I Have a Bra Size Question?

Try sports bras

1. Best Sports Bras For EXTREMELY large breasts?

40k Bra

2. Can you be able to see a girl"s nipple through her bra?

It depends on the bra. You can not see them through padded bras, but you usually can through un-padded ones or sports bras

3. Women who have gone to boot camp..... Quick question about sports bras! ?

All I know is they are for strapping your jugs down

4. Can you swim in nike compression sports bras?

MarSea Modest Swim & Casualwear manufacture Swim Sports Bras just for this purpose and the breasts are fully covered but not compressed. Cover What You Want... in Style!

5. Is it okay to wear two sports bras at once?

Yes wearing a sports bra that is too tight can be a cause for developing breast cancer. You need to stop right now. Your breasts need the freedom to relax as much as possible

6. Is it weird that I'm 21 and ONLY wear sports bras?

If you feel comfortable in a sports bra, then stick with it. Do not ask others opinions, as people will judge. I prefer them too :)

7. Is sports bras better than other bras?

I wear sport bra's when sleeping, it defies gravity! :) Well sports bras are made for sports. They are indeed very comfortable, but when it comes to support you should wear actual bras especially if you have a bigger bust.

8. Is it okay to wear sports bras all the time?

No, if you have a bigger bust, eventually your breasts will sag, and the breast tissue will be damaged! You need the support of a regular bra, especially if you have a bigger bust

9. I hate bra's! what other options do i have? a normal tank top doesn't work..?

use sports bras they are likea short tank top

10. Where to buy good cheap sports bras?

Target has my favorite sports bras ever

11. What does he have against sports bras?

Your only in 6th grade so it is good your still wearing sports bras but boys think it gives more supports and makes your boobs look bigger and more pushed up sports bras make your boobs a little flat hope this helps good luck with ur crush

12. Do women normally jog in sports bras alone without a shirt in public?

I have seen people doing this, but to be honest, I think it's taking the whole exercise thing a bit too far

13. Do I NEED a nursing bra?

You do not need a nursing bra. I would go with sports bras all the time -- it's easier to access the breast discreetly with a sports bra that you can just lift over the breast

14. Do girls with small breasts need sports bras too?

yes even though you may have small breasts you need a sports bra its better to work out in and plus of you do not then people can still see your nipples through your shirt trust me you should wear a sports bra i have a 32a and i wear a sports bra and plus they are super comfy and come in cute colors

15. Sports bras or padded bras at age 14?

more suport is the padded it also makes your boobs less saggy

16. A question about sports bras and saggy boobs?

No! It will not!

17. Why do new football training bibs look like sports bras?

they are not bids, they have an electronic device in the back that monitors heart rate and such data

18. 8 weeks 3 days pregnant and my pants are getting tight around my waist?

I used a little trick of not buttoning the waist on my pants, and wearing a loose longer top for as long as I could get away with it. If you start wearing maternity clothes now, you may get sick of them before the baby is born. Sports bras are good as your breast will get even bigger and if you invest in some maternity bras now they wo not fit in a few months (I learned that the hard way).

19. Why do my sports bras cause me to break out?

they may have oil from food on them when you use them. it could be that the sports bra causes you to sweat and you do not shower so you break out. Or it could be that the fabric causes a break out.

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