Is It Possible to Directly Pump a Laser Using Sunlight?

They already exist. "Solar-pumped lasers already exist: they work by concentrating sunlight onto crystalline materials such as neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet, causing them to emit laser light." (source) They have been innovated though, so there are more efficient method to make solar-powered lasers now.

1. scientifically, why can't you see laser beams?

Light, including laser light, moves in straight lines. When the sun shines through a small gap between the curtains in a darkened room, you can only "see" the path of the light if it is scattered by minute particles, such as dust or smoke, in the air. The same applies to lasers. When setting up experiments using lasers with mirrors or lenses, smoke is usually introduced deliberately to enable the beam path to be set up properly.

2. how is a hologram formed?

Holograms are formed by shining laser light through a 3D object. Unlike a photograph, not only is intensity of light recorded, but it's amplitude and phase. When the appropriate light is shone onto the hologram, it diffracts some of the light until it is exactly the same as the light wave that came from the original object. This is what causes the object to appear 3D. Early holograms were only able to be viewed when laser light was shone onto them, but more recent ones can be viewed by white light. The reason many holograms are on a reflective background is so that light is reflected through the image, allowing us to view the hologram.

3. How are the properties of laser light used in laser eye surgery?

LASIK eye surgery is the latest, most talked about form of laser eye surgery. It uses an excimer laser that performs the actual operation of reshaping the cornea to restore proper vision. This type of laser has the ability to vaporize selected portions of the cornea without generating heat. The surgeon makes a small incision on the outer layer of the cornea to produce a flap. This flap is folded back out of the way while the laser makes the necessary corrections to the underlying portion of the cornea. Upon completion of the laser processing, the corneal flap is repositioned, restoring proper vision almost immediately. The entire process takes only a few minutes, it's virtually painless, and it works wonders!

4. what is the speed of red laser light though air?

The speed in air is about 0.029% less than in vacuum, or about 299,700,000. m/s This is true for visible light, including red. Other parts of the spectrum, such as infrared and ultraviolet, have different speeds.

5. what is laser light?

It's what Captain Kirk shot out of his Phaser on Star Trek. It can kill a Klingon

6. Laser light show brightens up Aloha Stadium

HONOLULU (KHON2) - There is much anticipation for the cool, new experience at Aloha Stadium. Cabin Fever presents its Drive-In Laser Light Show for three weeks starting Thursday, April 8. The three-week performance features a light display and music from the 80s, 90s and current era from the genres of pop to classic rock. Those who purchase tickets can enjoy the music - accompanied by a light show - from the safety and comfort of their own vehicle. The laser lights are synchronized to create graphic effects. The first show was initially planned for 7 p.m. Thursday but was pushed back to 7:30 p.m. due to longer sunlight hours as Hawaii approaches the summer months. Guests will have three weeks to see the performance; Thursday, April 8, through Sunday, April 11, Thursday, April 15, through Sunday, April 18, and Thursday, April 22, through Sunday, April 25. There will be two shows each night, one at 7 p.m. and one at 9 p.m. The categories for purchased tickets are front row, VIP and general. Click here for more information and ticket prices.

7. Where can you buy this battery for a laser light?

if you can not find it at wal-mart, then i have no idea

8. Will laser (or light pulse) hair removal affect my tattoos?


9. Cat Laser Light Toy & No Buttons?

haha i wonder the exact same thing myself - it sounds stupid but the button really does make your finger sore!

10. Is it possible to construct a quantum "computer” using laser light similar to the double-slit experiment?

Yes it can be done using two double slits. Place the first slit in front of the laser the second slit beyond the first and off set so that only 1 slit is illuminated by the interference pattern created by the first double slit. This will give you an AND GATE on the output. If you cover one of the slits in the first double slit the out put from the second double slit will be an interference pattern instead of just a single line of light. This idea was patented in the 1970's and it has the limitation of no gain so it does not make an effective optical transistor. It is also large in comparison to electrical transistors. This is not quantum computing though.

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Mouse - One of the most Important Computer Components
A computer cannot function in the way it does without its components. The different computer components like the motherboard, CPU, RAM, HDD, PSU, visual card make what computers really are. Apart from these basic components which are universal and present in every computer there are many additional components like the printer, scanner which do not play any role in the functioning of the computer. However, apart from all of these components there are three other peripheral components like keyboard, monitor and mouse which help in the running of the computer.Why Is Mouse So Important?Like all basic computer components mouse too plays an important role in the functioning of the computer. Without a mouse a person cannot afford to input data in to a computer. Though you can definitely use a computer without the help of a mouse but a mouse can largely reduce the time and effort of a person when using the computer. So a mouse can definitely make your job of working with computers easy. When buying a mouse for your computer you can choose from a variety of 3 types of mice- the ball, optical ball and the laser.Know About the Three Types of Mice The variety called ball was first created and has a rubber or metal ball inside the body of the mouse which is mechanical in nature. Though the optical variety is quiet similar to the ball mouse the former is uses optical light to detect the movement of the ball within the mouse. The optical ball mouse needs a mouse pad for proper functioning. The laser light works with the help of a laser light that detects the movements. This variety does not require a mouse pad for its functioning and is preferred over traditional varieties of mice as they can respond more quickly to actions.
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