Is It too Expensive to Insure a BMW 1 Series for a New Driver?

If you go out and buy any of the magazines that have reported the 1 vs. 3 series (since they have the exact same engines) they all say the 1 series is a better value if you don't mind giving up the space both in cargo and seating. Being a new driver I suspect that you don't care about either right? Also the 1 series looks way cooler than the 3 series. It has that "come get some" look to it, while the 3 series appeals more to the typical BMW owner. I'm in my late 30's but act like I'm still 20 something and I'll tell you that "I" want a 1 series 135 with all the bells and whistles plus a Dinan kit so how I could steer you any other direction?

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all 2010 modles bmw 3 or 1 series mecedes c350, g37 coupe, lexus is250 which one should i get im 16 guy?

BMW 3 series - # 1 car on Car on Drivers Magazine top ten cars 18 years in a row. No other car beats BMW's handling and precision It may not have the largest engine but the satisfaction of driving it plus the status will definitely make you popular.

I do like the G37 and my friend has one, it's a great car, very fast and will be very reliable in the years to come.

I wouldn't go for the BMW 1 series, it's not much cheaper than the 3 series but you're getting a better car in a 3.

I don't care for Lexus at all even though it's considered to be a very dependable car.

Mercedes 350 has a great styling but the interior materials and the drive didn't impress me. It also costs more than the 3 series.

Good luck and drive safe


Wise to buy BMW at 17?

Wise? No.

Having enough money to buy a car, does not mean you can afford it. Upkeep on a high end car will cost high end money no matter how old it is.

And $200 for gas and repairs each month, huh? Lol, do you plan on driving it? With gas prices now I can ring up $200 a month without driving very far. Imagine what gas prices will be a couple years from now and being guzzled in a V8 with your young lead foot...

Work less jobs, enjoy your youth. Learn to work hard, but not for fleeting (and depreciating) riches like a fancy car. Buy a normal car for your first car so you have the experience of maintaining it badly (EVERYone does this). Get the car you actually like later down the road. You will be more mature and make better decisions. :)


a bmw 328xi for 40350, good deal?

Even if something sounds like a good deal, always call a neighboring dealer to see if they can beat the price.

But, if you are not willing to do that, I would go for it. Most BMW Dealers don't sell too far away from Sticker Price and this seems like it may actually be worth it.

Good Luck

Note to Richard R.: I have to disagree about BMW's having poor resale values. The Mini Cooper (Owned By BMW), BMW 1-Series, BMW 3-Series, BMW 5-Series, and BMW 6-Series rank in the top 10 for highest resale values of all cars.

PS. Just another option- Take a look at the new Audi A4. It is bigger, faster, safer, and returns a better MPG than the BMW 328. Also, it is just about equal in price.


whats the difference between the 2002 bmw 7 series 745i and il?

Actually, as of 2002, the 745il isn't called iL anymore. It's been reversed, so the correct name is 745Li. The L stands for long-wheelbase, the i is now used to denote any gasoline-fueled BMW vehicle (as opposed to 740h and 745d for hydrogen and diesel vehicles, respectively).

As to the differences between the 745i and the 745Li in 2002, here you go:

The 745Li cost $4,000 more than the 745i, reaching $71,850 $645 destination charge.

The 745Li was 5.5" longer in wheelbase and length, and weighed about 100 lbs. more than the 745i. It had 8 additional cubic feet of space for rear passengers, allowing room for those passengers to stretch their legs a bit.

The 745Li also had 20-way front seats with active head restraints, which were only available as a $1,400 option for the 745i.

Finally, only the 745Li could have power rear seats as an option.


How many litres is the bmw 1m's engine?

I'm guessing you're talking about the 2012 BMW 1 Series M cars.

If so, the car uses a twin turbo charged version of the N54 engine, which was used in BMW's other vehicles, such as the 3, 5, 6, and Z4 cars between 2006 - 2010. Now it's only used in the 1M and the 335is. The car's engine is 2976 cc, so approximately 3.0 Liters. The engine is fitted with two turbo chargers to output 335 Horse Power and 369 ft - lbs of torque.

EDIT: The answer by Nick is wrong. The S54 was a completely different engine and was only used in the Z3 M, Z4 M, and M3. It was made only from 2001 - 2008. It produces the almost the same power as the Twin Turbo N54, except the S54 was naturally aspirated and used Variable Valve Timing.


Do you think that the current BMW designs are crap?

i admit, i wasn't exactly convinced that BMW was headed in the right direction with the 7-Series...but now, im happy with the overall direction

i admit, the 5-Series is messy, but if the flame surfacing hadn't existed, it would be much better

6-series lookes great from front...just the rear needs sum work, and looks a bit wide

7-Series: its grown on me and defently has a 'look-at-me' factor

X3...ok, though front could be more refined

new X5: fantastic, looks sporty, bold and luxurious all at once

3-Series...great front and modern interior, though the rear needs to follow more in the coupe's direction

1-Series: my favourite...fantastic proportions, simple interior. i love it...though it def need more rear interior room

it pushes BMW into a new age, grabbing a younger imagination while (usually) keeping the sports car looks


is it probable there will there be an m edition for the BMW 1-series?

YES YES YES !!! i was so excited when I learned the 1 serie was coming to North America next year, with an M1 to follow the following year!

if you go to it will show you all the information you could ever need. it is coming fall of '09 as a '10 model.

they will offer it as a 2 door couple and 2 door convertible only. no wagon/hatch or sedan.

no word yet on what engine the M1 will have, even though the the 128i has the engine of a 328i and the 135i has the engine of a 335i, I thoroughly doubt the M1 will have the engine of an M3, but we can only wish.

either way it will be a fast, fast, fast, beautiful car with good bang for the buck value!



has the BMW 1 series been a success?

The BMW 1-series is basically a cheaper alternative to those in search of a BMW coupe or convertible who dont want to opt to a $36,000 3-Series coupe or a $45,000 3-Series convertible.... the solution? Creating a a smaller cheaper BMW 1-series as an alternative for the 3 series, it has the functionality of the 3 series coupe and convertible despite being considerably smaller. Suprisingly despite being not as popular as the 3 series coupe and convertible the 2010 BMW 1-Series ranks 2 out of 6 in the Upscale Small Cars segment. On the other hand even though it is a cheaper alternative to the 3 series many criticize its cramped rear seat (which is tight even for a compact vehicle), poor fuel economy and a high price for what the BMW 1 series offers standard. Styling aside, the 1-Series does have a number of fans. The 2009 model was named a Consumer Guide "Recommended Pick.



What do you think about a 1989 BMW 3 series?

Not bad biggest let downs are cracked heads. They all crack heads no matter how ell you take care of them.. The computers are all dying right now get em fixed and your good to go.

Much better car then any newer 3 series designs. Its a completely different car than today's modern 3 series. Very cheap to fix and the parts are cheap too.

People have "souped" them up over the years but they all died soon. There were aftermarket heads and what not but the fact remains you add power/you shorten the engines life before repair.

Over all the 3 series if I was having my arm twisted to choose a E30 I would go with a 325e very reliable. TO bad they never imported a 325e convertible I would buy one in a heartbeat.


is BMW 3 series a dependable and good car?

Yes its a good car, not great but overall well assembled. Performance in most BMW's tends to be on the slow side and they view there reputation more as "handlers" than as performance cars.

Service and repair work is at the top of the scale (generally 1.5 up to 2X the rates for American or Japanese product) and similarly replacement parts are also very expensive.

Dependability ratings are fair but certainly not outstanding and therefore you have to understand general maintenance and repairs will be much higher than average.

Certainly they will last for a long while if properly maintained (but no better or worse than a Honda, Mustang, Volvo, etc etc....longevity is only a function of care, attention serving and repairing and with a BMW the older it gets the more expensive it gets to maintain).



what's that bmw small car?

The Bmw 1 series is what you're looking for.

In the USA, the available models are the 128i coupe and convertible.

The 128i has a 3.0L v6 which pumps out 230 horsepower, and 200 ft/lbs of torque, and costs around $30,000 for the coupe, and $35,000 for the convertible.

The 135i coupe and convertible

The 135i has the same 3.0L v6 as the 128i, but it is twin turbocharged, to produce 300 horsepower, and 300 ft/lbs of torque.

The coupe is about $36,000 and the convertible is a tad over $40,000

Also, in Europe, they offer a hatchback model, which is similar to the Audi A3/Volvo C30

If you meant the small roadster, there's the Z4, which costs $45,000 for the base v6, and $60,000 for the top of the line v6, which is the cheaper, less expensive roadster than the Bmw 6 series convertible, which costs around $85,000.

Hope this helps :)



BMW 3 Series (E46) Convertible Canvas Roof Questions?

seem for right here: Radiator leak. it may purely be leaking under stress, and evaporating because of warmth interior the engine bay. Water pump. If it weren't circulating, your temperature gauge could be interior the pink zone, inspite of the undeniable fact that it may desire to be leaking and evaporating. In the two cases, seem for coolant residue (white stains) interior the engine bay. Head gasket. there are various failure modes, yet once you're actually not seeing the oil turn to mayonaise, or oil interior the water, then the coolant could desire to be leaking into the combustion chamber(s), Pull the spark plugs and notice in the event that they seem surprisingly clean and/or have a white residue. in case you have a chum force in the back of your vehicle, then they could seem for indications: Coolant scent, leaks, white "smoke" from the exhaust


Im after a 2002-04 bmw 3 series, audi a4 or mercedes c class which would you recommend?

is it just me or do the honda 07/08 honda accords and the c class look alike? of course the honda cant compare (besides mpg and lifespan) but audi's are starting to improve and are better in some ways,, 1) the audi has better handling if you live in a place with hills windy roads or etreme winter or rainy season weather the audi is better in terms of comfort the mercedes german engineering is going to kick the **** out of all of them and i believe that the c class has the most HP's so there is plenty of power to spare which means the engine doesn't have to work as hard therefore making it smoother and quieter BMW's are sportier and thats the main difference between bmw and the other two

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