Is It Ok to Wear a Sports Bra to Sleep?

I do not think it affects anything. In fact I think it's fine, but try going without it, it's better for you

1. Sports similar to MMA fighting in High School?

If you are still in high school, definitely do wrestling to get you started. If you have free time, try to also find a gym to train your fighting skills. You can teach anyone to throw punches, but you have to train hard to understand wrestling. Wrestling is extremely utilized in MMA.

2. Is it a sin to play sports?

tell them that this arguing is more of a sin than sports. and no sports are not sins

3. what is the standard of sports in INDIA????

i think the politics people where less interest in they fail to cheer-up other games.. cricket is in good shape in india.. if politics candidate must be voted inly on the bases on their sports background......... if we did like this we can see our indian football team in its world cup.

4. Best shoe for water sports AND hiking?

I like the various nylon webbing 'hiking sandals' worn with merino wool socks. Warm (even in cold water), comfortable, quick drying, good protection, and cheap. Pack an extra pair or two of socks, and change them when you are away from the beach. Rinse the dirty pair and let hang on your pack or something and air dry. Even if not totally dry, swap socks when they get too dirty- the dirt will cause blisters and wear the socks out. Wigwam makes my favorite merino wool socks.

5. What action sports are fun!?

Longboarding in country roads is awesome fun! Also why not try photography for a non sporty activity?

6. What are the sports facilities at IIT Dhanbad?

many sports are there but it is lacking of coaches anyway there's been a new notification to fill in these positions once theses are filled we should see how they might come in to action

7. Which sports do not have a time limit?

Actually, golf does have a time limit....for the pro's I think it's 5 minutes to look for a lost ball and 10 or 15 seconds to wait for a ball that's hanging on the edge of the cup to fall. For amateurs it's when the sun goes down or when the beer runs out, whichever comes first. Tennis, bowling, baseball/softball, volleyball and ping-pong...that's all I got.

8. What would you say are the 8 most global sports, and the 5 most competative nations in those sports?

All i know this in rugby, is not New Zealand ranked 1st in the world?

9. Would sports entertainment fans believe it?

no1 wud beleev

10. Is this the worst week in Boston sports history?

No the Celtics are rebuilding, thats ok. Pats cut their backup tight end, move on. How can this even compare to Bill Buckner's "BEHIND THE BAG" bobble in 1986???

11. Who is the hottest female athlete in sports?

Heather Mitts, U.S. soccer player

12. Is it okay to hate sports?

I am not a fan of baseball or American football, so yeah, it's okay to feel like that towards a sport

13. Name 16 sports and games that use a ball?

Baseball, football, basketball, tennis, softball, kickball, soccer, dodgeball, bowling, croquet, polo, pool/billiards,cricket, rugby, golf, volleyball, jai alai, lacrosse, boccia

14. Canon Rebel XTI Sports Lens?

Since zooming is not an issue, given the space you are working with, the Canon EF 50mm 1.8 ($80.00) will do. It is fast enough for an averagely lit room. Then I would save my funds and get the Canon EF 70-200 2.8L IS ($1500.00) Look for lenses with an fstop of anywhere from 1.2 - 2.8 for your interior sports shots.

15. did anyone play sports for there school?

Basketball, for my school. Baseball for the city, and soccer for a private organization. Why? I've heard high-adrenaline-energized sports prevent depression, suicide, and tiredness. Yes, tiredness, but you would think you would get tired. Actually you are better off because you will be physically fit

16. Retiring numbers in sports is stupid?

There are a couple of other points worth noting here. First, never forget the fact that the talk could be a "trial balloon" about a possible deal. The front office floats the possibility out there to see what the reaction might be with the fan base. I've never known sports writers to make stuff up completely out of the blue. Second, the financial situation with A-Rod is not as bad as it sounds. Remember, the Rangers are picking up about half of the remainder of the contract, so the Cubs, say, probably could afford such a move. If there's one thing we should have learned by now, it's that there are no guarantees. A-Rod had a chance to be the greatest shortstop in baseball history until the Yankees' trade, but he's still a sure Hall of Famer. You would never trade a guy like that unless he (and the team) was positively convinced he could not play in New York any more. We are probably not at that point. But . .. never say never.

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