How Do I Get a 48" Fluorescent Light Fixture From Flickering for Several Minutes When I Turn It On?

used to, fluoresced bulbs had an attachment called a "ballast" i think. when that part needed replacing, you got a lot of flickering. But if you are using a newer bulb, that looks a lot like a regular light bulb, this is not the answer.

1. i have an old light fixture made by kentucky brand lighthtbulbs with 3looping elements 50 w 115v?

How proud you must be. ;) Now what is your question, please? I doubt that this is the right place to ask, as you are probably looking to date it or find sale value. I would suggest googling for the name of the company, or for that of a lighting historian (they have specialists on everything else) or an antiques dealer specializing in lighting. You might find one with a store on ebay, I've never researched lighting, but there are a thousand ways to find anything. Good luck!

2. What kind/style of light fixture is this called?

It may be considered as crystal chandelier. I agree, the light seems so elegant that it can make a grand statement to your room or dining. I think it's perfect if the chandelier is located at the dining room. In that picture, it may look good because the room has enough space to contain this kind of lightings

3. I removed a ceiling fan with a remote control.I want to install a regular light fixture and switch need wiring

Call a qualified electrician. Burning the house down is very expensive. If you need to ask something so basic, you really should not do your own wiring. No offense meant, just giving you good advice.

4. how do I get into this light fixture to change the bulb?

Looking at the pictures it seems a ceiling mounted porch light to me. And to replace the bulb inside the only remedy is stop twisting and turning the glass but BREAK it with a hammer....No way Just joking. All you have to do is to look for three screws hidden just behind the brown ring above it and at the the recessed part. Once you find them be careful to support the glass from below and unscrew them. the lower part will come out easily and you can change the bulb inside. Next you have to replace this the same way.

5. I bought two ceiling medallions for my kitchen to cover old light fixture markings, do I paint them?

yes you should unless you want the unfinished look

6. replacing a ceiling light fixture?

You need a fixture stud or strap. Go to the website in my source for what that looks like. Good luck!

7. how to wire a new light fixture and switch using the power from an exsisting switch?

If there is only one black and one white wire you can not use that present circumstance to run your new fixture without putting both lights in series. If you wish to run both lights from this one switch you will need to bring a power feed into the switch box separate from the switch run that presently exists. The existing wiring arrangement in the ceiling light will have to be changed.

8. I'm replacing a vanity light fixture in my bathroom but the copper wire wasn't connected, help?

Yes. If your new fixture has a ground, connect it to the copper wire. You do not need the ground until something goes wrong. Luckily, nothing did. In a bathroom you really do need it if something does.

9. Weird light fixture problem. Have I killed my kitchen lights?

Did you check the circuit breaker?

10. Rewiring between a light fixture & switch where the wires are hidden behind a wall.?

I would have to agree with C T on this one if you are not sure sometimes you are better off going through the hasssle of cutting holes between the studs rewire what you need to then patch the drywall. seems like a lot of work, but may save a lot of aggrevation

11. Electricity keeps going off in one room only !?

Would the living room portion that is going out be on a shared wall with either the kitchen, or this one room that keeps going out? Kitchens are one of the few rooms in a modern home that typically have multiple circuits run to them. Any outlets near a water source (countertop within a few feet of the sink), for example, have to be GFCI outlets, and these are usually run independent of say, an outlet on a seperate wall. Also, if there is a dishwasher, or refrigerator, those are usually on their own circuits. So its pretty common to find a wall outlet (or light fixture) sharing a circuit that actually powers another room. In fact, having 2 rooms of wall outlets on the same circuit happens quite a lot, especially if they are on the same shared wall...its very easy to wire them all together. From what little youve described, my first guess would be that youve got too many things running at the same time. You would need to remove some high amp item(s) and use a different outlet circuit (space heater for example, would be easy to relocate). If you really need to have the items you are using where they are located, then simply have an electrician or handyman run a new circuit for you (provided youve got an extra slot available in the service panel for the additional circuit breaker). The next item I would suspect, if the above checked out ok, would be a loose wire. Third item to check would be to look at the breakers themselves. When you look at the circuit panel, inside the door, there should be a list of all the circuits...which breaker controls which. If the breakers arent listed, then some detective work will be necessary, hehehe. The first thing I would look at, is that list...Is one breaker supplying all the power to the affected areas? If so, then I would do a quick check on the items plugged see if you are exceeding the breaker's limit. Good Luck

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Birds Keep Building Nests and Perching on My Light Fixtures and Knob and Tube Electric. How Can I Re
Birds Keep Building Nests and Perching on My Light Fixtures and Knob and Tube Electric. How Can I Re
Do not remove the nests, it's illegal and someone who has a grudge against you could report it (I've seen it happen to people). I've always found this to keep unwanted birds away: get a kite shaped like a hawk or some other bird of prey and hang it where it will bob around on the wind. Birds of prey do bob around and it foold the birds. Birds also do not have a sense of smell1. Wiring two 3-way switches with 2 light fixtures and 1 outlet [closed]I do not have enough reputation to be able to comment, so I have to do this as an answer. but is missing something. The fourth wire, which is simply the ground wire. It is common place to find 14/3, or 12/3 etc wire bundles to have a black (typically hot), white (typically neutral), red (typically traveler), and bare copper (ground). His picture shows all but the ground2. Finding the best deal on light fixtures?Lowes! Unless you have a huge Ace Hardware store around3. What type of light fixtures create compromises in the heated envelope of the house?Every fixture that is mounted on a wall or ceiling that is adjacent to the outside can compromise the building envelope. We usually examine the envelope from the inside of the building, but exterior lights, because they may penetrate the air barrier, can be a problem. By far, the worst fixture is a recessed light that penetrates an attic (suspended ceiling or cathedral - does not matter). They are easier to fix when installed in suspended ceilings, but it is still possible on a cathedral ceiling.4. I just bought a house and am remodeling it from the floor to the ceilng where can I find all the bargins?Habitat for Humanity Restores are great, if inconsistant , for doors, windows, tile, older appliances, light fixtures, etc.5. I would like to change garage light fixtures from 2 bulb to 4 bulb. Would this require new wiring?Sure. the only wiring you will have to do is in installing the new fixtures (unless your existing ones are plug-in)6. What's the weirdest thing you have seen at school or in the classroom?This was not something I saw, at least not until I would been smelling it for several days. The classroom had dome light fixtures, like this one:One evening someone broke into the school. They stole some antiquated computers, an overhead projector and the maps from some of the classrooms. Weird, right? These master criminals had also shoved those thick industrial rolls of TP in all the toilet bowls and flushed until the water overflowed. They broke some smaller pieces of furniture and rearranged the string of letters decorating one room to spell " you bithces" [sic]. The police were pretty sure that the real motive was vandalism, because desktop computers from 1995 and pull down maps of the Soviet Union are not going to be worth a lot of cash. School was cancelled for one day but by Wednesday everything was cleaned up (we thought) and things went back to normal. A few days after the break-in I started to notice a bad smell in my classroom. It was an old building and I thought maybe the plumbers had stirred up some sewage when they fixed the toilets, and that it was somehow being vented into my classroom. The smell kept getting worse, though, and the students started teasing me. They said I must have been farting constantly for the room to smell that bad. One smartass kid gave me a flyer about irritable bowel syndrome. By Friday I was begging the vice principal to investigate the problem, and he promised to call maintenance. When I opened the door to the classroom on Monday morning the smell was still there, I knew it was not going to work. It was overpowering. I think it even made my eyes burn. We were fortunate that this happened in April, so it had not gotten too hot to be outside yet. I told the vice principal to get maintenance here right away, and that I would be holding class outside until the smell was gone. By lunchtime the maintenance guy had yet to show, and I needed to collect materials from the classroom.My husband is a commercial contractor and I happened to mention the mysterious smell to him when he called me that day. He was close by and told me he would be right over. When he showed up, he had two guys in tow. They had a ladder, masks, goggles, gloves and a biohazard bin with them. I was very confused but he refused to explain. He led the workers to the classroom and they put the ladder next to my desk and one of them climbed up and began to unscrew the light fixture. The other guy was carefully holding the biohazard bin directly under the light, and I soon learned why. When he took it down the smell went from unbearable to toxic. The light fixture was basically an upsidedown bowl, and someone had taken a dump in it.The guys disposed of the bowl and the turd, and cleaned up around it. Meanwhile, I was in awe of my brilliant husband. How did he know? Was he a psychic? At the very least, I thought, he must be a genius to have guessed where the smell was coming from. He just kept smiling and refused to explain how he would known. We stopped by the vice principal's office where my husband explained that the school had allowed a biohazard to fester for nearly a week, and that he'd fixed it but would be sending them a bill. The principal was also curious to know how my husband had been so quick to see what the problem was, so he finally explained. He was not a psychic genius. Apparently it is not uncommon for people to shit in lightfixtures (or even within the walls) and his guys had encountered many turd bowls when they remodeled hotels. What is the weirdest thing you have seen at school or in the classroom?As a teacher, what is the weirdest thing you have seen in your school or classroom?
Enlighten Up Your Memories and Celebrate Fathers Day with Hykolity LEDs
Enlighten Up Your Memories and Celebrate Fathers Day with Hykolity LEDs
Buying a gift for your mother is much easier than hunting for a father’s day gift. Even though the fathers complain less and are never picky about their surprise presents. They are happy with a newspaper/TV remote in one hand and a goblet of beer/coffee in the other hand. Fans of afternoon siesta’s and long fishing trips, sometimes they are content with a game of cards among old friends and the occasional barbeques in the backyard. So what is it that can impress them on Father’s day? How about gifting them with hi-tech technology?Hykolity offers an extraordinary range of LED lighting systems that can be used in various ways to brighten up their lives. From commercial LED shop lights to LED residential garage lights, there are many variations and streamlined according to the respective needs.Gift for GarageIf your father owns a utility shop or any other commercial establishment, then it is time to install a new set of lighting mechanism for enhanced security and vision. Then there are dad’s who love to spend their free time in the garage repairing and creating things; for them, these lights are the apt fixture.LED for Commercial SpaceLinear high bay lights are ideal for any business space they consume less electricity and do not give off the fluorescent tinge that emits from traditional bulbs. Thus, when your father works long hours on the computer in this office, these lights will keep the ambiance fresh, and he will avoid straining his eyes in a dim lit area.The best way to feel proud of your father’s achievements and display them on a showcase is by installing LED panel lighting. It can even brighten up their man cave when they decide to disappear for long hours reading or merely mulling over things. If you have learned the art of horse riding and looking after animals, then a barn LED installation is the perfect gift for a tough country loving father. These illuminated spaces will be maintenance free since all of these lighting fixtures require no man labor constantly.Wall packs provide better lighting in dingy areas, especially if you own a large property, so your parent’s farmhouse will be a safe haven if you install them all around your outer walls. If you own a family run restaurant, then installing vapor tight LED lights in walk-in refrigerators consumes less startup time and energy.LED Lights for Father’s DayNow it’s time to take action and illuminate your father’s day with 1000 watt memories. LED lighting system is a unique concept, and even more so gifting a makeover to your father’s personal space will add a personal touch. More importantly, the emotion behind this genius idea is to make your father’s life simpler and comfortable to live. With old age, their sight also diminishes, by illuminating their living and working space, you will enhance their visibility and security.These LED lights are here to cater to all your lighting problems for your loved ones. So this father’s day makes it a priority to cheer him up with a bunch of luminous LED lights·RELATED QUESTIONWhat times does Tribute in Light display outside of September 11, 2012?Located at West and Morris Streets in Lower Manhattan, the tribute of lights will begin at sunset of 9/11 (7:11pm) and fade away at dawn on September 12th (6:43am), though no formal service will be held. The Tribute is comprised of 44 7,000-watt xenon light bulbs arranged into two 48-foot squares inspired by shape and orientation of the twin towers. The Memorial illuminates up to 4 miles in the sky and can be seen from up to 30 miles away.
How to Build a Light Fixture
How to Build a Light Fixture
there are high heat paints ,but most good ones are oil based and you would have adhesion problems on the globe,do like the previous answerer suggested and paint the ceiling.painting contractor1. Can I wire a 'house' light fixture into my camper? Is the wiring the same?12 Volt Rv Light Fixtures2. My light fixture says 60w max. Is that total or for each bulb socket?that's the top wattage for incandescent bulbs [because of the heat they give off] you can put higher watt fluorescent bulbs in it3. how can i hang a bathroom light fixture??.....?properly, in the beginning, changing the fixture on your bathing room wo not sparkling up the leak subject. you may bypass in the attic to confirm the place the water is coming from and fasten the element of the roof it is leaking first. If the water is coming in in the path of the fan, you *might* have a topic with the ball or flap it is meant to maintain water or air from backflowing. verify that out too. And definite, you could exchange the fixture. If there's a huge fixture in there now, you will could do away with it and end the wires in a junction field affixed to a stud or joist. then you definately will could patch the ceiling to % up the hollow. call a well-known craftsman to do the paintings. i does no longer do it your self till you recognize what you are doing4. What colour light fixture and towel bars should I have?Do not change your fixtures to brass. That is so eighties. Stick with chrome fixtures. You do not want your bathroom to look busy with so many colors going on. If you are looking for an accent, try a different color vase or splash color with towels. That way, if you get bored of the look, you can always change it. Good luck!.5. Electrical Question - I have a light fixture in my home that has all of a sudden become dimmer. What caused?get a new light bulb6. how do I hang a ceiling fan from an existing room light fixture ?it rather is achievable, in case you have an attic above the mattress room, and it rather is confusing. First confirm the place you want the fan to pass. Drill a small hollow interior the ceiling there, and push a stiff right now piece of twine up into the attic. A twine coat hanger works stable. Then upward thrust up interior the attic and locate the twine. sparkling out the insulation to divulge the ceiling sheetrock. hint a steel ceiling fan container around the place the twine got here by way of, and shrink out the hollow. set up some 2x4 bracing, linked to the joists, to assist the container and fan. Now the genuine exciting starts off. locate the suitable of the wall above the change you opt to regulate the fan. Drill a a million/2 to 5/8 hollow in the process the suitable plates, as close to to direclty above the change as achievable. Then kill the circuit that controlls the change. eliminate the hide and pull the change as some distance out of the container as achievable. eliminate between the tabs from the suitable of the container. If it advance right into a fifteen amp circuit breaker or fuse controlling the change, you will want 14 gage twine. For a 20 amp breaker, use 12 gage twine. Your going to ought to fish the twine in the process the hollow you made above the change, down interior the wall, and into the container the place you bumped off the tab. it rather is advisable to purchase or borrow a fish tape for this. the different end of the twine will pass to the container the place you want the fan. connect white, black and floor(bare twine) to the suitable terminals on the change. Hook up the fan in accordance to the guidelines that contain it. turn the potential decrease back on, and you need to be waiting. in case you have not any longer have been given an attic, you may the two cut back into the ceiling to run the wires or use conduit to run the wires on the exterior of the wall and ceiling, and floor mount the container to the ceiling. merely verify the container is securely anchored to a joist. If the container is not securely fixed you danger haveing the fan come crashing down onto regardless of is below it
Wholesale Price 10w30w50w100w200w IP65 Outdoor Led Flood Light Fixtures
Wholesale Price 10w30w50w100w200w IP65 Outdoor Led Flood Light Fixtures
The outdoor LED flood light fixtures adopts the high transmittance and high refraction optical glass lens, which effectively improves the reflectivity, ensures the luminous flux output, and ensures the efficient and reasonable light distribution technology. High strength toughened glass, after special processing, has better light transmittance and UV resistance. Stable rectifier, constant current drive LED power supply, instantaneous drive, power factor of more than 0.96 makes the power supply more efficient, 50000 hours of operation without fault. Outdoor LED flood light fixtures have a variety of products. They are designed for different use environments, so that the performance of products can be fully presented to meet the needs of users. Outdoor led flood light fixtures JR301 application Outdoor led flood light fixtures JR301 is suitable for different outdoor environments,Suitable for factories, industrial sites, sports fields, gas stations, parking lots, station halls, railway stations, ports installations and mobile light towers etc. Outdoor led flood light fixtures JR301 description 1、Uses an imported LED chips to encapsulate high brightness and high-power LEDs 2、 Built-in high power constant current power supply 3、 LED flood light has a compact structure, small size, light weight, good heat dissipation, beautiful and natural lookingOutdoor led flood light fixtures JR301 specification Model No.: JR301–50W Power(W): 50W EPI Number: 1 Input Voltage: AC100–277V、DC24V、DC48V Luminous Flux:4500lm CRI(Ra): >70 Beam Angle: 100° CCT: 3000–6000K Environment temperature: — 40°50°C Life Time: ≥50000H Ctn/Pcs: 1 N.W: 4.3KGS G.W: 4.7KGS Size: 430*350*160MM Model No.: JR301–200W Power(W): 200W EPI Number: 4 Input Voltage: AC100–277V、DC24V、DC48V Luminous Flux:18000lm CRI(Ra): >70 Beam Angle: 100° CCT: 3000–6000K Environment temperature: — 40°50°C Life Time: ≥50000H Ctn/Pcs: 1 N.W: 10.5KGS G.W: 11.5KGS Size: 640*500*190MM Outdoor led flood light fixtures for sale Outdoor led flood light fixtures,Shanghai JingRui lighting is a professional enterprise integrating research and design, production, sales and service.Our main products include outdoor led flood light fixtures, LED Street Light, LED Grow Light, HID Flood Light, Ballast and Bulb, etc. which are widely used for mobile light tower, construction sites, stadium, parking lot, road, ports and docks, etc. Free Quotes. Trained Specialists. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Outdoor led flood light fixtures Installation 1. Please cut off power before installation or changing spare parts 2. Please read the specification printed on fixture carefully before using 3. Please make sure the wire connection is well insulated and waterproof 4. Only professionals can do installation and·RELATED QUESTIONWhat's the meaning of Sia's Chandelier song?Before Chandelier, Sia was a singer with mediocre success.She was really struggling to push her career when she lost her partner to an accident. She got addicted to drugs, suffered depression and even wrote a suicide note. Drugs and alcohol were her only coping mechanisms. This song is about the time she was addicted to alcohol and drugs and her struggle to get out of it.In an interview, Sia said that she always knew she was a drinker and that she must stop, her guilt, shame is what the following lyrics suggest:-Sun is up, I'm a messGotta get out now, gotta run from thisHere comes the shame, here comes the shame.. but, out of peer pressurephones blowing up, they're ringing my door bells, I feel the love..she did not stop.1,2,3 ... 1,2,3 drinkthrow them back till I lose countThe only time she could escape from reality was when she was high, under the influence of alcohol and drugs. She could be carefree, live like tomorrow didn't exist.I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelierI'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't existLike it doesn't existI'm gonna fly like a bird through the nightChandelier is ultimately a brutally honest tale of substance abuse.Sia wrote the song for Rihanna but I am so glad that she kept this one for herself.
Best Chauvet DJ VH 90 Tube Light Pendant 1-Light for Lighting & Lighting Light Fixture
Best Chauvet DJ VH 90 Tube Light Pendant 1-Light for Lighting & Lighting Light Fixture
Auto spectrum sounds like it would slowly cycle through the color spectrum. Sort of like a little light show. I do not really know anything about the toy itself, but there's gotta be some kind of setting near the on/off switch1. If I put my planets on a Spectrum Scale?This is just a coincidence really. When you have Libra Rising (as opposed to the first sign of Aries Rising) and the opposite Sign as your Sun (Aries or Taurus, depending on the degrees), then all your Houses and sign placements will be the other way round. This also means that when it comes to the manifestation of the planetary energies in each sign, you would have to integrate the opposite sign's traits as well.2. what is the difference between electromagnetic spectrum and visible light?The electromagnetic spectrum includes all wavelengths from radio waves up to gamma rays. The visible light is just a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum positioned between infrared rays and ultaviolet3. Do Anybody know about Em Spectrum?The EM (electromagnetic) spectrum is the full range of radiation. The longest wavelengths are the radio waves, the shortest are the gamma rays. All these different ranges of the EM spectrum can be detected in stars, galaxies, star-forming regions, etc. For daily life, you just need to think about these a bit: - radio waves let you listen to music - microwaves cooks food fast - infrared keeps you warm in winter - visible lets you see - ultraviolet kills bacteria (and causes skin cancer) - x-rays let doctors see inside the human body - gamma rays are sometimes used to sterilize medical equipment4. Difference between spectrum and eigenvalues"Is it possible for zero to be in the spectrum but not an eigenvalue?"Certainly. Let the Hilbert space be the sequence space $ell^2$, and define $T$ by $$T:(a_1,a_2,ldots,a_n,ldots)mapsto(2^-1a_1,2^-2a_2,ldots,2^-na_n,ldots).$$ Then $2^-n$ are eigenvalues, and so as the spectrum is closed, $0$ is in the spectrum. But $0$ is not an eigenvalue.5. What is the sun's continuous spectrum?More or less, yes. The Sun is very close to being an ideal "black body", meaning that it can and does emit every possible frequency of light. If you pass sunlight through a prism, though, you can see fine black lines in its spectrum; not because there are certain frequencies that its photosphere did not emit, but because some frequencies are re-absorbed by its atmosphere. These are known as "Fraunhofer Lines" and their pattern depends on what elements are in the Sun's atmosphere; they vary from star to star and have been used to find interesting information about the Sun and other stars for well over a century. In fact, in the 1800s it was noticed that some of the dark lines in the Sun's spectrum did not correspond to any known element, and it was thought that there must be some element that existed only in the Sun and not on the Earth. For this reason the mystery element was called "helium", and only later was it also discovered on Earth6. Spectrum electric guitar?Do not buy a guitar from Kohl's. OR Wal-Mart, or K-Mart, or Best Buy, or Toys R Us, or any discount big-box department store. These stores sell only the cheapest guitars, instruments that no respectable music store would carry. The guitars are hastily mass-produced in factories by unskilled or semi-skilled labor, usually in China, out of cheap materials. A real, respectable music store will get guitars in from the factory, take them out of the box, and adjust and fix them up so that they play and sound their best before putting them out for sale. But a department store like Kohl's wo not take the time to do that. They will just put the guitars out on the sales floor without any adjustment or tweaking, so they do not play very well or sound as good as they could. In addition, sales people at Kohl's do not know anything about guitars and can not answer any questions. Go to a real music store and get a decent guitar.7. Does the ultraviolet spectrum move faster than visible light?No. All electromagnetic waves move at the same speed in a vacuum. But in material that transmits, the frequencies move at different speeds, with the shorter wavelengths like blue and UV traveling slower than the longer wavelengths like red and infrared.The speed of light within a material like glass is determined by the refractive index (n), of that material. The speed of light in glass is given byv = c/nWherev is its velocity.c = speed of light in a vacuum (constant and the same for all wavelengths).n = the refractive index of the material (glass). In the visible wavelengths, the refractive index of glass ranges from about 1.45 to 2. Diamond has an index of 2, so in diamond, light travels half as fast as it does in a vacuum.The refractive index n, is different for each wavelength. Usually the index goes up as the wavelength decreases. (Dispersion). This is why prisms separate white light into a rainbow like series of colors
Basking Light Fixture Is Pretty Hot.Its a Regular Home Depot Style Fixture.plastic and Metal Not Por
Basking Light Fixture Is Pretty Hot.Its a Regular Home Depot Style Fixture.plastic and Metal Not Por
I've had good and bad luck with this sort of fixture. I've never had a fire, but have had multiple bulb explosions and some smoke. You are okay as far as wattage, definitely do not exceed the rating of the lamp. As far as the lamp itself, if it's not designed for high temps you may have some trouble, but the 75 watt bulb should be okay. I know which part you are talking about... I think you are just getting a lot of heat from conduction. I have found the porcelain ones to hold up better over their lifetimes. If you are worried, take back your fixture and get a porcelain version.1. Light fixture holes don't align with junction boxThere is no code or rule that says you can not mount a fixture directly to the dry wall. I would use something like a 4" toggle either 1/4 or 3/8. This is one I would run by the AHJ first2. can a light fixture run off the same breaker as wall outlets?Yes it can. But remember if you blow the circuit, you will be in the dark. ()3. How do you install a light fixture in a bedroom?if its a replacement then turn off the power, remove the old one and when you put the new light up black wires go to the brass colored screws and white wires go to the silver screws.the ground or green or bare wire goes to the green screw.turn the power on and your in business4. I have a 55 gal heavily planted tank and im upgrading the light fixture?Definitely the 10,000k it works better for heavy planted aquariums!5. Light fixture goes out just before flush to ceilingFor folks reading this in the future: I have also found that, with 3 or more wires, sometimes the wire-nut does not screw on all the way, leaving some of the bare wire exposed. May not always be easy to see. Then, when tightening the cover, it shorts out. $0.026. light fixture tilting because of oversized gutter what should i do best answer 10 points!?Remove light fixture and get a Extension box. The re:attach light fixture7. Is there a way to eliminate the pull chain element of a ceiling light fixture?the essential answere is to place the change in between the black twine coming down and the two black wires going to the lights furnishings. Hook a million black twine from the change to the twine that replace into going to the black twine on the two lights furnishings. Then take the different black twine from the change and hook up with the two wires going to the lights furnishings. The white (easy) area of the lights furnishings should not would desire to be messed with observe: Please be valuable to instruct off the breaker that feeds this mild in the previous attempting. this8. Water coming out of light fixture?Turn off the light at the switch and at the fuse box if you can9. Would an improperly grounded light fixture cause premature light bulb failure?Your line voltage might be too high. There might be a lot of vibration. Your bulbs might be poorly made. I would start by measuring the line voltage. Your utility company might need to change the tap on the transformer that feeds your power. Oh yes, you also might have a disconnected neutral somewhere that is leading those lights to receive voltage from both phases of your panel. That would definitely make them burn bright and die quickly. Assuming you are in USA, measure the AC voltage at one of the fixtures with a meter. If the voltage is more than 200 volts you have a neutral problem. If the voltage is something like 135 volts then talk to the utility company. The 135 would show up at your receptacles too. Grounding should not have much to do with it.10. How do I change a light fixture?well first off there has to be a way to unscrew the damn thing, or it has to be twisted into the ceiling or something since it didnt magicly inplant itself, maybe the screws are covered with little screw covers so check for that... second off, pay attention to the colors of the wires when you take the old one down, and hook up the right colors to the same way with the new one, MAKE SURE YOU TURN OFF THE ELECTRICITY before you do this or you will have a nice shock. good luck
Understanding How Different Bathroom Light Fixtures Can Be ...
Lots of homeowners can indeed be surprised that they can utilize several types of bathroom light fixtures into their bathroom area. A common practice that is observed is that the bathroom will only possess a single incandescent light up in the ceiling. For some, there can be another light bulb that is placed over the vanity area. Sticking to this old lighting scheme will be committing a serious mistake. This is because the use of incandescent light is not totally energy-efficient. Besides, using a solo light will not do much to provide adequate lighting to the various sections found inside the bathroom. You need several sets of bathroom light fixtures and understanding how each of these choices can be used is very important. Pendant lights and chandeliers are best used for ambient and decorative lighting. A small chandelier can be placed in the center of the room whereas the pendant lights can be placed in the corners. These sets can be most effective in providing illumination into the entire bathroom. With their stylish flair, you can incorporate fabulous design at the same time, too. Downlights and wall sconces are best utilized for task lighting. Downlights can cast bright illumination over the toilet and the shower section in your bathroom so that accomplishing of vital tasks can be done very easily. Wall sconces are best fitted on both sides of the mirror in your vanity area so that your face can be illuminated evenly for ease of grooming and styling. Under-cabinet and track lights are great for use in highlighting displays in your bathroom. When you have shelves in place, putting in under-cabinet lights can showcase your bath and perfume collection in a stylish way. When your room is spacious and you can hang portraits, you can direct the beams of each bulb in the track light to earn that museum-like display. LED bars, on the other , are excellent for use as night lights because they consume little electricity and they don't give out an overly bright glow. They are best placed on the base of the counters so that you don't stub your toes when you enter your bathroom in the middle of the night.
Reverse Wiring Basement Lights
Can you elaborate on what you mean by "reverse wired?"If you're saying you want to put the switch at the far end, near the last light,the most straightforward way to do that is to pull power into that switch box, then feed the lights from there (don't feed the lights directly from the panel).Or, I suppose you could pull 3-rope all the way through from the first light to the last light. You'd run 2-rope from the panel to the first light.EDIT: a commentor pointed out that code now requires a neutral in all switch boxes. So run 3-rope from the last light fixture to the switch box, use the red and black for your switch leg, and cap the neutral for future use (presence-detecting switches and so on).Connect the black wire straight through all the light fixture boxes. Then connect the switch leg (the 3-rope running from the last light fixture to the switch) to the black and red wires. At each light fixture, pigtail and connect the red (hot) and white (neutral) to each light fixture. Or you could switch black and red (wire red straight through, wire black to each fixture)--doesn't matter.You always want to switch the hot wire, not the neutral. Otherwise, you end up with power at the fixtures even when the switch is off and it's a shock hazard.I'm not sure why I feel compelled to say this, but if the lights in question are all on the same circuit, they should be wired in parallel (not in series), so the hot and neutral wires need to be pigtailed in the box at each light fixture to connect to each light, but also run directly to the next light (not wired through each light to the next).• Related QuestionsWhat style of kitchen lighting is popular today?When you choose lamps for the kitchen, in addition to focusing on the shape of the lamps, professional lighting design is also very important.The kitchen is an important area that cannot be ignored in home design. It is a paradise for food lovers and a key area for the daily work of housewives. We create food here and share it with our family and enjoy our leisure time. But inappropriate lighting will completely destroy this atmosphere.Many home kitchens have only one ceiling light installed, which is a big mistake! Such lighting design will make the operating area in the shaded area when cooking food. Regardless of the layout of your kitchen, appropriate and practical kitchen lighting should meet the following requirements: bright, uniform, high quality, no dark areas. We can achieve this by combining general lighting with task lighting.Ceiling lights, panel lights, chandeliers, spotlights, linear lights, etc. are commonly used kitchen lighting. Do you know how many watts do you need for your kitchen main lighting? The table below is for your reference.Tips: This based on 100lm/w data, if lights lumen per watt is lower, the watt shall be higher to get equal total lumen.If you prefer pendant lights to decorate your home, it is better to use pendants in only one space or same style pendant lighting in two spaces. Try to avoid using different styles of pendants in two places.Finally, we recommend that different light fixtures use similar color temperatures, which will make the kitchen space look more consistent. 2700-3000K or 4000-4500K can be considered. Hope this is helpful for you. Welcome to follow our blogs to check more home lighting design guides:How to Illuminate The Walls of Your Homeuff1fHow to Show Your Decorative Painting Better?What is The Perfect Pendant Size for Your Dining Table?3 Ways to Create Professional Bedroom LightingWhat style of kitchen lighting is popular today?------How can I be more energy efficient in an apartment?First, you should really find out what is causing your high electric bill.You can use watt-o-meter, or simply search. Concentrate on big power eaters, especially anything with heater elements.There is little point in saving 5 Watts for 10 hours by turing off your power strip when you're not around, but use clothes dryer which uses 1000 Watts for 2 hours (just an example - but you should really not use dryers - just hang the clothers to dry!).Another great idea in cold weather is smarter use. When it is cold outside, YOU want to be warm. Heating extremly big (compared to volume of YOURSELF) heat-leaking room (or few!) is incredibly wasteful. You should consider microheating - that is, putting on adequate clothing, and then concentrating the heating just on exposed parts of your body, instead of heating hundreds and thousands of cubic meters of air and hoping some of it will transfer to you (as it is commonly and wastefully done). And turn down room heating all the way.And amazingly, those regular lightbulbs you replaced with LEDs are very nice local heaters. Put them on small lamp to heat your hands and face while you type on laptop for example. Get heaters for pet reptiles/snakes and put them under your feet, and use cloth to cover holes from table. Get cheap heated mouse/keyboard/usb gloves on ebay.Use few layers of blankets in your bed (you can nicely sleep in much colder temperatures). If it is extremly cold, use heated ones - they will still use orders of magnitude less power then heating of the whole is example how effective micro heater can be (reducing heating bill by 87%), with nice instructions. Also not that in few weeks you body will ajdust to lower temperatures, so you can reduce it even further.------Light flashes on then turns off. What do I look for?Does the light switch feel any different than the fan switch? The switch can feel funny if it fails.Also, what kind of fixture it is? It's probably not relevant, but it's not a bad detail to add.OK, looking at your diagram, I'm happy to see that all the gnd and all the neutral are tied together. That really helps, as it means you don't have anything too weird going on. I'm going to describe what I see in that diagram, so that we're on the same page (or so that you know I have no clue).From what you've drawn, I assume that the wire going to the light fixture is the one on the left, the fan is the one on the right. One of the center 3 lines goes back to the breaker. The other two of the center three lines are actually branches that feed something else (basically, they are chained off of here). That big bundle of 4 wires on the one leg of the light switch are just a way to get everything tied together without a separate wire nut.At this point, as long as all connections to the switch are good, and you think the fixture is good, then I'd say it would have to be the switch itself - they are mechanical, and they do go bad over time. If you have a multi-meter, or some kind of circuit tester, then you should be able to check the power at screws of the fan switch - the one coming from the light switch will be hot all the time, the other side will only be hot when turned on. Then try the light switch - I bet it's not actually working correctly.If you don't have a tester, just replace the light switch. They don't cost much, and then you'll know for sure------What are some cost-effective, eco-friendly, and budget interior design ideas?Enhance your existing belongings like your furniture, electronic and appliances. And then revamp your lighting fixtures.When you are on a budget, set the number and then work backwards. In terms of priority first is lighting, furniture and then decor. Lighting makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE to the ambiance of a space. Most normal Indian homes have tube-lights; they are not a great source of light nor good at ambient lighting. So go for wall bracket light fixtures which will instantly change the look of your space. You can easily install one where the tubelight is and the other on the wall which has a bulb point on it. Normally all builders provide these standard connections. Other option is to get a statement floor standing lamp or table lamp for one corner of the room. Now furniture is something you cannot do without anyway, so purchase furniture that is simple and sleek. Simple furniture is easy to enhance with basic decor items. For bedrooms, go for colour co-ordinated (monochrome or contrasting) sets of bed-sheets, blankets and curtains. Purchase a minimum set of two for each room. This way just by changing your bed-sheets and curtains your room looks collected and elegant.For sofas get a bunch of cushion covers in contrasting patterns and colours. You can upcycle old sarees, shirts and bedsheets to make cushion covers. Old sarees also make some great curtains and blinds.When on a budget, use your creativity or get help from a professional for some actionable steps to achieve it. For decor, plants are the best most inexpensive items you can have. You can just propagate them from cuttings you pick up on the street or park and you are good to go.You can reach out to me in Instagram and I can help you with ideas if you can share some images. All the best!------Cordless drill or impact driver for household projects? closedThe impact driver is generally considered a little better for driving screws, the drill is better for drilling holes. But they are both adequate for maybe 90% of general DIY tasks around the house, so I don't think it's a big deal either way.I have impact drivers and cordless drills in 12V and 18V, and I will reach for whatever is closest for most tasks. If I am picking one out of the truck, the 12V impact gets the most use - it's smallest and lightest and more than adequate for most tasks.Impact drivers come with a 1/4" hex chuck, so if you have drill bits with a regular shank, you're probably better off with the drill, so you don't have to replace your drill bits. (You can buy drill chuck adapters for hex chucks and 1/4" adapters for drill chucks, so again it isn't a deal breaker, although I'd prefer not to monkey with an adapter.)The trigger on a variable speed drill is easier to finesse than an impact driver.Most cordless drills also have a very useful clutch setting, you can adjust the torque and avoid overtightening things, stripping screws, overdriving, breaking cover plates etc. (Some impact drivers have limited torque adjustments, but not as granular as the dial on drills.)So if you're still on the fence, here's what I'd recommend. If you don't mind buying new drill bits, I'd probably go with the impact driver. They're nice and compact, the hex chuck makes bit changes quick and easy, and they're generally easy to handle.For small holes and spade bits, the impact is perfectly fine for drilling. Impact drivers drive long screws better than a drill. If you're hanging TVs, the impact driver will drive 1/4" lags into studs very easily. With the impact driver, you may find yourself using screws for a lot of tasks you currently use nails.
Cheap Ideas for Home Improvement
Well-planned home improvement projects increase homeowners' enjoyment and potentially increase the value of the home in the eyes of potential buyers. To maximize sale profits, invest in inexpensive home improvements that have the potential to offer a high rate of return. Try easy do-it-yourself projects using recycled or sale-priced items.Use paint on the exterior and interior of a home as an inexpensive way to potentially increase home value or at least increase the attractiveness of the home. A fresh coat of paint on the outside of a home increases curb appeal. A home that attracts the eye of potential buyers upon first glance makes a good first impression, which leads to more interest and possibly more offers on your home. Interior paint selection is also important. In addition to making the interior living spaces more visually appealing to the homeowners, well-chosen paint colors and techniques are attractive to potential buyers who are imagining their belonging fitting into your space. Interior and exterior paint is sold by the gallon at discount prices at large home improvement retail stores across the country. The material cost for painting a spacious two-story home can run somewhere around $400 to $600.Instead of having bare bulbs or bland white globes, install new or recycled light fixtures to add personality and style to a room. Light fixtures come in many different styles, shapes and colors such as crystal chandeliers, brushed bronze flower shapes and do-it-yourself fixtures using glass containers. For a bathroom remodeling project, the total cost of fixtures is typically between $50 and $200, depending on the type and number of fixtures. Save money by purchasing fixtures in good condition at flea markets, estate sales and discount retailers. Select fixtures that are stylish but not overpowering and which complement the other features of the room.Clean out and organize closets to give the appearance of ample storage space when showing the home to potential buyers. People on the market for a new home want to be assured that their new abode can accommodate all of their belongings without being overstuffed. In addition to throwing out unnecessary items, purchase closet organizing systems for your home. Many home improvement retailers carry closet organizing systems that you can tailor to your needs and put together yourself. Such systems provide shelving, poles for hanging clothes and areas for shoes and other accessories. Closet organizing systems are in the area of about $100.
Top 7 Luxury Hotels in Costa Rica
Costa Rica’s pristine beaches, lush rain forests, and majestic volcanoes make it a prime destination for a winter getaway. And these stunning resorts are the best spots to enjoy its natural wonders while staying in the lap of luxury. If you’re dreaming of rustic-luxe rooms, endless ocean views, pampering service, and world-class cuisine, look no further.Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula PapagayoEasily among the most luxurious resorts in Central America, The Four Seasons is as close to perfection as it gets. With two beautiful beaches, ocean views from each one of the sumptuous rooms — decorated in materials including wood, bamboo, and stone — and an 18-hole golf course, the resort makes it possible for guests to spend their whole vacation on-site. Those who do choose to explore beyond Peninsula Papagayo should note that the roads in Guanacaste are in poor condition.JW Marriott Guanacaste Resort & SpaThe JW Marriott is one of the top luxury properties in Guanacaste, with beautiful, hacienda-style architecture (think: lots of wood and stone, romantic white hammocks, wrought iron light fixtures and indigenous art). The stunning free-form pool is the largest in Central America, and the tranquil spa is world-class. The only main downside is the extremely rough, hour-long drive from Liberia Airport.Gaia Hotel And ReserveGuests will feel truly pampered at this adults-only, 29-room luxury hotel. Tucked into the hillside of a 14-acre nature reserve, Gaia feels appropriately exclusive and private, and has the attentive, personalized service to match. Rooms are spacious and airy; the great views are never-ending; and the freebies abound: breakfast, Wi-Fi, a mini spa treatment (to name a few). Keep your eyes peeled for iguanas, sloths, and the like.Arenas Del Mar Beach And Nature ResortArenas del Mar is proof that staying at an eco-resort doesn’t mean roughing it: Its 38 contemporary rooms are among the nicest in Manuel Antonio, its restaurant is excellent, and its public spaces embody rustic luxury. The property’s lush rainforest, two beautiful white-sand beaches on site — a rarity in the area — and diverse wildlife allow guests to truly connect with the nature that the resort’s design so painstakingly preserved. But the 11-acre property is steep, so you’ll need to call for a hotel golf cart to go just about anywhere.Hotel Punta IslitaThis ultra-remote, rustic luxe hideaway is worth the bumpy, two-and-a-half hour drive from Liberia Airport. The rooms aren’t as impressive as those at larger luxury resorts in the region, but the unparalleled views, stunning infinity pool, and ruggedly beautiful (if rocky) beach more than compensate. Plus, this is a hotel with a heart: Punta Islita is environmentally friendly, and gives back to the local community.Los Altos Beach ResortLos Altos’ condos — all 2,300-square-foot, three-bedroom luxury units — are probably the most luxurious accommodations in Manuel Antonio. The hotel is ultra-convenient — the elevator opens up right into your condo — but the grounds aren’t as lush or wildlife-rich as at sprawling, less convenient properties like Arenas del Mar and Buena Vista Luxury Villas. And the on-site beach is rocky, so you’ll probably want to head elsewhere for some sand time.Arenal Nayara Hotel & GardensThe beautiful Arenal Nayara’s 44 individual bungalows, restaurant, wine bar, and spa are all tucked into incredibly lush grounds. Some of the amenities are small (pool, spa, fitness center), but guests come here for the private bungalows with special touches like an outdoor garden shower and a deck with a Jacuzzi and hammock. It’s more luxurious than nearby Arenal Kioro, but Kioro’s rooms have better volcano views.To learn more about Kelsey Blodget,visit her on GoogleMore from Oyster:7 Beach Resorts that Are Affordable and Awesome8 Gorgeous Rustic-Luxe Beach EscapesGet Pampered in Paradise: 9 Top Luxury Hotels in Hawaii
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