If the Magnifying Power of a DSLR Changes on Which Lens Is Using..?

Your question is rather confusing. Let's start with normal 'compact' digital cameras. They have zoom lenses of various powers, typically from about 4x to 30x or more, depending on model. That lens is 'fixed' into the camera and cannot be interchanged as the lens on a SLR or DSLR can be interchanged. The word 'zoom' simply means that the magnifying power of the lens can be changed smoothly over a certain range - the word 'zoom' does not really mean 'powerful, like a telescope', but many people think that is what 'zoom' means. A low-to-mid priced DSLR has a 'kit zoom lens' which is usually 18mm to 55mm, good for medium wide-angle landscapes to portraits, but not powerful enough for sports or wildlife. For sports etc you need a zoom lens of about 70mm to 300mm, which is quite a powerful telephoto zoom lens. I hope that helps to clear up your ideas.

1. Do Clothes Make The Man?

It's sound like you are a confident person and that's all you need. I pLay sports too and my fav brands are Nike,/Abercrombie. too 1. If you are no sure, you can keep the same brand of clothes you have just add some spice to it.lol.

2. Is showering every day healthy?

Yeah I do find that sorta gross, especially if you play sports and do not shower after. I shower once, sometimes even twice a day

3. Ex wife keeps calling our home for non-emergencies.?

During our custodial time his ex was calling every day, which was extremely disruptive for homework, dinner, sports, baths and bedtime. Rather than engage in conflict (I do not think she realized how disruptive it was) I unplugged the phone and had the kids call when the work was done. Now they are back at mom's and THEY are calling the minute he walks in the door from work and during dinner. He opts not to pick up and to call back. It's simply necessary to manage some of this or you can never have a peaceful, orderly life. I realize this would not be the priority for all, but we do value it. It's simple to call back when we are free. In your case, I would turn off the phone, and never mention it to him. Kind of evil, I know, but I could not listen to all the mindless chatter night after night. I agree that it's important for all the adults to have the children's interests foremost, and I get along with my ex and his ex, but I do not let them take over my life. EDIT: This is not about jealousy or insecurity, it's about the right to control how my evening goes. I would unplug the phone if my own family were calling too often, and have. Also, if an emergengcy were to occur, there are numerous phones the ex could call. We still decide whether to answer. Phones are for our convenience. We are at no ones beck and call.

4. Is swimming considered to be a cardio exercise? If yes/no, why/why not?

In recreation and sports, the propulsion of the body through water by combined arm and leg motions. Swimming is popular as an all-around fitness routine and as a competitive sport. It has been included in the modern Olympic Games since their inception in 1896. Events include freestyle (crawl-stroke) races at distances of 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, and 1,500 m; backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly races at 100 and 200 m; individual medley races at 200 and 400 m; freestyle relays, 4 100 m and 4 200 m; and the medley relay, 4 100 m. Long-distance swimming competitions, usually of 15-37 mi (24-59 km), are generally held on lakes and inland waters

5. Why do Americans hate Soccer?

we do not hate it, it's just not one of our favorite sports. as far as stick & ball sports go, football is king here. the TV ratings for the NFL are literally triple what they are for the other sports. then there's baseball, basketball, and hockey, all of which are much, much more popular than soccer. not to mention sports like NASCAR & golf, which are also bigger than soccer. oh, and college football and basketball are huge too. so with all of those other, more popular sports, soccer just gets lost in the shuffle plus there's all the tie games. we HATE tie games. take the england - US game, for example. months of hype over that game with both sides talking trash and it ends in a freaking tie. sheesh!

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