How to Remove a Negative Item (mistake of the Collection Agency) From Credit Report?

Good morning, I was also in a similar situation, and there are a couple of things you can do. Call the doctor's office to see if your bill has been credited for your payment. If it has, they can notify the collections dept. that the debt is settled. Why they sent a $20 bill to a collections agency is a sign of a greedy doctor. Since the original was an electonic payment the bank should have records of this, and when it was payed. The doctor's accountant or billing person went over the line reporting this incident. The doctor should be able to have this settled on his end. You can also call the better business bureau to report this incident. They will investigate it for you and notify you of their findings. Good luck. Ken

1. Collection agency wrong number...obtaining their address.?

Sending them a letter wo not do any good. You should try to get a supervisor and convince them that you are not the person they are seeking. Get them to mark your phone number as a wrong number in the file. Removing your phone number from the file wo not work. A skip trace will bring your number back up.

2. What happens if a collection agency can't find you?

They can find you - Google your current/past info. If do not remember you past info use truepeoplesearch - print report for your records. You will need this report to properly remove yourself from the web.

3. can a collection agency charge interest on my old credit card?

I believe they can but there are many ways to fight back. Most collection agencies are bullies. There objective is to keep your credit score low so banks and other financial institutions can milk you for higher interest rates

4. What is the most inappropriate experience you had with a debt collection agency?

My only bad experience was when a Collection Agency said that I was a good for nothing loser, and that I was a bad person for not paying my bills and that I was going to go to jail, that do not be surprised if one day I open my door and a police officer would be there to arrest me. My adult son overheard this and well, he ask me for the number and I gave it to him and I am afraid I can not say what he said to the Debt Collection person. This was many many years ago when my ex-husband and myself filed for Bankruptcy, obviously, this collection agency did look at their mail, no computers back in those days. But what after my son said to the collection person, they never called back. It is highly illegal for someone from a collection agency to talk to a person like this or threaten someone or go to their work or come to their home. In CA, they can only call once or twice a month. Being in debt is not a crime, there is no jail time unless you mess with the Federal Government like Frauding and hiding things in Bankruptcy like a person is extremely wealthy and they do not want to pay their taxes or they file bankruptcy and do not claim everything, like expensive cars, etc. In Bankruptcy, a person is allowed to keep their home and one car. Otherwise, everything has to be put down in a Bankruptcy, no hiding money in banks and keeping valuable property because that means that a person is not indigent if they keep expensive items, they could sell them and pay their debts.

5. what can hapen if i do not go to court i am being sued by a collection agency?

You will get a default judgment levied against you, which will result in your wages being garnished, etc

6. Can creditor erase bad credit if I settle with the collection agency?

That is something you will need to speak with the collection agency about and very possibly with Chase too

7. Can a collection agency file a lawsuit for unpaid debt?

The collection agencies have either a) signed a contract with the creditor to act on their behalf, or b) bought the debt from the original creditor. Either way, it is entirely legal to file a lawsuit to collect the debt. You sending them a check has no bearing on the lawsuit. It is a myth that sending a check for a paltry amount negates the right to sue.

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