How to Repair a Radiator Fan

A radiator fan is very important when it comes to cooling your car. Your car engine must remain cool to avoid overheating and breaking down completely. The radiator fan is responsible for blowing or pulling air around the radiator to keep it cool. Most manufactured radiators come with an electric fan which is easy to replace or repair if needed. Step 1 - Allow Your Car to Cool If you have just discovered the problem and your engine has been running, it is very important to allow the engine and radiator to fully cool so that you do not burn your hands or cause any additional damage to the engine.Turn off the ignition and let the car sit for 30 minutes to an hour. As long as there is no direct sun on the engine, you can open up the hood of your car to speed up the cooling process. Step 2 - Remove the Fan Locate your radiator and find the cooling fan. The fan should be on the front or the back of the radiator, making it easier to access. You will need to remove any bolts holding it in with your ratchet. There are usually four bolts on most radiators: two on top of the fan and two below.Once the bolts are removed, you should be able to pull it out. Make sure to be careful and pull it out slowly because it is connected to a wire at the bottom of the fan. Simply unhook the wire and disconnect the fan, taking it completely out of the radiator. Step 3 - Clean the Fan Once you set the fan down on your workspace, look at it to see if there is any grease, tar, or other substances stuck to the fan or the blades. If there is, you will need to clean it off. The easiest way to do this is to dip a rag into degreaser and clean off the bad areas.Use pipe cleaners to clean out the small parts of the fan, gently rubbing it back and forth to remove any unwanted substances or materials.A dirty fan could cause your radiator fan to not work, and with a little simple cleaning, you may be able to fix it completely. Check it with 12 volts of electricity to see if it works. If you do not have a way to test it easily, follow the next step as a precaution before replacing your fan. Step 4 - Check Your Fuses Find where the fuses are kept in your fan and check them. With some fuses, you can tell if they are broken by holding them up to the light and seeing if a circuit is connected. You can also use a multimeter to check if there are any bad ones. Replace old fuses with new ones and test your fan again if possible. Step 5 - Re-attach the Fan Replace the fan into your radiator, remembering to plug it back into the wire. Bolt it into place with your ratchet and test it by starting your car.Most of the time, following these steps will fix your radiator fan. If you continue to have problems, you will need to take it in to a professional and perhaps have it replaced.

I need to remove a radiator from my wall, how difficult will it be and how much would it cost to pay someone?

You can unscrew the holding brackets and cap off the wires with scotch locks .Then remove Radiator .For steam radiators turn boiler off .Let cool .Unhook radiator and cap off both lines.If you do the electric one ,turn off the power first

My car constantly over heats causing it to stall out. Spits out the radiator. Any ideas?

check to see if the a c belt was also driving your water pump. do not keep driving or you will crack the engine or the head if you already have not. lol

How can I keep my child out of an electric radiator?

teach ur kid

Help.. Radiator.. i bought radiator for manual car and i drive automatic car there is no transmission cooling?

safes positive yet costy because you may want to operate better aspects that you dont have now more low-priced to substitute transmission with what it has and in case you cant rigidity a guide get automobile you be dropping funds switching void the guaranty sure will it function completely nice sure wil it value you alot of money for positive couple thousand funds you opt for a stick purchase one your self

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Making Tutorial of Portable Radiator Air Conditioner
Step 1: tools and materialsMaterial Science1 x cheap polystyrene foam cooler (we provide cooler in the form of dollar storage, in fact, you can buy it at the price of US $:).adhesive tape1 x 15 inch 3 / 4 inch PVC pipe (we have some waste around the garage)1 x cheap high-speed fan. We have a Honeywell turboforce fan.tool1 Dremel rotation tool (we used Dremel 4000)1 cutting disc Dremel (we used a thin knife)scissorsMarker (Sharpie)Safety glassesTape measureStep 2: strap and cut off the cooler of the ventOn the cooler, locate the vent to be placed. For us, we just do this at the beginning of the flat part of the cooler. When this is done, now place a full length of tape on this side and position.Now, cut a section of a 3 / 4 "PVC pipe and draw three holes at approximately equal distances from each other,Pick up Dremel and put on the cutting head, and then pick up your trusted safety glasses. Cut the hole very slowly and carefully. If you are not satisfied with the cutting, try to change the drill bit to milling drill bit, and then cut by hand. Our cutting method is to cut a cut in the middle, and then cut perpendicular to the cut to form a cross, and then we can Cut it. Cut it quickly to remove the rest of the hole. Don't hang it too tight on the correct hole. In fact, you want it to be a little smaller than the drawn circle. If you do so, it will produce a good effectStep 3: install and cut PVCWith newly cut holes, you can test them with PVC at any time. I hope they fit well. If not, please don't worry. You can place them first, and then fix them in place with smaller tape strips to obtain better sealing.Pick up the PVC pipe and measure 5 inches, then mark it with a marker pen. Now pick up Dremel (don't forget to wear safety glasses!) and cut the PVC at the mark. Repeat this section twice so that there are 3 PVC pipes about 5 inches in size.Step 4: time to cut the coverRemove the cover of the cooler and place the fan on top of it. Make sure it is placed so that the fan (if open) will blow down into the top of the cooler cover. Mark the cover with a marker pen to record the size of the fan relative to the cover.Now that you know where it is, you need to tape the adhesive part. Make sure that the tape is laid in strips and cover all the places covered by the marking area. There are two reasons for this. First, when the cutting is carried out, the adhesive tape will add a little bit of structural support. The styrofoam is not the strongest material, and it will burst in an unexpected way:) The second reason is that it helps to make the cut work better with the edge, especially when we want to seal the part when we put it downAfter lowering the tape, you need to position the fan again and mark the cover with a marker to note the size of the fan relative to the cover.Now that you have the mark, put on your safety glasses and cut the cover. Remember to slow down.After turning on, put the fan on it. If you need to trim some cuts, please continue. Please be careful not to cut too much. You want the fan to fit in tightly, and then put it in.Step 5: put them togetherIt's time to put them together!Remove the PVC pipe and put it into the hole. Cut a small piece of tape and form a seal around each PVC next to the cooler.Pick up the fan, put it on the top, then seal it down with tape and cover it. The best. We don't intend to marvel at the engineering miracle here. Our goal is to put it in place and try to avoid losing as much pressure as possible when the fan blows into the cooler.Continue, please use this tape where necessary. As red green said, it is always tape!Step 6: all done, just add iceThat's it, you're done. Now, you just need to add ice to the cooler and turn it on. Better yet, add your favorite drinks and ice, and let the cooler work at the same time in your garage, outdoors or on the terrace, or even in a room where you just want to add more cooling.Simple, easy and very cheap. My daughter likes the speed at which we can do this, and we've started talking about what we can do to make it better, but at the same time trying to make it cheap and easy.
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