How Do You Eat a Whole Incandescent Light Bulb?

There's no way without internal bleeding. It's glass

1. What is the best wattage for two light bulb in a ten gallon tank?

2 - 25 watt light bulbs would give you 50 watts total or 5 watts per gallon. Thats a great level to have as it gives enough light to support most plants. That should not give you any heat problems at all but if it does a small fan blowing on the hood would remove enough heat to control the problem. I think you are exactly on target. MM

2. Why do most Americans think Edison invented the light bulb?

He was the one invented the filament so it would not burn out. Like 2,000 failues finding the filament still used today on incandescent light bulbs

3. How many scientists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

As many as it took to unscrew the lightbulb

4. How do the little bugs (moths) get inside a light bulb?

magic. was it the bulb or the lamp? y'know where it connects to the ceiling, maybe there's a passage from outside that leads there

5. how many meat eaters does it take to change a light bulb?

Lol.. I am am meat eater and not offended at all.. but you might be reported for not asking a "real" question by the more "stuck up" omnivores

6. What is the average watt Light Bulb you use around the house?

40 watt daylight flourscents for the lights that are on most of the time. Most of the others are 75 watt incandescent. Why, they are the most economical in the long run.

7. Limiting Current in a Light Bulb to Prevent Blowout - Electric Circuits Problem?

You did not mention resistors. The cold resistance, measure it with an ohmeter, on the highest scale that gets a measurement value, close enough. It is usually considered as 1/10 to 1/20 of hot resistance. Calculate the hot resistance from the power rating and the voltage rating. The other values come from that. Your values need to be reviewed, they do not look right at a glance. In the real world you would chose a series inductor rather than capacitor, but it has to be large enough physically to handle the inrush currents without saturation. If you limit the current with series R or L it is not much different to a resistor. It will also limit the running current too. You need a control circuit to decrease the value once the lamp starts, like a thermistor does. I do not know a way using resonant circuits, combining L and C, but I could be wrong. That is an approach often used with starting fluorescent lamps with inverters, but they are open and need high voltage on starting, just the reverse of this. Using spice, you have to use a voltage source set to sine wave, and your mains voltage and frequency. This is the power supply. It is often found under the "other components" list. Then you can probe for voltage or current, and an "oscilloscope" probe. It helps to label inputs and outputs. Also if you use "ideal" C and L it may need a bit of resistance like 1 ohm added so it will work. Ideal reactances at resonance get infinite Q, voltage and current. If you want to model the lamp properly you need a formula and look up your spice help. However just using 2 resistance values for the lamp, one hot one cold will be enough to see what happens. Hope this helps.

8. 4 watt led=how many regular light bulb watts?

RE: 4 watt led=how many regular light bulb watts?

9. Why would power to a circuit be interrupted when screwing in a light bulb?

Your voltage detector is reading what we call phantom voltage. When you install a bulb, it is absorbed by the bulb, but is not enough to light it. Check your circuit breaker again. Turn it off and then back on. Then check for open or loose connections in the hot wire caused by the short circuit. A short like that can make a poor connection fail, like what you are describing. Voltage detectors have their place, but electricians use a meter for trouble shooting

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