normal childhood. Been at it for a very long time. Starting out at a very young age.I dont know if he could have acted any other way. He was definitely in a league of his own. I dont think anyone could touch him.His style, originality & yes his weirdness along with his dedication to his craft. He was a true artist. A musical bird in flight.I remember when I was younger & seeing him do the moonwalk for the first time on TV. No one had ever seen a move like that before. It was totally original, graceful & he executed it flawlessly.And of course everyone perceives the world around them differently, so maybe what seemed weird to most, was normal to him.Plus almost all great performers have their quirks about them. These are the things that set them apart from everyone else. The things that make them great! Michael was for sure one of them.I am glad I was around when he was in his prime. I remember Thriller when it came out & it was awesome!!! Sold 50 million copies!! Effected the world! Wow!!!RIP Michael & thanks for all the great music & inspiration!!!Sincerely, Dwayne JenkinsDwayne Rocks Guitar - Experience the fun of learning guitar------Is it true that President Donald Trump threatened to cut federal funding of several major cities which are led by Democrats?Sort of.The threat is here: Memorandum on Reviewing Funding to State and Local Government Recipients That Are Permitting Anarchy, Violence, and Destruction in American Cities | The White HouseNote that this is not a memorandum removing funding but rather, a memorandum reviewing how potentially to remove funding.This is another great example of the Art of the Propaganda. Trump and the cronies put forth what amounts to a piece of legal toilet paper. The right wing media hail it as a great achievement and a blow struck for law and order. The left wing media portray it as an assault on freedom and decency, and those in the middle of the road point to how limited the Presidents actual authority to rearrange the Federal budget to his liking is actually supposed to be.The piece of toilet paper is a distraction. The Don knows you dont threaten first, you hit first. Thats why there was no paper trail for how CBPs SWAT team showed up in Portland to do domestic law enforcement and attack protesters. Thats why there was no formal justification before hand for the removal of aid to Ukraine, and the timeline for the extortion scheme had to be teased out over weeks of testimony. Thats why we found about about the administrations internment camps at the border only after.The question really is - how are he and his friends actually scheming to rip off the country while we focus on this?Original question:Is it true that President Donald Trump threatened to cut federal funding of several major cities which are led by Democrats?------What are the top-10 wallpapers programmers love?Like others have stated, my best wallpaper is no wallpaper. Period.Having said that, let me point to the type of wallpapers that I absolutely hate! And not just as a programmer, but just as a user of any computing system that may display icons over it.Sometimes friends of friends, or some distant relatives, learn that Im a software developer and assume (or translate it for themselves) that it means that I fix computers. So the first thing that they ask me to do is to get malware out of their Windows system. (And that, I guess you can imagine, is the second thing that I absolutely hate. But that is beside the point here.) So when I cant say no to them, thats when I meet most of the abhorrent wallpaper images.So the first thing that totally drives me nuts in a desktop image is when it is usually taken at some family picnic or at a kids school recital, or a birthday party. So basically what youre greeted with is a bunch of faces staring at you from the desktop. But what make it even more annoying is not just faces alone, but the color splash or the busy-ness of the desktop image that turns finding any icons on the desktop into a total headache.So my favorite desktop image is a contrasty solid color. Usually light blue to keep me awake. Or in some cases an image that your OS came with. Really easy to use. No distractions------Why does Israel continue to win their wars when they are outnumbered fifteen to one?Firstly, Israel isnt outnumbered on the battlefield 15:1, just in overall population. During the War of Independence, at the worst moment, Israel was outnumbered 3:1. (1948 ArabIsraeli War) and Six Day War was 2:1 (Six-Day War)Now, population wise, yes, were at a severe disadvantage, there are more people in the city of Cairo (Cairo population) than in all of Israel (Demographics of Israel).So how do we beat such odds?We Know Our Enemys Weakness and We Make Sure it Doesnt Exist For USThis article Why Arabs Lose Wars is one I bring up a lot, because it discusses key weaknesses in the countries surrounding Israel that simply do not exist for Israel. For instance,Iraqi prisoners in 1991 showed a remarkable fear and enmity toward their officers. Why Arabs Lose WarsIn Israel, officers are expected to remain prisoners of war till the enlisted men go free. That increases soldier morale.2. We Use Our ResourcesIsrael also has made use of the Diaspora community, who often supplied arms and money. Pictorial History: Acquiring Arms & Personnel gives an excellent history. The Diaspora Jews were willing to risk their lives, their jobs, their citizenship to help IsraelWhy? I often give this parable. A dog once failed to catch a rabbit for his master. The master sighed. I cant blame you, pup. You were running for my dinner, but the rabbit was running for his life. Jews in Israel and worldwide knew we had to win or we die. Hence, they organized well.------Have you gone to church in the past year?I am an attender of a Bible-believing church, and youll find me there most Sundays. Its not a perfect place with perfect people, but these are people who love Jesus, who teach, preach and share the gospel, and who love each other.No one holds a gun to my head demanding that I go to church. I like to go, and even if Im not in the mood, I go anyway. Some things are just important, and attending church is a priority for anyone who is serious about following Christ. But, its no burden. I love the people I fellowship with. I also attend a small group that meets on Sunday nights from the church. Time with fellow believers is an important part of what it means to walk with and live for the Lord.Its interesting that churches in this day and age tend to fall into two camps - dying, or thriving. Churches that marginalize the truth of the Bible and that try to accommodate society and societal trends are, for the most part, bleeding members. There is no life in them (there are many, many spiritually dead churches) and the members have figured that out. The buildings of these churches are being turned into houses or restaurants. Or the compromising churches become social clubs (seems like one of your answers alludes to that).So there are churches, and then there are churches . . . .And the difference between churches is enormous
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