Interior and Exterior Wall Lights by Idaho Wood- Oak, Cedar and Powder Coated Lighting

S305 - $50 O305 - $35 Wood Mission wall light in its finest tradition using wood to match your Mission design without compromise. Note the O305 is a discontinued item. Eleven (11) fixtures are in inventory at this reduced price. Order S style for smooth Cedar or O Style for oak. Takes 2-40 watt incandescent lamps or use 2-LED or compact fluorescent lamps for energy savings. 12" H, 7 1/2"sq. These wall lights were suggested by one of our clients. They are very fine and delicate looking but they are very rugged. The gridwork makes them very strong. They are contemporary but still have that Frank Lloyd Wright or Japanese look. They come in both Oak and Cedar ("O" is for Oak, "S" is for Cedar). The Oak should only be used for indoors or under an eave. These lights come with our standard wall plate holding them off the wall approximately 3". The lights can be special ordered to be flush mounted. Each of the 3 panels are identical. They can be ordered to have an acrylic cap, that sets down inside, unseen, or our standard wood cap. Add $4 for the acrylic and $5 for the wood cap. The S324D wall light has a double socket and takes 2-40 watt incandescent lamps. The other 3 styles take a 60 watt incandescent lamp or use LED for energy savings. You can now obtain these designs in 3 1/2 sq. post mounted versions They can be obtained in single or double heads. They can be direct burial or steel plate mounted. Two feet of pole added for direct burial. If ordering the direct burial, you just tell us the finish height you would like from ground level to top of the post. We give you 2' of post to bury. Finished with oil based sealer. Uses a maximum 60 watt incandescent, but we recommend using LED for energy savings and less maintenance. Heads shipped unattached The slat wall light will allow no light upward and only a nice difused light in limited quantity outward. Maximum 60 watts incandescent or use LED or compact fluorescent for long life and energy savings. 13" H, 6 1/2"W, 9"D, MW 60 The 233 is simply beautiful and elegant. This wall light comes in resawn cedar (R) unfinished for your own custom staining or smooth cedar (S)- with our oil based sealer. We do keep a small inventory of smooth unfinished also. Both are available with a cap for wet location or without (under eave or indoors) Dimensions - 11"H, 5-1/2"W, 8"D, Maximum wattage 60 incandescent or use LED or compact fluorescent for long life and energy savings. The 252 lantern wall light has a unique traditional look. America has been using variations of this design for centuries. The 252 Series is also available in a matching post lightPost Top Style. Cap is included as part of the design. Dimensions: 10"H, 7-1/2"W, 9-1/2"D, Maximum wattage 60 incandescent or use long life LED or compact fluorescent. This simple design is one of our most used. It works well as accent lighting. It's clean lines give directional light where you need it. The 258 Series is simple and clean with broad appeal. Wood cap(on top) or an acrylic cap(that sets down hidden inside) available to qualify for wet location. Dimensions - 11"H, 5-1/2"W, 8"D, Maximum wattage 60 incandescent or use LED or compact fluorescent for long lamp life and energy savings. The 218 Series wall light has a groove and dado design on three sides creating a checkerboard pattern of light outward as well as light up and down. This design is accomplished with a pin router giving it a finely finished look. Cap available for wet location. The O218 is a discontinued fixture. There are 7 in inventory at this reduced price. Dimensions - 11"H, 5-1/2"W, 8"D, Maximum wattage 60 incandescent or use super efficient LED lamps. This open faced wall light can be used where one desires more light in front of the fixture as well as down. Note- The O248 is a discontinued item. There are 3 in inventory. Cap available for wet location. Dimensions - 11"H, 5-1/2"W, 8"D, Maximum wattage 60 incandescent or use LED or compact fluorescent. The acrylic front panel of the 208 directs light outward. The 208 works well where a larger wall light is desired. Accent light is emitted out the side panels of groove and dado. Resawn Cedar Look (Unfinished). Wall cap available for wet location. Dimensions - 16" H, 6" W, 9" D, Maximum wattage 75 incandescent or use LED or compact fluorescent for long lamp life and energy savings. This larger wall light uses the groove and dado design to cast a decorative pattern of light outward while the main illumination spills up and down. Cap Available for wet location. Dimensions - 16"H, 7"W, 9-1/2"D, Maximum wattage 75 incandescent or use LED or compact fluorescent for energy savings. The 247 Series is Idaho Wood's least expensive wet location wall light. The design has clean contemporary lines. Ideal for outdoor motel application. Cap is included as part of the design. Dimensions - 12"H, 6"W, 5-1/4"D, Maximum 60 watt incandescent or use LED or compact fluorescent for energy savings. The 265 Series, a slightly smaller version of the 266, allows for one lamp. This popular design includes the cap. Dimensions 11"H, 6-1/2"W, 6-1/2"D, Maximum 60 watt incandescent or use energy efficient LED or compact fluorescent The 266 Series wall light illuminates from three sides, as well as downward. It also allows for 2 bulbs. Cap is included as part of the design. Dimensions - 14"H, 7"W, 7"D, Max. Wattage 2/60W These two wall lights are made into a perfect circle. We have incorporated groove and dado into the 238 fixture and a lens on the front for more light in the 288. These lights bring you the warmness of wood along with the ultimate perfect design of the circle. note: The O238 and the O288 are discontinued fixtures. There are 21 O238 and 6 O288 in inventory. The Sconce light has been designed for that spot where you want to cast light up and down the wall without being able to see the light source. We found the light produced on the wall to be much more beautiful than the simple design that causes the light to spill up and down. You will be pleased with the simple design and the light pattern results of this fixture. Available in Oak only. 18 units left in inventory at this reduced price. Dimensions: 10" H, 14" W, 6" D This contemporary octagon wall light also has a matching landscape and post light. The cut outs for the lens are done very sharply on a pin router. See 'Landscape page' for further information. Add $4 for wood cap if necessary. The wall light is unfinished. 12"H, 6"W, 8"D, Max. Wattage 60 or use energy efficient LED or CFL This rather large wall light uses the pod of the matching R270 post light. The Head dimensions are 18" High, 8 1/2" Wide, and 11 1/4" Deep. The Cedar is Unfinished. Note: All wall lights come with an appropriate 5000 hour long-life bulb. Wall Light Caps Damp location leave protection) no cap required. Wet location (direct exposure to elements) cap required. All caps are made from glue-laminated clear material to ensure long-term integrity. Acrylic caps are available. The acrylic cap made for the fixtures on this page is inset on the upper part allowing light to spill upwards and qualifys for wet locations while not being visible. Acrylic cap-$4, Resawn Cedar Cap $4, Smooth Cedar Cap $5. As noted on individual specifications some Wall Light Caps are part of the particular designs. Older Home light retrofits with Rectangular Junction Boxes for Wall Lights would need to order Universal Plates to complete job. $1.50 each. You have a choice of incandescent, compact fluorescent or LED bulbs for our Fixtures. See Lamp/LED page for details. All of the fixtures have slightly different requirements of maximum wattage. Wall lights are generally 60 watts and bollard and small post lights 100 watts. Inquire with us as to your needs.

1. the check engine light absolutely will not come off in my 2000 ford Taurus? what else can I do?

Check engine light comes on for emission prblems. The misfire #2 usally means that the #2 cylinder is were the misfire is happening. Did this happen right after the head gaskets were replaced? If so I would take it back to were you had it fixed and have them check to make sure that a valve is not bent, fuel injector is not leaking, fuel injector is injecting correct amount of fuel in the cylinder, or even the head gasket installed correctly. A coolent hose will not cause you MIL light to come on untill the engine over heats and other problems occur. You have to realize that issues with cars is very hard to diagnoise over the phone, computer when a person who knows what they are doing. the best think to do is have a person see the car. Simple checks is to look at the color of the spark plug and see if it is running rich or lean. Check for small fuel leaks around the injector seal. Check fuel pressure. Check to see if coil has spark going to it and out to the spark plug. These are just a few thinks that can check and that can cause a problem.

2. Is it true that the telescope can only watch how the universe and celestial bodies were like in the past?

Since light has a finite speed, the answer is yes. But even a microscope does it, but then only a fraction of a microsecond. Even your partner to whom you are talking is slightly in the past. Actually, EVERYBODY in relation to you is IN the past. Simply because the speed of light is finite. A better analogy is a thunderstorm. The bolt of lightning occurs, you see the lightning, but you hear the thunder a lot later, because sound is moving only at Mach 1 through our atmosphere. (Mach 1 is the speed of 1,234km/h).

3. Which saves energy, halogen or ordinary light bulb?

A normal light bulb is not very efficient, and it only lasts about 750 to 1,000 hours in normal use. It's not very efficient because, in the process of radiating light, it also radiates a huge amount of infrared heat, far more heat than light. A halogen lamp run extremely hot but you get more energy meaning more light per unit of energy. But when asking which saves more energy, ordinary light bulbs will because since halogen light bulbs get so hot, it wastes a lot of energy although it lasts longer. If you are looking for the most energy efficient bulb, i would go for fluorescent light bulbs

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Could you answer these questions for me?Finally and question I can help someone with =P. Ok, The sky is blue because the molecule water tends to only reflect blue light back into space, since our planet is about 75% water, you can imagine how much blue light is being relected back into space during the daytime. It makes our sky blue. All the other color lights, water absorbs more.(red green yellow orange ect.) Apples are red because the skin of an apple reflects more red light back into space, and it absorbs more af the other colors (blue, yellow orange, green ect.) Im guessing if the apple is placed behind a red filter it would become white. When you turn the volume up the sound wave increases in intensity, which makes the sound wave higher in decibals and I am not sure on this but I think it speeds of the wave's frequency you will have to look that up.— — — — — —Difference between Green and Blue light?Green has More Wavelength than Blue; The Fringe Width in Young Double slit Expt is Directly proportional to wavelength of the color As Green has more wavelength than Blue the fringe width increases— — — — — —I am looking for an emergency blue light?need a permit from your dmv or police dept if your with a volunteer fire dept they can help with that— — — — — —What is the tool called that emits blue light?Light is an electromagnetic wave. You are right in saying that all EM radiation travels at the same speed. Light is just a range in the spectrum of EM radiation. Microwaves, radio waves, cosmic rays are all different frequencies of the same things. But light also behaves as a particle. This was demonstrated in experiments. This caused a lot of confusion among physicists for a long time. In the end, it's now recognized that light (as well as most particles) behave both as waves and as particles. The phenomenon is called Wave-particle duality and it is an important part of quantum physics. Light's speed however CAN be changed. It does so everytime it changes medium. The speed of light (297792458 m/s) is its speed in a vacuum. It slows down when it is in a denser medium (air, water, etc). This is what causes refraction. You can observe refraction when you put a pencil in a glass of water. The pencil looks bent. This is due to the change in speed of light. Light does NOT have mass. This is why it can travel so fast. For complicated reasons (see Einstein's theory of relativity) it would require infinite energy for it to travel at that speed if it had mass. But it IS affected by gravity. Einstein explained this in the same theory. Great mass bends space-time. This is the cause of gravity. Think of a sheet of rubber, streched tightly. If you put a heavy metal ball in the center, it will bend the sheet. If you then put another smaller ball, it will be "drawn" to the big one. As well, if you tried to draw a line, it would be difficult to draw it straight, the tendency would be to have it curve, evn though the line has no mass. That is basically what happens to light. This has been confirmed in observations. Astronomers have seen light being bent around stars. But keep in mind that not all of this is yet resolved. There are some inherent contradictions between the theory of relativity (which explains gravity well) and the quantum theory (which explains the particle-wave behavior of light well) that have not been resolved yet. Wikipedia is a good place to look for more information.— — — — — —What is that blue light that they shine in your mouth when getting fillings at the dentist's office?The blue light is used to cure certain materials. For example the composite materials we use for doing fillings is made up of a lot of really small parts (monomers) and what we really want is for these to link up into chains (polymers). To get this reaction going we "activate" the material by shining blue light (wave length around 480nm if I recall correctly) on it. The materials contain a certain particles, when hit by this wavelength, releases a free radical which in turn starts the formation of the polymer chains
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