Is There Perhaps More Than One 'collective' Consciousness?

The shift in consciousness that is taking place is about Gaia and each human being's own unique consciousness. In March 2019, the timelines of probabilities aligned, and it is now a mathematical inevitability that humanity will shift into fourth density consciousness.Planet Earth and humanity have been developing in third density consciousness for the last 75,000 years. There has been stuff going on for the last 1,000,000 years with relationship to human beings and higher consciousness entities seeding earth, but I have no information about it. The last 75,000 years has been 3 consciousness cycles where planet earth had the possibility of shifting into fourth density consciousness if humanity was also ready to shift. The only reason that we made it. was that Gaia and the small collective consciousness of authentic people, manifested enough unconditional love that could resonate with the new cosmic energy that began pervading us from 1986.

This enhanced energy is now of a divine feminine nature as it is based on love. The last 6000 years of human history has been male dominated and negative based, which is why we are currently having such difficulties with what should be, a very joyous occasion.There are three different ways of consciousness development. The positive path of service to others for the good of the whole. The negative path of greed and selfishness that uses others for the needs of the self. And those people who have not awoken and will go where their natural natures take them on either the positive or negative path. These are the people that organizations, companies, and institutions try to own.Like minded people attract like minds as individuals with their own unique consciousness. Together they become a positive collective consciousness of humanity. There are also negative consciousness organizations, but because of the separating ways of negative consciousness, tricks are needed to entice people to "sell their souls" and basically form a collective negative consciousness.Positive fourth density consciousness is the beginning of becoming mature, as Gaia human beings. We are the beginning of a new era of humanity that will align with Gaia and each other. Positive fourth density consciousness is based on the positive powers within love and the intelligent energy of light, so we will eventually become one collective consciousness of individual personalities. Based on the massive struggle that Gaia and humanity have been through, we will also maintain a little bit of bad as an offset of becoming too good. I think that will be the power of this experiment with free will.

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How many cars are in the car collection of Akshay Kumar?

Mercedes GL350 CDiAkshay Kumar & His CarsAnother Merc! This is the last one in our list by the way! Akshay Kumar & his cars have got a Mercedes GL350 CDi. The GL is the predecessor to the GLS but this SUV is also equally capable. This one has got a 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine which is capable of generating 255Bhp.

Mercedes Benz V-ClassMercedes Benz V-ClassWe haven't spotted him traveling in this one yet. The Mercedes Benz V-Class is the latest addition to the Khiladi garage! Before Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan was also in the news for buying this car. Bollywood is now slowly shifting towards MPVs. But why? Anyhow, the V-Class is available for a price of Rs. 1.10Cr (ex-showroom) and is a super luxury MPV. One of the great features that this MPV offers is the rotation of the middle row by 180 degree which turns the cabin into a meeting room!Mercedes GLSAkshay Kumar & His CarsSeems like Akshay is a Mercedes fan! The second one in our list of Akshay Kumar & his cars is the massive SUV by Mercedes. The Mercedes GLS is literally the biggest Merc SUV available and the third row is perfectly fine for the adult occupants too! This one comes at a starting price of Rs. 85.67 Lakhs. A 3.0-Litre V6 engine with a 258bhp power output powers this SUV under the hood. the transmission is a 9-speed automatic and this one is a true off-roader with an exceptionally comfortable interior!Porsche CayenneAkshay Kumar & His CarsFinally a brand other than Mercedes! Akshay Kumar is a proud owner of the Porsche Cayenne. Many other Bollywood celebrities own the Cayenne. Although Akshay owns an older generation, this one is equally capable of many other SUVs in the market. The latest edition of the Porsche Cayenne is available for Rs. 1.

19Cr and goes up to Rs. 1.

92Cr. This one is powered by a 4.

0-liter, V8, twin-turbo petrol engine with a maximum power of 550 Bhp.Range Rover VogueRange Rover VogueAnother SUV from the collection of Akshay Kumar & His cars. You saw that he owns the Porsche Cayenne, well he owns its competitor as well! Akshay Kumar has got a Range Rover Vogue which is available in India at a price point of Rs. 2.

18Cr and directly rivals the Porsche Cayenne. We have seen him roaming around the city many times in this SUV. This SUV has got a 3.0-liter V6 diesel, 4.4-liter V8 diesel engine, and a 5.0-liter V8 petrol engine. Akshay owns the 5.0-liter version though.Rolls Royce PhantomAkshay Kumar & his car stalking of luxury and not including Rolls Royce? Well, Akshay Kumar hasn't let your expectations down! Akshay Owns a RR Phantom which is the most expensive car sold in India right now! A 6.

8-liter naturally-aspirated V12 engine powers this ultra-luxury sedan which is capable of generating 453 Bhp of power along with 720 Nm of torque. The 6-speed automatic transmission is mated to the rear wheels only. Did we really need to mention that?Honda CR-VHonda CR-VApart from all the luxuries, Akshay owns some humble cars too. The first one that you see in the above picture is the Honda CR-V which he uses for his daily commute. Along with the CR-V, Akshay has also got a Jeep Compass. Both these SUVs are really popular in their segments. However, Honda has now discontinued the CR-V. They say they will be back with the BS6 avatar of this SUV later this year! The Jeep Compass is already doing good in the market!(source: Akshay Kumar & his Cars | Here's What Khiladi Bhaiya Owns!)Thanks for ReadingUpvote if you agree with my answer. Follow me if you like my answer.Aman


Which private art collector has a collection worthy of its own museum?

Quite a few of them. The question is not, however, whether the collection is "worth of its own museum" but how the quality and integrity of the collection might best serve a museum or several museums.Founding a museum, assuming it will be a not-for-profit organization is both costly and a giant time such.Where will the museum be? Do you have to build a new museum or renovate and adapt an existing structure?Who will be on the Board of Trustees charged with overseeing the museum and hiring the primary staff, specifically the director? Will the director also be the chief curator and is that a good idea?How much money exists for an endowment to cover the basic operating costs?Will the museum be a collecting institution, and if so, how much money is there to endow a collections fund?What are the plans for interpreting the collections and creating education programs? How much staff will that require and what should their qualifications be?What about a registrar and art handlers?How will security be managed and how large a security staff will be needed?How extensive will the grounds be and how large a staff will be needed to attended to the grounds? How large a maintenance staff will be needed?And these are just some of the questions to be asked and answered.

Often important collectors give their whole collections to a huge and famous museum like the Met, MoMA, Chicago Institute of Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art or the Boston Museum of Fine Art. They love the idea of their name being within that aura in perpetuity.I think this is a ridiculous and egocentric decision. A large fraction of the collection will go straight to storage from which it will rarely emerge. A few pieces will get prominent exposure. And other art, that had formerly been on display, will head to storage.

Now if I was the collector in question and had a spectacular collection, at least a few hundred and maybe a thousand objects of museum quality, this is what I would do.I would work with scholars to assess the collection and cluster the works into coherent groups. I would determine what the absolute best pieces were and whether they should, in fact, be given to one of the top museums. And I might do that.

For the rest, I would look at those groupings and think about which small- and mid-size museums across the US would benefit most from a gift of 2-10 works of art. Which gaps might those fill in which museums? Where would their aesthetic and contextual value be maximized? How many lives of school kids, retirees, the disabled, immigrants, and so on could they change?Then I would take my 300-1000 works of art and share them among 25-500 museums, making sure that each placement was as significant as it might possibly be. Then, in a moment of utter narcissism, I would ask that the labels include the phrase, "Gift from the EBC Collection.



What is your dedicated collection of?

I collect books and art.My book collection began when I read a quote by Jorge Luis Borges, "I have always imagined Paradise to be a kind of library". My goal is for a personal library full of well loved books waiting to be reread and unread books waiting to be discovered for my retirement years. I have many signed, first edition and fine bound leather books along with a framed leaf from a bible from 1462. I also have many books from small or speciality presses along with many "regular" books. I have in excess of 1000 books as I near retirement. My signed books include books by Truman Capote (my favorite author), Tennessee Williams, Harry Crews, Stephen King and many others. I also have a first edition of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Many of my books are from favorite authors and genres I enjoy.My art collection came from my love of art and my desire to surround myself with beauty. Most areas of my walls that can hold art are filled to capacity. I also have many great pieces waiting to be framed and hung. It has proven to be a bit more cumbersome to frame and store my art than I had anticipated but it is doable. Most of my collection consists of signed, limited edition prints by well known or emerging artists with a few sculptures tossed in and some lovely art glass. My collection contains: a signed print by Robert Rauschenberg, 3 nice Salvador Dali pieces, work by Olivia, Colleen Ross, Michael Liu, Pino and many others. I tend to like bold colors. I have a group of art related to books and reading like my Pino piece of a woman reading on a couch and a couple of large Scarlet O'Hara prints. I also have a sizable number of pieces depicting "strong women" and as I have a fondness for Bettie Page, I have a number of very nice, colorful prints depicting her in her infamous "modeling" period. I have a great print by Gustav Klimt that is beautifully framed that is not valuable as it is little better than a poster yet is one of my favorite pieces. The value of my art pleases me but as my collection is not an "investment," it is a rather eclectic group of beautiful, colorful pieces that can be whimsical and that I find pleasing. The only person I am trying to please is myself (and my wife) and I have that covered...As you can see, my collections are wide and varied yet follow specific guidelines that appeal to me

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Which Has Better Prospects, Collecting Old Coins Or Collecting Stamps?
Neither.When you start a collection of something (stamps, coins, baseball cards, bottle caps, etc.) you do it as a hobby NOT as an investment.Even if you collect silver or gold coins only, the potential for short or medium term profit is very small to non-existant. Why?Because of one little thing called a premium. You, me and 99% of people around us will very rarely buy any kind of precious metal at the "spot" price. Especially with coins, they always carry a markup in price due to minting costs and the various profit margins dealers take.nFor example: 1 troy oz of silver today is worth 14.74 USD or 13.26 EUR.But a 1 ounce Britannia costs about 32.5 EUR in a shop I know.Austrian Philarmonicas (also 1 troy oz silver) are a little cheaper (30 €) and South Africa silver Krugerrands, Australian Kangaroos and US Silver Eagles are going for 27.5€.Let's talk gold now.Spot price today (13/03) is at 1529.29 USD/Troy oz or 1375.06 EUR.A South African gold Krugerrand (1 Troy oz of gold) is going for 1555 Euro.If you want to collect coins (even rare or precious ones) or stamps (even rare ones) do it because it's something you LIKE doing, NOT as an investment strategy.Collecting silver or gold coins CAN be a good idea if you have two specific goals: 1- buy the coins as close to spot as possible ; and 2- go for an extremely long term strategy. This means YOU don't cash out on those coins ever. They are something for your children or grand-children to enjoy.Thanks for the A2A Yau• Suggested ReadingHow did the concept of a debt collection agency come about and why do they consistently violate debt collection laws?First off, there are 2 different kinds of collection companies.Collection agencies - these are companies with which original lenders place defaulted accounts to collect. The debt obligations do not transfer ownership to the collection agency. Creditors use them for any number of reasons among them are:The original creditor has little or no expertise in collecting severely delinquent accounts.The debtor has moved out of the creditor's state and those states have very specific rules/regulations on companies/people who want to collect on a debt.The debtor has assets necessary to warrant a lawsuit but the creditor is not in a position to file the lawsuit (usually because of #2).Collection companies - these are companies that actively purchase the defaulted debt obligation from the original creditor. The cost basis for this purchase is usually pennies on the dollar. When this happens (and depending upon the various laws involved), the debt is now owed to the purchasing company.The companies that fall into category #1, generally, are legitimate businesses who operate and adhere to the FDCPA.The companies that fall into category #2, at best, operate in the gray area of the law or, at worst, willfully violate the laws as they operate outside the jurisdiction of US law.Collection agencies (category #1) are probably the original outsourced companies. Creditors who are not lenders rarely have the necessary skills or temperament to pursue severely delinquent account so, for the cost of a contingency fee, farm out these types accounts to companies who specialize in this activity.I am not a lawyer and nothing here should be construed as legal advice. Please contact your tax advisor or licensed attorney before acting upon this information.------Is it really worthy to collect old Indian notes and coins?"coin collection is the only hobby where u spend all your money in it, you will be left with only money"nBefore collecting the coins I simply used to see coin for their denominationBut after some period of time I just involved myself in collecting the coins from then onwards in every coin I analyze place of mint, year of minting , aproximate weight and composition of.I think its realy worth to collect old Indian notes and coins not only from the economic point of view (regarding this discussed later) it feels great to have a proof of Indian history in my hand rather than reading in history text books or seeing in the movie , if u dont start coin collection u won't even bother to know the importance of the coin/note there are chances of passing of the economically valued coin for the same denomination value( usually commorative coin ' coins having figuers on one side ,like Indra Gandhi coin etc ' ), coin collecting sets a moto to ur life other than daily activity.Economic value neven old coins and notes have a un-expected economic valueexample:nthis note look like a ordinary 5 rupee but it costs 12-15k (have a dought check in google) ,popularly famous as"5 Rs note with 3 deers of CD Deshmukh" INDIA 1000 RUPEES P12 1928 KING GEORGE KARACHI WORLD'S ONLY KNOWN PIECE *RARE*nnthis may blow ur mind u might have used this type of coin(may be not the same)n yes 46,000 due to demad by the collectorngovernment also issue 100 ,60 ,50 Rupee coins which they will not let it for circulation as it will be made of silver along with few metals the distribute it as a collector edition . nnnIts really honor to have such coins and notes in 'collection'nnI started collecting coin from 2012 , from then collected hell lot of coins and notes many include a good economic value (not for sale ..!)nnnhappy collecting...!------What is the best way to sell a modern U.S coin collection?eBay published a pretty solid guide on their website (link below). Here are some of their tips, as well as a few of my own:Get your coins gradednPCGS and NGC are your best bets; no reason not to go with either of themFind a professional to help you sell the collectionnLet's face it, you probably don't know enough, have a wide enough distribution network or have lots of time to dedicate to the those tasks to get this done yourself. Your best bets here are:nSelling to a reputable dealerConsigning through a reputable eBay dealerConsigning through a local, well-rated coin shopSelling to an auction house (Heritage Auctions is probably the most noteworthy, though there are many others)You will certainly have to pay some fees here, so there is certainly a trade off between how well you think you could research and execute vs. having a professional do it. If you've got a lot of eBay experience and great eBay ratings, it might be worth going it alone, but that likely doesn't apply to many people in your situation. Make sure you consult with a number of different options (and options within those options) to make sure you are getting fair opinions. Ultimately, if you go the auction route, pay particular attention to that person's distribution network/audience, as that is going to be critical.ResourcesnNGC/PCGS population reports - tells you how many coins such as your are out there; don't pay that much attention to the pricingGet one of these: Official Red Book Online - Coin Price GuideSpend time time combing eBay and watching similar auctions; understand where similar pieces sell and think critically about why they sold for different prices (given how widely available the information is and how easy it is to search for similar pieces)nThe Secrets to Selling Your Coin Collection------How can I ask my cheating ex to come and collect his stuff he left in my place?Just ask him. Make sure you give him a day and time options for him to choose from. This way you create boundaries and he can choose from the options that work best for him. Win win! Also ensure that the environment is completely passive. What I mean by this is, when he arrives, dont start conversations, dont have an attitude and don't make snide remarks or comments. Make the pick up as civil and easy as possible. Place the items at the door so it is just a grab and go situation. Don't put yourself in a situation where you get emotional. Don't use this time as an "answer fest". Where you are trying to get him to tell you why he did what he did. Make it only about him retrieving his items. Remember this, men process through binary thinking. It's either/or. Not either/and. This means he either gets his stuff or talks to you about why this happened. He's not thinking let me get my stuff AND talk with her about why this happened. Women process through spectrum thinking or with multiple options in mind. Like when he comes over to pick up his things we can discuss why this happens, what we can do to make it better, should we make it better, is our love strong enough to withstand this, is he in love with her... Etc. That overwhelms the man and he shuts down. Deal with each situation individually and you will get more from him. In this instance, gathering his things. If you desire a discussion on the chain of events, leave it for another time. I hope this helps.Relationship Room------What is the importance of accuracy in data collection?NoIf we have a population of 1 million people. It is good to know what the break up is of that population.BlackWhiteAsianNative IndianLegalAndIllegalDiabeticHave cancer.This way we can run reports on how that population is affected by let's say a pandemic.How many are homeless vs the number that have a place to stay.This way we can focus efforts to combat illness's that are PRONE towards one culture of the population.The CDC is not forth coming and keeps changing up the information about Covid China-2019. WHO says one thing and that works but CDC has been wishy washy about details.Certainly diabetic and type O person are more likely to be infected where other people who have different blood type and conditions are not as likely.Also certain races are more likely then others.This data needs to be accurate so that we can better fund and dispatch teams to help people.If we had an exact count of data of the number of illegal entrants and where they are right now. That would make immagration discussion a high talking point. But since no one wants to know how may are illegal vs legal, immagration is not a important talking point.If you have 1000 illegal in 1 million people not a big deal. But if that number is 40,000 in a million ok we might want to bring it up to the hill for discussion.But if you ignored it then how do you know just how big the problem is for a discussion.We need to know where in each area these numbers are to target talking points.Alaska does not have a huge illegal entry issue like other states do. So we need not focus talks in Alaska but in Florida sure
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Is It Worth Starting a Seiko Watch Collection?
A definite yes! The Seiko brand is so diverse you can collect anything from what ever comes your way, to focusing on a particular aspect of the range. My particular Seiko collection, which I started a couple of years ago concentrates on 1970s automatics of which I now have about 10, including my favourite, my 1976 root beer bullhead:-Others I have include a 1970 Bellmatic, an Aquatimer, a UFO (all these names are unofficial and are christened by collectors, you soon get to learn the nicknames), and this 1977 Panda in the more rare JPS colourway:-If you cant afford to pay the prices for Omegas, Rolexes and the like, then Seiko is a great brand to collect. I paid less than 300 for the Bullhead, good clean ones are going to be attracting 4 figure sums before too much longer. One caveat: Do your research. Seiko collectors more than most have a habit of modding their watches. if you want to build an authentic collection check that the bezels, dials and hands are as they should be on an original and have not been replaced at some point.BTW, the watch Im wearing today is a digital model from 1981 called The Astronaut ( the model type was worn by one of the space shuttle crews). It was only ever officially issued in Japan and is hard to find in Europe. I got this one from an auction in Australia, so its worth doing a bit of work to get those hard to find models:-• Other QuestionsHow do you start a coin collection?The coin that started my collection happened to be from a tip. It was a 1964 Kennedy silver half dollar. I had junk silver quarters but I brought this one home to find out my girlfriend had Benjamin Franklin silver half dollars. After that I discovered ebay and coin shows from a mutual friend that also collected coins.I guess ask yourself how serious you want to be. My goal is to have a type set where I have one of every design not year. If you try for complete year set expect to really shell out for the ultra rare key coins that were made in slim numbers such as a 1916d mercury dime which is around $500 for a low grade graded example, a 1916 standing liberty quarter is around $5000, and 1909s vdb Lincoln penny is around $800 to name a few. These coins most likely will increase in value unless a secret vault or stash is hiding somewhere. I would also suggest that you collect them for the passion and not an investment. Coins are easier to buy than sell generally. Dealers offer quick sales for a premium or discount depending how you look at it. At any rate its fun to have a valuable coin say in your pocket that may be old. Sometimes its fun to show them off too!I hope you have fun with it. Try denominations first or maybe medal types. Also look for cool coin displays. There are some books or albums along with wall mounted coin cases.------What are some problems associated with garbage collection?I once had to work very hard to convince a client that our program wasnt leaking memory.It was a worker process that sat idle until it was given a task. When it was given a task, it executed that task (typically tens of seconds to tens of minutes) and then returned to idle to wait for the next task.What it should have done at the end of the task is:Null-out the variable that contained the last reference to the task object itself, which would have meant that everything contained within it was now inaccessible.Call GC.Collect()But no, it just kept the reference to the last task until the next task replaced it (which could be hours later), and trusted GC to do its thing whenever it felt like it.Which means if you start the process up, it takes a certain amount of memory. Give it some work, and itll do it and then go idle - but the memory footprint increases! Give it more work, and itll do that - but the memory footprint increases again! Unfortunately thats EXACTLY what a memory leak would look like, and our customers were very savvy and very suspicious (theyd been burned by stuff like that before).If you keep going long enough, itll eventually reach the GC threshold and collect the garbage - but thatll be in the middle of a task, so it wont ever get back down to the starting point. And by the time that task finishes, theres probably a bunch more technically-not-quite-garbage-yet memory that the task object refers to.So I had to explain to our customer (a billion-dollar company) that our software wasnt actually defective - it was just written by someone who didnt care about real-world concerns. This process alone took FAR longer than writing 3 lines of code would have------What is the best collection of online machine learning papers?There are many available sources providing information regarding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. And as AI is quite a broad field of study, you need to be specific about your choice of the branch before you delve further into your quest for a paper on that topic.JMLR (Journal of Machine Learning Research) papers is the best bet when it comes to an extensive collection of highly focused subjects and issues on ML. It consists of 20 volumes and around 25 topics to choose.Other well-accepted reads include:Challenging Common Assumptions in the Unsupervised Learning of Disentangled Representations and HOList: An Environment for Machine Learning of Higher-Order Theorem Proving from GoogleDropout: a simple way to prevent neural networks from overfitting (by Hinton, G.E., Krizhevsky, A., Srivastava, N., Sutskever, I., and Salakhutdinov, R.)Similarity of Neural Network Representations Revisited (by Geoff Hinton et al.)Reducing the dimensionality of data with neural networks (by Hinton, G.E. and Salakhutdinov, R.)Do we need hundreds of classifiers to solve real world classification problems (by Amorim, D.G., Barro, S., Cernadas, E., and Delgado, M.F.)Knowledge vault: a web-scale approach to probabilistic knowledge fusion (by Dong, X., Gabrilovich, E., Heitz, G., Horn, W., Lao, N., Murphy, K., and Zhang, W.)Generative Adversarial User Model for Reinforcement Learning Based Recommendation System from Georgia Institute Of TechnologyEnd-to-end training of deep visuomotor policies (Levine, Sergey, et al.)Lifelong Machine Learning Systems: Beyond Learning Algorithms (Silver, Daniel L., Qiang Yang, and Lianghao Li.)The above order does not follow any form of ranking based on quality.------In what ways are we as Muslims collectively doing wrong?Though I am not a Muslim but I would still like to answer this question from the perspective of a fellow human. There are 3 major things that come to my mind right now which majority of Muslims are doing collectively wrong-Caring more about the Afterlife(which no one knows is any sort of reality or not) and caring less about the actual life you are living- Majority of stupidities happening in Muslim community is because of this only.Muslims do not question themselves or whatever they are taught- You know how people grow? People grow when they ask too many questions. When you ask too many questions and the right questions you learn new things. Your mindset changes and it opens new possibilities. I may hurt someones sentiments but claiming anywhere and everywhere that yours is the one true religion or one true God (or what so ever synonym you want to say) is a millennium old pathetic story. People now a days dont even believe in God and you are fighting about the one true God. Question yourself, Question your parents, question your maulvi, question your holy book. Keep on questioning until you get a knowledgeable answer which is also humanitarian else nothing is going to change.You are divided to the core and killing and sacrificing human lifes for something lame as races and castism is stupid- Where should I start? Shia, sunni, Wahhabbism, Salafi movement, sufi movement, Maliki, takfiri and all these crappy names are stupid. Learn to live in harmony amongst yourself first. Stop killing yourself in the name of your Allah and then say Western countries are destroying you. West is not killing Muslims. Muslims are killing Muslims.------What is the most valuable coin you have in your collection?For me, it is this coin:Pictured is a Year 23 Chinese silver 1 Yuan, also known as a Junk Dollar in reference to the type of boat depicted on the reverse. Despite the fact that around 128 million of these were made in the year 1934, this coin still fetches a pretty penny, with fine grade examples typically fetching sums in excess of $200 CAD.On the coin I have, several notable die cracks are present (one can be easily seen running vertically through the character on the right reverse, and another at 9 o'clock on the obverse), further adding to collecting value. On top of the objective valuable specifications of the coin, though, there is one additional factor that makes this piece special to me; this coin, along with many others I possess, was collected by my late great grandpa, a man whose genuine interest in learning and curiosity at the workings of the world was matched only by his intellect - or so I hear.My Great Grandpa Joe died several years before I was born, and family heirlooms such as his coin collection are the only connections I have to those members of my family that are no longer living. I hope to preserve, retain, and build on his collection in hopes that, one day, my great grandchildren will be able to connect with me in the same manner (and just maybe get sucked into the fun of coin collecting while they're at it). For me, collecting is not a matter of investing and profiting; gathering coins is my way of preserving the past, so that I and future generations might gaze on a piece of history, unaltered and true, and wonder at the many hands it was passed through along the way.Thanks for reading, and happy collecting!-Liam
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Collection of Equivalent Forms of Riemann Hypothesis
Not especially sophisticated, but there is the note by Tuck: When does the first derivative exceed the geometric mean of a function and its second derivative?. This is studied some more in1. What are the shoes one absolutely must have in their collection to build a cool shoe collection from scratch?Check out collection at sastajoota dot com, you will want to own all of them2. Micahel Schumachers Personal Car collection?Check out the site Kristina said, but then click the bit that says "English" lol. He has the first Ferrari f1 car he won championship in, and not a demo model either complete with engine. Guessing that Ferrari have also given him a fair few road cars, including an Enzo. Before F1 he was a Sauber driver (yes, the same one but doing Group C Sports cars), along with HH Frentzen & Karl Wendlinger, which were Mercedes powered so maybe has a few of them, and he enjoys motorcyling & karting. Hell lets face it the guy can afford to buy anything he's paid $26million a year!3. How big is your shoe collection?It's a decent size. I would say at this point I own just over 200 pairs. It was bigger but I sold and gave to charity at least 100 or more pairs, because I've found that having any more than 200 pairs is really unmanageable. That's just my sneaker collection. I also own a bunch of Doc Martens as well.4. What was your precious collection as a kid?Poindexters. They were pretty popular where I grew up. As a kid, you had more respect and authority , the more poindexters you had. I used to collect them all the time. My mother thought I was losing my mind. Eventually I had more poindexters than any kid on the block.5. Pagination count and collection display issue for custom collectionOk so i had to changed the way i used to access from 2 tables to 1 table and it has resolved my issue but yes somehow i was able to manage to get pagination with two collection by merging them as below rather than using array_mergeBut the above code made one issue persistent that is incorrect pagination count eg: 1 to 12 of 18, Though in frontend all of the values were displayed i.e 20 in totalIn my collection_1 there were 2 values and in collection_2 there were 18 values so in first page rather than showing first 10 values as per the limiter it showed 12 as i was adding 2 items runtime in collection_2 but pagination took the original count of collection_2 i.e 18 because using addItem() adds the data to the _items and not _data in collection arraywhich i think was the issue for the wrong pagination count as well as in getting the totalnum in pager.php which was eventually returning the collection_2 original count i.e 18 i added page check in my code to get whether it was page 1 because looping in foreach was adding those 2 values from collection_1 on every page.I had to change the way due to time constraint, In case in future if anybody reaches till this point and goes further than would request to post their solution here as well so it can help others.6. Collection agency trouble, and need help?First cancel your checking account and go to a different bank. If you want settle, get it in writing first. Send them a money order. If it's past 7.5 years from the original creditor, it's probably off your credit report by now. If it was me, I would not pay them another dime. Making the last payment did not re-started the SOL. If you have other account that you are paying on time, that will boost your credit score over time.7. Looking for a collection of entry level proofsTruly "entry level" ... How to Read and Do Proofs by D. Solow8. [YuGiOh Cards] Legendary Collection 2 vs. Legendary Collection 3?If I were to suggest which one, I would suggest legendary collection 3. This reason is also enforced since your making a Beatdown/Lockdown deck. LC3 comes with a variety of helpful cards back in the days such as ultra rare monster reborn, BLS (Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning), Bottomless, Solemn an much more nice cards. Also do not forget about the pre determined cards, as some of them can greatly help. Also comes with some nice cool things like token cards and a really nice hardware game mat
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Rate My Video Game Collection?
awesome dude that would be 9/10 from me :)1. A Nice Collection of Classical Relaxing Music?Hey, Kinda funny that being a Classical violinist, I listen to R&B before a performance! Here's a play list containing the results of my 10-minute research: 1. Mozart: Serenade 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik' K525, 1st Movement (boring but relaxing) 2. Mozart: Symphony No. 40, K550, 1st Movement (same above!) 3. Vivaldi: Concerto in A minor, Op. 3, No. 8 4. Handel: La Rejouissance from Music for the Royal Fireworks 5. Bach: II. Largo from Keyboard Concerto No. 5 6. Bach: Air on a G string (LOL... sorry I could not help it) 7. Bach: Toccata in D minor (could not resist adding this- its awesome vampire music) 8. Handel: Alla Hornpipe 9. Bach: Minuet in G 10. Handel: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba ... and if you hate all of these, then go and borrow your mum's set of Andrew Reiu CDs... I am sure you will find something there! (Phew, I think I totally deserve best answer, do not you??) Hope this helps ;)2. Do you have an unusual collection?Not so very odd; German beer steins. But only the ones that have a makers mark on the bottom that says "Made in West Germany".(There is no more, "West Germany"...)Good thing that it seems no matter how many people I reveal that to, folks still do not realize what they are giving away or selling for a song. Seriously, I gained my oldest stein, from 1897, from a garage sale for less than a burger...They reflect the kind and hearty nature of the German people; loyal to their cities and legends, valuing art depicting people enjoying life, cynically comical when the mood strikes them....3. Pay the bank or the collection agency?Call the bank and ask them. I am sure you will have to pay the collection agency4. What is the best child collection novel?Thank you for the A2A nGottipati Venkata Madhumayi .This question took me down the memory lane. I will list out the ones that I used to enjoy as a child. Though some of these are not novels as such:For younger kids:n1. Aesoph's Fablesn2. Fairy Talesn3. Sinbad the Sailorn4. Peter Pan n5. Pide PiperFor Teenagers:n6. All books by Enid Blytonn7. Nancy Drew Seriesn8. Hardy Boys Seriesn9. Harry Potter Seriesn10. LoTRn11. Narnia seriesnHonorary mentions (not novels though):nOther comics and monthy magazines like Chacha Choudhary stories, Vikram-Vetal Stories, Champak, Gokulam, Tinkle and Chandamama.:)5. Is knowledge the collection of ideas?Partly so, but it also involves the proper organization of ideas and comprehension of what the ideas actually mean. Consider someone who can memorize by rote many presented ideas but who has no understanding of what any of them mean or how to make use of these ideas. If you asked the person to recite a list of the ideas they could do it easily. But now, if you asked them to explain what the ideas mean they could not6. How big is YOUR makeup collection?mines pretty big as well...i use dinair airbrush makeup and i have tons and tons of their foundation colors, eyeshadow colors, blush colors, bronzers, and so on ...i love their stuff!!!7. What is legal for a collection agency?this is so illegal . it verges on harrasement . in many states it is . two options report this to your state consumer protection branch . agent unemployed . file a police report also . or just call them freak out on them . give them a taste of thier own medicine see how fast they run to the police . pathetic people . bad attitudes . happened too me , i just ignored police threats . 3 people terminated . good luck8. MongoDB: How can I copy all documents from collection A to collection B, without erasing the existing documents in destination collection B?You can copy documents from one collection to another (keeping the existing documents in the destination) using various methods:export and import utilitiesA collection's cursorAn Aggregation Framework querymongodump and mongorestore utilitiesExport and Import:MongoDB database has utilities mongoexport and mongoimport which are run from the OS command line. The mongoexport command can used to export data to a JSON file from a collection and this file can be used to import into another collection using mongoimport. The imported documents are inserted into an existing target collection. For example:> mongoexport --db testdb --collection collA --out collA_exp.json> mongoimport --db testdb --collection collB --file collA_exp.jsonUsing a Cursor:From the mongo shell you can create a simple JavaScript script function to iterate the collection A's documents and write them to collection B. The collection's find() method returns a cursor and this can be used to iterate over a collection's documents. The cursor object has many ways to iterate and you can use any method. For example:shell> db.collA.find().forEach( doc => db.collB.insertOne( doc ) );Note, you can also write an application using a programming language like NodeJS, Python, etc. , to iterate over the source collection and copy the documents to a destination collection. MongoDB database data can be accessed from a programming language using an available driver software.Using Aggregation Framework:You can use an aggregation query to read from a source collection and use the $merge stage to insert to an existing destination collection. For example, from the mongo shell:shell> db.collA.aggregate( [ $merge: into: "collB" ] )mongodump and mongorestore:MongoDB also has binary export and import command line utilities mongodump and mongorestore. These can be used to export from a source collection and then import into a target collection - the data is inserted into the existing collection. For example:> mongodump -d testdb -c collA -o dump_dir> mongorestore -d testdb -c collB dump_dir/testdb/collA.bson
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Is It Possible to Find an Uncountable Collection of Subsets of the Natural Numbers so that for Any T
I think this is possible but I have not completely worked it out. Instead I will replace the natural numbers by the set of all pairs of integers. I believe i saw this in a topology class so it is not my idea.You view the set as a lattice of points on the real plane. The subsets are formed by taking an infinite strip of width w through the origin at angle a for every real angle from 0 to pi and intersecting it with the integer lattice. You can show that two different strips can only contain a finite number of lattice points.• Related QuestionsAs a classical music fan, are you the kind who has several versions of a piece in your collection?I tend to get multiples of many of the great choral pieces because each seems to have a different flavor. Plus, it is possible to get pieces by different conductors in different periods; each recording is really a different realization of the piece. My multiples include these:Beethoven's NinthBrahms' German RequiemMozart's RequiemVerdi's RequiemHandel's MessiahWhile these are the bombastic biggies, I also tend to buy different performances of Bach's piano pieces, especially after hearing Glenn Gould's unique versions.PS. I also tend to do the same with pop or R & B songs. I have about a dozen different versions of Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready."------What are the limitations of Apple's "differential privacy" approach to collecting user data?Since the actual implementation of differential privacy is going to be a company trade secret, it is hard to say how much Apple is really giving up in terms of their ability to observe and monetize what their users are doing.As Ron Garret already pointed out, it takes only about 33 pieces of information to uniquely identify an individual. Apple is providing an API for Apps to not invade user privacy but the back-end of this API is still controlled by iOS and Apple. As of right now, I believe they are able to do everything that Google can do (esp. since iOS 10 is not out yet)------What is the best single collection of Charles Bukowski's works?Short answer: none. There are two books that try to: Run with The Hunted (which has prose and poetry) and The Pleasures of The Damned, which is just poetry. In my opinion, neither are that great. Run with The Hunted has too much prose, and Bukowski was a far better poet than fiction writer. Pleasures of The Damned has too much late-period poetry, which is not Bukowski's best either. If I had to choose, I'd err on the side of POTD, but a better option is simply to buy a handful of his best works from the 1970s. Start with Love is a Dog from Hell------What are some essential albums for a vinyl collection?Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the MoonEagles, Their Greatest Hits: 19711975Eagles, Hotel CaliforniaCarole King, TapestrySimon & Garfunkel, Bridge Over Troubled WaterAnything by The BeatlesBruce Springsteen, Born to RunStevie Wonder, Songs in the Key of LifeAl Green, Greatest HitsAnything by Led ZeppelinThe Rolling Stones, Sticky FingersThe Rolling Stones, Let It BleedCrosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Deja VuThe Who, Who's NextT. Rex, Electric WarriorThe Beach Boys, Endless SummerThe Beach Boys, Pet SoundsThe Doobie Brothers, The Captain and MePaul McCartney, Band on the RunChicago, Chicago Transit AuthorityChicago, Chicago (1970, sometimes referred to as 'II')Bob Dylan, Blood on the TracksVan Morrison, MoondanceVan Morrison, Astral WeeksElectric Light Orchestra, Out of the BlueGrateful Dead, American BeautyThese are just a few, but you can't go wrong with 'em------Is tax collection the best way to achieve income redistribution?Purpose of tax collection is not income distribution.Government or local body is expected to provide certain services- armed forces, Judiciary, Law and Order maintenance, roads, water, electricity, street-lighting, parks, sanitation, education, traffic control etc and need funds for these. These funds come from taxation.All societies are socialistic to some way and therefore many taxes, such as Income tax,wealth tax, inheritance tax, are levied on the basis of capacity to pay. Other taxes are generally linked to consumption- more you consume, more you pay.Higher taxes on income beyond a certain limit should actually be seen as higher contribution for social cause from people who can afford to pay a little more and not an exercise in income distribution------Do you collect anything? What got you started?Podcasts. I have 30,899 to listen to and 2,058 that Ive heard and decided to keep.I started my collection in 1992. I was listening to my radio when I came across some programs I wanted to keep. I bought a radio with digital tuning that could be left on and not drift then connected it to my VCR to record the radio programs at specific times. When the tape was full after recording six hours at half speed, I copied it onto cassettes.I went digital about twenty years later, downloading podcasts and listening to them first on my Palm Pilot then later on my phone------Where can I find the biggest collection of bible directives?There are oral traditions, which every religion has, and primary documents, which almost every religion has. The Bible is a primary document, and church fathers, councils, and commentaries are oral tradition. In Judaism, the Torah is a primary document, the Talmud is oral tradition. In Catholicism, the Bible is primary, the church councils and fathers are oral tradition.I would first decide if you are limiting yourself to the Bible; if so, the Torah (1st 5 books) is your starting point for Judaism, and the Gospels and books of Paul for Christianity. Thats where the majority of rules and laws are found. But if you expand it to include works outside the Bible, there are excellent commentaries as well as the Patristic fathers who can provide insight------Should you ever pay a collection agency after the statute of limitations is up and they threaten to sue you over an old debt?No. It is for the most part a filthy business. Collection agencies buy up debt for pennies on the dollar, and then harass people who were never in privity with them to pay money which the people never owed them. They can at least observe the statute of limitations.Send them a cease and desist letter threatening suit if they contact you again, or if you can have a lawyer do that for you cheaply, have the lawyer do it and advise you on actually filing suit. He may be willing to have you give his name to them and direct them to call him rather than contact you. You might also check out what smalls claim court has to offer in your jurisdiction.------Which language has better garbage collection, Java or .NET (C#)? Why?Some days back I was going through the same stuffs in:Java SE 6 HotSpottm Virtual Machine Garbage Collection Tuning (for Java GC stuffs).Garbage Collector Basics and Performance Hints ( for C# GC stuffs)Java has radically changed the GC ergonomics in each of it's version. The way GC is implemented on Java 1.5 and 1.7 is different and it is on the trend of evolution and improvement in each release. Similar improvements are going on with C# also. GC is not something that can be guaranteed to be the best in every cases. It solely depends upon available resources, services, requirements and the configurations. Thus to make optimal use of GC (for performance and scalability ) we have to tune the GC parameters.------We have TreeSet, TreeMap but not TreeList in the Java collection. Why so?Well a List is an ordered collection - which means you need to have the ability to randomly access the ith element. If the collection internally shuffles the elements, the insertion order wont be same as the order of the elements in the internal data structure. So you cannot rely on index based access anymore. Hence Sun didn't provide a SortedList or a TreeList class. You can achieve the same thing using Collections.sort(..)Apache commons-collections does provide a TreeList class (TreeList (Commons Collections 3.2.1 API) ) but it is not a sorted List and is called so because it uses a tree data structure to store the elements internally------What is the weirdest thing you know that people collect?Full disclosure, I am a comic book collector. Ive collected since I was seven. I read, sort, maintain, and love my collection. Im sure SOMEONE thinks that is weird.But I once worked with a guy that collected fishing lures. He had hundreds of tackle boxes full of sorted fishing lures. Brand new. He explained to me how they were sorted, but it made no sense to me at all.So, I asked him which kind hed use to catch this or that kind of fish. He explained that hed never been fishing, he just collected lures.THATS why I thought it was so weird------How does Smirnoff suspend gold flakes in its gold collection vodka?We have a bottle of something similar called 'Goldwasser' which is a vodka with gold flakes suspended in it. When you taste it you're left in no doubt as to how they get the gold to sink very, very slowly - it is horribly sweet. For Xmas this year I decided to make a special batch of my home-made limoncello. I added a home-made extract of various spices (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, juniper and vanilla) and some gold flakes.The gold quite quickly (60 to 90s) sank to the bottom. Rather than ruin the taste by adding more cane sugar syrup I just shake it before serving.------Why doesn't Apple Swift adopt the memory management method of garbage collection like Java uses?To keep it simple, it is because garbage collection is really awful. It is inefficient, slow, unpredictable, and can not even work in a distributed environment or most operating system. For example, you open a file and pass the global file handle to another process. There is absolutely no way garbage collection can tell when the file is no longer needed. The programmer MUST do this manually. So garbage collection is just for non-programmers who are lazy and ignorant. I have seen lots of programs in Java that crash the system just because of horrifically bad programming. Anyone who thinks garbage collection works, just is not a real programmer------Can you list 12 songs for an album of The Beatles' darkest songs and what would you name this collection?i cant list 12 but i will list 2.the first is maxwells sliver hammer. awesome song but so so dark. ita about this real murderer who killed people in abbey road with his silver hammer. he goes around rdm killing people. first he killed his date,then his teacher, and then the judge.the next one is revolution 9. i love revolution 1 and its 2009 remaster but revolution 9 is creppy. there is even an SCP of the white album where when it gets to revolution 9, you can have a conversation with the record. so scary. also the lyrics and they way they are quote end quote sung is verry creppy------What are the advantages and disadvantages of ArrayList in collection?Arraylist advantagesIt is not synchronized so it is fast.It works fast when we have to fetch or get the elements fron the list.It maintains insertion order, means any element by default will be added in the end of arraylist.There can be duplicates in the arraylist.DisadvantagesNever used Arraylist when you have to do lot of insertion and deletion as this will force arraylist to adjust the elements present in the list instead used linkedlist.When you want to add elements in the last or first and the arraylist soze is 0, in this case u can use linkedlist to add specifically on top and bottom of list.You can't maintain uniqueness.Arraylist dnt work on primitive values------Can you get a collection removed without paying?You can most certainly have a collection account removed without paying it. Keep in mind that you will still owe the debt. It will just no longer show on your credit reports.You can easily dispute TransUnion and Equifax items through a free Credit Karma account and you will have at least a 50/50 chance that it will be removed. Especially during these times. People have more important things on their mind than fighting your dispute.For Experian, you'll have to dispute items with them directly on their website. The older the debt, the better your chances of removal. I have done this countless times over the past 20 years. Good luck!
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How Do You Organize Your Personal Book Collection?
By proximity.The books I care about, use and refer to most are those I shelve closest to where I sit and work. I call those my primary storage. Those shelves are regularly rotated as books fall in and out of favor. I'm staring at 2 series right now, in fact, that ought to be moved off those shelves.Here are my current primary shelves:Secondary storage are books I want to keep for historical (personal or genre) value but don't have room for in the primary storage. These live in the guest room and must be weeded once a year at least in order for them to not take over the room. This room also houses the English-language manga collection. I wish I had a better option for these.Tertiary storage is the office, given over to small press- and self-published comics, called doujinshi. I cull these every few years, mostly keeping historically important work, early amateur or semi-pro work by well known artists I like and especially awesome series parodies. That collection is way overdue for a weeding. It'll be a summer project.Quarternary storage is in my basement, where rare books, magazines and genre-critical items and the entire collection of all Yuri magazines live in containers to keep them free from moisture and bugs.If I have to go to another level of storage, it'll have to be a storage unit. Sadly, the units nearest me are not temperature controlled - they are glorified garages, in a moist area near the river. Fine for your old truck, not so for books. That means any unit I got would have to be a few towns over, which would make access awkward. I was really hoping that the town would greenlight a brand new temp-control storage unit within walking distance, but apparently I was the only one who wanted it. That would have solved a lot of issues and my house would have much more space. Oh well. (^_^);Here are all the photos of the 2019 state of the Yuri Collection• Related QuestionsWhat is use of capped collection in mongoDB?Capped collection has property of having fixed space so if u are aware about structure of your data,if its not going to change size will remain fixed then you should go for capped collection which will reduce data allocation to documents and will save space BehaviorInsertion OrderCapped collections guarantee preservation of the insertion order. As a result, queries do not need an index to return documents in insertion order. Without this indexing overhead, capped collections can support higher insertion throughput.Automatic Removal of Oldest DocumentsTo make room for new documents, capped collections automatically remove the oldest documents in the collection without requiring scripts or explicit remove operations.For example, the collection that stores a log of the operations in a replica set uses a capped collection. Consider the following potential use cases for capped collections:Store log information generated by high-volume systems. Inserting documents in a capped collection without an index is close to the speed of writing log information directly to a file system. Furthermore, the built-in first-in-first-out property maintains the order of events, while managing storage use.Cache small amounts of data in a capped collections. Since caches are read rather than write heavy, you would either need to ensure that this collection always remains in the working set (i.e. in RAM) oraccept some write penalty for the required index or indexes._id IndexCapped collections have an _id field and an index on the _id field by default.Restrictions and RecommendationsUpdatesIf you plan to update documents in a capped collection, create an index so that these update operations do not require a table scan.Document SizeChanged in version 3.2.If an update or a replacement operation changes the document size, the operation will fail.Document DeletionYou cannot delete documents from a capped collection. To remove all documents from a collection, use thedrop() method to drop the collection and recreate the capped collection.ShardingYou cannot shard a capped collection.Query EfficiencyUse natural ordering to retrieve the most recently inserted elements from the collection efficiently. This is (somewhat) analogous to tail on a log file.Aggregation $outThe aggregation pipeline operator $out cannot write results to a capped collection------Should I convert my CD collection into digital and how?Yes, start straight away! I did mine a litle over a year ago and don't miss the physical discs at all.Depending on your hardware and the size of your collection, some, all or none of this may be useful to you. For context, I have a Windows based system and I had hundreds of discs (having been an avid music collector since my school days!)First, I bought a NAS (Network Attached Storage) unit. I went for the Synology but there are quite a few choices. I liked the simplicity of the interface, the possibility of expansion, and the number of apps available to access my unit remotely. In case you didn't know, using a NAS for storage gives the added security of not storing the music on your computer's hard drive, offers an element of redundancy as it uses an array of discs to spread the data and also means that your PC doesn't have to be switched on to access your music.I took somewhere between 6-9 months ripping all my CDs to the NAS. I store them in FLAC format. It is lossless and takes up less space than WAV. The Synology can convert the files to mp3 for streaming if required but my source files always stay at full quality.Many of the popular CD ripping programmes will access databases to populate the metadata fields for you so there'll be little or no need for intervention at that stage.I also have a subscription to Amazon Web Services to backup the files from my NAS every week. That way, even if the house burned down I wouldn't lose the music and pictures that are stored on there. It costs around $15 per month.At present, I have 95,639 audio files stored on there covering just over 2.1 TB. And I can tell you that if they were played continuously it would take 269 days for them all to play.I eventually sold all the physical discs to a collector, this more than covered the cost of the NAS I bought to store them on!I can now stream the audio to my main amplifier, my phone and to smart speakers. I couldn't do any of those with a physical collection------What is the best video collection for IIT JEE training?As I had also been a jee aspirant I know that it's very important to get our best trainer for securing a good rank in IIT JEE. So, searching for the video for our best training for IIT JEE is a first step towards our preparation.There is a large no. of such companies to suggest you. You may also find many people saying that it's not always fruitful to learn from video lectures. But it's true only in case when you watch those channels and video lectures which have nothing except advertisements. You will also face problems related to the topics which they teach you. In fact you may learn better through books than watching these video lectures.Then. There is question that which is best and how?First of all let me tell from my past experiences that if you are leaning from video lectures then you should not be lazy in the way that you can watch it any time so why to worry. You must have keen interest in learning from them with great concentration. And to draw your concentration you should have a good trainer.So, I would like to suggest you to go for Kaysons Education.Why to choose Kaysons It matters a lotFirst of all let me tell you that if you are worried about your training for JEE then it's the best to remove your hasitation and build your confidence by their best faculties. You will be totally satisfied with their way of teaching and course planning.I have studied through Kaysons video lectures and is very useful and helped me a lot during revision also.All the doubts that raised are cleared by their expert faculties advice during doubt session lectures. Also during revision course it's very helpful.All the materials that they provide are best and have very well maintained standard.So if I would have to suggest I will suggest you all to go for Kaysons video tutorials for best preparation and training for iit jee.The most important fact, according to me is that Your dedication towards any work defines your preparation for that work.All the best!Thanks!.------What is the best way to start collecting firearms?Like other's have said, start buying firearms you want or enjoy to shoot and go from there, since a collection can be as general or specific as you want it to be.Some examples I know personally include collecting blackpowder firearms, Curio and Relic firearms, firearms from a specific brand, firearms in a specific caliber, firearms from a specific historical period or nation, among others.For me, my main collecting goal still is to collect a service rifle used by every major participant in World War II, and once that is complete to expand that to include sidearms, before going onto moving back to World War I and the Inter-War period and even moving forward into the early Cold War firearms. Some areas of interest within those groups that I've grown an interest in include Yugoslavian Mauser rifles, Japanese Arisaka's, and Spanish Star pistols, with a more modern collecting example being Sig Sauer handguns.Example of a collection of Yugoslavian MausersExample of a collection of Japanese Arisaka riflesExample of a collector with an interest in more modern small armsAnother thing another answerer has given is really dig into literary material, not just online material. Words cannot describe how useful it is to have a reference book on hand, and if your a serious collector (like arguably myself), it's not uncommon for many to literally take along a reference book for whatever firearm your trying to add to your collection so that if by some stroke of luck your local gun shop has one hiding in a case or shelf, you can open up the book right there and compare to make sure your getting the product your looking for rather than a modified gun shop knock-off, and it makes it harder for a gun shop employee to potentially BS the background of what they have on the shelf when the reference material is in your hand (For one example, a great number of No. 5 Lee-Enfield "Jungle Carbines" were sold in the 70's and 80's that were actually No. 4 Lee-Enfields with the barrels and handguards chopped down and a flash suppressor added to make them look like a No. 5 so the distributor could squeeze out some more money that way).
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Which Is the Best Coin to Collect?
The U.S. 1933 gold $20. coin known as the Double Eagle - Although 445,500 specimens of this Saint-Gaudens double eagle were minted in 1933, none were ever officially circulated, and all but two were ordered melted down. However, 20 more are known to have been rescued from melting by being stolen and found their way into the hands of collectors before later being recovered. Nine of the recovered coins were destroyed, making this one of the world's rarest coins, with only 13 known specimens remainingonly one of which is privately owned.The two intentionally spared coins are in the U.S. National Numismatic Collection, ten others are held in the United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, and the one remaining recovered coin was sold in 2002 to an anonymous private owner who paid US$7.59 million for it• Suggested ReadingBy introducing Rs 2000, will the collection of black money not start again?Question: By introducing Rs. 2000, will the collection of black money not start again?Answer: Black money will continue as always because it is created and continued by people like us. Rs. 2000 denomination is not going to change it.What this government has done is that a huge amount of black money is going to be cleansed from our economy. It will not prevent black money because ever single rupee that is stored without tax is black money. The government will try to come up with news laws and methods which will try and reduce the black money. The ingenuity of many us will try to beat the new laws. So it is a continuous game of cat and mouse, or the police and thief.Introduction of Rs. 2000 is only to help continue the cash economy that most Indians are comfortable with------How does garbage collection work in Haskell?I'll talk about immutable data types as I'm not sure how it works if you're using MVar or other mutable types.Following from the Haskell wiki ( to immutable data Haskell generates a lot of short lived garbage, there is a nice property about this though: immutable data will never point to younger values. This makes garbage collection a lot easier as we can scan newer values and free those not pointed to by the same set of newer values.GHC uses a generational garbage collector and so the short lived garbage is quickly and cheaply collected, that which lives on gets promoted to older generations.nSee: think GHC uses a copying collector, see the glossary linked above for more information, reference for this claim is welcome as I don't remember where I read it.------How do debt collection companies operate?Third party debt collection agencies make money on a commission basis in most cases, though some may charge a monthly fee or a set fee for particular services such as skip tracing. They determine if a debt is legitimate by receiving verification of the debt from the original creditor. The laws that govern CA's are the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) which is overseen by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), also check out the CFPB (Consumer Federal Protection Bureau) for updates on new laws by state and country. When an account is placed with a third party collection agency by their client, in most cases the agency received verification of that debt at the same time. Once they send a debtor an initial collection letter the debtor then has 30 days in which to dispute the debt or request verification - the CA would then send that verification to the debtor once requested and they would do this within 30 days------What is the Best Software for Collecting Data?Collecting data is a very broad term, there are many use for data collection, that can cover online behavioral data, to survey application, to manual collection, iot data ingestion, etc...If you are looking to collect data from your website, Google Analytics is generally implemented as a standard and if you are paying for the 360 version of it, allow you to export granular information. Other alternative to collect this clickstream data exist such as snowplow an open source software.If you are looking at collecting survey data, there is quite a wide range of software that can be used for that purpose from Online Survey type of software such as survey monkeys, to NPS softwares, ...If you are looking at software for collecting manual inputs, databases systems such as Access or even Excel worksheet can be sufficient.------How can tax collection be improved?More auditors and more revenue agents. For every $1 spent on the IRS, it generates AT LEAST $6 in new tax revenue. If you can find yourself an investment that does better than that, I'd love to know about it. It is estimated that roughly $300 billion in federal taxes goes uncollected every year and only about $ 60 - 80 billion of it ever gets recovered through audits and collection activity. If more auditors and revenue agents were hired, the amount recovered could easily be well over $ 100 billion or more. It is also estimated that $ 100 billion of that uncollected amount would be almost impossible to ever collect because it is related to the "underground economy", i.e. that guy who fixes cars in an alley that only takes cash from his customers and never even files a tax returns, etc.------How do I find the SBI collect reference no. of one of my transaction?SBI Collect basically gives the facility for Corporate Banking Users to receive the online payments for their GST. All this amount can basically be transferred to their SBI-Collect account in no time.List of Options (Payment):1) Internet Banking for all the Banks2) Debit & ATM Card3) Cheque/ Cash4) Credit Card5) RTGS/ NEFT6) UPI (my preferred one)How to Pay via SBI Collect?Step 1: Go to website: State Bank of IndiaStep 2: Select 'SBI collect' from the header menu.Step 3: Checkbox to accept T&CStep 4: Click the proceed buttonStep 5: Mention the State of Institution or CorporationStep 6: Select the Type of Institution or CorporationStep 7: Find & select the Recruitment nameStep 8: Mention the Payment Category as decided by youStep 9: Provide the relevant details like Name, Mobile, etc.Step 10: Confirm your detailsStep 11: Select the right channel for the payment.Step 12: Get the receipt!That's it. That's how you pay via SBI Collect. Reply here if more help is needed------How long do collections stay on your credit report?A collection will stay on your credit report for up to seven years AFTER THE DATE OF FIRST DELINQUENCY (DOFD). That is, the date of the first missed payment leading up to the account being charged off and sent to a collection agency by the ORIGINAL CREDITOR. The clock does not start over again because a collection agency recently reported it.However, a lot does depend on what information was actually reported by the collection agency. If they failed to report the DOFD the scoring model will look for the Date of Late Activity which will be most likely be more recent and then look for the date reported. Both of which will cause additional damage. However, this is a violation of the FDCPA -the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act.How long do collections stay on credit report?------Java has automatic garbage collection. Why wasn't similar feature added to C in revised versions of language?Good question!There are a number of C garbage collection libraries. For example: A garbage collector for C and CNone of these libraries can possibly perform as well as Javas GC. This is because when you run stuff inside a VM, the VM is free to shuffle things around as needed. Things like circular referencing can easily be resolved. This is difficult (or impossible) to deal with if youre just a library.Nevertheless, it is worth noting that proposals to add some form of GC to C were made:N2670: Minimal Support for Garbage Collection and Reachability-Based Leak Detection (revised) of now (mid 2016), I believe all of them were rejected.Per Marks comment, here are the reasons why garbage collection proposals were rejected: Stroustrup: FAQ.------What are the principles of data collection and analysis?Data collection is about gathering data, and this is considered to be the initial stage of any activity. Unless and until you have the data with you, you cannot progress. But, field data collection is not an easy task. You need to focus on certain principles while collecting the data. Those are:Relevance- The data that you have collected should be relevant to your company or brand and should match with your requirement.Simplicity- The data should be simple and easy to analyse.Accuracy- The collected data should be accurate and to the point. If you collect wrong data, the entire process and data analysis will also go wrong.Clarity- The data should be clear and easy to understand.You need to pay attention towards these factors for both data collection and data analysis. These are the key factors for the entire Field Reporting process and you must remember that------Can a collection agency collect for a debt that's over 15 years old?Yes. There may be limits to their legal options after some period, but that wont stop them from attempting to collect. It is a debt, even if not a valid one anymore.Disclaimer:I had collections against me for a debt I did not owe. I challenged a bad contract and won and had proof I was let out of the contract, and owed no money. But that didnt stop them from selling the debt to collection agencies, who insisted the debt was valid and claimed the originator verified the debt, and refused to accept any proof of discharge of the debt.So lack of legal basis for collections wont stop collections agencies, most of which do not operate legally (they skirt the law in a manner they can claim to be following it, while certainly not following the spirit, and arguably not following the letter).------Why are group payment collection sites (like not succesful?... Even WePay which started as a group payment collection site pivoted to become a generic service.This is a great question and one our team has spent a considerable amount of time thinking about. We just launched a new group payment platform,, versus a service and here's why, we feel there is a huge need for a group payment option that is simple to use and more focused on the point of sale. Our philosophy is focused on our partners, versus our service. But the larger answer I feel is that people are willing to adopt anything that makes their life easier. The group payment space is growing because these solutions deliver an easier way to organize a group transaction and more importantly a better way for people to get paid back. Transaction volume is something any payment platform would have on their radar, but the space itself is very new, making it a great vertical for growth and innovation------What is the easiest way to organize my MP3 collection?ID3 tagging using iTunes is slow and cumbersome.If you're on a PC, take a look at a free bit of software called Tagscanner - It's perfect for fixing up and tagging large volumes of music. It can connect to Discogs to find missing data, generate tags from filenames and a bunch more really handy features.As for organising the folders, I just let iTunes organise them for me, which is found in iTunes preferences. All you need to do is specify your music directory, then whenever you want to add music to iTunes, you just dump it into that folder, then drag it into iTunes and it'll automatically create any new folders that might be required, then it'll dump the new music into their appropriate folder. It sorts it into Artist, then Album, which I've found fine.If you're looking into syncing between external and internal, check out PureSync, a fairly straightforward folder syncing program
2021 07 19
Related Questions of Collection
Considering that collection may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about collection for you to get started.1. Collection Agency - NCO Financial Systems?Never deal with any collection agency by phone. Everything should be in writing2. What is in your book collection?Wow, that's an impressive list! I do not have a list and I share a library with my husband. All the books are in sections though and I am at work. Offhand I can think of a lot by the author while forgetting the name (sorry). Fantasy: all the Harry Potter books, The Chronicles of Narnia, Piers Anthony's Xanth and the Incarnations of Immortality, The Secret of NIMH, The Secret Garden, Neverwhere, Book of Lost Things, the first 4 House of Night and just got Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris Natural disasters (not sure the names) plagues, hurricanes, survivors who've been lost and a few on 9/11 Movie making (many I can not think of) Lynch on Lynch, Scorcese on Scorcese, Hollywood Rat Race and Death of a Transvestite by Ed Wood, Crackpot and Shock Value by John Waters, Hollywood Babylon and Hollywood Babylon II both by the amazing Kenneth Anger. On writing - Zen and the Art of Writing, Writing Great Books for Young Adults, Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin; Writers Running Wild in the 20s, many more I can not think of. New age books - all the Conversations with God books, Seat of the Soul, Power of Now. A book on the Mayans, several on the unrecorded life of Jesus, the Baghvad Gita, Dreams of Confucious, Dead Sea Scrolls, Celestine Prophecy and the Tao of Pooh, Drawing Down the Moon, The Circle Within, Chakras for Beginners, Reiki for Beginners. Photograph books, William Wegman, Man Ray, Amphigorey and Amphigorey II by Ed Gorey, Persopolis and the graphic novel of Genesis by Robert Crumb - amazing! My young adult books - Ellen Hopkins books including Tricks, Crank and Glass, Burned, Identical (I need to get Impulse), Story of a Girl, Speak, What my Mother Does not Know, What my G/f does not know, Stop Pretending (what happened when my big sister went crazy), Are you there God it's Me Margaret (had since I was a kid), Go Ask Alice, several by Beatrice Sparks, several by Blossom Elfman including The Butterfly Girl, Return of the Whistler, all the Mike & Ally mysteries, one about Oscar Wilde, Cut by Patricia McCormick, On Pointe, Sister Salty Sister Sweet, Twins Horror books - Salem's Lot, It, Dolores Claiborne and The Shining, a few by Mary Higgens Clark, Poe's classics, a collection of cival war ghost stories. I also have Jennifer McMahon's books, Island of Lost Girls, Promise Not to Tell and Dismantled here. Great stuff. A few books by Anne Perry. Sci Fi includes a few by Kurt Vonnegut (he's not my favorite), Stranger in a Strange Land, Necropolis, Star Wars Classics - Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, Wizard of Oz, Treasure Island, Huckleberry Finn, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, To Kill a Mockingbird, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Other Boylen Girl, Tess of the D'urbervilles, Picture of Dorian Gray, War of the Worlds, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Complete collection of Poe, Diary of Anne Frank, 1984 and Animal Farm Non Fiction - I am Dancing as Fast as I can, Brothel: Mustang Ranch and it's Women, Nico Icon, The Real Bettie Page Beat writers - Naked Lunch, The Stranger, On the Road, Electric Kool Aide Acid Test, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Erotica - Little Birds & Marquis de Sade, Miscellaneous - Water For Elephants, Haruki Murakami's The Elephan Vanishes, When the Elephants Dance, Geek Love, The Memory Keeper's Daughter, Moon Women, Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, Deception Point, Please Kill Me: Uncensored Punk, 8 Ball Chicks, The Virgin Suicides, The Ice Storm, The Sweet Hereafter, screenplay for Taxi Driver, First Born and The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer. That's all I can think of.3. Paying off a debt to a collection agency?Do not know why you can not pay your phone bill but getting your dream car seems more important. No judgment here, all I am saying if you can not pay the phone bill then how can you make payments on a car? Everyone is so caught up in this life where their credit score runs their life. And I was one of those people. Had a credit score of 750 just before the real estate and financial fallout and worked very hard at having a good credit rating. Had a business that did very well, money in the bank, retirement, built a house that we saved and save for. We did not live beyond our means watched what we spent our money on, never bought a new car always used. Today after 34 years of good credit all of the above are gone. Ended up filing BK, loosing our home, our construction business is no longer, and we can not find jobs. So with all that good credit history we used to have means nothing today. And this has happened to a lot of hard working people. Pay your phone bill and start to save for that car you want so you do not have to take out a large loan. A low credit score is not the end of the world You may just have to work a little harder and save for things you want. :Paying cash is really the way to go
2021 07 19
Was the Book of Genesis Written by Moses All at Once Or by a Collection of People Passing Down Legen
Contrary to most of the responses recorded so far, there is no way that Moses could have written any of the Bible. Assuming that Moses was a historical figure (not everyone agrees that he was), Biblical Hebrew was not in existence during the time that he is estimated to have lived. Moreover, there is no reference in the Bible itself that would point to Moses as its author. The Book of Genesis was composed much later as a compilation of myths and legends that apparently had been in circulation for some time. The fact that it was compiled from multiple sources is clear from the fact that there are at least two places where the combination of these various sources is not seamless: (1) The number of animals of each species that Noah was to take on the ark; and (2) the nationality of the traders who buy Joseph from his brothers and transport him to Egypt. In fact, the Joseph narrative appears to combine two separate versions. In one, Reuben acts to save Josephs life; in the other, it is Judah. This may indicate that there was a northern (Reuben) and southern (Judah) version of the story.In Jewish liturgy, whenever the Torah is read there is a congregational response saying that This is the Torah which Moses placed before the people of Israel, from Gods mouth to Moses hand. But most people whom I know consider that to be a metaphor, not literal history• Related QuestionsWhat classic vinyl album should I add to my beginner's collection?The Pink Floyd DSotM is a great recommendation for great reasons - if you have a quad system, Pink Floyd is even better.When you say "classic vinyl album," I assume you mean classic rock? Vinyl has been produced for decades and in all genres, but to me the heyday of vinyl is 60s and 70s rock.With that focus, I'd say Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti would be another must-have (really, Zep I through PG at least, but the entire Zep studio collection really), and all of Pink Floyd's albums from Meddle to The Wall. Patti Smith's catalog from the 70s is great too, but Land, Horses, and Easter are her three most important. Black Sabbath's first four albums for the real birth of heavy metal, and if you pick one, Master of Reality or Paranoid; Jimi Hendrix's first three albums; the Rolling Stones: Beggar's Banquet, Sticky Fingers, and Exile on Main Street; the Beatles of course, and if you get their Red and Blue albums (greatest hits) you'll cover all the highlights, but if you just get one, get the White Album or Sgt. Peppers; the Beach Boys, Pet Sounds; the Eagles, Hotel California; Best of Linda Ronstadt. Janis Joplin's Pearl or Greatest Hits. List could go on.Live albums: Bob Dylan's Before the Flood, Peter Frampton's Frampton Comes Alive, The Band's The Last Waltz, the three disc Woodstock album, Hendrix's Band of Gypsys, Nugent's Double Live Gonzo, Kiss Alive I and II, or either, but don't bother with most Kiss studio albums------Can reputation truly be measured by the opinions of the collective?Reputation is as others have said, collective indirect opinion based on and bestowed on you by others. That is, if you know something directly, you have an opinion; if it's indirect through "the collective" experience, it's reputation. However, this is only half the story. Outside of first-generation computer applications, reputation is never monolithic (for a classic refutation of monolithic reputation systems, seecom/325, especially the mouseover text)."The collective" that bestows and creates reputation is always relative to the one asking about reputation. I talked about this in my answer to the question What are some existing "PeopleRank" algorithms? What constitutes user quality and how do you build a user behavior profile? As I mentioned there, an easy example is Romeo and Juliet: is Romeo Montague a lover or a scoundrel? Are the Capulets honorable or dastardly? It all depends on who you are, and on who you trust. When we all trust the same sources -- single-source media for example -- we all have the same opinions and evolve similar reputations. When the media fractures, we have vastly differing opinions based on whether as individuals we trust, say, Glenn Beck or Jon Stewart. Their reputations are based on others whom we trust (and on our own opinions of them), and the reputations of those they report on depend on our level of trust and value in them.So yes, reputation can be measured based on the opinions of the collective. But which collective and which measurements -- those are thornier questions------How can I automate data collection currently done using Excel spreadsheets?What is the time-consuming step? If you are copying/pasting or retyping the data from the Excel workbooks, then you should change your workflow to either use VBA code to automate that process or else the Data...Get Data tool in Excel 2016.I built a set of VBA-powered tools to import data from every file in a folder/set of folders in RecursiveFileAppender April 2016.xlsm You most likely want to use the macro called FileFinder, which asks you to pick a folder and specify the pattern that file names of interest must follow. It then opens every file with that name pattern within the specified folder and runs an action routine.My workbook includes a number of sample action routines to do stuff with the data from each workbook. You will most likely want to use the WorksheetAppender sub as your action routine. If so, you will need to edit sub SearchFolder to call it. I've commented the statement in SearchFolder that you need to use for that purpose.You will also need to modify sub WorksheetAppender so it brings just the data you want into your summary worksheet. As written, it copies over all the data from the first worksheet in the target workbooks. Since you likely just want data from certain cells, that's the code that you will need to write.If you use the VBA code approach, the macro will take a couple of seconds per file to import the data. Since you have over a hundred files, go on a coffee break. The job will be done before you get back------Why do more taxes not imply more collection?When politicians say they will increase taxes they are speaking incorrectly. They are not saying they are going to add a new tax; they actually mean they will increase tax rates from 20% of personal income to 30% of personal income, for example. Likewise, when President Trump says his administration cut taxes, what his administration did was cut tax rates on personal income and business income.When the Trump administration cut tax rates the revenue (collections) from those taxes went up; the tax rates were already too high. If revenue had decreased, that would have meant that higher tax rates would have produced more revenue.When there is no tax on income people will try to make as much income as they want until the added effort to produce more income is not worth the added income. When there is a tax on income, people do not get as much income for their effort and most people will not try as hard to produce more income. People who have a regular job and work 40 hours a week are generally willing to work more hours and may get a second job or work overtime hours if they can.People with high incomes such as business owners, doctors, lawyers and consultants, for example can usually work as many hours as they want and most want to work longer hours if they get paid enough after taxes. As tax rates go up more and more people will reach the point where the added effort is not worth the added after-tax income sooner and sooner. Thus, when tax rates are too high people earn less and there is less tax revenue------If you get sued by a collection agency, do you become a felon?Not in the US. When you are sued by a collection agency this is what we call a civil suit. It has nothing whatsoever to do with our criminal justice system.There are times when debtors do end up in jail, however. Normally due to contempt when they fail to obey a judicial order. This still does not make you become a felon, however. The New Bill Collector Tactic: Jail TimeIf you require legal assistance, please contact a lawyer in your jurisdiction for help. Do not act or refrain from acting based on what I write on Quora. While I am an attorney, licensed in Pennsylvania, nothing I write here is legal advice. Nor does any communication here form an attorney/client relationship with me.All answers are my own and do not reflect the opinions of any employer or organization in which I participate.Quora users who provide responses to legal questions are intended third party beneficiaries with certain rights under Quora's Terms of Service.(you require legal assistance, please contact a lawyer in your jurisdiction for help. Do not act or refrain from acting based on what I write on Quora. While I am an attorney, licensed in Pennsylvania, nothing I write here is legal advice. Nor does any communication here form an attorney/client relationship with me.All answers are my own and do not reflect the opinions of any employer or organization in which I participate.Quora users who provide responses to legal questions are intended third party beneficiaries with certain rights under Quora's Terms of Service.(------Which has better prospects, collecting old coins or collecting stamps?Neither.When you start a collection of something (stamps, coins, baseball cards, bottle caps, etc.) you do it as a hobby NOT as an investment.Even if you collect silver or gold coins only, the potential for short or medium term profit is very small to non-existant. Why?Because of one little thing called a premium. You, me and 99% of people around us will very rarely buy any kind of precious metal at the "spot" price. Especially with coins, they always carry a markup in price due to minting costs and the various profit margins dealers take.nFor example: 1 troy oz of silver today is worth 14.74 USD or 13.26 EUR.But a 1 ounce Britannia costs about 32.5 EUR in a shop I know.Austrian Philarmonicas (also 1 troy oz silver) are a little cheaper (30 €) and South Africa silver Krugerrands, Australian Kangaroos and US Silver Eagles are going for 27.5€.Let's talk gold now.Spot price today (13/03) is at 1529.29 USD/Troy oz or 1375.06 EUR.A South African gold Krugerrand (1 Troy oz of gold) is going for 1555 Euro.If you want to collect coins (even rare or precious ones) or stamps (even rare ones) do it because it's something you LIKE doing, NOT as an investment strategy.Collecting silver or gold coins CAN be a good idea if you have two specific goals: 1- buy the coins as close to spot as possible ; and 2- go for an extremely long term strategy. This means YOU don't cash out on those coins ever. They are something for your children or grand-children to enjoy.Thanks for the A2A Yau
2021 07 18
Top 10 Collection Questions
Considering that collection may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about collection for you to get started.1. looking for a collection of words that define a taxonomyFrom a clarifying comment under the question:Based on this, I suggest general > intermediate > specific.From Merriam-Webster:2. Wondering if its cheaper and who to use if so, with shipping luggage as a posed to baggage fees at the airport?If you would bothered to check the shipping websites yourself instead of expecting someone else to do it for you, you would know that you need to state collection and delivery point, size and weights of each item and how you want these items shipped. Without these details nobody can help you.3. 2014 Moderator Election Q&A - Question CollectionSome candidates are apparently so bad at using their editor that they left bits of editor commands in their nomination post.If you are one of them, do you think that despite your poor computer usage skills, you will be able to master the moderator tools?If you are not one of them, would you be able to work with a colleague who is, or do you think they should be kept out at all costs?4. Medical Collection Bills Hurt My Credit Score?(Although there are real legal limits on what they can say to your Mom. If they gave your Mom too much information you could in theory sue them for violations of HIPPA and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act) Yes, it hurts your credit score big time. If you wait long enough it will disappear from your credit report. They can, however, sue you for the money, and potentially garnish your wages. They rarely do (it usually costs them more in lawyers fees then it is worth) but in theory they can. My two questions are: do you have the money to pay? and do you have health insurance? Things to do: 1. 2.) If it is not showing up on the credit report, call the collection agency. Ask them if they would be willing to have it NOT show up the credit report if you pay it quickly. If they agree, get them to send you something in writing agreeing to this. 3.) Do you have health insurance? Do your parents? If yes, make sure this was not just a mix up that prevented health insurance from paying. Call the hospital, and make sure they have correct health insurance information for you. The only way you can be 100% sure this will just go away is to declare bankruptcy, but of course that will maim your credit an hurt your chances of getting some kinds of student loans. None of us know your financial situation, so we do not know if paying it is an option for you.5. Having problem in Airport with Paintball Collection?Yes you can check it with your "big" luggage. You need to make sure you keep the compressed gas behind. Compressed gas is not allowed in any form or fashion.6. Site Collection Unavailable to SharePoint AdministratorI faced the same problem. But what i did was simple. aspx.7. how should i arrange my book collection?i think you should by year so u know that if u dont like that book you can like sell or donate it or something hope this helps elizabeth8. Is the Halo 5 campaign included in the Master Chief Collection?Is the Halo 5 campaign included in the Master Chief Collection?No, it is not. Halo 5 came out after Halo: Master Chief Collection. 343 just wanted to add the previous games in the franchise, and will not add anything that came out after Halo: MCC did.9. The Clique: summer Collection dets?I just saw that on Amazon, so I am not entirely sure. I think they are specialized stories, instead of chapters or little parts, they will be one book for each girl and for the whole summer. It sounds like a good idea, but there are five girls, so I think it could get costly.10. Gathering a software collection for Windows 7, come and join!?First of all, antivirus, although Win 7 is much safer, antivirus is a must-have. AVG for free or NOD32 for better performance. Then ccleaner and many more.:)
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