How Many People Died in WW1 and WW2?

Well..World War One was one of the deadliest conflicts in the history of the human race, in which over 16 million people died. The total number of both civilian and military casualties is estimated at around 37 million people. The war killed almost 7 million civilians and 10 million military personnel.

How Many People Died in WW1? - HistoryOver 60 million people died in World War II. Estimated deaths range from 50-80 million. 38 to 55 million civilians were killed, including 13 to 20 million from war-related disease and famineWorld War II casualties - WikipediaAs you can see, the numbers are staggering. And one must remember that there are probably alot of deaths that were unaccounted for in these figures. Anyway you look at it though, you can draw the conclusion that A LOT of people died. I could be wrong but I believe in WWI alone something like 3% of the population died. That may seem small but when you take into account that is 3% of the world population, the numbers become extraordinary

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Do you want the leader of your country to be a very intelligent person?

Maybe some, but not too muchThe highly intelligent have been shown to be more prone to mental health disorders, especially depression and anxiety. They may fixate on the negatives, churning them over in their minds and activating a stress response in the body.The Challenges of Having a High IQ.Speaking only for myself, I was close to suicide at 18 when I let my reasoning, logic and rational thought drive me into a fruitless and more depressing cycle.

But fortunately, I had an aha experience and was made aware that I was deceiving myself.What deception? The lie that my reasoning could 1) answer all the questions I had and/or 2) gain me the needed inner peace and fulfillment I sought.So I aimed at a life of transcendent love for others, virtue and wisdom and let go of my reasoning as if it were a magic cure all for inner peace and fulfillment.

So today at 72, I live alone, live very simply with extremely elemental daily tasks and routines, spend very little yet am a sr tech contributor at Apple.I hope this helps


Why is sectionalism a cause of the Civil War in the United States?

It was a secondary cause. The real debate was over the right to own slaves. Had the ownership of slaves been reversed - sectionally - it still would have been the cause. What facilitated it was the hard line - the Mason Dixon line - between the slave owning states and the non-slave states. The fact that there were neutral states - border states - Maryland and Kentucky were exceptions to the rule.The sectionalism was tied to the agronomy of three export crops - cotton, sugar cane and tobacco - which grew best/only in the South - and required slave labor to plant, harvest and process cost-effectively on a world market. Every other reason was secondary to the agricultural economics of growing those three export crops prior to mechanization.

Such a geographic split was anticipated as new states were added under the Missouri Compromise, etc. Most of which were earmarked as slave or free as a function of their agricultural potential; ergo, sectionalism based on agronomy


What is the difference between the BJP and the NDA?

Indian being a parliamentary democracy,nHas multiparty system where people chooses 543 respective Mps(members of parliament in lower house), in their respective geographical constituencies.nThen out of these atleast 272 members need to join hands to form a majority government,nand chooses their leader as PM.nSince there r hundreds of parties, some national level others state levels fighting for these constituencies besides independent contestents, the chances of a single party winning a majority of 272/543 r very slim since there r 100 other parties also.

nIn such a scenario, coalition of individual parties r formed on common minimum programme and these coalition then try to test their chances of crossing the median figure of 272 , collectively.nNow there r currently two big parties here in india heading these two coalitions and their ideologies and account for almost 80% seats and 70% vote share of such coalition.nThis mean they r dominating forces of these coalitions.

nThe two coalition rnUPA (United progressive alliance)nheaded by inc (indian national congress)n&nNDA (national democratic alliance)nHeaded by bjp (bhartiya janta party)


Can NBA players smoke weed?

For his DUI charge, Iman Shumpert faces a two-game ban from the NBA. Under the league's marijuana policy, Shumpert could face a five-game suspension if this were his third offense.So, to make a long story short, it can lead to a short suspension....

Iman Shumpert: What Percentage Of NBA Players Smoke Marijuana?Contrary to the below answer, and considering how many professional athletes smoke copious amounts of weed AND, especially considering the incredibly high replacement costs of successful professional athletes who have sustainable careers, it is highly unlikely that most NBA players would be "fired" for smoking marijuana.On the other hand, if the guy was the last person on the bench and if there was a potentially more talented player on the team's D-League affiliate who could replace him, that might be a different story....but, it probably wouldn't be because of the weed. The NBA is a brutal place and if a player legitimately belongs there, weed won't be a reason for ending his career


How does a smart TV differ from a LED TV?

There are many points that make smart TV better than LED TV. These points are-:You can use many apps on smart TVs like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc.If the smart TV is an Android TV you can also use the play store for downloading games and apps.

Smart TVs come with voice assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa.There are other features also like you can use chrome cast technology to stream from your smartphone screen to TV.You can connect other smart devices at home with the smart TV.

You can use a home cloud feature to store your files on TV.Some smart TVs come with gaming and cricket modes.You can use the Live cast feature.So these were some of the features that you will get on a smart TV. Even there is not much difference between the price of LED TV and smart TV.In todays time, I will only prefer smart TVs.Please upvote if you like the answer


What is Andrew Weill's opinion on Donald Trump releasing his personal tax returns?

He promised that he would.His promise is worthless.Trump has the right to refuse to disclose the returns voluntarily.A good federal prosecutor knows how to get disclosure if relevant to his investigation.Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel, is as good as they come.

This answer is not a substitute for professional legal advice. This answer does not create an attorney-client relationship, nor is it a solicitation to offer legal advice. If you ignore this warning and convey confidential information in a private message or comment, there is no duty to keep that information confidential or forego representation adverse to your interests. Seek the advice of a licensed attorney in the appropriate jurisdiction before taking any action that may affect your rights. If you believe you have a claim against someone, consult an attorney immediately, otherwise there is a risk that the time allotted to bring your claim may expire. Quora users who provide responses to legal questions are intended third party beneficiaries with certain rights under Quora's Terms of Service (quora.



What are some design patterns inexperienced programmers tend to get it wrong?

The two classics are overuse and regurgitation.Just because you can stuff a pattern in does not mean that you should.All patterns come with a cost. Their entire point is to add a general purpose decoupling mechanism into your code to make it more flexible. This is fantastic when that flexibility is needed. But it is just harder to understand when it isn't.The second point is more nuanced. All patterns are ideas of mechanisms. They are not cut-and-paste code snippets. So it bugs me immensely when I see the words 'Subject' and 'Observer' in code.Observer of what? Subject? What's that?A better idea is to use terms from the application domain. Yes, use the pattern. But modify the terms to be descriptive. Say we are building an alarm clock service, we could have the class AlarmClock as our subject and WokenByAlarm (*) as the observer interface.

(*) It's not brilliant as a name. But one step nearer to the actual problem


What is the solution to flood and drought at the same time in a country?

in India we have urban flooding as a major problem, its more like clogging of drains for most of time.However its time we ask our politicians some tough questions and below some of the important thingsGet rid of illegal constructionsRepair the damaged flood plain.Plan properly, I have seen Balaji Viswanathan ( ) supporting CBN on Amaravati. although he is wise and knowledgeble, he is not a specialist in Urban planning or Town Planning, The point is Amaravati is built on flood plain, why? Honest Arbitrariness?, no its clearly Corruption.Desilting of rivers surrounding the towns/citiesTreating of Sewage and Effluents, this is important because during flood time or High tide, these untreated water will mix with fresh water lakes. Check what happened in Bengaluru in the mid of AugustRepairing Mangroves and Management of Wetlands.

Now let's talk about actual flooding, this Happens in states like Uttarakhand, Andhra, Assam and Bihar.There is no easy solution, management of flood plains and interlinking of rivers is the only solution


Why didn't Phoebe and David end up together on "Friends"?

Well, to say the least, Phoebe was weird. More weird than anyone else.David himself wasnt weird like phoebe, bit he sure was a bit queer like her. He was shy, genius and was most focused at his work than anything else. He was ideal for some, but a let down for many.

Mike, on the other hand, is a sensational guy. He is cute, living life on his terms & not weird at all. He is caring but not that much compared to David.

Phoebe sure fell in love with David. She spent some time with her but she never had the chance to know more about him. They never moved in together. They never had those long discussions which Phoebe had with Mike & I think this is the point which led phoebe to decide in favour of Mike.Mike sure loved Phoebe so much. He even agreed to donate his money to the charity, and was fine with Phoebe changing her name.

This I think is why Phoebe chose Mike over David


If magneto can manipulate metals, why can't he control humans as humans have Iron in Hemoglobin?

It's essentially a factor of concentration. The iron in our blood AFAIK is molecular in size and often part of other mollecules. Targeting traces of Iron so small would probably require very high levels concentration. Magneto's ability to control metals has been shown to have limits and is highly dependent on mental as well as physical states. Magneto could create a magnetic field sufficiently powerful to kill just about anyone, but doing so would need to have him concentrate and 'overuse' his power which would impair his ability to function. He's got much more efficient weapons at his disposal.

On a side note, when he was rejuvenated (this was done by the high evolutionary) back in the 90's his power levels increased significantly as a result (He is now a man 'in his prime' which is anywhere from 30-40. His white hair is genetic instead of due to age). But he still has upper-limits as to how he uses his powers.

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