How to Boost Creativity with Endurance Sports

The clich of the mentally working human being cannot be eradicated: Creatives are spiritualized, worldly and little body-conscious. Unfortunately, the last point is often correct. Writers, artists, programmers, and representatives of other creative professions usually prefer to sit at their desks rather than do physical work.

Physical activity does not mean an inspiring walk in the woods, but real sport and especially endurance sports. These people, who are primarily dependent on their cognitive abilities, particularly benefit from the positive effects of endurance sports, of which jogging is undoubtedly the most effective.What the brain needs glucose and oxygen are fuel for the brainOur brain makes us who we are. Evolution has produced the human brain, one of the most complex structures in the universe. Each of us has an organ with his brain that is many times more powerful than the most modern supercomputer.Such a miracle needs energy, of course. Given its small size in relation to body weight (approx. 2%), it sounds incredible at first that it consumes no less than 20% of the total available energy. The brain derives this energy primarily from glucose. To convert glucose into energy, oxygen is again necessary.

Did you find that 20% of the available energy is already very much? Then it will amaze you that our brain consumes even 40% of the available oxygen! To make it clear:, 4 out of 10 breaths are only there to keep your brain functioning.What Endurance Sports Do The Secret of CapillarizationWhat actually happens in the body when you start doing endurance sports? What changes are going on that will allow us to keep running longer and longer the better we train?Actually, its straightforward: The body adapts. But what does it adapt to? Well, if youve ever run out of breath during a race, you can basically imagine that. The body adjusts to the increased oxygen demand under stress. The pure absorption of oxygen is not a problem. We breathe all the time, and if we exert ourselves, we breathe faster.

But no matter how fast we breathe: from a certain level of stress we reach our limits, and these limits cannot be compensated by an increased breathing rate.Why is that? The problem is not to get enough oxygen into the body from outside, but to distribute the inhaled oxygen efficiently. The oxygen is distributed through the bloodstream, and this is precisely where the effect of endurance sports begins.

To supply the muscles with sufficient oxygen and to keep them functioning longer, the body increasingly forms tiny veins (capillaries) in the muscles. This provides for a stronger blood circulation of the stressed muscles and thus for better oxygen supply.Of course, the brain must now be supplied with blood better and more effectively, as more oxygen and glucose are required by the muscles during heavy physical exertion. This has the same effect on the brain as it does on the muscles it does not tire as quickly and remains efficient for longer.How does this increase creativity?Creativity is a specifically human brain performance. The definition of creativity should not be our topic here. The ability to use existing information by recombination to solve new problems and the like is interesting and worthy of consideration elsewhere. But the most important insight is that creativity is a brain achievement.As we have shown above, endurance sports increase and optimize the brains energy supply and thus its potential performance in all areas. Of course, this also influences our ability to think creatively.It is often assumed that creativity can be improved primarily through the application of various creativity techniques and methods of thinking. Of course, these methods have their justification, but let us ask ourselves the question: Who profits more from such techniques? Someone with an average brain or someone who has a more powerful brain due to endurance sports?You see? Lets go: Running shoes on and out in the fresh air!.


Are sports bras not supportive?

carrying events bras are passable to placed on they do no longer look going to motive you to sag anymore than a typical bra. classic or workouts bra they are each and every for help yet a workouts bra holds you in tighter

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The NFLs Forgotten Retirees
On his daughter Christines 18th birthday in 2005, Tom Baugh calmly sat down with her, his wife and his second daughter, and told them he wanted to kill himself.It was the nadir of Baughs rapid descent into depression. I was ready to die. And willing, Baugh says. For most of his life, Baugh was calm, grounded and successful first as a professional football player for the Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions, and later as a high school football coach, educator and entrepreneur. NFL players are notorious for going broke after leaving the league, but Baugh flourished after his retirement from football in 1990. He returned to his hometown of Riverside, Illinois, where he taught shop and coached football at his high school alma mater. He started exercising regularly and dropped 50 pounds to reach 247, the lightest he had been since high school. He had two daughters with his high school sweetheart, Jeannie, and in 1998 moved with his family to a five-acre rural estate outside Kansas City the city he and Jeannie had fallen in love with when he played for the Chiefs. There, he took a job at a construction firm and eventually became its owner.But everything changed in 2004. Baugh suddenly grew irritable, lashing out at his family for the smallest infractions. Hed berate his daughters if they arrived somewhere five minutes late. He once found a high utility bill and pounded the kitchen table, screaming, We dont need this kind of shit! If the phone rang unexpectedly, hed respond by whipping the nearest object against the wall. After an outburst, he would isolate himself somewhere dark and quiet in the workshop in his barn, where he worked at carpentry and metallurgy; or in the basement of the house, where he would sit in his rocking chair, thinking of a way to escape his family. I didnt like outside, he says. The birds, the wind too much stimulus.Baughs decline is archetypal for NFL players of his era men who had their bodies break down on the field, only to have their minds crumble after they left it. More than a decades worth of neurological research on former NFL players has drawn a near-irrefutable link between brain injuries suffered playing football and subsequent cognitive decline. Even the NFL, whose doctors spent the better part of the 2000s arrogantly dismissing such a connection, has reluctantly acknowledged that the violence of the game results in the mental deterioration of its players.Several illnesses have garnered attention, most notably chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease that can result in aggression, memory loss and suicide. Evidence of CTE has been found in more than 95 percent of the brains of NFL players studied posthumously. Meanwhile, NFL retirees report abnormally high rates of Alzheimers, dementia, Parkinsons and ALS (Lou Gehrigs disease). The connection between football and neurological disease has been the subject of a flood of news stories, two documentaries, a book, a Congressional hearing and, most recently, the Hollywood film Concussion. Currently, the NFL is trying to finalize an out-of-court settlement with former players suffering from certain neurological diseases, a payout estimated at $1 billion.Doctors attribute Baughs mental problems to the countless head injuries he suffered as a player, but he stands to earn nothing from the settlement. He shows no signs of ALS, he has not been formally diagnosed with Alzheimers or Parkinsons, and its impossible to know if he has CTE. Baugh has been diagnosed with a lesser-known condition called hypopituitarism, making him one of thousands of former players who suffer from brain damage but will not be compensated by the leagues settlement. And his story suggests that at least one team in the NFL was concerned about the long-term effects of brain trauma on football players as far back as 1990, 19 years before the NFL acknowledged any link existed.In 2009, Baugh was contacted by a team of medical researchers led by Dr. Daniel Kelly a neurosurgeon at Providence Saint Johns Health Center in Santa Monica, California about participating in a study on hypopituitarism among NFL retirees. The pituitary gland regulates production of testosterone and human growth hormone (among other hormones). When those levels decline, depression, weight gain, erectile dysfunction, fatigue and anxiety often follow. In general, people with low growth hormone tend to feel worse, says Garni Barkhoudarian, a neuroscientist on Kellys team and co-author on the study. They just say, I feel lousy.Pre-existing research showed pituitary dysfunction occurred in 20 to 40 percent of people who had suffered moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (typically in car accidents), so the researchers figured the same would be true for NFL retirees. A force of 100 Gs (i.e., 100 times the force of gravity) is enough to cause a concussion; 130 Gs is the equivalent of a severe car accident. The average NFL tackle generates 30 to 60 Gs of force, with the hardest collisions measuring 150 Gs more than enough to ravage delicate parts of the brain. The pituitary gland is at some risk compared to the rest of the brain because its kind of tethered in its own little area, Barkhoudarian says. Some of the brain moves in an injury, but the pituitary does not. The gland can get sheared off the brain or the blood supply can get damaged or it can bleed inside the gland.Baugh was an ideal candidate for the study: He had the symptoms, and he had suffered many concussions over the course of his football career, not to mention innumerable subconcussive hits. The team recruited another 429 players from a database of retired athletes and ended up studying 68 of them, including Baugh. The study painted retired NFL players as overweight, depressed and impotent as it reported high rates of obesity, lethargy, erectile dysfunction and an overall poor quality of life. In all, 41.2 percent of the subjects were deficient in growth hormone, a sign of hypopituitarism. Adjusted for body mass index, 23.5 percent had hypopituitarism rates comparable to those found among ordinary brain trauma patients.But the researchers were surprised to learn the participants with hypopituitarism did not report having suffered more concussions than those with normal hormone levels. At first glance, this might seem to indicate football doesnt increase the risk of hypopituitarism, but it actually suggests an even more alarming conclusion: If the high rate of hypopituitarism cant be attributed to concussions, then it could be due to the accumulation of minor impacts from safe and routine hits over the course of a career. These subconcussive hits are so subtle players might not experience symptoms at the time, according to Barkhoudarian. It is possible that multiple subconcussive impacts sustained over a long career could lead to eventual hormonal dysfunction, he and his collaborators theorized when the study was published in the Journal of Neurotrauma in July 2014.Similar studies have connected hormone dysfunction and pituitary dysfunction to combat sports such as boxing, kickboxing and MMA; explosive blasts survived by soldiers; and non-sport-related injuries. While the study wasnt the first to draw a link between subconcussive hits and brain disease, it was the first to connect it to pituitary dysfunction. I suspect there are lots of people out there with post-concussion syndrome people who participated in contact and collision sports but what they really have is significant but untreated hypopituitarism, says Vernon Williams, a sports neurologist in Los Angeles. Hypopituitarism related to sports concussion is almost a silent epidemic.Baughs concussion history coincided with his introduction to football his first occurred during his freshman year of high school. I played the whole game but dont remember any of it. I just woke up after the game in the locker room with my uniform still on. The coach came in to turn off the lights and I was the only one left. He asked me what was wrong, and I asked him who won the game. He told me I probably had a concussion, but I should probably be all right.He went on to play center at Southern Illinois University, where he once suffered a concussion so severe the symptoms lasted for three weeks. Youre in a fog. You dont even know what youre doing, Baugh says of being concussed. Youre there, youre existing, youre living but youre not making conscious decisions. Youre just acting out habit or whatever. Jeannie remembers Baugh being so dazed after the hit that he nearly stepped in front of an oncoming train. We had a train track in town, and we had to sometimes cross to get to our classes, she says. And the bell would be ringing and hed be crossing just oblivious to a train coming.Baughs play, though, was unaffected he was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the fourth round of the 1986 draft, exceptional for a player from a Division I-AA school.In all, Baugh remembers 15 times over the span of his football career (high school and college included) when a hit left him with severe dizziness or some degree of amnesia telltale signs of a concussion. Like many players from his era, Baugh felt pressured to play through these injuries, as he described in a journal entry about his time with the Chiefs:Head injuries are scary when you get them but there is no sympathy in the NFL. A seemingly wimpy thing like a concussion that goes away after a short while (Ive had some last 3 days) simply isnt valid reason to be left off the hook. In fact you would probably be released from the team if you admitted to having them. So nobody admitted it. We just carried on as if it was a hangnail. I bet I played maybe 25% of my NFL plays in an altered state from concussion. All sic.Baughs last concussion came in the summer of 1990. After three years with the Chiefs, Baugh spent a disappointing season with the Cleveland Browns before getting cut just before the start of the 1990 season. The Detroit Lions quickly signed Baugh off waivers, and he reported to Lions training camp in July. There he underwent the standard physical for new players, and his only health concern at the time was the tendonitis in his right knee. They bend every finger, joint, knee, ankle, Baugh says, but they mostly neglect one major organ: They didnt give you a brain physical. The extent of the Lions brain injury assessment was a single line on a one-page questionnaire asking if Baugh had suffered any previous concussions. He reported having had four in college, and the Lions cleared him to play.Baugh was thrilled. Im pretty excited about going to Detroit, mostly because Im getting out of Cleveland but also because I have another shot at another year of big money, Baugh wrote in his diary on July 16, 1990. Who knows, maybe it will turn into a job that lasts for years? I hope so because I know that Im better than many of the centers in the NFL.Less than a month later, he was out of the league for good.Baugh doesnt remember the hit that ended his career. All he knows is that it happened on August 9, 1990, during the Lions first preseason game against the Houston Oilers. I realize there was a game, and I realize I was in it. When the concussion happened or how it happened, I dont remember. According to the Lions medical file on Baugh, which Baugh provided for this story, the Lions head trainer, Kent Falb, recorded Baugh was experiencing mild retro-grade sic amnesia in the fourth quarter and allowed him to continue playing. After the game, Falb wrote Baugh was negative for concussion symptoms and pledged to reassess him the following day. But Baugh says the follow-up never took place.Two days later, Baugh reported to the Lions training facility, where he says he was confronted by a Lions employee he had never seen before. Some young kid came up to me and said, Here, they want you to sign this, Baugh recollects. He read the document, and was puzzled by one line in particular: The Detroit Lions will no longer be liable for my head injuries. I said, What does this mean? If Im in a coma on the 50-yard line my wifes gotta pick me up, or what? And the kid didnt know anything about it. He kinda shrugged his shoulders, and I said, Im not signing this.At that, the employee presented a second document, Baugh claims. It was a letter detailing his release. Baugh says he signed it, ending his tenure with the Lions.I might be more damaged than even I want to admit, at least I didnt sign my head away, reads Baughs journal entry from that day.After the Lions released Baugh, Falb entered the following into Baughs medical file emphasis added:This player was released from the Detroit Lions at 9:00AM on this date. The player had received a blow to his head in the ball game on 89 with some retrograde amnesia. Post game the player was asymptomatic with normal vision and no headache reported. Player was not seen for any reason on 810 which was the players day off.Therefore, when the player was terminated he was, to the best of our knowledge, asymptomatic. He was suffering from no other known or reported physical injuries or medical problems and was fully capable of participation in professional football. All sic.If true, the Lions actions were incongruous: The waiver implies the team was not only worried about the long-term effects of Baughs brain injuries, but actively tried to shield itself against potential damages. Meanwhile the Lions training staff was prepared to rule Baugh safe to play (just as long as the team wouldnt be held responsible for any head injuries he might suffer). That is, the Lions deemed Baugh healthy even though their actions suggest they knew his brain was at some risk.Falb declined to answer any questions about Baughs version of events, saying he didnt want to rehash an event from more than 25 years ago. The NFL did not return repeated requests for comment, and the Lions say they are not permitted to discuss the matter due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which bars the organization from sharing its employees medical information.Baugh says he was given a copy of his medical record upon release, but he did not hold onto the waiver. If I had those documents today, Id be a multimillionaire, he says.As its currently structured, the NFLs out-of-court settlement will only compensate players who suffer from, or end up developing, the following neurological diseases: ALS, Alzheimers, dementia, Parkinsons and some forms of CTE. Players are eligible for up to $5 million depending on the severity of their medical issues. The younger a player is diagnosed, and the more severe his impairment, the more he is entitled to, with the highest payouts going to the estates of young retirees whose autopsies reveal signs of CTE. But lost amid the ongoing legal, medical and cultural controversy are players such as Baugh, whose lives have been devastated by less-severe brain diseases, but who will not be compensated at all by the league.The settlement is binary, according to a former NFL player who wishes to remain nameless. Players either have a major neurological condition and qualify for compensation, or theyre left out entirely.That player is one of 220 who have opted out of the class action, thereby reserving the right to sue the league as individuals and seek compensation for less-severe brain injuries. The Brain Injury Association of America denounced the settlement in August in an amicus brief that says the settlement neither recognizes nor compensates the majority of players suffering long-term consequences of brain trauma. Meanwhile, about 90 players in the class action have appealed the settlement with the hope of making the compensation requirements less narrow.Kimberly Archie, co-founder of Child Athlete Advocates, a sports injury awareness group, calls players such as Baugh the invisible group. They dont fit into one of the categories listed in the settlement, she says, but they suffer from a slew of diseases tied to brain trauma, including sleep apnea, seizure disorders, frequent migraines and pituitary dysfunction.Former NFL linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo hasnt opted out of the class action but criticized the terms of the settlement. Theres definitely always more the NFL can do, Ayanbadejo says. How do you figure out something to help anybody and everybody that played in the league with whatever their problems are?Baugh opted out of the litigation, too, and he has no intention of suing the NFL as an individual, given the cost. The class action is a farce. Theres no settlement for any of my issues. Why would you stay in if there are no benefits?If Baugh were to sue, his story could have a significant impact on the class action deliberations, according to William Gibbs, a partner at Chicago law firm Corboy & Demetrio. The firm is representing several former NFL players in the class action suit, including the estate of Dave Duerson, the Chicago Bears safety who asked his family to donate his brain to CTE research before taking his own life in February 2011. (Three months after Duersons death, doctors found indisputable evidence of the disease in his brain tissue.)A team requesting a player waive his right to pursue a claim of any kind would and should be looked into, Gibbs says of the Lions purported actions. Particularly if its a team implicitly acknowledging long-term ramifications of head trauma at a time when others might have disputed it.Today, Baughs condition has improved since his 2005 low. He lashes out less and is more sociable, his wife says, but he has trouble maintaining his train of thought and is often confused and frustrated. Hell get excited about an article hes read, but will be unable to remember its contents moments later. Hell try to do some woodwork in his shop, but hell take the boards to the construction site and theyll be the wrong size. Hell start on a house project, get sidetracked and never finish it.Baugh experimented with a host of antidepressants after admitting to suicidal thoughts, eventually settling on Zoloft. Its just one part of the cocktail of drugs he ingests, including Adderall (for focus), testosterone and human growth hormone (for his hypopituitarism), pills for his underactive thyroid, two allergy prescriptions and a gout medication. I sound like Im 90, Baugh says of his drug intake. Thing is, if you dont take them, youre friggin going off the deep end, yknow?Worse, the thought of suicide lingers. In death, Baugh might be diagnosed with CTE; only then would the NFL compensate him. These guys and their families, some of them are potentially getting $5 million, Baugh says. I would die today for that.John McDermott is a staff writer at MEL. He recently wrote about a pair of Boston brothers who won $1 million playing fantasy football.For more MEL, follow us on Medium or subscribe to the newsletter·RELATED QUESTIONWhich bra is more comfortable padded bras or sports bras,and why do we have to wear bra?it depends what your more comftorable in every one is different. try padded bras and see how you feel however sports bras may not be totally better because they are designed to support you during lots of movement
Cheerleading: Um Esporte Em Ascenso
Por: Maria Luisa RodriguesComeam a gritar E 1, 2, 3, 4. A partir da, a emoo e o nervosismo tomam conta do corpo todo. Mas no momento para distraes. A estudante Isabela Ono, do time Explosivas da Unesp Botucatu, estava estressada por causa da falta de tempo para ensaios. Afinal, a coreografia s ficou pronta dois dias antes da ida para os jogos. Sendo sua primeira vez no time, a insegurana e o medo de cair surgiu de repente, mas veio aterrorizante. Por ser Flyer- membro que fica no topo da pirmide-, tinha uma grande responsabilidade, mas precisava confiar no seu grupo. E 1, 2, 3, 4, o mix de msicas se inicia. Mesmo no tendo muita torcida no auditrio, nem a presena da bateria da faculdade, j que no mesmo horrio estava tendo o duelo de baterias, a experincia foi nica. Marcante na vida pessoal e na vida de atleta.O Cheerleading, apesar da traduo para Lderes de torcida no se limita a apenas torcer por algo ou algum, tambm uma atividade fsica e um esporte competitivo, baseado em rotinas organizadas, com componentes de elevaes, danas, saltos, torcida, entre outros. desafiador e dinmico ao exigir prtica e dedicao. Um praticante desenvolve habilidades importantes como o trabalho em equipe, fora, flexibilidade e ritmo.Os treinos de horas por vrias vezes na semana, somados aos treinos extras, garantem a coleo de hematomas e cartelas de relaxantes musculares. Todo esse trabalho avaliado em 5 minutos. Minutos estes em que toda a coreografia e acrobacia, estudada e analisada minuciosamente por meses, julgada na competio. Mas apesar da inquietao, s de poder disputar como uma categoria oficial nos Jogos Universitrios j uma vitria.As cheerleaders ou animadoras de torcida, depois de inmeras edies dos jogos universitrios, finalmente esto ganhando espao. O que antes era visto apenas como uma atrao a mais nos intervalos, hoje considerado uma modalidade nesses eventos esportivos. Meninas e meninos comeam do zero e formam toda uma estrutura para poder competir igualmente aos outros esportes.As ExplosivasIsabela Ono, de 19 anos, estudante de Biomedicina, entrou para o time cheer da universidade, as Explosivas, logo em seu primeiro ano como caloura. Diz que entrou pela experincia e por achar os vdeos feitos muito impactantes. Ela j praticava ginstica e bal desde criana, e em Botucatu, descobriu esse esporte como uma linha prxima ao qual treinava.O grupo do qual faz parte, foi criado no mximo h dois anos. Em comparao com outros campi, como o de Rio Claro, o de Botucatu o mais recente e inexperiente. Mas mesmo assim j compete como esporte oficial, inclusive a estudante diz que ano passado at pagamos com o pacote atleta. O grupo compete e participa de colocaes diante a competio com outros. Um triunfo para esse esporte que ainda sofre preconceito. Inclusive, em muitos outros jogos universitrios, o cheer ainda visto apenas como um atrativo, como na Faculdade Csper Lbero. As Red Birds, presentes no JUCA, estreiaram em apenas trs jogos, elas e os outros cheers ainda lutam para se tornar uma categoria competitiva.Enquanto os jogos no comeam, as Explosivas treinam duas vezes por semana por muitas horas. No tm lugar fixo para praticarem, por isso dependem de quadras disponveis ou do gramado do lado dos ginsios. Elas bancam os prprios instrumentos com uma mensalidade de 30 reais. No preciso ter experincia prvia, muitas meninas entram sem saber nada da parte tcnica, diz Ono. O cheer sobre compartilhar e ensinar.E que comecem os Jogos em setembro que os jogos se iniciam. Por isso, uns meses antes, as Explosivas comeam a montar efetivamente a coreografia e juntar tudo o que aprenderam at agora. A treinadora, Marina, antecipa os passos que o grupo ir seguir, mas ela tambm depende de todo time para compartilhar ideias e elaborar coreografias inovadoras.Agora, os dos dois treinos se adicionam aos extras sempre que for possvel conciliar os horrios das 12 integrantes. Alm da parte bsica aprendida no comeo do ano, como entender termos, saber posies e conhecer sobre os regimentos nos jogos, o grupo comea a praticar a parte funcional, ou seja, o fsico, como revela Isabela. O foco agora treinar intensamente o que sua posio dentro do time faz. Se voc consegue levantar uma pessoa e ser um apoio forte, voc pode se tornar uma Base. Tambm pode se tornar uma Flyer, como a estudante de Biomedicina, ou ser a Traseira. O importante saber a teoria e a tcnica usadas para cada situao.Mesmo tendo um papel especfico para cada integrante, o cheer baseado na comunho. Como uma pirmide, cada extremidade importante. Cada pessoa importante. isso que faz um time. Essa unio fortalece a posio desse esporte no cenrio universitrio. Isso mostra o comprometimento e a fora com que elas vm. Cheerleaders? Animadoras de torcida? Muito mais do que animar, elas so atletas. Sempre preparadas para atuar, para mostrar disciplina, fora fsica e competitividade. E 1, 2, 3 e 4. E menos de 1 para oficializar esse esporte.Visite o site:·RELATED QUESTIONwhat has more support regular bras or sports bras?bras cause cancer
11 Things Entrepreneurs (and Employees) Can Learn From Soccer
Always be moving you must have endurance, be prepared for the long haul, but also be able to burst and sprint when needed.Passing when a task comes to you, do your thing and then pass it along to where it needs to go next. If you can do it with one touch, do so.Dribble only when necessary Dont keep the ball (spotlight, task, etc.) too long, but only when its the best option to move your team into a position to score. Its way better to involve the whole team in moving forward together.Field vision know where you are supposed to be and what is expected of you at all times. Know how you fit into the overall strategy and tactics, both offensively and defensively, adapting quickly as things change.Pass and move dont just hand something off when youre done, anticipate where youll be needed next and get there immediately.Possession keep the game under your control, knowing that your team cannot win without seizing the initiative and holding onto it.Communicate let your teammates know when you see a challenge coming their way, let them know where they can expect to find you next, and do it while playing the game, NOT stopping to have committee meetings every 30 seconds as they do in American football (thank you to David Green of Hobby Lobby for this one).Take a half-time break there is an appropriate time to rest up a bit, gather with your team, rehash strategy, and recommit to winning.Stoppage time play to the last minute, and even beyond if allowed, in order to finish strong.Dont be a diver when you get fouled, just get up and get on with it, instead of trying to get sympathy for some injustice. Dont let the lawyers ruin the game.Shooting and finishing make sure you always know where the target is, use skill in finding it, apply as much finesse as possible, and use your head if you have to!(You can follow Chris on his Facebook fan page at Rascal Nation and on Instagram at cbrascal)·RELATED QUESTIONWhat are some sports bras that work like a binder?Three different types of sports bras, when do you have to wear each of them?Gone are those years when you used the same sportswear to go jogging as to do a Pilates class. With the development of the technology applied to sportswear we have been able to find in the stores different garments specifically designed for each sports practice. And yes, sports bras have also had their evolution. In the same way that you would not wear trail running shoes on asphalt, you should not wear a bra with little support for high impact training. Each garment, like each shoe, is designed for specific needs.Knowing this, let's see what are the three types of sports bras that we can find in the market and when we can use each of them to get the most out of them. High-grip sports bras for high impact activitiesThis type of bras works by compression, collecting the chest well and giving priority to the fastening function ahead of the aesthetic, although we can already find very aesthetic models also in these cases.READ MORE:What are some sports bras that work like a binder?
What Makes a Tweet the Worst of All Time?
I used to care about lots of tweets. I once tried to collect the hundred or so amazing tweets I regard as canonical proof of the social networks value. Of course, there are many more bad tweets than good; almost daily you encounter some tweet that makes a credible case for itself as the worst of all time. At this moment, these are the only tweets Im interested in, because they make up the 2018 Worst Tweet of All Time Bracket, a side project from Sam Sacks and Sam Knight, co-creators of a watchdog news site and podcast called the District Sentinel. Theyre mounting this March Madness-style tournament with the account @WorstDamnTweet, and I have to say: trying to gauge the relative badness of each entry is breaking my brain thats how stiff the competition is.Although the matchups, including play-in rounds, are decided by the voting of the Twitter Mob, the selection and organization of these appalling tweets present a compelling idea of what makes for a truly stupid tweet. Immediately we notice the robust representation of political takes and personae; five of the eight regions have an explicit connection to the field, from D.C. pundits and cable news anchors to far-right trolls and our absolute dumbest elected officials. Even those in the Celebrity and Extremely Online categories are typically signaling or dissecting politics in their garbage tweets, as when #Resistance fighter Eric Garland first embarked on his Adderall-fueled game theory thread. There can be no doubt about it: wading into the Beltway muck raises your chances of authoring a memorably shitty tweet by at least a thousand percent.We honestly tried not to make it too political, Knight and Sacks told me via Twitter DM, but we also wanted to make sure that most of the entrants were actually relevant people and not just randoms, hence a lot of politico-types are represented.This brings us to another qualification. For a bad tweet to achieve legendary status, it needs exposure. Scientifically speaking, the worst tweet of all time is almost certain to come from a verified account with thousands if not millions of fans an audience that presumably takes the persons opinions seriously. (A notable exception is Justine Saccos racist tweet about AIDS in Africa, which went unaccountably viral and ruined her life despite the fact that she had fewer than 200 followers at the time.) A dumb tweet from, say, J.K. Rowling, is far more aggravating than the same dumb tweet from some anonymous schmuck because you know there are tons of idiots out there liking and retweeting it. You can actually see those numbers. Internet celebrity, then, is a crucial factor in determining worst tweets. The same people, as the Sams explained to me, come from notable bubbles: The Acela Corridor (NY-DC), Hollywood, Capitol Hill, etc.Places where people dont often think before they tweet: Hey, am I and my friends the only ones who subscribe to this wacky-ass idea? the Sams clarified. So it leads to people posting truly insane shit without even realizing it. For example, Ezra Klein is completely clueless that people experience political violence in the U.S. all the time because he personally never experiences it. Or the belief that a team of troops could beat an NFL team. You can only arrive at that conclusion after living in a conservative bubble or being regularly fed Jake Tapper tweets. A profound lack of self-awareness (or grounding in the national reality) is an indispensable advantage for a bad tweet.It must be said, too, that many @WorstDamnTweet contestants are notorious for tweeting badly as a matter of course. Concocting candidates for the worst tweet of all time is, as they say, very on brand for these users. Whereas a guy like Kanye West is just a loose cannon who produced many fine, funny tweets before randomly and tragically declaring BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!! in 2016, CNNs terminally myopic Chris Cillizza has all but made a sport of getting demolished by The Ratio, a phenomenon that occurs when a horrendous tweet receives few endorsements and scores of angry, mocking replies. It is left to the observer, therefore, to figure out which dumbass tweet in Cillizzas pantheon of stunningly dumbass tweets is the dumbassest of the bunch. The Sams have made the canny choice one I agree with to enshrine tweets from serial offenders like Cillizza which already serve as historic landmarks.We wanted to pick tweets that were both really bad and recognizable, they told me. As soon as people saw them, theyd be like, Oh yeah, I remember that garbage! At the same time, they wanted to be careful about not promoting stuff that was too offensively racist, Islamophobic, homophobic, or whatever. These awful tweets (many of which have been deleted along with their accounts), are going to be making the rounds again, so we didnt want things too offensive out there. Therefore, while Infowars goblin Paul Joseph Watson spouts vile hatred on Twitter virtually 24/7, it made sense to instead commemorate the pathetic beauty of his saddest cultural analogy:So there you have the most reliable parameters for atrocious tweets: 1) political and 2) tweeted by a prominent figure who 3) has no clue how their comment reads to anyone without brain-worms. Once in a while, a pure and revolting non-sequitur can ascend to mythic levels of disgrace see director Kevin Smiths graphic tweet regarding married sex but the roots of bone-crushingly bad tweets are usually ideological. My own takeaway from this is that we are fairly tolerant, up to a point, of offensive and ignorant content that lacks a significant platform or doesnt directly pertain to the monstrosities of war, torture, disease, poverty, and other blights that exact a heavy human cost.Is there any chance of eliminating this crap? Dont get your hopes up its a natural element of the digital ecosystem. We do hope some of these accounts take notice, the Sams said. So far none have blocked us. But this tournament wont end bad tweets. In fact, this tournament needs them to exist. The best thing we can hope for now is bring accountability to the shit take lords. Regardless, a new generation will emerge. The bigger you get on Twitter, and the deeper you sink into its logic, the more off-putting and isolated you are, and the more inevitable your worst tweet ever becomes. Meaning that the only surefire way to stay out of a bracket like this is, as always, to never tweet.But do make sure to vote in @WorstDamnTweet now that youre an expert, I mean.Miles Klee is a staff writer at MEL. He last wrote about the Austin bomber.Most popular stories on MEL:When You Can and Cannot Say No When Someone Asks to Switch Seats With You on an AirplaneFor seven years, Tim Roscoe worked as a fund-raiser for the University of Virginia, taking upwards of 20 flights permelmagazine.comThe Three Things Women Want You to Say in Bed DaddyAt least, according to possibly questionable survey results from an Australian diamond companymelmagazine.comA Guy Walks Into a Bar and Is Never Seen AgainOn April Fools Day, a med student went for a drink. A security camera recorded him. Then, he vanished.melmagazine.comDeath by MuscleRich Piana is the latest in a long list of untimely deaths. 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Five Players the Knicks Brass Should Keep an Eye On
The New York Knicks suffered back to back brutal losses at the hands of the Orlando Magic and the Indiana Pacers, proving that the roster still needs some improvement before they can start thinking about the postseason. It didnt help that their two top scorers in Kristaps Porzingis and Tim Hardaway Jr. have been sidelined due to injury and theres no guarantee as to when they will return.Scott Perry and Steve Mills still have their work cut out for them. No one really knows what theyre thinking or what they plan to do now that the team is sort of in a rut. Its unlikely that Perry plans on rushing things, especially since he made it clear at the beginning of the season that the focus is rebuilding the team and developing the young players so that they can be competitive for many years. However, it doesnt hurt to add young talent that can be beneficial for the team and put them in a position to win.There are plenty of free agents that can be brought in by the Knicks and use their skills to the teams advantage and help improve the roster. Here are an assortment of players that should be on the Knicks radar:Trey Burke Westchester KnicksIn case you havent heard, Burke is finding his groove and reformatting his game in the G-League. Tim Hardaway Jr.s former running mate from their Michigan Wolverine days has been on a tear in Westchester, proving to be a capable leader and working on his defense as well. If he continues to develop his game, it wont be long before he receives a call up from another team. However, there have been hints that he wants to join the Knicks with his best friend Hardaway and perhaps catch up with their other peer Caris LeVert, who currently plays for the Brooklyn Nets. It also helps that Perry is a Detroit native and is a huge fan of Burke. It wont be long before hes called up by the Big Club soon. Very soon.Melo Trimble Iowa WolvesSince his time in college at the University of Maryland, Melo Trimble was always known as a scoring point guard. This might be what the Knicks need to have instant offense off the bench. Between Ramon Sessions whos not much of a factor despite his professionalism, Frank Ntilikinas raw offensive game, and Ron Baker not being a true point guard, the team doesnt have a player that can spark an offense off the bench. Trimble still needs work on the defensive end and needs to be careful to not have tunnel vision. However, he can definitely serve as a running for Ntilkina at least until he develops an offensive game, and could possibly serve as a member of the Knicks guards in the future.Luke Kornet Westchester KnicksWithout Porzingis, the Knicks dont have a true big man that can spread the floor and play with a sense of pace. Enes Kanter, Kyle OQuinn, Willy Hernangomez (at least until he fully develops an outside game), and Joakim Noah cant really shoot from the outside like the Unicorn and that really slows the momentum down for the team. Enter Luke Kornet, an underrated Vanderbilt center that can shoot a lot of threes. A LOT. Hes averaging 15.2 points on 45.0% shooting, which includes an absurd 39.7% on seven three-point attempts per game. Hes also blocking 1.6 shots per game while moving the ball well and averaging 1.9 assists per game. Since he has a two-way contract with the team, the Knicks would be wise to keep a close eye on him.Isaiah Hicks Westchester KnicksHicks is another young player thats on a two way contract with the Knicks. An undersized power forward measuring at 6'9," hes an excellent athlete that can push the pace and is emerging as a solid defender with a midrange game. Although he has difficulty creating his own shot, cant really shoot the three ball well, he can be a serviceable big man for small ball lineups and continues to show upside.Derrick Williams Free AgentNow hear me out.Williams, in many ways, is a lot like Michael Beasley. Hes a big forward that has many limits to his game. Hes not a great defender and he can a bit turnover prone. However, during his short stint with the Knicks during the 20152016 season, he emerged as a fan favorite and improved a lot during his tenure with the Knicks. He set career highs in free throws, shot 42% corner three pointers, was able to push the pace of the game, and was a good character teammate that was effective coming off the bench.Plus, hes freakishly athletic.EXTREMELY athletic.I mean look at this.Knicks fans also love players like Derrick Williams who showcase hustle and want to help the team win. Its also clear that he thoroughly enjoyed his time in New York.And he clearly misses playing at the Garden.Hes extremely young (only 26 years old) and would fit the timeline if given the chance. Assuming Doug McDermott doesnt stay with the team or if the Knicks finally decide to cut their losses with Michael Beasley, Williams can step in and more than likely thrive in Hornacecks system.There are several players other players that the Knicks should go after but these are ones that stand out the most. Whatever Perry decides to do, theres no question that he has a tall task ahead of him. He could either wait it out before making a move or make a quick decision to stop the bleeding. Either way, the Knicks front office will have to decide what to do soon. If they intend on chasing the playoffs, these players must be considered on their radar.*additional credit to NBA G-League, Basketball-Reference, Posting and Toasting, Knicks Observer.·RELATED QUESTIONwhat has more support regular bras or sports bras?sports bras but i think the regular bras look better and the back strap is the support in regular bras
The NBA Playoffs Power Rankings
Considering how wonky the NBAs regular season was, it shouldnt come as a surprise that the opening round of the playoffs has featured an array of expected outcomes, juxtaposed with inevitable performances from the leagues real top contenders.With two games in the books, weve been inundated with more questions than answers Whats wrong with the Celtics?; Are the Bulls legitimate?; Will the Cavs ever make things look easy?; Are the Rockets championship contenders?As each series shifts to the lower-seeded teams home-court, lets re-seed the playoff teams based on their performances in the first two games (original seeds in parenthesis).Eastern Conference#1 Chicago (#8)Stats: 20; PPG (#7); APG (#7); RPG (#1); Defense (#7).After pairing free-agent signings Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo with Jimmy Butler last off-season, the Bulls generated a Big 3 that hasnt looked like the three-headed monster they seem to be now. During a season of highs such as winning three games against Cleveland and one against Golden State and lows (including some very low lows), the Bulls barely mustered enough swagger to enter the postseason. Since theyve been an enigma all season long, no one saw their dominance of the Celtics coming. Then again, we stupidly underestimated the genius of Playoff Rondo. While their wins in Games 1 and 2 were in large part due to Butlers excellence, along with Wades reinvigoration, Rondos near-triple-double in Game 2 11 points, 14 assists, 9 rebounds brought to mind a slew of past playoff moments, moments where he donned his current opposing teams colors and terrorized other defenses. Through two games, no team in the East has looked better.#2 Wizards (#4)Stats: 20; PPG (#4); APG (#7); RPG (#3); Defense (#9).While Steph and Klay may hold the Best Backcourt title, Wall and Beal are mounting a serious challenge. As theyve shown this series, when both guys are healthy, the sky is the limit, with Wall averaging 32 points and 12.5 assists in the first two games.#3 Cavs (#2)Stats: 20; PPG (#3); APG (#6); RPG (#14); Defense (#12).The defending champs seem incapable of making things easy for themselves. After surviving a missed buzzer-beater that wouldve handed them a loss in Game 1, Clevelands Big 3 produced one of their best overall performances in Game 2. Despite combining for 89 points, 31 rebounds, and 11 assists, the Cavs had to hold off a Pacers rally in the final minutes, at home. Just as weve had to do all season long, were waiting on a championship performance from the defending champs.#4 Bucks (#6)Stats: 11; PPG (#12); APG (#8); RPG (#8); Defense (#3).After arguably the best overall performance of the playoffs, the Bucks dominated the Raptors in their Game 1 matchup. If it wasnt for Kyle Lowrys clutch and unbelievably difficult shot in Game 2, Milwaukee could be looking at a commanding 20 lead in the series. Even so, as Giannis goes so do the Bucks. Middleton has also been huge.# 5 Raptors (#3)Stats: 11; PPG (#14); APG (#10); RPG (#6); Defense (#5).Amidst Durants OKC departure and Westbrooks MVP quest, we forgot about the third banana Serge Ibaka. Granted, his irrelevant role on the Magic prior to being traded didnt help to keep him in the headlines. After being acquired by Toronto at the trade deadline, Ibakas offensive role diminished as he embraced a defensive function. Until Game 2. With 16 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds, and 2 blocks, Ibaka displayed the Raptors postseason ceiling.#6 Pacers (#7)Stats: 02; PPG (#5); APG (#7); RPG (#12); Defense (#14).Despite two valiant efforts by PG13, Lance Stephensons resurrection, and Myles Turner growing up before our eyes, the Pacers are down 02. Sure, they were one bucket from stealing Game 1. No matter. There are no moral victories in the NBA playoffs. Perhaps only the belief that they can take both games at home and then try to steal one in Cleveland.#7 Celtics (#1)Stats: 02; PPG (#10); APG (#1); RPG (#13); Defense (#10).After Isiah Thomas hit a three-pointer to give the Celtics an early 126 lead in Game One, it was bedlam in the TD Garden. At that moment, everything looked okay. It seemed like the recent death of Isiahs sister would be used as extra motivation in the Celtics Postseason run. After two games, theres no excuses. Chicago simply looks like the better team.# 8 Hawks (#5)Stats: 02; PPG (#8); APG (#14); RPG (#5); Defense (#13).Paul Millsaps quote after Game 1 says it all. We were playing basketball, they played MMA. Not a good look. Theyve battled with the Wizards, but its hard to see them stopping Wall and Beal, who seem absolutely possessed.Western Conference#1 Rockets (#3)Stats: 20; PPG (#2); APG (#9); RPG (#2); Defense (#6).Leave it to Patrick Beverley, who caused Russell Westbrook to tear his meniscus when the two met in the playoffs in 2013, to not only outshine his nemesis in Game 1 but also maybe, just maybe, outperform his teammate James Harden, the MVP-favorite no less. With that said, the Beards 35.5/8.8/5.5 averages have steered Houston to a commanding 20 stranglehold on the series.#2 Spurs (#2)Stats: 20; PPG (#9); APG (#15); RPG (#9); Defense (#1).If we were ranking teams based on consistency, the Spurs would top the list. After falling behind 2613 in the series opener, San Antonio have outscored Memphis 194141, not having trailed since the second quarter of Game 1.#3 Warriors (#1)Stats: 20; PPG (#1); APG (#2); RPG (#3); Defense (#11).Its fair to argue that the Warriors have performed well enough to deserve the 1 seed. With that said, it took Golden State until the fourth quarter to put Portland away in Game 1, followed by an absolutely abysmal shooting night from Lillard-McCollum in Game 2. With that said, it was impressive how easily they put Portland away last night despite not having Durant on the floor.#4 Clippers (#4)Stats: 11; PPG (#13); APG (#5); RPG (#10); Defense (#2).Considering the Clippers have never made things easy on themselves, it should come as no surprise that theyve looked extremely mediocre in the first two games. Even so, had Joe Johnson missed the buzzer-beater in Game 1, Clippers would be sitting pretty, up 20.#5 Jazz (#5)Stats: 11; PPG (#15); APG (#13); RPG (#16); Defense (#4).Without Rudy Gobert, the Jazz fate rests solely on the shoulders of Gordon Hayward. Despite a gutsy win in Game 1, the odds dont appear to be in their favor.#6 Blazers (#8)Stats: 02; PPG (#6); APG (#16); RPG (#11); Defense (#16).After combining with McCollum to score 75 points in Game 1, Lillards Well win in 6 declaration no longer seemed like there was literally zero chance it could be true. Following a poor Game 2 showing that put the Blazers in an 02 hole, the only discussion left for us to have is whether Lillard can somehow force this series to a Game 6.#7 Thunder (#6)Stats: 02; PPG (#11); APG (#11); RPG (#4); Defense (#15).If you had told me before the series that Westbrook would put up 511013 in one of the first two games, Id expect the Thunder to either be up 20 or 11. In Game 2, Russ went to the bench at the 2:21 mark in the third quarter, with a comfortable 12-point lead for the Thunder, and watched as the margin fell to as few as three in about 90 seconds. Subsequently, he fell into ball-hog mode, as the Thunder blew an opportunity to make this a series.#8 Grizzlies (#7)Stats: 02; PPG (#16); APG (#12); RPG (#15); Defense (#8).Take that ranking for data! The Grizzlies just dont have enough offense to compete with the Spurs·RELATED QUESTIONLADIES: do you wear sports bras or regular bras more often?regular for sure
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