Is It Better (more Cost and Energy Efficient) to Run a Window Air Conditioner Unit Continuously?

differing bodily thermostats could be at the core of discussion,,,,,yer roommeister needs lotta ac,you less,,try checking windows for leaks,use garden hose to spray on outside of house for more cooling,running central ac and window unit at same time draws more amp hours.use calk if called for around window seals,make sure attic space is venting properly,,,,try it your way,,then his way,compare bills at end of billing cycle to see who's right

1. what's a good way to cool down my room without an air conditioner?

I would suggest that you put aluminum foil to completely cover the window, this will block all light coming into your room. A quilt or heavy blanket can be thumb tacked to the window frame, this will create a dead air space. These two things should not cost more than a few dollars. If you can get two oscillating fans, put one on each side of your room, this will insure that you have a good movement of the air, it may be hot air, but it is moving. I feel cooler if there is a breeze and the room is dark. Cool showers, spray bottles of water, a wet dish towel wrapped on the back of your neck all of these things help you feel cooler.

2. For a gasoline-powered car, we cannot turn on the air conditioner without the car engine being on. What was the reason for such design?

Probably to sageguard the battery from charge the the AC is only connected to the Ign'-controlled circuit as opposed to Permanent Live. You will , no doubt, find likewise with the Heated Rear-Screen

3. Anyone know how I remove copper from an air conditioner?

just take it to a scrap metal place and down worry about removing the copper unless you are worried about getting less be prepared to prove it is yours

4. Why Are Two 8000 BTU Air Conditioner's Not Cooling 110 Square Feet?

A couple of things here. One is that they are dirty, the coils, and can be cleaned out as per the owner's manual. Second, point the units Toward the highest heat load. Point one at one wall and one at another. Muy importante. Third is portables are not made as well as an American made window ac, not a Walmart brand. The main things is there is not enough cooling for the hottest part of the day, which means air infiltration from a lack of insulation.

5. My air conditioner isn't taking out humidity?

If the A/C is cooling the air, and there is sufficient humidity in the air, the humidity IS condensing. The laws of physics guarantee that. If moisture is not coming out of the drain, it could mean the air is already too dry, or that the drain is blocked

6. If I want to turn my air conditioner on, should it be set on Auto, On or Fan?

Not on fan. You wo not get any cold air

7. Air conditioner needed for my bedroom which has trailer size windows?

If your windows open up to a puny 8 inches like mine, then I do believe that you are out if luck

8. Air Conditioner question?? central vs. Window unit?

you could desire to evaluate the cost and performance . Window instruments at the instant are not designed for the entire living house and could force up the cost of ability if uou use countless. the usually used lifespan of a window unit is plenty shorter.

9. should i run the air conditioner to help get skunk smell out of the house?

Anything to get the smell out. It's only bad for your health if you or you dog got sprayed in the eyes. It can cause temporary blindness.

10. Whats the best way to cool down without an air conditioner?

Taking a cool shower, not a hot shower always helps. A cool wet twisted towel around the neck also works. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of fluids, (preferably water)

11. Does a car's air conditioner use water?


12. will an air-conditioner work in an air-tight box?

Using a comfort cooling air conditioner to cool servers is not a good application. Comfort cooling systems will typically ice up on the evaporator coil at the temperatures you want to maintain a computer server at. Most servers need the air temperature to be about 65 to 68 degrees F and maintain humidity at about 45%. Comfort cooling systems are designed to maintain temperatures above 68 degrees and relative humidity at 50% to 55%. Design conditions for comfort cooling call for 75 degree F air to be entering the evaporator coil and leaving at approximately 55 degrees F. The refrigerant will be boiling at approximately 40 degrees F when that is the case (provided its a standard efficiency evaporator). The design characteristics are for the refrigerant to boil in the evaporator at about 35 degrees below the air temperature. With 65 degree F air entering the evaporator, the refrigerant will be boiling at below the freezing point of water. Any moisture in the air will then freeze on the coil and reduce the ability of heat to transfer. That will lower the boiling point further and the icing problem will compound itself. As the heat transfer is reduced, there will be less humidity removed from the air and the space will become higher in relative humidity. Humidity is a mortal enemy of servers and computers. You would be better served to use a system designed for computer rooms. They are commonly called high temperature refrigeration units and are specifically designed for a lower air temperature and humidity. Sorry to give you bad news, but it may save you a lot of trouble down the line.

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