I Need to Catch Spiders, What Do I Do?

as Oatmeal is correct, in that you can not lure them,you need to look where they hide, or live. cobweb spiders: look for webs. they like dark corners.(near hot water heater). they often can be found at night. if you 'tickle' the web, the spider may come out thinking 'food', exposing it to capture. ( use light gloves handling black widow ) porch/patio: where canopy meets wall, planter boxes, cracks/crevices,near porch light, etc. jump spiders are easily handled if you persuade them to your hand. basements,pump houses are always good for pholsids. yard: grass,wolf,other hunting spiders can be found dusk to dawn with a flashlight. orbweavers love gardens,bushes, shrubbery. look in tree bark, leaf litter,under debris. if doing this by hand,the best way to avoid bites: do not grab,or squeeze. do not be aggressive. some can be rather quick and may startle. do not poke fingers into webs. good luck.

1. i moved to a bad part of town should i leave my porch light on at night?

IF you can change your porch light to a movement sensor light It will be more of a deterrent.

2. my neighbor behind me keeps their back porch light on, help?

Tint your windows its easy and affective. Auto Zone or Walmart even has frosted patterns that are very easy and dont look cheap or tacky

3. Silly late-night poll- please look?

I still get confused between my kitchen light and porch light all the time. There are two switches and even thought I have marked small "K" and "O" (outside) on it... i still flick the wrong one

4. Electrical wiring for my porch light?

Since you have 2 porch lights - the power or 120v is normally connected to the white and black wires, The green wire is ground. If you have 2 white wires they should be connected together. When connecting the fixture to the wires - white to white - black to black - green to green or to the metal housing of the fixture. Power should be shut off while connecting the wires. Hope this helps.

5. Robin's Nest On Porch Light?

You should have let your husband be right

6. porch light goes off and on?

Had this problem and it was solved by replacing my 100W equivalent (23W) fluorescent with a 75W equivalent (17W) bulb

7. how safe is my house from burglary?

Sounds like someone in the neighborhood knows peoples habits. They know there is someone there most of the time. Most burglars cut the glass in the windows. When all of you go some where, it is best to leave a light on inside the house. A bath room and porch light usually means you are gone. Leaving a radio on when you leave can confuse them.

8. Front porch light poll- Massive swarms of bugs OR cant find the keyhole?

This my friend, is why I got one of those nifty keys made at walmart that has a light on it. They are like 2 bucks and well worth it on drunken nights

9. Is there a way to hook the on/off switch for my front porch light to an electrical outlet...?

There is, but you will have to get a pro to mess with that type of work, because of codes for fire hazards

10. Would it be appropriate to ask my neighbor to turn off his porch light?

Do you work every day? Next time you see him, tell him. Or buy him a yellow bulb for the light, leaving a note explaining why. Yellow does not attract as many heat-seeking missiles as white!.

11. Who all turned the porch light off early last night and kept some Halloween candy for yourself?

Life is not what it was ... when we were young!!! Here.. they ask parents to go w/ their kids.. they.. are thinking about putting a age limit on trick or treaters.. (so teenagers do not use costumes to trick ppl for invasions.. ) they request .. kids go to home parties or to their schools, recreation center for games.. and candy.. what is next...

12. poll:did you turn your porch light on for caylee Anthony?

People are way too caught up in this story

13. How do you add another porch light to an existing switch

Piggyback off the box for the existing light. Run a wire from the existing junction box to a new junction box (which is placed wherever you want the new fixture). Then, in the existing box, connect the wire coming from the switch, the wire for the existing fixture, and the wire for the new fixture together using wire nuts. Wire up the new fixture, and presto, you have two fixtures on a switch where there was only one before.

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