I Will Be Bringing My New Cat Home next Month What Should I Buy for Her?

Scratching post, maybe some catnip toys, some treats for training, etc. Please have the cat spayed and do not declaw her, it is cruel. Get some softclaws for her if you have a problem with her scratching things. Otherwise, if she will behave just get her a scratch post. She also may benefit from having her own kitty bed, and you may want to get a travel kennel to take her to the vet and such later on.

1. boxing training with tennis ball, any video or suggestions?

Tuck the tennis ball under your chin while you train. That is a good habit to have. Bernard Hopkins said he used to hold that under his chin all day. You have to hide the chin. Tennis ball for coordination? Tell your trainer to blow it out of his ***. Keep training and work on plyometrics and foot drills like football players do. As far as hand eye coordination, hit the double ended bag and speed bag. Screw the tennis ball.

2. I get paid to take photos of people, horses, homes, etc. Am I considered professional because I get paid?

I consider myself a professional photographer because I photograph roughly 20 weddings a year and a boat load of portraits. BUT - the majority of my income is not from photography, which means I am NOT a pro. That is how most organizations would classify pro versus amateur. I have my own business and make a ton of money, so I would consider myself a pro - but some organizations would not see it that way. Why do you feel you need that title? You can call yourself whatever you want. If you get paid, you are a photographer. If you take pictures, you are a photographer. I would suggest taking courses or training with a seasoned photographer. Do you have a website...I would love to see it. Good luck

3. Legitimate work at home jobs?

UHaul is hiring agents to handle their Emergency Services Department. I thought they had required training at their home office in AZ, but that seems to have changed! jobs.uhaul.com. You can also try 1800flowers.com this company is currently hiring for the holidays.

4. "Training on” or "Training about”?

I ran a quick series of Google searches for "training about Photoshop," "training for Photoshop," "training in Photoshop," "training on Photoshop," and "training with Photoshop." The results are meaningful only insofar as they provide a snapshot of the relative popularity of "training about," "training for," "training in," "training on," and "training with" this particular software program. But despite their limited relevance, the results are interesting. In order, from most matches to fewest matches (with number of matches in parentheses), the results were as follows: "training in Photoshop" (128,000), "training with Photoshop" (107,000), "training for Photoshop" (71,900), "training on Photoshop" (15,400), "training about Photoshop" (2,700). Those results suggest that "training in," "training with," and "training for" a particular software program have solid support; "training on" a particular software program is somewhat less popular; and "training about" a particular software program is rather rare.I also ran a series of other simple Google searches in which I replaced "Photoshop" successively with "software," "the iPad," and "hardware. " In every case, "training about" lagged behind the other four options-usually by a very large margin.At the computer magazines where I've worked, the wording I heard most frequently was "training in [name of software program or operating system]" and "training on [name of computer or other hardware device]." Nevertheless, I would not say that using any of the first four options ("training for," "training in," "training on," and "training with") in connection with either a particular software program or a particular piece of hardware constitutes a serious mistake. But I would not use the phrase "training about" in connection with software or hardware

5. how to deal with the dumb dog who thinks it's dominant?

Same way you would deal with a dumb owner... Sorry - dogs are (usually) not dumb - it's simply lack of training. I would suggest getting a dog trainer who can help you train this dog.

6. What kind of training does a police officer/Sheriff go through and how long does it take before they actually earn the title of a police officer or sheriff?

Well for city cops I heard they have to take a 10 inch dildo. For the first part of the training. But I also heard that the sheriff department they have to take a 15 inch for the first 6 weeks of training.

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