Ishiuchi Miyako: 'waiting to Say Hello' to Clothing From Hiroshima

It was mine. The Hiroshima museum has an online component and so I started to go through the online archive. What interested me were the much smaller number of personal objects.

The personal objects are permanently in the archive. Generally, they're not exhibited. I selected items from the website and had the museum prepare them to photograph. In general, they're folded quite small and carefully wrapped in tissue. The larger objects such as the student uniform and dresses were photographed on a light box. The smaller objects I brought into the light of the sun.

The thing that most surprised me was how colourful these objects remain as well as how contemporary the designs are. I had no negative reaction to them whatsoever. If anything, I felt they had been waiting for me to come along and say hello to them.

I've seen other photographs of objects stored in the Hiroshima museum. Generally, they're in black and white and they have dark shadows on them. These are in glorious colour. There is something quite contemporary about them. You could wear them today and look quite sharp.

I can't photograph the past. I can only photograph the present. I can photograph the present now that I shared with these objects.

A photographer can only photograph what is before her eyes. What was before my eyes was the space and time I was sharing with these very particular objects.

In general, personal effects are only stored for going on seven decades if the person wearing them was famous. But these are unknown people. They're everyday objects that have been safely archived. They're a reflection of this larger problem of the atomic bomb and nuclear weapons.

There is a another issue going on. In Japan, the image of Hiroshima being victims is so powerful it conflicts with the actual historical fact that they were wearing beautiful clothes and nice silk dresses – basically clandestinely. During wartime, it was against the law to be fashionable. They were supposed to wear wartime national uniforms. What this suggests is that they were wearing these clothes under their national uniforms or under their students uniforms or at home.

The fact that they wore colourful silk dresses is hidden in Japan because it is so important that Hiroshima be perceived as a victim. The image generally is that all Hiroshima people were model citizens and wore only wore student and national uniforms and didn't secretly – like girls everywhere – want to be fashionable. So partly I discovered that historical fact and reality and I'm revealing that secret.

There were many ideas for the title. I just found myself writing out the letters in hiragana. It looked right to me. It's not freighted with a great deal of extra meaning. It is relevant to the fact that for some of these dresses, I could see myself in them. I am a woman and I could see myself in a dress.

Every time I exhibit the work, I'm creating my Hiroshima in the image of what I see. It's not a documentary. I want people toe experience them as a whole as opposed to drawing attention to individual images. It's an aggregate. We're creating in a very specific space so the images are displayed in a very particular way.

Most people don't associate Hiroshima with the color pink. It was very important for me making this title wall pink. It was one of the first decision I made. Hiroshima is usually associated with more pronounced colours such as red or black or white. I choose pink because that's the image I wanted to project.

The exhibition

continues to Feb. 12, 2012 at the Museum of Anthropology.


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How to Beat the Winter Blues
As the nights draw in, millions of us feel gloom setting in. But there are ways to lift your mood in the colder months, says Rebecca Armstrong.The summer of 2007 has already gone down in history as the wettest since records began. If months of grey skies, rained-off barbecues and ruined trips to the seaside weren't depressing enough, this lack of sun could also be having an effect on the happiness of millions of us. Whether you are a signed up sufferer of seasonal affective disorder or simply feel your mood dip as the nights get darker, the consequences of a lack of sun can leave people lethargic, depressed, anxious and more likely to get colds and infections.There are a number of theories about exactly what causes SAD but the common theme is that light triggers messages to a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. This controls sleep, mood and appetite so it's thought that the lack of sunlight in winter has an impact of how effectively it manages these functions.However, there are a number of ways to combat SAD and one of the most effective is simple to use and can have results within three days. Exposure to bright light - phototherapy - helps 80 per cent of SAD sufferers, according to the mental health charity Mind. Ordinary light bulbs aren't strong enough, though, as the average domestic or office light only emits an intensity of 200-500 lux while the minimum dose necessary to treat SAD is 2,500 lux. The easiest way to get this kind of light is by investing in a light box - prices start from about €85 - and sitting in front of it for around one or two hours a day. Boots has seen sales of its range of light boxes soar by 147 per cent this year.In the depths of winter it's easy to stay indoors and shun any unnecessary trips outside, especially if the weather is foul and temperatures are freezing. However, leaving the house can have a huge effect on mood. According to experts, anyone who suffers from SAD or low moods associated with winter should try to get as much natural sunlight as possible.Research published earlier this year suggests that during winter, 90 per cent of British and Irish adults suffer from a shortage of vitamin D. The study's author, Dr Elia Hypponen, says that "a sensible outdoor lifestyle... will make adequate vitamin D." If it's impossible to leave the house or office during daylight hours, Mind recommends sitting near the windows in light-coloured rooms. According to a study by the University of Essex, being closer to nature increases well-being and even looking outside through a window, especially on to a view of nature, can have a significant effect on moods. Although the shorter winter days don't have the same light intensity that occurs in summer, if you suffer from SAD it's important to spend as much time in daylight as possible. But while being outside can help ease the symptoms, it's not a total cure - many farmers and outdoor workers suffer from the disorder despite spending their working hours in natural daylight, as Mind points out.One way to keep on top of the winter blues is to exercise regularly. A 2001 study by the Duke University in North Carolina found that exercise is a more effective treatment for depression than antidepressants, with fewer relapses and a higher recovery rate. The reason why exercise has such a profound effect is that physical activity increases the amount of endorphins in the body and endorphins boost feelings of happiness. "I can't believe how obvious it is but people really need to get out and exercise," says Emer O'Neill, chief executive of the Depression Alliance. "But when you're feeling permanently tired, fed up and sluggish, being told to exercise is really irritating. It's a catch-22 situation, but if you can start exercising at the start of the season and just try and build in a regular routine it really helps."If you're loath to jog in the dark or join a sports club, an exercise video, trip to the gym or a yoga class are extremely effective ways to improve energy levels and boost moods. In fact, any physical activity lasting between 20 and 60 minutes can help to improve psychological well-being, according to a recent report from the Mental Health Foundation.Comfort food tends to be the standard fare during winter, but craving carbohydrates is a symptom of SAD and although eating stodgy foods can be soothing in the short term, it can lead to lethargy and weight gain. "People often gain weight when suffering from SAD and putting on between 5 and 10kg is quite common," according to Dr Jonathan Johnston, a lecturer in neuroscience at the University of Surrey who specialises in seasonal biology. Nutritionist Patrick Holford recommends following a diet that keeps blood sugar levels even and provides plenty of omega-3 fats to keep your moods and your weight under control. "Avoid sugar and sugary snacks and try to reduce your intake of stimulants - tea, coffee, chocolate, alcohol and cigarettes," he says. "Increase nutrient-rich foods - fruit, vegetables and wheatgerm - and eat tuna, mackerel, herring or salmon three times a week." Holford also advises eating nuts and seeds - go for flax, hemp, pumpkin, sunflower and sesame. "It's also important to minimise your intake of fried and processed food and saturated fat," he says.In severe cases of SAD, some doctors may suggest taking serotonin re-uptake inhibitor antidepressants (SSRIs) during the winter months. "For some people it is useful to go on antidepressants - obviously after going along to see your GP," says O'Neill. "At the diagnosis stage it's important to recognise if the condition has happened before and if you always have symptoms of depression that start to kick in around this time of year. A low level of antidepressants can lift your mood and break the cycle." But combining treatments can be even more helpful than simply relying on prescription drugs. "Taking antidepressants while using a light box can be very effective. Just remember that when you go to your GP it's important not to think that antidepressants are the only way - there are lots of other treatments that work."For those who don't want to take prescription pills, there are alternatives. "St John's Wort is known worldwide as an effective antidepressant - in Germany it's the most frequently prescribed antidepressant and out-prescribes drugs like Prozac," explains Jayney Goddard, the president of the Complementary Medicines Association. "There are new formulations that include passion flower, a herb that has anti-anxiety properties." Goddard has successfully used this mixture to treat a number of her patients. "The herbal approach is one of many ways to help deal with SAD," she says, "but from what I've seen it's very effective."Another possibility that is beneficial to health as well as helping to lessen the blues is taking cod liver oil. "Taking cod liver oil every day can strengthen the immune system," explains GP Dr Sarah Jarvis. "You also get a healthy dose of vitamin D that can protect against depression." During the summer, people usually build up a store of vitamin D in their bodies but it will only last about 20 to 29 days. Once it has been used up, it's necessary to increase the store by taking supplements or getting some winter sun.If you're feeling unhappy, it's important not to suffer in silence, says O'Neill. "We recommend talking about how you feel - be really clear with your GP and talk to your friends." Some SAD sufferers find Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can be helpful, she adds. "Your GP can refer you but there is usually a waiting list. Computerised CBT is an effective tool for people, especially those who recognise that they do feel down at this time of year. Once you buy it, you use it when the time is right for you."Another alternative is group therapy. "Some people find support groups helpful," says O'Neill. "For most people, feeling like this isn't life-threatening but it's a very uncomfortable thing that you don't have to go through alone. There's help available and talking about how you're feeling can really make a difference."People who live within 30 degrees of the equator seldom suffer from SAD, thanks to long hours of daylight and bright sunshine. Head further north or south, however, and SAD symptoms become more prevalent. An estimated 10 per cent of the population of northern Europe suffer mild SAD thanks to a combination of dark days and infrequent sunlight. "Some people have suggested that SAD is like a human form of hibernation - perhaps it's a vestigial link to animal behaviour," says Dr Johnston. It's hardly surprising that we're sluggish and sad in winter if our bodies would rather curl up for a three-month nap. So what can people dwelling in the dark north - or south - do Booking a holiday in January or February not only gives you something to look forward to but can give you much-needed exposure to sun and light. Or if your funds are unlimited, says Dr Johnston, "moving to somewhere sunny for three months over the winter would be great for everyone!" Not an option Stick to a daily walk, a blast of the light box and a healthy diet.
Most Frequently Asked Questions on Light Box
Considering that light box may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about light box for you to get started.1. Is there a difference between a lamp light and a specialty light box for people who have SAD?You can do a few minutes a day in a tanning bed2. How can I get around not having a light box with common household items?use more than one light source, front and side should work to avoid shadows. two lamps perhaps? or a flash and a lamp MIGHT work3. What is the difference between toolless light box and tool light box?Toolless light box is installed by pressing the quick institutions,tool light box needs to use screwdriver to tighten screw to achieve installing4. Best color fabric for background in Light-box pictures (ebay)?A medium grey color works with practically everything. steve5. What kind of light do I use as a basking light for a box turtle?You need two lamps. The normal household bulb and the specialized turtle bulbs which contain UVB or UVA. If you want to lessen the budget needed, dig a little pond in your backyard then fill it with water and it's done. If you use this type of environment, you will save a huge amount of money. If you prefer a glass aquarium, use your creativity in your turtle's basking area. You can use a glass or wood decorated with pebbles (large enough to avoid being eaten by turtle). Normal house bulb serves as a heater while the specialized bulb supplies your turtle with Vitamin D and it serves as a miniature Sun.!!6. Can get A $25 Enguaugement Ring on Wish or Light in The Box from China would a woman love no payments for her ring?i will tell ya what. go to walmart. in the front there are little toy machines that you can put a few quarters into and get the toy. find the one with the ring. put the quarters in, twist it, and get your enguaugement ring for this woman you supposedly love. bet she would love it, since you are so damn cheap.7. what is a good light box for traditional animation?Large stack of tracing paper n u cn make ur own lightbox. Might have a tutorial on instructables.com8. Decrease the size of "light box” image in product view pageTake a look at How to fix the width and height of jquery lightbox or jQuery Lightbox Image Size : Limit the max size of ImageYou could try to set the max width by doingPlease note : this will not change the physical image size and you may want to use magento to resize the image using9. what is the light box thing in the vitamin water commercial with kelly clarkson?it is just a 70s type light board behind the keyboard player10. How do I replace the flourescent light box above kitchen sink?When you buy a replacement light box it will come with instructions. Always make sure you have the breaker turned off so that you do not get electricuted. Take the screws out of the old light box so that you can pull it away from the cabinets. Once the wires are exposed you may be able to untwist them or you may need to cut them depending on how they were connected to the house wires. Once you have disconnected the unit just connect the wires of the new box with the same color wires coming out of the wall. Put caps on the end of the wires that are connected and make sure you also cap the nonconnected wires. Then screw the light box back into the cabinets, turn the breaker on and then try the light switch once you have installed a bulb. Have you checked the breaker to make sure it is not flipped before trying to replace the unit?11. Where's the best place to buy a cheap light box?Just make one. You need: Light source Clear glass/plastic sheet Frame These can be anything you can get. A couple of books a the corners, a desk or table lamp with the shade removed placed on the surface between them, a clear sheet on top. A cardboard box with your light in side and the sheet on top. Or actually make a nice one, get some wood and make a square frame your sheet can sit on top of, a soft light (fluorescent works well, and does not get hot, though any sort of light source will work) inside. If you really want to be fancy, make it at a tilt like a drawing table. If you really want to buy one, try ebay or other auction sites, they are usually quite expensive first hand.
Jaya Wears His Art on His Sleeve
"IT'S like a butter knife, dipped in hot water, running along the skin."Jaya Suartika should know. He got his first tattoo at 21; the name of his daughter. Now he's lost count of how many he has."I would have no idea. It's probably easier to tell you how much space I have left," the 30-year-old says.The artist, musician, and father divides his time between Adelaide and Bali; tattooing, drawing, DJing and building.He's either in the shed working on something or in the chair working on someone."I don't really stop. I have this desire to not waste time. I like getting stuff done and doing things, being productive and creative. If I need something around the house, I will build it." Did he study carpentry A trade"Nah I just got some tools and I started building stuff. I've just built a light box so I can stand when I draw. I don't want to spend my life sitting down."A self-taught artist, too, he fell into drawing off the back of a full-time music career. A guitarist and singer, one day he dropped the guitar, picked up a pen and didn't look back."I felt like it was more me. When I was trying to express something, it came more naturally. And also, I was getting really over the pub scene."He spends his nights perfecting his works for a new wave of people that want more than a standard tattoo."People are getting more conscious of tattoos as an art form. It's switched from being getting a tattoo of just a cool image, to having something from an artist."It's pretty amazing to put your art on someone. It's humbling ... you can paint a painting and it can last lifetimes. But this piece, you put onto someone and they carry it around with them 'til the day they die. It sees everything they see, and everything they do. It's a really weird concept."He shuns TV, radio and newspapers, preferring to discuss philosophy, play chess and listen to some Elliot Smith with his 10-year-old daughter.He wants for nothing, but if he could have anything, it would be an extra day in the week - to draw, to build, to create.His life philosophy is simple."Make the most of your time, there's always a way, you just have to find it."Originally published as Body of work gets under skinwindow.vidoraConfig = "isProd": true,"product": "AdelaideNow","articleId": "4084ef34e73368b01af12ea19a755492"
Everything Comes Alive We Are Messengers
In the evening when my bones are tiredYoure my strength and my hearts desireYoure the light when the sun expires I remember how far Ive come Im not lost with You Im homeI didnt find You on my ownI was listening to one of my favorite songs on the way to work this morning Everything Comes Alive by We Are Messengers and I was reflecting on a sermon I heard on one of my favorite stories in the Bible The Valley of Dry Bones. In this story, God gives Isaiah this vision and commands him to prophesy to a valley full of human bones. Isaiah trusts God and does what he is commanded. The bones begin to connect and form bodies, then the bones become covered with tendons and flesh. Lastly, God breathes life into them and they stand to their feet.This is one of my favorite stories because I can relate to it on a personal level. In my experience, I started out as the bones. Broken, separated from true life, and feeling hopeless. We have all been there at least once in our lives. I used to put my worth into a human relationship, which is never a good idea by the way. Ironically, the hardest times of my life are what brought me back around to God and closer than ever. Fast forward to today and I feel so blessed that I can now relate more with Isaiah than the bones! Now I can focus on spreading Gods love to others so they can have the same joy and peace I do.Thank Godliterallythat He is so gracious and merciful. So many people only see the bad in the situation they are in the valley if you will. They allow the enemy into their minds and they become convinced that their situation is some sort of punishment from God or that He has forgotten about them. Sometimes God allows us to be broken in order to rebuild us; and He always makes things even better than they were before. Its like He takes us apart and puts us back together as an upgraded version. How many times have you heard people talk about the fact that they are who they are because of the trials and mistakes in their life? Im sure you even feel that way yourself. In fact, I would say it is better to be raised from the dead than to never have died at all. What an awesome illustration, isnt it? It truly is all about perspective. And Jesusits always about Jesus in the end.Colossians 3:13 Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God..·RELATED QUESTIONDo light boxes effectively mimic the effects of natural sunlight to produce vitamin D?Only two things affect the synthesis of vitamin D, and those are the amount of UVB photons penetrating the skin and the person's age. See my previous answer for an explanation and citations.So if we disregard age the only question becomes do light boxes supply adequate UVB to synthesize adequate vitamin D? From what I can tell from a review of the products out there, the answer is probably not. Lights adequate to treat SAD aren't adequate to generate vitamin D, and a light that supplied adequate UVB would be dangerous if misused. But in my mind the final nail in the coffin for light therapy is this study:All subjects receiving vitamin D improved in all outcome measures. The phototherapy group showed no significant change in depression scale measures. Vitamin D status improved in both groups (74% vitamin D group, p
He's in a Golden State of Mind
LOS ANGELES -- I came here to escape the New England winter. I probably have seasonal affective disorder, but I hate pills and I'm too cheap to buy a light box. But I'm not too cheap to spring for a plane ticket to California. That's because I suffer from yet another syndrome: California-philia.I just keep coming back. I spent a week in the San Francisco Bay Area in November, on the flimsiest of pretexts. Somebody offered me a plane ticket and three nights at the incomparable Hotel California in Palo Alto. How could I say no? On this visit, within 24 hours of landing at LAX, I was hiking up Malibu Canyon to Ronald Reagan's old ranch with my upper body exposed to the blazing sun. Too much information? I agree.I've mooched vacations at Lake Tahoe each of the past two summers. I even have a ''Keep Tahoe Blue" decal on my car, which a friend assures me is the West Coast equivalent of a ''Deval Patrick for Governor" bumper sticker -- i.e., something you would see only on the back of a late-model Volvo in Newton. In other words, something I wouldn't be caught dead with.Right next to the Tahoe sticker is an ''In-N-Out Burger" decal. California-based In-N-Out, as you may know, is the only burger chain that finds favor with fast-food Savonarola Eric Schlosser, author of ''Fast Food Nation." I recently learned that In-N-Out conducts a side business in Christian evangelism; there's a tiny ''John 3:16" etched on the inside bottom rim of every soda cup, and other biblical citations on the burger wrappers and milkshake containers. I don't have any problem with that.Cali-philia is apparently transmitted through the mother. My mother was born in Oakland, which triggered much hilarity 10 years ago when she suggested we hop in our Plymouth Voyager -- my family was living in Palo Alto at the time -- and visit the old neighborhood. Ever the suburbanite, I feared that marauding bad guys might ambush us and then write an expletive-filled hip-hop song about the massacre, but -- guess what? A lot of Oakland is really nice.So, what do I like about California? I certainly enjoy the weather, and being outdoors more often than I can be in New England. And yes, I think people in California are more open to new ideas and experiences than those of us who stayed East. One Sunday in November I took a trolley in San Francisco and found myself standing outside an unprepossessing storefront emblazoned with an anti-Bush sticker. This was the headquarters of the online bulletin board craigslist, which some analysts say has sucked more than $20 billion worth of classified ads away from the nation's newspapers.It's not just dopey fads like hula hoops and protein boost smoothies that make their way east from California. Put another way, do you know a teenager who own an iPod, the white-wired spawn of Cupertino?What about the loopy stuff? Sure, there's tons of loopy stuff. I couldn't believe the Inn of the Seventh Ray was still thriving in Topanga Canyon. I remember eating there when I lived in Los Angeles in 1979 and watching a coyote wander down the creek into a spotlight near the Inn's tables. The coyotes still come, the staff assured me. I had a ''fermented enzyme elixir" made from fermented jun herbal tea, raw honey, lemon grass, ginger, and organic gota kola. It is said to stimulate intelligence. QED.More to the point, why don't I live here? I have lived in California, twice, once in Los Angeles for two years in the late 1970s and during the aforementioned year in Palo Alto. When I left Los Angeles, I decided I would never return to live because of the smog. It gave me headaches a few times a year as a young man, and it certainly doesn't look any better to me now.Getting around in Northern California is still more or less possible, thanks to mass transit, but Los Angeles is another story. Many people don't plan more than one trip a day, because driving gobbles up so much time. The Boston equivalent would be refusing to visit Northborough and Hingham in the same day because it's too big a hassle.Twenty-two years ago, an employer offered me the choice between living in Boston or San Francisco. Believe me, it's not like I haven't looked back.
How to Get Good Lighting for Food Photography
A couple of years ago I wrote a cook book, describing what it is like working as a chef and including some killer recipes at the same time. This is where I got into food photography, but I also found that it was more of a challenge than most people say.Learning how to light food photography is the difference between a good and a great shot. For example, if you are shooting at night with a flash or even without a flash, you are going to have problems because you have that tungsten artificial light to deal with.Light is what makes the food stand out and come to life. You can have the greatest composition in the world. You can stand from different angles and use different plates, but at the end of the day it is the light that really matters. Believe me, I went through this!phot credit: Lisa WilliamsStick to these pointers and practiceIf you use a built in flash, you will immediately create shadows and highlights. So it is best that you shoot during the day or find artificial light indoors. The best way is to experiment.Light can produce different qualities and effects. Obviously you will want to stay away from the shadows. The main thing you should focus on is the food, but you can enhance this with good lighting with the use of reflections.Sometimes it is really cool to shoot someone eating the food. You don't always have to take a shot of a simple salad or plate of something delicious. Often you capture more of the mood in this way. Don't forget, here again, the focus is on the food and the light should pick up on that.It also depends on what you are shooting. If the shape is round or in the shaped of a cube and you want to emphasize that, then you have to position the main light so that it is focusing on this aspect.The best thing here is to experiment. You will find that if you change the main light around, you will start to see a difference in many different ways. For example, textures will become more pronounced as you move the light an inch or two up and it will change again as you move it behind the subject.You want to aim for smaller light sources to be able to grab more texture into your shot. It is also a good idea to place the light on the side of the subject for more effect. Some like a salad offers a lot of different texture, with various leaves that you should be able to get a sense from in the end result, so this must be captured.Don't become frustrated if you don't get this right the first time. With food photography, you have to be incredibly patient. Lighting is just one aspect, but it is a very big step and without it, you won't have a descent shot, so make sure you master this first before moving on to style and composition.How to use and make a lightboxI thought it would be appropriate to learn how to make use of a light box for various aspects in food photography because this is a tool that you may often find useful. You will see how this comes into play as you start to experiment more and find out ways with working with light. It could turn out to be your most important tool.You can actually make these quite easily. It is basically a box with a light source. You can have two or three light sources, depending on what you are wanting to achieve. But, don't mix this up with the light box you install on your Facebook page! :)Choose daylight energy efficient bulbs. Go to a proper lighting shop to get this. I got something great from a store that specializes in bulbs and lights. The light you choose should be the same all the way around. Once you find something that works with your project, don't experiment with anything else because you are just going to go crazy.You know by now that lights create shadow, but you can really work this so that there is as much shadow as you want, or none at all. Shadow is not necessarily a bad thing - it can make a boring apple have a really cool 3D look to it. This works well for credit: Photo Tent Table Top Studio Light Photography Soft Box Kit - Size 19.5-Inch CubeAmazon Price: $27.49 Buy Now(price as of Oct 18, 2013)To get rid of the shadow completely - for example, if you are shooting food, and you want to show all of the texture, then you need another light source. A light coming from above is totally going to take all of the shadows away. On top of that, it is going to give you a really clean looking background to work with.White balance and exposure is important here. This is what every photographer will tell you. You can set this up beautifully, but if you don't get your white balance matching your light source then you are going to be disappointed. You want to match the white balance to the lighting - that is your target. Also play around with the exposure. Experimenting with this is important.This is where a DSLR is better, or at least a camera that allows you some degree of versatility. You should be able to customize these settings. A camera that does it all for you, is not going to give you the right kind of shot.A few practical issuesSelect the box size that is going to suit whatever you are trying to shoot. This is pretty obvious, but if you are shooting a small flower, then go for something, 30 cm wide by 1 foot. To make this, you need to cut out the front of the box and leave a bar in front. You then need to line the whole inside with white paper, making a curve in the horizontal corner.This is to ensure that you won't see the fold lines in the box because you don't want this showing up on your shot. Position the lamps right over the box and you should also think of using a tripod.I really recommend this because in a situation like this, it can be difficult not to have the shakes. You may like to head over to an editing program and see if there are any final touches that you can make.
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