I Need Answers Asap........black Light 13 Year Old Party?

this is exacally what i wanted for my bday im gonna be 13 and i will have about 6 friends over and we are gonna draw on ourselfs with yellow marker and its going to be great

1. can you only see a black light tattoo in under a black light?

UV ink goes on like a high lighter. if it has color then it can show up lightly on the skin, if you are going for the "invisible" tattoo then white is used. depending on the location & your skin type/color is can be visible like a scar. Black light Artist :)

2. What is the best place to buy a great black light bulbs, which brand is best, and what is the cost?

I found that the light bulbs that fit in standard sockets do not work very well. You need the long, thin tube lights. I got mine at Spencer's in the mall

3. Is my black light bad for my Bull Snake?

Im not so sure about your snake but I know it's (the light) is harmfull to humans over a long period of time

4. what is my black light party missing?

that sounds soo cool you could look up online and find really cheap shudder shades that are neon and hand them out and put neon stuff everywere. my freind had one it was funn!

5. Does black light paint activate when a black light is on and a regular light is on?

Black light paints are activated by a black light only if a regular light is on or not is not important. As regular lights have very little output in the UV spectrum they have very little effect on the black light paints.The only thing is if a regular light is on then it will overpower the effect of the weaker black or UV light so that you will probably not notice that the black light paints are activated. But turn the regular light off and the paints will still be activated and now immediately apparent to your eyesDoes black light paint activate when a black light is on and a regular light is on?

6. Does neon face paint (from a craft store) work on black light?

Yes, neon paint will glow under blacklight. It will not glow in the dark by itself but will with the blacklight. The heavier you apply it to your face, the better it will look. Use a 40% off coupon at Michaels for a better deal.

7. Can black light detect any left over mold spores?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Can black light detect any left over mold spores? I cleaned up a mold outbreak in my closet. I want to know if there are any mold spores left in my closet. Can a black UV light do this?

8. is there any time of smoke or fog that glows in a black light?

Quack quack

9. How to tell age of the paint on an old painting, or determine if it is very old. Black light?

look at it and see if the paint is getting old looking, like peeling, discoloring, etc

10. OMG!!! Black light and cat urine!!!?

Wow so the black lights really work i guess.I have a slightly brain damaged cat that is my sons and she cannot use the litter box so i am on my knees' and hand several times a day and night cleaning it' and it smells like cat pee.Now with the hot weather it's unbearable. I am at my wits end crawling and smelling' but with a black light it would save my knees and my sanity,,, Thanks for sharing

11. Small diamond, 1 carat, and a black light?

they can turn green- blue- purple etc. its the way its cut. my center was green n others were all diff greens n blues took it to diamoind center n they said cut,n sharp cut

12. Do you have to buy a black light to make a glofish glo?

yes, you can go to even walmart or your petsmart in the lighting section where the fish are and choose the color. Also I would get an dark or black background for the tank if you dont already. Also try changinf decos and rocks in the tank ot intesify.

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