If Japan Had Nuked America Instead of the Other Way Around, Would Americans Ever Forgive Japan the W

Forgiveness by Japan was based on their realization that their own government planning killing millions of them in order to get a better negotiating position on a war that they had started and lost.It was also due to the US treating the Japanese far better than their own government had and infinitely better than the Japanese had treated those that they had defeated.Reverse all the circumstances and yes, the US could forgive Japan for nuking the US saving millions of our lives and then demonstratively bettering our lives from what they were before.

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Could urging people to revolt against state authority from the executive branch be considered treason?

Thanks for the question, Matt; but freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are still allowed in the United States. I do not know what led to the protest in Ohio; but governor Whitmer seems to have literally lost her mind. For some reason, she believes that a person fishing all alone on a lake in a non-motorized craft is causing a lot of coronavirus infections and that buying paint is another major factor in death.

If she cannot find the mental health treatment she needs, there will be civil disobedience on a giant scale in Michigan and anyone who encourages it is simply standing up against mindless tyranny


Is the exit poll results for the Lok Sabha elections 2019 show that the Modi factor matters even today?

Due to weak opposition in the India politics Modi mania speard more in the Hindi belt (north India) . The congress can't represented his leader Rahul Gandhi as opposition to modi. During the 7 phases of elections the anti Modi votes are spreaded to the regional parties rather than the congress . According to the exit polls nda will get around 300 seats which are more than in 2014 general elections and upa up to 120 and reaming seats are others so the trends are clearly states that Modi will be the prime minster of India according to exit polls but results are to be declared we have to wait until 23 Mar 2019The people exit polls


Which great performance by an unknown actor led to that actor being offered a role in a big budget movie?

Julia Roberts in 1988's Mystic Pizza. It was only her second film, and at that time her older brother Eric was much more famous, but her performance led people to predict that she would end up bigger than him, and that instead of being Eric's sister, he'd start being called Julia's brother (which is exactly what ended up happening).The attention she got for Mystic Pizza led to her being cast in 1989's Steel Magnolias, alongside Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine, Dolly Parton, Olympia Dukakis, Daryl Hannah, and Sam Shepard, and her role in that film earned her her first Oscar nomination, as Best Supporting Actress, at age 22


If I didn't do well in high school, is it still possible to get into an Ivy League university? I was enrolled in special education courses for the entirety of my primary education.

This is how I transferred to my dream school: Got all As in the Community College, and on my application, I listed the activities I had done with my passion, that reflected what I wanted to do as my major. I had volunteered in a campus museum, led tours as a docent and did restoration work with artifacts (my major was anthropology).You might mention in your essay what made the difference in success in the CC vs. in high school, decisions you made that led to high achievement. Be clear on why you want to get into your dream school and make sure that message gets across. Good luck


Why won't Pittsburgh officials meet with President Trump?

I think the real question is why is trump insisting on going when he has been asked by the mayor and many other officials, as well as members of some of the victims families, to postpone his visit. It would seem to me that they should be driving the agenda, not Trump.Why doesnt he just carry on with his silly hate fests and leave those poor people in peace? He didnt care enough about them to cancel his rally following the murders. So why is it so important for him to show his insincere empathy now?


Was there ever a declaration of war that the opposing country just ignored?

Not quite the same, but in WWII Thailand was, while technically still independent, basically under Japanese control. Japan insisted that Thailand declare war on the USA (which the Thai, on their own, would have had no interest in doing). The Thai government told their ambassador to Washington, DC, to deliver the declaration of war, but the ambassador never delivered it! The US was aware of the situation, but since they had no more desire for this war than Thailand did, ignored it. No declaration; no war.

(Recounted from memory - I could chase the details down in the sources if it mattered enough, I suppose.)


What is the Ro-Ro ferry service launched by PM Modi in Gujrat?

Ro-Ro -stands for Roll On/Roll Off. These ships are designed to carry vehicle cargoes such as car, trucks, trailers, railroad cars, etc. which can be driven on or off on their own wheels or using a platform vehicle.Why?Save travel time and fuel both for passengers and vehiclesPhase 1 (Gogha to Dahej) -> 350km by road will get reduced to 30km by waterwayBoost to trade and commerceProposed Ro-Ro Ferry Service:Watch the short video in this article to know about this service:Indias first Ro-Ro ferry service is here: Take a look into PM Modis dream project; watch video.


What made Pharaohs Khufu want to make the pyramids of Giza?

To fly. Since the earliest days man has dreamed of joining the birds in the sky. The intellectual leader Khufu already known as a god wanted to join the ranks of a Celestial god. In order to use his alchemical rockets and magic insulating carpets he needed assistance. With our first rockets we dropped them from airplanes. They didn't alrealy have the luxury of flight so they built the great pyramids as rocket launchers. This ramp and cannon propulsion is basically the same idea as a modern fighter jet catapult it's designed to get men in the air.


Why is Australia entering a second lockdown when they have so few cases compared to the rest of the world (around 100 a day for the first week of July)?

AISTRALIA is not entering a second lockdown, MELBOURNE in Victoria is.That's just one large city, which has had some serious outbreaks of COVID 19. On Saturday 12 July 2020 they had 227 new cases (About 1000 over the previous week) which is a LOT by Aussie standards.

Previously we had only a little over 7000 cases and 102 deaths for the WHOLE country.The borders between Victoria and it's neighbour states South Australia and New South Wales, are also being patrolled to stop Victorians from leaving their state.Other states have no lock down and travel between those states is not affected.


What is the difference between a Leftist and a Liberal?

In practice, what we see in the US is that liberals support meritocracy, moderated capitalism, progressive taxation, equality of opportunity, some government market interventions (single payer health care), city favorable laws (gun control), personal freedom (LGBTQXYZ) and a more generous safety net.Leftists seem to be first and foremost victims. The victimization is by the men, majority skin color, cisgender norms, people that have saved, companies that "steal" from society and history/reality in general. They don't seem to have a plan other than bemoaning corporations taking from the 1%, calling out "oppressors" and being mad about unequal outcomes


Is it as hard to choose between Biden and Trump as it was Bush and Gore?

You might have to ask the Supreme Court that question, since they wrongfully made Bush the President by not counting Gores winning votes in Florida. Bush was unsurprisingly a disaster, starting two ultimately pointless and endless wars.McConnell has been very busy appointing judges lately, so they may try the same illegal trickery again, since they somehow got away with it that time.

Add in the Electoral College, conveniently subtract the choice of the American voters and one can see how truly hard to chose the situation has become.The very suggestion that the American people are choosing the their Presidents is clearly delusional


Is there anyone else in BJP who can lead better than Modi?

BJPs ideological roots lie in the RSS. RSS is a fascist right-wing organisation whose sole purpose is to establish a Hindu Rashtra in India where in minorities are mistreated and wants to establish a theocratic majoritarian state.BJP will go to any extent to fulfill this dream of RSS. This means that whoever enters BJP will necessarily be regressive, dictatorial and a staunch promoter of Hindutva. Therefore, none in the BJP will lead the country better in any form.The party has to lose its ideological grounds with RSS because all they want to protect is the Hindu identity. For that, they dont mind killing people and causing riots.


Of the three Los Angeles Lakers iconic centers, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Shaquille O'Neal, could either Wilt or Kareem have stood a chance against Shaq, all in their primes?

Wilt Chamberlain would have physically dominated Shaq. He was significantly stronger, quicker, faster, more athletic and a way better leaper. He also had incredible endurance. Shaq would not be able to compete with Chamberlain. Kareem Abdul Jabbar would dominate Shaq offensively, but would have trouble guarding Shaq. Although Abdul Jabbar was extremely smart. He would figure out how to get Shaq in foul trouble. Abdul Jabbar like Chamberlain, had way more endurance than Shaq. Shaq had trouble with Arvydas Sabonis, who was about Chamberlain's size, but Chamberlain was vastly superior to Sabonis in every physical metric


Was the EU's decision to humiliate PM Theresa May at Salzburg a strategy to get concessions from the UK, or was it a show of contempt to a departing member?

Nobody decided to humiliate the PM. She humiliated herself and her country because neither know what they are doing or how to negotiate even a staircase.The EU has laid out from the beginning what the options are, and has repeatedly told her that there isnt going to be any cherry picking. The fact that she, to this day, does not comprehended that, is not a humiliation inflicted but a humiliation asked for.

Leavers are playing a childish game and have done so for 2 years now. And there is no more time to play childish games.That was the message from the EU to Theresa May.


Was Napoleon a genius for all the battles he won? Or an idiot for losing at Waterloo?

Napoleon was an excellent strategist: he was able to foresee a central strategy and three rescue strategies (which he simultaneously dictated to four secretaries).As for the Battle of Waterloo, his four strategies were (as usual) perfect but Marshal Ney did not obey (it was said he did not understand, which is very surprising given the precision of the orders) and has been much too slow and inconsistent / weak (I havent a good translation for french term vellitaire), in the end, it is not very far from a betrayal. In fact, he transformed what should have been the victory of a minority in the known defeat.


Is there a memorable incident during a toss conducted in international cricket?

This might be the most bizarre incident when a toss is conducted!!The toss didn't land on either sideIn an ACC U19 - Eastern Region - 2019 final between Nepal and Hong Kong toss didn't land on either side and hence had to be redone..This incident that took place at the Kinrara Oval in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,Nepal U-19 eventually went on to win the match and clinch the title as the team registered a comfortable six-wicket win over Hong Kong.Info:Coin fails to land on either side during toss in Nepal vs Hong Kong U19 match | Cricket News - Times of India.


Why do people blame Obama for the economy crashing even though the de regulation largely contributing to it was passed in 1999?

Dimwitted people will always believe in nonsense.Dont you know we have millions of them in America? The advent of social media has definitely shown us that much, which we didnt know the depth of dim mindedness in this country before that. How else could Trump possibly get elected?The facts about what President Obama did and was responsible for are out there for anyone who cares to find them. Dimwits want someone else to prove to them what they wont even bother to do some factual research to find themselves.Because thinking just a little can be really hard work for those not used to making the effort


Do you hate James Potter? Why?

Its all based upon the one memory of Snapes where he is jinked and hoisted in the air by his ankle, ironically by what might be his own spell. The problem with that is there is not back or front story. We dont know that James Potter went after Snape regularly or if there was some motive other than just because he exists to attack Snape. This is my opinion of someone who steered clear of certain jock types who took pleasure in being arsehole.There is just not enough information to make a good judgement. The act in the memory was despicable but is not proof of continuing bullying.

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Is the Traditional Energy-saving Lamp Regulator Used for LED Circuit? Detailed Analysis of 11 Defect
Can the controller of traditional energy-saving lamp act on LED circuit?There are many options for buying LED bulbs, but compatible led dimmers are difficult to choose. Many users will confidently say that it is OK to use the dimmer of traditional incandescent lamps. Now the most commonly seen on the market is thyristor dimmer, which is divided into DC and ac. it is very easy to use in incandescent lamps.After selecting the LED lamp with appropriate color temperature, lumen grade and beam angle, the dimming requirements are met. Different from the random dimming method of ordinary incandescent lamps, dimming LED bulbs with thyristors may be successful, but many problems will occur in most cases.Four conditions:The most common problem is that there is a buzzing beep or a strong stroboscopic. Ordinary incandescent lamps only need to adjust the voltage to adjust the light and shade, but it may not work for LED lamps. We have done experiments and the following four situations have occurred:1. It can't be opened at all. It doesn't light up at all!2. It can only be on at 100% illumination.3. It can work normally, but the buzzing sound is very loud.4. Stroboscopic occurs when it is adjusted to a certain brightness.Dimming principle:During the test, sometimes the LED can be used normally after it is dimmed to a certain limit. We judge that the reason why it doesn't light up is that the applied voltage of the dimmer is too small to reach the required voltage.The internal circuit of LED is much more complex than that of incandescent lamp. The real led dimmer is not only regulating voltage, but also has three principles:1. Wave width control dimming: digitize the square wave of the power supply and control the duty cycle of the square wave, so as to control the current.2. Constant current power supply regulation: the current can be easily adjusted by analog linear technology.3. Grouping control: group multiple LEDs and control them with a simple grouping device.Note the strobe:The reasons for the most stroboscopic cases are as follows: the adjustable resistor itself is not a very reliable component. Often, due to the entry of dust or the lax manufacturing process, there will be an instant jump fault when operating the adjustable resistor, and the light source will flash. Therefore, we need high-quality adjustable resistance, or use linear technology to regulate current rather than voltage.In fact, the internal driving function of LED itself can easily adjust the brightness and darkness, but most LED manufacturers remove this function to save costs. Whether the LED lamp can be dimmed is usually marked on the box. If there is no mark on the box, please use the dimming function with caution or use a special LED dimmer.Dimming will reduce life:A reminder is that dimming can easily reduce the life of the bulb. Why? Simply take a dimming method: we divide one second into 1000 parts, each part is 1 millisecond, and then make the LED light work for 7 milliseconds and turn off for 3 milliseconds through the control chip. In this way, it only works for 0.7 seconds in one second. However, due to the fast flashing interval, we can't feel its brightness flickering with our naked eyes, and we will only feel that its brightness has darkened, which is 0.7 times the original, This achieves the effect of dimming. Similarly, we can achieve 50% brightness, 32% brightness and any brightness. Blink in this way, it's strange not to break early!In order to avoid various problems, try not to use the physical dimming method for the smart bulb. Take out the mobile phone and open the app to adjust the light and shade.In fact, I still like to use the way of grouping device to control the brightness, which is simple, safe and easy to use. It can be easily done by touching the key switch or independent grouping switch. It is not necessary to fine tune the brightness from 0 to 100% perfectly in the home. It is OK to realize several levels of brightness adjustment, which can fully meet the needs.Analysis and retrieval of 11 disadvantages of LED wick:Compared with traditional incandescent lamps, led filament lamps have higher requirements for packaging. It is reported that at present, led filament lamps have very strict requirements for filament working voltage design, filament working current design, LED chip area and power, LED chip luminous angle, pin design, glass bulb sealing technology, etc. it can be seen that the manufacturing process of LED filament lamps is very complex, and there are certain requirements for the financial strength, supporting facilities and technology of manufacturers.In the production process, due to different processes, the requirements for materials are also different. In addition, in production, many equipment need to be transformed according to the performance characteristics of LED filament lamps, which also makes the manufacturers of relevant materials of LED filament lamps miserable. The defects in the bulb material also make the LED filament lamp easy to be damaged during transportation. The complex process and low yield make the LED filament lamp unable to obtain high praise from manufacturers and consumers.1. Difficult process, poor heat dissipation and easy damageAlthough led filament lamps have attracted much attention in the domestic market in the past two years, at present, the problems existing in the production of LED filament lamps can not be ignored: the manufacturing process is difficult, several different processes need to be integrated, and the yield is low; More than 8W led filament lamps are prone to heat dissipation problems; It is easy to be broken and damaged in the process of production and use.2. Structure, performance and price to be improvedDue to the relatively late entry of LED filament lamps into the market, the market-related sharp bubbles, tail bubbles and spherical bulbs are mainly "patch type". In addition, the filament lamps that entered the market in the early stage are far from consumers' expectations in terms of structure, performance and price, which makes consumers have some misunderstandings about led filament lamps. With the breakthrough of key technologies, the maturity of packaging technology and the improvement of bubble sealing technology, the luminous efficiency, finger display, service life and cost of LED filament lamps will be improved to a certain extent.At present, the LED filament lamp needs to be improved in too many places. It is like a newborn "premature baby". It is not very mature in all aspects, with high cost, complex production process and low production capacity. Therefore, we should improve the raw materials, led beads and manufacturing process in the future, so as to improve the production capacity of LED filament lamps, reduce losses and improve delivery efficiency.3. Low power and poor heat dissipation are obstaclesAffected by the production process, there are many problems in LED filament lamps, such as high cost and high damage rate during transportation due to the defects of bulb material. In addition, the heat dissipation of high wattage led filament lamps has also become an obstacle for LED filament lamps to enter ordinary people's homes.Problem 2: high priceAccording to the market survey, the average retail price of a 3W led filament lamp is about 28-30 yuan, which is much higher than that of LED bulb lamps and other lighting products with the same power, and several times higher than that of LED incandescent lamps with the same power. Therefore, many consumers are scared away by the price of LED filament lamps.At this stage, the market share of LED filament lamps is less than 10%. Nowadays, as a characteristic product, led filament lamp restores the luminous feeling of traditional tungsten filament lamp and is loved by many consumers. However, the high cost, low light efficiency and small application range of LED filament lamps are also the problems that lighting manufacturers must face and look directly at in the next stage.1. Supporting materials increase product costThe market prospect of LED filament lamp is very bright, but there are difficulties in the promotion of LED filament lamp at this stage, mainly due to its high cost and the lack of large wattage, which makes the application of LED filament lamp limited to the flower lamp market. In addition, the matching of raw materials also increases the cost, because there is no standard in the specification and shape of filament lamp, and its market volume is small, As a result, the supporting materials are basically customized, and the manufacturing cost remains high.2. The cost of LED filament is too highAmong all parts of LED filament lamp, the highest cost is led filament, mainly because of its complex production process and high cutting cost; The production efficiency is not high and the degree of automation is low, resulting in the cost. At present, the cost of 3-6w filament bulb can be controlled below 15 yuan, of which the cost of LED filament accounts for more than half.3. The packaging of LED filament lamp is exquisiteThe packaging of LED filament lamps is more exquisite. The light effects encapsulated by each enterprise are different. Led filament lamps still have certain limitations in power and heat dissipation, resulting in higher prices than ordinary LED light sources.Problem 3: small marketAt this stage, the power of the best-selling led filament lamp in the market is basically less than 10W, which shows that at this stage, the LED filament lamp is technically trapped in the problem of heat dissipation and can not achieve high power. It also shows that it can only cover a small section of the whole lighting product line and can not be widely promoted. Even if it plays the "nostalgic" brand, the LED filament lamp market is only a small market, It can't become the mainstream for the time being.1. Low consumer acceptanceWith the shrinking incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamp market, LED lighting products are slowly recognized by end consumers. However, at present, the market of LED filament lamps is still very limited. Due to the limited application and power of LED filament lamps, the acceptance of LED filament lamps by end consumers is not very high.In addition, consumers do not know enough about led filament lamps. Many people think it is just an improvement of ordinary incandescent lamps.2. The main demand comes from the projectAs LED filament lamps are mainly used in flower lamps, and their main demand comes from engineering lighting, general dealers will not mainly promote LED filament lamps. Even if a few businesses sell LED filament lamps, they won't have too much inventory.Problem 4: difficult to promoteEntering the terminal market, we can find that the LED filament lamp is not as hot as expected for two reasons:1、 Many stores do not promote filament lamps as key products, and consumers' awareness and acceptance of filament lamps are not high;2、 Compared with LED light source products such as bulb and sharp bulb, led filament lamp products have no qualitative change. On the contrary, the price is relatively high and it is difficult to go. Let alone replace the market position of LED bulb, energy-saving lamp and other products.Therefore, at present, the market advantage of LED filament lamp is not very obvious, and the market is basically waiting and trying.At present, the difficulty of pushing led filament lamps in the terminal market lies in:1、 Poor integration between traditional bubble sealing industry and LED packaging industry (concept and process integration);2、 It is not easy to reverse the concept of end consumers;3、 The acceptance of LED filament lamp products by society and government is not clear. In addition, the price of LED filament lamp is high, and consumers have not really distinguished the difference between LED filament lamp and incandescent lamp, which leads to the difficulty of LED filament lamp market promotion.1. Merchants are not active in promotionAt present, if led filament lamps want to achieve good performance in the market, they also need to strengthen publicity and innovation. The development of LED industry is increasingly fierce, and industry standards have been issued one after another, which has exacerbated the market development resistance of LED filament lamps. Especially at this stage, many consumers do not understand led filament lamps, and merchants are not active enough in promoting led filament lamps. Even most merchants are not very optimistic about their development prospects. In actual sales, customers usually see or ask, Businesses will push this product.2. High price makes promotion difficultAt present, it is difficult to promote LED filament lamps in the market. Because consumers do not know much about led filament lamps, the probability of purchase is very small. In addition, due to the impact of e-commerce, the transaction rate of LED in physical stores is lower. Some consumers pay more attention to the price when purchasing products. Therefore, there is still a long way to go for LED filament lamps to enter the families of ordinary consumers.3. Lack of new selling points of LED filament lampsAt present, led filament lamp is in the primary stage of promotion, and very few people know its advantages because of the appearance and original quality of the product
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