Insulation and Air Conditioning Unit Size

An HVAC contractor can determine what size of air conditioning unit to install in your house, but will that size unit be the best unit for your home? There are many variables to consider when having a new unit installed in your home. These variables are brought together by a load calculation performed either by your contractor or a mechanical engineer. How do they do it though? What can make an engineer designate a larger home with a unit smaller than what is in another home with fewer square feet in some instances?

Let's use the three little pigs as an example (with some artistic license). The first little pig lives in a metal house that sits on a pier four inches off the ground. The second little pig lives in a wooden home that sits on a concrete slab which has been poured into the ground. Finally, the third little pig lives in a house built with 10 inch thick mason blocks, also sitting on a slab. None of the homes are insulated. All of these houses have the same internal dimensions, but they will have different load calculations, which means, they may each have a different sized air conditioning unit.

A load calculation is a mathematical function put together to determine the amount of heat that needs to be displaced in order to cool or heat a home. The main reason for the differences in the load calculations is what is called the R-value of each home. R-Value is a measurement of thermal resistance (the 'R' comes from the word, resistance) of a substance or an object. Though you may not be able to determine the R-value of your home, you can easily understand the concept by taking a look at each of the little pigs' houses.

The metal building the first little pig lives in is off the ground. This allows outside air to flow under the home as well as over and around it. Air flowing under a home decreases the R-Value of the home since it's another route for heat to enter or escape the home. Also, because this house is made of metal, it is a better conductor of heat than other materials, so that also decreases the R-value of the home. The lower the R-value of the home, the larger the unit needed to heat/cool it. This home has an extremely low R-value.

The wooden building the second little pig lives in is on a slab which was poured in the ground. The slab keeps the floor of the home a relatively even temperature throughout the year, summer or winter. The wooden walls are built of one inch thick clapboard siding and afford less heat conduction as well. Nevertheless, without added insulation, this home conducts heat in or out fairly easily as well. The R-value in this home is higher than that of the metal home. It's possible that this home can use a smaller central air unit than the metal home.

Finally, we come to the brick home constructed on a concrete slab and built of 10 inch mason blocks the third little pig lives in. Although this home has a wooden roof, it is constructed of a thick wood with a higher R-value than that of the wooden house, and is shingled with a better quality shingle which is designed to reflect heat rather than absorb it. Since this house is also on a concrete slab, there is no outside airflow underneath it. The 10 inch walls work very well at insulating against heat conduction. These materials all work toward this home having a very high R-value. This high R-value causes the home to hold whatever temperature air inside for a longer period of time. This means a smaller air conditioning unit can be used in this home than in the previous two.

How a home is insulated plays a key role in how much heat must be displaced to keep the home cool or warm. To cause a central air system to work as efficiently as possible, better insulated walls, floors, ceilings, doors and windows are key. If these things are used, then a home is well on its way to becoming a 'green' home. The air conditioner will run less often, and it will run for just the right amount of time in order to cool the dwelling sufficiently and use the least amount of energy possible.

If you really want to know the answers for your house, call your local HVAC expert.

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How Might History Be Different If the US and UK Had Chosen Not to Overthrow Mossadeq Or Had Failed t
It was responsible for anti american sentiment in middle east. From what i have heard USA didnot gain any thing substantial from ot. Prior to it middle eastern had favourable views of USA. They still hated usa culture. Even perhaps the biggest complaint was westernisation by shah. nBut still it was all favourable. Coup lead to 1979 revolution which led to arming of saddam which led to gulf war, iraq war. Means apart fron afghanistan it is responsible for all of us problem. Not saying it is only US fault. USSE should also be blamednfor some problems in middle east.nBut still without that coup no anti american feelings, no iraq war, no saddam( there woyld have been osama though) perhaps no 2008 recession, perhaps no problems in USA and middle east, no boston bombings. Cant be sure what would have been direction of OPEC. But i want to point out shah reza wasnot trueely bad person. And a lot of things did by him were actually good• Suggested ReadingWhat are the differences and similarities between neoliberalism and neoconservatism?You are all wrong!!!You are all wrong because you are trying to use a term that means Conservative, Right Wing in Europe, to apply in the USA, when we already have a term for that, Neoconservative.William Bellamy, was the closest, in that he brought up Thatcher, but he was still wrong over all.Liberal in Europe means Conservative RIGHT Wing.Liberal in the USA means Progressive LEFT Wing.People in the USA picked it up from European blogs and media, and thought it would apply to the USA, they thought LIBERAL meaning Democrats, that is just not the case, when the term Liberal has a total opposite meaning in Europe than it does in the USA, you cant apply the term in the USA, we already have an equivalent, that would be Neoconservative.BOTH Neoliberal in Europe and Neoconservative in the USA support: Free Market, Privatization, Lower Taxes, Less Government Spending, Deregulation, etc.. etc etc.Those are Republicans Right Wing Conservative policies, that have nothing to do with Left Wing Democrats in the USA------If the Ottoman Empire was so bad, how did Greece survive for 400 years?It survived it becauce the of the will to become free at some point .dont try to say enslaving nation and nations it's good something that was theirs snd was taking by force and betrayal .no excuse at all .hete are some examples fines ones too. Mixed messed up the populations of the so called Balkan nations which is Eastern Europe same thing in Anatolia Greece Constantinople Syria Armenia . When the enlightenment hit Europe nations under the Ottoman Empire remained in the darkeness back wordsIn every way possible pay the persenet becauce of not being Muslim or better convert and also die 1st son gets taking away from family join the jennisars and become educated in Islam and all of it also take your daughter snd join the harem of the sultan for his pleasure onlyAny refusal you die priests were hanged upside dowhn killed or anyone that opposed the othoman rule and forced to ware torbans on their head and those Islamic pants it was great there is a very dark history in those areas during the Ottoman period it's not a personal attack to anyone but it's just the simple truth------I wish to make a trip to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Are 3,000 USD enough for the whole journey?I agree with Maruf Mamurovich's answer. My short comments in addition about Kazakhstan:1. Local population still find it exotic to see a brown or a black guy.2. AirBnB or can be useful to find affordable hostels.3. Kazakhstan is a large country. IMO for a first time it is better to start from Almaty and then go to Astana (0r vice versa). If you go to Astana in winter prepare for a bone chilling wind and -25 C air temperature. Check weather forecasts.4. Try not to show your wallet, phone, laptop in a streets or after dark.5. The best way before the travel is to find a local person (maybe from Facebook or Skype). Here is group where you can find such a person.6. Everyone uses What'sApp, there is free wi-fi in shopping malls, coffee shops, libraries, guest houses, hostels.7. To hire a taxi cab locals use InDriver app (Uber like) but communication between drivers and customers is in Russian or Kazakh.8. or websites can provide general information.Good luck! If you have any additional more specific questions, feel free to write them in comments.------Do you concur with the late William F. Buckley's quote, "The academic community has in it the biggest concentration of alarmists, cranks and extremists this side of the giggle house."?No, not at all.Even though Buckley was probably my favorite conservative, I like him more for his erudition and personal qualities than for his views, which, although at least coherent and backed up by a real philosophy, were all kinds of wrong.Buckley was an intelligent man and a clever man, but I do not see him as a wise man. He was altogether too smug and self-satisfied, too convinced of his own rectitude to actually ever be right about much.But, despite all that, I miss Buckley. He was a different kind of conservative, the kind that would be a great frenemy. I liked his calmness, his composure and his ability to engage intelligently with others.I dont think he was especially open minded or willing to rethink his views, but he was good at conveying the illusion of openness.Anyway, although I have a certain guarded fondness and respect for him, there is little I agree with him on and this is no exception------If LEDs are more efficient thanClassic fluorescent tubes are relatively cool because most of the heat is dissipated by the ballast circuit. In a CFL, this is placed inside the base of the bulb and is the number 1 reason for early failure. Heat conducts, so eventually the glassy part will get uncomfortable to the touch. This is not to say that photons do not interact with the tube glass, they simply spread out over a wider area that radiates the heat efficiently.LED chips on the other hand concentrate more energy density than the surface of the sun in a very tiny area, which is why they get hot. The density of states are concentrated through the band-edge transitions, whereas the exchanges in the cold plasma of the fluorescent light happen spontaneously over a the tube's (large) volume. We're talking orders of magnitude here.compact fluorescent lights, why are they hot to the touch while fluorescent bulbs are cool to the touch?If LED bulbs are more efficient than compact fluroescent bulbs, why are they hot to the touch while flurorescent bulbs are cool to the touch?------Thomas Jefferson said it's immoral to leave the next generation with debt. Why would contemporary Presidents of the USA not care?Just because Jefferson said something doesnt make it true. The man wasnt a saint, he wasnt omniscient, and he was the product of a different time and place. Furthermore, Obama didnt invent the deficit. Not by a long shot. So quit trying to pin it all on him. Finally not everyone objects to running the national debt. Yeah,. your kids are going to have to pay for what our generation gets. but our generation NEEDS certain things. And your kids generation will also need things that their children will help fund. You cant abandon one generation for the sake of one not yet born. It immoral to leave people on the margins without adequate necessities - food, housing, medical care, education, a sound infrastructure. Those arent luxiries, my friend. They are necessities. Some clown who lived in a mansion, and amassed his fortunes on the backs of other human beings doesnt know the first thing about what it is like to have to go without necessities! So forgive me if I dont consider Thomas Jefferson the alst word on a moral economy, because I dont believe he knew the first thing about it!.------Did Italy win any battles during WW2?YesFirst battle of Bir El GubiFirst Battle of Bir el Gubi - WikipediaSecond battle of Bir El GubiSecond Battle of Bir el Gubi - WikipediaBattle of Point 175Battle of Point 175 - WikipediaDefense of Redoute RuineDefense of the Redoute Ruine (1945) - WikipediaCharge of Savoia at IzbushenkyCharge of the Savoia Cavalleria at Izbushensky - WikipediaOperation AgreementOperation Agreement - WikipediaBattle of PetrikowkaBattle of Petrikowka - WikipediaBattle of GarfagnaBattle of Garfagnana - WikipediaOperation HerringOperation Herring - WikipediaBattle of PljevljaBattle of Pljevlja - WikipediaOperation HarpoonOperation Harpoon (1942) - WikipediaFour days of Naples (city Naples was liberated by civilians)Four days of Naples - WikipediaRaid on AlexandriaRaid on Alexandria (1941) - WikipediaRaid on Suda BayRaid on Souda Bay - WikipediaBattle of Kasserine Pass (most of Axis soldiers were Italians)Battle of Kasserine Pass - WikipediaBattle of Gazala (Yes I know only half of the soldiers were Italians, but they did very well, Rommel was impressed)Battle of Gazala - WikipediaAction off BastiaAction off Bastia - WikipediaOperation BraganzaOperation Braganza - WikipediaBy the way,The German soldier has impressed the world, however the Italian soldier has impressed the German soldier - Erwin Rommel, one of best generals during WW2------How do we know the universe is expanding? And how do we know there is a universe?We know that the universe is expanding, due to cosmological redshift (the redshift in spectral lines from a particular galaxy). Eminent American astronomer, Edwin Hubble, found that there was a direct mathematical relationship between the cosmological redshift and the distance to a galaxy.This is summed up in Hubble's Law:All this equation is telling in the context of cosmological redshift is that the greater distance an observer is from a galaxy, the greater the redshift in the spectral lines from that galaxy. So from a little work, we see this translated into the statement:The more distant a galaxy is from us, the quicker it is accelerating in its expansion. So the space in between the galaxies is no doubt expanding, and this validated the universe's expansion.Our perceptions of the universe are what shape our perception of reality. If existence is an illusion, then reality as we know it is not real. We say something exists if there is causal interaction between that something and a perceivable other something. If we think of the universe as a spacetime background in which matter interacts, then there is that causal interaction; in other words, it exists.Space.------What are linear and non-linear circuits?Chhaya Umare, (M.Sc. Electronic from Pune University )Electronic circuit and system can be conveniently divided into two broad categories generally referred to as analog and digital. Analog circuits are designed for use with small signals, and are used in a linear fashion. An operational amplifier connected as an amplifier with a voltage gain of 10 is an analog circuit. The output voltage for this circuit will be a faithfully amplified of any signal presented at its input. This is the linear operation.Digital circuit are generally used with large signals and are considered nonlinear. One example is a remote control circuit that switches the lights in a parking area on after sunset and turns them off at sunrise. In this case, the input signal might be a voltage representing the time of day or it might be a current taking from a light sensing circuit. The output signal is simply on or off, which is clearly not an amplified version of the input signal. This is non linear operation. )
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The Dangerous and Colorful Lie in Your Visual Identity Document
This story is based on the chapter Light and Color from my book The Articulate Marketing Designer. Click here to learn more about the book and get the Light and Color chapter free.Chances are that if you work at a company, your company has some kind of identity manual. They go by a lot of different names and variations: typography guides, brand guidelines, design bibles, and style manuals are just a few of these names and variations. Some companies have one giant document, others multiple small ones. But the ultimate purpose is to dissect the brand into component prescriptions that can be followed to ensure a consistent look (and feel). If your customer gets an e-mail from your company, you want them to immediately recognize that its from your business, without even having to see your company name. By ensuring consistency, you ensure that you can be recognized, a thoroughly valid objective.The idea isnt anything new. For as long as humans have been coalescing into groups, weve sought ways to make ourselves consistent with our group and recognizable to each other and to outsiders. Weve adopted flags, uniforms, colors, anthems, seals, banners, you name it. In short, weve been branding ourselves with some measure of consistency for a long long time.Over the last few decades, however, the concept of visual identity has been warped into a worryingly formulaic and potentially destructive form of business pseudoscience. Its a plague spreading across the entire business world, from the largest corporations to the two-man startups. Whats most frightening is that the people who are supposed to be the experts on the ambiguous and context-driven nature of creativity, we designers, are the ones generating these absolutist and number-thumping documents. I know because Ive done it.I actually first realized how ludicrous things have gotten when I was building visual identity guidelines for a small business I was working with. It was never a comfortable thing for me, something about making these documents always made me feel like a charlatan. Then one day, as I was sitting in front of my laptop carefully listing out the precisely selected primary and secondary colors for the company, translating color codes across different color systems, I suddenly remembered that famous checkerboard optical illusion by Edward H. Adelson. In it, the tiles A and B are the same grey, but look completely different. Its a remarkable reminder of how our perceptual processes work. If you dont believe it, grab a color picker and check it yourself:The truth, as you can see for yourself, is that how we perceive light and its color is at the mercy of the context we see that light in. We know this because weve all seen various optical illusions. We know because weve seen how our photographs under fluorescent lighting look green, while our own eyes saw something more neutral. The color we see is not a physical property of the real world. It is a construct of our brains, based, often rather loosely, on information collected from the world around us. In physics we are taught that the wavelength of light determines color. But really, the wavelength of light is the wavelength of light, nothing more. It gives our brain something akin to a suggestion on how to construct the color we see. If we had some kind of photoreceptors in our nose that connected to the olfactory centers of our brain, the wavelength of light could have been smells rather than colors.Yet there I sat, specifying a particular shade of green with dictatorial precision. The implication to any person using that page: if you select this exact color code, customers will see it consistently no matter what. Oh and deviate from the color codes on this page and you risk death.It was a profound lie. And a dangerous one, because it mistook the nature of visual design for something that its not: an absolute and precise science with correct and incorrect answers. It creates a binary mindset. If you are using this color value, youre using the right color. If youre not, youre using the wrong color. That this preposterous concept has embedded itself into corporate design is a reflection of the business worlds attempts to reduce the vast, complex, and rich domain of design into a series of cells in a spreadsheet. Designers play along with it, because in order to be paid, they have to be able to fit into the corporate formula.In reality, a particular shade of a color, say pink, can look darker when surrounded by some colors, lighter when surrounded by another, crisp in one context, and difficult to read in another. Picking one absolute value for it doesnt actually deliver what its supposed to: consistency. The job of the good designer is to deliver a great design based on context. If the goal is consistency, then the designer should have the freedom to adjust that color to get that to happen, again working back from the context to the solution.Prescribing color codes is only one example, though particularly powerful because we can point to a rich library of physics, biology, and cognitive science to show that its completely flawed. And yet open any visual identity guide and youll find color prescriptions, promising consistency, but providing absolute values.Prescriptive absolutism in design shifts the focus away from customer and context, which will reduce the effectiveness of business-related designs. But more importantly for the long term, it discourages experimentation and flexibility which can then lead to stagnation, frustration, and nitpicking. If your design team is getting to the point where theyre pulling out eyedroppers to check that a particular color is correct numerically, youre sailing in the wrong direction, if not outright sinking.An organization that treats creativity and design like a quantifiable formula that can be distilled into a set of prescriptions in a booklet is fundamentally missing the business benefits its creative people can provide. Worse, in an age where the customer and their contexts matter more than ever, treating design and creative departments like the finance department may end up doing more harm than good.If you enjoyed this story, you may enjoy my book The Articulate Marketing Designer.·RELATED QUESTIONColor(Light) Absorption duplicateIt's possible but not likely.It's possible to have an orange object that reflects a very narrow band of wavelengths, say 589 to 591 nm, and absorbs all others. This object would be difficult to see if illuminated only with narrow-band red light (like a HeNe laser). Of course, absorbtion is also never perfect so even if illuminated with blue light it would likely be possible for a sufficiently sensitive sensor to detect the object.But for natural objects it's much more likely that it reflects a relatively broad range of wavelengths, but reflects most strongly in the orange band. For example, an object reflecting wavelengths between 570 and 640 nm, peaking around 590 or 600 nm, would likely be perceived as orange. But 640 nm is well into the red band, so this object would be visible (and look red) if illuminated with a monochromatic red light.
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Finding Inexpensive Stepper Motors
Finding stepper motors for particular projects can be a simple task if you have the right materials and resources. Brush-less motors are used in a number of applications and are very popular among hobbyists. Some examples to projects that may require a motor include, robotics, CNC machining, and other automated mechanical projects. Step motors are popular because they are inexpensive, abundant, and reliable. Since these motors are used in many machines, they are easily found, if you know where to look. This article explains how finding inexpensive step motors can be made easy.Every year the United States alone will throw out over 300 million electronic products. What many people do not realize is these electronics are filled with reusable parts. One of these parts that can very often be found in an old machine are motors. A great place to begin looking for a step motor is in a recycled floppy drives. brush-less motors are used to control the read/write position of the head. Depending on the drive each one will have different settings on how many steps are required to complete a full revolution. In most cases a stepper motor will reach a complete revolution within 100-400 steps. The range of each stepper motor will vary as well, often they are between.9 and 3.6 degrees. Step motors go even further in depth when micro-stepping, unipolar, and bipolar motors are introduced.Throwing out that old printer? Not so fast, there is most likely a stepper motor in there somewhere. In older HP printers, particularly LaserJet III printers, fairly powerful stepper motors can be found, and lets not forget they are free. Another computer part that will have a step motor are hard drives, usually in older computers. Make sure to remove the step motor and not the spindle motor that spins the platter drive. The stepper motor can be found on the actuator arm which moves the heads around the platters. Good info·RELATED QUESTIONHow do I find investors for creating innovative medical equipment (e.g. a cost effective electric wheelchair to help in doing small indoor chores and rehabilitation) for India's specially abled people?The global rehabilitation equipment market is expected to witness sustained growth due to the rising incidences of degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's, arthritis, etc. and a growing number of patients suffering from trauma who need rehabilitation therapy. In addition, a growing geriatric population is also likely to spur market growth during the assessment period. There is a pressing need for devices that provide assistance to the physically challenged people across the globe.Moreover, since manufacturers have established excellent channels of communication with the needy population of such devices, innovation in the rehabilitation equipment market has also increased to a new level. Also, governments across the world are providing support and subsidies for rehabilitation equipment which is also likely to boost the demand for such kind of equipment. Moreover, favorable reimbursement policies in the developed markets of the West are expected to stimulate market growth as well.A sample of this report is available upon request@ global rehabilitation equipment market is slated to touch a value of about US$ 13,400 Mn in the year 2022 and grow at a robust CAGR during the assessment period.4 Forecast Highlights on Global Rehabilitation Equipment MarketAs per the forecast of Persistence Market Research, the mobility equipment product type segment is slated to touch a value of more than US$ 3,900 Mn in the year 2022. This represents a robust CAGR growth during the assessment period of 2017-2022. The mobility equipment product type segment is estimated to account for more than one-fourth of the revenue share of the product type segment by the year 2017 and is forecasted to lose market share by 2022 over 2017.As per the forecast of Persistence Market Research, the rehabilitation centers segment will reach a value of about US$ 3,350 Mn in the year 2017. This represents a robust CAGR growth during the forecast period. The rehabilitation centers segment is forecasted to account for nearly one-third of the total revenue share of the end user segment by the end of the year 2017 and is expected to lose in market share by 2022 as compared with the year 2017.As per the forecast of Persistence Market Research, the physiotherapy segment is slated to reach a value of more than US$ 9,800 Mn in 2022. The physiotherapy segment is expected to gain market share by the end of the year 2022. The largest share is contributed by the Europe region in the physiotherapy segment.Persistence Market Research forecasts the Germany rehabilitation equipment market to exhibit a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 6% from 2017 to 2022.Request report Toc@ report has also included the profiles of some of the leading companies in the rehabilitation equipment market like Caremax Rehabilitation Equipment Co. Ltd, Drive Devilbiss Healthcare, Invacare Corporation, GF Health Products, Inc., Roscoe Medical, Medline Industries, Inc., Roma Medical Aids Ltd., and Dynatronics Corporation
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Which Has Better Prospects, Collecting Old Coins Or Collecting Stamps?
Neither.When you start a collection of something (stamps, coins, baseball cards, bottle caps, etc.) you do it as a hobby NOT as an investment.Even if you collect silver or gold coins only, the potential for short or medium term profit is very small to non-existant. Why?Because of one little thing called a premium. You, me and 99% of people around us will very rarely buy any kind of precious metal at the "spot" price. Especially with coins, they always carry a markup in price due to minting costs and the various profit margins dealers take.nFor example: 1 troy oz of silver today is worth 14.74 USD or 13.26 EUR.But a 1 ounce Britannia costs about 32.5 EUR in a shop I know.Austrian Philarmonicas (also 1 troy oz silver) are a little cheaper (30 €) and South Africa silver Krugerrands, Australian Kangaroos and US Silver Eagles are going for 27.5€.Let's talk gold now.Spot price today (13/03) is at 1529.29 USD/Troy oz or 1375.06 EUR.A South African gold Krugerrand (1 Troy oz of gold) is going for 1555 Euro.If you want to collect coins (even rare or precious ones) or stamps (even rare ones) do it because it's something you LIKE doing, NOT as an investment strategy.Collecting silver or gold coins CAN be a good idea if you have two specific goals: 1- buy the coins as close to spot as possible ; and 2- go for an extremely long term strategy. This means YOU don't cash out on those coins ever. They are something for your children or grand-children to enjoy.Thanks for the A2A Yau• Suggested ReadingHow did the concept of a debt collection agency come about and why do they consistently violate debt collection laws?First off, there are 2 different kinds of collection companies.Collection agencies - these are companies with which original lenders place defaulted accounts to collect. The debt obligations do not transfer ownership to the collection agency. Creditors use them for any number of reasons among them are:The original creditor has little or no expertise in collecting severely delinquent accounts.The debtor has moved out of the creditor's state and those states have very specific rules/regulations on companies/people who want to collect on a debt.The debtor has assets necessary to warrant a lawsuit but the creditor is not in a position to file the lawsuit (usually because of #2).Collection companies - these are companies that actively purchase the defaulted debt obligation from the original creditor. The cost basis for this purchase is usually pennies on the dollar. When this happens (and depending upon the various laws involved), the debt is now owed to the purchasing company.The companies that fall into category #1, generally, are legitimate businesses who operate and adhere to the FDCPA.The companies that fall into category #2, at best, operate in the gray area of the law or, at worst, willfully violate the laws as they operate outside the jurisdiction of US law.Collection agencies (category #1) are probably the original outsourced companies. Creditors who are not lenders rarely have the necessary skills or temperament to pursue severely delinquent account so, for the cost of a contingency fee, farm out these types accounts to companies who specialize in this activity.I am not a lawyer and nothing here should be construed as legal advice. Please contact your tax advisor or licensed attorney before acting upon this information.------Is it really worthy to collect old Indian notes and coins?"coin collection is the only hobby where u spend all your money in it, you will be left with only money"nBefore collecting the coins I simply used to see coin for their denominationBut after some period of time I just involved myself in collecting the coins from then onwards in every coin I analyze place of mint, year of minting , aproximate weight and composition of.I think its realy worth to collect old Indian notes and coins not only from the economic point of view (regarding this discussed later) it feels great to have a proof of Indian history in my hand rather than reading in history text books or seeing in the movie , if u dont start coin collection u won't even bother to know the importance of the coin/note there are chances of passing of the economically valued coin for the same denomination value( usually commorative coin ' coins having figuers on one side ,like Indra Gandhi coin etc ' ), coin collecting sets a moto to ur life other than daily activity.Economic value neven old coins and notes have a un-expected economic valueexample:nthis note look like a ordinary 5 rupee but it costs 12-15k (have a dought check in google) ,popularly famous as"5 Rs note with 3 deers of CD Deshmukh" INDIA 1000 RUPEES P12 1928 KING GEORGE KARACHI WORLD'S ONLY KNOWN PIECE *RARE*nnthis may blow ur mind u might have used this type of coin(may be not the same)n yes 46,000 due to demad by the collectorngovernment also issue 100 ,60 ,50 Rupee coins which they will not let it for circulation as it will be made of silver along with few metals the distribute it as a collector edition . nnnIts really honor to have such coins and notes in 'collection'nnI started collecting coin from 2012 , from then collected hell lot of coins and notes many include a good economic value (not for sale ..!)nnnhappy collecting...!------What is the best way to sell a modern U.S coin collection?eBay published a pretty solid guide on their website (link below). Here are some of their tips, as well as a few of my own:Get your coins gradednPCGS and NGC are your best bets; no reason not to go with either of themFind a professional to help you sell the collectionnLet's face it, you probably don't know enough, have a wide enough distribution network or have lots of time to dedicate to the those tasks to get this done yourself. Your best bets here are:nSelling to a reputable dealerConsigning through a reputable eBay dealerConsigning through a local, well-rated coin shopSelling to an auction house (Heritage Auctions is probably the most noteworthy, though there are many others)You will certainly have to pay some fees here, so there is certainly a trade off between how well you think you could research and execute vs. having a professional do it. If you've got a lot of eBay experience and great eBay ratings, it might be worth going it alone, but that likely doesn't apply to many people in your situation. Make sure you consult with a number of different options (and options within those options) to make sure you are getting fair opinions. Ultimately, if you go the auction route, pay particular attention to that person's distribution network/audience, as that is going to be critical.ResourcesnNGC/PCGS population reports - tells you how many coins such as your are out there; don't pay that much attention to the pricingGet one of these: Official Red Book Online - Coin Price GuideSpend time time combing eBay and watching similar auctions; understand where similar pieces sell and think critically about why they sold for different prices (given how widely available the information is and how easy it is to search for similar pieces)nThe Secrets to Selling Your Coin Collection------How can I ask my cheating ex to come and collect his stuff he left in my place?Just ask him. Make sure you give him a day and time options for him to choose from. This way you create boundaries and he can choose from the options that work best for him. Win win! Also ensure that the environment is completely passive. What I mean by this is, when he arrives, dont start conversations, dont have an attitude and don't make snide remarks or comments. Make the pick up as civil and easy as possible. Place the items at the door so it is just a grab and go situation. Don't put yourself in a situation where you get emotional. Don't use this time as an "answer fest". Where you are trying to get him to tell you why he did what he did. Make it only about him retrieving his items. Remember this, men process through binary thinking. It's either/or. Not either/and. This means he either gets his stuff or talks to you about why this happened. He's not thinking let me get my stuff AND talk with her about why this happened. Women process through spectrum thinking or with multiple options in mind. Like when he comes over to pick up his things we can discuss why this happens, what we can do to make it better, should we make it better, is our love strong enough to withstand this, is he in love with her... Etc. That overwhelms the man and he shuts down. Deal with each situation individually and you will get more from him. In this instance, gathering his things. If you desire a discussion on the chain of events, leave it for another time. I hope this helps.Relationship Room------What is the importance of accuracy in data collection?NoIf we have a population of 1 million people. It is good to know what the break up is of that population.BlackWhiteAsianNative IndianLegalAndIllegalDiabeticHave cancer.This way we can run reports on how that population is affected by let's say a pandemic.How many are homeless vs the number that have a place to stay.This way we can focus efforts to combat illness's that are PRONE towards one culture of the population.The CDC is not forth coming and keeps changing up the information about Covid China-2019. WHO says one thing and that works but CDC has been wishy washy about details.Certainly diabetic and type O person are more likely to be infected where other people who have different blood type and conditions are not as likely.Also certain races are more likely then others.This data needs to be accurate so that we can better fund and dispatch teams to help people.If we had an exact count of data of the number of illegal entrants and where they are right now. That would make immagration discussion a high talking point. But since no one wants to know how may are illegal vs legal, immagration is not a important talking point.If you have 1000 illegal in 1 million people not a big deal. But if that number is 40,000 in a million ok we might want to bring it up to the hill for discussion.But if you ignored it then how do you know just how big the problem is for a discussion.We need to know where in each area these numbers are to target talking points.Alaska does not have a huge illegal entry issue like other states do. So we need not focus talks in Alaska but in Florida sure
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Understand Down Light
An Introduction to down lightMajor-General The Honourable George Walpole (20 June 1758 May 1835), was a British soldier and politician. He gained distinction after suppressing the Maroon insurrection in Jamaica in 1795. After entering Parliament in 1797, he served as Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs from 1806 to 1807 in the Ministry of All the Talents headed by Lord Grenville.Military career of down lightWalpole was commissioned as cornet in the 12th Light Dragoons on 12 May 1777, and became lieutenant in the 9th Dragoons on 17 April 1780. He returned to the 12th Light Dragoons as captain-lieutenant on 10 December 1781, and exchanged to the 8th Light Dragoons on 13 August 1782. On 25 June 1785 he obtained a majority in the 13th Light Dragoons, and became lieutenant-colonel of that regiment on 31 October 1792.Maroon insurrection in Jamaica, 1795In 1795 Walpole went with the 13th Light Dragoons to the West Indies, and took a leading part in the suppression of an insurrection by Maroons in Jamaica. The Maroons of Cudjoe's Town (Trelawny Town), who had risen in what became known as the Second Maroon War, numbered fewer than seven hundred, but they had been joined by about four hundred runaway slaves, and the insurrection threatened to spread. The country was extremely difficult for regular troops, and two of the detachments sent against the Jamaican Maroons fell into ambushes, and their commanders (Colonels Sandford and William Fitch) were killed. At the beginning of October Walpole was charged with the general conduct of the operations, and the governor Lord Balcarres gave him the local and temporary rank of major-general. By skilful dispositions he captured several of the maroon "cockpits" or stockades. On 24 October the governor wrote to the secretary of state: "General Walpole is going on vastly well. His figure and talents are well adapted for the service he is upon, and he has got the confidence of the militia and the country." Walpole secured the support of the Maroons of Accompong Town against their Leeward Maroon brethren of Trelawny Town) in September 1795, and the Accompong Maroons trained them in the art of tracking in the forested regions of the Cockpit Country.However, the Maroons of Trelawny Town were unable to maintain their guerrilla campaign during the drought months, and when Walpole employed a scorched-earth policy, backed up by the importation of hunting dogs, on 22 December Walpole was able to persuade the Trelawny Maroon leader, Montague James, to come to terms. They were to ask pardon, to leave their fastnesses and settle in any district assigned to them, and to give up the runaway slaves. However, the Maroons did not betray their runaway slave allies, and hundreds of them gained their freedom as a result. On these conditions he promised that they should not be sent out of the island; and the terms were ratified by the governor. Only a few of the insurgents came in, and in the middle of January Walpole moved against them with a strong column, accompanied by dogs which had been brought from Cuba. They then surrendered, and were sent down to Montego Bay; and in March the assembly and the governor decided to ship them to Nova Scotia. Walpole strongly remonstrated against what he regarded as a breach of faith. He argued that the treaty might have been cancelled when the maroons failed to fulfil its terms, but that the governor had deliberately abstained from cancelling it. He declined a gift of five hundred guineas which the assembly voted for the purchase of a sword, and obtained leave to return to England. His letter declining the sword was expunged from the minutes of the house (cf. Dallas, Hist. of the Maroons, 1803; Gardner, Hist. of Jamaica, 1873, pp.2326). He was made colonel in the British Army on 3 May 1796, but retired from the service before 1799.Political career of down lightIn January 1797 Walpole was returned to Parliament for Derby, which he represented till 1806. Walpole maintained contact with the Trelawny Maroons while they were in Nova Scotia, arguing in vain in parliament that they were unfairly treated by Balcarres. When Montague James complained of poor living conditions in Nova Scotia, he sent one of his junior Maroon officers, Charles Samuels (Maroon) to England, bearing letters from the Maroon colonel.He was a follower of Charles James Fox, and voted for reform. He was George Tierney's second in his duel with Pitt on Putney Heath on 27 May 1798. When Fox came into office as Foreign Secretary, Walpole was appointed Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (20 February 1806); but he did not retain this office long after Fox's death. He was made comptroller of cash in the excise office for the rest of his life. He was MP for Dungarvan from 1807 till 1820, when he resigned his seat.Walpole spoke against the slave trade in the House of Commons in 1807, during the Slave Trade Act 1807 approval. Relying on his knowledge of the Maroon resistance, he supported the argument that the increasing number of Africans in the colony would inevitably result in revolts and even revolutions like the, then recent, Haitian Revolution.
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My Boyfriends 4 Year Old Sleeps with the Light On.?
Night light? Lamp with a little bulb in it? Lamp with colored (blue) bulb in it?1. What is the average monthly cost of 1 wall plug in night light?Only one way to find the correct answer to this question because there are several different wattage's of night lights being sold. Look on the light for the watts. That is the amount of electricity the light will use in 1 hr. Multiply the watts by the number of hours you think the light will be on each month. Divide the number of watts you use each month by 1,000 to get the number of "Kilo Watts" you are using. (1,000 watts = 1 Kilowatt). Look on your power bill to see how much you are paying for each Kilo watt of electricity. Multiply that amount times the number of Kilo watts you expect the light to use.2. What are the top ten things that a six year old boy needs to have in his bedroom?1. Hot wheels 2. Action Figures 3. night light 4. radio 5. flashlight (for going to the bathroom at night) 6. toy box 7. coloring books and crayons 8. small desk 9. clothes 10. bedroom furniture3. LED bulb and night light question?Hey Tony. I have two parts to your question. The first is "I do not know if this circuit would not operate properly using an LED bulb." The second is this: The lights you are talking about use a photo resistor to activate when the lights go out. Fundamentally they work this way: When light falls on the Photo Resistor (PR for short) their resistance goes low and in the dark they go high. This would be counter intuitive to the operation of the circuit (included below), so you need an additional NPN transistor. In the drawing below a 9 v battery is used along with the 2N3904 transistor. During the day the PR resistor is low, thus holding the base of the transistor low, and there is not enough current to switch it on. But as night falls and the resistance in the PR goes up more current is directed through the Transistor. As its base goes high the transistor turns on and activates the light. That's the basics to it. Now, from the simple diagram below it's easy to understand how this can turn on a light. But being that you are using an LED (which is just a diode that emits light), if the LED is in circuit the wrong way then the light wo not come on. But as long as the LED is in correctly then the light SHOULD come on. The transistor does not require a load. In this case it's providing ground. Keep in mind I found this diagram on line, you could have also found it. Since you understand something about electronics I am sure that you realize that if the diode was pointed towards the transistor then it should work. But if its pointed away from the transistor then it can not work. I hope this gets to the root of your problem. It's been a long time since I've stopped by and answered your questions. I find you always have interesting questions, and your answers are always good ones. XTX did not listen to (or read) your question fully. Jeanette was closer and Suzonka's answer was probably the best you've gotten so far. But nobody really read your intent fully, and you were clear enough in the outset. I just hope this gives you some hope. Let me know if this does work for you buddy. John.4. I cant stop crying about this?When I was 14, my mom's old boyfriend did the exact same thing. I am 20 now, and I will still say that he had no right to show authority like that. He came into my room, shut off my fan, night light & tv & told me I needed those all to be off if I wanted to sleep well. Hey buddy, I've slept the excact same way for 10 years, you messing up my pattern is not gonna help! I was able to convince my mom to talk to him about doing that stuff, and he eventually stopped. He was not in a position where he should have been doing that. If your mom is not willing to help then the only thing I can suggest is sucking it up for a little while & taking a Benadryl to help you sleep. I kind of regret going to bed at 3 AM and waking up at noon through middle and high school. I wish I had not slept my summers away. By the time I was up and ready, my friends had all ready been hanging out for hours... I had just stayed up too late playing on my computer.
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Charcoal Powered Generator - Gasifier
Ask any farmer, survival expert, Boy Scout, hippie or prepper and they will tell you the awesome uses for charcoal. From improving your garden to filtering water and field medicine. But did you know with a few scrap parts you can run an unmodified internal combustion engine?I've been interested in alternative energy for a long time. I wanted to find an inexpensive, scalable option that could work in virtually any inhabited part of the world. People are smart and creative. I knew there must be something out there. After lots of searching I found a very cool theory. It was not on a fancy tech blog or news conference. I found my answer in a grainy video on YouTube. An older man wearing dirty bibbed overalls who introduced himself as "Gary from Pennsylvania" He had a new take on a very old idea: Charcoal Gasification. I found this both brilliant and fascinating because I had been considering building a wood gasifier for years.Following a rough outline of what I could see on his video I was able to build a functioning proof of concept using mostly junk parts: A metal 5 gallon bucket with lid, random valves and pipe fittings and a piece of PEX. Obviously my first try was raw and intended for rapid prototyping - but it worked, it was cheap and it was fast. I successfully ran an unmodified internal combustion generator engine purely on the gas produced by burning charcoal.This has the potential for many benefits on the modern homestead, those to start freeing themselves from petroleum dependance, powering the remote cabin in the woods, pumping water to life sustaining crops, or mowing your lawn if gas ever hits $5 a gallon. However, for me one of the most exciting aspects of this project is the potential to increase the quality of life of the disenfranchised, the forgotten people of war torn countries, those living in poverty in a far away villages. Those who are a world apart removed from my aggravation when "my seat" is taken at the local coffee shop. Away from my First World Problems. I have friends who go to the far corners of the world to teach indigenous peoples new low impact, high yield environmentally friendly framing techniques. I want another carbon neutral tool for them to use.I've included a video here to show you my raw unedited first run. The audio and video quality are not great - but you can share my "hey cool it works" moment.The science and history:Caution I'm not a physicist but I play one on the internet.Wood gas, syngas, gasification, producer gas. All words that describe the same idea. Turning some sort of organic biomass in to a harnessable useable fuel source.The general idea: Biomass, if burned in an oxygen low (controlled) environment will produce (mainly) hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, tars and bio crude. Laymen's terms: If you burn wood the right way you get flammable smoke! That gives a new meaning to the term smoke bomb...The roots of gasification run deep into the history of industrial man. The flammable vapors were piped into homes and street lamps in the late 1800's before being replaced by Natural Gas. Wood gas generators were strapped to literally thousands of vehicles and machines across Europe during World War II when petroleum based fuels were in extreme demand. Rumors have it that North Korea still uses wood gas as fuel.One could write a doctoral thesis explaining exactly what is going on. So I'll leave the heavy lifting to the experts. Check out some of this research:Research, Research, UN Research, Research with fun pictures, Vintage Research, 130 pages of light readingThere are a lot of wood or bio-mass gasifiers plans out there. They span the range from backyard hack jobs to shiny massive industrial commercial units. Even FEMA has plans for you to build your own. This is probably my favorite DIY FEMA build - his video is worth watching.For me wood gasifiers have a few inherent issues to overcome.Bio-crude, quite literally a heavy oil or tar, is made by a process called thermal depolymerization. "Under pressure and heat, long chain polymers of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon decompose into short-chain petroleum hydrocarbons" Burn bio-mass properly and you get oil that can be refined into gasoline just like the crude oil found in the ground. Some people find very creative uses for bio-crude or tar. (There is much talk about algae based bio-crude - keep your eyes out for that!)Bio-crude is cool unless you are piping it into your engine's carburetor. Then it will just reduce the life of your engine.The process of making charcoal however has already removed those long chain polymers. So, when you run your gasifier on charcoal - you just produce vapor and no tar. Charcoal is extremely easy to make using two 35 or 55 gallon barrels - but I cheated and prototyped with a bag of store purchased "all natural lump charcoal".I started my gasification journey with a bucket, a paint can, house project scraps and a tool box full of free 2nd hand pipe fittings.For this style build you will need a few things.My father dropped off his low hour RV generator for fuel system repairs. He was a convenient victim to my mad scientist experiment. This is a 1985 Onan 3.0 with just under 300 hours. It has spent its life tucked up under a very cool Toyota based motorhome. It sprung a fuel pump leak. After I resolved his issues it was just calling to me. It was the perfect candidate for a gasification upgrade. The biggest task was leaving the generator so that it would run on gasoline or charcoal gasification.I rigged up a metal outlet cover as a threaded mounting bracket for my adapter. Basically you need to figure out how to get T fitting on your carb. One side goes to the carb, one to the fresh air intake ball valve and one to the gasification reactor.The exhaust was also fitted with a T and a ball valve. One side of the exhaust went to the atmosphere while the other side would be plumbed back to the fresh air intake of the reactor. This would provide a path for some of the unburned carbon monoxide to find its way back into the reactor while also acting as a fan to the flame. Smarter people than me say this is a helpful feature. I've seen these gasifiers run both ways. I think I had a flaw in my return line design. The reactor was easy to build. I will say that my air inlet pipe was too low. Please put yours at least 2 inches up from the bottom of the bucket.These are the steps I made up to build the reactor.Let the RTV cure for 24 hours.Charcoal gasifiers are considered updraft gasifiers. Meaning the air is brought in form the bottom of the reactor, burned and the escaping gases are vented through the media (unburned charcoal) and out the top of the reactor. Charcoal is also extremely dusty. Dust particles can hitch a ride on the outbound gases and find its way into your engine. The dust can be stopped with a simple filter. In this case I used a paint can, two bulk head unions (that I found in that box of parts) and some packing foam I found at work that was getting tossed.I cut holes in the top and bottom of the paint can for the unions. I added RTV for good measure even though it had a hefty gasket.The foam was cut into circles and smushed in to the paint can.Charcoal needs to be all natural "lump". Hard wood is preferred but softwood will work - it will just burn out faster. You can't use the pressed, chemically treated "ez" light.You can buy a bag for testing purposes, but I would highly recommend making your own if you want to do this for more than just an experiment.Charcoal pieces should be more than 1/8 inch but smaller than 3/4 inch. As I understand it this will maximize your air flow while providing carbon dioxide scrubbing goodness.I really had no idea what to expect. My 30 year old generator was only started once in the past 15 years. It was cold and raining but I was very impatient. I had to know if this thing worked.I took a lit propane torch and placed it on the tip of the air inlet on the reactor and let it sit there. I closed the fresh air intake ball valve and hit the electric starter on the generator.The suction of the engine pulled the flame of the torch into the reactor lighting the charcoal. Shortly I had a very hot fire burning which produced a good amount of gas. I sprayed the air intake with a hit of starter fluid to help the process along. Did I mention it was cold and raining?I continued to crank the engine while adjusting the ball valve on the carb fresh air intake. I finally found the right mixture to allow the engine to run by itself. I was successfully able to run a reciprocating saw off my outlet. After about 15 min I shut it down because I had too many leaks.Gary says he gets about 30 min from 1 gal of charcoal on a 5 hp engine. I have no clue what horsepower this engine was but I burned very little in my first 15 min run (or subsequent runs).On that note - please be careful. These gases are dangerous in under the right conditions. Carbon monoxide poisoning can kill you if you are exposed long enough. Carbon monoxide (CO) will attach it self to the oxygen molecules in your blood which leads to poor oxygen absorption resulting in organ failure. Failure to operate a device like this in a poorly ventilated area could bring permanent personal injury or death.Version 1.0 was a complete off the wall proof of concept that worked - but it leaked.Version 2.0 saw a few upgrades. Carb adapter plate. I tapped a 3/16 piece of flat steel with a 3/4 inch pipe thread and two bolt holes. Utilizing the paper gasket I already cut this stopped all the leaks at the carb from plate flex. I attached the other bracket for good measure to keep the weight of the iron pipe from pulling down on the carb.I also removed the pex pipe. That was a bad idea. It melted at the bucket and I did not have any pex clamps on it. In an effort to save a few bucks I just removed the exhaust gas return line and put it on the intake side. I was very fortunate the 1 inch inside diameter pipe fits very tightly over a 3/4 inch black iron pipe. If you turn it one the flexible line loosens enough to slip over the pipe fitting - a gentle twist the other way and it locks down like a Chinese finger trap. Exhaust style u bolt clamps would be recommended.No more leaks!Combustion needs three things: Air, Fuel, Ignition. (A special thank you Mr. McNeese in my 1st year of high school auto shop class- see I was not completely tuned out!)A charcoal gasifer has plenty of heat (ignition) and fuel (charcoal) so the only way to put it out is to remove the air from the environment. This is easily done with metal caps or valves. I caped and left a very hot reactor over night and the next morning it was cool to the touch and not smoking.Compression and storageAll results are data and not all of our hypothesis are correct. I theorized I could compress it, store it in a propane tank and burn it on an outdoor burner. (Think grill, turkey fryer, stove or eventually Coleman lantern). I successfully compressed the gas I produced but I was not able to light it in said stove. I think that if would light in my engine - it would light by itself. I blame my cheap leaking Harbor Freight 12v compressor. I'm not sure it had the ability to draw the volume needed to stoke the fire properly. I would very much like to try this with a larger compressor and see how it does.Materials and designThis fire was HOT! I though I had a piece of stainless that I cut to length for my fresh air intake. It was actually some sort of cheap shiny chrome looking metal. It melted into large blobs in the bottom of my bucket. Cool - but not working as intended. I would also move my intake pipe up 2 inches from the bottom of the bucket to allow for a larger reaction zone and ash bed.Prototyping labThis is my dad's generator. He is coming by tomorrow and I'll have to return it. If I continue to pursue this further I would like to build a rapid prototyping lab. I have a 1971 John Deere Kohler motor with electric start and a bad carb sitting in my workshop. I think mounting this on a cart with a battery would be advantageous. I would like to find a more universal platform that would allow for the utilization of different implements other than just a generator. Belt driven water pump, hydraulic pump, fan, alternator etc. Charcoal production and refinementI don't have a charcoal production and processing set up at my house. I can see a real potential for me to utilize a charcoal gasifier. I already burn wood for heat so I have it on my property. I just need a few barrels and a way to properly screen charcoal sizes. Gary Gilmore from PA has a few videos on his awesome setup.
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When Using Just the Fan of an Air Conditioning System, Is It the Outside Air That Is Flowing Or It I
It depends on the system type and the functionality provided.Residential air conditioning systems are usually 100% recirculating, and if you want outdoor air in the space you open a window or windows.Commercial systems, systems serving commercial or public buildings, may have an economizer, which is capable of drawing in 100% outside air when outdoor conditions permit (i. e. cool enough), and they draw in 15-20% outdoor air all the time as ventilation air to the space.The fan-only option can be useful in 100% recirculating residential systems if there are temperature differences throughout the house, hot rooms and cold rooms for example; running the fan will 'stir-up' the space and even out the temperatures without running the condensing unit (outdoor air conditioner) or furnace. If the temperature difference is due to an air balance problem, better to balance the system with the modulating dampers at each diffuser, but if it's a problem in the afternoon in a west-facing room with lots of windows, for example, the fan alone can be helpful. When using just the fan of an air conditioning system, is it the outside air that is flowing or it is just the inside air that is just turning round?1. Do you know anyone who uses a geothermal heat pump for their home heating and air conditioning?A/C that can run backwards is as good of a short description as any. Uses 'free' heat, you just have to pay to move it. Sound technology, but not for every locale or application. Cost: Hard to say, but I would not be suprised by a bid of $15,000 to $20,000. Supplement: Part of the system is 'emergency heat'. Essentially electric coils (a.k.a. electric furnace). It is used to cover heat needs when the capacity is reached. Expensive when its called. Most residential electric service has two-phase electric service (208vac). The largest compressor normally available for 208vac is 5-ton. 1-ton equals 12,000 BTUs... so 5-tons equals 60,000 BTUs. 60,000 BTUs an hour is the capacity of the refrigerant system to move heat. If your home ever exceeds 60,000 BTUs of heat loss, then the emergency heat will kick on... and the meter will spin. You could install multiple heat pumps, but the installation cost multiplies also. Try a search here on heat pumps. No, I am not being cheeky, there is just a lot of good info here and it is too much to regurgitate it all. Bottom line, it can mean some very low utility bills if sized and installed properly, but a very expensive mistake if not.2. How can I cool a room without fans or air conditioning?keep it clean, turn the lights out, shut off all electricity not in use (computers& tv's inclusive) and open the windows3. How do I stop my household Central Air Conditioning from tripping my circuit breaker?I definitely would be concerned. It has been very hot this summer. Your AC unit is probably dirty and drawing excessive current. It might work fine (or seem to) when it's 90, but the dirt on the outside coil will prevernt good heat transfer when it's 102. Clean it. Clean it. Clean it. Clean it. You would be very surprised the difference a good cleaning can make on an air conditioning system.4. What alternative tent materials can you use for a very large tent the size of a school hall to lower the cost of air conditioning?Tents are tents, normally constructed of the same canvas everywhere, but suppliers in the north and deep south have padded/insulated materials. Check the internet and your local party equipment supplier/rental. Note that number of occupants can be the largest factor in cooling. Use the 'rule-of-thumb' of 75 Watts of heat radiated by each person.What alternative tent materials can you use for a very large tent the size of a school hall to lower the cost of air conditioning?5. How Did People Survive Without Air Conditioning In the Past?Sat on the front porch fanning themselves and drinking iced tea during the hot part of the day. I do not think I could've stood it6. How Big Should Obama's Carbon Tax be to Get Elderly to Cut Back on Heat & Air Conditioning?As big as it takes
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Review Rolita Pink Crystal Studded Hanging Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach Single-light Pendant Light
Review Rolita Pink Crystal Studded Hanging Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach Single-light Pendant LightBuy Link: CLICK HERERolita Pink Crystal Studded Hanging Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach Single-light Pendant Light Product Description:Rolita Pink Crystal Studded Hanging Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach Single-light Pendant Light. Drawing inspiration from the classic fairy tale Cinderella, products from Rolita collection will not only bring ample and warm glow to your kids room, but also transform their space into an enchanted place. This adorable single-light pendant light is designed to stir your children's imagination and enhance your room with elegance and sophistication. Beautiful hanging crystals twinkle in the light, giving off a soft glow when illuminated. Bring magic into your kids lives with this gorgeous hanging pumpkin coach pendant light. - Materials: Metal, Crystal- Finish: White- Crystal Color: Pink, Clear- Diameter of Canopy: 4.7"120mm- Dimension of Light Fixture: 14.6"Dia x 15.4"H (370mmDia x 390mmH)- Chain Length: 19.7"500mm (adjustable, contact us if you need longer)- Bulbs: 1x40W incandescent E27/E26 (not included)- Assembly Instructions: This fixture does need to be hard wired. Minimal assembly is required. Professional installation is recommended.- Input Voltage: 110-120V (North America), 220-240V (Europe, Australia, New Zealand)- We will send you the appropriate light based on your voltage choice.. Tag: kids lighting,kids ceiling lights,nursery light fixture,carriage pendant light. Price: 199.99 USD. Sale Price: USD.The Rolita Pink Crystal Studded Hanging Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach Single-light Pendant Light is certainly that and will be a great buy. For this price, the Rolita Pink Crystal Studded Hanging Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach Single-light Pendant Light is highly recommended and is a popular choice with lots of people.Buy Rolita Pink Crystal Studded Hanging Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach Single-light Pendant Light·RELATED QUESTIONWhat's the meaning of Sia's Chandelier song?Before Chandelier, Sia was a singer with mediocre success.She was really struggling to push her career when she lost her partner to an accident. She got addicted to drugs, suffered depression and even wrote a suicide note. Drugs and alcohol were her only coping mechanisms. This song is about the time she was addicted to alcohol and drugs and her struggle to get out of it.In an interview, Sia said that she always knew she was a drinker and that she must stop, her guilt, shame is what the following lyrics suggest:-Sun is up, I'm a messGotta get out now, gotta run from thisHere comes the shame, here comes the shame.. but, out of peer pressurephones blowing up, they're ringing my door bells, I feel the love..she did not stop.1,2,3 ... 1,2,3 drinkthrow them back till I lose countThe only time she could escape from reality was when she was high, under the influence of alcohol and drugs. She could be carefree, live like tomorrow didn't exist.I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelierI'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't existLike it doesn't existI'm gonna fly like a bird through the nightChandelier is ultimately a brutally honest tale of substance abuse.Sia wrote the song for Rihanna but I am so glad that she kept this one for herself.
2021 07 25
Is Hello Kitty Okay for a Middle Schooler?
I am gonna be a sophomore in high school and I am wearing one of my hello kitty pjs!1. Same model car hello signals?Have you been watching Maximum Overdrive? I've never heard of such a thing2. snow in april, what the hello?The North has crazy weather..You just never know..One minute, it's sunny..The next it's a crazy ice storm....You just never know what the weather brings and the meterologist is no help either3. "Hello, World!”I made this for you!JavaScript function golf is included into the language page HTML, so use it right from the console!If you want it as an alert, here you are (21 byte):That said, I finally got time for improvement of the framework.: I mean, the language golfing framework4. Poll: Nicest way to say hello?hard situation check out from google or bing that will could help5. Are you obsess with Hello Kitty ?No. I do have a few Hello Kitty stuff, but i am more obsess with it's company "Sanrio" I like Cinnamoroll, Badtz- Maru and Kuromi more than Kitty White.6. Can you say hello to me?This is much harder than I thought it would beAfter much consideration, and agonizing, I have made up my mindThere's no turning back nowIt's now or neverHello7. hello kitty and others?YES YES I loooved Hello Kitty! And Franklin was so coool! I used to watch Tiny Toons when I was sick and home from school!8. Favorite Sanrio Character (Hello Kitty)?HeLLO KITTTY!!!! then its Kuromi, then Pochacco! >:D9. How do you say Hello in Korean?"Anyonghashimnika?" is almost literally the 'How are you?' greeting10. What is hello in spanish?Great! Ur back! FQ: No. Bayern are gonna win for sure. I think the whole of Switzerland **** their pants whenever Gomez got the ball. Round of 16 has been crazy specially 2nd leg, as 1st leg, good teams didnt do their best away but made an amazing comeback (Chelsea, Bayern, Barca, Real) and Inter vs Marseille was crazy too (last minute goals)11. What is it like to use a Sense by Hello?I am the husband mentioned in Paula Griffin's answer. I am also enjoying the Sense quite a bit. The smart alarms are my favorite feature. Through some experimentation, I've found that I am very sensitive to where in my sleep cycle I wake up. I tried various smart alarm apps on and off for a few years, but they were generally buggy or sensitive to phone placement. The Sense does way better and gets me up at a consistently pleasant time.The additional sleep data is also nice, particularly in combination with my Basis Peak. The data generally agree between devices, and any errors from, e.g., reading in bed after my alarm are easy to correct in the Sense app. It also seems like the Sense app is doing a lot locally on the phone and handling subsequent API calls asynchronously; for example, changes to wakeup time are reflected instantaneously throughout the app. This is a welcome change from the Basis app, which can be quite sluggish. It was a bit funny to see a protobuf error during setup, though, particularly as a Googler.PS: The partner movement tracking is great, especially since we've decided to blame all sleep disruptions on the dog.12. Are there any Hello Kitty fans out there???Yea I love Hello Kitty13. Is it a sin for a guy to like hello kitty?Nope not a sin! If that's your how you roll than work it :) Do not let anyone talk smack. You own that hello kitty bracelet!14. mac hello kitty collection?confusing point check out at bing and yahoo just that may help15. How do you say "Hello" in Persian?It is read like : salum16. Hello Kitty Shirt for a guy :D?Uhm. Its style of unatractive for a hi Kitty shirt. Get something else thats hi Kitty. in line with hazard Shoelaces or Socks, underclothes.. even . in case you like the colour pink get some guy Polo Shirts that are pink or a photograph tee. desire this helped. & stable luck on your decission.17. Different ways of saying "Hello & Goodbye"?extremely tough matter try searching from google and yahoo this could help
2021 07 25
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