I Need Help with My Sewing Machine!

You did not run over a pin or something did you. Check the bobbin case, if it still is wonky, I would find a sewing machine repair in your area

1. Whats the name of all the parts on a sewing machine?

Go to a craft or hobby shop and see if they sell sewing machines. Maybe they can copy a diagram of a sewing machine from one of the sewing machine manuals for you

2. how much is my sewing machine worth?

This is a very subjective issue.The short answer is it's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it on any given day. The long answer is it's not worth near what you would like to get for it because it's not a rare or valuable collectors item no matter what you read on Ebay or other venues.There are literally millions of old straight stitch machines still in use or stored in attics and garages. The machine you showed a link to will never sell for what they want in the condition it's in. I would not pay more than $20 for it. Please do not use that as your guide, you will be disappointed. If yours is in perfect condition as you say, and it works like it should you might get lucky and get $50 for it. Why do not you keep it and use it? These old girls make the most perfect stitch and are almost bullet proof compared to todays plastic throw away machines

3. When is the best time of the year to buy a sewing machine?

It really depends on where you live, and what you are looking for. If you are looking for a used/second hand one anytime is really fine. If you just want a good deal on a new one that will vary by brand/dealer, etc. If you are willing to buy last years model, you can often get a really good deal before the new one's come out from a retailer.I've found this site to have the best deals: Sewing, Quilting & Embroidery Machines, Vacuums | SewingMachinesPlus.com

4. how much is a portable sewing machine?

I bought some of my portable sewing machines for only 50 USD second hand. Brother sewing machines is worth expensive

5. My sewing machine is refusing to sew!!!! helpp?

This may sound a bit strange to some but if you have inserted the cord on backward this can also be the problem and also check if there is any threads blocking the needle from moving remove the bobbin and take a good look

6. My sewing machine isn't working!?

Check whatever mechanism your machine uses to wind bobbins -- typically a center knob in the handwheel, or a lever that flicks back once the bobbin has been filled. Chances are you are in bobbin winding mode

7. sewing machine line of stitching?

I an not understandign the problem. If the top thread stitch line is straight, then the underneath has to be straight too. the bobbin thread is intertwined with the top thread. So how can one be crooked and not the other? Maybe post a photo

8. Can you help me with my sewing machine?

Is what you are sewing too thick? Try sewing a doubled scrap and see if it sews right. Double check your threading and bobbin.

9. What is wrong with my sewing machine?

Was the machine in a sealed box when you bought it. If not it may have been on display and damaged in some way. Take it back to the shop and ask them to test it.

10. Sewing machine question?

Remove the needle plate. This is the metal plate in the bed of the sewing machine, under the presser foot. Use tweezers to remove any thread or fabric that has jammed into the machine. Check the bobbin to be sure the thread is feeding in the correct direction and through the tension guide on the side of the bobbin case. Make sure the needle is at the highest position and snap the bobbin case into the shuttle. If this is a drop-in bobbin, check the manual for correct insertion of the bobbin into the bobbin case. Always thread the machine with the presser foot up. Always start sewing with the fabric under the presser foot so the very edge of the fabric has been caught by the presser foot. If not, the needle will jam the fabric down into the opening in the needle plate and jam. You can hand walk the first couple of stitches or hold onto the the thread tails when you being stitching and this will further prevent jamming.

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