In Triangle ABC, Angle B2 Angle a. the Bisectors of These Angle Meet at D, While BD Extended Meet AC

Let the two little angles at A be x degrees. Then the 2 little angles at B will each be 2x.

Now sum the angles of triangle AEB. xx2x 110 180. 4x 110 1804x 70x 17.


Depending where the originating bank and destination bank are and if they are different banks it is more likely to be on the account by 06:00.Chris R- London


Is Bank of America owned by the American government?

No, U.

S. Bancorp (US Banks parent company) is a publicly traded entity, so technically, stockholders own US Bank. The name started with the United States National Bank of Portland in the 1800s, but they were never government owned or government entities like the Federal Reserve banks are


How can I construct an angle of 7 and a half degrees?

1 Draw a straight horizontal line.2 Draw a semicircle arc from any one of its end.3 Now, Mark an arc which will produce 60 angle.

4 Now, bisect that 60 angle by marking an arc which will give 30 angle. 5 Now, bisect that 30 angle arc to produce an arc of 15 angle.6 Now, finally bisect that 15 angle to produce an angle of ( 7.



What will the jail time be for DUI, eluding, and hitting a parked car?

So many variables such as jurisdiction. However, typically a DUI conviction only is enhanced if it is within 5 years of a previous one.

The eluding charge is sometimes used as a bargaining chip to induce a defendant to plead guilty to the DUI . As always it is best to get some legal counsel in the case of criminal charges.


How can I lower my BAC fast?

However, there are some things they can do to feel more alert and appear soberer.Coffee. Caffeine may help a person feel alert, but it does not break down alcohol in the body.

.Cold showers. Cold showers do nothing to lower BAC levels.

. .Eating and drinking.

. .Sleep.

. .Exercise.

. .Carbon or charcoal capsules.


Will commercial aircraft ever reach the speeds of military jets?

Already have, its called the Concorde. It went faster than most jet fighters are capable of even when carrying no ordinance.

It was just too expensive to keep selling enough tickets, to keep enough of them flying, to keep cost aggregated over number of aircraft low enough to cover maintainence costs. If that makes sense


What would it take to (theoretically) turn someone's BAC to 100? In other words, 100% blood alcohol concentration?

Their brain and vital organs would shut down long before it was achieved so what's the point? 0.5% is the fatal dose for most people.

0.2% is blackout and 0.1% is visibly drunk.

If you just want a number I guess 100% is equivalent to your body weight in strong liquor


How much does an MBA for an experienced person help in advancing his/her career?

What experienced person has is experienceWhat MBA teach you is critical thinkingWhen i finish my MBA, i tend to be more critical to every point i can see, i debate more, what i say is more in structure. I think more than talk.

I evaluate myself in every angle in life and work, etc


Given the points A(2,3) and B(0,-1), what is the coordinate of the point C such that the angle BAC is a right angle and the length BC is 5 units?

Let (h,k) be the required coordinates of C.Since angle BAC is given to be 90, BC will be the hypotenuse.

Hence by Pythagoras theorem AB^2 AC^2 BC^2(31)^2 (20)^2 (h-2)^2 (k-3)^2 5^2Simplifying (h-2)^2 (k-3)^2 5. Hence C is not a unique point, but has a locus which is a circle with centre at A and radius 5


Why do oil companies not pay their workers while they are on the rig?

They do, even in the current climate of drastic cost reductions oil workers are still relatively well compensated for their labour.

Of course typically this payment is made by BACS transfer directly into the workers bank account rather than with an envelope stuffed with cash at the end of each week


How accurate is a breathalyzer test? Could that technology be used to detect Covid-19 in breath droplets?

An alcohol breathalyzer operates off Henry's law.

Which is basically taking a sample of a vapor over a liquid to determine the concentration of that liquid. Conversion comes up with a BAC blood alcohol content. Since Covid is not a vapor a breathalyzer operating on the same principle would not work


In triangle ABC, AD is the bisector of angle BAC.

Prove that AB>BD.

AD is the internal bisector of

Now by the triangle inequality, bc>a and therefore 1>a/(bc) or c>ac/(bc) or AB> BD. QED


If your commercial driver's license expires, and you don't renew it, but just get a regular license instead, are you treated as if you still had a CDL if you get into an accident?

If are driving a commercial vehicle when you get into an accident, you are driving without a license and that is a serious problem all by itself.

If you get into an accident in your personal car, any other licenses that you have or don't have is not important


Where are the best off the beaten path destinations in Vietnam?

My favourite destination is Phong Nha in the Quang Binh province. The worlds largest and the third largest caves are there.

Dozens of other interesting caves to explore. Mysterious landscape (part of the Kong: the Skull Island movie was shot there). Full day hike on the Ho Chi Minh trail (take the Abandoned Valley hike if its still available)


In a circle two tangents PA and PB are drawn from a point P outside the circle.

A chord BC parallel to PA is drawn. If angle APB 40 degree, then what will be the angle BAC?

Angle PAB base angle of isoscles triangle1/2*(18040)70.

Angle ABCalternate angle PAB70 degrees. (as PA parallel to BC and AB is a transversal)If O is the centre of circle ., OA perpendicular to PA.

Similarly OB perpendicular to PB. Hence angle AOB 18040140Angle ACB 1/2 Angle AOB 70. Angle BAC 180707040.


What was faster, the USA Concorde or the Russian Concorde?

This is the US Boeing 2702 which was meant to be a competitor for Concorde, there is a good reason it is only an artists impression, it was never made.The British/French Concorde served for many years, the Russian copy did fly but was a failure


What would happen if someone is arrested for DUI/DWI, but the state administered test (e.

g. the one that is typically administered at the jail or police station) registers a BAC of 0.00?

I would conclude that the guy was under the influence of some recreational chemical other than alcohol, and ask for an officer trained in determining if a person is under the influence of some drug to examine the arrestee and make a determination.I would also check to see if the arrestee is diabetic, since some diabetic symptoms can mimic drunkenness


In a triangle ABC, angle B is twice angle C. AD bisects angle BAC.

AB DC. Prove that angle BAC 72 degrees?

In this question we simply have to establish a relation between X and Y.

Similarly we have to establish a relation in such question if we don't find any information in question.At last we have to use Angle Sum Property of a Triangle. Thank you best of luck!



If I am under 21 and get caught drinking with a BAC level below .08% in Arizona, what are the legal consequences?

I am not a Lawyer & am not giving legal advice. Seek a lawyer for legal advice. Here are some resources to check out:Underage Drinking and Arizona LawsArizona Minor in Possession of Alcohol Charges and Penalties | Criminal LawPersonally, I wouldn't even consider drinking anywhere you might get caught


How fast can a jet airplane go on the ground?

For how long? The planes tires are rated for a max speed and a max time or max distance. The max speed cant be a sustained speed, the tires would overheat.

As a rough ballpark figure, take the max landing speed of a plane, say 180 knots or slower.


If in an isosceles triangle, the base is the shortest side, then how can you show that the vertical angle is less than 60u00b0?

In any triangle the angle opposite to the smallest side will be the smallest angle.

So the verticle angle is thesmallest angle.Since it is an isosceles triangle the other two angles should be equal. So verticle angle should be less than 60 since the sum of the three angles should be 180


What are the short-term consequences of drinking a lot of alcohol?

Depends on what u201ca lotu201d is to you.This webpage has a very thorough chart of the effects of alcohol in your blood at different concentrations (note that BAC depends on bodyweight and metabolism, but on average you can assume that 1 shot/beer/glass of wine is equivalent to raising your BAC by 0.02-.

03 each)


What are some songs sung with a North Vietnamese dialect? What are some YouTube links to songs sung by North Vietnamese artists?

Youve obviously lived under a rock.

Why dont you try searching it up on YouTube? Vietnamese music has a wondrously large presence on YouTube provided you actually search Viet music. Personally I havent heard many Vietnamese songs in Southern dialect it sounds funny to me when sung


Does working out get alcohol out of someoneu2019s system?

Although exercise increases ones metabolism therefore increasing the rate of food breakdown thereby increasing the amount of energy usage, can it actually assist in getting alcohol out of the body system any quicker than not exercising? I think the short answer is no it doesnt


What is the difference between a put and call option in the stock market?

You buy a call option when you are bullish.

You buy a put option when you are bearish. A call option gives you the right (but not the obligation) to buy at a certain price. A put option gives you the right (but not the obligation) to sell at a particular price


Police on Quora, what procedure would you follow if you pulled over a motorist under suspicion of drunk driving and learned their leg was broken and in a cast?

Would you force them to follow the usual tests or skip right to the Breathalyzer?

There are other tests that can be used. The PBT is not admissible in court.

The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test (eye test) is a huge indicator of driving while intoxicated.No I wouldnt make them do any tests that required the use of their legs


What defenses are there in a DUI case?

There are a variety of ways an attorney may choose to defend their clients.

This video has a great breakdown of how to win a DUI case, which includes things like humanizing the person accused of the DUI, reviewing how the police handled the arrest, how the accused was driving, looking at the chemical test as well as other things


Has rough turbulence ever broken the wings off of an airliner?

The heavier the turbulence, the more wing flex you will have. But how much more wing flex?

Recall that during normal flight your wing would typically flex 0-7 degrees up and down? How about during the strongest of turbulence or gusts?Typically, up to 10 degrees of max wing flex.

So no, the airplane wings will not break during strong turbulence!.


How does water help you sober up?

It doesnt. The alcohol in your body must be metabolized for you to sober up, and your body can metabolize only so much so fast. But drinking alcohol does tend to dehydrate you, so its good to drink lots of water after you have been out drinking


Can someone help me find a solution for the height of the 3,4,5 triangle?

For a question you have two ways to solve ittraditionalsmartIn Traditional way you can assume x and just start solving it .but to solve it smartly you can link the question to areaso,we know the area of right angle triangle is 1/2(base *height)1/2*3*41/2*5*hi.e h 12/52.



Is it possible to get research experience working with a professor after graduation but before grad school/PhD admissions?

YEs! you just have to approach your prof.

But you have to show interest in the research projects or line of research your prof is in. Plus you need to have a very good track record with not just good marks in the course but interesting, thoughtful and futuristic thinking


Should the U.S.

drinking age be 18?

18. I strongly believe that adults in the USA should be able to make there own decisions in life.

Even if they are sometimes making the wrong decisions, people learn and grow to become better from there mistakes, a very important part of young adults lives around the age of 18


How can an airliner fly with only one engine? Wouldnu2019t it start turning in the direction of the disabled engine?

That would be the reason they put flight controls such as rudders to control that turning you asked about.

Its called adverse yaw. The other engine has plenty of power to fly the aircraft by itself and the controls are sufficient to keep the airplane heading in the right direction


Is a 2,000-euro fine for being caught by police in Berlin when trying to drive a small motorbike with 1.5% alcohol in my blood too much, or is it normal by German law?

I think you got away easy. Driving with more than 1.1 per million is a felony in Germany.

In addition to your fine, you should have lost your drivers permit for 6 months to 5 years. The court could have also sent you to jail for up to 5 years. Lucky for you that German courts are very lenient compared to other countries.


Why do many consider YF-23 to be better than the F-22?

Because it never reached the stage where all the ugly things came to be known?like all the other fantastic aircraft that never reached operational status, but are now looked upon as the best there wasand in some cases might really have been so, like the Avro Arrow, BAC TSR-2, XB-70 etc


Why donu2019t police skip the roadside sobriety tests and go straight to a breathalyzer which is faster and more accurate?

A suspect can refuse to take the breathalyzer or have blood drawn. The arrest itself must be based on probable cause determined by the compilation of the officers observations of operation and additional evidence obtained from sobriety testing which may enhance the probable cause beyondthe officers initial observations to make the stop


What smart move did you make during the last financial crisis?

That depends on which last financial crisis youre referring to.

Ive been involved with the market since the late 50s, so I have a different viewpoint than most younger people.In 1987, the Sunday before the crash, I got a hint from someone who knew, so I shorted as much as I could. I didnt make out too badly.

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