If Professor Stephen Hawking Lived in Saudi Arabia, Would He Have Been Sent to Prison for His Ideas?

In regard to John Burgess s answer :Your answer sir is totally wrong and based only on the pejorative view of hollywood toward saudis and it is a real shame for an expat who spent years in Saudi Arabia to make such assumption without a little google research.Link: - The link is for an innovative yound saudi indvidual who happened to be a handicap and an inventor and an engineer who graduated from KFUPM and currently working at Saudi Aramco and doing his Master and PhD.I apologize the page is only in English, you could use google translator.

Now back to the question, it would depend on the thories ,if they make a conflict with Islam then we would have a problem. Personally, i guess he would be a muslim cleric/ scientist but might not recive the same quality of education due to the lack of such quality at that time

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How do I become as intelligent as Richard Feynman?

I read an autobiography of his recently. In one of the excerpts he talked about while in school classmates would often snicker and criticize his pronunciation of words. One time he referred to the zoonomical renditioning (I didnt get that term right either.) of a cat as a map of a cat. he defined things as he saw them in the simplest of terms. He soon realized all these other classmates who made fun of him were using a large portion of their brains computing power to memorize things that could be looked up in 5 minutes. He said they were spending more time focusing on getting terminology correct instead of focusing on the actual concepts themselves. Who cares if you call it a map of a cat if you understand perfectly everything that map represents. That is how you become as intelligent as Feyman, dont waste your time on things you can easily look up


Do you expect the current looting, rioting, and vandalism in the United States will subside under a Joe Biden led administration?

Yes, because he will respond to them in a reasonable manner.So far, Trump has praised a guy who murdered 2 people, claimed to speak to the pastor of a victim while the family says they have no pastor, disparaged a Senator who was a prisoner of war, disparaged the parents of a guy who gave his life for this country, etc., etc., etc.His latest shenanigans are that he is telling his followers to absentee vote, and then go to the polls to vote again, just to be sure their vote was registered.

Of course, votes arent tallied until the election is over, so this will mean that the few followers he has left will be voting a second time illegally, and will be subject to prosecution. But hey, he might get a few extra votes out of it, so his sacrifice is worth it. Oh, wait, its you that will be paying the fine or doing the time.


Who is behind the death of the IAS officer DK Ravi?

As per the reports of The Hindu:-Autopsy on the body of D.K. Ravi was conducted by a team of doctors led by Dr. Venkataraghavan at Victoria Hospital on Tuesday morning.

The IAS officer was found hanging from the bedroom ceiling fan by his wife, Kusuma on Monday evening in their apartment in Chikka Adugodi.Its too early to be jugdemental and blame anyone for his death.The family of D.K. Ravi is demanding a CBI inquiry into the death.

According to locals, Ravi took on the sand mafia and had put an end to it in Kolar during his term there. When the local police showed reluctance to prevent the powerful sand mafia, he himself led the operation against them risking his personal safety. It made him a hero among the common people overnight. Finally, the same sand mafia allegedly got him transferred to Bengaluru. His transfer had led to protests across Kolar district for weeks


Why are narcissists so vindictive after the discard?

Narcissists enjoy turning the internal shame they feel about themselves, into anger and disdain for others. It temporarily makes them feel powerful and gives them a sense of relief. But, it is a double edged sword and on a subconscious level it increases their shame. So, this can lead them to spiral out of control like an addict over time. Narcissistic Abuse always gets worse with time, as a result. Their disordered thinking means they are never in sync with the way a neurotypical thinker would do things. This adds to our sense of confusion and feelings of shock, when we are subjected to such treatment. The narcissist knows our love for them and our feelings are our Achilles Heel. It is all about them, so the more distressed you are the more powerful they feel. The Grey Rock Method works so well, over time as it denies them supply and gives the victim a shield to protect themselves from the narcissist


What is the most unsettling truth about the Delhi riots that you know?

The unsettling truth of Delhi riots -There is hardly any loss of property, except for the destitution.all the burning of vehicle and others during the riots where abandoned properties, i.e junks.The abandoned goods that was burned on the roads near residence was cause of arson.

This riots were designed and prepared for at least one month ahead and the Trump visit was scheduled accordingly.The deaths in the Riots was mostly dead bodies.The murder of IB official as riots victim and the dead bodies in the drainages needs investigation. Did IB official died due to performing duties?What is the truth of dead bodies in the drainages? Rioters will not kill and throw dead bodies in the drain. These bodies are not of riots.There were huge flow of money as redemption to this loss. You can say that Delhi Riots was insured.

Delhi Riots was as fake as Balakot strike, surgical strike, Nirbhaya Rape & Murder, Hanging of Convicts and latest CORONA VIRUS


What were the biggest anti-intellectual movements in history?

Socialism. Hands down.This is a considerable irony since Marxism is defined as scientific socialism; an intellectual product. In the workers paradise, to be an intellectual is to be an enemy of the state.Lenin relented on this view out of necessity, and was considered a Marxist traitor by purists as a result. The Chinese however, took it very seriously, refusing to consider school teachers as worker class until Maos death. The most rigorous implementation of the ideology was in Cambodia, where the Khmer Rouge engaged in a genocide of all Cambodians even suspected of being intellectuals (such as requiring eye glasses, a sign that the individual was literate).The tradition continues in the Western world, where the intersectional left demands rigorous compliance with speech codes designed to produce an Orwellian conformity to a loose set of left-wing ideologies. Universities are forced, by the threat of violence, to disinvite anyone challenging the lefts orthodoxy


How is life in Canada compared to the Netherlands?

A few facts to correct related to geography from a previous answer:Toronto has noticeably hotter summers than Amsterdam: 27c vs 22c

And colder winters: -1c vs 6c

(daily high temps for warmest and coldest months)Amsterdam receives a bit more precipitation than Toronto: 883 vs 786

but Toronto receives more of that precipitation as snow making total rainfall in Amsterdam quite a bit higher than Toronto.Toronto receives 25% more sunlight than Amsterdam: 2066 vs 1662 hours annually.Toronto is substantially further south than Amsterdam: 43.6 vs 52.3 degrees latitude (which translates to about 1000km further south). So Amsterdam has substantially longer days in the summer and shorter winter days.Overall the biggest geographic difference is the size. The Netherlands can fit nicely into a small part of southern Ontario from Toronto west to the US boarder. Canada has twice the population but is hundreds of times bigger. It takes three days or more to drive across Canada while the Netherlands can be crossed in less than 3 hours.


As a teacher or a student, what is the saddest thing you've ever seen a student go through?

In 6th grade I was friends with a boy in my class who was quiet aand enjoyed science and music. His father had a reputation for drinking. My friend did not get new clothes or shoes very often. One Monday morning my friend did not come to school. The teacher explained that his father had been killed. We were encouraged to be sensitive to his moods when he did return. Mondays local paper revealed that my friend's father had been beaten to death by two men, in the parking lot of a local bar. My friend was sad and angry for the rest of the school year. He focused on the piano and became a wonderful soloist. Several years after high school graduation, tradedy struck him again when his home burned down with all his belongings. In 6th grade it just did not seem right to even laugh around him. There was a pall of glooom that surrounded him for years.


Why does Ant-Man like Captain America so much?

Two words:America'sAssFor real though, he probably grew up learning about Captain America's heroics in World War Two. Many people forget, Cap was basically the biggest, most well known war hero of all time. Not to mention he was an actor in a few 1940u2019s war movies as well.

Then after he came out of the ice and he led the Avengers to victory in the Battle of New York, the US built an entire wing about him in the Smithsonian. THE SMITHSONIAN. That's a huge deal!On the more psychological side of things, Scott probably pictures Cap as the epitome not only of what a superhero is and how a superhero should act, but what a good man is and how a good man should act. He aspires to be more like Cap and less like the criminal he once was before he became Ant-Man.

Why does Ant Man like Captain America so much?


What caliber of tragedy would have to take place for gun advocates to change their mind about gun control?

I suspect the key condition will not be the size of the tragedy so much as the nature of victims.Poor black or other minority victims, well, it was probably part of their culture and their own fault. Ordinary folk in small town America, sad, but these things happen.

If you really, really want to have an impact, the victims should come from the political class itself. An attack on a cafe in a poorer area of Chicago that left 6 locals dead - another statistic. Attack the Senate dining room and kill 6 senators, thats a disaster and an attack on our very way of life.

If you could arrange for one of the senators to be accompanied by his blonde haired 10 year old grand daughter, immediate gun control would guaranteed.Not that I am recommending anyone to try this remedy. You dont have to. One day the gun crazies will do it for you.


Is BJP an anti-employee government?

No BJP is not an anti employee government. It is trying to make government running less money intensive than before. It is a bitter medicine that has to be taken by the government employees. If the government doesn't take these harsh steps we might see our country running into revenue deficit in future where the cost of running the government is more than it earn from various taxes.Second scenario might be that the government might increases the taxes in future to keep the revenue which is also bad for the economy of the country. Another that I want to know why government employees are still getting job security when in private companies the employee who doesn't preform upto the mark is asked to leave the job. I sincerely hope that the government also removes this job security thing and fire people who under perform or indulge in corrupt practices. This is only an elementary answer comments are more than welcome for or against the answer. Thank you

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