How Do I Switch From Air Condition to Heater with My 2005 Toyota Corolla CE?

There is a switch in the the middle of your car. Blue is for cool and Red is for heat. But when you turn on your A/C put the blue all the way down. And when you turn your heat on you need to turn the A/C nob but do not pusth the A/C button.

1. how can i stop my dogs from chewing up my air condition wires?

All very good answers the others have given.... you can also try getting that stuff in a can that keeps them from going on or near the stuff they are chewing on.... I think it must make the wires (or what ever ) it is spayed on taste bad... then they will not chew on it.... My german shepard did the same thing with some extension cords... I sprayed this stuff on and she quite chewing on it!! Sorry but I forgot the name of it, but I think you can go to the local pet shop and ask them for the stuff that keeps them from chewing on stuff and they will know what you are talking about! Also with having 2 pits they need alot of exercise and love and attention. they need alot of room to run and play. At least for 2 to 3 hrs a day of good running room and playing!

2. My air condition runs down battery.Why?

Your alternator is not charging the battery

3. How much does it cost to air condition a studio apartment in NY?

The only way you can really tell is to just start running it only a few hrs a day to see how much your bill goes up, then increase the hrs per day while monitoring the bill. I had a small apartment with a wall AC that was 20years old, and the power company insisted 50cents an hour, well they were full of it. I ran that thing day and night sometimes, I would say like anywhere from 14-18hrs a day and my bill was $90. Without AC use the bill was around $60 You just have to try with running it a few hrs a day, then see. Will take a good two-three months to really tell how many hrs you can afford to run it.

4. I need to air condition two small rooms that do not have windows. A window is 15 feet away..?

Home Depot has the self enclosed units that you need

5. What could be causing my car to smell like gas when I use the air condition or heat?

Please re list the question with the year, make, model and engine size in the question. VW's take their cabin air from the engine compartment which means if you smell gas it is leaking some where under the hood, which is bad but you can press the button to recirculate the air instead of bringing in fresh air and the gas smell will go away. Some cars have a gas tank sealed door in the bottom of the trunk below or above the spare tire. If the seal is broken then it can release gas fumes which is bad. Or you could of accidentally poured gas into your trunk drainage canals while putting the gas machine gun back in the machine which means you just need to clean up the gas which will be on the out side or maybe with worn weather seals it could be inside. There are a lot of reasons you can smell gas and most of them are hazardous to your health, so tell us what your car is or take it somewhere to get looked at. Good luck!.

6. How does central air condition work?

there is a little person inside when u feel cold he will turn it on for u, lol

7. How To Change Air Condition Freon for 1990 Toyota Corolla, Difficult?

Great that your trying to do it yourself, I once wanted to do the same on my '86 Camry....never got around to it. Ask it worth doing yourself....sometimes I've realized that the time I spend trying to fix my car myself I could've been doing other things to make the money I was trying to save!

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