I Texted "Hello" to the Girl That Likes Me, She Said "Hello" Back and the Conversation Ended. Should

Well, you should first learn that that phone is for setting dates.Soooo why are you texting her without a reason?If she replied, you should say Hey, Im going out tonight to rob a bakery with my cat, wanna come along? Theres an oatmeal cookie in it for you?Sheesh. Darwin was right

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How can I say 'Hello' in Korean?

Actual spelling is Annyeonghaseyo Pronunciation: An Yong Ha Se YoAnlike "an" in antiYonglike a hiphop rapper singing "yo yo yo" then add the pronunciation of "ng" in gongHasound when laughing "hahaha!" Yosee "Yong" minus "ng" I suggest you download Korean Pocket Lingo from App Store. Not sure of it's also available on Google Play


What's the hardest language to write "Hello World" in?

OpenCL in C#, which needs C and C99 Cekirdekler.ClNumberCruncher cr new Cekirdekler.ClNumberCruncher( Cekirdekler.AcceleratorType.GPU, @" __kernel void hello(__global char * arr) printf(""hello world""); "); Cekirdekler.ClArray array new Cekirdekler.ClArray(1000); array.compute(cr, 1, "hello", 1000, 100); this runs the code in GPUs but there are thousands of lines of C# and C code behind this one-liner C# code.


What are other words for hello?

Where would you use greetings rather than hello?The only time I say hello is in jest in a jokey voiceThe only time I would use greetings is if i was acting in a period dramaMy list of usual openers depends on who, what, why and where(Good) morning/afternoon/evening(would use good for formal, wouldnt for casual)HiAlrightHow do


How do you say 'Hello', 'Hi' in your language?

In Brazillian Portuguese hello can be translated as ol, al or oi.Ol is pretty formal and it's not really used in daily conversations, but it's used when you get somewhere and wanna check if there's someone around, so you can say something like ol, tem algum a?Al is used when you pick up a call.Oi is more intimate, so you usually use it with friends, family and young people. ( It can be compared to hi).


What is the definition of "hello"?

Hello is a greeting used when you meet someone for the first time, or for the first time on a day, at a meeting on on the telephone.We do not define a greeting as such, apart from the generic concept of acknowledging someone, welcoming them or initiating a conversation. We may define its appropriateness, origin, etymology or even its implied meaning.


Why do programming languages intro with Hello World?

My guess is because with the internet, programming has become a way for anyone, anywhere in the world, to propagate their software to everyone, anywhere in the world.So Hello World makes more sense than Hello Argentina, because it is too narrow of a scope.Similar to why there are globally scoped variables, because function scoped variables are just too narrow.


Which artist originally sang "Hello"?

Well I am not sure about this question but the two songs called "Hello" that come to mind for me are the one by Adele and the one by Lionel Richie but Lionel came out with his in the 80s so he was first but those are two totally different songs that happen to be entitled Hello


What is difference between caller tune and hello tune?

Caller tune is basically that catches up your phone if somebody calls you , your mobile rings up. Where as a hello tune is setting a ringtone for yourself ( your mobile) so that if anyone pings you up they will hear a tone until you answer their call.Hello tunes are generally profitable for the organizations of respected company . It's chargible. Only few like Jio, India are allowing it for free


How is char str "Hello" different from char *p"Hello" in C?

The difference here is thachar *s "Hello world"; / it is pointer variablewill place "Hello world" in the read-only parts of the memory, and making s a pointer to that makes any writing operation on this memory illegalchar s "Hello world"; / it is based array conceptputs the literal string in read-only memory and copies the string to newly allocated memory on the stack. Thus makins0 'J';legal


What languages have one word for both "hello" and "goodbye"?

Hindi has the word "namaste" which can mean both "hello" and "goodbye", but many speakers use other phrases for goodbye instead nowadays. Vietnamese has the word "cho" which can act the same, San Thai people say "sawatdee". Lao people also say "sabaidee" which can act the same way. In Tamil, vanakkam is a greeting that can also be used in parting. Hope I properly answered your question :) These are all of the ones I know


What is the Indian language of hello?

India is a very big and diverse country,and that is why no single Indian language and not a single system for the word hello. I am just trying to find out more about this complexity. Muslims usually say , as Salamo alaikum. Hello is universally accepted in urban areas. Hindi heartland, Ram Ram, namaste, Pranam. In Bengal, ki bhalo, in Gujarat Kem chhe. And all over Lydia simple eye contact and social smile serve as hello.


What is the meaning of the Hello, Goodbye song?

I have taken this information from Genius | Annotate the World, a great website for song meanings and curiosities.Shortly after this was released, McCartney explained:nThe answer to everything is simple. It's a song about everything and nothing. If you have black you have to have white. That's the amazing thing about life.nnIf you want more facts about this song, check:nThe Beatles - Hello, Goodbye


What if a printf() is written inside a if() Like: if (printf ("Hello World")), the output returns Hello World But HOW?

printf() would return 0 or logical false if it doesnt print anything, or 1 in this case as it would print one thingExample 1 :if(printf(Hello World))printf(Hi);elseprintf(Welcome);Output is : Hello WorldHiExample 2:if(printf())printf(Hi);elseprintf(Welcome);Output : WelcomeExample 3:(Alternate for Example 1)if((printf(Hello World))11)printf(Hi);elseprintf(Welcome);Output is : Hello WorldHi


Why can const char* const & a "hello" compile but not const char*& a "hello"?

To quote the original form of the question before editsconst char* const & a "hello"; /compiles const char*& a "hello"; /does not compileThe difference is as betweenint const & a 42; / compilesandint & a 42; / does not compileBecause in C, non-const lvalue references (T&) cannot bind to temporaries.It may be hard to read the type names there, but the reference in your first line is const, while the reference in the second line is non-const


Why should I say hi instead of hello?

Its quicker, I guess. Its more casual. Its not like you have to say hi instead of hello. No ones gonna call you that kid who said hello in 5th grade or something.I guess just say it if you want to.If you wanna say hello though, please leave because thats just weird.


How many times will "Hello!" be printed in the program #include int main() int I 1024; for (; I; I >> 1) printf ("Hello!"); return 0;?

Note to Self: one of the most key programming errors is /- 1 In my mind, I counted like a kid on fingers 8th bit is 128 256, 512, 1024 its 11 iterations.Understanding language related to program state, and details that are precisely concerned with whether some action, iteration, or value at all is possible makes the difference between 0 and 1 not really just infinite, but infinitely significant


Which is grammatically correct: "Hello Bob" or "Hello, Bob"?

Like the other answers, hello, Bob is correct because hello is an interjection. An interjection is either followed by a comma to indicate subtlety or an exclamatory mark to show more strong feeling. The call is yours if you want hello, Bob or hello! Bob.

nBut hello Bob is incorrect.

Which is grammatically correct, "Hello Bob" or "Hello, Bob"?


How do you greet someone in your language?

These are the phrases meaning Hello in the languages I know.German. Gr Gott; Guten Tag; Hallo; Servus.Moin moin.French: Bonjour; a va?Italian: Buon giorno; ciaouWelsh: Bore da; Dydd dda.English: Hello; Good MorningFinnish: Hei; Haloo; Hyv huomenta (Good morning)Scottish Gaelic (Gidhlig): Madainn mhath; Hlo; Hai; Ciamar a tha sibh?Russian: Dobh-ray-ah ut-rah (sorry, no Cyrillic characters).


How do you say welcome and hello in Arabic?

To welcome someone you can say: Ahlan wa sahlan or Ahla w sahlaTo greet someone or saying hello you can say: marhaban ( popularly used as a pure arabic) or marhaba ( popularly used for a normal arabic)Another greet: assalamou alaykom ( popularly used by muslims greets in normal and pure arabic).Some other people say hi or hello in arabic as a greet


Why do Dutch hardly say hello?

Ive lived in bigger cities and currently live in a small village.In bigger cities, people will try to ignore you as much as possible, and maybe you only get a hello from next door neighbours and acquaintances and hopefully friends.In smaller villages, it is not uncommon to greet everyone you meet in the street; even if you dont live there yourself.

So Im presuming you only visited a Dutch city? or only met people from a Dutch city?


Do you say hello to random people you walk by?

Absolutely! We all share this space and once you're in a public place you (we all) become subject to interacting with each other. It makes my day more enjoyable and when my greeting is returned accompanied by a smile it sure makes my day better. May be s little sappy but at times it has gotten my mind in a better frame and I hope it does the same for others.


What is the output for in main char *ptr"hello"; ptr 0 'm'; printf ("%s", *s);?

It doesnt even compile as the variable s has not been defined. If you meant ptr instead, this would generate at least a compiler warning, since you dereferenced it (*ptr), so its type would then be char and not char * as expected by the printf format string %s.And then also the compiler might complain that you are writing to a string constant.


How do you say "hello" in Iraqi Arabic?

You say it this way and you pronounce it this way Hlaw eeni and the word means my eyesIraqi people out of thier kindness uses the word a lotOr you can say it this way and you pronounce it this way Hlaw yaba and yaba means my father, which they say it to show respect for you as if you are thier father


What is good to use printf ("%s","Hello world"); or printf ("Hello world"); in C programming?

Printfing the string directly is fine, and will probably run slightly faster, since it doesnt require parsing and combining the strings.But, if printing a variable, I always use a format string, because that way if the variable contains an unexpected format specifier like %s I dont want that to be interpreted by printf.So my normal forms would be:printf(Hello World);#define PRINTF(str) printf(%s, str)void print(char *str) printf(%s, str);.


Can I write "Hello" in place of "Bonjour" when writing to French clients?

You normally couldn't as "Hello" in French is informal.Nevertheless, if you were writing to a friend, it would be perfectly fine. You could also say it in an oral conversation, using it like "Hey".

You could possibly write "Hello" in your emails to underline a certain connection between French and English in your company, but I would not advise you to


What makes Adele's song "

Adele changed the game of pop music by bringing it back to an amazing voice. She doesn't fit into the cookie cutter pop model and doesn't rely on gimicks. her popularity comes down to amazing songs and an incredible voice. This is a refreshing change of pace in the pop music game, one that the public has been ready for for quite some time


How do I say "hello" in Japanese?

Konichiwa- means Good day .But you can just say Hallo like they do in Germany. Everyone understands Hello.Other formsOhayo sounds like Ohio the state, which means good morning.konbanwa- means good evening.I say KO-NI-CHI-WA.This spelling above sounds out phonetically as you would say it in many other languages like Croatian, Polish, Spanish, and maybe even German and Italian uses these same letter sounds. Google the pronunciation online if you need. Cheers!


Why do we write hello world as our first program? How did this start?

It is not important to code to print Hello World in your very first program. It is only a meth which is followed by maximum programmers either he/she is a beginner or a full stack developer.I code to print to hello world because see the complicity of any new programming language.

Ex-In python- print ('hello world');While in Java- System.out.println(hello world);This two different codes show the complicity of their language. Python is easier than Java

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