How Is It Possible for Radio/sound to Be Part of the Same Spectrum in Which Light Exists?

First, let's have clarity regarding some particular terms/nomenclature. Radio does not mean sound. When radio is mentioned, we are talking about devices or technologies that communicate using RADIO WAVES e.g. radio sets, TV, mobile phones, walkie talkie, Wi-Fi, or objects that generate detectable radio waves e. g. stars, quasars etc. Now you may wonder why all these devices and technologies mentioned above are all classified as using Radio; the reason is simple - all of them are used for communication in one way or another, even the audio-video communication of the TV, or some mobile devices that communicate using microwave technology.Radio, light, and sound are all waves - albeit they all have different properties. ALL WAVES have frequency, wavelength, speed, and amplitude, though all these are present in varying quantities with each wave. To begin with, there are two classifications of waves, which are the: mechanical, and the electromagnetic (EM) waves.Any wave that requires a material medium for its propagation is classified as a mechanical wave e.g. sound. So, sound can not travel where there is no matter e. g. in vacuum. Any wave that does not require a material medium for its propagation is called an electromagnetic wave (or EM wave/radiation for short). So, EM waves will travel through where there is matter and where there is no matter. Light and radio waves belong to this classification. Another property of EM waves that sets them apart from other types of waves is that, they all travel at approximately 3.0 x 10^8m/s IN VACUUM (i.e. the speed of light or c). There are many waves that can be classified as EM waves, they are: microwave, radio, infrared (heat), visible (light), ultraviolet, X-ray, gamma, and cosmic radiations. A simple way of remembering them is this: MRI-VUX-GC. All these afore-mentioned waves make up the EM spectrum, spectrum in that they are all within a certain range of frequencies or wavelengths. Apart from the infrared and visible waves, all other waves are completely undetectable by the human body.Lastly, all EM waves cause ionization, in one way or another, in matter. So there's no way sound can be part of the EM spectrum because,It cannot travel through vacuum. EM waves doIts maximum speed is 5km/s (in dense solids) while EM waves travel at the speed of light. And lastly,It does not cause ionization in any way. EM waves do.

1. Does this sound like aspergers syndrome, or something else on the "autistic spectrum"?

It sounds like someone who has moderate to high-functioning Asperger's. It might be wonderful until it is not . What I mean, is due to their limitations or understanding of "socially acceptable behavior," there are times when everything it great but, when it comes to a meltdown, it will blindside you and you will be left feeling hurt or confused (to say the least). Proceed with caution, you are going to need to be very careful in what you say, write, touch. Even if everything is completely appropriate and respectable to you and most of society, the slightest thing might set him off

2. Why is 3g spectrum allocation in India such a big deal?

Well we just want to stop companies from illegally using spectrum which was not sold to them. If we allow them to roam on each other's license then one day only one company will bid for one region and the second company for other and then sell each h others spec at cheap rate.. This kills competition in the market and results in loss of revenue(2g scam) to a country with already so much deficit.

3. How can I calculate the spectrum (mechanical vibration) of any molecules I want?

A good approximation of the vibration spectrum (infrared) of a molecule in isolation (gas phase) can be obtained using quantum-chemical calculations. There are also approximations with improving performance.Often, to identify a spectrum, people will make use of databases of measured spectra.

4. what part of the electro magnetic spectrum does a 35mm camera use?

What is the use of the Search box at the top of this page?

5. Can I measure 220 V AC signal by spectrum analyzer ?

I want to observe noise in mains voltage.AndMy spectrum analyzer GSP-830.The lowest frequency that the GSP-830 can measure is 9 kHz so, from your limited details I would say it may not be suitable because it will not be able to measure the first 150 harmonics.The device also has a limited input amplitude range: -Overload Protection Max. 30dBm, 25VDCIt's also got an input impedance of 50 ohms. If you still wish to proceed then more details are required but, it is highly likely that some form of isolation barrier will be needed to prevent electrocution or destroying the GSP-830

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