If a Solar Eclipse Burns Eyes Because of the Sun's Dimmed Light Doesn't Force Eyes to Avert Or Corne

A sunset dims and filters that entire sun-in particular, absorbing all the UV.An eclipse allows part of the sunlight to come through at full intensity

1. stupid question when there is a solar eclipse what does the other half of the world see?

Well You Know What Ive Never Thought Of That! Btw I Dont Have A Clue...

2. Can you wear sun glasses during a solar eclipse?

Given - the light from the Sun is bright and will burn the retina in your eye, whether UV, infrared, visable Crayola, etc, the light of the Sun will burn your retina. How to observe the Sun - you can glance at the sun (non eclipse ) and you will notice spots in your eyes afterwards. You can stare at the sun (non eclipse) and you will eventually feel pain. Close your eyes and face the sun, you will feel the warmth of the light on your face so you can imagine the heat your eyes would feel. Eclipse - the light is blocked by the moon so it is not the same amount of heat/light/ But the heat is still there. For example - a bon fire or a match. The bonfire will burn you quick, the match will take a little longer but it still burns. What causes the damage during eclipse is that since it is cooler, we look longer and dont notice the damage being done. IT IS NEVER SAFE TO LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN, NO ECLIPSE OR DURING ECLIPSE, NO CONDITIONS. A bucket of water would probably act like a mirror and would reflect the heat as well as the image. Use of water or mirror to reflect the suns image on a wall or ceiling of darken room is best. PUTTING FILTER BACK ON AT DIAMOND RING indicates use of optices, if you are using telescope, once you see diamond ring your eye is gone. The magnification of binoc or telescope will burn your eye in milliseconds. What if the filter has a scratch (same as welders glass)? Welders glass is safe as it protects the welders eyes from a welding arc (the same type of light and heat as the sun)

3. What time to watch solar eclipse online from New York?

It is over with

4. Lunar or Solar eclipse when the moon or the sun exalted ? is that possible...?

A lunar or solar eclipse when BOTH the sun and moon are exalted is impossible. This is because the Sun is exalted in Aries, and the moon in Taurus. The are right next to each other, but lunar eclipses only happen when the moon is 180 from the sun (7 signs) and solar eclipses only happen when the moon is 0 from the sun (same sign). Oh you already know that.... Of course it is entirely possible. LUNAR ECLIPSES... June 2010 - moon in Sagittarius December 2010 - Moon in Gemini j 2011 - scorpio d 2011 - gemini j 2012 - scorpio d 2012 - TAURUS so the eclipse happening near the famous 12/21/2012 date is going to be the eclipse of an exalted moon. Did you already know that? That's pretty interesting! SOLARS the june 2012 solar eclipse will also be in Taurus. the Solar eclipse happening right AFTER the d 2012 eclipse will occur when the Sun is exalted in Aries. Acutally Elias, this turned out to be a pretty interesting question to answer. I am glad you pushed me! ;-) It does seem a bit eerie or strange that 12/21/2012 has got some astrological importance (and *some* of it IS justified, imo) and that the lunar eclipse happening in december of 2012 occurs when the moon is exalted and the next solar eclipse, happening probably around May i guess of 2013 occurs with the Sun in Aries - exalted. Very freaky. My son has my windows laptop with solar fire gold. I am checking this with a vedic program (sidereal). Someone should fact check it in solar fire (it's much easier to search for eclipses) using sidereal data (even if you are not a fan, they Mayan's were). I might do that the next chance I get. PEACE

5. When is the next time a solar eclipse coincides with Manhattenhenge (or a similar phenomena in another city)?

If you are chasing this phenomenon, you can check cities where the solar eclipse happens at sunrise or sunset. For example, for the upcoming 10 May annular eclipse, wide places in Australia, Brunei, East Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore will witness the eclipse close to sunrise. Such cities as Jakarta, Perth and Singapore are among places to investigate for such phenomenon, but Bandar Seri Begawan, Darwin, Denpasar, Dili and Kuching have even better view as the sun becomes higher. On the other end of the eclipse are places where it happens near to sunset. For the 10 May eclipse, such end is located mainly over the Pacific Ocean. Land is scarce at such places but you can find Clarion Island, Clipperton Island, Marquesas Islands, Pitcairn Islands and Socorro Island as well as eastern parts of French Polynesia. It is however doubtful that you can see high buildings in these places, but who knows maybe you can find some natural formation that would look like Stonehenge. If you look at sunset and sunrise zones in any solar eclipse, I think you will find a henge closer to 2272 in Manhattan.

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