Is It Possible That I Might Never Catch SARS-CoV-2? How Possible? What Are the Odds?

Is it possible that I might never catch COVID-19? How possible? What are the odds?Corona viruses (all of them, including the common cold) are extremely contagious. If you are exposed, it is very likely that you will become infected.The only certain way to avoid infection is to remain in isolation until enough people have had it that "herd immunity" is achieved...when there are so few people around you carrying the virus that it cannot spread further. This happens either through natural catching and clearing the virus, or widespread vaccination. That may take YEARS.Statistically, even if you catch the virus there is an 80% chance you never know are asymptomatic...but you are able to SPREAD the virus even though you feel fine. The remaining 20% know they are ill, but only 5% need hospitalization, and only 1% or less die from it.

So to answer your question: If you stay truly isolated for a couple of years, your chance of catching it is close to zero. If you do happen to catch it, there's an 80% chance you never realize it.Is it possible that I might never catch COVID-19? How possible? What are the odds?.

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What are your views on the accusations made on Anand Kumar's Super 30?

1. It is true that Anand Kumar has lied at few times regarding the selections and he is being targeted for same. But comparing this with other coaching giants in Delhi, Kota etc. I don't think this selectively targeting a man is justified. If so, then all perpetrators should be brought to the dock.2. There is again question being raised regarding his buying some property which is again a selective interrogation.Following are the tentative/expected reasons due to which he is selectively targeted -1. His selection ratio through the years has been a constant reason for other coaching institutes being jealous to him, specially the other local coaching centres who are in direct competition with him.2. He is from Bihar and that too from a lower caste so that could again be a reason. His success has become hard to digest by people who envied him. Not everyone is fond of people from Bihar, you know that for obvious reasons.3. The same people now know that a movie based on him, would certainly make him a star, being more name and game and show him in the positive light. So, they are trying to malign his image prior to the movie release.

All views are personal.

Ready to embrace any changes.


What were the effects of the Battle of Waterloo?

Had the French under Napoleon won, he and not the Austrians, German states, and Great Britain would have dictated the terms of the treaty at the Congress of Vienna (which would almost certainly have been staged in Paris), and in all likelihood would have created some sort of European union with French as the language of diplomacy and business. Would there have been reform bills in Britain, revolutions in 1848, and a new British Empire encompassing Africa, India, Australia, Canada? Certainly the map of Europe would have been very different after the Napoleonic wars, and Napoleon like Woodrow Wilson would have been more inclined to accommodate the nationalist aspirations of people such as the Poles. All this is highly speculative, of course, but it is entirely possible that the "Nation of Shopkeepers" would not have the chance to be entrepreneurs, mechanical innovators, and traders that led to the railway networks that criss-crossed Europe by mid-century. It is even possible that the Hapsburg Archduke Ferdinand would not have been assassinated, and therefore that World War One would not have broken out in August 1914 had Napoleon won the Battle of Waterloo and Sir Arthur Wellesley, the Iron Duke, had lost. We shall never know


Do people with autism or Asperger's score higher on IQ tests?

Not always, and for people with some degree of Autism, they even cant be cooperate to do the IQ test (same with some Aspergers). They might be good in one aspect but in general they could get worse than others.There is a kind of myth that we need to debunk, its about the genius Autism or genius Aspergers . I feel awful when this term being used to create false hope for parents, like saying you know, autistic tend to be genius or your kid actually is a genius. Which then genius commonly be translated as genius in intellectual aspect.This false hope makes parent tend to view Autism or Aspergers as a mild stuff. Because they think that these kids are actually genius.You might not believe what I said, but its happen in my country.Those Pop Mental Health Guys, they said to parents about your kid have ability to become lawyer, businessman,etc whereas the kids actually in moderate autism condition (not to disrespect this, but misdiagnose will make their condition worse), they then will sell their hi tech apparatus (computer program or something to teach the kids).

Well yes, the computer program might be useful but the way they sell it as a cure of autism or developing geniuses is totally wrong


Was Sonia Gandhi a bar dancer?

No.To start with, many Europeans after school go to England to learn English. This is a very common practice, still followed today. Especially Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Greek and East European students do it a lot. Sometimes they dont even join a school and just work in some small shop to learn English first hand.In 1965, Sonia Gandhi was 1819 years old. Went to England to learn English. So basically she was in a transition age from school to college. She join Lennox Cook School to learn English in 1965. The Lennox Cook School was one of the best school of languages of Cambridge.Secondly, many students from Middle Class families work and study at the same time. This is part of the Western culture, to fund their own education after school. Even Indian students living abroad work with the Universities to make some pocket money. They get paid hourly, the payment varies from $8 to $14 per hour.

She might have worked in a coffee shop but there is no reference to that available (I did a lot of research to find out where she worked but could not find any information of her work). This is not a big deal in Western countries almost all students work to make some pocket money, unless you are very rich


Why should you always include a resistor with an LED?

As other answers have pointed out, connecting a LED to a constant-voltage supply without a resistor is likely to cause the LED to self-destruct quickly.What you really need is something to limit the LED current to an appropriate value.The best way to do this is to power the LED with a constant-current power supply. The supply adjusts its output voltage as required to maintain the set current, despite changes from one diode to another or forward voltage change due to temperature. And this is what is normally done with high-power LEDs (e.g. in a microscope illuminator).Another approach (used in 120 V LED bulbs) is to wire many LED chips in series, then drive the whole string with a single constant-current source. Each LED operates at the set current, though forward voltages may vary a bit (and brightness too).However, in something like an LED strip light or an LED sign, having a constant-current power supply per LED would be too complex and expensive. The supply voltage is 12 V, so you can't put very many LED chips in series on that voltage. So the simple and cheap method of controlling LED current is to use a constant-voltage power supply and then put a resistor in series with each LED (or perhaps pair of LEDs)


What is the truth about the photos stating China killed 158 Indian soldiers?

If this incident had took place, whole of the world would have been discussing about the move of the Indian government and Indian army and believe me they actually would be discussing the toll of deaths in Chinese part.Major media groups like BBC, CNN etc. would be discussing about this incident.Whole the world and UN and other international organisations would have been thrashing Chinese government for their this one move.Whole of this so called "news" was shown only by two media groups of Pakistan on their TV shows which stated that this incident took place in Sikkim. Other pakistani TV shows neglected this news and said that this was fake one and whole this news is portrayed on the basis of one whatsapp joke(I don't know what type of joke it is).Believe me if this incident had took place, you would not be asking this question on Quora and would have been looking for the prime news on war taking place between India and china(which is not going to take place).These craps needs to be ignored and if you get this written on newspaper, dustbin is the final destination for it.



What are examples of illusions we mistakenly believe as reality?

Thank you for reaching me. Well Ive got one for you, it is called the sunk-cost fallacy. Sunk cost means any tangible or intangible object that has been paid already and cannot be recovered. This fallacy is best explained in the course of our emotion that we tend to exhibit an illogical conduct specially when our being is being threatened or someone is attacking us psychologically. And our mind perceives it as a reality thereby debasing the opportunity that we may cross in the future. Instead of finding recourse in our life we tend to indulge ourselves in self- pity and wailing over a closed door whilst we can used that time to find valuables over a wreckage. In the near future we tend to become stagnant that we loose all the reason to pursue our goal because of the loss. But we cannot blame ourselves for acting like that because according to psychologist Daniel Koabhneman ( in his book Thinking Fast and Slow), organisms that placed more urgency on avoiding threats than they did on maximizing opportunities were more likely to pass on their genes. So over time, the prospect of losses has become a more powerful motivator on your behavior than the promise of gains. When George Sand has said character is hereditary, well Im quite convinced.


Why is "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin always considered the number 1 classic rock song of all time?

Its perhaps not the most worthwhile approach to analyze this song from a musicologists point of view. For anyone like me, who had done massive and repetitive acid trips, and read and re-read The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, along with some dedicated study of Magick (a la Crowley and/or Order of the Golden Dawn,) Middle Earth and Celtic Mythology were to the time what the film Avatar became to many people in more recent times. It almost felt like you could just GO there and LIVE there. The references to this in Stairway, coupled with the relative lushness of the guitar work and haunting vocals served to make it FAR more than a mere piece of music. It was more like a door to a favorite dimension with a highly entheogenic soundtrack to the journey.Im a musician - been one professionally for many decades, and Im often guilty of picking a song apart rather than to (as my wife urges me) just listen to the damned thing. When a work of art takes you completely out of the nuts and bolts of its creation, then it takes on a life of its own and one must either grasp that, or withdraw from its intensity

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