Is Alloy Stronger That Allum?

If you are talking about wheels, then yes. "Alloy" is short for either "magnesium alloy" or "aluminium alloy" - magnesium being old-school (what used to be refered to as "mag wheels"), and a little dangerous if the car ever catches fire. The whole point to using an alloy is to make them better than just using one metal - this way, they can make them strong, while still keeping them light. Good luck!

1. In theory.. what would we need to do in order to go the speed of light?

Being pushed by light is possible, in several ways, because photons can transfer momentum to things. The best way is to use a mirror, such as a solar sail, because you get twice as much momentum transfer per photon than if you just absorb the light. (Plus, too much absorption of energy can be bad for you.) Now, *reaching* the speed of light seems to be impossible in this universe, by ANY technology. Dr. Einstein's equations have been very well tested, and no exception has ever been found.

2. Can light go twice the speed of light?

No. If you are moving at the speed of light you become light, so this scenario is not possible. But if it somehow was possible, the speed of light would not increase 2 fold. Due to the nature of light, no matter what speed your are traveling, the speed of light will remain constant. Like if you are driving your car 60 km/hr with the headlights on, the lights in your headlights are not moving the speed of light (3.0x10^8 m/sec) plus the 60 km/hr your driving, they are just moving the speed of light

3. What are cold sources of light?

Bioluminescence (fireflies, certain algae).Fluorescent lamps are not exactly hot, but they are not cold either. T12 (1.5 dia.) lamps are not much warmer than room temperature, but T8 (1 dia. )lamps are warmer and T5 (5/8 dia. ) are pretty warm - up to 60 degrees C. LEDs emit light with no infra-red (heat) component, so you can define it as "coll light", but their "backside" gets hot enough to require heat sinks.What are cold sources of light?

4. Gun smiths and wood workers?

If it is an antique, I would not do anything to it except clean it thoroughly. Anything that you do to an antique will ruin its collector value. If this is a modern gun, I would remove the stock from the gun and examine the finish. if it is one of the modern high gloss finishes, you will have to sand it down to the bare wood and apply a new finish. If it has an oil finish or a regular varnish finish, all you need to do is to lightly sand it all over to fought up the finish and make it ready to take a new finish. Then use a product specifically designed for gun stocks such as Linspeed or one of the other gun stock finishes. Plan to put on several coats a day apart with light sanding between coats. The final coat, you can leave with a high luster if that appeals to you or you can let it set for about a month and then use some rotten stone with a little bit of mineral spirits to rub it out. This will give it a beautiful soft luster. Rotten stone and mineral spirits are available from any paint store. The gun stock finishes are available from any gun shop

5. Why can we see the moon from so far away? Why is the light from the moon so bright?

The answer is.. We can see every shining and bright objects in the dark sky at night because we receive light in our eyes to form an image. Moon [Satellite of the earth] is very nearest Solar object, which can be seen [since it is reflecting "sunlight" in the form of "moonlight"] in the night as well as in the day, "Venus planet"is very far from us but still we see that planet as morning star , or as evening star. The percentage of moon light varies from moon phase to phase , as quarter moon, half moon and full moon. The light of the new moon is very low, it can not create any shadow of the objects on the surface of the earth, but the full moonlight is so bright that we can read books and play cricket in the night.

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Could You Answer These Questions for Me?
Could you answer these questions for me?Finally and question I can help someone with =P. Ok, The sky is blue because the molecule water tends to only reflect blue light back into space, since our planet is about 75% water, you can imagine how much blue light is being relected back into space during the daytime. It makes our sky blue. All the other color lights, water absorbs more.(red green yellow orange ect.) Apples are red because the skin of an apple reflects more red light back into space, and it absorbs more af the other colors (blue, yellow orange, green ect.) Im guessing if the apple is placed behind a red filter it would become white. When you turn the volume up the sound wave increases in intensity, which makes the sound wave higher in decibals and I am not sure on this but I think it speeds of the wave's frequency you will have to look that up.— — — — — —Difference between Green and Blue light?Green has More Wavelength than Blue; The Fringe Width in Young Double slit Expt is Directly proportional to wavelength of the color As Green has more wavelength than Blue the fringe width increases— — — — — —I am looking for an emergency blue light?need a permit from your dmv or police dept if your with a volunteer fire dept they can help with that— — — — — —What is the tool called that emits blue light?Light is an electromagnetic wave. You are right in saying that all EM radiation travels at the same speed. Light is just a range in the spectrum of EM radiation. Microwaves, radio waves, cosmic rays are all different frequencies of the same things. But light also behaves as a particle. This was demonstrated in experiments. This caused a lot of confusion among physicists for a long time. In the end, it's now recognized that light (as well as most particles) behave both as waves and as particles. The phenomenon is called Wave-particle duality and it is an important part of quantum physics. Light's speed however CAN be changed. It does so everytime it changes medium. The speed of light (297792458 m/s) is its speed in a vacuum. It slows down when it is in a denser medium (air, water, etc). This is what causes refraction. You can observe refraction when you put a pencil in a glass of water. The pencil looks bent. This is due to the change in speed of light. Light does NOT have mass. This is why it can travel so fast. For complicated reasons (see Einstein's theory of relativity) it would require infinite energy for it to travel at that speed if it had mass. But it IS affected by gravity. Einstein explained this in the same theory. Great mass bends space-time. This is the cause of gravity. Think of a sheet of rubber, streched tightly. If you put a heavy metal ball in the center, it will bend the sheet. If you then put another smaller ball, it will be "drawn" to the big one. As well, if you tried to draw a line, it would be difficult to draw it straight, the tendency would be to have it curve, evn though the line has no mass. That is basically what happens to light. This has been confirmed in observations. Astronomers have seen light being bent around stars. But keep in mind that not all of this is yet resolved. There are some inherent contradictions between the theory of relativity (which explains gravity well) and the quantum theory (which explains the particle-wave behavior of light well) that have not been resolved yet. Wikipedia is a good place to look for more information.— — — — — —What is that blue light that they shine in your mouth when getting fillings at the dentist's office?The blue light is used to cure certain materials. For example the composite materials we use for doing fillings is made up of a lot of really small parts (monomers) and what we really want is for these to link up into chains (polymers). To get this reaction going we "activate" the material by shining blue light (wave length around 480nm if I recall correctly) on it. The materials contain a certain particles, when hit by this wavelength, releases a free radical which in turn starts the formation of the polymer chains
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